Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Languages and Arts (ICLA-2019)

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Mapping the Learning Needs of Multicultural Generation Z Students

Zariul Antosa, Yanuar Kiram, Gusril, Firman
Mapping the learning needs of multicultural generation Z students is essential. This research is quantitative research which aims to describe the learning needs of multicultural Z generation students. A learning process has to have a positive atmosphere that encourages students to be Actively Involved...
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The Development of Teaching Materials for Micro Teaching Assisted by Learning Videos to Improve Students’ Teaching Practice Abilities

Suib Awrus, Yusron Wikarya, Wisdiarman, Syafei
This study aims to develop teaching material for micro teaching assisted by learning video that is feasible, practical and effective which is used in lecture on micro teaching in the Fine Arts department. This research was a development study with a 4-D development model, namely define, design, develop...
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The Development of A Fairy Tale Text Learning Model Using Problem Based Learning Approach in Class IV Elementary School

Mursal, Syahrul Ramadhan, Ermanto, Atmazaki
The background of this study is due to the low ability of students in writing fairy-tale texts accompanied by personal opinions. This type of research is research and development. The development model in this research is to use a model developed by Thiagarajan, which consists of four stages of development,...
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The Representation of Psychomotor Domain in English Textbooks for Senior High School Grade X

Nursyahrifa, Mukhaiyar, Jufrizal
This study was conducted to evaluate the revised edition of two English textbooks entitled Bahasa Inggris and Pathway to English for senior high school grade x. The aim is to evaluate the extent to which these textbooks offer learning that promotes students’ psychomotor skill. Basic competencies in psychomotor...
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Teachers’ Needs for Authentic Assessment to Assess Writing Skill at Grade X of Senior High Schools in Tanah Datar

Kessy Pamela, Refnaldi, M. Zaim
Authentic assessment as an important form of assessment that can demonstrate meaningful action of essential skills and knowledge to be performed in real situation, not only in learning process. Moreover, this article aims to find out the teachers’ need on authentic assessment for assessing one of the...
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English Language Teachers’ Practices of Textbook Adaptation Techniques

Novita Umi Pratiwi, Jufrizal, Hamzah
The principal purpose of this article was to present the kinds of adaptive techniques used by the English language teachers in the English textbook for students of Senior and Vocational high schools which was developed by the center for curriculum and textbook development under the ministry of education...
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Development of Electronic Module Hikayat Text Based on Project Based Learning (PJBL) Class X Students of High Schools

Ulva Rahmi, Syahrul Ramadhan, Yasnur Asri
This study aims to describe the development of a valid electronic learning module based on saga text based on Project Based Learning (in terms of content, presentation, linguistic, and graphic), practical (in terms of ease of use and suitability with time), and effective (in terms of activities students,...
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The Development of Problem-Based Learning Module for Writing Exposition Paragraphs for X Grade Students of SMA N 8 Padang

Rakafaeri, Syahrul Ramadhan, Irfani Basri
The background of the problem in this research is the teaching materials used have not been able to fulfil the needs of the exposition writing process. Therefore, a module need to be developed as one of the teaching materials to solve these problems. The purpose of this study was aimed at describing...
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Need Analysis of Developing English Module Through Poster Presentation Assisted by Vlog

Rasmita, Shally Amna
The research aims to analyze the need for English module and learning strategy for students in Information System department of Computer Science Faculty UPI-YPTK Padang. The method used was a descriptive-analytic and qualitative approach to describe the students’ needs. The data were collected through...
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Need Analysis on English for Hotel at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality at Universitas Negeri Padang

Ratmanida, Sitti Fatimah, Muhd. Al-Hafizh, Ira Meirina Chair
The importance of English proficiency in tourism sector, especially for hotel staff is undeniable. This study aims to explore the needs of English for tourism sector, in particular English needs for hotels. The result of the analysis of the needs will become the factors to be considered in developing...
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Developing Reading Task Evaluation Rubric to Identify Target Tasks for Particular Readers: An Analyzing Stage

Nina Suzanne, Mukhaiyar, Yenni Rozimela, Refnaldi
This study aims to develop a rubric of reading task evaluation. Task cannot be separated from reading comprehension activities. Usually, teachers or lecturers tend to give available tasks provided by the textbook or create their own. However, sometimes the tasks are not appropriate and not fulfill the...
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Teaching Materials of Silent Reading With the OK5R Strategy for Elementary School Students in the Era of Revolution 4.0

Taufina, Dina Dahliana
This study aims to develop teaching materials of silent reading with the OK5R strategy in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 for teacher and grade IV students that are valid, practical, and effective. The development is carried out based on the Plomp (Preliminary Research, Prototyping Phase and...
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The Development of Electronic Module Based on Discovery Learning in Writing Explanation Text

Sucia Winita, Syahrul Ramadhan, Yasnur Asri
This study aims to describe the process of developing an electronic module based on discovery learning for writing explanation text theory that is valid, practical, and effective. The type of study is Research and Development (R&D). The development model used in this research is the 4D model, which...
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The Development of Worksheets and Lesson Plan Based on the Scientific Approach for Craft Material in Junior High Schools

Wisdiarman, Abd. Hafiz, Syafwan, Zubaidah
There are some instructional tools that teachers must prepare before teaching such as students’ worksheet and lesson plan. They are very necessary or the teaching and learning process. However, a scientific-based approach has not been implemented for grade 7th junior high school students in craft lesson....
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An Analysis of Reading Comprehension Questions in English Textbooks for SMAN Kota Padang: HOTS

Yetti Zainil, Rusdi Noor Rosa, Fitrawati
This paper presents the investigation on the reading comprehension questions found in the textbooks for Senior High School EFL classrooms in Padang, West Sumatra related to the level of the reading comprehension questions. A basic premise is that higher-order thinking skill has become a major theme in...
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Composition of High Order Thinking Skill in English Course Book for the Tenth Grade of Senior High School in Indonesia

Syamsul Ibrar, Mukhaiyar
This research describes the composition of HOTs in reading exercises of English course book for 10th grade senior high school published by the ministry of education and culture based on the Bloom’s Taxonomy. This research is a descriptive. The data was collected through several instruments, namely English...
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An Analysis of Speaking Materials in English Textbook for the Tenth Grade of the Senior High School

Ratmanida, Yeni Suryanti
The purpose of this research is to find the quality of materials in the English textbook for the tenth grade of senior high school. This research focus on speaking material in the textbook for senior high school. This is descriptive research. The data is the textbook assessment scores in the form quantitative...
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Need Analysis on an Availability of Reading Comprehension Module Based on Scientific Approach for Tenth Grade Students: A Study at SMAN 7 Padang

Siti Aminah Nusa, Jufrizal, Zul Amri
Scientific approach is a learning approach suggested by the government in implementing 2013 Curriculum at schools in Indonesia. In supporting learning activities based on scientific approach, learning resources are needed in accordance with the goals of 2013 Curriculum itself. Therefore, the government...
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Collaborative Writing in Writing Process: How Effective?

Rezy Anggraini, Yenni Rozimela, Desvalini Anwar
This quasi-experimental research aims to investigate the effect of collaborative writing on students’ writing skill at SMA Negeri 3 Padang Panjang. The population was 80 students of grade eleventh. The samples, which were selected by using cluster random sampling, were categorized as the experimental...
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The Implementation Genre-Based Approach in Teaching Reading at Senior High School

Wiwiek Angraini, Yenni Rozimela
This article was written to describe one of studies the application of Genre-Based Approach (GBA) in teaching reading at senior high school. The objective of this research is to describe the implementation of Genre-Based Approach (GBA) in teaching English. This research is descriptive study using observation...
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The Effect of Diagraming Sentence on the Students’ Achievement in Identifying Adjective and Adverb

Erlindawaty, Adinda
The objective of this study is to find out the effect of using diagramming sentences on the students’ achievement in identifying part of speech, especially for adjectives and adverbs. The research was conducted at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara....
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Improving Nursing Student’s Speaking Ability Through Information Gap, Oral Report Activities at STIKES Merchubakti Jaya

Firdaus, Sitti Fatimah
This research was aimed to improve the student’s speaking ability through information gap and oral report activities in STIKes Merchubaktijaya Padang in comprehension, pronunciation, grammatical, vocabulary, and fluency aspects. The research used class action research. The subject of the research was...
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The Implementation of Scientific Approach in Teaching English Based on 2013 Curriculum at SMAN 1 2x11 Kayutanam

Rigasyahyana Gani, Havid Ardi
The research was to find out the implementation in using scientific approach in teaching English. The research was conducted at SMAN 1 2x11 Kayutanam, Padang Pariaman. The research used descriptive method. The data were taken from observation.The observation was used to find out the teaching learning...
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Investigating the Effect of Teams-Games-Tournament (TGT) Technique Towards Students’ Speaking Skill

Tuty Handayani Gusadha, Mukhaiyar, Ratmanida
This study aimed to investigate the effect of Teams-Games-Tournament (TGT) Technique towards students’ speaking skill. Type of this research was a quantitative research with quasi-experimental design. 60 students of XI grade at SMA Negeri 9 Padang were choosed as the sample of this research which divided...
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The Implementation of Module Based on Jigsaw Learning Model to Improve Students’ Grammar Understanding for Non Formal School (Package B) Students in Pariaman City

Wienda Gusta, Dian Christina, Zakirman
This research is motivated by the limitation of English language teaching materials in a non-formal institution of Pariaman city that can improve students’ grammar understanding. The purpose of this study is to see a comparison of students’ grammar understanding before and after the implementation of...
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Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) and Students’ Attitude Towards Writing Achievement at SMP N 34 Pekanbaru

Nadia Nurul Huda
This research aimed at finding out (1) whether any significant difference of students’ writing skill between those who were taught using student team skill division (STAD) and those who were taught using think pair share (TPS); (2) whether the students with a high attitude who were taught through STAD...
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Enhancing Students’ Ability in Listening to Lectures Through TQLR (Tune in, Question, Listen, Review) Strategy Assisted by Youtube Videos

Imelda Darmayanti Manurung
This study was carried out to improve the students’ ability in listening to lectures due to the students’ difficulties in learning this listening material. Therefore, a classroom action research by applying TQLR (Tune In, Question, Listen, Review) strategy assisted with You Tube Videos was done to solve...
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Problem Solving Ability and Communication Skill Through Problem-Based Learning Approach

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which complex real-world problems are used as the vehicle to promote student learning of concepts and principles as opposed to direct presentation of facts and concepts. In addition to course-content, problem-based learning can promote the development...
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The Effect of Team Accelerated Instruction (TAI) Strategy and Students’ Motivation on Reading Comprehension of Analytical Exposition Text at Grade XI MIA of SMAN 3 Padang

Rina Irawan Nasution, Zul Amri
This research aimed to find out the effect of Team Accelerated Instruction (TAI) strategy and students’ motivation on reading comprehension of analytical exposition text at grade XI MIA of SMAN 3 Padang. This research was a quasi-experiment research. The population of this research is the second graders...
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The Use of Task-Based Learning to Enhance Speaking Skill of Senior High School Students

Afria Nita, Yenni Rozimela, Ratmanida
This research was aimed at investigating the use of Task-Based Learning in enhancing speaking skill of senior high school students. This research was a quantitative research which used quasi-experimental design. This research assigned two classes; experimental and control class which each class consisted...
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The Effect of Collaborative Learning Technique on Students’ Reading Comprehension

Rahmi Putri, M. Zaim, Hamzah
This research was aimed at testing the effect of collaborative learning technique on students’ reading comprehension and it was a kind of quasi-experimental research. The population of this research was the tenth grade of SMKN 1 Pariaman enrolled on 2018/2019 academic year.The samples were X TMI1 as...
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Cooperative Learning Structures (CLS) to Improve Students’ Speaking Skill

In learning a language, we learn the four skills, they are speaking, listening, reading, and writing.One of the important skills that must be mastered by the learners is speaking. Mastering speaking is a need in order to be able to use the language to communicate. One of the methods that attracts many...
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The Effect Of Applying Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM) on the Students’ Achievement in Writing Descriptive Text

Ambar Wulan Sari, Santika
The objective of this research was to find out the effect of applying picture word inductive model (PWIM) on students’ achievement in writing descriptive text.The method of research was the experimental research method. The population of this research was taken from the eight grade and the second year...
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Investigating the Effect of Peer Feedback on Students’ Writing Skill

Rias Wita Suryani, Yenni Rozimela, Desvalini Anwar
The objective of the study was to investigate the effect of peer feedback on students’ writing skill. The study adopted quasi-experimental research design. It involved 70 eleventh grade students in two intact classes at one of the public senior high school in West Sumatera, Indonesia. The students were...
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The Effect of Guided Reading Strategy and Reading Interest on Reading Comprehension of Grade VIII Students of SMPN 16 Pekanbaru

Risa Tiarazani, Hamzah, Jufri
Reading comprehension is a necessity in foreign language learning, especially on beginner students. Students reading interest would also develop given the time spent on learning different literacy. Researcher wanted to explore it as a contributing factor when engaging them to read and to comprehend....
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Improving Students’ Vocabulary Through Words Games at Grade VI of SDS Setia Padang

Athessa Widya Arwandi, Hermawati Syarif, Havid Ardi
The problem of this research is based on the phenomena of students at VI class of SDS Setia Padang. Based on the observation, the students’ still have lack of vocabulary. There are various teaching methods have been offered by the experts, one of them is through of word games. Word games mostly used...
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College Students’ Learning Style in Basic Listening Course at English Department UNP Padang

Aryuliva Adnan, Leni Marlina, Amalya Shawfani
Most students at English Department of UNP experience difficulties in learning Listening courses. Besides it is very rare for the students to realize their learning strategies which are suitable with their learning style. As a result, every semester many students have problems with their listening comprehension...
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Grammatical Errors Committed by the English Department Students in Writing an Argumentative Essay

Armila Depega, Jufrizal
This research aims at investigating the types and causes of grammatical errors made by the English department students. In learning writing essay, the students are expected to be able to write a good essay with some aspects, in the fact they still had problems even errors in writing. Error is common...
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Students’ Perception Towards Teacher Beliefs and Its Effect on Students’ Motivation and Achievement

Muhammad Kholis, M. Zaim, Refnaldi
The purpose of this research is to identify the students’ perception about teacher belief in English as general subject at Universitas Negeri Padang. This is ex-post facto research. The students of English as general subject in 2019 academic year were the population of this study. The sample was chosen...
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An Analysis of the Implementation of Scientific Approach of the 2013 Curriculum in Teaching English at SMKN 2 Payakumbuh

Wahyu Sri Maulida, Mukhaiyar, Desvalini Anwar
The aim of this research is to investigate the implementation of Scientific Approach of the 2013 curriculum by an English teacher who teaches at SMK N 2 Payakumbuh. This research employs a case study qualitative research design. The data were collected through document analysis, observation of teaching...
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Factors That Influence Social Sciences University Students’ Ability in Learning English to Face International Competiveness In 4.0 Era

Meladina, Hendra Putra
Lack of English language ability in this 4.0 era is a serious problem. English is an International language which is used by every country, even though in those countries do not use English as their first language. Furthermore, in this era, people are expected to have acknowledged of English in order...
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EFL Students’ Speaking Achievements in Relation to Their Language Attitude and Anxiety

Mia Audina Pratiwi, Mukhaiyar
This research aims at investigating the EFL learners’ Speaking Achievements in relation to their language attitude and anxiety. This is a mixed method research which specifically analyses both of qualitative and quantitative data. The data of this research were collected through distributing questionnaires,...
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Students’ Ability in Developing Generic Structure, Cohesion and Coherence in Writing Hortatory Exposition Text

Yerny Syafnida, Havid Ardi
Some English teachers always find several problems in teaching writing about the genre as the topics in the lesson plan. The problems are in the grammar, generic structure, cohesion and coherence. The purpose of this research is to describe how is the ability of students Grade XI social class of SMAN...
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Problems Encountered by the Twelfth Grade Students of MAN 2 Padang in Answering High Order Thinking Skill Questions in Reading Explanation Text

Dini Wahyuni, Jufrizal
The aim of this research was to describe the problems encountered by the twelfth grade students of MAN 2 Padang in answering high order thinking skill questions in reading explanation text. The design of this research was descriptive qualitative research. The number of population were 461 students. The...
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Students’ Ability in Writing Paragraph Components and Their Perceptions on Academic Essay as Reflected in the Students’ Thesis

Trisna Yolanda, Sitti Fatimah, Desvalini Anwar
The ability to write academic essays is one of the learning outcomes that have to be achieved by the graduates of English Language Education Program (ELEP), in Universities in Indonesia. This ability will be helpful for helping the students to complete their undergraduate thesis. Preliminary observation...
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Students’ Errors in Simple Past Tense on Recount Text at Class IX SMPN 1 Lubukbasung

Etty Musfia, Muhd. Al Hafizh
The purpose of this study is to describe the kinds of errors made by the students of class IX SMPN 1 Lubuk Basung in using simple past tense in writing a recount text. The design of this research was descriptive qualitative research with the students of grade IX who taught by the same teacher at grade...
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Metacognitive Strategies Used by Students of Andalas University in Writing Paragraph

Jufrizal, Nelmira Dewita
Writing task is still a difficult and challenging task for students. In order to face this condition, students must have strategies. One of strategies is metacognitive strategies. These strategies can help students to do the writing task. There are four strategies in metacognitive strategies, namely;...
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An Analysis of Prepositional Phrase Used in Thesis at Graduate Program of Universitas Negeri Padang

Yuli Eka Putri, Hermawati Syarif, Refnaldi
The principal purpose of this article was to present the types of prepositional phrase structure are mostly found on students’ Thesis in Graduate Program at Universitas Negeri Padang. The method used in this research was descriptive. The source of the data for this research was the review of related...
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Wordplay in Shrek Movie and Its Bahasa Indonesian Subtitle

Halimah Tussa’diah, Iranda Bella Utami
The objectives of this study were to find out the types of wordplay in Shrek movie and techniques of translating wordplay used in it. Descriptive qualitative method was conducted in this study. The source of the data was obtained by downloading Shrek movie and the script of the Shrek movie. In collecting...
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College Students’ Attitude Towards English Variety in English Learning

Rahma Yanti
This research investigates college students’ attitudes toward the variation of English in the process of English learning. The aim of this study is to explain types of English variations uttered by some college students who are considered as respondents in this study and their attitudes toward the variations...
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Exploring Students’ Affixation Error on Writing Hortatory Exposition Essay

Reni Putri Gemini, Hermawati Syarif, Hamzah
This research aimed to pinpoint affixation errors in writing, which was done by extracting the errors in the writings of 30 hortatory exposition essays written by students of English Education Department at Universitas Negeri Padang. This study was using Plag’s (2003) theory of affixation and McCarthy’s...
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Morphological Errors on Japanese Verb Conjugation to Passive Form at Third-Year Students of Japanese Education Study Program of UNP

Meira Anggia Putri
Verbs are a class of words that can stand alone and conjugate. The Japanese verb has various forms of conjugation, and it differs based on the group of the verb. One form of verb conjugation in Japanese is verb change to the passive form. In conjugating verb to passive form, the Japanese learners of...
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Mythological Criticism Analysis in Novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari

Ratna Sari Dewi, Masdalifah
This study deals with Mythological Criticism Analysis in Novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari. The objectives of this study are to find out the concept of mythological criticism in Novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk, and to find out the dominant concept of mythological criticism in Novel ronggeng Dukuh...
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Accuracy of Words Rigidity in Prabowo Subianto’s Political Communication

Ermanto, David Syasli, Novia Juita
Accuracy of standard and non-standard words a figure presenting these figures competency in utilizing Indonesian while conveying ideas, opinions, and valuation of an object. Prabowo is a politician who utilize the standard and not as a means to achieve political objectives. The method used in this study...
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The Model Formulation of Critical Attitudes of “Biased” Readers to the Regional Election Baliho Texts in the City of Meccas Veranda: A Cultural Semiotics Study

Sulastri, Diah Tyahya Iman, Ronidin
Padang Panjang is considered as a heterogeneous city in a society. It is due to this city as a group which assign itself and explicate benchmarks community in critical thinking when reading text on billboards. Reader’s thoughts can be transformed into formulation of billboard displayed on the wayside....
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The Criticizing Strategies by the National Campaign Team (TKN) and the National Winning Agency (BPN) in the 2019 Presidential Election Debate

Nurul Rahmadani, Agustina
This research was motivated by the dominant use of criticism by TKN and BPN in the 2019 Presidential Election Debate. Therefore, this research aims to: (1) uncover the types of criticizing strategies used by TKN and BPN, and (2) to explain and describe the use of criticizing strategies in the 2019 Presidential...
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Cagub-Cawagub’s Ideology in the Jakarta Regional Election Debate 2017 (Through the Vocabulary of a Marginalization)

Rafika Deri Bethinia, Agustina, Haris Effendi Thahar
Debate is something important to be researched because through public debate can know the quality of Cagub-cawagub (governor and vice governor candidates) that will be the leader of DKI Jakarta. This study aims to uncover an all-in-one vocabulary used by Cagub-Cawagub in the Jakarta regional election...
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Pre Instructional Design for Academic Writing in Digital Era

Lili Perpisa, M. Zaim, Mukhaiyar, Ahmad Fauzan
In competitive era to produce high quality of learning outcome, educators should be creative and innovative in designing learning instructional. They are as answers what the students need. Domain of teaching writing has been touched by online writing instruction (technology-enabled learning environment)....
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The Effect of Using Cartoon Story Maker (CSM) Software on Students’ Speaking Ability at SMA N 1 Solok Selatan

Wiwik Rince Jelita, Mukhaiyar, Desvalini Anwar
This research is aimed at finding out the influence of using Cartoon Story Maker (CSM) software on students’ speaking ability. Related to the aim of the research, an experimental method is carried out in SMA N 1 Solok Selatan at grade tenth. The population was all the tenth grade students of social program...
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ESL Games+: A Modern Online Game in Teaching Vocabulary for Young Learners

Deva Septida
Recently, online game becomes the most popular and favorite thing among children. Using online games in teaching English for children, especially vocabulary is a new modern and innovative method to foster their vocabulary mastery through their interest. Teaching through games will help teachers to make...
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Incorporating “Whatsapp” Into a University Vocabulary Development

Fatimatul A’izah
Vocabulary is the most important level of language knowledge for learners to acquire. Knowledge which enables them to participate in listening and speaking activities merit the highest priority for interpersonal contexts. Education system has developed rapidly, technology has attacked our life, everyone...
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Teachers’ Perception on Blended-Learning Model in Teaching English at State Vocational School Assisted by Edmodo

Rini Ekayati
This research is aimed to describe teachers’ perception on blended-learning model in teaching English at State Vocational School. Descriptive qualitative method was used in this study in order to examine how teachers perceived the implementation of blended-learning model assisted by Edmodo in teaching...
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Improving Students’ Comprehension of Short Story by Using Video

Darda Sutfi Ningsih, Havid Ardi
In STKIP Muhammadiyah Sungai Penuh was found that the semester VI students had a problem in comprehension of short story. They had lack understanding to comprehend the short story, low motivation, and they had lack of books to read available in library. The purpose of this research was to explain how...
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Lecturers’ Perception on English Ability in Supporting the Quality of Teaching

Rini Afriani, Engla Desnim Silvia
English takes an important part in the lecturers’ carrier. It can be seen that low English ability can be an obstacle in some situations. In this case, lectures should prepare themselves with good English ability. The design of this research was descriptive. The aims of this research were to describe...
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Reporting Verbs in Academic Articles Written by English Teachers in Sumatera Barat: A Study of Professional Competence of English Teachers

Mawaddah Muharromah, Hermawati Syarif
In the area of academic writing, citation has a major portion as it has to be included in the writing. Citation plays some roles, which enables writers to attribute content to other sources and allows writers to convey reported research activity and evaluation of the messages from the cited ideas. In...
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Teacher’s Corrective Feedback on Spoken Error and Students’ Perception

Noviwi Halenci, Yetti Zainil
The teacher has an important role in giving feedback to the students about their errors to avoid fossilization. This research aimed to find out corrective feedback teacher’s types provided on spoken error and to examine the students’ perception toward the corrective feedback. This research was document...
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English Teachers’ Professional Competence in Comprehending Factual Text in Padang Pariaman Regency

Triani Oktarina, Hermawati Syarif
English teachers’ professional competence is interesting to be discussed since it is about the ability of English teachers in mastering learning materials deeply in order to guide the students to achieve competency standard. This is a descriptive research which aims to describe the professional competence...
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Teacher’s Performance in Public Senior High School (A study in Bungo City, Jambi Province, Indonesia)

Ermita, Hade Afriansyah
Teaching involves the arts of teachers to manage all of their teacher preparation, implementation, and evaluation. This article aims to describe how high teacher’s performance in public senior high school and how to increase it. There are 54 teachers as the sample in this research chosen by proportional...
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Introduction to Nature of Minangkabau Culture With the Philosophy of Learning from the Nature Through Scientific Approach

Sofia Marni, Delfi Eliza
Beside language as part of culture, children needs to know the culture and philosophy of the society. The Minangkabau people call their homeland the name of the nature of Minangkabau, with the philosophy, “learn from the nature” (Alam takambang jadi guru). The nature, is interpreted as a source of knowledge...
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The Power of Merchandise in Building the Image of Universitas Negeri Padang

Eko Purnomo, Syafwandi
This article aims to describe the role of merchandise in building and developing the impression of an institution, including in developing the reputation of a university. In specific, this article analyzes the strength of merchandise in introducing Padang State University at the national and international...
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Education Values in Podang Dance at Napar Nagari Koto Nan Gadang Payakumbuh West Sumatra

E Gustia Arini, Yos Sudarman
This article aims to reveal the education values in the Podang dance performance at Napar Nagari Koto Nan Gadang Payakumbuh City. The education values contained in the Podang dance performance are forms of Napar community life. The method used in this research is the ethnographic method. The qualitative...
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The Symbolic Meaning of Galombang Duo Baleh in Sintuk Communities Padang Pariaman Sumatera Barat

Darmawati, Herlinda Mansyur
Galombang duo baleh is a traditional art found in the Pariaman community in general and the Sintuk community in particular in West Sumatra. The purpose of the study is to examine the values in Galombang duo baleh in which this art is an activity in various Alek of Sintuk societies that has symbolic elements....
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Inventory, Identification, and Analysis of Randai Performing Arts Elements for the Development of Minangkabau Theatrical Dance

Tulus Handra Kadir
This article describes the inventory, identification and analysis of elements of Randai performing art for the development of the Minangkabau theatrical dance based on Randai in the context of developing the Minangkabau performing arts. The development of contemporary performing arts, Randai and Minangkabau...
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The Representation Study of Educational Value in Saur Matua Customs at the Death Ceremony as the Identity of Batak Toba Community in Bukittinggi City

Dina Astuty, Indrayuda
The traditional of saur matua is was a traditional ceremony for the dead has given birth to grandchildren of both boys and girls. Saur means complete/perfect in kinship, has a grandchild. Because the deceased is perfect in kinship so it must be implemented perfectly. This study aims to analyze the educational...
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Music Education in the Thematic Lessons for Elementary Schools

Rarely are researches discussing about a theme-based music education intended for elementary school students found. The research on this topic, nonetheless, is particularly important to reveal whether or not the practice currently implemented by primary school teachers have met the principles of effective...
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Limited Creativity as a Form of Minangkabau Traditional Randai Preservation

Fabio Yuda, Emah Winangsit, Hengki Armez Hidayat, Fajry Sub’haan Syah Sinaga
A report from Jawa Post (2016) said that Randai as a Minangkabau traditional art is no longer performed in the conventional form. It is proved since there are many factors cause traditional art to be less attractive to the public. This concern makes Randai as one of the traditional art objects which...