Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education Science and Economic Management (ICESEM 2018)

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An Analysis of the Present Situation and Influencing Factors of Property Insurance

Xuefeng Zhang, Qian Zhang
Since the reform and opening up, especially after China's accession to the WTO, insurance has entered a new historical development period in China. As a branch of commercial insurance, property insurance still has great potential for development under the current economic situation. Firstly, this paper...
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How to Cultivate Students’ Humanity in English Teaching-Taking Advanced English Course as an Example

Xun Bu
Influenced by traditional exam-oriented education, English teaching tends to be more utilitarian, and its humanity and critical thinking are neglected. In view of this phenomenon, this paper explores how to cultivate humanistic spirit in English teaching through literature review, English teaching practice...
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Research on Students' Satisfaction with the Teaching Quality of Foreign Teachers in Universities-Take the Department of Art of M University as an Example

Zhiyi Zhuo, Hexing Dong
This article studies the students’ satisfaction with the teaching quality of foreign teachers who teach art (public art) in the Department of Art of M University. Through the statistical analysis of the teaching attitude, teaching content, teaching effects and evaluation recommendations, the author suggests...
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Thoughts on the Reconstruction of Legal Regulations of Artificial Intelligence-From the Perspective of Surgical Robot

Hongmin Zhang
The rapid development and wide application of intelligent robots have created a more sophisticated and intelligent society. However, countries must pay attention to various social problems hidden safety problems. Supporting legal provisions that keep up with the times should be the first, and the determination...
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The Influence of Debate on Chinese College Students’ Critical Thinking Disposition: A Multiple Case Study Based on Paul-Elder Model of Critical Thinking

Yanan Hu
In China, compared with the growing enthusiasm in debate among Chinese students, research in this field is relatively weak. Therefore, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of how forensic participation influence students’ critical thinking, especially their intellectual disposition, I conducted...
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The Exploration of the Enterprise Cultivation Scheme of the Energy and Power Engineering Major

Dong Liu, Qian Wang, Can Kang, Weixing Xu
This paper aims at exploring the reform that caused by practice ineffectiveness, low participation and insufficient enthusiasm of Energy and Power Engineering professional undergraduates. Based on the goal of cultivating talents with Emerging Engineering Education, this paper optimizes the design of...
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Age and Sexuality Online: Trends, Risks and Perspectives

Vladimir Kozlovskiy, Liliia Pankratova
In this paper, we describe main trends in socio-cultural practices, presentations, discussions and formation of sexualities by different age groups in cyberspace in modern information societies. The article examines performativity and embodiment of sexuality in online social spaces based on the results...
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Brief Analysis of the Development of Sharing Economy Derivatives

Yan Zhu
Sharing economy, as a new type of economic organization, has helped to solve the surplus of idle resources, guided the economy into the New Normal and promoted the sustainable development of social economy. However, there are still problems in the industry of sharing economy, such as how to obtain considerable...
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Vectors of Musical Tastes Reconfiguration in Consumer Society

Vladimir Kozlovskiy, Daria Tkachuk
This paper deals with issue of reconfiguration of musical tastes in consumer society. Nowadays music production is one of the most developed sectors in cultural industry. Various musical forms are often considered to be clearly reflective markers of social inequality, cultural identity and selectiveness...
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Why Does Seeking Feedback Not Always Lead to High Performance? - Explanation Based on Seeking Motivation

Zhenxing Gong, Fengkai Wang, Xia Song
In the past, the research of employee feedback seeking starts from a proactive perspective, and simply considers performance feedback or other positive effect. However, feedback seeking does not necessarily lead to high performance. As a result, by reviewing the relevant theories and literature, it is...
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The Planning and Study Strategy of the Academic Famous Teachers' Studios

Aihua Wang, Zhixue Sun, Junjie Qi, Zengxin Li
How to overcome the problem of loose organization, lack of initiative, lack of cooperation and low efficiency in the construction of the famous teacher's studio is an important issue to maintain the vitality of famous studios. “Aihua Wang studio" is the only junior high school famous chemistry teacher...
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Research on Cultivation of Excellent Talents in Major Class

Baoyu Shi, Jingjun Liu
Talents with Innovation and entrepreneurship are currently meeting mainstream of social needs, forcing some adjustments in talent cultivation in colleges. The admission by major class is a new type of talent training mode put forward by general education concept. On the basis of analyzing the advantages...
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On Testing and Assessment of Oral English for English Majors: An Empirical Study

Huijuan Xue
This paper explores how to break the single teaching result evaluation, to balance and integrate formative and summative assessments and to measure and test learners’ oral English language proficiency against the background of MOOC, Micro-Class, Flipped Classroom and SPOC teaching modes. It takes “Oral...
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Study on Learning Process Evaluation

Yong Luo, Jianping Li, Zheng Xie, Guochang Zhou, Wei Zhao, Xiao Xiao
MOOC is currently facing the challenge of high dropout rates. The irrationality of course certification model is an important reason. This article analyzes the current major MOOC certification models and the various challenges. We divide the MOOC certification model into four categories: course certification,...
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Research on Traditional Chinese Freehand Paper-cut

Jinsong Yu, Shengli Chen
“Things are me, and I am the things” is the universe view theory that human is an integral part of nature or the identity of objects and self. It determines that Confucianism and Taoism have become the basis of philosophy and aesthetics in Chinese traditional art, and form a unique freehand artistic...
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Problematics of Regulation of Voluntary Migration of Persons Displaced As a Result of Adverse Consequences of Climate Change within the UNFCCC Regime

Anastasia Vasilyeva, Ekaterina Kiseleva, Alexandr Solntsev
In order to combat the adverse effects of climate, as well as to arrange voluntary resettlement of the population of the sinking states, measures are being developed both at the universal, regional, and national levels. In this article, we will only consider the universal level of international legal...
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Analysis of Safety Risk in University Laboratory Based on Analysis of Energy Source

Jingjing Luo, Yicheng Ye
Determining the basic elements of laboratory safety management is one of the foundations of the safety management of university laboratory system. University laboratory is a place with small space and dense energy distribution and is not suitable for traditional industrial risk analysis. Through analyzing...
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Exploratory Research on Campus Online Loan Behavior of College Students

Mengran Li, Chengyue Yin
As the number of campus online loan platforms increases, there are more and more problems in campus online loan behavior of college students. This study aims to analyze campus online loan behavior of college students. The research results show that college students with strong delay of gratification...
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The Study on the Design of Taoist Cultural & Creative Products Based on Wuhan Intangible Cultural Heritage Resources

Zhiqiang Liu, Zhengyang Li
The article analyzed Taoist culture in religious culture, Wuhan intangible cultural heritage resources and its significance in modern design and practice, which promotes the diversity of fixed “Wuhan image”. “Its beneficial cultural elements” has been continuously developed in modern society for accepting,...
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Transformation and Upgrading Innovation of University Student Travel Agency: An Empirical Study in Shenzhen

Yanhong Liu, Hongfang Zhan
With the development of economy and the change of university students’ consumption concepts, university students tourism market has developed rapidly. For the sustainable and healthy development of university student travel agencies, the paper takes Shenzhen University as an example, carries out questionnaire...
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The Curriculum Reform and Practice of SCM against the Backdrop of Engineering Certification

Yuan Liu, Haiyun Wu, Yong Wei
According to the engineering education professional certification standards, the research found that measurement & control courses are less relative to the training objectives of engineering majors, and the support for graduation requirements is relatively low, no matter the formulation of curriculum...
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The Reform and Practice of Applied Talent Cultivation in Newly Built Undergraduate Universities-Taking Zhejiang Shuren University as an Example

Jinbiao Jin
As a hot topic in the current education field, applied talent cultivation is also an inevitable trend in the development of newly built undergraduate universities. Under the guidance of the orientation of “teaching service-oriented university”, Zhejiang Shuren University, through the reform of “three-three...
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Study on Han Embroidery Pattern of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Shengli Chen, Hanjun Zhang
In the five thousand-year history of Chinese civilization, embroidery inherits traditional culture and national spirits. It is a product of Chinese farming culture and an important part of excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. Embroidery, as a handicraft skill, has formed its own regional...
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Influence of Product Plot Connection of Product Placement on Purchase Intention

Lin Yang, Chengyue Yin
In this paper, the purpose of this study is to determine the impact of product plot connection on purchase intention. Through questionnaire method, we found out that product plot connection has significant positive correlation with purchase intention. Brand attitude plays a mediating role in the positive...
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Strengthening the Human Rights Treaty Body System Today: Achievements and Challenges

Aleksandra Koneva
The article focuses on the ongoing process to strengthen the effectiveness of the human rights treaty body system. While demonstrating the growing significance of these mechanisms in the human rights protection, the author provides the historical legal analysis of the initiatives to address challenges...
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The Application of Engineering Thinking in the Teaching Management of Artistic Design

Bo Lin
Under the dual premise of respecting artistic design teaching rules and management norms and efficiency, the teaching management level of artistic design department is improved and the efficiency of artistic design teaching is finally improved. This paper takes engineering thinking as the internal element...
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The Concept and Connotation of Talents Cultivation in Landscape Architectural Design

Xiaopeng Meng
The talents cultivation with special characteristics of landscape architecture major should can create "artistic landscape architecture" and achieve the concept of engineering art in their work, so as to effectively meet the needs of social environmental construction. Therefore, the cultivation of the...
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Research on Factors Affecting the Demand of Rural Financial Service in Fujian Province

Qiubin Lin, Yihong Su
Starting from the factors affecting demand of financial services in rural areas of Fujian province, this paper uses stepwise regression method to select factors affecting demand of financial services in rural areas, and then establishes multiple linear regression model through test data to verify the...
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Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Rural E-commerce Platform under O2O Business Mode - Case Study of “Cuncunle”

Fan Du, Chengyue Yin
The government proposed the development mode of “Internet+” in 2015, which drives the prosperity of internet-related market in China. Rural market also becomes a “sweet pastry” of e-commerce enterprises in such a wave. In order to accelerate the expansion of rural e-commerce business, numerous famous...
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Exploration of Reform and Practice of Classroom Teaching of High Frequency Electronic Circuits Based on Chaoxing Learning App

Liqin Gao, Wusheng Ji, Weiwei Zhou
High Frequency Electronic Circuit is an important technical foundation course for electronic majors. It is hard to teach and learn in this course for a long time. In order to solve these problems, we propose a method of taking the intelligent mobile phone as a carrier and the Chaoxing Learning App as...
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Practical Teaching Pattern of Digital Signal Processing Course against Backdrop of Electric Power

Zheng Sun
This paper explores the reform of classroom teaching and practice of Digital Signal Processing course for undergraduates of electronics and information majors in electric power universities. The reform is based on the features of this course, developing trend of electronic information science and requirement...
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Research on the Willingness to Use Mobile Payment Platform Based on Trust Theory

Fang Wang, Jing You, Dekun Rao, Xiaomin He
Mobile payment platforms have developed rapidly due to their convenience and flexibility, low transaction and time costs. Based on trust theory, this paper constructs the structural equation model and the assumption of the willingness to use mobile payment platform based on the detailed analysis of personal...
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Research on the Interest Rate Risk Management of Commercial Banks in China under Interest Rate Liberalization

Xiaokang Sheng
As the liberalization of interest rate is basically completed, interest rate risk becomes a major risk of commercial banks. Based on the interest rate risk management model, this paper combines interest rate theory with practice and uses GAP model and GARCH model to analyze the interest rate risk management....
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A Study on Deep Learning and Its Enlightenment on China’s Foreign Language Learning

Honglin Wang
In recent years, deep learning has drawn extensive attention from experts both at home and abroad, involving multidisciplinary fields such as learning science, foreign language learning and so on. The study starts from the theoretical framework of deep learning, and then focuses on relevant foreign studies,...
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Research on the Policy Drivers of the Financial Leasing Industry in the Free Trade Area

Wei Li, Congcong Bian
Financial leasing not only satisfies the financing needs of some small and medium enterprises, but also provides a good investment channel for many potential investors. With the continuous development of this industry in recent years, the government's supporting public service policy and the management...
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Construction and Practice of Multiple Assessment System under Mixed Teaching Mode

Zhangliang Chen, Junwei Shi
The reform of curriculum assessment method is the key to improve the quality of curriculum teaching. With the deep integration of information technology and modern education, the mixed teaching model has become an important trend in universities reform. In this paper, the multiple assessment system under...
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Case Studies of Research Data Repositories in Humanities and Social Sciences

Wenying Liu, Zheng Li, Jing Lin
In order to explore research data management services in the field of humanities and social sciences by analyzing research data repositories we select three typical study examples: ICPSR Data Archive, UK Data Services and European Union Open Data Portal. This paper compare these three data repositories...
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Promoting Teaching Reform on Electronic Technical Basic Course, Taking National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest

Zuguo Wu, Jin Wang, Guosheng Ma
This paper analyzes the main knowledge point involving national undergraduate electronic design contest, reviews the major feature of electronic technical basic courses in higher vocational colleges and proposes updated plan that closely combine electronic technical basic courses with undergraduate electronic...
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Study on the Micro Public Welfare Activities of College Students Based on Sharing Economy

Yun Peng, Lin Zhan
As a new form of public welfare undertakings in the Internet era, micro public welfare has broken the limitations and boundedness of traditional public welfare. Its main activity is college students, which has caused some problems in the implementation of micro public welfare. The purpose of this paper...
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Research on the Reform and Practice of Business English Writing Under the Horizon of "Output Driving"

Yi Liu
Writing is a language export skill. Based on Wen Qiufang's "output-driven hypothesis", this paper probes into the reform and practice of business English writing teaching in higher vocational colleges, and points out that the course of business English writing in higher vocational colleges should set...
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Mathematical Models of Knowledge and Skill Accumulating in the Process of Learning

Zhonglin Chai
Education is usually for recipient to learn. Learning mainly is that one learns knowledge and/or skills. Thus, it is very meaningful to study how a learner accumulates knowledge and skill in learning process. This paper establishes several mathematical models of knowledge and skill accumulated in learning...
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Research on Design of Products for the Blind Based on Humanistic Care Concept

Shanliang Yao, Jiajun Fan
With the development of society and the improvement of individual self-awareness, the emphasis of product design has been gradually transferred from function to emotions, and it pays more attention to the internal demand of users, integrates the emotion factors of users into products to obtain emotional...
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A Study of the Promotion Effect of Industrial Design on Product Innovation of Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Enterprises

Shanliang Yao, Haoyang Yin
Small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises face the problem of insufficient product innovation capabilities to integrate market with innovation. Many enterprises do not realize that industrial design can bring strong market competitiveness and potential economic benefits. Therefore, by studying...
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The Influence of Culture on Trade between China and Southeast Asia: Based on the Perspective of “Belt and Road”

Yanan Song
This paper analyzes the influence of culture on China’s bilateral trade to show the influence of the construction of “Belt and Road Initiative” by using data of 11 Southeast Asian countries from 2000 to 2015. The results show that culture factors, common language, common policy institution and cultural...
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Efficiency Evaluation of Chinese Patent Medicine Listed Companies in China – A Stock Market Based on DEA Model

Kanlun Chen, Wuyi Song, Sheng Li
In order to improve the level of business decision-making and promote the development of Chinese patent medicine companies, this paper selects 8 indicators in the financial statements of 23 related listed companies in China A stock market in 2016 as examples. By constructing the Chinese patent medicine...
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Exploration and Practice of the Training Mode of Excellent Applied Financial Talents

Hui Wang, Zhicun Bian
With the needs of social and economic development and industrial upgrading, China's higher education will train applied talents as a development strategy, and the training of applied talents has become a new topic. Based on the concept and requirements of "excellent plan", this paper aims to cultivate...
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Construction of Java EE Project Case Database based on Automatic Code Generation

Lantao You, Chen Zhou, Xi Wang
The project-based teaching helps to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning and to improve their ability to solve practical problems. To a certain extent, the quality of the case database affects the quality of project-based teaching. This paper proposes a case database generation method based on...
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Discussion on the Construction of Talent Cultivation Innovation Platform in Local Universities of Undergraduate Education—From the Perspective of the Cultivation of Innovation Spirits and Ability of College Students

Renbao Liu
This article focuses on strengthening the quality education of students in local universities of undergraduate education and improving their practical ability so as to respond to the severe employment situation of graduates. This article integrates first classroom innovation platform, second classroom...
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The Forming Mechanism and Actions on Returns Reverse Logistics in E-Commerce Transactions in China

Ruiqing Zhang, Yinghu Dong, Bhaba R Sarker
This paper explored an exploratory study through case analysis method and comparative analysis methods. The main research objects included large-scale representative e-commerce enterprises and special festival promotion events in China. This paper studied the effect of service quality, policies and network...
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Research on Emotion Expression in the Form Design of Daily Products

Shanliang Yao, Man Luo
Through the analysis of emotional expression of form design in the daily-use products, the paper further explores the essence of form design, as well as the characteristics of the elements of the form of products and the development of daily-use products. Finally, it is concluded that the daily product...
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Study on the Cost Control of Private Education

Jian Huang
Since the reform and opening up, private education has been playing an increasingly important role in the whole education system of our country. Due to the lack of state financial support, limited funding and reasonable control of educational cost become important links in the operation of private educational...
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Research on Blended Learning Based on SPOC

Liangtao Yang
SPOC is a small but fine online learning platform. Blended learning is an organic combination of online learning and traditional face-to-face classroom learning, and it is the optimization and upgrading of SPOC. Based on the analysis of the SPOC and blended learning, this paper explores and constructs...
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The Extension Decision Analysis Method based on Object-element Transformation

Xiaonan Xiao
In order to solve the problem of incompatibility in the real world, it must be based on dialectical thinking to develop a unique and creative means and methods compatible with incompatible ones. Therefore, in this paper, by means of mathematical tools and extension set matter-element transformation analysis...
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Research on “Online and Offline” Blended Teaching Mode and Multiple Assessment System Based on MOOC+SPOC

Junwei Shi, Zhangliang Chen
As a new online education model, MOOC is both a challenge and an opportunity for traditional higher education. Integrating MOOCs into traditional teaching can achieve the complement of advantages and improve teaching quality. In order to avoid the lack of attraction and initiative of students in the...
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Brief Discussion about the Problems in the Budget Performance Management of Hydraulic Institutions and Countermeasures

Jing Yang, Chao Qie
A report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was proposed to establish a comprehensive, standardized, transparent, scientific, and binding budget system to fully implement performance management. This article starts with the budget management work experience, and then analyzes...
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Research on the Internal Influencing Mechanism of Patent Conversion in National Scientific Research Institutions

Xuemei Xie, Ruiqian Qi
This paper conducts a research about the patent conversion of national scientific research institutions. The objective is to find out the main influencing factors for the patent formation period, and study the relationship among various factors. The research constructs an internal influencing mechanism...
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Research and Practice of the Extensive Thinking in the Teaching of Material Mechanics

Jian Zhang, Yanlong Jiang, Feng Wang, Xin Ye, Dan Wang, Jing Lin
With the integration of our country's economy and the world economy, the demand for talents in society has also undergone fundamental changes. In order to achieve the objectives of high-quality, strong-capacity, wide-caliber, and thick-based training, the traditional teaching of materials mechanics also...
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Research on the Cultivation and Promotion of Practical Innovation Ability of Professional Degree Graduates in the New Situation

Jian Zhang, Xing Shen, Xin Ye, Jing Lin
Full-time professional graduate degree education is a type of education advocated by the country nowadays. It is produced to meet the continuous development of China's graduate education system and is a basic part of the national innovation system. Its core task lies in cultivating students’ innovative...
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The Research on Zhuhai Urban Cooperative Distribution System Based on Planning Demand

Jun Tan
With the rapid development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the completion and operation of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge project, the region has already had the mature conditions for building a core city and a transportation hub on the west coast of the Pearl River. Against this background,...
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Research and Practice on Bilingual Teaching of Major Courses Based on MOOCs-A Case Study of the Course of Introduction to Computer Science

Yongcheng Wu
Although bilingual teaching of professional courses has been carried out widely and achieved great success in many universities and colleges in China, it still faces some challenges for various reasons. With the development of MOOCs, a good way is provided to solve the problems faced by bilingual teaching....
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Selection Strategy of Combat-Oriented Teaching Mode for Radar Countermeasure Principle Course

Huan He, Yichun Pan, Shirui Peng, Fangzhi Geng, Guangxue Wang
In order to choose a proper teaching mode and promote the combat-oriented teaching reform, this article divides the teaching contents of radar countermeasure principle course into four categories: basic knowledge class, knowledge application class, advanced technology class and knowledge extension class,...
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Research on Social Governance Innovation of Shared Bikes

Hanlei Xu, Xi Liu
Shared bikes have developed rapidly in recent years. Apart from their advantages of bringing convenience to people and activating social idle resources, there are also problems such as bicycle delivery, economic supervision, and bicycle use and parking. Behind it are deep-rooted government supervision,...
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Research on Cash Holdings, Equity Dispersion and Company Performance

Jiakang Wang, Ying Wang
Taking the A-share listed companies of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges in 2012-2016 as research samples, the article studies the corporate cash holdings behavior and the influence of company performance from the perspective of equity disperse degree. This article is based on two main model,...
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Reform of Teaching Methods and Examination Methods for the Courses of Finance Major

Yi Liu, Kan Zhang
In order to improve the teaching quality of the course of finance major and meet the needs of cultivating talents in the reform of market economy system and finance market construction, this paper analyses the challenges faced by the teaching of the courses of finance major and outlines the objectives...
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Discussion on Types of Decoration Function

Tao Shen
People have never been separated from decoration since human began to do creation activities. Comparing with space and volume, decoration is also related to functions and is applied in all aspects of human creation activities, although it is rarely studied or valued. It is impossible for us to express...
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On the Cultivation of College Students' Independent Innovation Ability

Yingqian Xu, Junyi Hu, Zengguang Fan, Siyi Wang, Hongbin Yang
The development of society requires the improvement of the ability of independent innovation of college students. However, how to achieve the improvement? We need to provide appropriate environments for innovation, which including reforming the teaching mode, providing a complete education; developing...
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The Collision between Lacquer Decoration Technology and Modern Bag Design

Xiaohua Lin, Xiaohong Yuan, Wei Yin, Chaowei Lin
In modern bag design, we attach importance to both aesthetic and practicability, make it meet the personalization and production needs in artistic creation and the requirements of the form of craftwork, so we combine the traditional art technology of lacquer with modern bag design to fully show the material...
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A Brief Discussion about the Aesthetic Perspective of Photographic Composition

Zhi Yang
All kinds of artistic creation are greatly associated with composition. In the process of shooting, composition determines whether a work is a success or a failure. Photographic art is to create the formal aesthetic feeling based on aesthetics. In order to create a great work, one needs to use aesthetic...
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The Exploration of Financial Sharing Model for Large Groups-Based on the Perspective of Swot Analysis

Dan Han, Xuemei Chen
Because of the economic globalization and China's “Belt and Road” initiative, large enterprise groups that willing to complete their transformation and improve their international competitiveness should construct a financial sharing model undoubtedly. The meanings of financial sharing service, the necessity...
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Study on the Influence of Success in Winning the 7th Military World Games on Wuhan Sports Industry Development

Yingyue Hu, Huan Xu
In recent years, sports industry has already become an emerging industry in the development of Wuhan city. Its basic structure has been formed, which shows an immeasurable development prospect. Wuhan has successfully won the right to host the 7th Military Games in 2019, which will bring significant effects...
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Application of Case Teaching Method in Teaching of Engineering Contract Management based on Team Learning

Yumeng Wu, Yuzhe Wu, He Wang
This paper takes the undergraduate of engineering management as the object and applies case teaching on TL mode in the course of engineering contract management to improve the quality of teaching, and also examines how to design the teaching process and takes the content of contract planning as an example...
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Research on the Development Model of Horse Racing Industry in Wuhan From the Perspective of Value Chain

Zhichao Ma, Yingyue Hu
With the continuous development of horse racing and the expansion of event scale, the number of people participating in Chinese horse racing has witnessed an exponential increase. In this context, the industries derived from horse racing enjoy a growing development potential. For instance, Wuhan Speed...
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Physical Intelligence Project on the Physical Function of Preschool Children in Xi'an

Jia Liu
Physical activity of preschool children is a very important part of preschool education. It has been playing an important role in the education of preschool children. In order to achieve comprehensive development of preschool children, physical education has become an indispensable factor. This paper...
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Analysis of the Influence of Listed Companies' Share Arrangement on Business Performance

Xiaowei Zhou, Bowen Li
At present, as an integral part of the market, the company is playing a more and more important role in the wave of economic globalization. Corporate decision makers, managers, and supervisors are particularly important in corporate competition. Regression analysis is conducted on panel data of shareholdings...
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Analysis of the Difficulties and Countermeasures of Cross-border E-commerce Logistics in Fujian

Bo Wang, Juan Qiu, Jiaying Liao
E-commerce and logistics are interdependent and coexisting, and the cross-border e-commerce is inseparable from cross-border logistics. With continuous development of cross-border e-commerce in Fujian, cross-border logistics has encountered unprecedented difficulties. This paper analyzes the difficulties...
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Study on Lyric Translation

Yuanyuan Hu
This thesis is to probe on the specialties and functions of lyric translation by analyzing the history of lyric translation and the characteristics of lyrics. Lyric translation needs not only artistic skills but also ideological insights. Apart from culture exchange, the most important purpose for lyric...
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Analysing Intertextuality and Value-Laden Assumptions of the Elite Press-The case of China-US con/divergent interests in the Persian Gulf

Chen Li, Xiufeng Zhao
This paper aims to identify whether the “elite-cum-official consensus” exists in the US press with regard to China-US divided interests over international affairs such as the 2012 Hormuz Crisis. Based on a critical discourse analysis of the sampled newspaper, this paper reaches the following conclusions:...
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Comparison and Summarization of Measurement Methods of Human Capital Stock

Zhili Ren, Pei Zhang
This paper first analyzes three representative methods of human capital stock measurement methods, wherein each method of data involved in the index selection problem, elaborates on the missing data estimation problem, and then analyzes and compares the estimation results. Finally, the paper reaches...
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Challenges of Digital Learning Faced by College English Teachers in China

Lei Yu, Zhenguo Qi
The digitization of education is an inevitable trend of education development in our country and an important part of the teaching reform of education in colleges and universities. The application of information technology changes the traditional teaching model. College English teachers should adapt...
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On the Problems and Countermeasures of Sports Management Major in Colleges and Universities

Xinying Liu
P. E. teaching management has always been an important work to strengthen the physical fitness and sports ability of college students in China as well as one of the fundamental development strategies to promote the sound development of college students in China. However, at the present stage, there are...
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The Dilemma of Economic Transformation behind Shanxi's Coal Maximization

Xinwang Chen
For a long time, the “coal maximization” economic development model has imposed a “resource curse” on Shanxi Province. Due to the influence of many factors, such as economic situation, politics, history and nature evolvement, the overall economic development in Shanxi Province is very homogeneous and...
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Research on the Relationship between Tourism and Economic Growth under the Construction of Silk Road Economic Belt

Qi Wang, Yu Yao
Neoclassical economics believes that the market force has its effectiveness and the market is the main means of resource allocation, and microeconomics believes that complete information is the premise of realizing the optimal allocation of resources. Therefore, in order to maximize the economic efficiency,...
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Application of Task-driven Teaching Model in Teaching Reform and Practice of Mechanical CAD/CAM Technology

Fangfang Wan, Bin Yao
Aiming at the characteristics of mechanical CAD/CAM technology in mechanical engineering courses in colleges and universities, this paper analyzes the three main problems existing in the course of traditional teaching, studies and explores the major ideas to solve the problems, and puts forward the teaching...
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Empirical Study on Logistics Efficiency of Five Northwestern Provinces along the Silk Road Economic Belt

Tianjiao Yi, Yuxin Yan
There are five Northwestern provinces of China are located along the Silk Road Economic Belt, so it is of great significance to study the development level of logistics industry in this area. At the start of this article, we define the concept of logistics and logistics industry, and then we use logistics...
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Theoretical Study on the Hypothesis Testing P Value

Xunan Luo
Starting from the background of hypothesis testing, this paper first introduces the status of classical statistics in mathematical statistics, so that people can clearly understand the principle of hypothesis testing. Secondly, the paper analyzes the P value of the understanding of the true meaning and...
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A Probe into the Development of Innovation Culture of Technology-Based Small and Micro-Sized Enterprises in the New Era

Na Wang, Jia Zeng, Yuting Shao
In order to promote the stable, healthy and rapid development of small and micro-sized technology-based enterprises in the new era, it is very important to explore the internal logic of their innovative culture development. Based on the theory of innovation and cultural evolution, this paper conducts...
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Reform and Exploration of International Student-Oriented Course Construction-Taking Engineering Drawing Course as an Example

Hong Jia, Xiaohang Jin, Xiaxia Hu, Congda Lu
With the development of the globalization of higher education, comprehensive English teaching of general majors and courses in colleges and universities in China is in extremely urgent need. Reform and exploration of the corresponding professional curriculum construction have been carried out. Taking...
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Feasibility Study on the Issue of China's Pension Fund Investing Capital Market

Yun Sun, Xun Zhao, Shaosong Wang, Guisheng Wu
With the remarkable improvement of scientific and technological progress and social development, Chinese residents’ living standard and the quality of life have been improved significantly. In addition, due to our unique family planning policy, the problem of population aging is getting increasingly...
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Research on One of Topological Structures of Pictographic Characters

Rui Jia
Closed curve is proved to be a topological structure of pictographic characters in topological language and also proved to be the essence and constant factor in the evolution of shape and structure of Chinese characters by some examples in this paper. Therefore, as the invariant in the evolution of shapes...
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A Brief Analysis of China's Economic Situation and Trend Forecast

Yanan Yang
This paper analyzes the current situation of China's economy through some data of China's economy. By means of kuznets inverse U curve theory, we learned that China is in the second stage of the curve according to the two kuznets curves of income distribution and environment. On the basis of the trend...
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Resource Allocation Based on LSMT Architecture Perspective

Chao Liu, Juanli Lan, Honghong Zhang, Xiaoxue Du
Resource allocation is the core of the strategic management of companies, the allocation of appropriate resources to the most needed parts at the right time to realize optimal allocation of resources becomes an important aspect of enterprises' concern. This paper starts with the enterprise resource allocation...
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Analysis on Evolutionary Game of Parking Standardization of Sharing Bike

Honghong Zhang, Hongzhen Lei, Juanli Lan, Chao Liu
In order to solve the problem of parking standardization of sharing bike, this paper establishes an evolutionary game model for government and enterprises based on the current parking standardization of sharing bike, analyzes the stability of both parties, and reveals the effect of its stability. The...
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Total Factor Productivity and China’s Outward FDI: Based on a Firm-Level Empirical Investigation

Xiaoxue Du, Juanli Lan, Nisha Jia, Chao Liu
Since the reform and opening up, China’s economy has achieved continuous development and an increasing flow of foreign direct investment. This study focuses on the impact of enterprises’ total factor productivity on the outward foreign direct investment of companies at a micro level. The data comes from...
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Study on the Influence of Information Technology on the Efficiency of Silk Road Economic Belt in Logistics Industry-Taking the Five Provinces in Northwest China as an Example

Qinmei Wang, Rui Luo
In this article, we used the DEA-BCC model to evaluate the logistics efficiency of five northwestern provinces along the Silk Road Economic Belt. The result showed that in the five provinces, the average pure technical efficiency is 0.835, the scale efficiency is 0.714, and the comprehensive technical...
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Analysis on the Synergistic Effect of M&A from the Perspective of Finance-A Case Study of China Zhonghua Geotechnical Engineering Co.,Ltd

Mengya Wang
As one of the motivation of merger and acquisition, an effective means to enlarge the capital operation scale of enterprises, synergistic effect is key to the future development of enterprises after M&A. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to study the synergy effect of M&A, which can help...
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Reform in Accounting Teaching in Application-oriented Universities and Colleges in China: A Survey on Accountant’s Structure and Quality of Small and Micro-sized Enterprises

Zini Chen, Qihui Xu, Bo Zheng
151 small and micro-sized enterprises in China were investigated. It turns out that the accountants in these enterprises had received lower education, low professional titles and limited knowledge. They were not skilled in accounting computerization and not good at accepting new technology and knowledge....
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Exploration and Research about the Improvement of Students’Innovation and Entrepreneurship Capacity under the New Education Mode

Li Zhang, Yong Wang, Jianwei Wang, Yingqian Xu, Zhigang Fang
“Public entrepreneurship and mass innovation” are the new requirements put forward by the era, therefore, colleges have listed innovation and entrepreneurship education into one of the main directions for education reform. The exploration of college education model takes the big era as the background...
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Development and Exploitation Countermeasures of Hubei National Sports Tourism

Zhong Wu, Caiyun Song
In recent years, sports tourism industry is becoming more and more prosperous. As a special sports tourism project, national sports tourism has huge market potential and can bring economic benefits. By means of survey method, logical analysis method and literature material method, this paper discusses...
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The Influence of Financial Marketization and Direct Financing on the Credit of Listed SMEs

Chang You
This paper discusses the impact of financial marketization and direct financing on listed SME Credit in the New OTC (Over the Counter) Market and clarifies the "promotion effect" of financial marketization on corporate credit, the "crowding-out effect" of direct financing on corporate credit, and the...
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Expanding Students' Imagination and Creative Thinking - from Blending Electrospraying to Coaxial Electrospraying

Yaoyao Yang, Ruiqing Wu, Yuqi Cao, Yihao Jiang, Di Wu, Dengguang Yu
The problem of how to expand the college students' imagination and creative thinking in their courses is always an important issue puzzling their professional teachers a lot, particularly for those majoring in material science and engineering. In this paper, the history and development of electrospraying...