Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Economic Development and Education Management (ICEDEM 2018)

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Exploration and Practice of Applied Undergraduate Talents Cultivation in Electrical Engineering and Automation

Jingfeng He
This paper introduces the cultivation of applied undergraduate talents in electrical engineering and automation. From the definition of professional positioning, this paper provides to formulate training objectives and training plans, deepen teaching reform, improve teaching quality, and strengthen students'...
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Exploration and Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum System in Civil Engineering Specialty

Min Ji, Bolin Jiang, Shuzhen Chen
Innovation and entrepreneurship education is a systematic project. The key to promoting the development of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education is to build a reasonable curriculum of innovation and entrepreneurship education. In particular, the curriculum system suitable for professional...
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Advance Competition Strategy and Consumer Behavior Analysis

Peiqin Li
This paper analyzes the rules and conditions of advance and spot competition equilibrium. Then it focuses on how consumer’s behavior effects the optimal decisions in the mix competition equilibrium. Further, it finds out that how different type of consumer behavior choose in different situations, such...
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The Application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in Mathematics Teaching

Nan Wang
The construction of high-end technical and skilled personnel training project in Beijing is not only the need of social development, but also the need of school education development. Through the application of multiple intelligences theory in mathematics class, teachers can correctly treat the diversity...
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Research on the Teaching of Programming Courses

Zhenming Xu
With the continuous development of educational informationization, in order to solve the problems faced by current programming courses such as “knowledge is forgotten quickly”, “lack enough programming training”, “playing mobile phones in class” etc., this paper firstly expounds the use of interactive...
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The Research on Class Construction in Universities Based on System Theory

Rui Chen, Jing Wang, Wei Long
Based on system theory, this paper analyzes the elements of the “system" of university class” construction, and proposes that the construction principles of integrity, order, and dynamics. Furthermore, this paper puts forward that universities should pay attention to the influence of the external environment...
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Research on Industrial Cluster Path of County Economic Transformation and Upgrading in Jiangxi Province

Zhonghou Cheng, Xiaoyong Huang, Xingqi Wu
As an important part of the region, the county economy is particularly important for economic transformation and upgrading. The transformation and upgrading of county economy in Jiangxi Province has made a qualitative leap, but the low competition level, poor innovation ability, serious homogenization,...
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Case Analysis of SHENXIANYUAN Financial Fraud Based on the GONE-theory

Songqin Ye, Sitong Hu, Lei Sun
With the continuous development and improvement of China's market economy, the securities market is also facing new challenges, not only opportunities, but also huge risks. At present, it seems that there are problems such as inappropriate related party transactions in listed companies in China, and...
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On the Guiding Significance of Confucianism to the Study Tour

Guorui Liu
The research activity is a new term that has been produced in the past ten years. It gradually evolves from activities such as ancient Chinese study tour to modern study. The ancient saying of “reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles” is often lingering around the ear. The ancients...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding Course

Wei Ge, Xiaohong Yang, Kezhong Zhang
Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding is a professional core course for forestry majors, and it is also knowledge that students of this major must master. In the process of teaching, it is found that students' learning objectives are not clear, the teaching content is backward and the key points are not...
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Research on the Innovative Development of Multimedia Technology and Visual Communication Design Teaching

Yongxiao Liu
For visual communication teaching, innovation is one of the aspects that must be paid attention to in the development of teaching work, and it is also a necessary path to adapt to the needs of the current era and industrial development. Against the current backdrop of continuous development of multimedia...
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Research on the Cultural Characteristics of Photography Art

Yongxiao Liu
At present, photography art is gradually integrated into people's daily life in China. Photography is an art that can fully embody people’s life concepts. People often express their feelings and experiences from different perspectives and in different forms of photography. The art of photography not...
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Examining Administrative Inputs for China’s Public Emergency Response from the Perspective of System Costs

Zezhao Liu, Huijia Wang
The cost and distribution of public emergency response is more addressed by government of various levels, and the origin of financial input system plays a vital role in exploring or resolving resources supply. This paper outlines the traits of China’s financial expenditure operation in disaster handling...
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Philosophy Education and the Innovation of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy

Xufeng Yu
The cultural function of university education lies in the inheritance and innovation of culture, and philosophy education holds a very important position. The inheritance and innovation of culture constitute an essential part of two major parts of philosophy education: professional education and general...
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Contents Refined for Implentmenting Association Learning of Students with Modern Techniques

Menglong Wang, Wenyi Shao, Zhaorong Shi, Tianhao Zhu, Xiao Liu, Dengguang Yu
The period of junior high school is a good time to train the students to increase their understanding about learning methods and to study their school subjects in an associated manner. In this paper, an example about association learning is exhibited with a modern technique – electrospraying, which is...
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Expanding the Innovation Practice Education to College Students from a Key Point

Yubo Liu, Xinkuan Liu, Xiao Liu, Tianhao Zhu, Zhaorong Shi, Dengguang Yu
The innovation practice capability is one of the most important factors that determines the college students’ comprehensive qualities. However, how to improve students’ innovation practice capability is a major issue to their teachers. In this report, a strategy is shown on how to train students. Starting...
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Regional Financial Integration in East Asia: Challenges and Prospects

Chunli Yin
The adoption and implementation of the CMI can be counted as a major step in strengthening financial cooperation among thirteen East Asian countries. However, ASEAN+3 will face much tougher challenges and tasks in exploring developments beyond the CMI. The East Asian countries need to explain what their...
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FDI Spillover from G20 Countries, Policy Support Degree and China's Regional Technology Development

Xiao Lei
Based on the panel data from 2008 to 2017, this paper empirically studies the FDI spillover effect and Hansen threshold effect of G20 countries on China's regional technological progress. The results show that: 1. The FDI spillover from G20 countries has a significant effect on promoting regional technological...
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Research on the Teaching Model of English Majors Based on the Cultivation of Critical Thinking Ability

Ling Ren
In recent years, the cultivation of students’ key competencies has become the basis for many countries or regions to formulate educational policies and carry out educational reforms. However, there are still some disadvantages in the teaching model of English majors, such as unadvanced teaching concept,...
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Study on the Mode of Improving the Ideological & Political Education Quality of University Students in the Big Data Era

Hui Teng
As we all know, the arrival of big data era has brought great influence to social economy and people's daily life. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of ideological &political education and promote the progress of ideological &political work of university students, it is very important for the...
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SWOT Analysis on RMB Settlement in Cross-border Trade in Fujian Province

Xiufeng Song, Haiyan Zhou
With the continuous advancement of the internationalization of the RMB, the RMB settlement business of cross-border trade in Fujian Province has become increasingly mature. Based on the analysis of the status quo of cross-Based on the analysis of the status quo of cross-border RMB settlement in Fujian...
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Teaching of Employment Guidance Course in Colleges Based on Design Thinking Method

Fei Li, Wenfeng Huang, Liangquan Ge, Jing Wang, Zijie Rao, Xianpeng Xi
Employment guidance course for college students is very practical. At present, many teaching methods are difficult to meet the actual needs of students. In order to design a career-guidance course for students to gain a strong sense of employment, we have completed the survey of enthusiasts, heavy users,...
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Application of Operation Research in Library Management

Jingjing Li, Ximin Li
In view of such difficulties in library management as the number of orders and heavy tasks, the Management Operation Research method is introduced hereinto. Firstly, the normal situation of library daily works is presented in three pictures, wherein sights of library service are clear at a glance, and...
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A Supply Chain Information System of the Supply-Hub Based on Blockchain

Junyi Guo, Zhiping Lu
In view of that information asymmetry and information silos in the operation course of the supply chain logistics centre, the safety share of supply chain information is realized by using the Blockchain technology in combination with the information platform of supply chain logistics. By building a supply...
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Analysis of Countermeasures to Enhance the Competitiveness of Fujian Port

Zhong Chen, Wenying Chen
Port is an important carrier of export-oriented economic development. Port, as a main body of competition, is particularly required to improve the competitiveness of the port and better serve the development of foreign trade. As an export-oriented coastal province, Fujian Province has opened its sea...
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Analysis on the Development path of Mice Industry Based on Supply-side Reform

Haixia Guo, Jiayu Di
In recent years, China’s exhibition economy has developed rapidly, but in the process of development, there are some problems such as unbalanced supply structure, low supply quality, unbalanced supply and demand and so on. By using the method of literature analysis and system model construction, taking...
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Research on Virtual Property Delivery of Online Game

Chengzhuo Ding
Delivery system also needs to be adjusted correspondingly and changed in terms of the traditional delivery rules. Under the influence of Internet technology, both the meaning and mode of delivery need to be redefined. The delivery in the traditional property law refers to the fact act of transferring...
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The Enlightenment of Academy Education to Modern Education against the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

Shuying Chen, Lei Chen
With the increasing demand for high-quality educational resources, the quality of education has been paid more and more attention. Based on the study of academy education, which is popular for thousands of years, this paper analyzes the educational concept of academy education, especially the characteristics...
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Research on the Reform and Practice of Ocean Electrical Engineering Course Based on Internet + Deep Learning

Ying Li
The purpose of this paper is to reform the marine electrical course with deep learning. This paper conducts analysis on Internet + education, deep learning concepts, new requirements for ship electrical courses, and marine training program 2016 ship electrical standards. According to the standard, the...
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Corporate Social Network Recruitment in the Age of Big Data

Wei Wei, Jianju Wang
Nowadays, social networks has become a part of our lives. The value of early social networks was limited to the social world, and with the popularity of modern Internet thinking, social networks were given a considerable weight of business functions, more and more companies began to perform recruitment...
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Towards Inclusion through lessons from Informal Money Lenders

Yuchun Sui
This study analyzes differences in the shadow price of working capital between shrimp farmers who rely on formal credit for all their working capital needs and farmers who also borrow informally. The sample is small, and the results may not be representative of the overall formal and informal markets...
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Research on Affordable Housing Based on Supply Side Reform

Li Zou, Junjie Xv
With the acceleration of urbanization and population mobility in recent years, the problem of housing contradictions has become increasingly prominent. The government and relevant departments are also constantly exploring new development models for innovative affordable housing to solve a large number...
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Research on the Teaching of Computer Aided Design in the Teaching of Environmental Art Design

Shuying Kang
Computer-aided design, as a highly technical course, plays an important role in the environment art profession and becomes an important module in the development of vocational skills in the teaching plan. The ultimate goal of computer-aided design is how to use technology to convey design ideas, achieve...
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The Basic Ways for the Masses to Participate in the Leading Cadres Performance Management

Yaokui Li
In the practice of the current leading cadres performance management, the masses’ participation in the leading cadres performance evaluation alone while excluded from other links is not conducive to the realization and improvement of the leadership performance. According to the modern performance management...
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Research on Government Supervision against the Background of Shared Economy

Yuetong Li
With the rapid development of the sharing economy, people's way of life and the development of enterprises are affected. At the same time, some local governments have had a profound discussion on the governance mode and structure of the sharing economy. Sharing economy represents a new economic model,...
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Research and Analysis on Software Project Risk Based on Bibliometrics

Ying Qu, Moran Fan
The research on software project risk is the key problem in software project. A correct understanding of software project risk plays a decisive role in the success or failure of software project. In this paper, we use the related technology of crawler to crawl out the risk-related documents of software...
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Thoughts on Brain Drain in Private Enterprises

Jun Wang, Jian Chen
Although private enterprises are more flexible in personnel recruitment than state-owned enterprises, a prominent problem faced by small and medium-sized private enterprises is the massive brain drain. The loss of talents represents the loss of interests and wealth. The loss of highly qualified personnel...
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Research on the Integration Path of Technology Innovation and Business Model Innovation in Special-Purpose Vehicle Enterprises

Ming Xiao, Yixuan Liu
The integration of technological innovation and business model innovation has become an important part of Chinese “Innovation-driven Development Strategy” at this stage. Based on the analysis on relevant literatures and personal interviews, this paper proposed the integration path of the two types of...
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Practice and Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of College Students based on “Internet plus” New Normal

Jiquan Wen
At present, there are more researches on innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students in China. However, for the new normal with “Internet plus” as the starting point, “Internet plus” as the solution to the problem search can be counted on one's fingers. In this paper, the research...
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Identification and Prevention of Clean Government Risks in Chinese Universities Based on Business Process

Yixuan Liu, Ming Xiao
Anti-corruption is an important part of Chinese current political life. In recent years, frequent corruption cases in colleges and universities have seriously restricted the healthy development of colleges and universities. Based on risk management theory, this paper used literature research method to...
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Analysis on the Cultivation Path of Contemporary College Students' Ecological Civilization Education

Hong Zhang
Cultivating the educational quality of contemporary college students' ecological civilization is of great significance to promoting the construction of "beautiful China" and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At present, the education of ecological civilization of college students...
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Research on the Legal Attributes of Personal Online Shops and the Problems in Their Transfer

Fan Zhang
The Internet economy has brought about some new legal issues, and the transfer of personal online stores is one. Through the analysis of the transaction mode in the transfer of personal online stores, this paper gives suggestions for the transfer of online stores from the perspective of e-commerce platform...
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Study of Educational Writing based on Educational Research Conservation

Yan Zhang
Educational writing and educational research are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Real education and research can not only provide direction and text content for educational writing, but also provide a full, cozy and high-quality expression for educational writing. Adhering to "writing" in "research"...
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Research on the Influence of Industrial Structure Adjustment on the Efficiency of Low Carbon Logistics in Hebei Province

Xiao Zhang
Within the context of low carbonization, the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure plays an important role in improving the efficiency of low-carbon development of logistics industry in Hebei Province. Seven indicators including logistics carbon emissions, logistics industry gross production...
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Research on Digital Encryption Security Information System Based on Identity Authentication

Xu Bu
In order to solve the problems existing in the current authentication system, a new authentication system scheme is proposed. The user identity is used as a key production factor by using the CPK (Combined Public Key) combined public key system. From the perspective of security design, and combining...
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Research on Evaluation of Logistics Transportation and Regional Economic Development Fitness

Zhenghang Zhou
In order to study the adaptability of regional logistics transportation and regional economy and promote the coordinated operation of logistics transportation and regional economic development, the paper selects 16 indicators related to logistics transportation and economic development, makes principal...
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The Threshold Effect of FDI Spillover Absorption and Proportion of Employment in Tertiary Industry

Xiao Lei
Based on the provincial panel data from 2008 to 2017, the Hansen threshold regression model is constructed to empirically test the threshold effect of FDI spillover and the proportion of employment in tertiary industry. The research shows that FDI spillover has a double threshold effect based on the...
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Problems and Solutions of Consumers' Rights Protection under Micro-commerce Model

Qiqi Fu
This paper outlines some basic problems and solutions and discusses some related theoretical and practical issues related to consumers' rights protection under micro-commerce model. We also compare the characteristics of traditional e-commerce and micro-commerce. We find that micro-commerce model is...
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Reform and Construction of Energy and Power Engineering Courses

Xuefei Lv, Shukun Gan
In order to achieve the goal of applying undergraduate talent training, adapt to social development and follow the rules of teaching, and effectively improve the teaching effect. This paper combines the teaching experience and curriculum characteristics of the undergraduate majors of energy and power...
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Telecom Control in Northeast China during the Puppet Manchukuo

Yunyan Zhang, Xiaoli Wu
This paper discusses the telecom control in Northeast China during the Puppet Manchukuo. Telecom construction in the northeast was more rapidly developed than they were in the past for war and its ruling policy. Before 1937, Japan had been strengthening control over telecom in the northeast through force...