Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Arts and Design Education (ICADE 2021)

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The Role of HAMKRI in Preserving Keroncong Music in Semarang

Abdul Rachman, Udi Utomo, Syahrul Syah Sinaga, Meizan Riza Arhamni
This study intends to discuss the role of HAMKRI in preserving keroncong music, especially in the city of Semarang so that keroncong music still exists and is in demand by the public, especially the younger generation. This study used a qualitative method. Data collection techniques were carried out...
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Improving Creativity Through Development of Dance Learning Models for Teachers in Junior High Schools in Bandung

Ace Iwan Suryawan, Yoyoh Siti Mariah, Putri Lilis Dyani
The empathy and seriousness of the teachers in Junior High Schools in developing the creativity of Dance Education in particular is felt to be lacking. In general, teachers tend to have difficulties in developing innovative learning concepts. Traditional learning becomes a dominating habit. As a result,...
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Video as a Learning Media Saxophone Alto Basic Levels

Agung Prabowo, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
Multimedia learning is essential in the world of modern education, with the development of learning technology it can be done anytime and anywhere. The trend of learning using audio video media is the most common choice in this modern world. Students do independent learning, so they have flexible time...
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Changes to the Art Function of Angklung Sered Balandongan Before and After Indonesian Independence

Agus Ahmad W, Juju Masunah, Tati Narawati, Rita Milyartini
The purpose of writing this article is to describe the results of research on changes in the function of angklung in Tasikmalaya, West Java, before and after Indonesian independence. The research method uses ethnography. Data were collected through interviews with angklung figures, observations of angklung...
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Development of Campus Potential-Based Integration Education Tourism Model

Agus Budiman, Achmad Hufad, Purnomo Purnomo
This study discusses the development of the integration education tourism model as an effort to foster an entrepreneurial spirit through empowering student associations at the Faculty of Art and Design Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The purpose of this paper is to report the results of...
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Peer-Review Statements

phil Yudi Sukmayadi, Ade Gafar Abdullah, Isma Widiaty, Cep Ubad Abdullah
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Making Accessories with 3D Printer, the New Methods for Vocational Education in Bandung

Akhmadi Akhmadi, Ardianto Nugroho
Vocational High Schools (SMK) have technical and practical learning methods. The teachers always give simulations for students directly for the best education. Both must follow the trends of machine and technology innovation. Three-dimensional printing (3D printer) is increasingly being used by industry...
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Process of Learning Kpop Dance in the United Serang Dance Community of Serang

Amalia Rizki Putriani, Juju Masunah
USDC (United Serang Dance Crew) is a dance community located in Serang Banten. This community is actively involved in Korean dance activities or can be called Kpop Dance, there are also several kinds of dances as hip-hop, b-boy, and waacking. The purpose of writing this article is to present the results...
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Kacapi Kawih Wanda Anyar Learning Online

Ardi Rahadian Drazatna, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
Learning is an event of interaction or communication between an educator and a student, therefore learning and teaching is an event that has always occur at the same time. Seeing the state of the pandemic that hit Indonesia, certainly it had an impact on learning and teaching process, everything is so...
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Analysis of Ruth Stella’s Baroque Piano Arrangement

Fuga based on Bintang Kejora

Asani Gian Haviana, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
Piano instrument have spread all over the world. Cultural differences are one of the inhibiting factors for piano learning, so it need to develop culture- based learning materials. There are a number of piano arrangements that adapt the playing techniques of romantic, classical, and baroque styles to...
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Resconstruction of Kamasan Pasir Jambu Crafts Based on Creative Industry

A. S. M. Atamtajani, J. Masunah, T. Karyono
Kamasan craft is one of Indonesia’s cultural treasures. Various crafts from various regional backgrounds give birth to a community with its own specifications and qualities. The focus of this research is to explain the process of reconstructing kamasan craft based on creative industries. Reconstruction...
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“Lentera Asa” Documentary Film

A Relationship between Social Status and Education Awareness

Azkal Azqiya, Irwan Sarbeni, Nenden Suryamanah Annisa, Dendy Kanaya, Nela Aulia Nurliani
Education is a core element of Indonesian nation development. Qualified education may improve human resources quality of life. ‘Lentera Asa’ is a community engaged in community-based education that aims to improve human resources by providing free additional learning. To this day, Lentera Asa has been...
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Cirebon Mask Dance as a Tourism Attraction in Sunyaragi Cave, Cirebon City

Bernita Kirana Lestari, Juju Masunah
Sunyaragi Cave is one of the tourism destinations in Cirebon City. Sunyaragi Cave is a historical cave in the era of the Cirebon sultanate. In the area outside Sunyaragi Cave there is a building called Pesanggrahan which is used for offerings of Cirebon Mask Dance, Sanggar Dewata Sentja. The dance is...
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Revitalization of Seke Areung for Houshold Water Needs in Kampung Nyalindung

Documentary Film Study Project

Daffi Harmawan, Irwan Sarbeni, Mauly Putri Dipiati, Abhi Rama Zahran Zein, Fahri Anang Marzuki, Nabila Pramadita
(EN) Water has a function that cannot be ignored and can be obtained from various sources, one of which is the presence of springs. The presence of springs in an area can be influenced by several factors, namely geological objects, rainfall, topography, and hydrological properties. The spring which is...
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Characteristics of Terebang Gede Music, in Panggung Jati Studio, Serang City, Banten

Dandi Musa Al-Gaha Payad, Rita Milyartini
Terebang Gede is one of the Banten arts that has developed very well and rapidly. Terebang Gede has a characteristic in the concept of music that is sung, which is thick with Islamic nuances. The purpose of writing this article is to reveal the characteristics of the Terebang Gede music game at Sanggar...
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The Using of Cubase and Vegas Software in Virtual Choir Production

Derry Azizi Rokhman, Yudi Sukmayadi
Music is one of the sciences related to the concept of sound, either in the form of objects or sounds that arise from human intensity such as singing. Singing can be done independently or in groups, which are commonly called as choir. In today’s era, the appreciation of the choir is quite good. One of...
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Online Learning Design in Dance Studios as Anticipation of Social Distancing in the Pandemic Era

Dewi Karyati, Ria Sabaria, Yoyoh Siti Mariah, Agus Budiman
The lockdown policy is considered to be an important thing and should be done during the pandemic, after being implemented in many developed and developing countries including Indonesia. This condition affects dance training and education activities in the studio which are carried out online through...
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Study of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Concept in Music Learning

Dhany Yufisa Wibowo, Juju Masunah, Tri Karyono, Rita Milyartini
The purpose of this study is to review the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) concept in music learning. In this study, the concepts of TPACK are reviewed from the previous researches and theories that support the use of technology in music learning and implementation (practice/application)....
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Creativity: The Millennial Gamelan

Dimas Maulana Alif Sukma Aji, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
The millennial generation is a reformer relay generation from the previous generation, which bring so many changes to be more creative and innovative mindset. This study has a background by an anticipatory attitude towards the millennial generation’s interest in traditional gamelan music therefore it...
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The Effect of Song Tohpati – Jatuh Cinta on the Study Concentration of Students at SMPN 14 Bandung

Edwin Tri Prayogi, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
This study aims to describe the learning concentration of students who are listened to by music, the research subjects here are students of SMPN 14 Bandung, by providing treatment using music therapy. This type of research is quasi-experimental. Data were collected through pretest and posttest. This...
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Management Adaptation Strategy for Arts Exhibition during COVID-19

Egis Rachmawati, Tri Karyono, Juju Masunah
The habits of people who are used to attending art exhibitions are hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, curators, artists and academics are also affected. A different situation requires an appropriate art exhibition management adaptation strategy. The aim of the research is to describe the...
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Multimedia Planning for Junior High School Gamelan Learning

Fadhilatunisa Salsabila, Yudi Sukmayadi
Gamelan music is a traditional music which is a product of original Indonesian art and culture that needs to be preserved. In junior high school cultural art learning materials, learning plays traditional music ensemble, due to this pandemic student are required to study at home, therefore, in this study,...
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The Utilization of the Instagrams in Learning Arts and Culture at SMAN 1 Jampangkulon

Fahrizal Awaludin, Juju Masunah
Instagram is one of the popular social media that can be used as a supporting medium for a distance learning. The social media is chosen because it has complete features for sharing photos and videos. This article is aimed to describe the result of the research on the use of Instagram as a medium for...
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Interactive Videos in Learning Dance for Deaf Students

Fariska Maulidya, Juju Masunah
This study aims to improve the quality and accuracy of the steps in the design process in making dance learning videos for deaf students. The expected benefit in this research is to produce research products that can be used to develop the quality of education and learning effectively. The research location...
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YouTube as a Learning Media for Music Creation

Farsya Fatari Ramdlia Latief, Yudi Sukmayadi
The development of information and communication technology in the generation of the industrial revolution 4.0 brings new challenges and possibilities in the world of education. One in every of them is the possibility for teachers to integrate generation into the studying method, in order that mastering...
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Inculturation of Tradition Hamulak Music Fohorem Church

Filomena Soares Amaral, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
Inculturation is an effort to make church rituals understandable and attractive to local cultures. The church strives to incorporate a community’s values and culture to enrich the faith of the people, and its taste for worship. An example is the Fohorem church’s allowing traditional Hamulak music for...
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Learning Electric Bass Techniques in the Funk Genre Using Minus One

Gilang Priadi Santiaji
Bass is a low stringed instrument that produces a low sound and can bring imagination or reflex motion to every listener, in other words this bass instrument has a level of difficulty and heavy responsibility because this instrument is the foundation of a music. In bass playing there are various techniques...
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Panyadap Rengkak Dance as a Visual Form of Gratitude

Gita Fauzia Idham, Juju Masunah
The purpose of writing this article is to describe the idea of working on and the movement of the Rengkak Panyadap dance. Rengkak Panyadap Dance is a new dance as a visual form of gratitude for nature in Ciracap, Sukabumi Regency. This study uses a qualitative paradigm by using a descriptive method....
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The Role of Ubrug Theater as a Media for Maintaining to the Local Language of Banten

Hadi Hadi, Juju Masunah
This research aims to describe the results on the role of the Ubrug theater as a defense media for the local language of Banten. This research uses a qualitative paradigm with descriptive analysis method. The approach used is multidisciplinary, including history, linguistics, and sociology. Participants...
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The Lighting Effectivity in the Classroom in Junior High School

(Case Study: SMP Firdaus Bandung)

Hana Faza Surya Rusyda, Maysitha Fitri Az Zahra, Tiara Rizki Syafira, Niken Laksitarani
Lighting is very important for teaching, learning, and more activities in the classroom. In SMP Firdaus Bandung, there are several classrooms in which the form of lighting is natural lighting. However, the lighting is less effective and does not up to lighting standards. In fact, the purpose of adequate...
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SUNDANESE Flute Learning Multimedia Planning in Vocational High School

Hari Rizky Nikmatillah, Yudi Sukmayadi
This study describes the making of flute learning multimedia in Vocational of Education. Because during this Covid-19 period, students are required to study remotely (at home). Therefore, so that practicum learning materials can still be conveyed and reached by students, educators create flute applications...
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Coaching of the Kandaga Dance Studio, Leader of Rd. Yetty Mamat through Making Pangayoman Dance Tutorial Videos

Heni Komalasari, Dedi J. Rosala, Tatang Taryana, Agus Supriatna
Introducing the traditional arts of West Java in many forms, including through education, both formal at school and non-formal, in this case the studio as one of the roles in it. Kandaga Sunda Dance Studio is one of the studios that take part in the preservation and development of Sundanese dance in...
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Lessons in the Sustainable Development of the Sundanese Performing Arts

Cianjuran (Tembang Sunda), Degung and Tari Kursus

Henry Spiller
Throughout history, musical communities have promoted musical expressions that were “sustainable” because they created space to create musical meanings that reinforce cultural values and to provide stable support for artists who could use such spaces to present musical expressions. My paper addresses...
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Traditional Dance Studio Management Study

A Mission of Inheritance and Preservation of Traditional Values

Heny Rohayani, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat, Frahma Sekarningsih, Agus Budiman
Dance studio is one of the art education program units in the community whose existence is engaged in education by providing dance training for the community. Through dance education in the studio, the process of inheriting and preserving traditional values from one generation to the next can be carried...
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Presentation of the Serimpi Dance at the Indramayu Stage

Hesti Haryani, Juju Masunah
The purpose of writing this article is to describe the presentation and function of Serimpi Dance in theatrical performances of the Dharma Saputra group in Plumbon District, Indramayu Regency, West Java. This study uses a qualitative paradigm with descriptive analysis method. Research informants are...
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Kenthongan Banyumas

A Study of Organology Development

Ibnu Amar Muchsin, Syahrul Syah Sinaga, Endang Kusrini, Danang Ardyanto
Kenthongan Banyumas Art is a musical ensemble with the basic material of instruments made of bamboo which has been well developed in the Banyumas area and outside the Banyumas area. These basic materials are mostly found in the mountainous area along the Serayu river overgrown with bamboo plants. Kenthongan...
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Semiotics Analysis of Gender Roles in Television Ads in Hygiene Product

Ine Vania Putri, Nala Nandana Undiana
More than just introducing products, advertising can also play a role in socializing gender roles which forms certain stereotypes. The research on the Attack Easy advertisement version of “Mother is Beautiful when Washing” and “Soklin Lantai”, which carries the theme of family, aims to learn signs that...
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The Value of Nationalism in the Bumi Manusia Film

Iqbal Assegaf, Juju Masunah
The aim of writing this article is to find and examine the values of nationalism in the film Bumi Manusia. The value of nationalism in the film is seen from the character of the characters, dialogue, place of residence, the character’s lifestyle, and the message conveyed by the film. This study uses...
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Analysis of 3 Dimensional Crafts in Learning Visual Arts in Elementary School

Ira Rengganis, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini, Tri Karyono
Learning Arts, Culture and Crafts is a learning that helps students to develop as a whole. One of them is the content of art which is a coaching in the field of aesthetics and developing creativity, including in making 3-dimensional crafts. This writing aims to describe the results of the analysis of...
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Archives and Arts Digitization as Literacy Potential on Arts History Research

Een Herdiani
Archives and digitalization arts are process of archiving arts data using a certain system. The arts digital archive is a reflection as well as an effort to save phenomenal memories which are unique and hardly repeated. An art is dynamic and it can change in reference to time movement. Arts is also a...
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Integrated Learning between Dance Art and Biology Education at SMAN 2 Cibarusah

Juniar Nurpratama Putri, Juju Masunah
This study aims to describe the integration of learning between art and biology. The focus is on: (1) describing the learning strategies of integrated learning in dance learning with Biology (2) explaining the results of integrated learning in art learning on basic movements with movement system biology...
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Profiling Early Childhood Teachers’ Skills in Designing Musical and Song Learning Activities

Leli Kurniawati, Yudi Sukmayadi, Hany Handayani
This study investigates early childhood teachers’ skills in designing musical kinaesthetic and song learning activities in Lembang District, Western Bandung Regency. It is a qualitative with non-hypothetical research involving 25 early childhood teachers selected from some schools. Data were collected...
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Lodong Gejlig Musical Intrument Art Learning as Rhythmic Application

Muchammad Athur Kurnia, Rita Milyartini
The research entitled “Lodong Gejlig Musical Intrument Art Learning as Rhythmic Application” aims to determine the creative process of junior high school students. This research is analyzed using the theoretical basis of 4P creativity from Rhodes to analyze and describe the teacher’s creative process...
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The Value of Character Education in Saman Gayo Lues Dance

Muhamad Ogi Ariyansah, Juju Masunah
This article aims to describe the values of character education contained in the Saman Gayo Lues dance. The Saman Gayo Lues dance is a type of folk art that breathes Islam which is danced by a group of men in apposition like the cross-legged final tahiyat in prayer. In the aspect of motion, the saman...
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Dongkari Analysis on the Song of Sebrakan Sapuratina in Tembang Sunda Cianjuran

Muhamad Raudia Sukma Perdana, Uus Karwati
Of all the arts in the Sundanese tembang family, the existence of the Cianjuran game is better known by the Sundanese people, seen from the regeneration process. One of the songs that standardizes the ability of an interpreter mamaos (singer) is the song Sebrakan Sapuratina laras salendro, which is included...
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Factors Affecting Street Skateboarding in Bandung

Gifar Nur Insandi, Muhammad Erik Pauhrizi, Muhammad Faza Atqiya, Yazid Nuur Shafwan, Albyanka Romero, Muhammad Fikri A’lwani
The rise number of skateboarders who use the sidewalk as their surfing playground has disturbed public comfort. This research aims to study the phenomenon of street skateboarding in the city of Bandung by analysing the occurring phenomena, existing activities and interests, as well as what public opinion....
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Virtual Museum in Chromesthesia Perspective as an Act of Education Sustainability

Nevine Rafa Kusuma, Gina Aura Ramdan
This study aims to examine chromesthesia in a virtual museum as consideration for exhibition media design in terms of information accuracy. As one of the information resources, museums have several purposes; one of them is educational purposes. In this regard, museums need to provide holistic information...
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Digital Platform for Virtual Music Concerts

Nida Nadwah Afifah, Rita Milyartini, Yudi Sukmayadi
Virtual music concerts on digital platforms are currently a hot topic of conversation. This virtual music concert is considered quite supportive because of the ongoing pandemic. This article describes how a virtual music concert is held on a digital platform. The purpose of writing this article is to...
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Digital and Manual Art

An Analysis of Student’s Perceptions

Nursyahri Ramadhan, Tri Karyono, Juju Masunah
The development of postmodern technology forms education transformed in multimedia learning. According to the 2019 Fine Arts Education Survey, 52.2% of art teachers want to learn more about teaching digital art effectively. However, only 21.9% of art teachers feel comfortable teaching a digital arts...
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Augmented Reality in Instagram Story Filter for Increasing Awareness through Learning Interactivity and Enjoyment

Icha Sukmawati, Cynthia Ayu Purnomo, Christian Moniaga, Peter Ardhianto
The learning process is essential for education. Interactivity and enjoyment in the learning process are crucial elements that can improve awareness. The use of technology in the learning process is overgrowing, one of which is Augmented Reality (AR). This study investigates how AR as a filter in Instagram...
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Program for Development of Communication, Perception, Sound, and Rhythm to Build Self Esteem of Students with Special Needs

Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini, Imas Diana Aprilia
Self-esteem is one of the most important personal attitudes in life, high and low self-esteem which is built from language and cognition modalities will affect a person’s personality. This article aims to describe the results of preliminary research on the development of self-esteem for students with...
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Examining Students’ Attitudes towards Sustainable Fashion Design Curriculum

Rahayu Purnama, Rosita Mohd Tajuddin, Shaliza Mohd Shariff
The rapid development of fashion has somehow affected today’s environment. Apparel production and consumption continue to increase driven by fast fashion trends. However, it had caused several problems to the environment, basically economic and social issues. Thus, embedding sustainability in fashion...
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Audience’s Choice Trend towards Movie Platform

Raihandhika Briliantana, Nala Nandana Undiana, Salsa Solli Nafsika
Watching movie becomes one of public’s favorite choice of entertainment. Film can satisfy people’s demand of entertainment when they are tired of daily activity. In the past, people could only watch films through television, cinemas and Video Home System tapes. But now, films are easily accessible through...
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Utilizing Spotify as Marketing Media for Krontjong Toegoe Group

Recky Darmawan, Rita Milyartini
The purpose of this article is to highlight the benefits of Spotify as a media for marketing the music of the Krontjong Toegoe group. Spotify is a digital music streaming service that is quite popular all over the world. This service can be accessed using internet access, both free and paid. For music...
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The Values of Local Wisdom in Calung Tarawangsa as a Character Shaper of Society

Reni Nuraeni Susilawati, Rita Milyartini
Calung Tarawangsa is a traditional art that is a combination of Tarawangsa and Calung Renteng musical instruments. This article aims to find out the characteristics of Calung Tarawangsa performance and the values of local wisdom Calung Tarawangsa as a character shaper of society in Parung Village, Cibalong...
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Documentary Film of Abiwara Institute’s Role in Giving Village Community Education Programs

Restu Rizqina, Salsa Solli Nafsika
Education is one of the biggest future investments. Qualified education produces capable human resources who will develop and improve many sectors in life. However, the inequality of the education system which againsts existing population still occurs in many parts of Indonesia, including Kertasari District,...
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Building Teens Politeness through Keroncong

Rita Milyartini, Tono Rachmad, Febbry Cipta
Impoliteness expression of teens, such as bullying, speaking rudely, and swearing still happened in school. This article exposed the process of building teens politeness through keroncong. By using project based research, such activities was designed, implemented and evaluated. There are 10 instructors...
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The Effect of Music Therapy on Children with Cancer Patients

Sari Ramanda, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
Cancer is an abnormal cell division that can attack other organs. Childhood cancer is a very malignant disease in the category of disease for children. There are about 650 cases of childhood cancer in Jakarta. This literature study aims to determine the effect of music on children with cancer. This study...
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Developing Student Creativity in Creating Environmental-Based Dance

Sella Yuliana Anugerah, Juju Masunah
This study aims to describe the learning process of environmental-based creative dance in self-development activities at SMP Pasundan 4 Bandung. This type of research uses a qualitative paradigm with descriptive analysis method. The participants were 12 students, then they were divided into 2 dance groups....
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The Existence of Artists and Preservation of Sukapura Batik Art, Tasikmalaya City

Senvia Juli Mastriani Rukman, Tri Karyono
In fostering the existence of culture and art in an area, conservation and development efforts are needed, one of which is the batik culture which has not developed much in the City of Tasikmalaya. Sukapura batik is one of the written batik from the city of Tasikmalaya that has existed since the 19th...
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Analyzing Grief in “Setelah Dia Pergi” Documentary Film

Shafira Yuna Azzahra, Harry Thahjodiningrat, Naila Inas Zhafirah, Gebby Miranda, Dila Septiani, Adhistie Thiara Zhafira
Grief is a psychological reaction a person usually experiences after the death of important people in their life. Grieving goes through various stages before they finally find themselves into the acceptance phase. However, given the many variations in this condition, the grieving process turns out to...
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Social Media as a Learning Media to Improve Digital Literacy and Creation

Suharto Suharto, Sri Ambarwangi
The purpose of this study was to determine the literacy level of member of Komunitas Home Recording Indonesia (Indonesian Home Recording Community) and the form of creativity of its members. The method used in this study is a qualitative description. Data is collected through observations on social media...
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Hand Sign Method in Angklung Diatonic Interactive Performance

Toni Setiawan Sutanto, Agus Firmansah
The use of the hand sign method is often used in playing diatonic angklung. The Hand sign method was popularized by Zoltan Kodaly in the mid-20th century. The method consists of eight forms of hand sign symbols. Each type of symbol is visually linked to a note on the Major scale. The demonstration is...
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Adaptation of Music Practice Learning Assessment During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Udi Utomo, Suharto Suharto, Moch Usman Wafa
The online learning that we have implemented during the current Covid-19 pandemic requires the adaptation of assessment practices in various study programs that provide music arts education. This study intends to find out and discuss the adaptation of music practice assessment during the Covid 19 pandemic...
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Keroncong, Existence, and Z Generation

Urfan Saniylabdhawega Ridhwan, Rita Milyartini, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article examines how Z Generation behaves and attempts to preserve keroncong music based on the behavior that is revealed. Keroncong as the original music of the Indonesian state, should be able to continue to grow and become the identity of the Indonesian state. However, several studies mention...
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Iman, Intimacy, and Identity - Inculturation of Indonesian Catholic Church

Critical Discourse Analysis of Youth Perception to Traditional Javanese Inculturation Music

Vincentius Paskalis Nugroho, Rita Milyartini, Yudi Sukmayadi
In this article, I look into some answer about listening experience on traditional Javanese music inculturation of Indonesia Catholic Church, that I gathered trough interview with interviewees with this specific characteristic. Catholic, Age under 25, and ethnically Javanese. All the interviewees are...
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Wanda Wayang Kulit Surakarta in Perspective Visual Communication Design

Warli Haryana, Juju Masunah, Tri Karyono
Wanda is a depiction of the face or facial features of a character in wayang kulit purwa. Wanda’s function is as an embodiment of the character and basic character of the characters in wayang performances. This article aims to examine the form of Surakarta shadow puppets, especially the Pandawa Lima...
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The Existence of Tembang Sunda Pagerageungan Tasikmalaya Regency

Witrie Mayang Sundha, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
The current of globalization is certainly no stranger to being the biggest problem for life. One of them is in the field of culture. The rise of technological developments that increasingly fool society becomes one of the factors of the decline of the existence of local culture causing crucial problems...
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The Role of Ki Sura Wisesa in Socializing Karinding in Bekasi Regency

Yeni Nuraeni, Juju Masunah
Karinding is a type of traditional musical instrument, made of bamboo or palm frond which is played by the mouth accompanied by the strokes of the fingers, to produce a unique and low decibel sound. In addition to playing music, the sound of the instrument is believed by the Sundanese people to repel...
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Creation of Intercultural Performing Arts for Virtual Stage of Bandung Isola Performing Arts Festival

Yudi Sukmayadi, Juju Masunah, Ayo Sunaryo, Martinus Miroto
Previous research in 2017 has been created annual festival namely Bandung Isola Performing Arts Festival (BIPAF) at UPI which presented collaborative dance choreographies such as “Touching Unknown People” (2017-2018), Korean Contemporary Mask Dance (2018). The dancers and choreographers came from Indonesia...
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The Implementation of the Sundanese Traditional Dance Training Model for Students at the Kusuma Art Studio Bekasi

Yuliawan Kasmahidayat, Sri Dinar Munsan, Agus Budiman, Heny Rohayani
This study aims to investigate the implementation of Sundanese traditional dance training model for students in Kusuma Art Studio located in Bekasi, Indonesia. Such an activity is proven to be useful for them, particularly within the context of enhancing skills and knowledge in relation to arts, culture,...
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Innovative Ecosystem Design through the Development of the Tourism Industry Based on Arts Education

Yuliawan Kasmahidayat, Hasanuddin Hasanuddin, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Hanafiah
The era of society 5.0 as a change in the pattern of people’s lives, requires a systemic response. Society is faced with change and how to adapt. Communities need alternatives in the form of a variety of new sustainable ideas in designing innovative ecosystems. The purpose of this research is to raise...
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Training of Integrated Promotion and Digital Market for SMKN 14 Bandung Teachers

Zakiah Pawitan, Ardiyanto Ardiyanto, Dadang Sulaeman
The importance of the need for online shopping to reduce physical contact is increasing in the current pandemic era. In online market trading competition, digital marketing strategies are the main skills and abilities that are important to learn, because consumers do not have direct contact with products...
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Development of Model Centre of Excellence (CoE) Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Teachers (TVET-T) in the Field of Arts and Design through Strengthening Vocational Education Competentity

Zakaria S. Soeteja, Trianti Nugraheni, Dadang Sulaeman
This research is a form of response to the findings of problems that occur in the scope of vocational education in the field of art and design in West Java. Based on the results of preliminary studies, it was obtained that almost vocational education both managed by the private sector and the government...
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Learning and Teaching Difficulty Survey Study Online Dance Practice Learning in the Pandemic Era

Trianti Nugraheni, Fitria Rizki Ramadhan, Agus Budiman
The transition of the face-to-face learning system to online learning has a considerable influence on students and lecturers who have to adapt in carrying out learning activities. The purpose of writing this article is to obtain data related to the difficulties of lecturers and students in online dance...
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Art Education in Community

A Virtual Case Study of the Jaipong Dance Festival of Galuh Pakuan Creation

Tati Narawati, Mas Galih Sriyanti, Trianti Nugraheni
The transition of the face-to-face learning system to online learning has a considerable influence on students and lecturers who have to adapt in carrying out learning activities. The purpose of writing this article is to obtain data related to the difficulties of lecturers and students in online dance...