Proceedings of the 2019 4th International Conference on Humanities Science and Society Development (ICHSSD 2019)

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The Contributions of Arabic Scholars in the field of Science and Mathematics in Medieval Times

Dejun Kong, Fuming Ma
Brilliant achievements had been made by the Arabs in the fields of medicine, mathematics, art,etc in the Middle Ages, among which specially represented by the Arab-Islamic science and technology. Because of these achievements, the Arabs had taken a leading part in the process of exploring the world...
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The Salvation of Pessimistic Soul: The ideology of the Poetry by Ji Xian During His Living in Mainland China

Wei Zhang
During his living in mainland China, Ji Xuan underwent a period of “loss in construction”. His nine anthologies were the every embodiment of his ideology during this period: radical personality and gloomy living condition infused his mind with a strong touch of sentimentality; and his tenacity and special...
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An innovative research on the construction mode of "situation and policy" curriculum from the perspective of intersubjectivity

Lei Yang
Situation and policy courses in colleges and universities shoulder the historical task of ideological and political education, which is the main position to spread the world situation, national conditions and party situation to college students. The quality and degree of its construction are of great...
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The influence of medical professional desire under pressure perception and social support

Yuan He, Xiao-fei Pu, Li-qi Ou, Yun-fei Li, Yu-yuan Zhao
With emergence of the confliction between doctor and patient and havy workload in developing country that medical students have to face more risks. besides the uncertainty and to be a doctor in future this study explores to what degree medical students hope to become a medial practitioner through investigating...
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The Influence of Network Social Platform on College Students' Thoughts and Behaviors

Limin Lu
With the rapid development of network information technology, network social platforms have become an important channel for college students to communicate. Network social platform is a“double-edged sword”that changes the learning and lifestyle of college students. In order to promote the correct use...
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Study on the Policy Implementation of Free Medical Graduates under the Background of Healthy China

Yang Li
In order to carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the National Conference on Health and Health, to implement the healthy China Strategy, and train general practitioners who can go, stay and have high skills for grassroots health institutions, In the 9th...
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Study on Gender Differences of Migrant Workers' Wages in the Background of Sustainable Development

Muwen Wang
In the background of sustainable development, the distribution of wages should follow the principle of distribution according to work, but the current gender difference in wages has become one of the factors hindering the further fair development of the economy and society. As the migrant workers, the...
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Study on the Problems of Export Trade of Shougang Denso Co., Ltd.

Yiwen Zhang
With the development of Chinese industry of auto parts, Chinese auto parts export trade is also rapidly developing. The financial crisis occurred in 2013 led to the export value decreased in 2014 and 2015, which fell by 28.6% and 37.5% compared with 2013. In this situation, this paper analyzes the issues...
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Research on Wartime Equipment Maintenance Support Forces Optimization Scheduling Problem

Yan He, Jinsong Zhao, Shaocong Wang, Xuan Zhou, Zhen Chen
In this paper, using the improved genetic algorithm and the priority weight of equipment maintenance method, we build up one tour route model that based on the largest maintenance weights under the control of minimum distance ,which has realized synchronous optimization of the maintenance support forces,...
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Errors in Coherence and Logic Embodied in the Microsoft Machine Translation Text— Based on the corpus of the Chinese-English translation texts taken from the 30th Han Suyin International Translation Contest

Min Yang, Fan Jia
Based on the corpus of the original text, the Microsoft machine translation text, the human-translated text as well as the reference text taken from the 30th Han Suyin International Translation Contest, the paper establishes the error classification standard from three language levels and then focuses...
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A Study on Translation of Culture-loaded Words in China’s Global Communication with Functional Equivalence Approach

Chunye Yang
With Nida’s functional equivalence, this thesis concentrates on the necessities of translating culture-loaded words in China’s global communication, categories of culture-loaded words. And based on the theory, the corresponding translation strategy is proposed, which is foreignization. The thesis aims...
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Visualization Analysis of Research Status of Rural Order Oriented Medical Students Based on CiteSpace

Xin Li, Gang Qin
Objective To understand the research status of rural order oriented medical students in China. Methods CiteSpace 5.0 was used to generate knowledge maps of authors, institutions and keywords based on papers on rural order oriented medical students published in CNKI journal database from 2010 to 2018....
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The impact of refinancing on long-run performance: Evidence from Chinese public utility listed companies

Junqi Liang
Many issues have emerged currently regarding refinancing as a main financing source of Chinese listed companies, and the proper use of refinancing by public utility listed companies concerns the sound development of public utilities sectors and the smooth progress of related infrastructure in China....
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Study on University Patent Operation Mode Based on Coupling Degreeby taking 211 universities as an example

Mei-ning Zheng, Jie Wu, Peng Liu, Jian-gang Wang
Patent operation in colleges and universities is of great significance to the improvement of China's scientific and technological level and economic development. Based on the coupling degree model, the "211" universities in China are taken as an example to study the overall patent operation of universities...
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Research on Diversification and Financing Constraints of Technological Innovation Companies

Chun-mei Liang, Ming-rui Zhang
This paper uses a variable investment analysis framework to examine the impact of the investment of two independent innovation projects by technology innovation company operators on their financing capabilities. The results show that simultaneous diversification has improved equity multipliers and borrowing...
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A Comparative Study of the Cosmology in Ancient Chinese and Western Cultural Ideas

Linlin Hou, Jing Lin
With the continuous advance of globalization, the world's exchanges are getting closer and closer. No country, no nation, no region can be immune to the global challenges. If we want to build a community of human destiny in the spirit of mutual aid, we must first respect the multiculturalism with the...
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Research on the Influence of Science and Technology Advancement and Social Progress on the Ideological and Political Education Work in Colleges and Universities

Qiaoxin Jiang, Linlin Hou
The advancement of science and technology has changed all aspects of social productivity and production relations, people’s lifestyles and educational concepts. The advancement of science, technology and society has also imperceptibly influenced the thinking, character and personality, behaviors and...
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A Study on the Evolutionary Game of Dynamic Relationship between Microblogging Platform and Leader

Lei Xu, Yongxiang Sheng, Jie Wu, Jun Hu, Qinfen Shi
In this paper, the loss difference and other influencing factors between Microblogging platform and leader users in the process of advertising game are included into their cooperation income, and the game payment matrix is constructed to obtain the equilibrium solution of the game between the two sides,...
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Challenges and Opportunities of E-government in Big Data Era

Naili Liu, Lei Ma
Big data is affecting our work, life, even economy and society. Nowadays, with the development of big data, big data not only provides opportunities for the development of e-government but also brings challenges to the development of e-government. This paper summarizes the impact of big data and opportunities...
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Interpretation of the Multimodal Cultural Pattern of Urban Tourism Images of Shaanxi

Ling Zhao, Qiang Fu
The tourism images of Shaanxi contain rich multimodal patterns embodying Shaanxi’s history, humanities and art and other local cultures. This paper aims to systematically analyze the multimodal coordination mechanism of Shaanxi urban tourism images and explore the ways and characteristics of promoting...
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Research on the Cognition of legal person Governance Structure in Private Colleges and Universities——Based on the investigation and analysis of some private colleges and universities in Tianjin

Ning Miao, Yucheng Zhi, Jing Fang, Luwen Sun
Through certain methods, this paper uses SPSS software to analyze the views of certain groups on the impact of legal person governance on University construction, and what problems exist in legal person governance in universities, so as to come up with solutions, so as to make our universities develop...
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Communication Between Chinese Parents and Children:Apology Should be Given from Parents for Invading Children’s Privacy

Xianlan Li
Peeping teenagers secrets, such as a diary, is a disrespectful but common way for Chinese parents who want to take care and raise their children. Another serious problem is that they hardly apologize for it. The paper focuses on the behavior that parents invade teenagers’ privacy and their apology to...
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Influencing Factors of indirect hospitalization cost in Changsha tertiary hospitals

Ying Du, Dan Wang, Xiaoqing Wu, Mi Zhang
To understand the indirect hospitalization cost and its influencing factors, we selected 195 patients from three hospitals as samples and did a series of questionnaire survey. Adopting descriptive analysis and single factor analysis, we found that in different age group the patients of six to ten bear...
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Analysis of the Influence of Mobile Payment onConsumer Behavior

Jing Xue, Li Lin
Based on the survey data of 652 samples from 13 provinces in China, this paper analyzes the influence of mobile payment on consumers' consumption behavior and finds that mobile payment stimulates consumers' consumption quantity and willingness to consume luxury goods. The impact of the change of payment...
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Study On The Transformation And Upgrading Countermeasures of Liuzhou Automobile Supply Chain

Zhiping Lu, Juanli Zhu
The automobile industry is the first pillar industry of Liuzhou, and also is the main battlefield for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry to achieve informatization and intelligence. The intelligentization reform of Liuzhou automobile supply chain is in the preliminary...
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Research on educational human capital in the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

Xiaoxiao Geng, Jinsong Pei
The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, as a regional economic growth pole in China, bears an important responsibility for China's economic development. Although the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei a vein into the geographical, cultural and spatial location has certain correlation, and still there is a huge difference...
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Philosophy Reflection on New Media Technology

Miao He
From the oral communication to the new media era, the transmission mode information quantity is gradually elevated to a higher level. New media technology has created a new way of human communication and social life, it is a great force to effect social change. This paper analyses the essence of new...
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Task-based Language Teaching for EFL Students Based on Blended Learning

Fanhong Meng, Chi Feng
This paper discusses the Task-based language teaching of college English courses based on the blended learning model. It argues that Task Based Learning could be realized in a blended learning environment. It suggests that the design should be carefully made in the Task-based learning activities and...
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Subtitling in Audiovisual Translation from the Functionalist Perspective

Qiunan Zhang, Lina Zhang
Nowadays, watching films is an effective way of enhancing culture communication and exchange. In order to help the audience appreciate foreign films easily and understand the foreign cultural elements clearly, audiovisual translation is researched extensively. With a view to improve the quality of English-Chinese...
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Analysis of Shared Express Packaging Design Based on Online Shopping Era

Bingbing Liu, Xueying Wang
Objective It discussed the value of shared express packaging to arouse the public's attention. Method It analyses the function of shared express packaging, explores the design method of shared express packaging, and summarizes the decisive factors of shared express packaging. Conclusion From the point...
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Urban spatial transformation in Sichuan Tibetan region

Liyun Yang, Xi Yang
The transformation of Tibetan towns in Sichuan is playing an important role in the smooth realization of China's overall well-off society. Connected the elements of urban planning, this paper made a quantitative analysis of urban spatial elements in Sichuan Tibetan region. Addition to this, it put forward...
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Research on the Impact of Population Aging on Consumption Growth

Yuntao Nie
On the fortieth year of Chinese reform and opening up, the economy continued to grow at a high speed during this period, and the age structure of the population also changed rapidly. This was manifested by a continuous decline in fertility, stagnation of the growth of the working-age population and a...
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Mortise and Tenon and Its Practice on Contemporary Furniture Design

Xiang Wang, Jianwei Yin
This paper mainly introduces the characteristics of mortise and tenon structure in Chinese traditional furniture. Based on the Chinese traditional furniture represented by the zodiac chair, the structures of mortise and tenon in the chair are analyzed in all components including back, armrests, seat...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of the Willingness to Share Knowledge in WeChat Moments

Hongting Xie, Juan Zhu
Social networks are important platforms for people in modern society to share information knowledge ,one of which is WeChat Moments. Investigating the influencing factors affecting users' willingness to share knowledge is of great significance both for the dissemination of knowledge and for exploring...
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Patent Comparison Analysis of Chinese and Global Intelligent Refrigerator Connectivity Technology

Mengling Pan, Yunhua Zhang, Jie Wu, Yafeng Wang
Based on Patsnap patent platform, this paper retrieves patent data in the field of intelligent refrigerator interconnection technology, and analyzes application trend, patent type, legal status, main applicant and technology distribution of interconnection technology. It compares intelligent refrigerator...
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Research on the overall structure of training system of mechanical major under the virtual simulation platform built by teachers and students

Mingming Xing, Lili Zhou, Li Zheng
In order to deal with the complex international environment, such as " Industry 4.0 ", " Industrial Internet ", "made in Britain 2050 strategy ", meeting the wave of Made in China 2025 industrial revolution, the lack of personnel training mode in the current undergraduate education system and limitations...
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A Study On the Theory of God's Science of Maturidi School

Cunping Yun
Maturidi school is one of the two pillars of Sunni sect in Islamic theology. In the heated debate on Islamic dogmatics, Maturidi school unswervingly protected the authority of the Book and the reason and became the one of the founders of the Sunni theology. Maturidi school successfully applied dialectical...
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Research on standardization of aircraft maintenance talents in the training mode of Modern Apprenticeship

Ying Yang
Objective: This paper discusses the standardization of aircraft maintenance personnel training in the modern apprenticeship mode in China. Method: Analysis of aircraft maintenance talents training in modern apprenticeship system, including the preparation stage, the implementation stage inside school,...
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Basketball Education and Training System Based on Practical Teaching Method

An Jin
This paper presents the basketball education and training system based on the practical teaching method. Basketball is a high strength, the overload of sports, and training personnel in our country for the characteristics of the basketball game, the rules of fuzzy, grasps the inaccurate that attaches...
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Research on the cultivation path of college students' scientific and technological innovation ability

Ling Bai
In recent years, colleges and universities in China have achieved some experience and results in innovation training for college students, but overall, the innovation ability and scientific research level of college students in China still need to be improved. From the perspectives of professional courses,...
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Studying on the factors of improving the quality competitiveness of service-oriented manufacturing

Ping Gu, Jinyuan Bao, Jiaxuan Wang
On the basis of analyzing the difference between service-oriented manufacturing and traditional manufacturing in quality management, this paper summarizes the new characteristic elements of service manufacturing quality management, makes a comprehensive analysis of these elements from the system point...
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Coping strategies for students' learning anxiety in college English classroom

Fanhong Meng, Chi Feng
This document explains and demonstrates the biggest emotional disorder in language learning is anxiety. Researchers are increasingly concerned about helping students overcome anxiety in foreign language learning. Based on the review of relevant literature, combined with my own teaching practice and teaching...
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Teaching Research on Mathematical Expressive Ability in the View of Core Literacy

Yanrong Wen
Mathematics expressive ability is a necessary ability to learn mathematics and an important carrier throughout mathematics teaching. Based on mathematical core literacy, the cultivation of mathematical expression ability has shown its unique value. It has not only tool value, but also thinking value...
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Factors Influencing College Students' Use of Shared Bicycles-- a Case Study of Jiujiang University, China

Liping Deng, Juan Zhu, Youxue Zhou
Under the environment of sharing economy, the undergraduates are an important subject in using bicycles. Through the analysis and processing of the survey data of SPSS and AMOS, it is found that the undergraduates' behaviors of using Shared Bikes are positively affected by their action intention, which...
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Study of Domestication and Foreignization on Commercial Advertisements Translation

Qiunan Zhang
Commercial advertisements aim at raising consumers’ purchasing desire and promoting the sales of products. It is believed that commercial advertisement translation can affect the sales of foreign products and profits of foreign enterprises. Advertisements are very crucial when a company is going to enter...
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A Comparative study of Ba Jin and Mahfouz from the Perspective of Patriarchy

Juntong Liang
Ba Jin and Naguib Mahfouz are two brilliant writers. They lived almost in the same era and both of them experienced social unrest and social change. They almost simultaneously wrote the “trilogy” representing the highest level of modern literature in their respective countries. Fathers are important...
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Research on the Strategy of Constructing Ecological Classroom of Basic Computer Education in Medical Colleges

Xiangyang Liu, Haixia Hu, Juan Bao
With the continuous integration of new technologies in the medical field, the computer literacy of medical posts puts forward higher requirements. Practical research at home and abroad shows that the theory of ecological classroom has a significant effect on improving the teaching of courses. The research...
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Research on the Systematic Innovation Method for Design Thinking Course

Xueying Wang, Bing bing Liu
This paper, carried out by the College of Art and Architecture, North China University of Technology, based on the recent innovation in design thinking course, focuses on the systematic innovation in design thinking to develop new ideas for design education, explore systematic innovation methods and...
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Research On The Cultivation Of College Student’s Consciousness Of intellectual Property Rights

Yanying Fei, Na Hao
Intellectual property can be transformed into real productivity, which is the core force affecting China's development. As the main creator and user of intellectual property in the future, it is of practical and long-term significance for college students to cultivate their consciousness of intellectual...
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Research on the Combination of Inventive Mechanisms of Mixed Ownership Enterprise Management

Ping Sun
Mixed-ownership enterprises are being widely promoted by various Chinese enterprises in various ways. The exploration of the incentive mechanism of mixed ownership enterprise management is in urgent need of theoretical guidance from the relevant new research on incentive mechanism design. There are many...
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Research on the Status and Cultivation Path of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Jingyao Liu, Ning Tang
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposed to promote the deep integration of the Internet and the real economy, accelerate the construction of innovative countries. As the builders of the new era, college students should seize the new opportunities of innovation...
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A Study on the Construction of Practical Teaching System for English Majors from the Perspective of National Standard

Jie Liang
The construction of practical teaching system is directly related to the development of students' practical ability, which is the key to the cultivation of English professional talents. The National Standard for Undergraduate Teaching Quality of Foreign Language and Literature Majors in Colleges and...
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Risk Analysis and Prevention Countermeasures of Guangdong Laboratory

Xue Lu, Li Sha, Junbo Luo
With the acceleration of the national laboratory layout,Guangdong Laboratory is an important measure for Guangdong Province to strive for the national laboratory landing,and it is an important platform for Guangdong Province to enhance regional innovation capabilities.Guangdong laboratory in Province...
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The influence of Japanese anime on the values of adolescent

Sen Lu, Rong Zhang
The Japanese animation industry is very mature, and it has a certain impact on the values of Chinese youth after entering the Chinese market. The courage to pursue dreams in Japanese anime and the determination to challenge difficulties and team awareness have a positive effect on the formation of correct...
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The Evolution of China's Aged Service Supply Model

Jinfeng Ma, Lixia Liang
Since China entered an aging society, the problem of old-age care has become more prominent. In providing elderly care services, the government, families, communities, markets, and social organizations have joined the ranks. From the analysis of the evolution of China's new China, the early stage of...
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Research on the Application of GIS in the problem of Aging

Shaozhen Yu, Weifeng Li
The first purpose of this paper is to correct the analysis model of the past experience and provide a quantitative decision-making mode for the visual and accurate knowledge of the aging problem. The second is to improve the public service configuration related to the old people, to provide effective...
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The Effectiveness of an Apology in Balenciaga Emergency

Zhaoqing Chen
An enterprise’s future depends on its consumers’ attitudes. When companies make mistakes, under most circumstances, they will make an apology. They hope to keep their business by apologizing. For this reason, grasping the relationship or rule of apology and economical circle from consumers will be helpful...
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Exploration and Practice of Third-Party Evaluation of Government affairs openness -- Take Shandong Province as an Example

Gang Li, Wei Wang, Hongze Xie, Mingle Zhou, Min Li
Government affairs openness is an inevitable requirement for building an open government, a law-based government, an innovative government, a clean government and a service-oriented government. Over the years, Shandong province has been continuously promoting the work of government affairs openness and...
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Teaching Design of Online Education Platform Based on Constructivism Theory

maojing Huang, kun Yu, mengting Huang
With the popularity of Internet mobile terminals and the construction and improvement of digital network facilities in colleges and universities in China, the construction and development of online education platform is showing a significant growth trend. But there are still common problems that the...
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“Internet+” Military Vocational Education: Logical connotation and Implementation path

Zhao Jing, Xiaoshuang Wang, Xinshe Qi, Yani Zhang
“Internet+”, is diffusing into and changing the field of education. It also provides realistic conditions and unprecedented opportunities for the reform and innovation of military vocational education. This paper discusses the implementation logic and development path of "Internet + " military vocational...
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A Study on Integrating English Speech into College English Teaching Based on "Output-Driven Hypothesis"

Xue Li
As a relatively formal language output activity, English speech is introduced into college English classes, which is conducive to cultivating students' independent learning ability and critical thinking ability, and is one of the effective means to improve students' comprehensive language application...
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How to Strengthen Translation Teaching in College English Education

Xue Li
There are many problems in college English translation teaching in China, but considering the characteristics of the current development stage and the deficiency of college English translation teaching, these problems are inevitable. What we need to do is to constantly improve all aspects of the teaching...
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Analysis of Tax Policy for Promoting the Development of China's New Energy Vehicles Industry

Lin Li, Xue Jing
New energy vehicle is the future development direction of vehicles, as one of China's strategic emerging industries,the new energy vehicles industry will also become one of the important emerging industry to promote the growth of the world economy. It is very important to solve the pollution of the...
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The way for Ecological Public Culture’s Promotion

Yuanlin Xu, Xueyi Li
Over-modernization has stimulated the problem of weak ecological consciousness. Therefore, we need strength the value guidance of ecological civilization consciousness and enhance the spirit of ecological public culture. This paper interprets the spiritual intention of ecological public culture with...
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Research on Systematic Construction and Application of Communication Line Engineering Training Environment Based on CDIO

XiaoShuang Wang, GuiJin Xia, Zhao Jing, XueJun Rao, Ren Shuai
In view of the existing problems in the construction of professional training environment in colleges and universities, this paper studies the methods of construction and application of the training environment of communication line engineering. Firstly, on the basis of analyzing the work tasks of communication...
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Research on the Effect of Tourism Impact Perception on the Subjective Well-being of Community Residents

Qian Li, Chenchen Xiao, Chenchen Liu, Qizhi Yang
Rapid social development has raised people's income level, and tourism has increasingly become a part of our lives. Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province is a famous tourist destination, the development of tourism is closely related to the local community residents. This paper explores its impact on residents'...
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Research on the Big Curriculum Construction of Circuit Signal and System under the Background of Emerging Engineering

Shuwang Chang, Yan Jing
Guided by the trilogy of emerging engineering construction, a novel teaching concept of student-centered, outcome-based has been updated and established. The knowledge fusions of three levels are achieved from interior of single course, among three courses and the interdisciplinary perspective for the...
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Appraisement of CIS of a Certain Hospital Based on SD Method

Wei Wang, Pengyu Lou, Wenjing Huang, Jun Chen
Objective to investigate how doctors and patients appraise CIS of a certain hospital, and analyze the basic condition of CIS, find the problems, thus to provide advises. Methods SD (Semantic Differential method) is used to survey the doctors and patients about how they appraise the CIS. Results the general...
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A Study of the Language Style of Yellow River Estuary Folk songs

Yuanhong Huang, Juan Liu
Folk songs are oral collective creation by working people, which are kind of poetry sung by dialect. Folk songs originate from labor life of the people, which reflect the regional culture. And it has distinctive geographical characteristics which are presented by the unique language style of folk songs....
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Empirical research for the interactive memory system and the shared mental and knowledge transfer---Software outsourcing project team is the research of object

Xiaona Bao, Linlin Zhang, Weihua Yang
Aiming at China, which is developing rapidly to become the most promising outsourcing service in the world, this paper discusses how to improve the knowledge transfer of outsourcing contractor in the process of software outsourcing and improve the quality of software outsourcing project. This paper introduces...
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A Summary of Research on Folk Ballads in China in the Past 30 Years

Juan Liu
From the perspectives of region and topic selection, this paper combs the current research situation of folk songs in China for nearly 30 years, in order to summarize the law, and "continue to talk" on the basis of previous studies. The research finds that: collecting and sorting out, cultural implication,...
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Implication of FLP on Early Literacy Education in Western Poverty-stricken Rural Area

Li Lin
The FLP has been carried out in UK and some European countries for dozens of years and has been justified to benefit the newly-immigrated and poverty-stricken families. Through the programs, both parents and their children can be promoted concerning their language performance and literacy skills. The...
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On the Cultivation of the Core Socialist Values in Colleges from the Perspective of the New Media

Jiqiang Liu
The new media such as micro-blog, Wechat and APP has become indispensable factors affecting the growth and success of contemporary college students in China. Colleges and universities should give full play to the advantages of new media in improving the appeal, effectiveness and innovation of education,...
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Exploration on the Effectiveness of Quality Education in Colleges of Architecture Technology

Zhiqing Cai
Colleges of architecture technology shoulder the task of training high-quality skilled professionals in production, construction, management and service. At present, the actual effect of quality education in colleges of architecture technology is preliminary apparent, but there are still many shortcomings....
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The Predicaments and Countermeasures of the Development of Preschool Integrated Education from the Perspective of Educational Ecology

Ying Wang, Zhao Kang
Preschool integrated education is to make some special children in non-mainstream education return to preschool education in ordinary kindergartens and to promote the integrated development of special children and normal children. Putting preschool integrated education into the perspective of education...
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Cultural Self-consciousness and Its Realization

Bing He
Today’s globalization and multicultural environment have aroused people’s cultural self-consciousness, which enables students to recognize the similarities and differences between the native culture and other cultures and view their native culture from a different frame of reference. At the same time,they...
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Output-oriented Approach and College English Teaching Reform

Bing He
Based on the in-depth analysis of the disadvantages and benefits of traditional college English teaching methods, the key problems to be solved in the course of curriculum reform are identified. Output-oriented approach is conducive to overcoming the disadvantage of "separation of learning and application"...
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Reconstruction results of people's livelihood in the earthquake-stricken areas -- a case study of dujiangyan

Fengqing Zeng, Wenjia Zhang, Wenyi Ning, Haoxin Tang, Xiao Gong
On May 12, 2008, a large earthquake with a Richter scale of 8.3Ms occurred in Aba Prefecture Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. Dujiangyan, a world cultural heritage site and a national 5A tourist attraction, which is only 23 kilometers away from the epicenter, has become one...
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Study on the Interactive Relationship between Audiences and the WeChat Public Accounts of Party Media in Tibetan Areas of Sichuan Province

Lei Yu, Xun Zhan
As the second largest Tibetan region in China, the party media in Sichuan plays an important role in maintaining long-term stability and ethnic unity in China. Based on the analysis of the interaction between the party media WeChat official account in Tibetan areas of Sichuan province and audiences,...
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The Development Implications of University Teachers from the Perspective of Scholarship of Teaching

Luo Li
The scholarship of teaching in universities are rooted in the teaching practice. As an academic form for studying the professional development of college teachers, it has gradually become the unique and new research dimension. The scholarship of teaching emphasizes not only on "teaching" but also on...
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Empirical Research on the Factors of High-end Talents Overseas Intelligence Return in Liaoning Province

Xiaona Bao, Wanling Yu, Xinyuan Ding
This topic takes the perspective of intelligence return as the entry point, sorting out the latest research on various areas of international intelligence return, in order to provide further research directions for the problem of talents return in our province, by means of deep research in theoretical...
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The Religious Destiny of the People in the regions or countries along the Belt and Road: A Case Study of the Destiny View of Maturidi School in Central Asia

Cunping Yun
Maturidi school is one of the two pillars of Sunni theology in Islamic theology. In this article the author gives us a detailed commentary on the theory of God's Decree and Man's Destiny of Maturidi School. According to Maturidi school Man has the freedom in his actions, God's Decree is not inconsistent...
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The Impact of Entrepreneurship on the Income Mobility of Farmers' Families

Panpan Cheng, Linyue Yu
This paper is based on Chinese Health and Nutrition Survey data, using transition matrix to estimate the relative income mobility of different farmers’ families. As the results show: Entrepreneurship has a significant impact on the income mobility of farmers' families. In general, the income mobility...
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The Practice and Thinking of College Students’ Labor Education in the New Era

Jinan Zhang, Cunbo Yang, Qing Hu
Labor education is an important way of comprehensive education in the new era. It is also an inevitable choice for college students to enrich their own quality and for their self-improvement. Carrying out labor education helps college students to practice socialist core values in the new era, improve...
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Study on the layout evaluation and optimization of cultural and creative industries in Liaoning province

Xiaonan Fan, Xue Zhang
The cultural and creative industry is an important driving force for traditional industrial innovation. It is an emerging industry with creativity as the core under the background of economic globalization. Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the cultural and creative industries in Liaoning Province...
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The Coupled Development Analysis of Hainan’s Tropical Sightseeing Agriculture and Homestay Tourism Based on Resource and Environmental Constraints

Yao Li
The combination of tropical sightseeing agriculture and homestay tourism in Hainan has greatly upgraded the ecological level and economic development in Hainan. Based on the constraints of resources and environment, this paper focuses on the development status and existing problems of tropical sightseeing...
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The Basic View of Constructing the Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind

Zhaohe Chen
Based on a deep analysis of current issues in China and the world and a comprehensive plan for the future development of mankind, President Xi Jinping proposed to build a community of common destiny for all mankind. In order to further promote the construction of a community of human destiny, we must...
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A Review of Ancient Land Annexation in China: Comparing to Modern Wealth Concentration

Yiping Bi
This paper will analyze the topic of land annexation in Ancient China using Ming dynasty as an example and further discuss how it played a role in the country economic situation by affecting its revenue taxation. Accordingly, this paper will also address the matter of wealth concentration in modern Chinese...
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Probe into the Problems and Countermeasures of College Students' Physical Exercise Based on System Dynamics Theory

Jian Xu, Li Fan
Based on the theory of system dynamics, this paper takes students from three universities in Jiangsu Province as the research object, and distributes self-made questionnaires to 546 students, using qualitative and quantitative research methods combined with the actual situation in Jiangsu Province. From...
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Research on Influencing Factors and Management Thinking of College Students' Physical Health

Jian Xu, Li Fan
This paper takes students of taizhou university as the research object, Through the physique test data of 305 students (166 male students and 139 female students), the qualitative and quantitative research methods are combined to analyze the current physical health status of students. At the same time,...
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Analysis of Implementing Hybrid Teaching in International Cruise Talents Education Illustrated by ESP Teaching

Ran Zhao
This essay explains and demonstrates the advantages of combining traditional learning and E-learning in fostering the upgrading of international cruise talents education illustrated by the ESP teaching and provide a basic paradigm consisting of four dimensions for the analysis of the related research...
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Thomas Pogge on the Negative Duties of Developed Countries to Poor Countries

Jinfeng Sun
Thomas Pogge adopts human rights as the criterion for evaluating the justice of the global order and holds that the basic human rights of the global poor are unrealized because there is widespread severe global poverty under the current global order. He argues that developed countries have shaped and...
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An Archives Utilization Platform Based-cloud and Big-data Technology for Universities’ Students in Sino-foreign Cooperative Education

Xianghong Cui
With the developing of clouds-computing and big-data technology in current ages and opening to the world in education of CHINA, there was a realistic and urgent problem that faced by colleges and universities’ Archives Administration Department: how to effectively manage, utilize, and provide service...
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A Study on the Reform Results of Classroom Teaching Mode of Organization and Work Design

Feng-xia Liu, Zao-zao Kang
The development of information technology has brought great impact on traditional teaching mode. How to use information technology to combine extracurricular learning with in-class teaching is the focus of modern teaching reform. This paper takes the students of human resources management as the survey...
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The Analysis of the tragic reality of The Great Gatsby

Jinxuan Jiang
After World War One, the economy in the United States boomed and flourished. People became obsessed with material and thus made money as their first goal of achievement. The story was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the background of the society, which depicted the lives of riches and the dream of...
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Influence of Talents of Different levels of Universities on Regional Economic Growth in China

Shu-ying Wang, Jie-yu Wang
As an important part of human capital, talents play a key role in promoting economic growth. Universities are shouldering the huge mission of exporting outstanding talents for the country, therefore, it is of great significance to study the impact of talent output at all levels of universities on regional...
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Traffic safety behavior analysis and preventive management measures of self-driving travel

ZhiHua Wang
Based on the analysis of the three factors that influence the behavior of road trips in this paper, the behavioral process of self-driving travel was divided into three stages: perception stage, cognitive stage and behavioral response stage. According to the emergence and release process of traffic accident...
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Research on the History and Development Trend of Enterprise Welfare

Jian Zhao, Lichun Sun, Mengqian Tian
The purpose of this study is to analyze the history and development trend of corporate welfare. The conclusion of this study is that the international development of corporate welfare can be divided into three stages which are welfare legalization, welfare universalization and welfare diversification....
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Research on the Connotation and Theory of State-owned Enterprise Welfare

Jian Zhao, Lichun Sun, Yubing Kang
The purpose of this study is to clarify the connotation and to summarize the typical theory of state-owned enterprise welfare. The conclusion of this study is that state-owned enterprise welfare has a narrow and broad sense. Narrow welfare refers to the welfare program that is allowed by welfare payment...
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Study on Construction of Natural Drinking Water Standard System in Tibet Autonomous Region

Zhenyu Yun, Yao Zhang,, Qin Wang, Shan Diao
Based on the current situation and actual demand of natural drinking water industry in Tibet Autonomous Region, this paper puts forward the standardization object of natural drinking water in Tibet Autonomous Region. According to the principles of unity & coordination, whole process of the industry,...