Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2018)

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Research on the Development of Cross-border E-commerce in Jilin Province

Yanni Li, Li Liu, Xiaoyu Liu, Guangxiang Yi, Xiaonan Guan
After 2011, with the continuous development of China's domestic e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce as a unique branch gradually attracts people’s attention. This paper focuses on the development of cross-border e-commerce in Jilin Province and tries to find out the advantages of its future trend.
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Understanding Collaborations between Chinese and the U.S. Universities: The Development of a Typology

Hui Kang, Genshu Lu, Linda Serra Hagedorn
There has been a recent and rapid increase in the number and forms of educational collaborations between the U.S. and China in recent decades. Through the years these collaborations have evolved from the simplest forms of welcome of international students and faculty to complex agreements and even new...
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The Improvement of Responsibility System of Grassroots Party Construction Under the Situation of Strictly Administering the Party

Linfeng Wu
The sixth plenary session of the eighth central committee of the communist party of China has made great efforts to strengthen the party's construction, it insisted on combining thought and system in building the Party. Administering the Party by system is to rule the party according to the rule of law,...
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Current Status and Countermeasures of Calligraphy Teaching in the Basic Education of Chinese Painting

Yaping Yang
As the important teaching part in the college fine arts, basic education of Chinese painting not only let students equip with abundant professional theory knowledge and practical ability, but make students pay attention to the relationship with surrounding art categories. This paper made an attempt to...
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A Brief Analysis on the Study of Silk Road Non-Chinese Literature

Ge Zhang
Silk Road non-Chinese literature is the original records for history, culture and national changes. It is an incomparable and significant part of literature study. Starting with the research of non-Chinese documents in the eastern section of Silk Road, this article focuses on the research value of non-Chinese...
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Research on the Collaborative Education Mode of Ideological and Political Education and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities

Xuezhang Bu
In order to strengthen the research on the mode of Ideological and political education and innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students, the article first teased and grasped the relevant concepts, and tried to define the meaning of the cooperative education of Ideological and political...
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Study on Approaches to Improve the Ability to Innovate of Students in Higher Vocational Colleges in Scientific Research Practice

Jing Lv
. it had become an important objective of higher vocational education to cultivate high-skilled and innovative talents and improve the ability to innovate of students in higher vocational colleges. Engaging students in higher vocational colleges in scientific research practice activities was an important...
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On the Coordinated Development of the Commerce Circulation and Regional Economy from the Perspective of Symbiosis

Jing Xian
With the rapid economic development, the commerce circulation has increasingly become an important factor in promoting the rapid economic development in our country. Regional commerce circulation has promoted the flow of capital in a certain region and accelerated the mutual cooperation of favorable...
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How to Integrate the New Creative Concept into Art Teaching

Abulaiti Mahesuti Reziwanguli
The creative concept in art teaching mainly contains the basic train of thought and basic thoughts in the art teaching, which includes not only the innovation of basic art teaching ideas but also the innovation and change of teaching modes. For art teaching, it involves deep professionalism and a wide...
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Teaching Innovation and Practice of the Engineering Graphics Based on SPOC and CDIO Integrated Mode

Songping Chen, Yuze Ren
SPOC (Small Private Online Course) is a kind of typical course form in Post-MOOC era. CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) engineering teaching concept values the combination of theory and practice, it provides sets of theory and system of engineering education. With the aims of challenging the existing...
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Contractions and Tensions: A Study of Present Difficulties Faced by Chinese Animal Documentaries and Possible Solutions

Tianhong Lv
This paper analyzes the status quo of Chinese animal documentaries, classifies and researches present difficulties ranging from homogenization of the market, commentaries and creative concepts to the lack of top talents for documentary filming, and then proposes solutions to every problem discussed....
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Research on Vocational College Course Evaluation Based on Data Mining

Hui Zhang
Implementing course evaluation is an effective way to enhance vocational college course management level, and how to evaluate vocational college course is one of the difficulties and hot research fields for the researchers related. The paper takes science and engineering major course for example and...
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Discussion on the Method of Applying Outward Bound to College Physical Education

Jiabin Zhang
The reform of education system and social development have paid more attention to the comprehensive training with students, and physical education, as a significant factor in the teaching to promote the overall development of students, has also gradually accepted the wide attention from all walks of...
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Research on the Application of the Discourse Analysis Theory in English Reading Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lianchun Zhang
In the existing subject system of higher vocational colleges, English is supposed to be the core and key subject. However, it has been a fact for a long time that many students of higher vocational colleges are lost or even tired in face of English reading. The root cause is that students do not pay...
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Research on Physical Education Teaching Based on the Stratified-teaching Mode

Ying Liu
The stratified-teaching mode is the product of the teaching reform, and it conforms to the educational idea of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude in the new curriculum. It is of great significance to apply the stratified-teaching mode into physical education, because it can satisfy the...
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A Research of Construct Discipline of Civil Aviation College Education Based on Employment

Qi Qi, Honghu Jiang
This paper propose a new method to construct discipline of civil aviation college education by analysis CAAC's (Civil Aviation Administration of China) & MOE's (Ministry of Education of China) documents. The author analysis the insufficiency of current student training, future professional needs and...
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Study on the Service Awareness of Advisor Expressed in the Employment Guidance for College Students

Yang Xu
The continuing enrollment expansion of our colleges and universities and increasing college students have exerted negative effect on the college students’ employment. And the difficult employment situation is still disturbing the college, society, family and student, while Advisor, as the direct participator...
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Game Analysis of Family Firm Innovation Decision - Taking BYD as an Example

Min Zhao, Xin Yao
Innovation is the soul of the survival and development of enterprises. Innovation decision-making is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of family firm. This paper intends to introduce game analysis into the family firm innovation field. It selects the evolutionary dynamic game model...
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Governance Structure, Social Emotional Wealth and Family Firm Innovation

Min Zhao, Xin Yao
Innovation is important to the sustainable development of family firm. From the subjective and objective perspectives, this paper uses multiple regression model to analyze the impact of family involvement and social emotional wealth (SEW) on family firm innovation. This is an attempt and breakthrough...
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The Struggle between Sense and Sensibility amid Conspiracies--The Love and Humanity in the Film Lust, Caution

Zumei Wei
The hit movie Lust, Caution makes us reminisce the writing style of Eileen Chang. The movie features the struggle between sense and sensibility, the entanglement of desire and emotion, the criticism and sneer of human nature, and the murky struggle behind the pomp and opulence. The features of the three...
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Parental Involvement in Children’s School Readiness: Parents’ Perceptions, Expectations and Practices in America

Xiaoying Xia
The purpose of this study is to gain an understanding of parents’ perceptions, expectations, and practices in preschool children’s school readiness for kindergarten in America. Two mothers who came from a school district in Northern California, U.S. were recruited to participate in this qualitative study....
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The Revelation of the Regional Regeneration Model of International City to the Reconstruction of Taiyuan Street in Shenyang Old City

Qian Song, Kim cheol Soo
Objective Through the study of urban regeneration model, it provides the enlightenment value for the regeneration of Taiyuan Street in Shenyang old city. Method In this paper, the success of the regeneration model is analyzed, and the successful regeneration mode is discussed in this paper. Conclusion...
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Study on the Development of Rural Tourism in Xinjiang

Gulzar Abdursul
With the strengthening of China's economic strength, the spiritual pursuit of Chinese people is getting higher and higher. The spiritual emptiness after physiological needs are met should be slowly calmed in nature. This spiritual pursuit is a kind of emotional cultivation, which is also intermingled...
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Research on Precision Strategy of Airline Customers under the Internet Environment

Yantao Wang, Liang Zhang
This paper analyses the market environment of airlines' development, the SWOT analysis method is used to analyze the airlines' advantage, disadvantages, opportunities, threats, the development SWOT analysis diagram is constructed, the precision strategies of airline customers under the Internet environment...
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Study on the Application of Standardization in Management Consulting Industry in China

Linfeng Wu
This article analyzes the current state of Chinese management consulting industry and, specific to problems existing in the development process of Chinese management consulting industry by drawing development experience from advanced countries in this field, proposes systematic plans for the standard...
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Reader Reading Promotion Based on Social Reading Theory

Xiufen Wang, Dongqing Chen
To promote readers' reading properly, with the new media and the social reading platform users as the research object, the usage and the basic characteristics of the users were explored. Then, the use motivation, use attitude and use behavior of the social reading platform users were analyzed, and the...
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Research on Co-evolution of the Ecosystem of Brands??"??"Based on YanTai Grape Wine Investigation

Aihua Xiong, Han Zhang, Zhao Han
Coordinated development in between main parts of the branding ecosystem is great significance in improving brand economy and regional economy. As Yantai’s grape wine branding has developed for over hundreds years of history, the branding ecosystem has progressively formed to brand-centric integrating...
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Improvement of IT Industry Training Management System Based on Big Data Background

Hui Wang, Meina Chen
In order to improve the management level and efficiency, and effectively reduce the labour intensity of managers, user’s functional requirements for the training management system were analysed at the beginning and then the development method of the entire system was determined. The system architecture...
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Current Situations and Existing Problems of Financial Aiding in Colleges Students

Aiwen Zhao
With the deepening higher education reform, poor students in colleges has become a special group, financial aiding in poor colleges students has gradually become a hot social problem that needs urgent attention and solution. In view of the special group of poverty-stricken college students, the state...
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The Contemporary Value of Environmental Protection Law.

Qingyu Tan, Hongzhou Shen, Sisi Li
Horse philosophy tells us that practice decision knowledge, understanding of practice has the opposite effect. Any of the legal department is the product of the certain social historical conditions, therefore, in the field of environmental protection, people's understanding. In the long human society,...
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On the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Civil and Commercial Judgments??"??"the Coordination between the Parties’ Autonomy and the Public Order

Yunxia Sun, Haifeng Liu, Jinlei Li, Peng Zhang
The factors that affect the recognition and enforcement of foreign civil and commercial judgments include the jurisdiction of the court and the public order of the requested country. Especially when the foreign judgment is made on the basis of the parties' choice of court and the choice of law, it is...
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Research on Development Status and Problems of Rural E-Commerce Logistics

Fuyan Yang, Xiaodong Li
In recent years, with the development of electronic commerce, rural e-commerce has become the focus of government, enterprise and society. Logistics is the foundation of the development of electronic commerce, However, the conditions of rural economic development, traffic network and internet penetration...
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The Practical Exploration of the College Sports Public Service Platform in the Community of School-Enterprise Interests

Jiajia Li, Jun He
China's campus enterprises have gradually become a community of interests, and its operation is closely connected with the direction of the development of universities. How should build system of perfect and reasonable configuration and scientific arrangement of physical education teaching plan, need...
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Teaching Reform of Foreign Exchange Business in Higher Vocational Colleges-- Based on Students' Interest and Ability

Rong Li
the curriculum is a breadth of foreign exchange business, have very strong course, comprehensive, practical and time course of these characteristics, the decision to the traditional teaching mode is difficult to achieve the desired effect, must reform the classroom teaching mode. The introduction of...
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Exploration of English Blending Teaching Mode in "Internet Plus" Environment

Feng He
Under the background of "Internet plus" mode, education enterprise in China is constantly reforming, and the traditional teaching mode cannot meet the development needs of modern education. In recent years, the combination of traditional teaching mode and network multimedia technology with blending teaching...
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Problems and Exploration of Task-Based Teaching in Primary School English Teaching

Yong Wang
The New English Curriculum Standard highly advocates the use of task-based language teaching, in which teachers should try their best to avoid using traditional teaching method of inputting language knowledge and adopt task-based teaching method to involve students’ active participation in the task performance...
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On the Role of College English Teaching in Quality Education

Qiutan Yu
College English teaching is an indispensable component of quality-based education, and the under-standing of this relationship between them is the very point at which the reform of college English teaching should start. Hence, college English education, instead of merely the teaching of language skills,...
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An Analysis Toward Economics Based on Marxism

Boming Yu
The article first makes an introduction to the three components of Marxism: philosophy, scientific socialism and political economy, among which Marxist political economy refers to the economics before it and modern western economics as bourgeois economy because they contain the ideology of bourgeoisie...
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Characteristics Analysis of Research Data Repositories in Humanities and Social Science - Based on Re3data.Org

Zheng Li, Wenying Liu
Based on the open data storages catalog and registration system of the platform, this article analyzes the characteristics of data repositories in humanities and social sciences field, in order to promote the development of humanities and social sciences data management services in China.
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The Social Psychology of Education in the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Chunlin Li, Weixi Zeng
Educational social psychology is an emerging edge discipline that originated in the United States in the 1960s and quickly entered the field of education in China. According to the interpretation of this discipline, disciplinary differentiation is a prerequisite for the generation of educational social...
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Zhang Jian and Modern Nantong Architecture

Zenglin Guo, Qingzhou Wu
In 2002, through his investigation and study of Nantong, Wu Liangyong put forward the proposition of "the first city of modern China" in Nantong. This has given the society a new understanding of the cause of building the city in Nantong in the modern times led by Zhang Jian. After a brilliant development...
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On the Artistic Features of Zhang Qinghui's Oil Paintings??"Take For Example

Fan Du
As a new generation painter, Zhang Qinghui's oil painting has many unique characteristics in painting techniques. His representative work is a representative of Zhang Qinghui's profound painting attainments. Based on this, this article takes "the past events taken by the clouds" as an example to analyze...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Individualized Engineering Training Under the Credit System

Yuan Gong
Engineering training is an indispensable link in the training of engineering professionals and plays an important role in training students' practical ability and innovation ability. With the deepening of the credit system reform in Colleges and universities, the traditional centralized engineering training...
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Effect of SPOC Flipped Classroom Learning Based on MOOC Platform

Xiangbin Gao
To improve student's learning efficiency in classroom teaching, taking the circuit analysis basic course as an example, the SPOC flipped classroom teaching reform project was analyzed. Through structured questionnaires, interviews and MOOC platform data, students' learning experiences, learning styles,...
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Discussion on the Quiet Beauty of Ancient Literati Landscape Painting

Xiaosha Wang
There are many kinds of beauty in Chinese traditional landscape painting. The lonely and quiet beauty is a feature in the ancient literati landscape painting. "Look for the heart tranquility and achieve lasting success by leading a quiet life," the core of the quiet beauty formed in these kinds of art...
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Analysis on the Relationship between Strategic Management of Enterprises and Personality Traits of Entrepreneurs??"A Case Study of Shanxi Jiujie Co., Ltd.

Xudong Zhang
In the age of rapid development, the quick development of small and medium private enterprises is closely related to personality traits of leaders. At the same time, however, when many people make evaluation on enterprises, they just focus more on the hardware conditions instead of the effects of entrepreneurs...
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The Exploration of Practical Teaching Mode Based on Curriculum Group

Jing Chang
According to the construction of curriculum group teaching system for computer major and the talent training mode of cooperation between school and enterprise, this paper probes into the experimental teaching system scheme of course group. This paper introduces the concrete measures for the reform of...
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Analysis on the Present Situation and Prospect of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

Shan Jiang, Zhongtao Jiang
With the continuous improvement of China’s industrial modernization, and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, the employment opportunities provided by traditional industries will gradually decrease, and a large number of liberated labor will flow to the third industry. Meanwhile, with...
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Research on the Risk of O2O Fresh Agricultural Supply Chain

Xiangxiang Wang, Li Zhang, Jiaxin Li
With the rapid development of the Internet, the supply chain of fresh agricultural products under the O2O model is booming. This paper analyzes the various types of risks that exist in each link of the entire supply chain, applies a multistage fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, adopts a combination...
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Study on Technological Innovation Mechanism in Private Enterprises

Li Ma, Shuang Li
The private enterprises are facing a big challenge since China entered the WTO (world trade organization). Therefore, how to face this challenge and keep continuing development have become the urgent issues that the private enterprises need to settle. In order to improve their competition ability and...
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Research on the extracurricular sports activities of Higher Vocational Students Based on the "National Games" model

Jingrui Chen
The National Games are the highest and largest comprehensive sports meeting in China. It is an important way for the state to select sports talents. In this paper, we borrow the word and give it a new meaning. It means that all the teachers and students will participate in all kinds of sports activities...
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Study on the flexible practical education organization model for the cultivation of engineering innovation ability

Shan Zhong, Xinmin Zhou
Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) is a university with distinct industry characteristics, which take the Excellent Engineer Education Training Program as an opportunity and give full play to the advantages and characteristics of the industry and enterprises, is devoted to deepen cooperative education...
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Study of Sign in Nonverbal Communication

Gaimei Zhao
Due to the rapid development of science and technology, people’s way of life has changed a lot. Now they prefer to use a more efficient and convenient way in daily interactions so to meet the quick pace a modern society demands. Among them, the frequent usage of signs as means in people’s way of communication,...
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A Feminist Approach to Explore Sarah’s ImageIn the French Lieutenant’s Woman

Lan Zheng
John Fowls is a very outstanding figure in English literature studies, his famous work the French Lieutenant gained high fame, and the heroin Sarah is the representative of feminist who attempts to overturn the Victorian decadent social system. This paper manages to explore the images of female protagonist...
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A Study of False Implications in Advertisement

Yue Zhu
Advertisement plays a dominant role in transmitting information. Some advertisers rack their brains to make a profitable business at the expense of consumers. With the framework of Cooperative Principle, inferences and schemata, this paper examines how the advertiser might take advantage of language...
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A Feminist Approach to Analyze Virginia’s Death

Rongqiong Guo
Michal Cunningham (1952- ) is one of the most famous and popular American writers nowadays. His work The Hours, published in 1998, has earned a resounding success and awarded PEN/Faulkner Award and Pulitzer Prize. The Hours established Cunningham as a major force in American writing, the research about...
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Cultural Connotation and Integration of Painting and Media in Contemporary Art

Bochen Zhang
The world has already entered the age of image from the word age. Photography has a great influence on painting. Photographic painting is a new art style. As a new field of painting study, photographic painting has its significance in the cultural expression of modern art.Taking German artist Gerhard....
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Rational Thinking Based on the Connotation Construction of Higher Vocational Colleges under the Modern Vocational Education System

Liang Zhou
Strengthening connotation building is an important initiative and present the fundamental way to build a modern vocational education system lay a solid foundation of education in vocational education. In the process of constructing the modern vocational education system, the elements of the connotation...
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The reform of automotive machinery foundation for Applied Undergraduate Course

Yinghong Jiang, Cheng Chen
The rapid development of the automotive industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for the new technology. The traditional teaching method has been unable to meet the requirements. The development of applied undergraduate education also puts forward the requirements of professional transformation...
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Exploration of Network-based English Teaching Mode from the Perspective of Constructivism

Zujun Chen
With the development of network technology, Network-based English teaching is attracting more and more attention. Under the guidance of constructivism learning theory, many kinds of teaching methods are integrated into the teaching of College English, and the teaching ideas of building their own knowledge...
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Who Moved My data? Information Privacy Concerns In the Big Data Era

Lingjun Xie
Big data can bring public many benefits and opportunities. However, it also causes many critical issues. Privacy is one of the most important ethical issues in the information age, which has aroused public concerns . Users’ personal data will be collected and analyzed through big data technology, but...
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Application and Teaching Introspection of Japanese Honorifics in Business Correspondence

Shuang Qu
In Japanese system, honorifics are a very representative and characteristic part. As for Chinese learners who study Japanese, degeneration of honorifics in modern Chinese and the asymmetry of Chinese and Japanese honorifics make it more difficult to learn Japanese honorifics. In addition, there are various...
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Folk Music Of The Masterpiece Of Han Folk,Tibetan Folk And Qiang Tribe--The New Artistic Aesthetic Value of Sichuan Xiling Mountain Chants

Yuanchuan Pan
The national intangible cultural heritage, Xiling mountain chants, have been spreaded for hundreds of years and unfailing, in the multiethnic area of Xiling Snow Mountain of Sichuan, where Han folk, Tibetan folk and Qiang tribe people lived, showed strong vitality. Xiling mountain chants are integrated...
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Analysis of the Influence of Financial Innovation on the Statistics of Social Financing Scale

Qionglin Li
The direct reflection of the financial industry on the real economy is in the social financing model. In recent years, the financial industry has developed rapidly and the social financing model has been gradually optimized and improved, which has promoted the integration of Chinese financial industry...
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The Influence of Geographical Factors on Formation of Jinggangshan Red Culture--Based on the Formation and Promotion of Jinggangshan Red Culture Analysis

Li Wang
The red culture of China is a multi-cultural system with distinct political meaning formed in the process of the struggle and summarization of countless revolutionary ancestors in modern times. The production of red culture is not an accident, it is based on a certain geographical and cultural element....
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On the Interstellar Ethics in the Movie Avatar

Manli Wang
Avatar is a classic old work often discussed from the perspectives of ecological ethics, ecological crisis, environmental pollution and anti-war, etc. Many researchers have paid special attention to the concept of anthropocentrism and the overall concept of ecology in this work. In this paper, the author...
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A Study on ESP Teachers Team Construction: the Cooperation between the College English Teachers and the Teachers of Professional Courses

Xiangni Mu
With the development of college English reform, more and more scholars have realized the importance of ESP courses and a lot of universities have made tentative efforts in promoting ESP courses. However, such factor as an insufficient supply of competent ESP teachers restrains and slows down the in-depth...
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Research on risk based internal audit in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yan Qu
Under the risk based internal audit model, the internal audit work of Higher Vocational Colleges starts from the first step to pay attention to all kinds of risks, and runs through the identification and evaluation of risk in every link of the internal audit. Implementing risk based internal audit requires...
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Innovation of Traditional Clay Sculptures under the Modern Environment

Fangyan Xu
The rapid development of social economy and fast promotion of modern level have brought some impacts on the development of traditional clay sculptures. In order to make the excellent traditional cultures of Chinese people can get better tradition and development, the survival concept should be fully...
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Grey Cluster Evaluation Model for Competitiveness of Area Shipping Talent

Jianxia Wan, Shukui Zhang, Jing Li
In the paper, a scientific evaluation system for the competitiveness of shipping talent is given according to the concept of shipping talent and the researched results, and a specific evaluation model is built to evaluate the competitiveness of shipping talent by using Grey cluster and AHP. At last,...
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How to Develop Modern Agriculture and Promote New Rural Construction

Li Jiang
Along with the constant development of society, Chinese economy development has entered a new stage. Consequently, rural economy has also gained strong development, which cannot leave agricultural development. In the current society, to push rural construction needs to strongly develop modern agriculture...
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Analysis of How to Strengthen Agricultural Supply-side Reform Locally

Yanping Liu
China is a big agricultural country, and agriculture, as the primary industry, plays a very important role in the economic development. With the rapid economic development of our country, there is a big gap between rural area's and urban area's economic development. In order to promote the better development...
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The Key Elements of a Well-written Text: Discourse, Grammar and Lexis in a Foreign Language

Yongheng Wang
A well-written text is characterized by a well-structured discourse that is clearly linked with correct use of grammar and lexis. The lexis-grammatical system and the discourse pattern of a language are not too separate things, so the poor use of lexis-grammar often leads to bad discourse organization,...
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Elements in MOOC-based College English Learning Environment--Based on Biggs’s 3P Model

Jun Song
Under the background of the digital revolution era, college English teaching and learning are facing tremendous changes. Effective college English learning has long been overwhelmed by the focus on effective teaching in the traditional classroom teaching model. Based on Biggs’s 3P Model of Learning,...
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Two Orientations in Translation from the Cultural Perspective

Yanping Hu
Approaches to cultures involved in translation are generally divided into domestication (TL culture-orientation) and foreignization (SL culture-orientation). Domestication aims to minimize the strangeness of the foreign text, while foreignization aims to preserve the exotic flavor of the source language...
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Analysis of the Connotation of the Ambidexterity strategic Alliance based on a Context Ambidexterity Perspective-Taking “the Accenture-Huawei-SAP Strategic Alliance” as an Example

Yuquan Zuo, Deyun Xiao
In recent years, strategic alliances between companies have become commonplace. However, due to the complexity of the market and multiple conflicts between alliance partners, the development of strategic alliances is in trouble. In the current situation, one of the key of corporate work is how to have...
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Application of Euphemism in Business Letters Teaching Based on Politeness Principle

Miao Wang
Business letter, as an important media for business people to convey information and exchange ideas, has been extensively applied in the field of international trade and has become an indispensable part of its daily work. The proper use of euphemism, which is an important feature of business letters,...
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Emphasizing Student Emotional Education Optimizing Chinese Teaching in Junior Middle School

Rong Lin
The self-consciousness of junior middle school students has been gradually strengthened, and their emotional experience has been gradually enriched. Teachers can use language education to achieve better teaching results when developing Chinese language teaching. This article first states the related...
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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Jianlai Gao, Dandan Wei
Over the last decades the global population has grown from 5.3 billion in 1990 to almost 7.5 billion in 2016, while, because the higher population densities tend to associate with lower levels of energy consumption, but the total population growth and the increasing wealth and economic income level of...
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Factors Affecting the College Students' Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy in China

Yingshan Bao, Ning Cui
To estimate the overall situation of college students' career decision-making self-efficacy (CDMSE) and the relationship between CDMSE and their personality as well as mental health, the researchers selected and investigated 2880 college students in China. The results showed that: (1) College students,...
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Effect Analysis of Recommended Parking Spots on Bike Sharing System Based on Clustering Algorithm

Shikun He, Qiong Tian, Jingtao Zhang
Bike sharing has received a rapid development in recent China since 2016. However, the side effect from huge amount of sharing bikes poured into traffic networks has caused both side effect on traffic system and the restrictions from the government. In order to reduce the negative impact, recommended...
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Study on Evaluation Model of Smart Transportation Development Level Based on Entropy Method and Grey Relational Analysis

Mengxi Ma, Jun Zhang
With the continuous development of social economy, traffic problems have gradually become one of the pain points of urban development. The construction of smart transportation can effectively integrate urban transportation resources and solve urban traffic problems. Based on the development goals and...
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The Research of the Library Services Based on Internet of Things

Jianning Qin
The purpose of this paper is to study the possible scope and usage forms of Internet of Things technology in library services. Based on the analysis of the subject literature, the main areas of IoT applications in commercial institutions were ascertained, and then an analysis of Library and Information...
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Research on the Characteristics and Communication Mode of Interesting Virtual Community: Take Net Ease Cloud Music as an Example

Xiaolin Chen
With the rapid development of the Internet, the number of music users in the mobile phone network is increasing, and the ferocious development of various music platforms deserves attention. At present, domestic research on music virtual communities is very lacking. This article takes the virtual community...
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Karma and Sin: Foundation of Moral Philosophy in Theravāda Buddhism and Eastern Orthodoxy

Indunil Philip Shantha W.G., Svetlana Rykova
This article attempts to define the concept of Sin in Eastern Orthodoxy and karma in Theravāda Buddhism, comparing the foundation of moral philosophy. Both concepts are the base of the ethical code. In Buddhism, karma is explained as volitional action (cetanā), not all actions have results. Karma can...
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A Study on Professional Identity of Non-Native Chinese Teacher

Bo Yu
In the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, native Chinese teachers, as an important image of "the other", have an impact on the self-image and professional identity of non- native Chinese teachers. In the non-target language environment, the native Chinese teachers have brought about the...
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Design and Research of Walking Judgment System of Horse Race along the Way

Shuang Zhang, Ding Peng
The status of real-time walking judgment system in horse races at home and abroad is studied through the methods of literature consultation, expert interview method and field investigation method in this paper. The result shows that the judgment system equipment of walking along the way currently used...
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How do Teachers Treat the Students with Learning Difficulties-An Analysis based on Humanistic Theory of Carl Rogers

Pengfei Yin
It is a popular phenomenon that the students with learning difficulties are commonly found throughout the schools at all stages. Students with learning difficulties, the group with normal intelligence but terrible performance in school, even behind the average level, have a lot of potential that have...
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Construction of Joint Training Bases for Full-time Professional Degree Postgraduates in Local Colleges and Universities

Jian Wei
According to the requirements of our country, each college or university must strengthen the construction of full-time professional degree postgraduates joint training bases, and joint training bases have increasingly become an indispensable link for full-time professional degree postgraduates. Through...
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The Formation and Evolution of the Classical View of Ancient Literature

Mingfeng Lv
This paper studies the key problems in the formation of the ancient Chinese literary classic view, such as the significant factual questions: the evolution from traditional Buddhist scriptures to independent literature, the historical backtracking from classic to anti-classic. The process of studying...
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Study on Relationship between the National Sharing of Physical Education Facilities in Colleges and Universities and Environmental Pollution

Changshui Cui
The implementation of college sports open to the outside world and the sharing of all people can improve the utilization of sports facilities, attract more people to participate in physical exercise, thereby reducing other activities to the environment pollution. To improve the physical fitness of the...
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Study on Market Regulation from the Government Regulation Innovation Perspective

Hui Liu
China’s national institution reform in this round, intends to carry out the unified market regulation, and establish a unified, open and modern market system with orderly competition, through the establishment of State Administration for Market Regulation. Besides, it is of great importance in better...
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An Analysis of China’s Economic Downturn----From the Perspective of Neoclassical Economics

Zihao Chen
Since the financial crisis in 2008, China's economic growth has reached a turning point and there exists increasing pressure in China’s economy due to its downward trend. From the perspective of neoclassical economics, and with the aid of Solow production function, this paper makes a comparison between...
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The Research of University Campus Culture Construction in the New Period

Hui Shang
Along with the rapid growth of social economy, the state pays more attention to higher education and invests a lot of funds to build the infrastructure, which effectively promotes the further development of higher education. At the same time, universities are gradually connected with society in many...
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Reconciliation in a Hug: On Discovery of a Father from Archetypal Approach

Hui Shi
Sherwood Anderson’s Discovery of a Father tells a story of the relationship between father and son which changes from alienation to understanding. Through an elaborate epiphany, the boy releases his hatred and rediscovers his father’s good nature. The exquisite device or usage of images such as mother...
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The Difficulties and Solutions of “the Belt and Road” in Promoting RMB Internationalization

Zicheng You, Yujia Gu
RMB internationalization is an important way for China to improve its international status and transform from a huge economic country to a powerful economic country. “The Belt and Road” is a new regional cooperation model, advocated by China. It promotes mutual development and prosperity of countries...
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Monetary Attribute of Bitcoin

Chenghao Yang, Yanwen Tian
In In recent years, new virtual currency which is born on the Internet, has attracted more and more attention. Especially represented by the bitcoin, which is decentralized and has limited amount, has become active in the global market. Digital storage, decentralization, limited amount, complete anonymity...
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Research on the Differentiation of Human Resource in Sports Industry

Xiaolong Weng
Sports industry is organized to satisfy people’s demand for sports consuming, and it is regarded as the symbol of modern sports industry development. People have increasing promotion with demands for sports entertainment, but human resource setting of sports industry is not enough in general and lacks...
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Research on Innovation of Traditional Culture Teaching Mode Under the Background of Internet

Yanxia Shen
The traditional Chinese culture, including Peking Opera, calligraphy, poetry, ancient poem, music, couplet, crosstalk, etc. In recent years, under the background of "Internet plus", the teaching mode of either traditional culture form cannot adapt well to development in the Internet age. Therefore, China's...
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Thoughts on the Implementation of Problem-based Learning Methodology in Biochemistry Teaching

Xiaojia Hu, Kaihua Long, Liang Li
PBL (Problem-based Learning) teaching method is a teaching method that based on the problem, which can stimulate students' interests in learning and practicing their ability of thinking. Biochemistry is one of the foundation courses in colleges and universities, and the PBL teaching method can achieve...