Proceedings of 2016 5th International Conference on Social Science, Education and Humanities Research

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Research on Ecology in Modern Landscape Design

Juan You
Modern landscape design develops from germination in the early 20th century to contemporary mature, forms the scientific, artistic and social three aspects which supplement each other. Most landscape designers realize that the landscape no longer means "picturesque", but must match society and science...
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Application of Electronic Commerce in International Trade

Ting Zhang
As a new business mode of operation of electronic data exchange as the main content, e-commerce to break time and space constraints! Accelerated business cycles and efficient use of limited resources, reduce costs, increase profits, enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises. Thus, e-commerce...
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Present situation and Countermeasures of rural sports in China

Yang Sun, Yuehong Ma
Sports first is the survival and development of human needs. As an important part of China's sports, rural sports in China's "sports law", "National Fitness Program" has a clear requirement. Enhance the physical quality of farmers, improve the quality of life of farmers, to achieve the modernization...
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The Application of Micro Lecture in English Reading Teaching

Sufen Lu
With the development of educational informationization, modern education technology based on multimedia and network has penetrated into all aspects of education and teaching. English reading teaching which plays an important role in English teaching serves as the main way to improve the effectiveness...
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Research on Accounting Reform and Accounting Information Quality

Ou Liu, Haiwen Long
In this paper, the reform of joint-stock company accounting system, for example, from the target accounting reform, the use of accounting information market reaction, respectively, from the concept of information and measurement Viewpoint, the quality of accounting information for quantitative research...
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Discussion on the Construction of Practical Teaching System of NCO Academies

Zhongmin Liu, Zelong Zhou, Xingyin Li
Practice teaching is an important teaching link in NCO academies, it is directly related to the implementation of personnel training objectives. Academy Sergeant construction to perfect the practical teaching system to improve the Cadet element can meet the demands of army development is of great practical...
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Research on Post Office Class Curriculum Reform of Actual Combat in NCO Academies

Zelong Zhou, Zhongmin Liu, Xingyin Li
The post office is at the core position in the course of curriculum system of sergeant education. Under the conditions of combat equipment maintenance support task for NCO academies post office class combat teaching put forward new and higher requirements, this paper on post office class curriculum content...
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Research Plan of Integrated Music Activities of Gregarious Elderly People

Defang Qu
Aging social trends now unstoppable, pension issues pushed to the center of the social scene. In efforts to promote the social old-age infrastructure, intelligent building services, but also the "cultural care", "spiritual endowment" of the building direction referred to the important agenda. Musical...
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Research on the Construction of Public Service System of Community Sports in China

Hao Cui
Community sports have developed very rapid in recent years. The public service system of community sports plays an important role in the process of the construction of a sports power. However, due to the constraints of time and experience, the construction of public service system of community sports...
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Experimental Study of Independent Learning Reform

Ruifeng Pan
With the advent of the learning society, the important mission of school education is to train students to become independent learners, so that they can continue to update themselves. Better ourselves and meet the challenge. Therefore, teachers Students' Ability to learn new curriculum development has...
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The Translation and Communication of Marxist Classics in China in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Qing-beixi Dong
Marxism is the guiding ideology of our Party and after decades of struggle, the people across the country in the form of legislation, to confirm that it is our country's guiding ideology. And Marxism is not a source for China since the late Qing Dynasty Chinese people understand and learn Marxism, mainly...
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Shortages and Countermeasures of the Legal Regulation of Contemporary China's Comparative Advertisement

Xiaoman Zhai
Due to the good characteristics of comparative advertisements, it receives more and more favor with the advertisement designers and advertisers. However, the shortages of comparative advertising are also obvious in China, such as ambiguous concept, low legislative level and inadequate supervision. This...
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Study on the Methods and Effective Way to Improve the Practical Ability of Students in Modern Educational Technology Major

Xiamsiya Mamtimin
With economic development and progress of science and technology, information technology is fully penetrated in various fields, the study field of educational technology and practice of expanding territory, from the past little education (schooling) towards the big education (information technology education...
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Exploration of Human Resource Management in Private Colleges in the International Perspective

Jie Wu
Human resources are important resource calendar Private Colleges and strengthen the country indispensable to the effective development and scientific management of human resources is the key to prosperity of Private Colleges and Universities. In clarify the meaning and function of human resource management...
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Research on Space Design Art in the Subway Station of Regional-Cultural Characteristics

Wenya Li
With the rapid development of subway, subway station space design artistry abroad more attention, its diversified development trend. But the domestic status of the space station subway art still can not get rid of the traditional image of public space, they did not form their own style and system. Blindly...
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The Related Research on Color Psychology and Art Design

Xiaolin Wang
Color psychology occupies a pivotal position in the art of design. Summarize previous research results and ideas of color, do exploratory research from the color of mental physical, physiological mechanism and color psychology color psychology and its application in the design of the three-part art,...
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Research on Dance Sport and Improvement of the Aesthetic Awareness of College Students

Yingdong Song, Yalin ZHeng, Xunqiang Hou
Dance Sport in Students' Aesthetic Judgment of special effects: sports dance education is an important part of the Aesthetic Education. The sports dance sport anachronistic modern harmonious development of body and mind, to meet the aesthetic needs of the people, the people's aesthetic sense of culture,...
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Constructional Methods and Management Strategy of the Cognition Practice Course in the Mechanical Major

Yang Gao, Fuwei Wang, Shaohu Ding, Maoqiang Li, Shuo Lv
As the process of the cognition practice in our college of mechatronic engineering has the disadvantages of unclear goal, short time, bad cognitive effects and other problems, this paper clears the teaching target of professional cognition practice, puts forward the cognitive practice curriculum construction...
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Reflect on Reform of Practice Teaching of Undergraduate Course of Innovative and Applied Financial Management

Zhifeng Jie
It was situation about reform of practice teaching of undergraduate course of innovative and applied financial management, which was from the goal of applied and meeting the market demand of financial management personnel. Then it proposed corresponding solving measures, which were the discipline integration...
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Research of Animals' Subconscious Art Creation

Guohua Zuo
Animal is the theme that humans are mostly familiar with, the art talents of animals have not be emphasized by humans all the time. Through the observation and interviews in the past few years, the author studies and demonstrates the art gifts of animals on dancing, colors, lines, compositions, architecture,...
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Research of Current Situations and Problems of Calligraphy Education in Rural Primary and Middle Schools -Take Huanggang as an Example

Guohua Zuo
This paper briefly elaborates the histories and current situations of calligraphy education in our domestic rural primary and middle schools, elaborates various problems existing in calligraphy education of rural middle and primary schools of Huanggang City from five aspects of calligraphy teaching materials,...
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Research on Orientation and Methods of Undergraduate Interpretation Teaching

Jing Li
With the increasing globalization of the economy, the social demand for interpreters is increasing in order to meet this demand, more and more colleges and universities to set up undergraduate translation, and set up a master professional translation, interpretation becomes the main force personnel training,...
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Application of Psychological Regulation Ability in Vocal Teaching

Qixun Lang
The psychological regulation ability in the process of vocal music teaching mainly refers to the cultivation of learning motivation, cognitive awareness, will and ability. It is beneficial to improve students' learning interest, improve teaching effect, and cultivate comprehensive qualities. The combination...
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The Discussion on the Grassroots Party Management in New Era

Xi Liu
In the process of building the party, party management is one of the important contents of them. In the socio-economic development, the increasingly stringent requirements of party building, administrative tasks grassroots party cadres thus become very difficult. Combined with the actual situation, raise...
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The Research on the Development Trends of Ink Element in the Packaging Design

Songqi Yao, Xiao Chen
Chinese Painting Art history is one of the most unique human being is unique Chinese civilization, but also a treasure of traditional Chinese culture. With the development of modern art, the mutual penetration and influence cross fusion between different kinds of art has become an inevitable trend of...
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The Analysis on the Fundamental Influence of the Internet Thinking on the Art Production

ZHe Xu
Recently,though the elite of all walks of life have a different view about the Internet thinking, in general, the Internet thinking refers to an open industry model based on the network. This thinking has impact on the traditional cultural industry model, and has brought new changes to the development...
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The Analysis on Social Justice and Its Impact Factors -- Based on the Analysis of CGSS Questionnaire Data

Yajie Han, Yali Liu, Lei Zhou
Social justice is a person of fairness subjective judgment, with the continuous development and progress of society, people's demands for a fair society continues to strengthen. To study the sense of fairness and social factors In this paper, China General Social Survey (CGSS) data. Firstly, a clear...
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Resource Boom and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from China

Bin Liang, Yiwei Lian, Meng Sun
This study investigates the relationship between resource boom, industrial structure and economic growth of China. Compared with these developed countries with a mature industrial structure, China is still in the process of the industrialization. We first examine the effect of a resource boom in China...
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Resource Boom, Industrial Structure and Economic Growth in a DSGE Model

Bin Liang, Yiwei Lian, Xiaoyi Ji
Literature of "Dutch disease" concerns about the de-industrialization induced by the resource boom. But the core model of "Dutch disease" is based on the experiences of developed countries, such as Holland and Australia. We extend the literature of "resource curse" by proposing that the initial industrial...
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Analysis on Clothing Consumption Differences between Urban and Rural Residents in China

Hong Jiang, Hong Zhao
At present, China is not just a textile and clothing exporting country, with the development of china's domestic economy, urbanization reforms are intensifying which has led to an improvement in the people's living standards, China's textile and apparel domestic market has also undergone great changes,...
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Research on the Current Situation of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts

Chunguang Pan
This paper analyses the development of China's traditional martial arts through reading data, summarizes the problems in the development of traditional martial arts and the factors that influence the development of traditional martial arts, while putting forward their views on countermeasures of traditional...
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Research on the Rent-seeking Behavior in Equipment Acquisition of PAP

Jing Zhang
The rent-seeking behavior is a common phenomenon in the countries which are experiencing economic system transition. There are many kinds of interests and relationship in the equipment acquisition market of Armed Police Force. So the rent-seeking behaviors can inevitably produce. This paper briefly introduces...
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Research on Development and Thinking of Environmental Art Design Teaching

Zhifeng Zhang
With the development of our country's economy, the subject of environmental art design has sprout up and developed quickly. It provided many talents for the cause of the environmental art design in China. However, at present, there are many problems in the teaching of environmental art design, including...
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Study on Modern Environmental Art Design under Ecological Civilization

Zhifeng Zhang
Art and design development of modern society is in the development of socialist modernization, and human civilization has been further development. It makes environmental art design began to receive attention and concern, and its increasingly prominent in the development of the arts has unique design...
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Research on Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures in Chinese Agricultural E-commerce

ZHenhua Zhang
Agriculturalproducts e-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years in China. Many big enterprises, such as Alibaba, Tecent and Suning, rushed into the Blue Ocean. However, due to short time and lack of experience, the development of Chinese agricultural products e-commerce has many problems, like...
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Value of Music Education to the Development of Preschool Children

Quanlong Qiao
Music education is an indispensable organic component of quality education, which plays an important role in the education of preschool children. This paper gives the concept of preschool music education, and expounds the important function of music education in the fields of physical and mental development,...
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Features and Construction of Cultural Identities for University EFL Learners in China

Zhidong Gao
EFL learners' cultural identities are influenced by and changed with frequency and degree of exposure to English language learning. Based on questionnaire and interview studies of 150 students from 3 universities, a CROSS model of features of their cultural identities was demonstrated, and a GLOBALIZATION...
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Applications of "ITIL +" Concept in Engineering Design Enterprises

Guangbin Sun, Hongqi Li, Haiying Huang
Engineering design enterprises are now facing many IT operation problems with the further development of information construction in these enterprises. The best solution to solve the IT operational problems is to build IT operational systems based on ITIL. As IT cost accounting based on engineering projects...
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Exploration of the Resources Cooperating Profit Relationship at the Internet Age

Han Zhang
With the development of the Internet, the gradual rise of mass collaboration and showing more and more widely momentum, mass collaboration to subvert the traditional concept of resource ownership, use the rules to ensure that everyone involved can share resources, collaborate to jointly to an end, and...
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Research on the Internet Marketing in the Cultural Industries

Han Zhang
China has entered the urgent need for the development of cultural industries and the marketing of special building wide area, this time factoring the urgent need to provide interactive e-commerce platform and rich sound service system. The development of culture will be on the construction of socialist...
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Research on Computer Network Teaching Based on Artificial Intelligence

Zuqin Mo
With the development of technology change and the establishment of people's concept of lifelong learning education system, especially the popularity of computer networks, computer network education as a new educational model is entering a new stage of rapid development. However, a lot of confusion and...
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Analysis on the Problems and Reasons in the Guidance of Career Planning in Colleges and Universities

Rui Zhang
The university is the buffer stage of a person entering into the society and future occupation career, and career planning at this stage is the key to the success of students in employment or to establish their own career. However, with the increasing number of higher education enrollment in China, the...
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Research on The Mode of Talent Cultivation in Universities in Baoding in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development Background

Jing Guo, Lei Qi
According to the survey, we found that the cultivation of applied talents in universities in Baoding is not ideal, and there are many disadvantages in the field of college personnel training due to the outdated concept of education and education model. In this article, according to the requirements of...
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Does social capital lead to better health?a review of causal research

Xindong Xue, Qihui Lei
This paper summarizes and reviews the relevant literature on the causal relationship between social capital and health in western countries and China. The endogeneity of social capital poses challenges to identify the causal relationship. The empirical evidence so far remained mixed due to various measurement...
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Research on the Venture Legal Risk Analysis and Prevention for College Students

Shijie Guo
With the increasingly severe employment situation of college students, college students in order to effectively solve the employment problem, the Chinese government actively encourages business students, entrepreneurs hope to boost employment of college students. As competition between industries increasingly...
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The Review of Criminals System of Qin and Han Dynasties- Mainly Based on Research after Bamboo Slips Unearthed

Xiaodan Sun
Since the bamboo slips unearthed research sentences of imprisonment regime Qin and Han made a series of achievements, especially the punishment of imprisonment of several important issues, concubine nature of identity in the academic community launched a wide-ranging discussion, but there is not yet...
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Research on the Vocational English PBL Teaching Model Based on Autonomous Learning

Weijuan Zhang
In recent years, with the advancement of higher vocational college English teaching reform, exploring new teaching mode, optimizing the teaching process and training the students' ability of autonomous learning in higher vocational colleges has become an important direction of higher vocational English...
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Cause Investigation of Volleyball Injury and Post-injury Treatment Strategies

Pan Yan
Like other sports, there is certain risk in volleyball. Once sport injuries occur, sport men will suffer mental and physical harm. Therefore, it has practical significance to research causes of volleyball injury and post-injury treatment. Based on the author's study and research experience for many years,...
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Reform in Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge Integration into Department of Food Quality and Safety

Huayi Suo, Ruokun Yi, Yu Qian
The cultivation of applied talents is strengthened through the teaching reform which refers to adding the knowledge on homology of medicine and food into food quality and safety major. Reach the international standard in line of Chinese social demand in nowadays. In order to realize the knowledge fusion...
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The Connotations and Integration Development of the Red Culture

Jianping Liu
Chinese red culture originated in the May Fourth Movement to Marxism-Leninism as the ideological and theoretical basis, the CPC led the Chinese people's anti-imperialist proletarian seal feudal political culture. Meanwhile, with the development of the times, the connotation of red culture changes with...
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How to Evaluate the Safety of a City

Liying Liu
Contemporary countries, with the rapid development of technology, productivity and the rapid development of the society, is beginning the industrial society and information society evolution from industrial society. In this process, there have been serious class differentiation and conflict of interest,...
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Are We Heading Towards a Thirsty Planet

SHangrun Yao
Water is the important substantial foundation of social and economic development. In view of its importance, establishing an appropriate model to predict the supply and demand of water in the future is vitally necessary. By analyzing the future situation, we can take some intervention measures as early...
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Investigation and Adjustments Approaches Study on DQP Learning Areas Credits Reasonable Distribution The Case Study of Human Resource Management

Weimin Zhong, Wei Xiong
This paper stand in the perspective of the construction professional, systematic combing Curriculum standards, combined with DQP Qualifications Framework credits proportion under study and the distribution of the field demonstration, using methods from the top down and from the bottom relative binding...
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Exploration of Computer Network Teaching Based on Innovation Abilities Cultivation

Min Lai, Yong Xia
The cultivation of university students' innovation ability is the eternal theme of universities educational innovation. Teaching innovation is the heart and key to educational innovation. It advances to innovate teaching conception, optimizes teaching content, innovates teaching method, reforms experimental...
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Multi Ball Training Method: A New Attempt of Table Tennis Training in Colleges and Universities

Wei Zheng, Keyi Jin
Multi-ball training is a very effective method for table tennis training, which plays an important role in improving students' sports skills. Based on the author's coaching experience for many years, this paper uses documentation, experiment, mathematical statistics, expert interviews and other research...
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Analysis on Related Policy of Midwest Area Rural-Urban Basic Education Teachers Migration

Qingyu Yang
According to the national education policy development at all levels of government, "second five" attach great importance to promote the balanced development of urban and rural education, which is an important step to establish flow mechanism of urban and rural teachers, changing the drain rural schools...
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Analysis on Henan Science and Technology Talent Environment Evaluation in the Factor Analysis Perspective

Ge Bai
Talent environment directly affect the training and development of personnel. It is a large complex system, so for the evaluation of talent but also the environment in simple terms, the layers of analysis. Follow a collection of, comparability, non-recurring and other principle, choose economic development,...
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The Cross-Cultural Meanings Analysis of Workers Work Conflict Distribution in Foreign Companies

Yunxia Wang
By analyzing the foreign-funded enterprises in the Chinese American, French and Chinese employees in the distribution of five different interpersonal conflicts related to work, and to explore the cultural significance of the distribution of internal conflict and highlight mode. The main results of the...
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Problems and Approaches Analysis of Henan Cultural Communication and Rural Cultural Governance

Man Xia
Rural Communication is concerned that rural communities share the culture and cultural identity of meaning, it can not be understood from the context of the historical context and the realities of rural governance. Country, countryside and farmers is considered elite three main actors involved in the...
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Study on Management of Small and Medium Sized Electronic Commerce Enterprises

Yaping Qian, Qiyuan Cui, Runjie Shen
The role of small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs)can not be replacedfor their importance in economic development.However, they face many difficulties during the economic crisis.One of the effective ways to solve the problem as soon as possible is to carry out E-commerce. This assay discusses the problems...
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Private Colleges' Teachers Use Modern Education Technology to Promote the Rapid Development

Xuexiao Feng
From the perspective of the development of Chinese private colleges, after the analysis of the modern education technology into the teaching of the impact of the traditional teaching mode, this paper discusses the teaching model in order to adapt to the modern teachers should adopt some countermeasures:...
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Research on English Teaching Mode of Multiple Interactions Based on WeChat

Huahong Rao
Teaching mode can play multiplier role in teaching effectiveness. The popularity of mobile Internet, as well as the widespread use of mobile social interaction application platform, such as WeChat, can provide conditions for the innovation of the teaching mode and implementation. In teaching practice,through...
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Research on the Literature Sensibility in Ancient Literature Researches

Liyu Chen
Chinese ancient literature includes poem, novel, drama and so on. Thereinto, poem mainly embodies the meaning of literature and intangible of art, therefore, understanding and studying poem needs researchers' good sensibility, and analysis on the artistic image and themes of novel and drama also cannot...
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Analysis on Developing Practice and Model of Physical Training and Education

Qiangsong Deng
Deficiencies of sports training and teaching are unitary in content and forms, blindness in training process, etc, because lost enthusiasm and failure in chances of physical training. Therefore an optimal developmental teaching model is eagerly needed for the characteristics of sports physical education...
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Humble Opinion on Enhancing Occupational Values Education of Higher Vocational College Students

XiangZHeng Diao
Occupational values affects the career orientation and choice of college students. The overall occupational values of students in higher vocational college is positive, while occupational values deviation problems still exist. Only when the enhancement of occupational values education of students of...
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Research on the Status of Patriotism in Socialist Core Values

Yuxia Ding
Patriotism thoughts run throughout the history of national construction, showing different specific connotation in different times. In the current era background, patriotism belongs to the main category of China's socialist core values. It plays an extremely important role in promoting and implementing...
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Discussion on the Continuing Education of Accounting Based on the Network Environment

Nana Huang
With the advent of the Internet age, the traditional accounting information processing mode has been unable to meet the needs of the development of the current era. If the accountants who have been accustomed to the traditional way of accounting education can not enhance the professional ability of individuals,...
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Analysis of Enterprise Environment Cost Control under Haze Background

Xiuyan Xu
Nowadays, environmental issue increasingly receives intensive attention of all sectors of society. In particular, the appearance of haze has greatly threatened normal work and living order of people in recent years. However, the researches on enterprise cost control focus on economic field for a long...
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The Influence of Local Culture Inheritance on Country Brand Visual Image Design

Xiaojuan Huang
Rural tourism is a kind of tourism based on the local culture which has a typical country brand visual image. It plays a role on promoting the local rural tourism development. This indicates that the brand visual image which can represent the local attributes and cultural characteristics must be designed....
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Research on Traditional Culture to Promote Ideological and Political Education of College Students

Ru Lan
China has five thousand years of civilization heritage, traditional culture is a rich and diverse country. Therefore, in today's society, we will continue to carry forward the traditional culture is important to pass down the responsibility of every Chinese person's shoulder. This paper aims to promote...
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Carry Forward the Spirit of the Constitution, and Comprehensively Promote The Rule of Law Process

JunXing Li
The 4th plenary session of the 18th Central Committee takes comprehensively promotes the rule of law as the subject to study, highlighting the rule of law in governance modernization role. And to the rule of law, we must carry forward the spirit of the Constitution; give full play to the rule of law...
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Analysis of Application of College Mathematics in HPS Education

Xingjun Li
HPS education in recent years, the main idea of the International Scientific and Educational Development, has important significance in the development of education in our country. Mathematical talents in all areas of society have a greater demand for the HPS Education in Mathematics Education in Colleges...
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Consideration of Experimental Teaching on College Financial Management Major

SHanxiang Liang
With the increasingly fierce market competition in China, higher requirements have been put forward for the financial management professionals. Since the financial management, as one of the most important course in accounting major, its teaching model should also change with the market economic development,...
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Study on Application of Flexibility Theory in Business English Translation Education Field

Hong Liu
As the rate of economic development speeds up continuously, the activities of economy and trade also become more and more frequent. English quality and ability training for talents also enhance. Thus, business English receives more and more attention in current education field. However, with social progress,...
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Application of Psychological Scene Drama in College Psychology Teaching

Qingming Liu
The application of psychological scene drama in teaching college students psychology can significantly stimulate students' class participation enthusiasm, effectively deepen understanding of students' psychological health problem, promote exertion of psychology teaching function and lay a solid foundation...
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Crisis Management Mode of American College Students and Its Enlightenment on China

Sha Liu
This paper analyzes crisis management mode of American campus and its enlightenment on China in detail. The author firstly discusses the causes and features of college campus crisis, then starts from crisis management mode of American campus and discusses management procedure of American college campus...
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Construction of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode for College English Based on Network Teaching Platform

Yafang Liu
As new curriculum reform goes deep and develops, and information technology develops rapidly, higher requirements for college English teaching have been put forward in recent years. Under such background, flipped classroom teaching mode based on network platform emerges, and receives extensive attention...
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Discussion and Analysis of Role of Vocalization in Vocality Teaching

Zhihua Liu
Vocalization is an important part of vocality teaching. Effective learning of vocalization can help students to quickly grasp vocalizational and singing skills, and improve their vocal music level. However, many students don't understand the significance of vocalization to vocality teaching well. Thus,...
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Background and Significance of the Construction of Hezhou University Language Museum

Zongyan Liu
Languages and dialects are valuable intangible cultural heritage, and economic globalization and integration directly are eroding this precious heritage, constituting two opposit sides of a contradictory. Building a language museum can make two opposit sides, to some extent, change from opposition to...
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Analysis on Evolution of Style of Chinese Classical Dance from Classical Dance Play

Xiaoya Long
Through long-time development, the dance type - Chinese classical dance has made certain achievements, formed a distinct dance style and enriched Chinese dance art. Starting with connotations and artistic characteristics of Chinese classical dance, this paper analyzes the evolution of the style of Chinese...
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Interpretation of Homeland Feelings in Works of Bunin

Yanling Lu
Bunin was an excellent inheritor of Russian literature. Most of his works reflect folk culture. Folk culture contained in his works shows his affirmation, inheritance and development of traditional culture of his motherland and meanwhile reflects national sentiments of Bunin. Bunin's novels mainly involve...
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Does Political Connection Tamper with the Corporate Governance Effect of Media Attention

ZHen Lu, Xuelan Zhang
It is an undisputable fact that political connection influences the internal corporate governance in transitional economies However, on whether and how political connection affects the external stakeholders' governance, in-depth discussion is still needed. Taking private listed companies in China as...
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Study on Protection and Inheritance of Pancun Lantern Show in Kaiping

Ming Qiu
Pancun lantern show is an important celebration activity held among the people in Kaiping region, which has high cultural value and historical value. Its inheritance and development play an important role in promoting the inheritance of traditional Chinese culture. This paper starts from the origin and...
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Modified Research on Children' s Medical Space on the Basis of Place Spirit

Dunjiang Shang
In modern society, people have higher and higher requirements on medical environment, on the basis of space place spirit analysis, space designers analyze the physiological and psychological feelings of place spirits, combine the special property of children' s space, from the angle of place space design...
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Discussion on the British and American Literature Education from the Perspective of Ecological Linguistics

Xinli Shi
As an important part in literature education, British and American literature education not only can let students fully feel the beauty of different language environment, but also can help students greatly improve their perceptivity on literature knowledge. On the basis of British ans American literature...
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Interpretation on the Profound Female Consciousness in Shen Congwen' s Xiao Xiao

Honghua Shi
Xiao Xiao is the short story masterpiece of Chinese modern writer Shen Congwen. It not only describes the bright side of the pastoral scenery far away from the hustle and bustle, but also profoundly reveals the dark side of the folk custom in western Hunan and women' s hardship, more depicts a stubborn,...
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Study on Reform of Fine Arts Major Color Courses Teaching

Chunxia Wang
In college oil painting classroom practice, oil painting color teaching occupies a very important position, and it even can be said that it is the key point of painting art education. In the new era, with the diversified development trend of oil painting art education, traditional teaching concepts and...
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Application of Positive Psychology in College Physical Teaching

Wenwen Wang
Physical education is as an interdisciplinary activity integrating theory and practice, physical and psychological training. It is the foundation for students to engage in other interdisciplinary activities, but also a platform for fostering modern sports talents. However, college education at this stage...
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Exploration on Modern Vocational Education System Promotion Strategies in Local Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiang Wu
In the field of Chinese education, modern vocational education system shows vocational expectations of local higher vocational college students for their own future career development, and it is also able to promote students in the learning process to gradually develop the habit of lifelong learning,...
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Study on the Social Influence of Sports Literature in New Period

Jingyu Xie
Since entering twenty-first Century, Many excellent works have sprung up in literary creation,but the sports literature is disappointing , it failed to play the functional roll in promoting the development of sport. The solution for the above mentioned issues is to guide the implementation of excellent...
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The Influence of Cultural Differences on English and American Literature Review

Sa Xie
The national culture is influenced by the environment, history and other factors, it is more than embodiment but also soul and spirit of a nation. Cultural differences between ethnic groups formed the diversity of world culture, rich patterns, make the world culture show a colorful gesture. This paper...
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Study to Explore the Effect and Thinking the Application of Chinese Painting in the Jade in the Professional Education

GuangZhao Yang
With the further development of the the socialist market economy in new period. Government also stressed the importance of traditional culture industry, jade caving is have the further development opportunists in new period ; this article choose Nanyang area as an example, studied the current situation...
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University Talents Training Mode based on Ability

XiaoSheng Lei
This article selectively analyzes some problems in the teaching process of colleges and universities, exploring the role and significance of strengthening the ability training in the process of college students' learning and putting forward specific patterns and measures for ability-based college students...
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Study on the Expression Forms and Techniques of Color in Oil Painting Creation

Lizhi Yang
Color is an important language and expression method in creation of oil painting ; it have strong artistic expression power, can fully reflect the independent aesthetic value of oil painting. meanwhile, the proper use of color will directly effect the value of the painting, and exploit expression power...
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Research on Agricultural Product Logistics Development Mode under Modern E-commerce Perspective

Yue Zhang
Agricultural products logistics is an important and indispensable component in agricultural e-commerce platform. But the supply level of agricultural products in China as a whole is still very backward, this restricts the development of agricultural e-commerce. State and government pay more and more...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Market Demands of Talents Majored in Translation and Master of Interpreting and Translation

Shufen Yang
To cultivate high-level application-oriented talents, serve the regional development, realize the industrial revitalization and technological progress, it has become the general objective of many universities and colleges to realize transformation development. In order to survive and develop, universities...
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Research on Cultivating Linguistic Skills of Cross-border E-commerce English Talents under the Background of "One Belt and One Road"

Guojian Zhang
During recent years, with the declining quantity of traditional trades and implementation of Chinese "One Belt and One Road" development strategy, cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly as an important way for foreign trade enterprises to implement transformation and upgrading. Meanwhile, it has...
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Pro-people TV Political News and Reform of Cultivating Radio and TV Director Talents

Kuihua Zhang
TV political news is the major source to communicate all kinds of information and also an important way for people to understand information of all fields. TV political news tends to be pro-people, which is the major development orientation of radio and TV medias in the future. In order to let TV political...
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Research on Human Resource Management of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in The Perspective of Cross Culture

Minkuo Zhang
Human resource management of small and medium sized enterprises under the perspective of cross culture has become an important factor that affects the international development of small and medium sized enterprises. This article starts with the definition of cross culture human resource management, and...
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Research on Innovation Mode of Quality Education of Higher Vocational College Students Based on The Integration of Enterprise and Campus Culture

Xinhui Zhang
Campus culture is the spiritual wealth of the institute, which play a subtle role on the cultivation of higher vocational students. Enterprise culture embodies the core value system of enterprise. Although their focus on the cultivation of talents and the training ways are different but they have a full...