Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Educational Innovation and Multimedia Technology (EIMT 2022)

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Chew Fong Peng, Lixin Sun, Yongjun Feng, Siti Hajar Halili
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 International Conference on Educational Innovation and Multimedia Technology (EIMT 2022) during March 25–27, 2022 in Hangzhou, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and...
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The Teaching Design of Online Dialogue in Practice for Large Class Students in Higher Education

Shun-Ho Wang
This study is to combine an online teaching system with the teaching concept of dialogue teaching, and carry out the curriculum design and practice of college large class teaching. It attempts to reverse the traditional lecturing teaching, solve the existing teaching problems of large class teaching,...
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Research on the Development and Influencing Factors of Sports Network Education and Training

Shijun Fan, Ruilin Xu
Network education training is the result of the development of educational innovation in the times, based on the internet information technology, network platform as the carrier, breaking the limitations of time and space, to provide learners with more flexible learning methods, so as to meet the learning...
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The Design and Application of Computer Multimedia Art Teaching Resource Management System

Qingping He
The multimedia art teaching resource management system developed in this article selects the current more popular software operation mode as a framework, and uses the B/S mode to share the teaching resources. In addition, the desktop of the multimedia art teaching resource management system is mainly...
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The Effectiveness of Implementing Deep Learning Activities in a Blended Learning Perspective Based on Big Data Analysis

Lurong Sun, Jianing Wang, Dan Gong, Nana Jiang
In order to solve the problem that learners’ mastery of knowledge under the blended teaching mode only stays on the surface and lacks deep learning of knowledge. Based on big data application combined with DELC deep learning route, this study proposes an effective deep learning activity model in terms...
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Principal Continuous Professional Development in the Age of Intelligence

Evidence from TALIS 2018 Survey

Di Yuan
Following the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has carried out another transnational survey in the field of basic education - International Teaching and Learning Survey (TALIS), which is the first time that OECD has taken...
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Application and Prospect of Artificial Intelligence in Online Vocational Education

Weiwei Wang, Xuandao Yao, Zhaohui Ye
The rapid upgrading and changing of artificial intelligence technology accelerate the reconstruction of teaching modes, learning modes, and organization management modes of vocational education. Combined with the characteristics of modern vocational education, we should take advantage of the situation,...
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Design of Graduation Thesis Management System Based on School Enterprise Cooperation Mode by B/S Architecture

Weici Liu
The teaching reform of graduation project is an important content of the reform and development of higher education. With the change of the current talent training direction, many universities and enterprises have reached a cooperative relationship for students’ graduation design, however in the actual...
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Design and Development of College Tourism English Training System Based on Speech Recognition Technology

Wenyu Xu
Based on language recognition technology, the author uses Web Audio API interface technology and Microsoft voice service to complete the construction of college tourism English training system in ASP.NET CORE environment. The practical training function of the system can simulate various sections in...
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Study of Teachers’ Evaluation on Students in Colleges and Universities Based on the Subjective, Objective and Combined Weighting - Cloud Evaluation Model

Yiming Zhou, Yaoyao Song, Yingxin Jiang
The establishment and application of a scientific and effective model and method play a pivotal role in conducting high-quality work of teachers’ evaluation on students in colleges and universities. With regard to the problem of setting the weights of the evaluation indexes of teachers in colleges and...
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Utilizing Praat to Identify Neutral Tone Features of Mandarin Learners with L1 as Longshan Dialect

Yao Peng, Xinrui Li
The neutral tone of Mandarin is well-known for its unique acoustic features, so foreign Mandarin learners and Chinese dialect speakers presumably have difficulty in producing the neutral tone. At present, some second/foreign language acquisition studies have investigated the pronunciation of the neutral...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing the Use of Chinese Online Education Platform: A DEMATEL-ISM Based Approach

Kunhua Yu, Jin Zhu, Yanzhi Li
Under the background of macro environment, on the basis of PEST analysis framework, the paper summaries 11 factors which influence the application of users of Chinese online education platform. Through DEMATEL-ISM methods, this study combs the logical relationship between factors, draws the causal relationship...
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Development and Application of Calligraphy Culture Communication Platform Based on Web Technology

Wenbin Yang
Based on Web technology, we developed a calligraphy culture network communication platform under the framework of Flask and Python language. The platform can innovatively integrate network information technology into the spread of calligraphy culture, and realize the networked and digital service of...
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Collaborative Integration Design of Guangxi Business Cases and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on Big Data

Jinjin Yao
Under the background of entrepreneurship and innovation, using big data to drive the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education and relying on local business groups to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education is a topic worthy of study. Taking the native Guangxi business as the research...
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Innovation Strategy of Animation Curriculum Systems Based on Artificial Intelligence

Qing-qing Wang
With the development of the Internet and the coming of the artificial intelligence era, new requirements are put forward for the cultivation of animation professionals and the innovation of curriculum systems. Although in recent years, the animation industry, especially the domestic animation industry,...
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Research on the Application of Big Data Technology in Student Education Management

Jinjin He, Limin Qiao
With the development of information technology, colleges and universities have widely applied computer technology in educational management. Many modern campuses have begun to build smart campuses, trying to use computer technology to manage students. There are many middle school students in colleges...
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Blended Teaching Model of Offline-Online Based on the Mutual Promotion of Teaching and Learning

Jiange Zhang, Chenyang Liu, Yue Chen, Huanhuan Xu
In order to give full play to the advantages of offline-online teaching, this paper explores the blended teaching model of offline-online based on the mutual promotion of teaching and learning. First, it studies the traditional offline teaching model and points out some problems existing in offline teaching....
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Systematic Analysis of Research Trends in STEAM/STEM Education Based on Big Data

Ying Zhao
Over the past decade, big data has become a part of everyday life. Big data and big data analysis techniques are applicable in many fields, especially education. Combining science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) competitiveness...
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A Learning Analytics Model Based on Expression Recognition and Affective Computing: Review of Techniques and Survey of Acceptance

Chengliang Wang, Jian Dai, Yu Chen, Xing Zhang, Liujie Xu
The development of technology informatization and intelligence makes personalized adaptive learning possible, especially the rapid development of artificial intelligence provides practical technical support for intelligent teaching. This paper reviews the current research status of expression recognition...
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Design and Application of Mixed Teaching System of Pediatric Nursing Based on Web Technology

Jing Zhang, Tingting Yang, Pei Zhang, Ruowei Wang
Based on Web technology and SSM framework set, we have completed the construction of online learning system of pediatric nursing network, and implemented in-depth reform of traditional teaching mode of pediatric nursing according to SPOC mixed teaching. Under the SPOC mixed teaching mode, higher requirements...
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Ideological and Political Education of Minority Students Based on Network Information Security Model

Xiaojun Fu, Qihua Li
Education is the basis of promoting the process of national unity and development. The educational model of colleges and universities is constantly changing. But it also faces many challenges. How to effectively implement the work of national unity education, innovate educational methods, cultivate national...
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Research on Curriculum System Construction Based on “BIMC” Technology Under “1+X” Certificate System

Fengnian Zhu, Xintian Nie
The implementation of “1+X” certificate system has played a positive role in promoting the vocational education of application- oriented undergraduate universities in China. Through field investigation, the authors found that current universities’ curriculum can neither meet enterprises’ needs of information...
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Development of Higher Vocational Ideological and Political Education Resource Platform Based on Mobile Platform

Wen Tang, Yanfa Chen
Ideological and political education resources are an important part of teaching. A sufficient teaching resource database can help students to quickly find the corresponding learning materials and conduct targeted learning. There are a large number of ideological and political teaching resources on the...
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Design and Development of Safety Education System in Colleges and Universities Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Nana Zhang
Under the guidance of existing technologies and theories, aiming at the problems existing in the field of safety education in colleges and universities, this paper makes use of the advantages of virtual reality technology, deeply integrates virtual reality technology with safety education in colleges...
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Analysis of the Connotation and Characteristics of Positive Psychology in the New Era

Zhaojun Jing
With the development of the new era and the continuous progress of society, people are facing more and more pressures in their daily lives. Most people experience negative emotions such as doubt, anxiety and restlessness, and lose confidence in life. This is a red flag that should be heeded. Positive...
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Marketing System Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology Construction and Risk Analysis

Jinlian Zhang
Based on the construction of marketing system and risk analysis, artificial intelligence technology is used to reshape its structure, establish a prediction system for marketing risk analysis, and comprehensively promote the positive development of marketing system. In the process of marketing data information...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of University Student Majoring in Information Engineering Technology “Involution” and Its Countermeasures Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Sinuo Xiang, Ganquan Su, Jiahao Dong, Jiaying Li
In recent years, college students have gradually formed the trend of “Involution” in order to compete for high-quality resources. The main manifestations include abnormal development and competition, inefficient time investment, complex interpersonal relationships and so on. Through the questionnaire...
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Design and Development of Higher Vocational English Learning System Based on Visual Studio Platform

Yanxia Li
Based on Visual Studio platform, in ASP Net framework, using C# language to complete the construction of Higher Vocational English online learning system, and improve the deficiencies in the current higher vocational English education and teaching process with the functions of online learning, key exercises,...
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Research on the Mixed Teaching Mode of Circuit Courses in Zhejiang Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Multimedia Technology

Zhonghai Chen, Meifen Xie, Quanda Zu
Multimedia computer technology to assist classroom teaching has been widely used. It digitally collects, acquires, compresses/decompresses multimedia teaching information through computer technology, and makes the teaching content have the characteristics of pictures, texts and sounds. Under the new...
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Design and Implementation of Japanese Online Learning System in Mixed Teaching Mode

Fang He, Hui Sun
This paper uses Web technology to build a Japanese online learning system in mixed mode. The system is student-oriented, student-centered, and improves the one-sided evaluation of learning effect and single teaching mode in the teaching process. Among them, the system effect evaluation function needs...
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Innovative Experimental Teaching and Practice of Direct Shear Test of Root-Soil Complex

Guojian Feng
In view of the problems existing in the soil mechanics experiment teaching process, this paper carries on the soil mechanics experiment teaching reform, combined with the characteristics of abundant vegetation in Yunnan Province, and considered the goal requirement of training innovative talents, the...
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Enhancing Learning Outcomes of Undergraduates with Cloud-Based Textbook in Higher Education

Yongbin Zhang, Yuansheng Qi, Ronghua Liang, Xiuqing Zeng, Haifei Tian, Jiaqi Liu
Learning Outcomes have been attracting more and more attention from higher education. Many scholars have adopted related learning theories and cognitive theories to improve teaching and learning. But few studies on enhancing learning outcomes with textbooks are available so far. Our research aims to...
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Analysis on the Organic Integration of New Media Technology and Drama Art

Jie Jiao
With the rapid development of new media technology, different types of media dramas have come into being and attracted the attention of many scholars, such as dynamic photography theater drama, network drama and reality drama. This paper mainly analyzes the application methods of flash animation technology...
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Empirical Study on the Implementation Process and Effect of Problem Chain Teaching Based on Statistical Model

Jinshi Xiao
Problem chain teaching is an effective classroom teaching method characterized by problem traction and teacher-student interaction. How to accurately evaluate the process and effect of problem chain teaching is a difficult problem in teaching implementation. In order to evaluate the performance of teachers...
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A Study on the Blended Learning Based on Multimedia Platforms

Leiping Wu, Hanbin Zhang
With the increased penetration of mobile devices and the internet across China, the benefits of technology integration in learning have been widely reported. This paper explores the performance of a blended learning model based on multimedia platforms and constructivist theory on College Students’ English...
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Virtual Reality Based Simulation for Linear Control Experiments

Linqin Cai, Shizhou Cao, Wenyuan Yi, Hao Li
Owing to its good immersion and interactivity, virtual reality technology has been broadly applied in the field of education. To enhance the experimental teaching of linear control theory, a VR based virtual experiment system was designed and developed using Unity 3D and MATLAB tools. The proposed system...
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Research on Practical Teaching System of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Major Considering the Improvement of Humanistic Quality

Zhijie Yang, Zhangjie Li, Jun Xiao, Hongtao Tang, Baigang Du, Lei Wang
As an emerging major of interdisciplinary integration, the undergraduate major of intelligent manufacturing engineering puts forward extremely high requirements for cultivating the comprehensive quality of students. Facing the demand for talents in the future, the improvement of students’ humanistic...
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Design of Vocational Education Teaching Resources Based on Polarized 3D Stereo Virtual Reality Technology

Cheng Wang
Polarization 3D virtual reality technology can provide real-time three-dimensional virtual environment, so the polarization 3D virtual reality technology in the development and design of teaching resources, can make the role of teaching resources get full play, and can also make learners in the virtual...
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Construction of Campus Smart Party Building Platform Under the Background of Internet Plus

Kebing Cui
Based on Web technology, this paper builds a campus intelligent party building platform based on B/S architecture. By using the tools of big data technology such as Flum, HDFS, MapReduce, the problems of imperfection and low transparency in campus smart party building work were solved, and the learning...
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Research and Implementation of Video-Based Intelligent Analysis System for Children’s Behavior

Yuli Min, Qingling Meng, Hao Zhang
Based on convolutional neural network technology and video key frame selection technology, we can complete the construction of human skeleton behavior recognition network of video sequence, and use Kivy framework to realize the intelligent analysis system of children’s behavior in Python development...
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Research on the Design of Teaching Guidance APP Based on the Peak-End Rule

Xi Zeng, Xinyu Zhang, E. Zheheng, Mingxing Luo, Xueye Zhong
In view of the current problems such as confusing interface, cumbersome operation, and poor experience of educational learning APPs, this paper proposes a design method for educational learning APPs based on the peak-end law, so as to improve the overall user experience. Based on the peak-end law, the...
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The Construction of Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Network Multimedia Virtual Community Learning Environment

Yi Zhang, Wenxia Tao
The background of big data and intelligence provides more flexible conditions for resource utilization. With the development and popularization of Internet technology, knowledge sharing on the network multimedia virtual community platform that breaks through the boundaries of time and space came into...
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Exploring a Method of Enhancing Student Engagement When Teaching a Large STEM Cohort in Higher Education Context

Chung Ket Thein, Devinder Kumar Yadav, Wei Jen Chew, Yufei Wang
Lecturing is generally the most common mode of delivery for complex engineering concepts to a large student cohort. The delivery method has evolved from traditional blackboard to more sophisticated presentation using computer software. With a blackboard, relatively static material is developed live by...
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Study and Application of Monte Carlo Algorithm for AI-Based Music Generation

Jun Min, Lei Wang
When generating music via algorithms, it is essential to extract music characteristics and the distribution of notes. A Monte Carlo simulation framework for music generation was proposed on the premise of maintaining the authenticity of music samples. Those samples, which are stored in MIDI format, were...
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Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Curriculum Evaluation System of Primary and Middle Schools

Shuhua Bai
How to evaluate the quality of primary and secondary school curriculum objectively and quantitatively is a difficult task. Intelligent teaching is to implement online teaching through network platform. Teachers and students through the wisdom of classroom, the completion of teaching and learning, mainly...
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Efficacy of Usage of Social Media on Critical Thinking Disposition of Prospective Chinese Language Teachers in the Post Era of COVID-19

Xianfeng Li
In the post era of COVID-19, social media, as internet-based platforms or channels that facilitate communication and exchange of information, ideas, interests, and even culture, has gradually become an important tool for e-learning research and implementation. However, few attempts have been made to...
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Research on Ideological and Political Practice Teaching of Script Language Course in Local Applied Universities

Xiaojiao Zhang, Tao Jin, Ren Na, Li Ma
[Objective] Taking the scripting language programming technology course as an example, the essay tries to analyze and solve the problems existing in the curriculum reform of local application-oriented colleges and universities. It provides references for the subsequent training of application-oriented...
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Relevance Analysis of Online Course Development on Education Platform and Significance of Teaching Reform Research Based on Collaborative Filtering Algorithm

Yuan-Nong Ye, Min Wang, Shuai Jin, Meng-Ya Huang
Based on the rapid development of internet and education, online education platforms have also followed the pace of the times and achieved great success, among which Rain Classroom, Tencent Classroom, Learning Pass, MOOC and other platforms are almost mandatory for educational institutions to use during...
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An Empirical Study on the Effects of Online and Offline Blended Curriculum Practice

Hui He, Hong-jian Huang
To explore the necessity and function of online and offline blended curriculum teaching in universities, this research used the “Social Security Theory” course for postgraduates as an example to carry out blended teaching practice. In the research, the implementation processes of blended curriculum teaching...
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Research on the Application of Probability Statistics in Science and Engineering Courses Under the Background of Big Data

Yuanyuan Mao
Probability and statistics is a highly applied subject, and its application in science and engineering courses can allow students to better understand and apply the theory and knowledge of professional courses. In order to better adapt to the training goals of compound talents, based on spss, matlab,...
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Analysis of the Influence Factors of College Students’ Game Addiction Under the Background of Big Data Technology

Linming Liu, Jian Wang
Based on the characteristics of wide coverage, strong representation, and high reliability, big data can be used to predict and reduce the occurrence of public health emergencies, and provide a reference for education managers to understand the mental health of students. This study uses Java technology...
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Design of Crisis Counseling Risk Assessment System Based on College Students’ Mental Health

Yawen Meng, Wei Tu, Guolan Liu
At present, the field of education began to focus on students’ mental health problems. In order to understand and analyze students’ mental health status and obtain clear data analysis results, it is necessary to use students’ mental health crisis counseling risk assessment system. However, in order to...
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Research on Blended Teaching Mode of the “Marketing” Course Based on OBE

Congying Han, Yaping Jiang
In the post-epidemic era, online and offline blended teaching mode is widely applied in colleges. Based on the concept of OBE (Outcome-Based Education), this article constructs the online and offline blended teaching mode of the “Marketing” course. The implementation plan of teaching is designed. According...
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Research on the Construction of Intelligent Tourism Cloud Experiment Teaching Platform

Fei Deng
With the proposal of the concept of “smart tourism”, the arrival of the Internet era has brought great changes to the tourism industry, and smart tourism has become an important trend of tourism development. At present, smart tourism supported by the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing technologies...
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Statistical Analysis Based on Students’ Evaluation of Teaching Data in an Application-Oriented University

Jing Zuo, Xing Wu, Geng-e Zhang, Tongyao Huang
This paper analyzed 184378 records of data of 2021–2022 fall students’ evaluation of teaching (SET) in an application-oriented university. The research results demonstrate that the SET results have high reliability; SET is influenced by many different factors, but it is necessary to conduct further research...
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Talking About the Idea of Smart Campus Network Construction

Wenhao Sun, Hongshu Yan
In order to realize different service applications for different campus users, it is convenient for students to quickly query on-campus and personal information; to improve the curriculum collaboration of faculty and staff to make teaching better; to facilitate school counselors and teachers to query...
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Construction of Reform Evaluation Model of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Based on SVM

Zuguo Yin
The evaluation model based on ideological and political education reform in SVM is essentially to optimize the level of ideological and political education reform, and to introduce the support vector machine multi-classification algorithm in the evaluation of ideological and political education reform....
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An Innovative Investigation into English Autonomous Learning in Flipped and Traditional Classrooms Based on Multimedia Technology

Yu Liu
The application of multimedia technology in the teaching field has accelerated the development of teaching modernization. Given the increased use of ‘flipped classrooms’ based on multimedia technology, it is worth asking how the autonomous learning of university non-English majors can be improved. This...
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Exploration of Photography Aesthetics in the Age of Digital Media Art

Yanhua Zhang, Guixia Zhang, Qinghong Zeng
After entering the digital media era, new digital media art works not only put forward new requirements for photography technology, but also had a great influence on photography aesthetics. In order to adapt to the new aesthetic trend in the digital media art era, in the process of creating digital media...
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Digital Inheritance Path of Carving Decorations in Traditional Villages in Lanzhou

Zhiteng Zhang
This paper selects the carving decorations in traditional villages in the Lanzhou area in the upper reaches of the Yellow River as the research object. Through integrating the cultural resources of those carving decorations along the Yellow River in this area, we have adopted UE4, mini-programs and other...
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A Case Study of English Reading Teaching in Higher Vocational Schools Under the Context of “Internet Plus”

Aixia Wang
The global pandemic outbreak in the past two years has propelled the fast development of modern education technology, and the deep integration of “Internet Plus” new technology and education industry has brought about innovations and reforms to language teaching and learning. This study, taking the first-year...
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Strategies of English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Different Dimensions of Kaplan Matrix

Yu Jiang
In this research process, it is necessary to design the teaching system based on the cognitive dimension of Kaplan matrix, which is mainly to build the teaching model based on the levels of knowledge, understanding, application and analysis. At the same time, the unit of "receiving and visiting...
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Establishment and Application of Chinese Painting Mineral Pigment Color Database Based on Web Technology

Xiaoming Su
Based on Web technology, SSM architecture and MySQL database, the database platform of Chinese painting mineral pigment color can be built. Through the powerful data information organization, storage and sorting functions of database technology, the digital construction of Chinese painting mineral pigment...
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Application of Intelligent System of Internet of Things in Management of Unmanned Gymnasium

Dong Zhou
With the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of people’s quality of life, fitness has become an important part of a healthy life. As the Internet of things (IoT) technology continues to infiltrate various industries, it brings new development opportunities to the fitness industry. With...
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Design of Smart Campus Security Management and Control Platform Based on Big Data Technology

Long Peng
As the traditional campus network security defense means fail to cope with the smart campus security threats under the current background of big data, a design scheme of smart campus security management and control platform based on big data technology was proposed. In the scheme, the smart campus system...
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Quantitative Analysis of Classroom Attention Teaching Based on Stochastic Cascade Regression and PnP Method

Bing Gong, Jing Wei
In the process of quantitative analysis of classroom teaching, it is often necessary to evaluate individual indicators related to attention such as “whether the teacher’s teaching attracts students, whether it stimulates the enthusiasm for learning” and “whether there is eye contact between teachers...
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The Impact of MALL on College English Blended Learning

Si Li
With the development of Internet and 5G, new technologies involving artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing occur, which brings a profound impact on digital education. The technological innovation inspires the emergence of Mobile-assisted Language Teaching (MALL) and blended learning. The...
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Design and Implementation of Teaching Resource Platform of Political Science Theory Course in Colleges and Universities Based on Web Technology

Qiao Li
Based on Web technology, this paper builds a teaching resource platform of political theory course based on B/S architecture. By using the tools of big data technology such as Flume, HDFS, Hive, Impala and OCR technology in network public opinion monitoring system technology, the problems of effectiveness...
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The Relationship Between Parental Control and Adolescents’ Future Orientation: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Wei Huang, Jiannong Shi
Parenting style plays a significant role in adolescents’ development as well as their future orientation. More and more online and in person parent training programs have been developed in recent years. The current study aims to examine this relationship by using structural equation modeling. To explore...
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Survey Analysis of E-Cigarette and Volunteer Team Optimized Organization in High School in the Those to USA Based on Information Technology

Jiapeng Lyu
E-cigarettes have become extremely popular among adolescents. Although much research has been conducted to find ways to reduce vaping, the results mostly recommend educating students about the detriments of doing so. However, in schools where students were well aware of the risks associated with vaping,...
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Research on Educational Innovation of Retired College Students Based on Big Data Analysis

Zhongyi Tao, Zhiyou Zou, Yanli Chen, Dongmei Shi
At present, retired college students have become a special group of college students. With the strengthening of military recruitment in Colleges and universities, college students’ soldiers are increasing year by year. Facing the new tasks and requirements put forward in the new era, the education of...
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Quantitative Analysis of Facial Expression Recognition in Classroom Teaching Based on FACS and KNN Classification Algorithm

Bing Gong, Jing Wei
Facial expressions are an important information carrier for individuals to communicate emotionally in the educational system. Through the communication of expressions, teachers and learners can perceive each other’s emotional changes. Learners will unconsciously convey personal thoughts and feelings...
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Exploration and Practice of Jupyter Notebook in Artificial Intelligence Online Teaching

Yong Ren, Qi Feng, Zhiqiang Jiang
Online teaching has become the norm in college teaching under the continue pandemic. Therefore, Artificial intelligence (AI) which not only focus on theoretical derivation and knowledge explanation, but also emphasize on programme practice and project training, whether of having a suitable teaching tool...
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Design and Production of CAI Courseware for Football Tactics

Shijun Fan, Xiaohua Chen
CAI courseware is a modern educational technology aid that can present the complex teaching process more intuitively to the public. Taking football offensive tactics as an example, this paper designs and produces related animations, pictures, texts, music and video texts and materials through the combination...
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Research on the Teaching of “Fundamentals of Control Engineering” Integrated with MATLAB

Hongxing Li, Xiaofang Shen
Based on the course of Fundamentals of Control Engineering, this paper discusses a progressive teaching method integrating MATLAB simulation. The method evolves the basic teaching materials into professional cases and enriches the teaching cases. Through theoretical explanation, independent design, MATLAB...
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Research on the Strategies of Improving the Teaching Effect of Online Practice Courses in Colleges and Universities Based on Student Engagement

Boyu Feng, Zhihao Zhang, Yuhui Wang, Lily Wang, Nan Zhang
In the curriculum system of higher education, practice courses play an indispensable role, and are the transfer application platform and functional structure supplement of the knowledge learned in theoretical courses. However, practical courses often have special requirements for teaching conditions...
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Research on the Intelligent Teaching Guarantee System of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools Under the Background of Educational Informatization 2.0

Bin Xu, Jihong Li, Weiwei Yu, Yingying Si, Jiong Li
Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools in higher education has improved the supply capacity of higher education in China, and the teaching quality and personnel training level. The application of information technology in education and teaching has promoted the reform of teaching idea and teaching...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education in Principles of Computer Composition

Zhihao Cao, Sanrong Liu, Li Xu, Yong Wang
Aiming at the problem of how to integrate the ideological and political elements into the course of Principles of Computer Composition silently, realize the same direction of professional knowledge teaching and curriculum ideological and political education, and then promote the comprehensive development...
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Research on Evaluation of Classroom Teaching Quality in Vocational Colleges Based on Big Data Analysis

Ting Deng, Guanghua Li, Jian Ye
With the development of China’s digital economy, China’s various undertakings are in an important stage of development and reform. In the aspect of education and teaching, the quality of classroom teaching plays an important role in evaluating the quality of teaching. Big data analysis is used to study...
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Research on the Digital Monitoring System of Online Course Teaching Quality Under the Background of Big Data

Taking Advertising Design Major of Anhui Finance and Trade Vocational College as an Example

Rui Wang
With the rapid development of digital technology, E-teaching has become a new task of vocational college. The outbreak of COVID-19 has promoted the rapid development of online courses, and also made the quality monitoring of online teaching a new problem to be solved. Based on the analysis of the traditional...
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An Empirical Study on Time Management of Vocational College Students—A Case Study of Hainan College of Economics and Business

Yan Zheng, You-jun Bai, Rong-jia Guo
With the development of society, our country pays more and more attention to higher vocational education. In order to make higher vocational college students use their time reasonably, this paper studies the current situation of China’s higher vocational education and the time management of higher vocational...
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Research on Virtual Immersive Teaching Model Based on “Pseudo-environment”

Chunhua Zhao, Qiushi Zhao
With the progress of science and technology, virtual technology has introduced new teaching environment and experience to the classroom. Virtual reality technology, including VR virtual reality technology and AR augmented reality technology, creates a “pseudo-environment” in the classroom with the effect...
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A Study on the Efficiency and Influencing Factors of Scientific Research in Regional Universities Under “Double First-Class” Project—Based on Super-Efficiency DEA-Tobit Model

Lifeng Wang, Jin Zhang, Shukun Chen
With the construction of “Double First-Class” as the background, it is of great significance to study the efficiency of scientific research in regional universities from the perspective of improving the output of scientific research achievements, promoting the transfer of scientific research results,...
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Research on the Construction of Informative OKR Performance Management System for University Teachers

Honggui Xiang
Nowadays, informatization has been widely used. Especially, its combination with OKR performance appraisal greatly improves management efficiency. Performance assessment based on OKR starts from the teacher’s inner drive, combines the development project and strategy of the institute and the secondary...
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Research on the Application of “Flipped Classroom” in Art Design Major Under the New Media Environment

Taking the Course “Design Composition” as an Example

Xiao Xu, Wei Ding, Yuwei Qin
In recent years, flipped classroom teaching has set off a wave of education reform at home and abroad, providing new ideas for the development of teaching and learning. This research, with the aid of Chao Xing online learning platform, applies the flipped classroom teaching method to the teaching practice...
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Methods for Assessing the Effectiveness of the Internet of Things (IoT) Applications for Physical Education

Yaoxiang Miao, Hang Wei, Peiping Gan, Tao Jiang
With the development of health management, more and more wearable devices are used in physical education. In order to improve the quality of sports training, wearable technology related to Internet of Things (IoT) has broad application prospects. These technologies may improve personal health management,...
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Deep Application and Development Prospect of Virtual Classroom System

Ying Sun
Virtual classroom system, also known as virtual classroom, is a learning environment constructed by using multimedia communication technology on computer network, which allows teachers and students in different places to carry out most teaching activities, and can realize real-time video on demand teaching,...
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Research on Sustainable Development of Knowledge Ecological Sharing in Smart Library

Zongying Shu
With the diversified development of knowledge resources, the knowledge ecosystem is also being updated and developed. This paper analyzes the connotation of knowledge ecology and further discusses the knowledge ecological sharing mechanism and knowledge flow mechanism. Through the analysis and construction...
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Allocation Structure of Educational Funds in China

Based on Panel Analysis on Gini Coefficient of Educational Expenditure from 2005 to 2018

Huayun Qiao, Linbo Si
In this paper, the data of educational funds at all levels in China were divided into five groups for comparison and evaluation by Gini coefficient with respect to the allocation structure by researching the allocation structure of educational funds at the four-stage education in regular primary schools,...
Proceedings Article

Study on Multiple Interactive College English Teaching Model in Digital-Based Settings

Xiaoning Wang
When the information technology, which is centered on digital-based settings, was used to be an aid for the teaching practice of college English, the traditional College English Teaching Models have faced a series of significant changes. Meanwhile, numerous bafflements and challenges have appeared. This...