Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2021)

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Place of Academic Discourse in Corporate Culture of Modern University

Yulia N. Zemskaya, Anna V. Glagoleva, Evgeniya A. Kuznetsova, Irina Y. Kachesova
In November 2019, the authors conducted a survey of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees students, Ph.D. candidates, teachers and employees of RUDN University. The aim of the study was to identify the role of corporate culture in the reputation development of the university, as well as the place of academic...
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The Latent Structure of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) Among Older Adults in China

To-Han Chang, Fang Hua Jhang
Little attention is paid to the factorial structure of (the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale, CES-D) among Chinese older adults. This study examined the latent structure of the short-form and full scale CES-D in older adults in China. A sample of 3770 older adults aged over 65 was...
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Formation of Creative Abilities of Design Artists in the Design of Colour Schemes of Fine Art Objects in the Interior

Oksana Pylypchuk, Olga Krivenko, Yurii Kolomiiets, Tetiana Bulhakova, Oleksandra Shmeliova
This work explored the formation of creative abilities in the training of design artists to design a comfortable human settings using colour schemes in fine art objects. In this context, this study used the following methods: 1) structural analysis, 2) comparative analysis using expert elicitation, and...
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The Impact of Home Computer and Internet Device on Students’ Academic Performance in the Digital Age

Yue Liu, Jiacheng Gao
In order to study the impact of home computers and the Internet on students’ academic performance in the current era of rapid Internet development, this paper is based on the China Education Panel Survey (CEPS) 2014-2015 academic year data, using quantile regression estimation methods, the research finds...
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Analysis of Grade Difference of TPACK Among Teacher-Oriented Students of Mathematics in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Area

Yu Wang, Ying Wang, Dianjun Lu
TPACK is the basis of effective teaching in today’s era, and it is also the key content of teachers’ professional development. The mastery of TPACK of the teacher-oriented students of mathematics in local colleges and universities directly affects the quality of mathematics teaching in the region in...
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From Conflict to Harmony: An Analysis of the Deep Influencing Factors of Trilingual Teaching Mode Based on Teacher’s Instructional Interference

Lanfen Ji, Dianjun Lu
With increasing attention paid to trilingual teaching in ethnic colleges and universities, the development of teachers’ instruction intervention warrants the pragmatic practice. This paper analyzed the basic influencing factors of trilingual teaching model based on teachers’ instructional intervention,...
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Investigating the Impact of Financial Inflows and Logistics Performance on Economic Growth Under the Shadow of Pandemic Crises: Empirical Analysis Using Dynamic Panel Estimation

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Zhang Yu, Laeeq Razzak Janjua, Adeel Shah
COVID-19 pandemic has severed the rate of economic growth almost in every country around the globe. The magnitude has been different due to the precondition of economic activities and severity for the speed of communicable disease spread. The developed, developing, and under developing countries by regulation...
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Research on Blended Learning Practice Based on Student Engagement

Xuyan Sun, Hui Guan
Blended learning has become a mainstream teaching mode in the “Internet + Education” era. Improving student engagement is an effective way to improve the quality of blended learning. To study blended learning practice based on student engagement, we surveyed behavioral engagement, cognitive engagement...
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Efficiency Measurement and Improvement Suggestions of Urban and Rural Compulsory Education Resources

Zixuan Wang, Jiacheng Gao
The rational allocation of educational resources is an essential link in education security. Based on the data of 2013-2014 academic year of China Education tracking survey, this paper uses the data envelopment analysis method to analyze the input-output efficiency of 70 schools in the sample from the...
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Impact of Media Multitasking on Work Engagement Under the Background of the Internet Based on Resource Limitation Theory

Zhengjie Xu, Yang Zhao
With the rapid development of science and technology, the media is constantly updated in the current information age, and it increasingly affects people’s daily lives. This paper attempts to explore the impact of media multitasking on employees’ work engagement. Based on the survey of employees in different...
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Research on Subnormal State of Mentality of College Students from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education

Lang Huang, Hongtao Tang
Psychological subhealth is a bad psychological status between mental health and psychological illness. Paying attention to the undergraduates’ psychological subhealth is an important direction to carry out mental health education. From the angle of ideological and political education, the paper makes...
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Empirical Study on SPOC-Based Mixed Teaching of College English Reading and Writing

Min She, Fei Chen
In order to improve students’ learning predicament in English learning and enhance their reading and writing abilities, this study aims at establishing a SPOC-based mixed classroom mode for College English reading and writing teaching. The SPOC creates a high-quality online learning environment for knowledge...
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Weibo “Super Topic Community”: Virtual Community from the Perspective of Interactive Ceremony Chain

Xiaozhen Ma, Xiaojie Gong, Xiaofeng Cong, Jia Cong
The purpose of the study is to substitute the theory of interactive ritual chain to analyze the interaction logic, characteristics, rules and motivations of the members of the microblog “Super Topic Community”, and discuss its possible construction results and practical problems.This electronic uses...
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Bringing ELF into Chinese ELT Classrooms: A Focus on English Pedagogies

Yang-Yu Wang
With the development of globalization, the need of communication in English is increasing rapidly. One of the major concerns about whether English should be taught as a Lingua Franca (ELF) has been widely discussed. While researchers suggest that English should be better taught as a foreign language...
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Investigation and Analysis on Group Quality Characteristics of College Students with High-quality Employment

Xiao-liang GUO, Mei-juan FANG, Hong-bo SHI
The employment quality of college graduates has aroused widespread concern in the society. Based on the literature review, this paper uses the questionnaire survey method, takes the officially contracted college students as the research object, and uses SPSS 22.0 software to analyze the survey results....
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Research on Service Quality of Telecom Corporation Based on PZB Model

Hung-Chi Hsu, Hui-Lin Hsu, Yue-Hua Mo, Mei-Zhen He
With the rapid development of information technology, wireless mobile communication services have become increasingly fierce. This study uses telecommunications companies as a research case to explore the gaps between service quality and customer expectations. The research object is the current customers...
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Innovation Management in Educational Technology

Xiaohui Zou
The aim is to explore the entry point for this topic to base itself on the identity of the Internet of Things machine-assisted by the first-level node and the second-level node. The method is China Internet of Things names management public service platform Smart System Studied Application Promotion...
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Study on the Ability Improvement of Diplomatic Etiquette of Naval College Cadets

Rui Guo, Jiajia Han
To improve the diplomatic etiquette ability of naval college cadets, this article develops study on several forms to improve methods of naval diplomatic etiquette. Firstly, this article introduces the basic meaning of naval diplomatic etiquette. Afterward, it analyzes eight aspects of diplomatic etiquette...
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Construction and Innovation of Ideological and Political Introduction Course

Yuchen Lin
The construction of ideological and political introduction course should be based on the content and objectives of ideological and political course construction, follow the development law of “knowing, thinking and doing”, and create “five classes” of ideological and political course, namely “theory...
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Research on Human Resource Management Countermeasures of Slash Youth

Xuanfang Hou, Yanshan Zhou
With the development of the times, slash youth has appeared in society. They often master a variety of skills, love new things, and dare to face challenges. They have a wide range of interests and are excellent in many fields, bringing unprecedented vitality to the enterprise. However, the emergence...
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A Brief Review of Microgenetic Method in Second Language Acquisition Research

Lu Chen
Microgenetic method is a specific method emerging in cognitive psychology. Over the past two decades, an increasing number of cognitive psychologists adopted this method to investigate the trajectory and mechanism of cognitive development with a focus on the variability within a specific group or subject....
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Research and Implementation of Teaching Design of Special Processing Technology

Guowei Li
Professional courses are an important link for vocational college students to learn professional knowledge and cultivate professional skills. The construction of practical training courses in higher vocational colleges plays an important role in the process of talent training. Taking the construction...
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Study on School-Enterprise Collaborative Education Mechanism Based on Apprenticeship Practice

Jukang Liu
At present, China has ushered into a new stage in terms of its development. With the proposal of Made in China 2025, industrial upgrading and economic restructuring are accelerating. Thus, it is urgent demand for higher technical personnel. Compared with developed countries, China’s vocational education...
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Scaffolding Process in the International Business Correspondence Course in Vocational Colleges

Xiaoqing Yang, Fen Liu
Based on the Scaffolding Process proposed by Wood et al., this paper attempts to study how effective scaffolding can help business English majors achieve study objectives in the International Business Correspondence Course in a Chinese vocational college. Six functions of the scaffolding process are...
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Research on the Training Model Innovation of Compound Talents in Marketing from the Perspective of Digital Economy

Hui Zhang
Marketing is a highly practical subject. How to carry out teaching reform under the new situation, reshape the training program, and cultivate more compound marketing talents is very important to improve the core competitive advantage of enterprises. Based on the analysis of the current situation and...
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The Teaching Reform and Practice of National Traditional Sports Elective Course Based on “Combination of Sports and Medicine” —Taking China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) as an Example

Yixi Zhang, Kai Hu, Hao He
This paper analyzed and discussed the teaching reform path of the national traditional sports course in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) by questionnaires, expert interviews and mathematical statistics. It’s worth pointing out that students who took the course had prominent eye health problems,...
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Research on the Teaching Principles of English Reading on the Micro-learning Platform

Yongying Zhou
This paper studies the teaching principle of English reading course on the micro-learning platform. It focuses on discussing the characteristics and principles of the teaching design of English reading on the micro-learning platform. Micro-learning has some characteristics like flexibility and interactivity....
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance in Hospitality Industry: A Critical Review

C. Lyu, M. Wang, R. Zhang, Y. N. Ng
This paper aims to investigate the status quo of the research in relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and financial performance in hospitality industry. A critical review has been conducted based on 69 good quality journal papers by using both quantitative and qualitative content analysis...
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Development of College English Curricula in China—An Analysis Based on Cooper’s “Accounting Scheme”

Tonghui Xu
This paper studies the features and trends of evolution of College English curricula based on Cooper’s accounting scheme. By examining the formulation processes and implementation effects of altogether six College English curricula from historical and comparative perspectives, it is found that the actors...
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Research on Spiral Model of College-enterprise Collaborative Education in Private Colleges—A Case Study of Information Technology Major

Zhiguo Bian, Ming Li, Guangyun Lu, Mingyan Wu
This paper aims to study the ways to cultivate applied talents in industry-empowered private colleges. The article analyzes the problems and causes in the talents cultivation in private colleges by taking the information technology major as an example, on the basis of which the multi-subject and whole-process...
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Construction of College English Ecological Classroom Under the Background of Big Data

Xiaojuan Liu, Xiaochong Sun
The construction of college English ecological classroom is related to the stimulation of students’ interest in learning, the establishment of harmonious relationship between students and teachers, the exertion of students’ initiative, and the entertainment included in teaching, which is the mainstream...
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Innovative Application of Short Video in Dance Teaching in “Internet +” Era

Shu Jia
The “Internet +” era has a direct and profound impact on education and teaching. The platform for information exchange built by the Internet offers a new carrier for teaching. In recent years, the popularization of short videos in teaching has brought about a new revolution in teaching. Also, it is necessary...
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The Evolution of China’s Poverty Alleviation Policy: Text Analysis Based on the State Council’s Report on the Work of the Government from 1986 to 2018

Yinchu Wang, Jiamin Xu
In order to clarify the evolution process and ideological context of China’s poverty alleviation policy, this work analyzed the report on the work of the government from 1986 to 2018 by using the method of policy text measurement and coding analysis. It is found that the process of poverty alleviation...
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An Analysis of the Importance of National Image Building in the New Era on China’s Higher Education

Zhongyao Huang, Caigang Liu
At present, China has built the world’s largest higher education system with a total student population of more than 40 million. Therefore, it is urgent to train socialist successors with lofty aspirations, international vision and global competitiveness, and to build a national image recognized by college...
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Research on the Influence of Intergenerational Support on the Self-evaluated Health of the Left-behind Elderly in Rural Areas

Zhaoying Han, Xiaopeng Wang, Qiaohui Dong, Yi Xin
With the purpose of studying the impact of intergenerational support on the health of left-behind elderly in rural China, using the method of orderly logistic regression, the three dimensions of intergenerational support (economic support, life care, and emotional support) are used to analyze the effects...
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Construction and Practice of Blended Teaching Model in the Context of Big Data: A Case Study of ESP Medical English

Yajun Chen
The arrival of the Big Data era has laid the foundation for the blended teaching. Based on the concept of blended teaching, this paper aims to improve the medical English proficiency of medical college students in Inner Mongolia through integrating network information technology with various teaching...
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Design and Application of Educational Display Based on Holographic Immersion Technology

Yi-qiang Jin, Wen-juan Lu
In order to endow knowledge with richer presentation and enhance the sense of participation in learning, The purpose of the paper is to apply holographic immersion technology to educational display. This paper selects the landmark “Zhenhai” building in Guangzhou as the object of education exhibition....
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How to Effectively Reduce the Job Burnout of Front-line Financial Practitioners—Research on the Intermediary Effect of Work Engagement

Lin Guo, Wenqi Wei, Long Cheng
This paper analyzes the job burnout status of front-line financial practitioners and the direct impact of job crafting on job burnout, and examines the mediating role of job engagement between job crafting and job burnout. A questionnaire survey method was used to collect data for multi-level regression...
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Study on the Development and Promotion of the Integrated Resource Database for the Training of Economic and Trade Teachers—A Case Study of Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade

Siwei Dai
This paper aims to solve the problem of the disconnection between the talent training and the social demand since the economic and trade undergraduate colleges “emphasize theories and neglect practical operation” whereas vocational colleges “focus on practical operation and make light of theories” in...
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Exploration of Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching of Network Communication Courses Based on Cloud Computing

Hui Wang, Zhipeng Si, Bo Hong
The novel coronavirus pneumonia has changed colleges and universities’ traditional classroom teaching mode, especially when the current epidemic situation is still severe; the teaching mode and teaching content need to be adjusted in time. Aiming at the deficiencies in the experimental teaching of network...
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Design and Implementation Path of Undergraduate Talent Training Program for Design Majors from the Perspective of Teaching Management

Qian Zhang, Wei Chang
In order to further enhance the scientific, effective and forward-looking talent training program, this work focused on the design major and put forward the concept of “design research and development” talent training program from the perspective of teaching management. The project management methodology...
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Corpus Analysis of the Terms Denoting Covid-19

Lixin Xia, Yun Xia
This paper aims to look at the use of the terms denoting Covid-19 in English new media and the linguistic changes in the period of January 2020 to January 2021. A corpus-based methodology was adopted. From the Coronavirus Corpus, the relative frequency of seven terms was retrieved. They are Covid-19,...
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Teaching Situation and Curriculum Reform of Specialty English for Civil Engineering

Yongping Zhang, Zaibo Li
In order to improve the teaching level of professional English for civil engineering, this article analyzes the current teaching situation of specialty English for civil engineering. With the increasing frequency of international cooperation in civil engineering, China urgently needs a large number of...
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The Cultivation of Self-efficacy in College English Learning

Yongping Zhang, Zaibo Li
In order to improve the effect of college English learning, it is very necessary to cultivate students’ self-efficacy. Self-efficacy theory has extremely high theoretical and practical value for teaching. The mechanism of self-efficacy on English learning is analyzed, and the effective ways to improve...
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Research on Speech Processing Strategies for English Speakers During Learning of Chinese Quantifier Complements

Jiehua Zhang, Ruifeng Wang
This study explored the speech processing strategies for English speakers of three Chinese proficiency levels to learn five types of Chinese quantifier complement sentences through the compiled examination. English speakers experience four speech processing strategies from the low level to the high level...
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Research on Professional Identity of Flexible Employment Personnel

Zichen Zhang, Ruihan Liu, Ge Wen
Professional identity enables employees to obtain a sense of achievement, satisfaction, dedication to work, and create high performance. Through a random survey of platform organizations in 18 cities in China, using structural equation model analysis, it is found that organizational viscosity, competency...
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The Influence of College Students’ Employment Initiative on Employment Quality

Yiming Zhang, Jingyi Jin, Zhengyu Tao
As the number of fresh graduates in China is increasing year by year, the employment problem of college students is becoming more and more serious. How to solve the problem of college students’ employment has always been a topic of high concern from all walks of life, and how to improve the phenomenon...
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Research on the Prevention and Control of Non-governmental Non-profit Organizations Participating in Rural Community COVID-19 Pandemic—Taking G County Non-profit Public Welfare Association as an Example

Congcong Fan, Xiaojie Gong, Jia Cong
Non-profit organizations, as the backbone of the prevention and control of novel corona-virus pneumonia, have made great contributions to the prevention and control of novel corona-virus pneumonia in China. This paper takes the specific work done by the non-profit public welfare association in the process...
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The Effects of Changes in Family Social Capital on Health in Taiwan: An Examination of the Mediation Effect of Smoking Behavior

Yenhau Pan, Nientsu Wang
This study assesses the direct effect of changes in family social capital (FSC) on self-rated health (SRH) and its indirect effect through changes in smoking behavior. This study uses logistic regression and mediation analysis models to analyze the longitudinal data on 2,108 adult children in Taiwan....
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Han Opera’s Influence on the Han Embroidery Between the Late Qing Dynasty and Early Minguo Period

Hanjun Zhang
This article explores the role of Han opera in promoting Han embroidery costumes after entering the Hankou market between the late Qing Dynasty and early Minguo Period, and in those aspects, which influenced the art of Han embroidery. Here, the article studies the above issues through physical investigations,...
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An Exploration Into Innovative Teaching Design of the Course of Economics

Yaping Jiang, Xi Li, Chunlong Dong
In order to teach the course of Economics in a different way that is beneficial for students, this paper proposes four aspects of the innovative teaching design. First of all, depending on the Xuexitong platform, this paper implements the BOPPPS six-step teaching approach. Second, by eliminating the...
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The Application of Interactive Teaching Mode in Network Learning Space—Taking College English Online Learning During the COVID-19 Epidemic Period as an Example

Li Cao, Fen Zhang
The interactive teaching mode has been widely used with which teachers and students can make great achievements. However, with the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of great necessity to carry out teaching in network learning space. In order to overcome the shortcomings of on-line teaching, the...
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The Relationship Between Subjective Socioeconomic Status and Job-Seeking Self-Efficacy: The Mediating Role of Pressure

Yang Li, Tinghu Kang, Jiandong Guo
The purpose of this work was to explore the relationship between subjective socioeconomic status, pressure, and job-seeking self-efficacy, which adopted subjective socioeconomic status questionnaire, self-efficacy questionnaire and pressure perception questionnaire to investigate 771 college graduates....
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Analysis on the Characteristics of the Current Female Presidents of Key Universities in China

Yunlan Wang, Yaoyao Yan
In order to understand the employment situation of female presidents in China’s key universities, this paper collected the employment data of 139 universities through various resources such as internet, and sorted out 8 samples of female presidents. Then by coding and analyzing the personal information...
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Research on the Related Issues of Rural Land Circulation in Escape Agriculture—Taking Village D in S City as an Example

Lanjing Du, Xiaofeng Cong, Jia Cong
Affected by the acceleration of urbanization, a large number of rural labour forces have flowed out. The “empty villages” are accompanied by the idleness of rural land and obstacles to improving land utilization. This article uses a semi-structured interview method to take village D in S city as an example....
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Exploration and Practice of “Smart Campus” Construction of Local Universities in Economically Underdeveloped Areas—Taking Guangdong Ocean University as an Example

Guangya Zhang
Information technology has revolutionary influence on education development. As a place where tens of thousands of teachers and students live, work and study, the university campus has a high requirement for information construction. New technology and new application mode are greatly changing the traditional...
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Prediction of Talent Demand in Air Transportation Industry—Taking Yunnan as an Example

Jiaoyan Tang, Xinyou Liu
The scientific prediction of the future demand for air transportation talents is the basis of air transportation talent training planning. Based on the close relationship between air transportation employment and air passenger turnover, and the trend continuity of air passenger turnover, the talent density,...
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Analysis on the Problems of College Students Cheating in Examinations from the Perspective of Game Theory

Haowen Feng, Weimin Ouyang
Examinations are curial components of college education and an important means to evaluate lecture effectiveness and learning outcomes. Unfortunately, exam cheatings are not uncommon despite strict policies and procedures. Strategies to prevent exam cheating are vital for universities and education authorities...
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The Evolution and Prospect of Research on Civil Servants’ Job Burnout in China—Bibliometric Research Based on Document Journals

Zupeng Yang, Yuan Su
In order to understand the research hotspots and progress of civil servants’ job burnout in China, the paper takes 163 documents published by CNKI from 2001 to 2020 as samples. The paper takes Citespace software as the analysis tool and assists Excel software to visually analyze the samples’ time, authors,...
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Promoting Leapfrog Development in Underdeveloped Areas Through Institutional Culture Innovation

Xinyou Liu, Jiaoyan Tang
Promoting leapfrog development in underdeveloped areas is the primary task of socialist construction. Therefore, it is of immense significance to analyze the practical ways to realize leapfrog development in underdeveloped areas. From the perspective of the positive and causal feedback relationship between...
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The Impact of the Quality of Higher Education on the Development of Regional Economy—Empirical Analysis Based on Provincial Panel Data

Xinyan Xia, Xiaodong Qiu
In the context of the era of knowledge economy, most scholars generally agree that a thriving education makes a flourishing country, but few have noticed that the quality of higher education is diverse and complex. Under the background, we divide the quality of higher education into teaching quality...
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Chinese Grounded Theory Based on the Bibliometric Analysis of CSSCI Journals in Recent Ten Years

Sijia Chu, Wenxin Guo
Grounded theory, as a hot topic in management research, is widely used by scholars due to its scientific nature and objectivity. In this work, 466 Chinese kinds of literature published in CSSCI journals from 2011 to 2020 were selected, and CiteSpace V5.7 software was used to comprehensively describe...
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Research on the Impact of Human Capital Investment on Intergenerational Income Mobility

Yuxin Yan, Sijia Chu
The issue of intergenerational income flow is related to social equity and equal opportunities. In recent years, China’s intergenerational income mobility has declined, showing a trend of class consolidation. As people’s requirements for social justice are getting higher and higher, it is urgent to improve...
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Research Progress of Leadership from the Perspective of Partnership and Followership

Wenxin Guo, Yuxin Yan
In the process of the survival and development of the organization, the leader is always at the core. The leader is related to the survival and development of the organization, so the leadership ability determines the future of the enterprise. This article summarizes the current status of leadership...
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Ontology Construction of Online Education

Xiaoguang Zhu, Fengzhao Chen, Yu Zhang
To describe novel patterns of online education, an education ontology is constructed and instantiated. Current education ontology focused on traditional education resources and procedures, and lacked specification of online education. An education ontology was induced and codified to describe online...
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The Capacity Needs of Students Majoring in Intelligent Construction Under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

Hongjie Guan, Lefang Zhang, Guang Yang
In order to meet the needs for talents generated by the rapid application and development of intelligent construction in China, and obtain the training goal and curriculum system that adapt to the needs of social development, this work conducted research analysis on several employing units, such as high-tech...
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Practice and Exploration on the Reform of Computer General Education

Liangtao Yang
The cultivation of compound innovative talents is the basic demand of talent cultivation in universities. In the new era, it is very important to cultivate students’ Computational Thinking and problem-solved ability. Combined with the practice of computer general education in our university, through...
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Orientation of Solfeggio Course Development in Normal Universities

Chao Song
Solfeggio, as an essential professional basic course in music teacher education system, has always been carrying the function of solving music auditory cognition and assisting all kinds of music practice. At the present stage, the definition and category, purpose and function, concept and evaluation...
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Reform and Practice of Building Engineering Technical Professional Talents Training Under “1+X” Certificate System—Taking BIM Certificate as a Case Study

Wei Liu
Taking building information modeling (BIM) certificate as an example, this work deeply explored the reform scheme and practice path of building engineering technical professional talents training under the “1 + X” certificate system. By optimizing the scheme of building engineering technical professional...
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Construction and Development of Blended Teaching Model in the Context of COVID-19—Taking English Teaching as an Example

Wenjun Lv
Under the background of COVID-19, colleges and universities have responded to the call of the Ministry of Education to “Suspended without suspension”. English courses have also adopted the online teaching model or a combination of online and offline models. With the development of modern information...
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Cultivation of Intercultural Communication Awareness in Reading Courses for English Majors Under the Background of “One Belt, One Road”

JiYun Tang
Under the background of “One Belt, One Road”, intercultural communication puts forward new requirements and challenges for intercultural talents. This paper mainly analyzes the significance and existing problems of the cultivation of intercultural communication awareness in the teaching of English majors,...
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The Correlation Analysis of Education Level and Regional Economic Growth Quality in Guangdong Province

Yun Sun, Yu Qin, Yuanke Hu, Shaosong Wang, Xiaosong Bi
Under the background of China’s slowing economic development trend, Guangdong Provincial Government took the lead in putting forward the innovation-driven development strategy. The level of educational efficiency is closely related to the quality of regional economic growth. This paper examed the relationship...
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Analysis of Chinese Local Governments’ Policy Tools in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Taking Provincial Capitals as Examples

Meiduo Zhou, Yujia Xie
When the whole country faces the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese local governments have issued a policy response, making an effort from two aspects: plague prevention and work resumption. This research collects 427 policy text, using text analysis research method, according to the theory of policy tools,...
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Top Management Team Characteristics, Accounting Information Quality and Enterprise Investment Efficiency

Zemin Cui, Zhuyun Chen, Chun Lu
The purpose is to study the influence of top management team characteristics (i.e., top management team size, education level and average tenure) on enterprise inefficient investment, and the joint effect of top management team characteristics and accounting information quality on inefficient investment....
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Research Progress of National Park Community Management Based on Web of Science

A-li Yang, Wen-jie Zhang, Fen-jie Qi, Meng-ran He
The universality of conflicts in national park communities is a critical issue in current national park management research. This paper uses the scientific knowledge graph analysis tool to visually analyse and systematically discuss 351 pieces of literature about national park community studies retrieved...
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Exploration on the Intangible Cultural Heritage Technique of She Ethnic Group in the Teaching of Fashion Design Under the Background of Cross-boundary Integration

JiaYu Chen
In order to study how to integrate the embroidery craftsmanship in the wedding dress of the She ethnic group in Fujian with the fashion design courses, this article further analyzes the value of the embroidery craftsmanship of She ethnic group’s wedding clothes by cutting its traditional embroidery patterns....
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Discussion on the Mixed Teaching Reform of College Service and Management Courses in the Post-epidemic Era

Xiaoliang Chen
The purpose of the study is to discuss the new situation of mixed teaching of service management courses in the Post-epidemic era, in response to these new realities, in this study, the evaluation mechanism is deeply considered, the ideological and political education is theoretically discussed, and...
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The Production-oriented Approach to Teaching Translation Between English and Chinese in Vocational and Technical Colleges

Ting Deng
The research is about applying Production-oriented Approach to teaching translation between English and Chinese in vocational and technical colleges. Starting from general introduction of POA and the current situation of teaching translation, this paper analyzes the reasons why to apply POA to teaching...
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Consideration and Exploration on Improving the Quality of Graduation Design Under the Background of Engineering Certification

Guoyan Liu, Jincai Zhao, Yanan Zeng, Yong Wei, Haiyun Wu
In order to improve the quality of the graduation design of Tianjin Agricultural College and better meet the quality certification standards of engineering education, this thesis considers and explores the following aspects, such as the topic selection of the graduation design, the standardization of...
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Reform of Practice Teaching System of Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument Based on CDIO Engineering Education Model

Jincai Zhao, Guoyan Liu, Yong Wei, Yanan Zeng, Haiyun Wu
In order to improve students’ engineering practice ability, innovation awareness and teamwork awareness, and the quality of application-oriented talent training, combined with the core concept of engineering education professional certification, the teachers in Measurement & Control Technology and...
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Relationship Between World Heritage and Residents in Post Application Period: A Case Study from Xi’an, China

Yi Yu, Qian Wang
This study aims to improve the level of sustainable development of sites with a large population that has been successfully listed as World Heritage. In order to meet this purpose, this paper studied the status quo of the Han Chang’an City Site, a typical representative of such sites. A questionnaire...
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Research on the Characteristics and Methods of Ideological and Political Education in Professional Courses for the Postgraduate—Taking the Cultivation of Humanities and Social Sciences Postgraduates as an Example

Yue He
The tutors pay more attention to ideological and political education on the undergraduate students rather than the postgraduates who also need to be considered in China. The postgraduate training stage has the characteristics of more mature students’ ideology, focusing on professional knowledge learning...
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Construction and Implementation of Calligraphy Course in Normal Universities From the Perspective of Aesthetic Education—Taking Leshan Normal University for Example

Shengjing Wu, Ju Wang, Xiaoyun Wan
As an elective course of normal university, calligraphy course not only trains the writing skills of normal students, but also shows out the function of optimizing the knowledge structure and improving the comprehensive attainment. This article, which takes the case of the Leshan Normal University, will...
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The Influence of Student Ability and Family Background on Independent Admission Results of Universities in China

Yunfeng Luo, Bingjie Liang, Hua Shen
As an important part of the higher education enrollment system in China, the independent admission policy has always attracted much attention. Whether the students with stronger ability are selected and whether fairness is taken into account during the independent admission are the focus of this paper....
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Research on the Effect of “Work-life Balance” on Fertility Intention of Child-bearing Age Population

Meiduo Zhou, Xu Zhao, Ziyi Dong
As fertility attitude changes and medical technology advances, the birth rate has dropped and the life expectancy of the elderly has increased, China is experiencing a period of “fewer children and younger age” like other developed countries. At the same time, most of the childbearing age group will...
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Research on Gender Differences in Fertility Intentions: Based on the Theoretical Perspective of “Work-life Balance”

Meiduo Zhou, Xu Zhao, Qinjia Yang
Based on the database of the “Population Fertility and Public Services” group, firstly investigate the existence of significant differences between male and female fertility intentions through t-tests, and afterwards do the regression analysis by gender through econometric models. At length, the results...
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Effective Conduction of University Safety Education in Scientific Practices Through an Integrated Manner

Miao Yu, Tao Zhou, Chen Dong, Yang Xie, Zhitao Hu, Deng-Guang Yu
For high quality high education, safety education is one of the most important sections, particularly the scientific practice safety education to those students majoring in the natural disciplines. In this paper, an integrated method is put forward for effective conduction of university safety education...
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“Scientific Research Nurtures Teaching” Based on Coaxial Electrospraying

Wenliang Song, Yu Zhang, Gaoyi Zhang, Yiran Zhang, Puyuan Liu, Deng-Guang Yu
The effective implementations of “Scientific Research Nurtures Teaching” to students can benefit the fostering of professional talents from universities. The metabolism of professional knowledge renewing determines that the key role of professional education and the formation of students practical ability...
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Research on Influencing Factors of International Student Mobility: An Empirical Study Based on Panel Data

Hua Shen, Peijin Li, Yunfeng Luo
Based on data from students of 141 countries studying in China, this study used panel data model to explore the socio-economic and educational factors of influence for overseas students, for instance, different educational levels and varying economic developmental levels of countries, to study in China....
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Dilemma and Breakthrough of Classroom Teaching for Core Competencies: Based on the Perspective of Classroom Collaboration

Jixu Chen, Linyan Yu
This paper comprehensively analyzes the literature related to classroom research in recent ten years in China. Through literature review and action research, dilemmas are found in the primary classroom, such as the “ cross stack” of curriculum system, the “Mutual gap” of classroom activities, and the...
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The Analysis on Blended Teaching in College EFL Writing Course Based on The Production-Oriented Approach

Man Zhai
The production-oriented approach is concerned with learning output and the attainment of learning objectives. The combined style of classroom-teaching and the online education-assisted platform is gaining popularity among instructors and students. It maintains the benefits of traditional teaching methods....
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Research on Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System from the Perspective of Serving for Regional Industry—Taking Rural Regional Development Specialty as an Example

Fangfang Zeng
In order to promote the cultivation of agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship talents that can serve the regional industries, the study used the analytic hierarchy process as a tool and constructed an evaluation system for the cultivation of talents. The study selected 4 criteria levels and 19...
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Analysis on Accurate Early Warning and Intervention Model of Blended Learning in Ideological and Political Courses Based on Learner Portrait

Yang Zhang
To improve the teaching effect of ideological and political courses, learning early warning and intervention is the key to it. On the basis of learning analysis, this paper puts forward the process and principle of constructing learner portrait, and design the “BILDES” six-side learner portrait model,...
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Research on the Task-based Teaching System of College English Curriculum

Ge Zhang, Chunying Li
In order to improve the quality and efficiency of college English teaching, this work proposed a new teaching system of task-based college English curriculum. The research took the college English teaching as the research object. Firstly, this work sorts out the problems existing in the current college...
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Practical Significance of Teachers’ Disciplinary Power and Its Implementation Guarantee

Ran Li, Shan Jiang, Rong Wei, Yi Jin
In 2017, the policy of “Administrative Measures for Primary and Secondary Schools in Qingdao” made by Qingdao city government put forward the term “teacher punishment” for the first time. During the two sessions in 2019, the topic of “teachers’ power of punishment” attracted much attention, and the society...
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Exploration on the Construction Path for New Engineering Based on Interdisciplinary Integration

Xiaojun Ma, Ze Zhang, Chunjiang Li
New engineering construction is an important strategic decision and deployment for higher engineering education to adapt to the new economy and industry development. Based on the present reform on engineering education and the characteristics of subjects, this paper introduces the ideas and measures...
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Research on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Medical Students’ CPC History Learning Education in the New Era

Jiamei Chen, Haijiao Feng, Zihui Zhou, Tianwenjing Huang, Yu Kuang, Hanning Zhang, Yue Zhong, Zhang Hongying
Study of the CPC history of the Communist Party of China can, to a certain extent, help medical students cultivate the correct “Three Views”, enhance their national self-confidence and pride, and strengthen their ideals and convictions. However, at present, some medical students are still lack of sufficient...
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Regional Atlas Analysis of the Extent of Concern About Telecom Fraud

Bin Liu, Pengrong Zhao
Public awareness of anti-telecommunications fraud is the key to an effective reduction of the occurrence of fraud. Thus, this study was conducted to look into the extent of public concern about telecom fraud. It firstly analyzed the population characteristics and spatial characteristics of the extent...
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Research on the Mechanism of Social Mobilization in Major Public Health Emergencies—Taking the COVID-19 Epidemic as an Example

Xibo Sun, Jiajia Liang, Ke Wang
To solve major public health emergencies, it is inseparable from a government with a strong organization and mobilization ability, and even more so with grassroots forces. Social mobilization is an important means of emergency management. So how does the social mobilization mechanism play a role in this...
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Research Report on Learning Needs Analysis and Feedback on CBI Nursing English Course

Lei Xu
112 Midwifery sophomores from the Nursing Department in a vocational college in Sichuan Province, China were chosen as the research subjects. Through combined research methods: questionnaire survey, classroom observation and semi-structured interview, students’ learning needs, status quo, problems and...