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Reflection on the Assessment of a Math Problem in a China Elementary School

An-ning Chen
The assessment of a math problem in a China elementary school manifests that the math teacher is now still keeping to the obsolete notion of school education, attaching more significance to the result instead of the process of classroom instruction and adhering more importance to the standardized criteria...
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Teaching Reform in Higher Vocational College Accounting

Xi Chen
Teaching Reform in Higher Vocational Accounting is an important part of education reform in our country, and how the quality of accounting education is directly related to the quality of future capabilities and the entire accounting accounting personnel. From the current social survey shows that the...
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Decentralization and Vertical Control in China’s Government Controlled Firms

Yanfeng Jiang
China’s government controlled firms face two conflict tasks: For one thing, government should credibly delegate efficiency to firms to make them competitive. For the other, the government also needs to control the firms to achieve their political goals. We suggest one way in which the China’s government...
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Practical Study on Project Teaching Methods in College Practical Writing Teaching

Hongying Zhang
Project teaching method is able to change traditional teaching manner, and is crucial for raising teaching quality in writing classes, as well as students’ practical writing. In this article, the writer summarizes practices in teaching, and discusses about the application of project teaching method in...
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Cultivation of Innovative Elites from Robot Contest in Universities

Ying Yuan, Mantian Li
The main mission for higher education is to train innovative elites, talented in innovative awareness, mind, ability and personality. One important field of innovative elites education is the practical training. Especially, robot contest, as a multidisciplinary branch integrated with high-tech competitions,...
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Discussion on the Role of Science and Technology Competition in Improving Students' innovative Ability

Feng Li
It is of great significance for Engineering colleges cultivating more professional talents with comprehensive ability to innovate in the social construction of the first line of work for our country to realize the strategic planning and goal and solve social sustainable development key technology and...
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The Basic Connotation and Value Orientation of Ecological Culture

Xiangping Li, Zongqiang Zhu, Xi Chen, Huan Deng, Yinian Zhu
Human beings must constantly create culture to fit in with the needs of the living environment and develop culture to promote the social progress during the process of their adaption and innovation to the natural ecology. The traditional culture has made its gigantic achievement, meanwhile it has also...
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Research on Construction and Management of College English Extracurricular Activities in Science Universities

Yu Yang
Extracurricular learning is one of the most important parts of the whole teaching and learning system. And a lot of universities have constructed their own college English extracurricular activities in order to improve students’ competence in English , especially speaking and listening. In this paper,...
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Start-up Goals of Nongjiale Operators in China

Xiuhong Wang
Based on the investigation into the start-up goals of entertainment-oriented Nongjiale operators in the suburbs of Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu and comparative analysis of its results, conclusions were reached that the start-up goals of Nongjiale operators in the suburbs of the above three cities share...
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The Separation of Agricultural Household-Evidence from China

Chen Lu, Yuyu Wang
By using the CHIPS (2002) data, this paper applies the empirical model developed by Benjamin (1992) to test the separation of households’ consumption and labor supply considerations. Our empirical results show that only the household with medium size of land in east China cannot be excluded from the...
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A Comparative Study on Voice Distribution in English Abstracts between Chinese and English Power Papers

Jiao Liu, Rongying Zheng
As many international scholars and editors currently advocated to use more active voice and less passive voice, this new trend aroused many Chinese reaearchers to conduct a comparative study on voice distribution in English abstracts between Chinese and foreign countries. To explore the voice distribution...
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Family-related Goals of Agritainment Proprietors in China

Xiuhong Wang
On the basis of field-work study with agritainment proprietors in three Chinese cities,a survey result was taken . Through comparative analyses, conclusions about family-related goals of agritainment proprietors in three cities were acquired, that more agritainment proprietors tended to make significant...
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The Creative Thinking in the Art Design Education

Yijie Liu, Shu Zhang
TA qualified design person must have a rich knowledge of humanities in addition to specialty basic knowledge and professional skills. Only in this way can we realize the people-oriented design belief from the perspective of science and technology as well as the value of existence. Meanwhile, the author...
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International High School Development in Chongqing: Test Preparation vs. University Preparation

Dongfang Liu, Vincent Brancato, Fang Da
This study concentrates on international high school development and trends in Chongqing, China. It was discovered that the number of students who are studying abroad has been growing significantly and the majority of students struggled because of the language barrier during their first semester. Although...
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Analyzing the Detailed Methods and Measures of Cultivating Children's Creativity with Activities in Public Art

Hong Nie
From the aspect of how teacher should cultivate children's creativity with the teaching of public art, the paper discusses the detailed methods and measures of cultivating children's creativity, including creating suitable environment for cultivating children's creativity, holding activities that can...
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The Application of "Practical Training Teaching Project" in the Teaching of Art Design

Shu Zhang, Yijie Liu
Practical training teaching project is to make students to conduct practical operational ability based on the particularity and professional characteristics of the design courses. At first, this paper introduces the significance of practical training teaching project, then puts forward the feasibility...
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Translator’s Subjectivity in Parody Translation from the Perspective of Skopostheorie

Fang Wang
This paper is intended to interpret the translators’ subjectivity in parody translation from the perspective of Skopostheorie. According to Skopostheorie, translation is a purposeful activity based on the source text. Under the guidance of Skopostheorie, the translators display their subjectivity in...
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Analysis of Real Estate Project Market Localization

Jia Sheng, Ying Zhou, Shuqun Li
The development and the success of enterprises are determined by the real estate market localization, so real estate enterprises can get better benefits by the accurate localization. But there are many problems in China real estate market localization. The form and the importance of the real estate market...
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The Study on Heilongjiang Poverty Alleviation Issues

Bowei Jiang, Yingjie Zhao
Poverty alleviation has been one of the important work related to people's livelihood. Through the analysis of achievements and problems of Heilongjiang poverty alleviation. This article puts forward the concrete ideas and measures to improve the work to achieve for Heilongjiang province government related...
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The Way to Achieve Internalization of External Diseconomy of Exploitation of Mineral Resources

Meitian Zhao
Mineral resources, one of the earliest natural objects which human developed and utilized, has played a pivotal role in the process of social and economic development. According to “China's mineral resources policy”, more than 92% primary energy, 80% industrial raw materials, more than 70% agricultural...
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The Review and Mechanism of China’s Urban Social Support after 1949

Guan Huang
Chinese urban social support system needs comparative and empirical study. In this study, you can find a short literature review on existing studies on Chinese case. After defined the variables of this study, I figure out the essential developmental process of Chinese urban social support. Then, I use...
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The Matter and Energy Transfer Mechanism in Industrial Clusters Innovation Ecosystem

Xizhan Yu, Chuanbo Zhang
With the natural ecosystems, the survival and development in industrial clusters innovation ecosystem, also need mater and energy. The major material and energy, such as knowledge, talent , capital etc., handing over with each other function, together constitute the complicated structure of the system....
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Issues and Countermeasures of Online Group-Purchasing in China

GenWei Liao
With the rapid development of online group-purchasing in China, thousands of group-purchasing websites have established in recent years. It brings huge convenience for people’s daily life. However, the emerging issues and problems that the ratio of closured group-purchasing website to the opening is...
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Development Status and Strategies on Rural Tourism of Jilin Province

Lijuan Zhang, Yanwei Wang, Jie Zhao
Based on analysis of the development of rural tourism in Jilin Province, it can be found that there are some strengthens and weakness in the process of rural tourism development, and there are both opportunities and challenges to its development in external environment. We should foster strengths and...
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The Research on Financing Predicament and Effectiveness of Small and Medium-size Enterprises in China

Xiuwei Tang
The primary purpose of the study is to explain the financing channels and effectiveness of Small and Medium-size Enterprises in China. China represents a good evaluation platform because it is one of the fastest growing emerging economies; China’s economic growth depends on SMEs development. Lack of...
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Study of SME Financing based Supply Chain Finance

Zhiqiang Zhao
How to solve the SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) financing difficulty domestic scholars has always been the hot topic to study, the enterprise net cash flow condition will determine the fate of the business, supply chain financing provides new ideas for to solve this problem. This paper researched...
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Research on Knowledge Service Pattern Innovation in University Libraries under Ubiquitous Environment

Wei Huang
The rapid development of ubiquitous technology, mobile technology and information technology and the ubiquitous environment have a profound influence on university library knowledge service. Ubiquitous service has become the focus of university library study; the traditional service patterns in university...
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Study on the Connotation of Sports in the Process of Urbanization

Qin Wang, Chaobing Yan
Along with our country urbanization speed, sport has gradually attracted the attention of everyone in the study of the relationship between. For further in-depth understanding and objective understanding of the relationship between urbanization and sports, using literature data and logical analysis method...
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Study on Status and Influencing Factors of Rural Left behind Women’s Physical Exercise

Chaobing Yan
Using the method of literature, questionnaire investigation of present situation of sports women left behind in rural Jiujiang; results show: staying women working time is long, sports consciousness, sports participation rate and the consumption is low, the sports organizations and sports facilities...
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Motivating the Students’ Creativity for Learning through Sharing Experience with Teacher in Laboratories

DengGuang Yu, Deng Pan, XianYing Wang, Feng Tian
The present study investigates the motivating effect on the students’ creativity for learning. Three scientific methods (ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry, scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscopy) with each given three lessons are purposefully arranged in the laboratory...
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Homeless Existence of Floating Artists in Nocturnes

Jueyun Li
As demonstrated in most of his earlier novels, Ishiguro tends to present his protagonists as artist or someone who has been infatuated with the functions of art. In Nocturnes, Ishiguro has chosen different settings such as Europe and America for the narratives entangling among different places. Just...
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Fostering Undergraduate Students’ Creativity via the Training of Advanced Technologies

DengGuang Yu
The teaching in higher education should pay more attention to nurture the undergraduate students’ creativity. Advanced technologies could act as a fine platform to foster creative learning and innovative teaching. An experiment of a short time period training using three types of up-to-date technologies...
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A Study on Innovative Design of Dancesport Choreography

Juan Tang
With the growing development of dancesport, people have gradually had more knowledge about dancesport choreography. Dance choreography refers to sequences of movements and steps that are created by choreographers and performed by dancers usually to musical accompaniment in line with the rules of contests...
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A Study on Motivations of Graduate Students’ Knowledge Hiding Based on Wuli-Shili-Renli System Approach

Wei Pan, Qingpu Zhang
Knowledge hiding is a forefront topic in knowledge management field of management science. Knowledge hiding is ubiquitous among graduate students, which impedes knowledge sharing and transfer, influences knowledge learning and scientific researches. Systematical study on the complex motivations of graduate...
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The Integration of Urban and Rural Development Policy Research

Guangying Yi
The idea of integrating urban and rural development is an important component of agricultural economic theory of socialism of Marx's theory of innovation China and the Chinese characteristic, this theory has a profound domestic and international background. The integration of urban and rural development...
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Study on the Problems of Chinese Private Enterprises Entering the Research and Production Field of National Defense Science and Technology Industry

Wei Gao
Encouraging Chinese private enterprise to enter the research and production of national defense science and technology industry can make full use of scientific and technological achievements and market resources in civilian field, optimize the allocation of resources in national defense science and technology...
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Aesthetic Interpretation of Lin Yutang’s Translation from the Perspective of Western and Eastern Cultural Background

Huarong Zhang
Most of Lin Yutang’s writings are about western and eastern culture. Aimed at introducing Chinese culture to western countries and introducing western cultures to China, he had performed his duties as a cultural ambassador through a series of excellent works and translations. Apart from numerous translation...
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Agricultural Knowledge Transformation and China's Modern Development of Low Carbon Agriculture

Lingna Mo, Jiadi Li, Xijun Jiang
the twenty-first Century is the century of knowledge. Replacement process of social economic form is the process of the formation of new leading industries; also the process of the transformation of traditional industries with advanced technology in the new leading industry. In this thesis, based on...
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The Principle of Brevity in Simultaneous Interpreting

Zheng Wang
Simultaneous interpreting is a complex cognitive activity that requires the interpreter to listen to what the speaker says and render it immediately into another language, listen to the speaker’s next message, store the message in memory before retrieving it again for translation, and monitor his or...
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Research on the Construction of Fiscal Transparency Evaluation System and Its Test ——Based on Provincial Level Survey Data of China

Ming NA, Ying Li
Based on the IMF’s Manual on Fiscal Transparency, this paper, through defining the connotation and extension of fiscal transparency, taking four dimensions, “budget preparation”, “budget execution”, “data quality” and “fiscal risk” as first level indices, and selecting 15 observation points, constructs...
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Research of Urban Regeneration Strategy of the Northern Chengdu Renovation District ——A Case of Simaqiao District

Yanchuan Mou, Ang Hu
Because of limited conditions, way of removing old buildings then rebuilding by large area was difficult to carry out in northern Chengdu renovation district, so had to explore the new old city renovation mode dominated by urban regeneration. Taking Simaqiao district as an example and combining its’...
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A Study on the Financing Efficiency of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Assemble Bond Based on DEA

Weizhang Li, Chi Xie
The assemble bond is a new innovative financing channel for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which has unparalleled advantages in solving the financing difficulty. At first, to construct the SMEs assemble bond and board financing efficiency indicator system on the basis of DEA model. Then apply...
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The Application of Stratified Teaching Approach to Vocational College English

Xianglong Kong
Through the analysis of the teaching mode in higher vocational colleges, this paper advocates the practice of implementing the stratified teaching approach on the basis of the current English teaching situation and its features. Meanwhile the significance and effective ways of stratified teaching in...
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Relations between China's Foreign Direct Investment and Trade with Brazil

YaNan Song
As the emerging economies and major developing members of WTO, the bilateral trade of China and Brazil has grown robustly over the past few years, although with the conflicts on trade frictions and anti-dumping issues. The foreign direct investment from China to Brazil has also increased rapidly under...
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Analysis of the Depreciation of RMB in 2014

Huichao Gong
In the first half of 2014, China’s exchange rate has depreciated a lot. According to China’s exchange rate data this article analyzes the reasons for the depreciation as well as the impact of it. Government forces and Chinese economic situation are both considered to be closely related to the weakening...
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Some Reflections on Reforms of the Graduate Education System in China

Qingliang Chen, Yi Zhen
The graduate education in China plays a more and more important role nowadays, as the industries around the country are striving to strengthen their international competitiveness, which needs more and more advanced and talented labor force accordingly. However, the current graduate education system in...
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Paradox and Transcendence of Diasporic Immigrant Literature: Taking Middlesex as an Example

Jia Mu
Diasporic immigrant literature as a political thought is not equal to “multiculturalism”, which is not a political antidote for coordinating minorities and majorities. Taking Jeffrey Eugendies’s Middlesex as an example, diasporic immigrant culture is full of paradoxes, among them there are “identity...
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The Influence of Foreign Stock Markets on Chinese Stock Markets during the period of Subprime Crisis in 2008

Yuanyuan Ma, Lingxuan Li
In this paper, several major composite indices from Chinese stock markets and some developed countries are researched. The developed countries belong to the countries who had been highly influenced by the subprime crisis in 2008, including Australia, German, French, Japan, United states of American,...
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Effects of Excess Cash Holdings on Firm Value: Study from the Perspective of Corporate Life Cycle

Zhijian Zeng, Xing Zhou
Based on the corporate life cycle theory, the effects of corporate excess cash holdings on firm value is conducted in this paper. The results show that a significant inverse U-shaped relation exists between excess cash holdings level and firm value. It indicates that lots of companies face the problem...
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Analysis of Allen Poe’s Death Theme in His Short Stories

Xiaobin Lin
Edgar Allen Poe is a famous American author of the 19th century. From his first short story Metzengerstein in 1832 to his death in 1849, he had written over 60 short stories, of which death is his constant focus. This paper, by studying his short stories comprehensively, explores the expression and reasons...
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Livelihoods Frameworks Analysis and Selection for Chinese Rural Residents

Zhonggen Sun, Guoqing Shi
Livelihood is used for some development issues, especial for poverty reduction. Selecting a suitable livelihood analysis tool is quite important. There are many research frameworks of rural residents’ livelihood. The representative ones are social exclusion analysis, vulnerability analysis and sustainability...
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The Research of Effective Teaching in Colleges Based on the Theory of Social Facilitation and Social Loafing

Haixia Li, Shimeng Ma
Now the teaching in college, many negative phenomena affect the effectiveness of teaching, and can not be fundamentally solved for so long a time. In this paper, using the theory of social facilitation and social loafing ,through the understanding of effective teaching to analyze the existing problems...
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The Meshrep from a Garden in Hanbin County, Yining City of China

Xiaofei Han, Xiaoting Han, Guanqiao Yin
For the song-and-dance ethnic minority Uyghur, Meshrep is one of their most enthusiastic ways to express emotions. As one of triple constituents of Uyghur Muqam, Meshrep originally means a mass rally for entertainment, while now its meaning evolves to song and dance music. Exultance, ardency and intense...
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The Industry Index Effect of Non-tradable Share Reform

Jianxi Li, Le Tang
This paper discusses the impact of non-tradable share reform on the volatility and efficiency of market. The rich empirical studies based on EGARCH(1,1)-M model and the data of CSRC(China Securities Regulatory Commission) industry indexes (including 13 industry indexes) are done and the empirical results...
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The Strategy of Connection between the theory and practice teaching in University Education: A case Study on Economic and Management Curriculum

Long Wang
There has been a continuously growing innovation of the reform regarding the class case teaching in accordance with intensifying reform in the practical teaching in recent years. This paper stands clearly on describing how to dynamically integrate the class case teaching and the practical teaching from...
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Construction of the Linkage Mechanism of School and Government and Promote the Integration of Teacher Education -----With the Construction of Shandong Province, Weifang University Teacher Education Base as an Example

Binlu Feng, Zhenguo Qu, Chenming Wei, Tiansi Li
The integration of teacher education has become the general trend of the world teacher education reform. Compared with the foreign teacher education integration reform and practice focused on "school and school co-construction", our country pays more attention to the construction of teacher education...
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Openness•Integration•Reconstruction•Reform ----Further Exploration of Putting Teacher Education Course Standard into Practice

Chenming Wei, Zhenguo Qu
New Teacher Education Course Standard puts forwards the basic idea such as school education-oriented, practice oriented, and lifelong learning. It also stipulates three course objective fields which are education faith and responsibility, education knowledge and ability, education practice and experience....
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A Review of Studies on the Growth of Well-known Educators in Primary and Middle Schools

Chenming Wei, Liqing Lin
Well-known educators are the models in the teachers’ team. It is important to research on well-known educators’ professional development for the value and significance of the construction of the teachers’ team. This article is a review of the studies on the growth of well-known educators. It includes...
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The Impact Analysis of International Trade Theory and Practice Teaching on College Students' Foreign Trade Entrepreneurship ——As an Example of Jiujiang University

Guoqing Xu, Jia Liu
According to the reforming and opening, China’s international trade has progressed rapidly; and under this development, there are many shock troopers going into this business, especially including many college graduates. These college graduates, after leaved out their mother college, some people selected...
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The Improved Neural Network Model about English College Examination Anxiety

Hong Ma, Yaqing Niu, Yamin Li
A predicted grade method based on the relationship between precompetitive state anxiety and the predicted grade is presented. Then Genetic algorithm is combined in order to improve traditional model. On the basis of the qualitative and quantitive study, the future achivements have been predicted.
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The Solving Algorithm for Harlow's Optimal LPM' Portfolio Model Based on MATLAB and Empirical Research on Precious Metals Investment in China

Shuo Liu, Xin Yin, Ying Wang, LiSha Hou, SiJia Ye
Measuring the risk of asset is the core problem of conforming optimal portfolio and assets management. Compared with the Markowitz portfolio optimization theory, downside risk will reflect the mental features of investors much better and have higher efficiency of resource allocation. So, downside risk...
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Research on Learning Behavior of Undergraduates in E-learning Environment

Wenfeng Wang, Yangbo Jiang, Fang Dong
Autonomy, interactivity, cooperativity, flexibility and etc., all these luxuries contribute to the popularity of online learning. More and more people tend to acquire all kinds of learning resources from the Internet. Learners could only obtain limited learning resources by wired-network-accessed computers...
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Research on the Teaching Methods of Database Principle based on E-learning

Fang Dong, Wenfeng Wang, Yangbo Jiang
Autonomy, interactivity, cooperativity, flexibility and etc., all these luxuries contribute to the popularity of online learning. However, great changes have taken place in the learning subjects and learning objects, as well as the learning tools. Learners usually obtained limited networked learning...
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The Effect of Complementary Stereotypes on Impression Formation: A study of the rich and poor

Su Tao, Yan Xu, Cancan Yuan
To investigate how the stereotypes of the rich and poor affect impression formation, a situational simulation questionnaire is conducted to 192 participants. The experiment is a univariate between-participant design. The independent variable is social group of the target person (rich vs. poor). The dependent...
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Correlation Analysis of China's Regional Industrial Transfer and Regional Economic Risks

Jingling Chen
Regional economic risks mean the disadvantageous factors, which will bring future losses to the local economy of the regional transfer of industries. We can also call it the source of risk, and we try to reflect the crux of the problem. The analysis of correlation between the two is very important to...
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The Analysis on Cause of Failure of the College Students’ SOHO Entrepreneurship ——As an Example of Arts and Crafts

Guoqing Xu
In the model of the college students’ entrepreneurship, the model of SOHO, which is Small Office and Home office, has attracted many students’ joining, some of them has gotten success, but many of them has been defeated. In this passage, the writer want to set out from the losers of the arts and crafts...
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Research on the Production of the Amount of Information and Information Entropy

Mengyi Li, Hongyan Zang, Jiuru Dai
This paper presents the essentiality of the process of mining for knowledge under the demand of the cultivation of innovative talents. In traditional classroom teaching, more focus are put on the explanation of knowledge points itself. However, the first thing of the cultivation of innovative talents...
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A Tentative Study of Linguistic Error Analysis and Teacher’s Attitude

Zhao Gao, Chuanmao Tian
On the basis of a distinction between error and mistake, the linguistic mistakes/errors made by the students together with their causes are analyzed. The attitude which the teacher should have toward the linguistic mistakes/errors made by the students are explored. It is suggested that in English teaching,...
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Discussion on the Power of a Dream in Sports Movie Mr.3000

Chuan Zhou
The “Mr.3000” is directed by Charles stone distinctive visual style and colors are used to deduce a new baseball comedy movie. Film tells the story of professional baseball player Stan Ross to pursue their dreams - enter the list of baseball celebrity in touching story appears to have to fight for. Ten...
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Study on the System of Sports Public Service in Rural China under the Background of Urban-Rural Integration

Chuan Zhou
Based on the development of rural sports and the concept of scientific development, follow the idea of urban-rural sports integration, refer to the research on the public service theory, and from the rural sports theoretical logic and reform practice as a starting point. This paper constructs a reasonable,...
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Thoughts on Strengthening the Moral Construction of Higher Vocational Colleges under the New Situation

Wei Wei, FuXia Wang
The twenty-first Century is the century of education, teachers are the key to education and cultivation of talents. The teacher takes the responsibility of training builders and successors for the socialist cause, improve the quality of the mission. In recent years, with the rapid development of higher...
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Research on New Knowledge Introduction of Finance Management Courses in University

Xuan Chen, YiJun Luo
Based on the foregone teaching practice, the current study analyzes the shortage of illumination, interesting and simplification in introduction of new knowledge when the teachers give lectures on the courses of finance management in University. Then, we expatiate the implementation strategy, including...
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Necessity and Effective Ways of Humanistic Quality Education for Engineering Students in Higher Vocational Colleges

Wei Wei
Humanistic quality education is the foundation of University education. Strengthening humanistic quality education has become an important content of higher education reform in china. Engineering students' comprehensive quality promotion also determines the level of science and technology development...
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Research on Task-based Culture Course Model for Postgraduates Based on Social Constructivist Theory

Ling Cui
The dual goal of language teaching to accomplish both humanistic and instrumental purposes is particularly significant in culture course. To achieve the combination of the two aspects, so as to improve learners’ cultural awareness and intercultural communication competence, this research builds a systematic...
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Research on the Problem of University Party Affairs Team Professional Construction

Liang Chang, Chunwei Yang
University party affairs staff is an important strength of promoting intension type development of higher education. So, building a high-quality, professional university party affairs work team is a fundamental guarantee to strengthen and improve party construction in universities, and implement the...
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The Research of Practic-oriented Talent Cultivation Pattern for Automobile Service Engineering Specialty

Yuhua Zhong, Guohui Sun
With the development of China's automobile industry, the automobile industry rapid development has brought great students living space, forms the sharp contrast with this is China's automobile talent shortage. At present, talent shortage has seriously restricted the development of China's automobile...
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Bibliometric Analysis of South China University of Technology SCIE Articles from 2004 to 2013

Na Li
Based on the SCIE (Science Citation Index Expanded) database. Using the bibliometric method to analyze the Scientific papers of South China University of Technology are indexed in SCIE database during the period of 2004-2013. And study the changing tendency of each index with time by the analysis of...
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Minority Top Talent Training Demand Analysis for Common University ——Take Guizhou University of Finance and Economics as an Example

Bowen Zhang, Shihua Xu, Chunhong Duan
Accelerating minority top talent’s training is the urgent request of accelerating minority region’s economic and social development and achieving goal of fully constructing well-off society. For common university, it is necessary to expand the function of minority higher education, in order to train...
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On the Reasonable Period Involved in Article 95 of Chinese Contract Law

Lijuan Zhang, Yanwei Wang, Jie Zhao
Although there is a provision about the period to exercise the right to terminate a contract in Article 95 of Chinese Contract law, it is not concrete .This paper analyze the reasonable period under the situation that the party urge or not and then give some practical advices to the parties of the contract.
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On the Choice of Strategy in Electricity Companies Marketing

Lijuan Zhang, Ningning Li, Hua Huang
With the further advancement of the electric power markets reform, the electricity companies’ marketing got rapid development. But it also need to be further improved. This paper aims to analyze how to make a choice of marketing strategy for electricity companies from the perspective of marketing concept,...
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The Design of Network Testing System for College Physics Experiment

GuoLiang Fan, JunJie Liu, Ri Na
This paper introduced a system for college physics experiment testing by using the soft and hard resources and the opening technology of WEB. The rule of constructing the test paper is randomly choosing according to the difficulty coefficient, and the rule can improve the confidentiality, objectivity...
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The Formation, Development and Practice on Excellent Course of College Physics Experiment

GuoLiang Fan, JunJie Liu, Ri Na
The paper introduces the reform of teaching course system and management mechanism in science and technology universities based on the construction process on excellent course of college physics experiment. And it also introduces the experiences about realization hierarchical and modular teaching, the...
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A Study of the Reformation of High Educational Teaching Method of English Major from Student’s Perspective

Chen Li
English department as a faculty of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) is truly taking use of these advantages, of course. However, as the employment situation in recent years becoming more and more serious, the job market demands more form graduates who majored in English. Thus, how to improve...
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Psychological Models of Reading and Their Application to the Teaching of Reading in TCSOL

Li Cai
This article mainly introduces three kinds of the most representative models which respectively stand for all kinds of different summation of their systematic cognition about reading psychological processamong them since the 50’s of the 20th century, and probes the value and the application tactics of...
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Research and Practice of Hierarchical Task-driven Teaching Mode in the Cultivation of Innovative Talents

Qi Li, Yan Liu, Jing Lu, Qi Tian
Based on the teaching concept and practice of college students’ innovative education, teaching thoughts changing from educating to studying is emphasized in this paper. Hierarchical task-driven teaching mode is brought into class comprehensively and virtual laboratories and physical engineering environment...
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Research and Practice of the Training Mode in College Students' Comprehensive Engineering Innovative Ability

Yanfei Liu, Qiang Wu, Jingcun Bi, Jianfeng Xu
In the investigation of analyzing the cultivation actuality of undergraduate’s engineering innovation ability, four basic reasons was analysised. Combined with the engineering practice center construction and teaching reform of our college, research has been done and the concept about the cultivation...
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Analysis and Research of ASTW Method in the Management of College Basic Department

Yanfei Liu, Lei Xie, Jun Liu, Jingcun Bi
On the basis of management work, main responsibilities and characteristics of college department are analysised and how to improve work efficiency and effectiveness of the director of department is studied. A four step method called ASTW is put forward and discussed in detail. Management practice of...
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Research on the Construction of Credit Risk Evaluation System of Foreign Trade Customers for a Foreign Trade Food Company

Wei Guo, Haicheng Zhang, Yingjie Song
The research object of this document is the construction of credit risk evaluation system of a domestic foreign trade food processing enterprises. Through the establishment of foreign customer credit risk evaluation system, it makes the enterprise develop accurate strategy with foreign trade customers,...
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Discussion on the Modern State Audit Resources Integration

Shuang Zhang
This paper starts from the analysis of the integration of modern state audit resources in China, based on the study of national audit resources integration is arranged on the principle, put forward the construction goal, the general idea of integration of national audit resources integration and the...
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Organization and Individuals of Nationalism

Haiyan Xu
In the "imagined community", how to handle the relationship between organizations and individuals in the community, and in particular the rights and obligations of the individual is very important. Nationalism, this premise is a lie huge obstacle in the personal front, whether individuals under the banner...
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Research on the Development of Tourism under the Background of Cooperative Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Qinhuangdao Metropolitan Region

Qian Xia, Haicheng Zhang
Beijing, Tianjin and Qinhuangdao are located in the Bohai Rim of China. They are the most important tourism markets within Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan region. Superior geographical position, rich tourism resources and strong complementarity create good conditions for the cooperative development...
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Digital Storytelling in Foreign Language Teaching

Yu Zhou, Sheng Zhou
Digital storytelling refers to a short form of digital media production, in which images, music, narrative and voice are woven together to give deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights. The application of digital storytelling in foreign language teaching can...
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Construction and Innovation of the Method of Network Ideological and Political Education

Qiang Li, Weinan Deng
With China's economic and social development, but also promote the development of education in our country. In the development of education and teaching, through the use of modern science and technology, to achieve a good educational effect. Therefore, this paper on the use of this network of modern...
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The Construction of Capacity Model for Packaging Engineering Students with CD - CDIO

Zhuan Wei, Zhiqing Yuan, Kang Li
The paper studies the ability training mode for students in packaging engineering according to the outline standard content and features of CDIO education mode. Based on CDIO engineering education concept and method, the paper proposed a new Competition-Driven CDIO education method specially for packaging...
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Influence and Inspiration of Employment Situation on China' Higher Education in Food Program

J.-X. Sun, Shuling Wang, Ming Huang, Baowei Wang, Peng Li
Through the introduction of <2014 Chinese college student employment report>, the present employment status of Chinese college students in the year 2013 was understood. By analyzing the employment factors influencing college students' employment, comparing domestic and foreign food professional education...
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Study on the Strategic Significance and Countermeasures of Green Transformation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Ecological Civilization Circle

Ying Yang, Haicheng Zhang
The coordination system of ecological interests protection in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region economic development has not been mature, which directly affects the sustainable development of regional society, economy and ecology. Only the three regions strengthen the coordination, can they achieve a win-win...
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A Modal Logic on Judgment Aggregation

Dai Li, Zhong Lei, Jihua Zhang
Preference aggregation has been deeply studied in the social choice theory. Judgment aggregation becomes the studying center of the social choice theory gradually. From the perspective of logic, judgment aggregation considers how to aggregate many logical consistent formula sets into one logical consistent...
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Evaluation of Art Students’ Academic Performance in English Language Learning

Fengxia Li
This paper introduces the strategies of evaluating the art students’ academic performance in English learning in an art college and analyzes the significance of multi-evaluation in the academic performance of college students. This paper also focuses upon the existing problems in evaluation and explores...
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Aesthetic Level to Explore the Relationship between College Students and the Overall Quality

Juncheng Wang
Among the students' comprehensive quality, aesthetic quality is a very important component, it is not only the quality of the commitment of all qualities should play an independent role, but also for the improvement of the quality of other aspects also play a vital role. The aesthetic level as a measure...
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College Students' Quality Development to Create and Manage Files

Juncheng Wang
Students Quality Development CYL Central Committee, the Ministry of Education, the National Federation of the joint implementation of the program has been carried out for many years, most colleges and universities in the plan also gives enough attention and increases the overall quality of students records...