Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management Science

1430 authors
Ozola, S.
Identity of the Baltic Seashore Cities Liepaja, Ventspils and Palanga
Pali ka, P.
Shaft Furnace Sintering Temperature Homogenization by the Coke Charging
Palka, P.
A Graphics Platform for the Realization of the Algorithms of Automatic Drawing and the Computer Photographic Straightening
Pan, B. R.
Study for the Wide-area Protection Schemes Coping with Abnormal Trip Phenomenon
Pan, B. R.
Strategic Study on Reduction of Loading Rate of the Distributing Line Based on Demand Response
Pan, Heng
Reaction time based model for mesopic photometry
Pan, L.A.
Ergonomics Design Research of an Office Desks and Chairs Based on CAD
Pan, T.
Characterization of N-alkanes and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water Solution of 180# Fuel Oil dealt with and without Dispersants
Pan, T.
Research of Hierarchy Calculation Based Semantic Dimensionality Reduction
Pan, Xin
Earthworm living conditions and effects of earthworms on soil parameters
Pang, N.
Parallel Optimization Technique of Multi-channel Input Signals’ Simulation
Pang, N.
High Resolution Radar Detection Based on Neutral Network
Pang, X.P.
Analysis on the Mobile Electronic Commerce Recommendation Model based on the Ant Colony Algorithm
Pang, Yukun
A Study on Spatial Distribution and Hierarchy of Chinese Jin Great Wall Defensive Settlements
Paškala, M.
Control system for preheating of molds with using PLC
Pei, Ying-yuan
Earthworm living conditions and effects of earthworms on soil parameters
Peng, Dehui
The Research of Cooling Tower Scale in HVDC Convertor Valve Cooling System
Peng, Hong
The Plan of the Selected Location of the Dynamic Alliance Store Centre and the Example Analysis
Peng, L.X.
Temporal Evolution of Nitrogen and Phosphorus of Agricultural Non-point Source in Haikou City
Peng, L.X.
Innovation and Practice of the Course of Software Testing
Peng, Rui
How to Cultivate Students' Innovation Ability in Wushu Teaching in Sport Colleges and Universities
Peng, S.S
Modeling and Simulation of Hydraulic Mount Dynamic
Peng, Shiyao
Research on Algorithm of Temperature Drop due to Throttling in Natural Gas Pipeline
Peng, Y.D.
Dynamic Analysis of the Umbilical Cable for Launch & Recovery System of Seafloor Drill
Peng, Y.Q.
Innovation and Practice of the Course of Software Testing
Peng, Yahui
Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Analysis for Lung Cancer Diagnosis
Peshkov, I.V.
Planar Center-Fed Leaky-Wave Antenna Arrays for Millimeter Wave Systems
Pi, Fengmei
Theoretical Analysis of Household Heat Metering of Central Heating and Its Application
Pi, Jun
Analysis of Full-Period and Non-full-Period Sampling of Vibration Signal for Engine Rotors
Pi, Xian-song
Minimax Optimization of Reactance Connected in Series on Capacitor to Eliminate Resonance
Pi, Xian-song
Functional Analysis on Superposition of Harmonic Sources in AC Arc-furnaces
Pisutkulakij, S.
Warpage Reduction for Integrated Circuit in an Electronics Manufacturing Plant
Pu, J.L.
Research on Developing Logistics Service Quality Evaluation Index System under Internet of Things Environment
Qi, L.
A Method of Leak Detection for Spacecraft On-orbit based on Acoustic Emission
Qi, Xiao-guang
A Weight Restricted DEA Model for the Supplier Evaluation and Selection
Qi, Xiaolong
Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks with Two Delay Couplings via Intermittent Control
Qi, Y.
An Evaluation of Classroom Climate in the Computer-assisted Language Teaching
Qian, B.
Modeling and Simulation of Hydraulic Mount Dynamic
Qian, Huachao
The Project Cost Risk Assessment Based On AHP
Qian, Huachao
The Study of the Social Cost in Construction Projects Bidding
Qian, Z.M.
On the Research of Big Data Storage
Qiang, Xinjian
A New WSN Clustering Routing Algorithm with Energy Consumption Balance
Qiao, Z.F.
Distance Education Recommended Sequence Key Technology Research and Implementation
Qin, C.L.
Study on the Pyrolysis Kinetics of Cotton Stalk based on the Multiscanning Method
Qin, Feng
The Ethical Cerebration of City Spirit
Qin, H.F
On the Research of Big Data Storage
Qin, J.C.
The Optimization of Cutting Parameters When High Speed Cutting Thin-walled Workpieces of Hardened Steel Using Micro-end Mill
Qin, Juan
A Research on Relationship between Generation Y Employees’ Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention
Qin, Xiangyu
Novel Nitro Derivatives of Benzothiadiazine 1,1-Dioxide as Aldose Reductase Inhibitors
Qin, Y.J.
Development and Evaluation of the Core Competencies for Master of Public Health Students
Qin, Y.J.
Preliminary Study on the Core Competencies of Full-time Master of Public Health in China
Qin, Yongzhou
Solutions of a class of fourth order difference equation with variable coefficient
Qiu, Ali
Comparison Research of Capability of Several Edge Detection Operators
Qiu, Chuanfei
A Malfunction Example of DC Power Supply of the Power Source System in a Certain Type of Equipment
Qiu, Zhi-dong
Earthworm living conditions and effects of earthworms on soil parameters
Qu, C.H
Evaluation on the Effects of the Frozen Pork Purchasing Policy on the Pork Price by ARMA
Qu, H.L.
Environment Control Method in Solid Waste Dry Fermentation Garage based on Global Variable Prediction Model
Qu, L.L.
Study on the Dynamic Prediction of Atomic Clock Frequency based on UTCr
Ren, G.H.
Design and Performance Test of Large-Scale Cryopump Used in Space Environment Simulation System
Ren, W.C.
Research on Effect on Quality of Two-year-old Astragalus membranaceus by Seed-coating Treatment
Ren, Xiaofei
The Exploration of Improving the Quality of Rural Environment
Ren, Xiaofei
The Studise of Practices on Strengthening Village Ecological Landscape Conservation Planning
Ren, Y.F.
Application of the Cuckoo Search Based SUPPORT Vector Machine for the Mean Monthly Runoff Forecasting
Ren, Yunpeng
Experimental Study of Laser Assisted Drilling and Parameters Analysis
Ren, Z.Q.
Exploration of Crew Resource Management Concept Based on UAV System
Reva, O.M.
Research of air traffic control students proportion concerning their attitude to risk
Rui, Miao
Asymmetric Hydrogenation of , -unsaturated ester with Copper Catalyst
Ryzhenko, V.
PLANTOGRAF V12 -New Transducer for Measurement Pressure Distribution Biomechanics and Technique
S vescu, D.
About Competitive Strategy in Companies
S vescu, D.
Some Aspects Regarding Project Management
Sha, Xuejun
D2D Resource Allocation Algorithm in Heterogeneous Networks
Shan, Xuda
Thermal design of LNG cabin on sea transports
Shang, Zhe
The Research on the Coordination of Urban Planning and Land Use Planning — the Case of Langfang City
Shao, R.P.
A Method of Leak Detection for Spacecraft On-orbit based on Acoustic Emission
Shao, R.P.
Design and Performance Test of Large-Scale Cryopump Used in Space Environment Simulation System
Shao, X.G.
Parking Information Acquisition, Release, Query, Reservation and Parking Navigation System Design for Internet of Vehicle
Shao, Y.C.
Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Binary Systems { Hexamethyl Disiloxane + Butyl Acetate } and{ Hexamethyl Disiloxane + Isobutyl Acetate } at 101.3kPa
Shen, Chen
Outlook for Vegetable Industry in China 2014-2023
Shen, Cun
Application of Trackball in Visualization of Ionospheric Parameters
Shen, Jingyao
High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Optimization Study of Environmental Estrogens
Shen, Z.
The Damage Defecting and Reinforcement of a Post-fire Continuous Beam Bridge
Shen, Z. W.
The Oxidation Kinetics of Magnesium Sulfite in Homogenous System
Shi, H.
Morphological Structure of Leaves and Particulate Matter Capturing Capability of Common Broad-leaved Plant Species in Beijing
Shi, H.
Study on Capturing PM2.5 Capability of Tree Species in Different Functional Areas
Shi, Lei
The study of the influence of the work stress on job burnout of knowledge-based employee ——Based on the regulating effect of emotional intelligence
Shi, S.X.
Architecture of Protection & Control System Based on Energy Router
Shi, Xiang
Comparisons between CCD and CMOS based on Freescale
Shi, Xiong
Grain Insect Monitoring Based on Imaging Sensor and Wireless Sensor Networks
Shu, M.L.
The Implementation of Intelligent Biochemical Monitoring System based on Cloud Platform
Si, Zhi-zhi
Review of Agricultural Supportive Polices in China
Slabý, A.
Practice Based Education Illustrated by the Problem of Construction of Welded Lift frame for Handling Amelioration Tubes
Song, B.F.
Absolute Nucleic Acid Quantification System and Analysis
Song, C.B.
A Survey of the Body’s Response to Clinical Exposure to Moxa Smoke
Song, J.
The Adaptation of Suaeda physophora Seedlings to Salinity and Drought Environments
Song, Q.
Absolute Nucleic Acid Quantification System and Analysis
Song, W.C.
Vanadium Extraction from Molten Vanadium Slag with High Ca and P Contents by Direct Oxidation-acid Leaching Method
Song, Y.X.
Empirical Research on Memetic Transmission and Adaptation of Media Language
Su, B.N.
Vulnerability Analysis of Urban Natural Gas Network under Cascading Failures
Su, B.N.
Study on Loss Assessment of Urban Waterlogging and Mitigation Measures
Su, B.N.
The Quantitative risk Analysis for Oil Tank Storage Areas Considering Different Firefighting Ability