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The Negative Effects Caused by the Development of the Painting and Calligraphy Market during the Early Period of the Republic of China (1912-1937)

Xiaojun Tao, Hangwei Wang
Under the influence of the whole economic situation, the painting and calligraphy market developed greatly during the early period of the Republic of China, which improved the survival situation and social status of the painters and calligraphers, but which objectively brought negative effects on the...
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The Performance Evaluation Research of Governmental Financial Investment in Science and Technology in Shandong Province Base on DEA

Liang Feng, Pan Yan
The academic circle and the government have paid close attention to the performance evaluation of governmental financial investment in science and technology. Having reviewed relevant literature home and abroad over the past years, the author has established an effective index system for such evaluation...
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Novel Approach to Estimate the SV Traffic Streaming Latency Based on IEC 61850-9-2LE

Mike Mekkanen, Erkki Antila, Reino Virrankoski, Mohammed Elmusrati
Substation Automation System (SAS) performance has been gained great improvements by implementing the high data rate process bus based on IEC 61850-9-2LE. These improvements can be summarized within the most important such as reduction in the SAS constriction cost by eliminating the high cost copper...
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Securitizing Higher Educational Loans for Cheaper Cost of Financing and Higher Return on Investment in Malaysia

S Ismail, R Ali, M.H Bakri, M.N Azman
Research has shown that the default rate is higher for those countries that implement the mortgage-type loans. Many researchers have tried to address this issue, usually by analyzing the types of repayment collections such as income contingent loans that can minimize the default rate. However, Malaysia...
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PLANTOGRAF V12 -New Transducer for Measurement Pressure Distribution Biomechanics and Technique

J. Volf, J. Svatos, V. Ryzhenko
This paper describes the new Plantograf V12 that is new pressure distribution device. The design of electrodes, properties of transducer, programmed software and using pressure distribution measurements in technical application in automobile industry and technique is here showed.
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About Competitive Strategy in Companies

D. S vescu
Paper presents some aspects regarding the strategy made by companies, the effort of the top management to be profitable. Beginning with some definitions, in the other hand it is presented from a synergetic point of view, a study case for company performance, in the way to be competitive, durable, with...
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Some Aspects Regarding Project Management

D. S vescu
Paper presents some aspects regarding project management, starting with some definitions, history and principles of remarkable „fathers” of this activity. Taking into account the factors which define a project, there are some aspects about the budget, quality, participants’ expectations in a period of...
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Personalized Education Approaches for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Majors

Feng-qing Zhao, Ma Zhao
On the basis of years of teaching practice, we proposed personalized education approaches for chemical and pharmaceutical engineering majors, by making fully of all the resources in and out of campus, thickening foundation, widening caliber and emphasizing practice, with the purpose of improving the...
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Automotive Customer Service Evaluation Based on BP Neural Network

Juan Liu, Jichen Fang
It is very important to evaluate the automotive customer service for people, but do not have a unified standard to it. Through the research of BP network, we established automotive service satisfaction evaluation model based on BP neural network. Then, evaluated the performance of service satisfaction...
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The Research of the Construction of Preschool Education Professional Double Teachers Team in Applied College

Yong xia Li, Huan rong Zhang, Ya zi Zheng
In the process of development of applied universities, the "double type" teachers is the most important elements, realize its talent training are also the important condition of guarantee in applied education. Take pre-school education professional in Hengshui University for example, to explore the applied...
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The Practice of Diversified Teaching Method Research in Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Huan rong Zhang, Yong xia Li
In the next 10 years, our country's higher education will focus on expanding scale of applied talents training, therefore, further deepening the reform of applied talents training mode, to explore the applied undergraduate colleges and universities personnel training the diverse teaching method, is the...
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ABC Implementation in Chinese Manufacturing Firm: A Case Study in a Small and Medium Sized Firm

Yu Liu, Y.F. Zhang, W. J. Li, Y.Y. Zhu
Activity-Based Costing (ABC) system is designed to address the shortcomings of traditional volume based costing system. Up to date, number of studies conducted in Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) about ABC implementation is relatively small. Therefore, this study conducts a case study in one Medium...
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“Five Rings Teaching Methods” in Engineering Mechanics Teaching of Private University Civil Engineering Specialty

Y.Q. Zhao
According to the Confucius’ heuristic teach idea and the "discovery learning" theory of the famous American educationist Bruner , aiming at training students' engineering practical ability, then to refine out with “Five rings teaching methods ”that is: "Create the situation and stimulate the interest,...
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Meaning and Try of Teaching Validity in Non-Government College

Y.Q. Zhao
Non-government college run not for a long time. The students have a poor foundation, learning habits is weak. Then we need to update the concept of education, must putting students first. Change the traditional teaching philosophy, teaching methods and skills up to the conscious teaching mode. To improve...
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The Research of Control Technology for Four-rotor Aircraft Based on STM32

X.Y. Feng, L.L. Yan, C.C. Ji
The four-rotor aircraft is different from the traditional helicopter. The four-rotor aircraft by changing the speed of the propeller implements various flight movements. According to the characteristics and dynamical features of four-rotor aircraft, this paper mainly studied an attitude control technology...
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Indoor Positioning Using Periodical Analysis

Yansha Guo, Yanni Guo
LBS (Location Based Service) has been more and more integrated into the various industries, simultaneously, the development of the industry further promote the intensive research and widespread application of LBS. In this paper, we present an excellent resolution for indoor location estimation based...
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The Development and Revelation of the World Soybean Industry

Qiang-Ping Gu, Jing Zhou
Utilizing the FAO data since1961, the article analyzed the development and changes in soybean industry of the world in the past 50years. And based on the analysis of the development in production and trade in soybean industry of the world, the article put forward the aspects the soybean industry in China...
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A Novel Method for Weighted Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network

Xue Jiang, Kunbao Cai
Considering that most existing techniques for weighted cooperative spectrum sensing have not comprehensively considered the influence of the space factor in wireless environment on the detection performance in cognitive radio systems, the authors of this paper present a novel method for improving the...
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The Ethical Cerebration of City Spirit

Ning Yang, Feng Qin
City spirit is a spirit and total moral character with a certain historical development stage of one social community which lives in a certain area. There must be moral rationality and ethical implications in it. Based on the ethical analysis and ethical direction of city spirit. Summarizes the ethical...
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IE Talent Cultivation Design and Analysis based on AHP and QFD

Yanchun Xia
Some issues in cultivating practice-oriented talents in IE specialty of the newly established local universities are addressed. Combined with the school-running mode, the orientation and the social requirement, the advanced manufacturing industry oriented IE talent cultivation mode was analyzed. The...
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A Study on Influence of Family Planning Policy Adjustment on Population Size and Structure of Jilin Province

Liying Wang
In this thesis, the mathematical modeling method is used to build Leslie population model so as to predict the development tendency of population size and structure of Jilin province, including the total population, male to female ratio, population age structure, aging of population based on the influences...
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Planar Center-Fed Leaky-Wave Antenna Arrays for Millimeter Wave Systems

Yu. . Nechaev, D.N. Borisov, A.I. Klimov, I.V. Peshkov
Two kinds of planar center-fed leaky-wave antenna arrays for millimeter wave systems are presented. The antenna arrays consist of a printed one-dimensional periodic metal strip grating on a grounded dielectric waveguide and designed for broadside radiation. The first antenna array has a hybrid structure...
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Parallel Optimization Technique of Multi-channel Input Signals’ Simulation

N. Pang, P.J. Xu
Multi-channel input signals are often used in Multiple-input Multiple-out systems. This paper first introduces HPC (High-powered Computation) optimized principle, then discusses some key techniques of generating multiple input signals. The implementation based on multicore DSP is given then. In the end...
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Effects of Writing RoadmapTM 2.0 on Teachers in English Writing Teaching

D.F. Ge
This paper attempts to investigate the impact of integrating the online assessment tool of Writing RoadmapTM 2.0 into English writing teaching, aiming at revealing its specific effects on teachers. Results show that the integration of WRM into teaching can help teachers monitor students’ writing process...
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Research on a Novel Model of Virus Spreading in the Short Message Network

Liwei Xing, Kunbao Cai
Based on investigating the classical models of epidemic spreading, a novel model of virus spreading in the short message network is presented. A set of state equations describing the nonlinear dynamic system of the presented model is established. The effect of individual model parameters on virus spreading...
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Acceptance of Electric Vehicles Populations Distribution Network Access Capability Assessment

Jinyong Hu, Liang Cai, Lu Xiao, Bin Li, Chang Liu
With the contradiction between economic development and energy supply, environmental pollution is becoming more and more acute, saving energy and reducing consumption, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, has become an urgent need to solve the problem of sustainable development of China's economy. Electric...
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A Correction Algorithm for Document Images Based on Edge Contour

Jianhao Ding, Zhijie Lin, Lingyun Yu
For digitized document images with black border, this paper presents a simple and rapid correcting method. Firstly, we extract the contours using canny operator and find the inner contour with maximum area. The bounding box of the contour is used to calculate the inclined angle as the skew angle of the...
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Survey on After-class Business English Reading and Construction of Self-access Reading Model Guided by CBI

Shurong Zhao
Comparing to general English reading, lesson of Business English reading involves specific teaching aims and principles. By investigating the after-class reading of business English majors and collecting relative data, this paper analyzes the amount of, attitude toward, purposes of and barriers to Business...
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A Dynamic Valuation Method of the Target Enterprises to be Invested by China Private Equity

Xichen Zhao
In this article, the construction of valuations in Chinese private equity fund, the process and the steps of the construction and three important problems during the process were discussed. In order to solve the three problems, firstly, the real value of the evaluation before certain point was determined...
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Pneumatic Stabilization of Vehicles

J. Hurtecak, J. Volf
The article deals with trends of development in car production and concentrates on car stabilization. It describes the new method of the pneumatic car stabilization as the support ESP method. Let´s get to know about trends of development in car production and concentrates on car stabilization. We summarize...
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Solving Logic Problems with Associative Networks in the Course of Knowledge Representation

Martin Zacek, Vera Ferdianova
This article aims to study of the use Associative (Semantic) networks in the course of Knowledge representation that is taught at the University of Ostrava. In the course was created logic puzzles of type Zebra from simple to more complex levels (Einstein's problems). Associative networks have been used...
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The Combination of Diffusion Model and Learning Effect Model to Evaluate the Policy Impact of Cancer Control Act

Y.T. Chen, F.C. Yang
Considering the social high incidence and mortality rate of cervix cancer, the government provides a free medical service of Pap smear test based on the Cancer Control Act regulated in 2003. This paper attempts to understand the impact of policy implementation for Pap smear test and employs the diffusion...
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Development and Evaluation of the Core Competencies for Master of Public Health Students

Y.J. Qin, G.Q. Huang, K. Zhao, Y.G. Wang
Master of Public Health (MPH) programs have been developed across the world as a response to the need for adequately trained individuals to work in the public health areas. Educational departments that deliver MPH programs have a responsibility to ensure that graduates of their programs have the basic...
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Study on the Reform of Administrative System in Social Management of China

Ying Li, Ailian Liu
At present there are still many problems of the administrative system in Chinese social management. From the aspect of the theory and practice of administrative system reform, the transformation of government functions and correctly handle the relationship between government and market are the basic...
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Cloning and Differential Expression Analysis of a new rbcS Gene from Lemna gibba

Youru Wang
A novel Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco) small subunit gene (named ssu4d) was cloned from Lemna gibba by a novel chromosome walking technology, genomic DNA (gDNA) region of ssu4d with the size of 1, 346 bp, was isolated. The full-length of ssu4d cDNA (named ssu4dc), contained...
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Electromechanical Drivetrain in Agricultural Tractors

Stanislav Florentsev
In the report there are shown results of design and field tests of the wheeled agricultural tractors with electromechanical drivetrains (EMD): 300 h.p. tractor Belarus-3023 (with gear-drive), 160 h.p. tracked tractor (with individual board-drives) and 455 h.p. wheeled tractor (with individual drive of...
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Experimental Study of Laser Assisted Drilling and Parameters Analysis

Yingpin Wang, Gong Zhang, Lei Zheng, Yunpeng Ren, Olaf Eichstaedt, Xianshuai Chen
Drilling holes in the key parts of automotive transmissions (e.g. the crank shaft) can be difficult and time consuming. For this reason, laser assisted drilling is proposed to increase processing speed and reduce wear of tools. In this paper, an experimental study is used to investigate optimum processing...
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Analysis on DNA Methylation in Chromolaena Odorata from Different Area and at Different Nitrogen Level by MSAP

C.Y. Chi, X. Chen, D.D. Guo, G.H. Ding
Two species of Chromolaena odorata, with one indigenous in Mexico and the other introduced to Sipsongpanna, were cultivated by water culture method, and treated by high, normal and low nitrogen respectively, and the technology of methylation sensitive amplification polymorphism (MSAP) was used to explore...
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Evaluation on the Effects of the Frozen Pork Purchasing Policy on the Pork Price by ARMA

Z.Y. Zhu, F.Y. Nie, C.H Qu, H.B. Zhu, X.B. Zhang, Y.Z. Chu
This paper studies the effects of frozen pork purchasing policy on the pork prices from 2009 to 2014 by Auto-Regressive and Moving Average Mode (ARMA). The results show that there are significant effects of froze pork purchasing policy on stabilizing the pork price and the pork price will uprising by...
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Hydrogen Transport through Dense and Porous Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications

N. C Nwogu, A. Alkali, E. Gobina
In this work the design of a nano structured ceramic membrane is carried out for fuel cell applications. However the innovation is that a membrane porous network is modified through its immersion in silica based solution and in a palladium solution to form composite membrane. Subsequently, the development...
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Environment Control Method in Solid Waste Dry Fermentation Garage based on Global Variable Prediction Model

P.J. Wang, Y.S. Chen, D.W. Zhu, R.R. Li, H.L. Qu
The thesis put forward a new global variable prediction model whose theories, structure of modeling and operation were discussed. Applying BP neural network in solid waste dry fermentation garage environment control, the reliability and stability of the new control method was proved.
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Synthesis of Modified Carbon Catalysts and Investigation of its Catalytic Activity in Reactions of Hydrocracking of Hydrocarbons on Two-stage Laboratory Setup

S.K. Tanirbergenova, N.K. Zhylybayeva, A.B. Issayeva, G.M. Moldazhanova, Z.A. Mansurov, K. Zhumakhan
This paper presents the results concerning investigation of hydrocracking hydrocarbons on modified carbonaceous catalysts which were obtained by impregnation and coating of metals with using of Tonkeris (name of region) clay. The influence of obtained modified carbon catalysts on catalytic activity and...
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Research Progress of Fluorescent Molecular Probe for Cyanide Ion

L.M. Zhou, J. Li, N. Wang, C.H. Lu, B. Liu
Cyanide ion, a kind of extremely toxic chemical, is used as chemical warfare agents, as well as civilian chemical raw stuffs. Many detection methods for cyanides ion have been researched. This paper reviewed on some research progress of fluorescent molecular probe for cyanide ion in recent 5 years in...
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Complex and Coherent Risk Measure

M.C. Miglionico, G. D'angelo
Coherent risk measures have been introduced by Artzner et al. in financial markets where the set of states is finite. This theory has been extended by Delbaen to cases where is infinite. The financial markets are constantly evolving and the classical definition of risk measures is “static”. Hence, the...
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An Empirical Study of Factors Influencing the Willingness of Peasant Households for Family Farm Operation——An Analysis based on the Survey of 360 Peasant Households in Hubei

E.F Xiao
Developing appropriate scale farmland operation is an important way to promote the peasants’ income and to realize sustainable development in the rural areas. Based on the theory about returns to scale, the paper constructed a binary logit model to analysis the willingness and influencing factors of...
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Influence of Rural Financial Institutions on the Progress of Rural Technology

J.H. Liu, C.J. Li
Technological progress is the key factor to influence economic growth. This article uses Empirical Analysis to analyze the relationship between rural technological progress and rural financial institution and finds that there exists one-way causal relationship between them in China. The progress of rural...
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Evaluation on the Status Quo of Mass Sporting Activities in the Urban Area of Weinan City

Chunlan Li
By applying the methods of questionnaire survey, field investigation, literature data, this paper investigates the implementation of the mass sporting program in the urban area of Weinan, and by referring to related data from the Sports Bureau of Weinan city, this paper conducts an analysis on the investigation...
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Study on Strategies of Urban River Environment Improving Based on the Concept of Ecological Infrastructure

Tao Wu
The ecological infrastructure is a type of urban infrastructure which provide comfortable, healthy, efficient, convenient for the social production and living, and coexist harmoniously with the natural. Urban ecological infrastructure is the important foundation of the city sustainable development, and...
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Characterization of N-alkanes and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water Solution of 180# Fuel Oil dealt with and without Dispersants

T. Pan, G.H. Ding, C. Li, L.L. Lian, N.N. Zhang, Y.Y. Wei, J. Zhang
In order to analyze the concentration changes of n-alkanes and PAHs in water solution of oil treated with and without dispersant, 180# fuel oil was tested with two kinds of dispersants. It was shown that addition of dispersants caused a marked increase in the concentrations of n-alkanes and PAHs in chemically...
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Integrating Commercial Greenhouses in the Smart Grid with Demand Response based Control of Supplemental Lighting

A. Clausen, H. M. Maersk-Moeller, Jan Corfixen Soerensen, B. N. Joergensen, K. H. Kjaer, C. O. Ottosen
In Northern Europe the production of ornamental pot plants in greenhouses requires use of supplemental light, as light is a restricting climatic factor for growth from late autumn until early spring. By participating in demand response programs such as real-time pricing, growers can schedule electricity...