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Research Article

Soft computing-based decision support tools for spatial data

Serge Guillaume, Brigitte Charnomordic, Bruno Tisseyre, James Taylor
Pages: 18 - 33
In many fields, due to the increasing number of automatic sensors and devices, there is an emerging need to integrate georeferenced and temporal data into decision support tools. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geostatistics lack some functionalities for modelling and reasoning using georeferenced...
Research Article

An improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for QoS-aware Web Service Selection in Service Oriented Communication

Wenbin Wang, Qibo Sun, Xinchao Zhao, Fangchun Yang
Pages: 18 - 30
QoS-aware Web Service Selection is a crucially important issue in Service Oriented Communication which enables communication by integrating communication web services over Internet. Because of the growing number of candidate web services that provide the same functionality but differ in Quality of Service...
Research Article

Word Similarity from Dictionaries: Inferring Fuzzy Measures from Fuzzy Graphs

Vicenc Torra, Yasuo Narukawa
Pages: 19 - 23
WORD SIMILARITY FROM DICTIONARIES: INFERRING FUZZY MEASURES FROM FUZZY GRAPHS The computation of similarities between words is a basic element of information retrieval systems, when retrieval is not solely based on word matching. In this work we consider a measure between words based on dictionaries....
Research Article

Geometry Tutoring Supported by an Intelligent Drawing Interface and Automatic Problem Solving

Hyung Joon Kook
Pages: 21 - 27
In a scientific domain, learning comprises studying a finite set of principles of the domain and applying them to solve a wide variety of problems. Therefore an intelligent tutoring system in a scientific domain is required to possess an adequate methodology to deal with this principle. We suggest a...
Research Article

Observer based robust neuro-adaptive control of non-square MIMO nonlinear systems with unknown dynamics

Hassan Ghiti Sarand, Bahram Karimi
Pages: 23 - 33
This paper addresses a robust adaptive control problem of non-square nonlinear systems with unmeasurable states. The systems are assumed to be multi-input/multi-output subject to dynamical uncertainties and external disturbances. The approach is studied for two cases, i.e., underactuated and over-actuated...
Research Article

Assessment of Strategic R&D Projects for Car Manufacturers Based on the Evidential Reasoning Approach

Xin-Bao Liu, Mi Zhou, Jian-Bo Yang, Shan-Lin Yang
Pages: 24 - 49
Assessment of strategic R&D projects is in essence a multiple-attribute decision analysis (MADA) prob- lem. In such problems, qualitative information with subjective judgments of ambiguity is often provided by people together with quantitative data that may be imprecise or incomplete. A few approaches...
Research Article

Personalized Tag Recommendation Based on Convolution Feature and Weighted Random Walk

Liu Zheng, Zhao Tianlong, Han Huijian, Zhang Caiming
Pages: 24 - 35
Automatic image semantic annotation is of great importance for image retrieval, therefore, this paper aims to recommend tags for social images according to user preferences. With the rapid development of the image-sharing community, such as Flickr, the image resources of the social network with rich...
Research Article

Sliding Window-based Frequent Itemsets Mining over Data Streams using Tail Pointer Table

Le Wang, Lin Feng, Bo Jin
Pages: 25 - 36
Mining frequent itemsets over transaction data streams is critical for many applications, such as wireless sensor networks, analysis of retail market data, and stock market predication. The sliding window method is an important way of mining frequent itemsets over data streams. The speed of the sliding...
Review Article

Fuzzy Bi-level Decision-Making Techniques: A Survey

Guangquan Zhang, Jialin Han, Jie Lu
Pages: 25 - 34
Bi-level decision-making techniques aim to deal with decentralized management problems that feature interactive decision entities distributed throughout a bi-level hierarchy. A challenge in handling bi-level decision problems is that various uncertainties naturally appear in decision-making process....
Case Study

A new integrated forward and reverse logistics model: A case study

Jasenka Djikanovic, Mirko Vujosevic
Pages: 25 - 35
The increment of the number of activities related to recycling and recovery of products are determined mostly, by the legal regulations, but also, by the needs of users. As a result, there is a large quantites of materials and products that have been returned from the market for a specific reason. This...
Research Article

A QoS-oriented Web service composition approach based on multi-population genetic algorithm for Internet of things

Qian Li, Runliang Dou, Fuzan Chen, Guofang Nan
Pages: 26 - 34
Internet of things (IoT) will create new opportunities to build applications that better integrate real-time state of the industry. With Web services accomplishing similar function proliferated, industrial enterprises have to choose appropriate Web services according Quality of Service (QoS) properties....
Research Article

Feature Weighting and Retrieval Methods for Dynamic Texture Motion Features

Ashfaqur Rahman, Manzur Murshed
Pages: 27 - 38
Feature weighing methods are commonly used to find the relative significance among a set of features that are effectively used by the retrieval methods to search image sequences efficiently from large databases. As evidenced in the current literature, dynamic textures (image sequences with regular motion...
Research Article

Signal Feature Extraction Using Granular Computing. Comparative Analysis with Frequency and Time Descriptors Applied to Dynamic Laser Speckle Patterns

Ana L. Dai Pra, Lucia I. Passoni, G. Hernan Sendra, Marcelo Trivi, Hector J. Rabal
Pages: 28 - 40
The laser dynamic speckle is a phenomenon caused by the fluctuant interference of the laser light reflected from an illuminated surface where some kind of activity is taking place. Signals generated by the intensity changes in each pixel through the sequence are processed with the finality of identifying...
Research Article

Case-Based Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Management

Booma Devi Sekar, Jean-Baptiste Lamy, Nekane Larburu, Brigitte Séroussi, Gilles Guézennec, Jacques Bouaud, Naiara Muro, Hui Wang, Jun Liu
Pages: 28 - 38
Breast cancer is identified as the most common type of cancer in women worldwide with 1.6 million women around the world diagnosed every year. This prompts many active areas of research in identifying better ways to prevent, detect, and treat breast cancer. DESIREE is a European Union funded project,...
Research Article

Evaluation of E-Learning Web Sites Using Fuzzy Axiomatic Design Based Approach

Gülçin Büyüközkan, Jbid Arsenyan, Gürdal Ertek
Pages: 28 - 42
High quality web site has been generally recognized as a critical enabler to conduct online business. Numerous studies exist in the literature to measure the business performance in relation to web site quality. In this paper, an axiomatic design based approach for fuzzy group decision making is adopted...
Research Article

Rough Sets as a Knowledge Discovery and Classification Tool for the Diagnosis of Students with Learning Disabilities

Tung-Kuang Wu, Yu-Chi Lin, Shian-Chang Huang, Ying-Ru Meng, Wen-Yau Liang
Pages: 29 - 43
Due to the implicit characteristics of learning disabilities (LDs), the diagnosis of students with learning disabilities has long been a difficult issue. Artificial intelligence techniques like artificial neural network (ANN) and support vector machine (SVM) have been applied to the LD diagnosis problem...
Research Article

A System of Insolvency Prediction for industrial companies using a financial alternative model with neural networks

A. M. Callejón, A. M. Casado, M. A. Fernández, J.I. Peláez
Pages: 29 - 37
We find in the accounting literature the use of neural networks (NN) for the prediction of insolvency data from the last financial year before the bankruptcy, with a success rate below 85%. The objective of this work is to increase the predictive power of the NN models to discriminate between solvent...
Research Article

Comparison of different inference algorithms for medical decision making

Guven Kose, Hayri Sever, Mert Bal, Alp Ustundag
Pages: 29 - 44
A medical diagnosis system (DRCAD), which consists of two sub-modules Bayesian and rule-based inference models, is presented in this study. Three types of tests are conducted to assess the performances of the models producing synthetic data based on the ALARM network. The results indicate that the linear...
Research Article

Bootstrapping DEA Scores for Road Safety Strategic Analysis in Brazil

Jorge Tiago Bastos, Yongjun Shen, Elke Hermans, Tom Brijs, Geert Wets, Antonio Clóvis Pinto Ferraz
Pages: 29 - 38
In this paper, three risk indicators on road safety are combined into a composite indicator in order to assess the overall fatality risk for the 27 Brazilian states using the so-called multiple layer data envelopment analysis model. The states are first clustered and next, a range of bootstrapped scores...
Research Article

Intrusion Detection Models Based on Data Mining

Guojun Mao, Xindong Wu, Xuxian Jiang
Pages: 30 - 38
Computer intrusions are taking place everywhere, and have become a major concern for information security. Most intrusions to a computer system may result from illegitimate or irregular calls to the operating system, so analyzing the system-call sequences becomes an important and fundamental technique...
Research Article

Application of Bayesian Decision Theory Based on Prior Information in the Multi-Objective Optimization Problem

Xia Lei, Maozhu Jin, Qiang Wang
Pages: 31 - 42
General multi-objective optimization methods are hard to obtain prior information, how to utilize prior information has been a challenge. This paper analyzes the characteristics of Bayesian decision-making based on maximum entropy principle and prior information, especially in case that how to effectively...
Research Article

CPP-ELM: Cryptographically Privacy-Preserving Extreme Learning Machine for Cloud Systems

Ferhat Özgür Çatak, Ahmet Fatih Mustacoglu
Pages: 33 - 44
The training techniques of the distributed machine learning approach replace the traditional methods with a cloud computing infrastructure and provide flexible computing services to clients. Moreover, machine learning-based classification methods are used in many diverse applications such as medical...
Research Article

Ranks Aggregation and Semantic Genetic Approach based Hybrid Model for Query Expansion

Jagendra Singh
Pages: 34 - 55
Effective query expansion terms selection methods are really very important for improving the accuracy and efficiency of Pseudo-Relevance Feedback (PRF) based automatic query expansion techniques in information retrieval system. These methods remove irrelevant and redundant terms from the top retrieved...
Research Article

α-Minimal Resolution Principle For A Lattice-Valued Logic

Hairui Jia, Yang Xu, Yi Liu, Jun Liu
Pages: 34 - 43
Based on the academic ideas of resolution-based automated reasoning and the previously established research work on binary α-resolution based automated reasoning schemes in the framework of lattice-valued logic with truth-values in a lattice algebraic structure-lattice implication algebra (LIA),...
Research Article

Fuzzy Logic in KNIME – Modules for Approximate Reasoning –

MichaelR. Berthold, Bernd Wiswedel, ThomasR. Gabriel
Pages: 34 - 45
In this paper we describe the open source data analytics platform KNIME, focusing particularly on extensions and modules supporting fuzzy sets and fuzzy learning algorithms such as fuzzy clustering algorithms, rule induction methods, and interactive clustering tools. In addition we outline a number of...
Review Article

From Fuzzy Models to Granular Fuzzy Models

Witold Pedrycz
Pages: 35 - 42
In this study, we offer a general view at the area of fuzzy modeling and elaborate on a new direction of system modeling by introducing a concept of granular models. Those models constitute a generalization of existing fuzzy models and, in contrast to existing models, generate results in the form of...
Research Article

Adaptive generalized ensemble construction with feature selection and its application in recommendation

Jin Tian, Nan Feng
Pages: 35 - 43
This paper presents an adaptive generalized ensemble method with refined feature selection strategy and self-adjusted mechanism for ensemble size. The coevolutionary algorithm is introduced to optimize the ensemble and the feature weighting. There are two stages in the proposed method. In the coevolutionary...
Research Article

Light Weight Proactive Padding Based Crypto Security System in Distributed Cloud Environment

N. Indira, S. Rukmanidevi, A.V. Kalpana
Pages: 36 - 43
The organization maintains various information in cloud which is a loosely coupled environment. However, the nature of cloud encourages the threats in different level. Among them the data security has been a keen issue being identified and challenges the service provider. To improve the data security...
Research Article

Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Derivative and Differential Operations

Hua Zhao, Zeshui Xu, Zeqing Yao
Pages: 36 - 56
The interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy set (IVIFS) generalizes Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy set (A-IFS) with the membership and non-membership degrees being intervals instead of real numbers, so it can contain more information. In this paper, we study the derivatives and differentials under interval-valued...
Research Article

Advanced control software framework for process control applications

Shazzat Hossain, M.A. Hussain, Rosli Bin Omar
Pages: 37 - 49
Industries are now moving towards PC-based control from PLC (Programmable Logic Control) based control as the PC (personal computer) is easily available and capable of implementing various control strategies to improve productivity. Advances in both hardware and software technology are expediting this...
Research Article

An Improved Ranking Strategy for Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making

Zhanhong Hu, Zichun Chen, Zheng Pei, Xinzi Ma, Wei Liu
Pages: 38 - 46
In this paper, we develop an improved ranking strategy for fuzzy multiple attribute group decision making. First, we introduce a method for multiple attribute group decision making and show that method can not choose the best alternative, when S() = 0 and . We define then a k-order deviation of the fuzzy...
Research Article

Autonomously Implemented Versatile Path Planning for Mobile Robots Based on Cellular Automata and Ant Colony

Adel Akbarimajd, Akbar Hassanzadeh
Pages: 39 - 52
A path planning method for mobile robots based on two dimensional cellular automata is proposed. The method can be applied for environments with both concave and convex obstacles. It is also appropriate for multi-robot problems as well as dynamic environments. In order to develop the planning method,...
Research Article

GA-Based Feature Selection Method for Imbalanced Data with Application in Radio Signal Recognition

Limin Du, Yang Xu, Jun Liu, Fangli Ma
Pages: 39 - 47
This paper presents an improved genetic algorithm (GA) based feature selection method for imbalanced data classification, which is then applied to radio signal recognition of ground-air communication. The proposed method improves the fitness function while SVM is selected as the classifier due to its...
Research Article

Video Classification and Shot Detection for Video Retrieval Applications

M. K. Geetha, S. Palanivel
Pages: 39 - 50
Appropriate organization of video databases is essential for pertinent indexing and retrieval of visual information. This paper proposes a new feature called Block Intensity Comparison Code (BICC) for video classification and an unsupervised shot change detection algorithm to detect the shot changes...
Research Article

Deep Learning for Detection of Routing Attacks in the Internet of Things

Furkan Yusuf YAVUZ, Devrim ÜNAL, Ensar GÜL
Pages: 39 - 58
Cyber threats are a showstopper for Internet of Things (IoT) has recently been used at an industrial scale. Network layer attacks on IoT can cause significant disruptions and loss of information. Among such attacks, routing attacks are especially hard to defend against because of the ad-hoc nature of...
Research Article

Portfolio Optimization From a Set of Preference Ordered Projects Using an Ant Colony Based Multi-objective Approach

S. Samantha Bastiani, Laura Cruz-Reyes, Eduardo Fernandez, Claudia Gomez
Pages: 41 - 53
In this paper, a good portfolio is found through an ant colony algorithm (including a local search) that approximates the Pareto front regarding some kind of project categorization, cardinalities, discrepancies with priorities given by the ranking, and the average rank of supported projects; this approach...
Research Article

Classifying image analysis techniques from their output

C Guada, D Gómez, JT. Rodríguez, J Yáñez, J Montero
Pages: 43 - 68
In this paper we discuss some main image processing techniques in order to propose a classification based upon the output these methods provide. Because despite a particular image analysis technique can be supervised or unsupervised, and can allow or not the existence of fuzzy information at some stage,...
Research Article

Determining Design Characteristics of Automobile Seats Based On Fuzzy Axiomatic Design Principles

Selcuk Cebi, Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 43 - 55
The performance of a product depends on if it is created in terms of expected functional requirements. A product is designed to satisfy some certain tasks. In this study, the design of an automobile seat is handled. Automobile seat design procedure is based on experience and trial-and-error method, rather...
Research Article

Chaotic Time Series Prediction Using Immune Optimization Theory

Yuanquan Shi, Xiaojie Liu, Tao Li, Xiaoning Peng, Wen Chen, Ruirui Zhang, Yanming Fu
Pages: 43 - 60
To solve chaotic time series prediction problem, a novel Prediction approach for chaotic time series based on Immune Optimization Theory (PIOT) is proposed. In PIOT, the concepts and formal definitions of antigen, antibody and affinity being used for time series prediction are given, and the mathematical...
Research Article

Expression Detection Based on a Novel Emotion Recognition Method

Xun Gong, Yong Yang, Jianhui Lin, Tianrui Li
Pages: 44 - 53
As facial expression is an essential way to convey human's feelings, in this paper, a dynamic selection ensemble learning method is proposed to analyze their emotion automatically. A feature selection algorithm is proposed at first based on rough set and the domain oriented data driven data mining theory,...
Research Article

Active Power Dispatch Plan among Units in DFIG Based Wind Farm

Lefeng Zhang, Zengping Wang
Pages: 44 - 52
During normal operation, doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) can generate certain range of reactive power according to the requirements of the power grid. According to the active power order from power dispatching center, a kind of wind turbines scheduling solution which also suits the actual operation...
Research Article

New Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem

Wei Gao
Pages: 44 - 55
As one suitable optimization method implementing computational intelligence, ant colony optimization (ACO) can be used to solve the traveling salesman problem (TSP). However, traditional ACO has many shortcomings, including slow convergence and low efficiency. By enlarging the ants' search space and...
Research Article

Analysis of manufacturing systems using simulations in terms of material flow cost accounting

Soemon Takakuwa, Run Zhao, Hikaru Ichimura
Pages: 44 - 51
Material flow cost accounting (MFCA), an environmental management accounting method, is adopted to reduce the amount of wastes that result from manufacturing activities. In this paper, MFCA is introduced to study the environmental impacts of production lot-size determination by structuring simulation...
Research Article

Entropy Measures of Probabilistic Linguistic Term Sets

Hongbin Liu, Le Jiang, Zeshui Xu
Pages: 45 - 57
The probabilistic linguistic term sets (PLTSs) are powerful to deal with the hesitant linguistic situation in which each provided linguistic term has a probability. The PLTSs contain uncertainties caused by the linguistic terms and their probability information. In order to measure such uncertainties,...
Research Article

A lexicographical dynamic flow model for relief operations

Gregorio Tirado, F. Javier Martín-Campo, Begoña Vitoriano, M. Teresa Ortuño
Pages: 45 - 57
Emergency management is a highly relevant area of interest in operations research. Currently the area is undergoing widespread development. Furthermore, recent disasters have highlighted the importance of disaster management, in order to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable people and save lives. In...
Research Article

Quest for Interpretability-Accuracy Trade-off Supported by Fingrams into the Fuzzy Modeling Tool GUAJE

DavidP. Pancho, JoseM. Alonso, L. Magdalena
Pages: 46 - 60
Understand the behavior of Fuzzy Rule-based Systems (FRBSs) at inference level is a complex task that allows the designer to produce simpler and powerful systems. The fuzzy inference-grams –known as fingrams– establish a novel and mighty tool for understanding the structure and behavior of...
Research Article

Parameters control in GAs for dynamic optimization

Khalid Jebari, Abdelaziz Bouroumi, Aziz Ettouhami
Pages: 47 - 63
The Control of Genetic Algorithms parameters allows to optimize the search process and improves the performance of the algorithm. Moreover it releases the user to dive into a game process of trial and failure to find the optimal parameters.
Research Article

A Method for Multi-attribute Decision Making Under Uncertainty Using Evidential Reasoning and Prospect Theory

Liuqian Jin, Xin Fang, Yang Xu
Pages: 48 - 62
In this paper, a method for multi-attribute decision making under uncertainty is proposed, the uncertainty is represented by certitude structure. In fact, there are both quantitative and qualitative attributes with different representation in multi-attribute decision making under uncertainty, so the...
Research Article

On implicit Lagrangian twin support vector regression by Newton method

S. Balasundaram, Deepak Gupta
Pages: 50 - 64
In this work, an implicit Lagrangian for the dual twin support vector regression is proposed. Our formulation leads to determining non-parallel –insensitive down- and up- bound functions for the unknown regressor by constructing two unconstrained quadratic programming problems of smaller size,...
Research Article

Team Situation Awareness Using Web-based Fuzzy Group Decision Support Systems

Jie Lu, Guangquan Zhang, Fengjie Wu
Pages: 50 - 59
Situation awareness (SA) is an important element to support responses and decision making to crisis problems. Decision making for a complex situation often needs a team to work cooperatively to get consensus awareness for the situation. Team SA is characterized including information sharing, opinion...