Proceedings of 2013 International Conference on Information Science and Computer Applications

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Data Mining in Cloud Computing

Xia Geng, Zhi Yang
Mining is a process of extracting potentially useful information from raw Data, so as to improve the quality of the information service. With the rapid development of the Internet, the size of the data has increased from KB level to TB even PB level; The object of data mining is also more and more complicated,...
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Corridor Lamp Control System Based on Solar and LED Lighting

Xiangrong Ding, Ping Jia
Porch lamp control system is a very important part of the smart home system. The traditional light source control system is unable to control and adjust the color temperature of the light source. This design uses LED and solar porch lamp as the light source with STC15 Series MCU intelligent control unit...
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Chinese Question Classify Model Based on Interrogative Semantic Unit

Yue Hu, Bo Liu, Shouwei Zhang
The concept of interrogative semantic unit was proposed, recognition algorithm for interrogative semantic unit was provided on the basis of this concept, and question classification was carried out by combining interrogative semantic unit with HowNet. The test shows that this method obtains good classification...
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Fault Injection for SCADE Models

Xiaolin Shen, Shaoyin Wang, Daqing Wang, Xiaoping Xue
A fault injection method based on SCADE was designed in this paper, which can simulate hardware failure in the form of software fault. Injecting faults into SCADE models brings forward fault tolerance testing to development phase avoiding the cost of changing fault-tolerant design by modifying the code....
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Research on Formal Modeling and Verification of on-board ATP System

Caiyun Chen, Qing Luo, Fang Zhang, Daqing Wang, Xiaoping Xue
Formal software safety verification is an important issue for on-board ATP (Automation Train Protection) system. A SCADE-based model safety formal verification method is designed in this paper. The extracted safety properties of ATP are expressed by formal automaton machine, which is an unambiguous semantics...
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Research on Automatic Diagnosis Based on ANN Well Conditions Fault

ZhengJia Wu, ShaoXiong Huang, YueSheng Luo
This thesis combines the extraction of geometric characteristics and the neural network, which supplies a method that can define the operating conditions relatively accurately through the diagram feature parameter of the rod pumping system pump and avoids setting up and solving complex nonlinear dynamic...
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The Development and Prospect of New Technology in Modern distance education

Yunguang Chen, Xue Dong
Modern distance education is a new way of education derived from the extensive application of new technologies. With the development of new technology & media, distance education is also developing. This paper goes as follows: firstly, introduce the concept of distance education and the importance to...
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Research on methods of technical support equipment maintainability verification based on Stratified random sampling

Dong Zhang, Aihua Xu, Yanmei Lv, Yanlong Ni
This paper introduced a type of maintainability verification method based on stratified random sampling, which improve the representativeness of the sample and the accuracy of final conclusions. Then deduced the method for determining samples quantity and test conclusions. Finally, take a certain type...
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Region-based Image Segmentation Using Shape-Varying Agents

Xu Qi
Image segmentation is an important problem in image processing. Existing methods have not solved this problem in some aspects. Alife is a new natural computing method with much good performance. We induce it into image segmentation and propose a novel Alife model Shape-Varying Agent (SVA). The new method...
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Application of ID3 Algorithm in the Analysis of Satellite Telemetry Data

Fan Yu, Qin Yan
In order to deeply exploit the knowledge hidden in the telemetry data and find out the correlation between the data, ID3 algorithm was used in the article to analyze the telemetry data of solar panel substrate. The information gain value of parameter was calculated and the maximum gain value is the split...
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Application of Network Program Technique in Software Development and Management

Yanlin Tao, Limei Cui
This paper analyses the Network Program Technique from the perspective of its principle and procedures of implementation as well as its merits and demerits, with the aim to solve the problem of overtime and overspend in software development, and provide the incumbent software developer with reference...
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WordNet-Based Suffix Tree Clustering Algorithm

Qiuyue Dang, Jiwei Zhang, Yueming Lu, Kuo Zhang
High space cost and ignoring synonyms in STC (Suffix Tree Clustering algorithm) are challenges for search results clustering. Aiming at these challenges, this paper proposes a WordNet-based suffix tree clustering algorithm (WNSTC). WNSTC can construct a suffix tree containing WordNet synsets. When constructing...
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Real-Time Risk Assessment of Network Security Based on Attack Graphs

Xiaochuan Yin, Yan Fang, Yibo Liu
Facing hackers’ intelligent attacks and multi-source information from various security equipments, evaluating real-time risk of the network becomes more and more complicated to handle. This paper proposes a new attack graphs model(NAG)-based analysis method in order to assess the impact on the network...
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An Integration of Extreme Learning Machine for Classification of Big Data

Guanwu Zhou, Yulong Zhao, Wenju Xu
Classification is an important task in data mining field. As the time of big data is coming, the traditional methods of classification cannot satisfy the requirements of real-time processing and storage for big data. This study firstly applies a machine learning technique called extreme learning machine...
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Simulation and Application of Urban intersection traffic flow model

Yubin Li, Bingmou Cui, Siyu Hao, Yan Wei
Based on the theory of computer simulation and the theory of traffic flow, the urban intersection traffic microscopic simulation model is established. Besides, the simulation system is realized on the basis of this model and the object-oriented design. This system is implemented in the integrated development...
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An improved routing protocol Ad-AODV Based on AODV

Zuhong Feng, Long Wang, Xiujuan Gao
In Ad Hoc network, AODV routing protocol is an on-demand routing protocol of relative maturity and extensive application. Due to the fact that AODV routing protocol doesn’t consider the residual energy and the load situation of the nodes when choosing routes, its efficiency declines sharply in the case...
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Design and Realization of MiniPLC Programming System

QingChao Wei, QiZhong Cai, CongSe Xie, ShaoMing Pan
According to the independent research small Programmable Logic Controller based on ARM and FPGA, a miniPLC programming system is designed. LPC2478 and C/OS-II system are adopted as the platform’s core. Instruction List is adopted as the programming language. A new instruction system and its encodes are...
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University Teachers' Professional Title Evaluation Prediction Mode Based on LVQ Neural Network

Jigang Zhang, Na Liang
At present, university teachers’ professional title evaluation is still mainly based on the qualitative analysis in our country, having their limitation, for example low efficiency, tedious process, complex operation and so on. On the basis of the Learning vector quantization neural network(LVQ), a new...
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Research on HD video transmission of Smart Home based on Linux System

Shanhui Yin, Chunhai Zhang, Hao Liu, Yanxiu Sheng, Xi Wang, Zhiqiang Wei
With the rapid development of computer network technology and multimedia technology, in the intelligent home field, digitalization, network, multimedia and intelligent will become the inevitable trend of development. In the context of convergence of three networks, intelligent household demand for video...
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Design and Implementation of Push Notification System Based on the MQTT Protocol

Konglong Tang, Yong Wang, Hao Liu, Yanxiu Sheng, Xi Wang, Zhiqiang Wei
MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a broker-based publishing/subscribing, instant messaging protocol. It’s designed to be open, simple, lightweight and easy to implement. This paper described a method of pushing notification system based on the MQTT protocol. It can be used to solve the problem...
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Design and implementation of wellsite data transmission system based on C/S

Baolei Ma, Yanmei Zhang
The paper introduces the data transmission system in the Petroleum Industry with the help of programming systematically. The wellsite data could be available for the usage of other Petroleum Service Departments by using this system. The perfection of Internet technology enables network programming to...
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Research on Internet-based Teaching of English Newspaper Reading

Xueai Zhao, Yingcong Zhao
In order to develop Chinese student’s ability in reading English newspaper, the authors innovatively designed an internet-based teaching model for English newspaper reading course based on constructivism. Through a comparative study, the authors concluded that the new teaching pattern of English newspaper...
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Name Origin Recognition in Chinese Texts Based on Conditional Random Fields

Jing Zhang, Jian Xu, Yujie Zhang
Name origin recognition is to identify the origin of a name. In natural language processing, information of name origin is an important feature for name entity translation and question answering. Language identification of the origins of names can help to know what language-specific transliteration approaches...
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The Application of MRF Based-on Chaos-PSO Optimization in Depth Information Estimation

Xiangjin Zeng, Cheng Lu
For depth information estimation of vision image, a blur parameter model of defocus image based on Markov random field (MRF) has been present. It converts problem of depth estimation into optimization problem. An improved chaos-PSO Algorithm has been applied to complete optimization problem, which prevents...
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High-sensitivity ultrasound detection based on phase-shifted fiber Bragg grating

Mingrui Xua, Jingjing Guo, Changxi Yang
Fiber Bragg grating based ultrasound sensors has been receiving continuous attention from science and industry. It is of great potential in medical imaging, oil exploration, etc. In this paper, we construct an all fiber ultrasound sensing system with cascaded phase-shifted FBG and a normal FBG. Correlation...
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An Improved Image Segmentation Method Using Three-dimensional Region Growing Algorithm

Qiao Wang, Xiaolong Song, Zhengang Jiang
As an important means of clinical diagnoses and treatment of liver diseases, CT scan of liver has been applied more widely. How to extract liver from CT image automatically and accurately is one of the hot topics in the field of medical image segmentation. Because of the diversity and complexity of medical...
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Safety-Oriented Software Architecture Design Approach

Yuling Huang
Software Architecture; Software Safety; Safety Requirements; Safety Tactics
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Iris Localization with an Improved Least Squares Fitting Algorithm

Tao Wei, Shuxiang Song, Haiying Xia
According to the disadvantages that calculation speed of traditional iris localization algorithm is slow and takes up much space. In this paper, we propose a new iris localization algorithm with an improved least squares fitting. Making use of the characteristics that gray value of iris image is difference...
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Design and Practice for National Fitness Network Consultation System

Kefei Wang, Li Zhang
According to national fitness knowledge and theory, combine module theory and Internet technology designed national fitness network consultation system. This paper makes explanation on design ideas, technology crucial, module and function design, working example of the system. This system can assess...
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Edible oil electrical parameters detection system design based on interdigital sensor

Yufeng Peng, Lili Zhao, Shaoge Yang
Edible oil quality is related to people healthy,existing technology can't realize the convenient and fast detection.This paper studied on the basis of the interdigital capacitance sensor,based on the dielectric constant measurement principle ,used to detect edible oil electrical parameter.Useing capacitance...
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Image Mosaic Algorithm and Its Application to the Microimage of Grass Seeds

Lina Ning, Xin Pan, Lin Zhai, Fan Han
This paper presents an image mosaic algorithm and its application to the microimage of grass seeds. The following main steps are involved, firstly in the registration stage, the scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) is employed to obtain initial matches. Then the Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC) is...
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Bayesian Network Structure Learning Based On Rough Set and Mutual Information

Zuhong Feng, Xiujuan Gao, Long Wang
In Bayesian network structure learning for incomplete data set, a common problem is too many attributes causing low efficiency and high computation complexity. In this paper, an algorithm of attribute reduction based on rough set is introduced. The algorithm can effectively reduce the dimension of attributes...
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Sensor Technologies for Prognostics and Health Management of Electronics

Wenxue Yang, Zhe Chen, Feng Yang
This paper introduces the sensors and their sensor technologies. The required attributes of sensors for the development for PHM of electronics are discussed. Finally, their trends in sensor systems are presented.
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The Phoenix-based Parallel Algorithm for Constructing Extremal Graphs

Ruijun Zheng, Yongqi Sun, Yali Wu, Rui Zhang
Phoenix is an implementation of MapReduce on shared memory, aiming at supporting parallel computing based on multi-core/multi-processor efficiently. The extremal graph is a graph with the maximum number of edges without some given subgraphs. In this paper, by allocating the data of tasks appropriately...
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VIRE and Recursive-Verify Based RFID Location Algorithm

Chang Wan, Wenhua Zeng, Lvqing Yang
Currently RFID is a widely used technique in indoor location. Some related technology and algorithms using active tag for indoor location is studied in this paper. Based VIRE algorithm, an improved location algorithm is proposed by the introduction of a correction mechanism called recursive-calibrate...
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Design of video acquisition identification system based on Zynq-7000 Soc Platform

Weikang Qian, Junhui Mei
This paper Introduced to a practical design method of video acquisition system. It took Zynq-7000 SoC platform's FPGA as the main control chip, OV7670 video sensor as the video source, initialized it by the Serial Camera Control Bus (SCCB) to achieve image acquisition and using edge detection algorithm...
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An Image Adaptive Steganogaphy Algorithm Based on Sparse Representation and Entropy

Chunmei Yu, Jianjun Wang
According to the image processing theory, complex texture image regions have larger entropy values, an adaptive steganography algorithm in the sparse domain is proposed here. The algorithm first divides an image into nonoverlapping image blocks, then computes the entropy of each block and chooses the...
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Modeling for Vibrio fischeri quorum sensing phenomenon based on Multicompartmental Gillespie algorithm

Ji Hu, Xiaoping Wang, Xiaoping Xue
Our research purpose is abstracting computational model from the structure and function as well as collaboration among the biolo58gical cells. Quorum sensing P system means bacteria produce specific signaling molecules spontaneously and sense the change in their concentration. In this paper, we use multicompartmental...
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An Experience-Feedback Algorithm of D-S Evidence Theory

Baowen Hu, Bo Shen, Qing Liu
D-S evidence theory is a kind of important method of data fusion to get accurate prediction. In this paper, we propose an improved method in which we build an experience-feedback mechanism for reasoning process. Then prediction accuracy is fed backed to a new round of fusion process in the form of weights...
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Research on Operational Architecture Modeling and Validation Method Based on DoDAF

Jing Wang, Chenhan Wu, Rui Xu, Huisan Zhang
Military information system has the tendency of larger scale, more complicated component, on the contrary of shorter and shorter developing cycle. Aiming at these, this paper puts forward an operational architecture modeling method based on DoDAF, and gives the detailed steps of operational architecture...
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The Research and Design of Personalization preferences Based on Signaling analysis

ZhiQiang Wei, YiYan Zhang, Hao Liu, YanXiu Sheng, Xi Wang
With the development of electronics, especially that of semiconductor, integrated circuit and computer technology, mobile communication has developed greatly. The rapid development of mobile communication makes people turned their attention to signaling system which has rich user personalization data....
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An ontology based agile C2 organization model

Tingting Yang, Baoxin Xiu, Weiming Zhang, Jie Liu
Agility is arguably one of the most important characteristics of successful Information Age organizations. The study of agility organizations is currently one of the hottest topics in the organization study field. In this paper, we put forward an agile command and control (C2) organization model and...
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Research on The Key Technology of Embedded Linux Logistics System

Jianli Chu, Xia Liu, Jun Li, Xiaoji Chen
Embedded Linux has a very wide range of applications, but also for the field of logistics information provides a powerful and flexible solution, this paper makes research on the key technology. First of all, research embedded Linux systems build, including the system components, the typical hardware...
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Research of Boiler Fault Diagnosis Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Yifeng Wu, Xiaoqi Lin
Boiler system has the characteristics of high complexity, strong simultaneity, multiple measuring points, multiple faults, and the traditional fault diagnosis method can not meet the requirements. A fault diagnosis model based on fuzzy neural network is built by the combination of fuzzy logic technology...
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An Improved KNN Algorithm in Text Classification

Xiaoni Wang, Zhenjiang Zhang, Wei Cao
In Ad Hoc network, AODV routing protocol is an on-demand routing protocol of relative maturity and extensive application. Due to the fact that AODV routing protocol doesn’t consider the residual energy and the load situation of the nodes when choosing routes, its efficiency declines sharply in the case...
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Camera Calibration with Accuracy Evaluation and Real-time Evaluation in the Use of Vision Robot

Zhen Fan, Lei Zhang, Fengbing Luo
In order to calibrate a wide-angle camera in real-time and find the precious position of the target object which could help the robot to find to location where they are, new method which uses the center iteration method and the regional interpolation method based on the distortion correction table is...
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Risk Assessment Research of college students online entrepreneurship based on Disturbing Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Binye Wu, Xuejiao Wu, Xiaolong Ma, Xufeng Tao, Jiawei Fang
The current situation of college graduates employment is severe and complex, college  students entrepreneurship has attracted more and more attention, andonline entrepreneurship has  been a fashion but existing risks. This paper presents apattern and method of disturbing fuzzy  comprehensive evaluation method of collegestudents’ online entrepreneurship risk. For entrepreneurial risk are analyzed and the optimal discriminant, and finding the main factors that lead to risk so ...
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A wireless sensor network DV-Hop localization algorithm

Huami Yang, Qi Wang, Zhuang Liu
This paper first introduces wireless sensor networks self-positioning classical algorithm DV-Hop (distance vector-hop) algorithm, then analyze its shortcomings, Finally, a new improved algorithm and through improved algorithm matlab simulation verify the situation after the positioning accuracy.Comparative...
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Intelligentized Dispatching Control of Railway Transport of Molten Iron in Metallurgical Enterprise

Xiaoyan Yang, Bingmou Cui, Jie Chen
Focusing on railway transport of molten iron in steel enterprise, this paper tries to meet the demand and supply of molten iron between blast furnace and steel mill through TPC (torpedo car) transport. Taking mill railway as a network, based on path selection of molten iron transport and automatic collision...
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Design and Implementation of Vehicles Monitoring System Based on Android Mobile Terminals

Nuan Sui, Chunhai Zhang, Hao Liu, Yanxiu Sheng, Xi Wang, Zhiqiang Wei
With the popularity of android smartphone and the increasing number of the vehicles the problems of obtaining real-time vehicle status information and historical trace information have attracted considerable attention. For these two problems, the vehicle monitoring system client running on android smartphone...
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Markov Decision Process Parallel Value Iteration Algorithm On GPU

Peng Chen, Lu Lu
This paper defines an Out Of Play model based on Markov Decision Process. The best path for playing can be found and recommended by using this model, and a value iteration algorithm of Markov Decision Process is used to implement the model. In this paper, the implementation of this model with CPU is...
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Applications of Clonal Selection Algorithm Based on Tabu Criteria in Combinatorial Optimization

Yongfei Miao, Yufu Yin, Yunpeng Wang
Clonal selection algorithm has a shortcoming when solving the problem of combinatorial optimization which is that the antibody diversity of population evolution declines in later stage. Therefore, this paper has improved the selection operator of this algorithm and introduced tabu criteria. What’s more,...
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The application of Information Management in Construction Contracts Management

Hua Liu, Chunqiao Zhao
After the reform and opening up, China's market economy gradually recovered its prosperity, and information technology industry has also been developed following the reform. Till the 21st century the era of information explosion is formed and every industry cannot live without information management....
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Regression Testing for Automatic Fare Collection System of Rail Transit

Mo Cheng, Maolin Zhang
Since regression testing technologies are mainly for software systems, there are few research about the access detecting of the auto fare collection system in rail transit. This paper study the multi-level functional modeling, the source code importing of detected object, the historical test information...
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Two-Dimensional Barcode Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Via Sparse Representation

Gaosheng Yang, Liu Ningzhong, Yuan Gao
To solve the problem of super-resolution reconstruction in the two-dimensional barcode image, this paper applies the technique of super-resolution reconstruction based on sparse representation into this area. Given the characteristics of the two-dimensional barcode image, this paper presents a new approach...
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Algorithm for Map/Reduce-based association rules data mining

Wenqi Wang, Qiang Li
In order to realize massive information data mining, the traditional Apriori algorithm is updated into a Map/Reduce-based frequent itemsets generating method, so as to distribute the massive data into several servers for parallel processing. The construction of Hadoop platform helps to realize this method...
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A Method to Reduce Correction Error for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Model

Tiegang Zou
Electromagnetic wave propagation model needs to be corrected before it is used to predict wireless signal coverage. Control of the correction error will directly affect the accuracy of coverage prediction. A method to reduce the correction error is introduced in this paper. In this way, we carry out...
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A Weighted ML-KNN Model for Predicting Users’Personality Traits

Xianglin Zuo, Baoping Feng, Yuan Yao, Tianyi Zhang, Qian Zhang, Mengmeng Wang, Wanli Zuo
Gaining insight into human personality and its impact on human behavior is very valuable in many applications, such as web information credibility prediction. In this paper, we explore using weighted ML-kNN model for automatic recognition of personality traits of web users, based on a given composition...
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A Secure Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Anchor Nodes

Jifeng Cui, Feng Xu, Wei Zhou
In process of localization in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to improve localization precision, lower network cost and reduce network consumption, mobile anchor node-based localization algorithms for WSNs are ceaselessly put forward and improved. In WSNs localization algorithm with a few mobile anchor...
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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images Classification Method Based on Learned Dictionary

Min Li, Jun Shen, Lianjun Jiang
A novel hyperspectral image classification method based on learned dictionary is presented in this paper. Firstly, the sampled image pixel and its classification vector are combined as sample pair. Secondly, defined as a sample vector, the sample pair are used for sparse coding and dictionaries learning....
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Research on Map Matching Algorithm Based on Nine-rectangle Grid

Li Cai, Bingyu Zhu
Map matching is the key problem of floating car technology. On Shenzhen taxi GPS data pre-processing of the premise, using “Divide and Conquer”methodology for reference, the map matching algorithm based on nine palaces has been proposed, which can overcome the problem of low computing efficiency in common...
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Use OWC Control to Achieve Lamp Energy Consumption Comparison

De-yan Wang
When develop a B/S management system for the LED lamp company, there are many data need analysis on WEB Page. How to directly display lamp energy consumption, we use OWC control to draw the picture. The experimental results prove that the method is simple, effective.