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Research on Combustion Characteristics and Performances of an HCCI Engine Fuelled with Methanol

Han WU, Chunhua ZHANG, Jiangru PAN, Yangyang LI
The impacts of engine operating parameters, including intake charge temperature, fuel-air equivalence ratio and engine speed, on methanol HCCI combustion and performances were investigated on a modified diesel engine. The results show that the intake charge temperature is the most sensitive parameter...
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A Study on Control Strategy under Tip-in Condition Based on AMT Vehicle

Yang Gao, Yong Chen, Daguo Luo, Wenzhong Liu, Mingqi Gu
The control strategy of gear-position optimization of an AMT vehicle under Tip-in condition is presented in this article. The down-shift principle of an automatic transmission under an acceleration condition is also analyzed. The in-the-loop simulation platform of transmission system software of an AMT...
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Dynamic performance of a pure electric vehicle experimental analysis

Tan-li WANG, Chang-hong CHEN, Shi-zhan GAO, Xing-quan LI, Ying-xiao YU
On the basis of analysis of the slop and accelerate inertia force affect on the driving force, this paper propose a calculate method of the maximum driving force and gradient based on the acceleration of the flat road and slop. The result show that the proposed calculate method of electric vehicle maximum...
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Study on the Method of Fatigue Test Loading Spectrum of the Connecting Rod in Diesel Engine

Qing-guo LUO, Xu-dong WANG, Geng-yun ZHANG, Feng WANG, Shu-sheng BAI
Based on flexible multibody system dynamic theory, founded the rigid-flexible coupling multibody dynamic analysis model of the crank and connecting rod mechanism of diesel engine which included the piston, link, crankshaft and flywheel. The dynamic stress of the connecting rod was calculated and counted...
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Research on the Optimization of the Transportation of the Hazardous Materials

Fengrun Guo, Weidong Liu, Wentao Han, Wei Yu
Many ways may be available to transport the hazardous materials. However, different ways will lead to the difference in the cost of transportation and loss of total social expectations. Under the same condition, this paper studies the best way and path to move the materials of danger. It explains the...
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Diagnostic testing and analysis of Independent ignition system based on the Volkswagen 1.8T engine

Wen Fang, Linfu Zhou
According to fault diversity of independent electronic ignition system based on the Volkswagen 1.8T engine, analyzed Sagitar circuit structure of single-cylinder independent ignition system. By the Volkswagen detector 6150 and BOSCH FSA740 analyzer equipment, used diagnostic methods of Volkswagen independent...
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Coordinate Signal Control in Urban Traffic of Two-direction Green Wave based on Genetic BP Neural Network

Shaojiao Lv, Chungui Li, Zheming Li, Qingkai Zang
To maximize the bandwidth of green wave of trunk road is a main issue in the research of signal control in urban traffic. However, the traditional analytical algorithm can not be applied in actual traffic widely. A novel dynamic two-direction green wave coordinate control strategy was proposed to overcome...
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Research on Impregnation Coatings for Protecting Concrete

Wenjuan Gu, Banggui He, Jike Liu, Jie Li
The protecting of concrete, which consists of coating a chemical substance onto concrete’s surface, has been applied to architectural conservation. There is increasing interest in studying materials for concrete which can reduce the infiltration of water and salt solutions and rehabilitate and extend...
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Applied Research on Optimum Dosage of Flexible Waterproof Material for Bridge Deck

Fenglan Bian, Younian Dou, Haiquan Cai
The dosage of bridge deck waterproof material can influence not only the road performance but also the construction cost of waterproof layer. The bond strength, shear strength and pull strength of different bridge deck waterproof material dosage are tested to determine the optimum amount. The method...
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Research of the Assessment for Agricultural Machinery Driving Safety Based on AHP-FUZZY Method

Wenlong Chen, Wentao Han
In order to realize the assessment of agricultural machinery driving safety, the key factors of influencing agricultural machinery driving safety were selected and an indexes system of agricultural machinery driving safety assessment was built up. Based on AHP-FUZZY, the assessment weight coefficients...
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Study on Analysis of Chenghe Fly Ash and Preparation of molecular sieve

Jianli Yang, Meili Du, Xiaogang Yang, Renshan Li
In recent years, with the rapid development of coal industry, a large number of coal fly ash has been produced, while the recycling rate of the ash is rather low. It is not only a waste of the precious land resources, but also makes environment suffering severe pollution. As an important kind of new...
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Application of Anchor Spray Combine Arch Rib Reinforce Technology of Stone Arch Bridge

Ruiwei Fang, Xiuzhi Yang
With the development of bridge construction in China, disease bridges became more and more, bridge reinforcement became a important topics facing the bridge workers. Shi-Yan line (S335) Shuigou Bridge is a stone arch bridge of 5-20meter, diseases such as stone arch ring crack, break, endanger the bridge...
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Analysis and Optimize of the Vibration of Mini-Electrical Vehicle Frame

Ruo-xun FAN, Jie Liu, Tan-li Wang, Hong-fei Xue
Geometry model and finite element model of the mini-electrical vehicle frame are constructed by catia and hypermesh. Then, the natural frequency of the lower mode and vibration mode which belong to the electrical vehicle are calculated by radioss. At last, comparing with the excitation frequency of the...
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Reliability Analysis of Railway Signaling System Based Petri Net

Hongxia Chen, Qiang Sun
Railway signaling system is essential equipment for high speed railway and passenger special line, and it play an important role to ensure safety and improve efficiency. Reliability analysis to railway signaling system is necessary and valuable. Railway signaling system is a complex and dynamic system....
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Design and Realization of the Safe Driving Speed Analytical System

Bin Liu
This paper designed the safe driving speed analytical system on the basis of Matlab auxiliary fuzzy control, builds its model of the multi-sensors information fusion. According to the real time monitored temperature and pressure, applying fuzzy control technology, determining of the driving speed security...
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The Control Effect of Traffic Information on Traffic Assignment

Junqiang Guo, Bingzhong Ren
The VISSUM and VISSIM simulation models are setup according to the real road network of Park City, Utah, U.S. The OD matrix is calibrated by the field turning counts. The effects of in-trip real-time information on traffic improvement are studied through microsimulation. Tests have shown that under adaptive...
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Research on Rolling Mill Vibration Based on the Rolling Piece Hysteretic Nonlinear Deformation

Dongxiao Hou, Fei Liu, Haoran Liu, Rongrong Peng, Yue Zhu
The Bonc-Wen hysteretic model was used describe the rolling piece elastic-plastic deformation process performance of hysteretic characteristics, this hysteretic characteristic considered in the rolling process, vertical vibration model of hysteretic nonlinear of the strip mill roll system is established....
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Research On The Estimation Of Lithium Battery SOC Based On EKF

Zhi-sheng An, Zhi-yi Sun, Qiu-sheng He
In the battery management system, the SOC estimation is the most basic and most important part. The exact estimation of SOC can prevent battery over-change or over-change, and extend battery life. Based on traditional SOC estimate algorithm and analysis of factors affecting SOC, the method to estimate...
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A Model and Algorithm for Multi-mode and Multi-route Combined Assignment

Wei Zhu
With development of economy and society, people’s travels in China present the multi-mode and multi-route characteristic more and more normally, and the factors of decision-making become more and more various. A kind of model and algorithm with elastic weight for multi-mode and multi-route combined assignment...
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Comparison of the improvement of directional stability for Anti-lock Brake control algorithm

Jing Li, Zihan Wang, Li-shu Guo, Zheng-tang Shi
A nine freedoms nonlinear three-axle vehicle dynamic model was constructed by Matlab/Simulink to analyze the control effect of directional stability for different Anti-lock Brake control algorithm. Algorithms analyzed here contain PID, logic threshold and sliding mode variable structure control algorithm....
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Braking Force Distribution Strategy for Comfort of Tractor and Semi-Trailer Combination

Hongyu Zheng, Zongyu Liu, Wenkai Xu
For the purpose of comfort enhancement during the braking process of tractor/semi-trailer combination vehicles, and in order to achieve a smooth braking deceleration establishment in which the braking force of a vehicle only relates to the braking signal it receives and yet is not affected by the gross...
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The security of medium truck with Engine brake (Jacobs) driving through the mountain highway long downhill slope

Jianbo Wang, Bin Chen, Hengkai Wang, Cao He
In order to solve the problem that the truck should spray water to cool its brake during run the long downhill on mountain highway in winter which can Lead to icy road and cause traffic accidents. We specially selected the straight truck (6×4)which install the engine brake (Jacobs), carrying carry out...
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Study the proneness of long-distance driving accident

Feiyang Ye, Wentao Han
The damages caused by road traffic on people are increasing every year. Among them, the traffic accidents caused by long-distance driving have occupied a large proportion of such problems. So studying the effects of the accident factors on long-distance driving has been as a hot topic by domestic and...
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Evaluation of the Visual Navigation Chart Based on Visual Perception

Hong-yong Wang, Peng Li, Yi-fei Zhao
A complete set of symbols is not formed for VFR chart in our country for the slow development of general aviation. On the basis of the VFR chart collected from lots of designers, evaluation index of VFR chart was defined with the Cognitive semiotics and the demand of chart for VFR. All the sample data...
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Management Measures of Public Bicycle System

Yue MA, Xiao-ning ZHU
Good urban planning can make people have a healthy life style. Otherwise the establishment of urban structure once, wanting to change the impact of urban layout to urban traffic is difficult. When planning, consider walking, bicycle, public transport, car and so on by turn. Give the special opinions...
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Research on Duffing Oscillator Algorithm of Secondary Traffic Accident

Xinglei Zhang, Wenhui Zhang
In order to discover evolution characteristics of secondary traffic accidents and prevent from secondary traffic accidents, chaos characteristics of secondary traffic accidents are analyzed based on describing Duffing oscillator algorithm. Afterwards, chaos model is established. By means of simulation,...
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Investigation and Research on Safety Related Individual Factors of Mountainous Expressway Professional Driver

LinFu Zhou
A sampling survey was conducted on Professional Driver of mountainous expressway in Sichuan Province. The statistical software SPSS 13.0 was used to analyze the survey data in order to know living condition, safety consciousness and driving behavior of Professional Driver of mountainous expressway and...
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Selection of Optimal Third-party Logistics Recycler Based on Fuzzy DEA

Haiyun Zhou, Gang Du, Tong An
Selection of appropriate third-party logistics recycler in closed loop supply chain management strategy (CLSCMS) is a challenging issue because it requires a lot of evaluation criteria/attributes, which are characterized with complexity, elusiveness, and uncertainty in nature. This paper proposes a fuzzy...
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Phase Field Simulation of Dendrite Growth of Fe-C Alloy in a Forced Flow

Xunfeng Yuan, Yan Yang
Based on the KKS model, the phase-field model is built by coupling with the concentration field and flow field, we simulate the dendrite growth during isothermal solidification of Fe-C alloy in a forced flow. The results show that the tip of dendrite arm is parabola shape, the secondary branch appear...
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The Research of the Emergency Rescue Model of the Freeway

Yi Zhang, Yushu Zhang
There are so many people who are injured or dead in the traffic accidents due to not being rescued in time every year in China. Recently, death ratio per 10000 vehicles is 7.4 persons, and death ratio per 100,000 persons of traffic accident is 6.9 persons in China [1]. So the research of the emergency...
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Experimental Study of The Driving-characteristic of Occupational Drivers and Non-occupational Drivers

Cao HE, Bin CHEN, Qing CHEN, Jian Bo WANG
In order to enable non-occupational drivers are better able to participate in road traffic, to ensure road traffic safety and establish the driving guidance method for non-occupational drivers' driver training to provide a more effective way to achieve the purpose of reducing traffic accidents, the random...
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Differential Strategy Research for Vehicle with Motorized Wheels Based on Torque Control

Chuanxue Song, Silun Peng, Liqiang Jin, Shengyi Xuan, Zhu’an Zheng
According to the electronic differential problems for vehicle with motorized wheels, the electronic differential control strategy based on torque control is designed through BP neural network theory, and a suitable BP network is trained with the help of Matlab toolbox. The consistency of both sides on...
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A review of evaluation methods of Visual Guiding Signage’s layout in Integrated Transportation Hub

Yuyan Zhou, Enjian Yao
With the rapid expansion of the urban population, urban transportation hub are developing in the direction of large-scale, complex and systematic, the main function of urban transportation hub is to guarantee the effective transfer among different transportation modes. As an important means of passenger...
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Special deceleration strip design of Yaxi Expressway

Qing Chen, Sixia Wang
We elaborate the special deceleration strip design ideas of Yaxi Expressway, put forward the special deceleration strip design plan of Yaxi Expressway. We draw a conclusion that the special deceleration strip of Yaxi Expressway can effectively restrain highway major traffic accidents in the long downhill...
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Evaluation about Passenger Satisfaction Degree of Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Rail Based on SPA

Wenfen Zhang, Jiaqi Yang
As far as Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail put in operation, except for holidays, the passenger load rate is low, facing huge market risk. This paper explores the passenger satisfaction of Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail, based on SPA(Set Pair Analysis) theory and combined with practice. To analyze the...
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Emergency Information Extraction of Transport Congestion Based on Object-oriented Classification Using High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image

Tong Tang, Haixia He, Ping Wang
Based on the assumption that road infrastructure information had not been acquired, the road information before and after the emergency transport was extracted by using high spatial resolution remote sensing images. Combined with object-oriented image analysis method, the road and vehicle information...
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Research on Preheating Pulverized Coal to Ameliorate the Blast Furnace Coal Injection

Ran LIU, Chunzhao LIANG, Xingjuan WANG, Shuai FENG
Pulverized coal injection of blast furnace is the important means of lowering ironmaking cost. It is a focus problem to improve the pulverized coal injection rate of blast furnace. However, improve the pulverized coal combustion rate has became a bottleneck of coal injection rate because of the contradiction...
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The impact of contact pressure and road surface character to sliding friction coefficient

Hong-guo Xu, Bin Ma, Cheng Zeng, Yan Xu
A improved sliding friction coefficient model is presented based on road surface character and rubber character to analyze how the road character, tire and contact pressure affect the sliding friction coefficient. Improved the sliding friction coefficient model by introducing the theory of true contact...
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Research on Green Transportation and Transfer System in Urban Areas

Jiang Pan
The green transportation of urban is a need of the society, and it also reflects the advance of city. Moreover, it has played foreshadowing function for the development of tourism industry. Public transport and bicycle/electric bicycle transport are regarded as the main component parts of the green transportation...
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The Analysis of Vibration for High-Speed Train-Ballastless Track-Bridge base on a hybrid FE-SEA method

Wen Jun Luo, XiaoYan Lei, Liang Lian Song
In this study, the methods for combining statistical energy analysis (SEA) and the finite element method (FEM) for the vibration analysis of structures are studied. Using the two methods simultaneously isn’t entirely extend a primarily low frequency method, the finite element method, and high frequency...
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Analyzing on post-impact equivalent velocity of the vehicle side-slipping and rotating

Dan Ma, Yongheng Yue
pre-impact speed of the vehicle in the road traffic accident is the important index of dealing with traffic accidents responsibility. We investigate the relation between the road adhesion coefficient and the vehicle side-sliding angle, to constructing adhesion coefficient ellipse equation and then building...
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Study on C/C Composites Ablated in Plasma jet

De-Wen WANG, Yue-Cheng YANG, Bai-Lin ZHA, Yu HU
In order to solve thermal protection problems under atmospheric reentry conditions, some tests on the earth have been done to study antiablative properties of C/C composites in thermal plasma jet. The flow fields and the thermodynamics parameters of thermal plasma have been researched, the parabola distribution...
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Test Study on Slipping Performance of the Flexible Nodes of the Precast Concrete Exterior Wall Cladding Panel

Ruonan Liu, Kaiyin Zhang, Menglan Tao
To explore the performance of the flexible nodes between the precast concrete exterior wall cladding panel and the frame structure, a steel truss is used as an analogue of the frame structure to develop a test. In the test, one precast concrete exterior wall cladding panel was installed on the steel...
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Cylindrical Cam Profile by CMM Based on Pro/E Model

Chao Ma, Bin Wang, Liu Xu, Yan Yu, Ruolei Li
The development of CAD and CAM technology makes it more process to inspect surfaces of the part, this is usually carried out by CMM. With the research of the error analysis of cutter location for unequal diameter side milling of cylindrical cam, the technology using CMM to inspect surfaces by Pro/E CAD...
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Design of Automobile Body Welding Fixture

Liu Xu, Chao Ma, Xia Xie
In automobile industry, automobile welding fixture is component important to auxiliary welding. The automobile body is welded by multiple complex sheet stamping parts and other auxiliary workpiece. In the process ,supporting role of welding fixture is an important step. In this paper, the fixture welding...
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The Mould Management System and Application Based on Agile Supply Chain

Rong Zhao, Liu Xu, Xiaofan Chen, Chao Ma
This article introduced the mold business management informationization superiority and the importance.Then introduced the mold agile supply chain management technology.Proposed a management system. Finally, write out the application of the system.
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Research Status and Development Trend of Dimethyl Ether Fuel Supply System

Jing Sun, Guangde Zhang, Caixia You, Qiang Yao, Zhonghai Hou
A survey of study on dimethyl ether engine fuel supply system at home and abroad was described, including pump-pipe-nozzle system and common-rail fuel supply system. The main trouble of practical application of dimethyl ether engine is wear and leakage problems in the fuel delivery system caused by low...