Proceedings of the 2015 AASRI International Conference on Circuits and Systems

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Forecasting the Environment Changes with the ARMA Model for Application to an Oil Tank Fire Hazard

Ni Yuanzhi, Zhang Jie, Lyu Ming, Bo Yuming
In oil tank farm, the fire hazard causes a great loss to both people and property. Once there is a fire, to avoid more loss, a reliable, secure and practical method for putting out a fire is needed. And under this circumstance, the accurate forecasting of the changes of the environment, such as temperature...
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Effects of the Contamination of Atrazine and Pb on Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon

Yang Baoshan, Chen Qinglin, Wang Hui
Herbicides are widely used in modern agriculture systems and vehicle exhaust significant emissions caused Pb contamination. After entering the soil ecosystem it will produce complex ecological effects, which cause certain effects on soil microbial biomass and biological activity. Choose common herbicide...
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The Appropriate Mode in the Application of the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in the Environmental Management of the Industrial Sector

Phoochinda Wisakha
This study aims to investigate success in the application of sufficiency economy philosophy of industries, to investigate factors affecting the application in environmental management and to suggest appropriate mode. Data are collected using in-depth interviews with nine businesses successfully applied...
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Treatment of Landfill Leachate RO Concentrate by VMD

Qi Xingxing, Zhang Chaojie, Zhang Ying
Reverse osmosis (RO) concentrate has been one of the concerned environmental pollution since the RO membrane is widely applied. RO concentrate has a dramatic impact on the useful life of landfill, surrounding soil and ground water. Thus, the RO concentrate is also urgent to be solved. In this research,...
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The Synthesis of an Aqueous Film Forming Foam Concentration and the Drainage Characteristic of the Foam

Wu Xiujuan, Li Changhai, Zhao Chuanwen, Sheng Youjie, Lu Shouxiang
Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) is a very effective agent for firefighting hydrocarbon fuel fires. A study was conducted to develop a small-scale test for quantifying the drainage behavior of a synthesized AFFF formulation in accordance with the requirements of MIL-24385-F. The rate of drainage was...
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Effects on Soil Organic Carbon and Microbial Biomass Carbon of Different Tillage

Yang Zhichen, Li Hong, Bai Jinshun
To research data of soil organic carbon content and Soil microbial biomass carbon of different tillage, the results show that less tillage measures could significantly increase the active soil organic carbon content and Soil microbial biomass carbon. In addition, the contribution to increase organic...
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Integration of Local Eco-innovation with Global Problems of Protection of the Natural Environment and Bio-based Green Economy

W Dobrowolski Jan, Kobylarczyk Justyna, Tursunov Obid, Qi Toh Siew
Sustainable society is connected with common action for better quality of the human environment and life, as well as comprehensive management of the natural resources. The paper highlights 45 years methodological experiences of problem solving training based on interdisciplinary case studies in different...
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Time Series Analysis of Phosphorus Concentration in Chaohe River in Beijing

Zhang Weiwei, Li Hong
Taking the phosphorus monitoring data of two sites MS1 and MS2 in the period 1986-2003 in Chaohe River lying Beijing Miyun reservoir stream watershed as a case, time domain analysis method, Fourier and Wavelet analysis were adopted to explore and compare the periodic patterns and temporal pattern characteristics...
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Effects of Long-term Irrigation with Water from Wastewater Receiving River on Soil Chemical and Microbiological Properties in Hebei, China

Gao Rutai, Liang Qiong, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Hui, Tan Wenbin, Ma Lina, Xi Beidou
In arid and semi-arid regions in China, a large amount of treated wastewater is discharged into rivers that supply water for agriculture. Treated wastewater contains not only valuable nutrients, but also toxic contaminants that might affect soil quality. This study investigated how long-term irrigation...
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Inhibition of Activated Sludge Respiration by Laundry Washing Agents

Hartmann Silvie, Skrobánková Hana, Havránek Ivo
Inhibition of the microbial activity caused by laundry washing agents was tested by two biotoxicity tests, respirometry and Vibrio fischeri. Eight samples of the different laundry washing agents (four powder and four liquid) were used. Respirometry tests showed higher inhibitory effects caused by powder...
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Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in Dust Particles of Moravian-Silesian Region (Czech Republic) in the Winter Season 2013/2014

Kucbel Marek, Sykorova Barbora, Raclavska Helena, Raclavsky Konstantin, Matysek Dalibor
Analytes corresponding to 16 polyaromatic hydrocarbons were determined from dust aerosol particles collected on filters at 40 localities of the industrial Moravian-Silesian Region (Czech Republic). Comparison is performed for areas of different character (mountains, towns with and without industry)
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Detection and Modeling of Phosphorus in Water Quality Monitoring Programs

Du Qiaoling, Ren Zenghua, Liu Zhenze, Wang Yiding
Understanding the impact of phosphorus is essential to ensure water quality. Excessive nutrient loading, primarily phosphorus (P), is one of the vital reason for eutrophic. In this paper a survey concerning the concentration of phosphorus in a reservoir of northeast China was carried out. The raw data...
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Prediction of Sludge Reduction of Polymerized-organic-Al-Zn-Fe (POAZF) Coagulant

Fu Ying, Wang Yanzheng
A new coagulant of polymerized-organic-Al-Zn-Fe (POAZF) was prepared using a galvanized aluminum slag and polyacrylamide (PAM) as raw materials. Sludge reduction of POAZF was probed compared to that of poly-Al-Zn-Fe (PAZF) and poly-aluminum-chloride (PAC). The results showed that the settling speed of...
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Isolation of a Arthrobacter sp. T11 that Degrades Cyanobacterial Hepatotoxin Microcystin from the Sediment of a Shallow Hypertrophic Lake

Qu Jiangqi, Zhang Qingjing, Zhang Mo, Xin Zhiming, Li Hongwei, Zhang Nan
In present study, we are intrested in establishing a biological removal method by microorganism against the cyanobacterial hepatotoxin microcystion. A native microcystin-degrading bacterium was isolated from a shallow hypertrophic lake, and the biodegradation effect was detected by the LC-MS method....
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Research for Motivating Mechanism of City Household Garbage Resources

Chen Yaping, Zhong Junqing, Tian Ting, Wang Sainan
Environmental issues are highly concerned today, in which household garbage resource utilization is most important. This paper analyzes the current situation of household garbage resource and existing problem from the point of view of reverse logistics. This paper proposes the government's stimulus measures...
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Research about the Removal Effect of the Constructed Wetland System on the Escherichia Coli K12

Zhang Lieyu, Ye Yu-Bing, Xi Beidou, Wang Lei, Liu Tian, Yu Pengfei, Lv Jingjing
This paper analyzed the related methodsto removethe biological indicatorEscherichia coli K12 (E. coli K12) in the constructed wetland system (CWs), which included filtration and absorption of filling, effect of the plant root system and microorganism phagocytosis and so on. It indicated that E. coli...
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Research on the Impact of Human Activities on the Landscape Pattern in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve

Bing Zhenhua, Gao Jun
Human activities and regional development will have a profound impact on the ecosystem and landscape structure[1]. There are many forms of human activities in the nature reserves, including tours, settlements, roads and so on. This paper selected three-phase sensing images of Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve...
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Effects of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Ecosystem Services in Ecological Preservation Development Districts of Beijing

Liu Xiaona, Li Hong, Zhang Weiwei
Assessment the relationship between land use and land cover change (LUCC) and ecosystem service function gradually become a hot topic in both ecology and ecological economics fields. Based on remote sensing data of Landsat TM in 2005 and Landsat OLI in 2013, the effects of LUCC on ecosystem services...
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Study on Microorganism Distribution Characteristics of Three Types of Typical Acidified Soils

Li Tianxin, Meng Linglong, Li Nana, Zhao Yikun, Uwizeyimana Herman
The acidified soil caused by the acid rain has become a global problem, however, its effects to the microorganisms in the soil is not well understood. The authors employed a series of physiological and biochemical experiments to test and analyze three typical acidified and the remediated soil like grassland...
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A Study on Ecological Impacts of the Large Scale Engineering Project Evaluation System under the View of Life Cycle

Li Wei, Liu Bingqing, Zhang Hongtu
Construction of a huge number of large scale engineering projects boosts Chinese economy, but at the same time, it exerts great impacts on the ecological environment. This paper put the ecological impacts of large scale engineering projects as the research object. By elaborating on large scale engineering...
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Assessment of Social Vulnerability to Climate Change and Its Disaster Prevention in Pingtung County

Lee Meng-Tsung, Ting Kuo-Huan, Lin Kun-Lung, Liu Wen-Hong, Jhan Hao-Tang
Taiwan surrounded by water and has abundant and diversified marine environment and resources, so that Taiwanese life closely depends on marine and coast. However, with the increase of population and the change of economic structure led to the pressures on the coastal zone increase sharply in recent years....
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Chemical Mutagenesis Breeding of Protoplast of Ammonia-oxidizing Bacteria

Dong Yuwei, Miao Jingzhi, Tang Shirong, Chen Shanglong, Wu Yonghua
Strain with strong capacity of ammoxidation screened by repeated enrichment and separation methods from activated sludge which was collected from sewage treatment plant in China university of mining and technology. Lithium chloride and ethidium bromide mutagenesis methods of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria...
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Toxicological Effects of Cd Pollution on Soil Urease Activity

Yang Baoshan, He Fei, Chen Qinglin, Wang Hui
To characterize the effect of heavy metal Cd on soil microbial activity, urease activity was analyzed based on the enzymatic products of ammonia. . The results showed Cd concentrations had little effect on the urease activity and the incubation time had strong effect on the activity of urease activity...
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Semi-quantitative Evaluation of Urban Landscape Water in Shandong Province of China

Deng Haiyan, Qu Shisong, Huang Qiang
There are many urban landscape water projects built around Shandong province which improve the local environment in recent years, but how to develop the landscape water in north of China is a challenge and there is no comprehensive evaluation approach. The semi-quantitative evaluation of landscape water...
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Roofwater Quality Simulation in Jinan Urban Area of China

Deng Haiyan, Wang Weiping, Xu Qiaoyi
There are no any feasible theoretical methods for determining the initial removal of the roofwater now, which restrains the development of the roofwater utilization to some extent. The main sources of various pollutants in the roofwater and the variation of their concentrations are analyzed with the...
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Land Use Changes and Volumetric Processes in the Tinto Salt-marshes

Emilio Ramírez-Juidías, José Tejero-Manzanares, José Moreno-Fresno Juan, Meritxell Justicia-Segovia, Antonio Madueño-Luna, Miriam López-Lineros
The Tinto Marshes is a natural area located at the mouth of the Tinto’s river (Huelva, Spain), being, in size, the third largest wetland in the province of Huelva after Doñana and Odiel salt-marshes. Due to its special topography, as they are characterized as salt-marshes, their characterization, both...
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The Analysis on the Evaluation of Shanghai Tap Water Quality in Terms of Inorganic Anion Concentration

Yao Dongjing, Zhang Kaihang, Wang Chu, Zhu Ling
By taking tap water samples from every district and county in Shanghai, we analyze six types of inorganic anions contained in these water samples, namely Cl-, Br-, NO3-, NO2-, PO43- and SO42-, by applying the Ion Chromatography System. The results indicate that among these six inorganic anions in Shanghai...
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The Development and Application of a Wetland Ecosystem Evaluation Model

Chen Han-Shen
This study applied emergy ecological footprints (EEF) to investigate a national coastal wetland in Taiwan–Gaomei Wetlands. A wetland ecosystem evaluation model was used to quantify the EEFs and emergy ecological carrying capacity (EECC) of Gaomei Wetlands between 2007 and 2013 to examine the current...
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A Study of the Collaborative Degree between Economic Growth and Carbon Reduction Targets under International Comparative Perspective

Qu Liang, Chen Cong, Zhang Wulin
This paper figures out the collaborative degree between economic growth and carbon reduction targets of China, India, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan with relevant energy consumption data, carbon emissions data and related economic development data from 1981 to 2010 by...
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Impact of LMX on Coal Mine Safety Culture in China

Ma Shuming, Zhang Jiangshi
Safety culture and the leader interaction with member are the keys to accident prevention. An equation of structure model (ESM) involved Leader-member exchange (LMX) and each element of safety culture is constructed based on literature review. And it is verified by this empirical study in China. 625...
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Integrated Facades for Building Energy Conservation

Kim Kyoung-Hee, Torres Alberto
The increasing necessity of sustainability in built environments has reinforced the role of climate responsive design in contemporary practice. Building facades - a boundary layer between indoor and outdoor environments, in turn, have transformed to fulfill adapted roles of high performance integration....
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Emergy Evaluation of a Dairy-mushroom Ecosystem in Miyun Reservoir Catchment of Beijing

Hu Yanxia
An ecological energetic evaluation is presented in this paper for the dairy-mushroom system in Beijing Miyun reservoir catchment in the year 2010. It developed a system diagram for the dairy and mushroom productions based on Odum’s unified measure. Conventional systems indices of the emergy yield ratio...
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Characteristic and Relevant Factors Analysis of Lightning Disaster in Hainan Island

Gao Yi, Zhou Fangcong, Wei Changxiong
Characteristics of lightning disaster in Hainan Island from 1999 to 2011 are analyzed by using nationwide lightning disaster data, thunderstorm data, lightning location data, and statistical yearbook of Hainan Province. The results show that 727 lightning disaster accidents are reported, which result...
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Sustainability Reports Based on XBRL through a Service-Oriented Architecture Approach

Mota Edson, Costa Daniela, Caetano da Silva Paulo
The practice of disclosure of information on corporate sustainability represents a breakthrough in relations between business and society. The initiative of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the adoption of XBRL in the process of dissemination of sustainability reporting contributes to the increase...
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Multiple Attribute Decision-making with Interval Numbers Projection and Its Application in the Power grid Planning

Ren Feng
In this paper, the theory of interval numbers was applied into multiple attribute decision-making to overcome the limitation of a single real number for attribute value. The interval positive ideal point of the decision problem was constructed based on the interval numbers of the attributes. The alternatives...
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Effect of Gas Permeation Temperature on gamma-alumina Ceramic Membranes

Nasir Kajama Mohammed, Claribelle Nwogu Ngozi, Gobina Edward
This paper examines gas permeation properties (feed pressure, temperature, molecular weight) using -alumina mesoporous ceramic membrane with 15 nm average pore size. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the membrane’s cross-sectional area was analyzed in this experiment. Single gas permeation of hydrogen,...
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An Initial Study on the Use of Membranes for Hydrocarbons Recovery from Shuttle Tankers during Crude Oil Transportation

Gobina Edward, Shehu Habiba, Okon Edidiong
There are new remote deep-water oil fields that are being discovered and this makes the use of shuttle tankers more vital for the transport of crude oil to on shore and off shore refineries. The emissions from these tankers are studied and an alternative technology for the recovery of methane, propane...
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An Approach to the Oil Recovery Enhancement Method Considering Environment Pollution with Fuzzy Parameters

Karimov Adalat, Rzayeva Ulviyya
Interest in oil recovery enhancement methods constantly increases. Scientists all over the world are engaged in research of the most effective methods for the development of oil fields. However, decline in the productivity oil wells still causes a range of problems, not only during their operation. Moreover,...
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Information Systems and Reverse Logistics: Promise for Future

Maric Josip, Rodhain Florence, Barlette Yves
Sustainability is becoming increasingly significant for business researchers and practitioners, where Information Systems (IS) and sustainable development open up a new field of interesting issues to be addressed by scholars. In this paper, we present research-in-progress regarding IS and reverse logistics....
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The Establishment of a Life-cycle Carbon Emission Factor Database for Buildings in China

Li Dezhi, Cui Peng, Sui Xin, Chen Ping
To establish a life-cycle carbon emission factor database for buildings and further to measure the amount of life-cycle carbon emissions of a building accurately, this paper collects life-cycle carbon emission factors for buildings, including energy, building materials, transportation and machinery ones,...
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A Comparative Study of Waste Cooking Oil Recycling Programs in Bogor and Niigata Cities and GHG Emission Reduction by Recycling

Fujita Haruhiro, Iijima Wataru, Nakano Katsuyuki, Prayitno Joko, Tsubaki Hiroe, Kitagawa Genshiro
In indonesia, a substantial waste cooking oil from households is being disposed to drainage and soil, according to the recent survey conducted in bogor, causing environmental damages of water and soil pollutions, as well as increase in ghg emission. in urban areas of Japan, waste cooking oil is mostly...
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Spatial Analysis of Air Pollution Data Based on Linked Micromap Plots in Korea

Yong Ahn Jeong
Air pollution is becoming an increasingly important problem due to the high levels of air pollutants emitted as a result of industrial and other anthropogenic activities. Exposure to air pollution has been linked to various health outcomes, from modest transient changes in the respiratory tract and impaired...
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Non- point Source Pollution Load Calculation Based on Raster Data and Export Coefficient Model

Han Longxi, Gao Qi, Huo Fei
The article is focused on the surrounding land area of Zhihugang of Taihu Basin, the study area was divided into square grid of 100m on a side, all grid units land use types attribute values were identified according to the regional land use types, raster data model applied to land-use information was...
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Association Study on Urban Form and Urban Resources Efficiency Based on GIS and DEA: A Case Study of Shanghai

Fan Wenping, Liu Yan, Shi Yishao
Rapid urbanisation has resulted in the change of urban forms as well as increased consumption of various urban resources. This paper reports an empirical study of China’s Shanghai municipality to investigate the relationship between urban form and the efficiency usage of urban resources. Based on a series...
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Effects of Jinan-Heze Expressway on Flood Detention Function of Daotunwa Wetland in China on Remote Sensing Techniques

Cheng Jiemin, Wang Xiaofeng, Hu Guanglu, Wu Cuicui
The location map of Daotunwa Wetland and Jinan-Heze expressway was created based on 3S technology in order to study the relationship among wetland area, its flood storage capacity and the Jinan-Heze expressway construction. The results showed that Jinan-Heze expressway covered 0.11 km2 of the Daotunwa...
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Development of Soil Environmental Management Information System: A Case Study in Shandong Province

Hu Guanglu, Cheng Jiemin, Wang Mingcong
A soil heavy metals information system in Shandong province was constructed based on environment quality assessment modeling technologies for heavy metals contaminated soils. The system integrates the software, GIS software MapInfoMapX and DBMS SQL Server2000. The system includes four main modules:...
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Application of Spatial Information Grid System on Calculating Probability of Earthquakes Induced by Reservoir

Yu Chunying, Chen Zhiyong, Zhang Qiuwen
We introduced the Spatial Information Grid System(SIGS) into the research of reservoir-induced earthquakes based on simulated data and existing computational models. With the graphical and grid management functions, we calculated the probability of reservoir-induced earthquakes by dividing the study...
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The Effect of Strain Rate on Abnormal Grain Growth of P/M Nickel-base Superalloy

Fang Shuang, Dong Yunpeng, Wang Shuyun
The samples with a length of 50mm and cross section area of 20mm2 were machined from extruded P/M Nickel-base superalloy billet and the isothermal deformation tests were carried out at constant strain rate in a vacuum environment using the Thermecmastor. All the samples were deformed to a true strain...
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A Low-Power Single-Stage RF Receiver Front-end: Variable Gain-controlled Double-balanced LMV Cell

Oh Nam-Jin
This paper presents a low-power, single-stage, and variable-gain controlled double-balanced type RF receiver front-end, called DB-LMV cell, by merging low-noise amplifier (LNA), mixer, and voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) exploiting a series LC (SLC) network. The low intermediate frequency (IF) or...
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A Current Control Scheme of a Grid-connected Inverter to Enhance Power Quality in Distributed Generation

Kim Kyeong-Hwa
To enhance the power quality in distributed generation (DG) systems even under distorted grid, a high performance current control scheme of a grid-connected inverter is presented. The proposed scheme is achieved through the model decomposition of inverter voltage equations into the fundamental and harmonic...