Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Education Technology and Social Science

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Evaluation Model Analysis of Sports Instrument Influences on Class drill

Xueqiang Zhu
This research, based on Abraham Harold Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the healthy definition of “WHO”, analyzes relevant value indicates such as the fitness value, metal health value, entertainment value, the value of education, ornamental value and social value to grab a rough understanding that hand...
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The best mood environment design for Shang-pool Arcadia

Fei Jiang, Peter Appleton, Yingjie Yu
This is an ongoing research project between Art and Science faculties of Liverpool John Moores and Shanghai Universities. The collaboration centers around the creation of interactive and telematics non-verbal situations of meeting and cooperation. This suited the developing relationship between collaborating...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Micro-credit

Deng-lu He
Micro-credit pushed by the rural financial institutions play a significant role in supporting the economic development and solving the three issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers. Pointing at the outstanding issues current micro-credit confront such as the inability to meet the strong...
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Re-selection of College English Teaching Contents under Economic Integration

Lei Liu
With intensive development of regional economic integration and China’s growing enthusiasm taking part in the international affairs, English has never served so much connecting China with the world, putting forward higher requirement on the country’s college English teaching. Aimed at the problems exited...
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Environment Flexibility Design of Information Retrieval Course Learning Oriented to Task

Chun Liu
The information retrieval course is the an important course of information quality education in Chinese universities and colleges, on the basis of information retrieval course reform in higher vocational colleges, a new mode of learning situation teaching is proposed oriented to task. The overall design...
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Analyses on the Optimization Routes of Jiangxi Ceramic Creative Cultural Industry

Xiong Wei
In the context of social development, ceramic creative cultural industry is essential to promote the long-term development of Jiangxi ceramic industry. From the advantages in development of Jiangxi ceramic creative cultural industry, this paper put forward problems exit and discussed its optimization...
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Studies on the Relationship between Social Security and Regional Economy Coordinated Development

Xiong Wei
Act as the soft power for coordinated development of regional economies, a sound social security system can effectively adjust the regional economy structures, minimize the disparities and coordinate the development, so as to realize the stability of social progress. According to the status quo of domestic...
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Role of College Music Education in Music Cultural Diversity Protection

Fang Yu
College music education, the core component in protecting music diversity, promotes the integral development of the subject characteristic of music and the music essence with its rapid development. Further diversified, music culture fits perfectly with the music education.This essay made analyses on...
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Studies on the Relationship between Music Cultural Inheritance and College Music Education

Fang Yu
The close relationship between music cultural inheritance and the development of college music education is that the music education would guarantee the social value and impetus to music culture. Based on the analyses on the connotations of music culture and education, this paper pointed out the correlation...
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Application in China of human resource accounting

Mengfei Xiang
The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy, Competition among enterprises has been the natural resources and capital competition to the competition of talents, knowledge and talent as a powerful force for social development and its importance is more and more attention. Human resource accounting...
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Analysis of Vertebral Model in College Ideological and Political Education

Sun Yi
By regarding university teachers, college students and communication scientific research groups as the vertebral model, the paper analyzed innovation patterns and methods in current college ideological and political education. We can construct three educational cardinal lines from ideological and cultural...
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Analysis of New Media Vision Under Ideological Education in Colleges and Universities

Zhang Jing
Taking the innovative problems of college students' ideological and political education in new media vision as object, this paper explores the current situation and problems of ideological and political education in college, the necessity of ideological and political education innovation against new...
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Research on Practical Teaching Model of Higher Vocational Colleges in Deepening School-enterprise Cooperation

Tao Li
This paper first discusses the status and characteristics of school-enterprise cooperation of higher vocational colleges. After analysis, the article puts forward main practical teaching modes of higher vocational colleges in deepening cooperation between colleges including promoting integration of colleges...
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Financing Constraints: Empirical Evidence from China’s Listed Corporates

Xilun Zhu
By empirical analysis, this paper discovers that corporates with better social responsibility will face lower financing constraints. Besides, better stakeholder engagement and better CSR disclosure will significantly lower the financing constraints, and when test one after controlling the other, stakeholder...
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On Evaluating the Balanced Development of English Education in Compulsory Schools Based on Proximal Support Vector Machine

Suping Sun, Yanwei Zhu
For a long time, researchers have achieved much in balanced development of national and regional compulsory schools, yet little has been done in the study of balanced development in a certain subject area. This paper aims at improving Proximal Support Vector Machine and constructing Weighted Proximal...
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Analysis of accounting risk based on derivative financial instruments

Lin Gao
By selecting the listed commercial banks as the sample and other related financial ratios which affect earnings and risks of commercial banks, its empirical analysis has been carried out using SPSS16.0. And then connect the index that investors are more concerned about in financial indicators with the...
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Analysis of the existing problems for attracting inward foreign direct investment in Shanghai

Ying Zhu
Shanghai’s economy enter a new stage at present, so foreign direct investment will adjust accordingly. The paper analyzes the non-reasonability of foreign direct investment in Shanghai in this time: Firstly, the declining proportion of manufacture FDI hampers the achievement of Shanghai’s goal of becoming...
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Architectural Psychology and City Design Concept

Fuk-Man Lee
This paper introduces architectural psychology into the process of city design, analyzes combination advantage of subject and space design, as well as provides the adaptable new concept of city space design. It mutually combines architectural psychology with city design to optimize and update design...
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Primary Investigation on reform of post practice mode based on school-enterprise collaborative innovation

Feifei Chen
As one of the research hotspots in higher education at present, school-enterprise collaborative innovation mainly aims at establishing a collaborative and innovative post practice platform and related mechanisms between schools and enterprises to carry out talent cultivation in order that schools’ objective...
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Philosophical Interpretation of English Syntax – Semantics – Function Interface Port based on COCA Language Database

Ying An
Syntax and semantics peculiar to English are difficulties in cognition. In recent years, languages in the range of language database are expanded. Within interface port of functional characteristics, these languages are introduced to preset language database, which is overall orientation of cognitive...
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Cultural Background and Philosophical Connotation of Chinese Landscape Painting

Shunxing Cao, Liyun Kong
As an important category of Chinese painting, Chinese landscape painting reveals cultural background and philosophical connotation peculiar to China through description with Chinese ink painting, i.e. the traditional Confucian ideology and culture of “syncretism between heaven and man” and the ideological...
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New exploration on sustainable development of red culture in Nanchang

Qi Chen, Feili Gong
Red culture spreads advanced ideas, educates and encourages people and plays an important in prospering Nanchang City. For this, it is essential to develop and utilize rich resource superiorities of red culture in Nanchang, spread red culture well and change the original cultural resource that cannot...
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Analysis of Hotel Management Mode and Strategy Based on Promoting Low-carbon Development of Tourism Industry

Xueqin Cui
According to current situations, combination of hotel management and low-carbon tourism is of very positive significance. This paper mainly analyzes current situations of low-carbon tourism and problems existing in hotel management under low-carbon tourism standard, and proposes corresponding countermeasures...
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Analysis on Purchase on Selection of Computer Hardware and System Maintenance

Haiyan Dang, Lei Guo, Dianxue Shao
Computer system is provided with many advantages, including calculation, judgment, storage and common use. Reasonable and effective application of computer can help users to quickly finish works and live a better life. However, it is easy for computer system to have some faults in the use process. Moreover,...
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Suggestions on Countermeasures for Promotion of Bidirectional Integration of Urban Development and Network Subculture in Ningbo City

Yunfeng Ge
he development of network subculture conforms to the connotation of urban development. Communication and development of network subculture mitigate social contradictions. Urban development is served as a sort of excitation and molding for network subculture. For bidirectional integration of urban development...
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A Brief Talk on the Alienation of Human Nature - from A Curtain of Green and Other Stories

Song Hu
In this paper, I will base my argument on the theory of alienation which is one of the most important theories in Marxism. Through the analysis of Eudora Welty’s first short stories A Curtain of Green and Other Stories , through the exploration of the cause and the embodiments of the alienation of human...
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Analysis on Sense of Object Necessary for Flight Attendants in the Passenger Cabin Broadcasting Process

Jie Hu
Art is sourced from real life but higher than life. It is also the same for art language. In the passenger cabin broadcasting process, art language is used to express emotions. As external image of an airline company, flight attendant service is an important operation philosophy of aviation enterprises....
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Current Situation and Development Trend of Applied Linguistics

Fang Li
Applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary subject and has wide development prospect. This paper will focus on research status of applied linguistics to carry out detailed discussion and analysis, infer its development trend according to its origin, subject nature and research scope and finally summarize...
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Study on Professional Quality of Students Majoring in Hotel Management Based on Post Demand

Jun Li
In view of continuous social development, the demand for talents also changes. It is difficult for employers to find suitable employees, while it is hard for graduates to land satisfying jobs. Under such background, professional quality cultivation for college students based on post demand has become...
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Exploration for Construction of College Library Information Service Mode under the Guidance of “Mirroring Consumers” Theory

Xiaozhen Li
With the development of science and technology, information environment has great changes. At the same time, college library information service mode is also greatly influenced. In new period, how to construct an effective information service mode to meet readers’ knowledge information needs and provide...
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Study on Scene Play Teaching of Higher Vocational English Based on Improving English Communicative Competence

Juanyin Liu
as English teaching reform continuously deepens, English teaching mode is also adjusted correspondingly to adapt cultivation of students’ comprehensive English quality. Higher vocational colleges are colleges to cultivate applied talents for society. After students leave colleges, they will be engaged...
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Current Situation of China’s Financial Consumer Education and Improvement Countermeasures

Meiling Liu, D.M. Power, B.M. Burton
Effective financial consumer education can improve behavior rationality of financial consumers, reduce system behavior deviation and enhance confidence in financial market. So, it gained high attention of many countries. However in China, current education situation of financial consumption is not optimistic,...
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Discussion on Ideological and Political Management Level of College Students

Shengnan Liu
Ideological and political level of college students is closely associated with education development in each period. Ideological and political of colleges should also be valued. According to current situations, proper management of ideology and politics represents such defects of laggard cognition, imperfect...
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Design of a intellectualized ultrasonic generator

Xiyang Liu, Xiaodong Cui, Fuhua Ma
The structure, operation principle and realizable method of a ultrasonic generator are introduced in this paper. It can realize the best frequency search. Output power can be adjusted.
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Philosophy of Music Education: Theoretical Growth Points of Chinese Localized Thoughts

Zhaoming Long
Through establishing Chinese localized thoughts on philosophy of music education, this paper proposes that it is required to at least pay attention to theoretical growth from following 3 dimensions as for Chinese localized thoughts on philosophy of music education: firstly, it is required to deeply understand...
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Reform and Practice of Education for Ideological and Political Lesson in Vocational Colleges under the Pattern of “Broad Ideological and Politic

Yanqiao Meng
As an important content improving ideological awareness, ideological and political education belongs to activities of quality-oriented education. In current higher vocational education, ideological and political education is a fundamental step for cultivating practical talents. Previous content of courses...
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Mao Zedong’s Awareness of Ruling Crisis in 1960s

Yiwen Shi
Mao Zedong’s awareness of ruling crisis in 1960s is mainly reflected at 3 aspects: firstly, worrying that the national security was threatened, secondly, worrying that the revisionism came back on the stage, thirdly, worrying that the bureaucratism made a comeback. In order to ensure national security...
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On the dynamic integration of socialist core values and ideological and political education of college students

Yan Sun, Maoling Liu
The socialist core values as the inner core of the socialist core value system of our country, but also an important value basis guiding ideological and political education of contemporary college students. Today, the fundamental task of ideological and political education of college students involves...
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Assistance Strategy for College English Education Underachiever in Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Lixia Tan
Under the wave of a new round of college English teaching reform, college English teaching job in applied undergraduate colleges and universities face a special teaching group, namely underachievers. They have become the focuses and the difficulties in current college English teaching work of applied...
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Discussion on Features of Form and Arrangement of Lines and Evolution of Calligraphic Style in Inscriptions on Bronze Ware of Western Zhou Dynasty

Shuai Wang
The form and arrangement of lines, calligraphic style and ornamentation, and shape and structure of inscription on bronze ware are all external expression forms, and their development law is one of basic elements used in appraisal of collection. On the basis of existing research, this paper attempts...
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Exploration on application of optical communication technique to 4G technological development

Chunmao Xie
in 2010, 4GLTE network was launched by Verizon Company and they promised that they would improve 4G network speed to a higher level and try hard to make the speed be 10 times higher than that of 3G network. As a brand-new communication form, optical communication technique has appeared in our life in...
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Several Thoughts on Current Chinese Education in the Philippines

Shimin Yang
There is an extremely long contact history between China and the Philippines. Although Philippine people are more and more interested in learning Chinese and the quality of Chinese education in the Philippines remains to be improved, the friction between Chinese and Philippine government, “Philippine”...
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Exploration on Ways of Flying Cadets’ Primary Physical Training

Jianming Yao
According to current constitution requirements proposed for flying cadets, we shall combine with the current situation of flying cadets’ physical training to research and formulate reasonable ways of primary physical training. This paper analyzes the common problems incurred in flying cadets’ primary...
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Study on Symbol Characteristics of Advertisement Design

Xiaorong Yuan
Advertisement design aims to publicize widely. We need to fuse some special elements in advertisement design. This paper analyzes advertisement design from the perspective of semiology so as to excavate symbol characteristics of advertisement design, i.e. understanding, pertinence, innovation, culture...
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Ideological and Political Education Under the Perspective of Receptive Aesthetics

Jie Zhang, Weifang Zhong
The effect of ideological and political education can be best embodied by the acceptable behavior of education object. However, the effect of the target education is imperfect, the causes for the issue are complicated due to many reasons, mainly lies in that the object cannot effectively accept it. With...
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Analysis of Enterprise Environment Cost Management under Perspective of Low Carbon Economy

Jing Zhang
Under current new economic environment, enterprises should conform to national policies and regulations and strive to adapt economic development tide. So, enterprise environment cost management under the perspective of low carbon economy must be enhanced in order to better reduce cost, gain maximization...
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Discussion on Maintenance Measures and Practical Application of Computer Practical Detection

Lin Zhou
With continuous improvement of modern people’s living level, the computer has widely entered into people’s home and has become a tool which is often used. However, various kinds of fault may happen in operation process of computer, and the fault diagnosis and maintenance is difficult, therefore, it is...
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Analysis on Current Situation of English Broadcast of Passenger Cabin and Its Countermeasures

Jie Hu
International Civil Aviation Organization has clearly specified that English is its special language. The correctness of broadcast and the quickness of information transfer are important standards for the English broadcast quality. At present, English broadcast of passenger cabin of China’s civil aviation...
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Analysis on Application of Probability Theory in Integral

Li Zhang
The continuous random variables usually involve the probability theory and unique integral operation. Therefore, the integral operation accounts for a great proportion within the category of probability theory. Upon real calculation, students often find that the integral operation is complex and difficult...
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Selection of Strategies for Commercialized Operation of Stadium

Yanjin Zhang
In the process of development of sports industry in China, stadium is one of the most important material bases, playing the important role of holding various sports events and national fitness. At present, how to reasonably use the sports stadium, commercialize them and provide various cultural and sports...
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Marriage Concept of Japanese Urban Female from A Woman of Thirty

Ping Zhao
A Woman of Thirty mainly introduces two different kinds of women, one is those with achievements, and the other is housewives, who have various problems in the way to marriage. This paper is to discuss the marriage concept of Japanese urban female from this aspect and reveal the background and reason...
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Analysis about current status of English phonetics in China

Chunyi Zhou
This thesis collects a number of domestic, foreign and related CNKI documents and finds many theses related to English phonetics. It classifies English phonetics according to comparative research on connotation of phonetics, basic knowledge of English phonetics and English phonetic teaching as well as...
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On Application of Computer Information System in Coal Production Safety Management

Lin Zhou
With computer information system, coal production safety management can develop into an integral system. The computer is used to analyze, compute, control and carry out emergency processing so that coal production safety can gain technical guarantee. However, in terms of the combination degree of coal...
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Cross-cultural Communication and Foreign Language Teaching

Song Hu
Through researching basic contents of cross-cultural communication, this paper discusses inseparable relationship between cross-cultural communication and foreign language teaching and main problems existing in current foreign language teaching, and points out the fundamental objective of foreign language...
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On the Effect of Human Body Shape on Fashion Pattern Making

Hong Cai
This paper takes the fashion pattern making as object of study, focuses on consideration of the human body structure, starts from the effect of human neck, shoulder, chest, back and waist on the fashion pattern making, proceeds with detailed analysis and elaboration on the issue centering on the effect...
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Research on Cultivation of Creative Class under Industrial Environment Cluster-- Take Cartoon Game Industry as an Example

Lie Chen
This research takes Chengdu national-level culture creative industry park as an example to pay attention to the current situation of cluster cultivation of creative class of Chengdu cartoon game industry under cluster environment. Through deep research on typical cartoon culture creativity enterprises,...
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Comparison on Labor Dispatching between China and Western Countries and Countermeasure Exploration

Qiang Chen, Huiying Luo
In recent years, China has an extremely rapid development in labor dispatching, but the dispute never stops, as for labor dispatching, we can only standardize its development rather than give up eating for fear of choking. On the basis of analysis on development history and current status of domestic...
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Analysis of Ideological and Political Education and Teaching Modes Based on Philosophical Theoretical View

Xuelian Chen
This paper first introduces the formation of Chinese ideological and political theoretical system, then analyzes in detail a series of problems faced by Chinese ideological and political education and finally proposes a series of reform suggestions on Chinese ideological and political education with...
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Enhancing Normal University Students’ Career Guidance and Employment Ability

Deping Hou
In recent years, Chinese higher education has realized rapid development, especially after the employment structure reform of colleges and universities starts, the college students’ employment problem has become a hot problem which attracts the school and the society’s joint attention. Under this situation,...
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The Differences Analysis on R&D Efficiency Of Research Institutions and Universities

Ming Lei, Baozhen Hou, Huiqing Gao
R&D efficiency, Data Envelopment Analysis, universities, research institutions
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Analysis on Practical Application of “PK” Teaching Model in the Teaching of Calisthenics Course

Jianling Li
With the continuous development and perfection of science and technology, the teaching means are improved. The calisthenics course in colleges gradually develops from traditional teaching model and diversified direction and “PK” teaching model has appeared and used in the classroom. Through contrast...
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Practice of Modern Sport Teaching Method Under the Horizon of Innovative Education

Xuehua Li
The innovative education path follows the principle of origin under the creative architecture, adopts the scientific teaching mode, cultivates the cognitive personality and creates the new teaching of sports. The sports teaching in the modern times should embody the principle of origin - innovation and...
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Investigation Report on Human Resource Allocation under Low Carbon Economy

Xiaoli Liu
Low-carbon development mode has become a new rule of world economic development pattern. This report surveys industrial structure and employment structure of Sichuan Province from the perspective of macroscopic human resource allocation, and analyzes problems and countermeasures of optimizing human resource...
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Exploration on ideological and political teaching modes at colleges under micro-era utterance

Yuxia Wang
With continuous development and progress in science, network application has been popularized and micro era has arrived. To improve teaching quality of ideological and political courses, contemporary colleges should carry out reform of teaching modes. This thesis discuses exploration on ideological and...
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Investigation and research on public toilets in classical gardens of Suzhou

Ling Xu, Chunxiang Cao
As tourism of Suzhou develops, an increasing number of tourists are attracted by classical gardens of Suzhou and infrastructures in such gardens are also constructed continuously. Especially, with respect to public toilets in gardens, Administrative Office of Gardens pays attention to managing public...
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On incorrupt government connotation of pre-Qin Confucianism’s idea of moral and profit

Shaohua Yan
Pre-Qin Confucianism’s idea of moral and profit is featured by several perspective and profound connotation. Pre-Qin Confucianism’s idea of moral and profit represented by Confucius, Menci and Xuncuis contains abundant content, such as ‘taking profits under the premise that righteousness is respected’,...
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Difficulties and Countermeasures of Public Culture Construction in Rural Area

Xiangrong Zhong, Zhen Li, Yunman Liu
In recent years, the problem of insufficient public culture construction in rural area becomes more and more prominent, thus we shall be aware of importance and urgency of public culture construction in rural area. However, the public culture construction in rural area faces concept difficulty, difficulty...
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Discussion on the Employment Probation Action and Its Radiation Effects

Lixin Jiang, Yang Hu, Ying Zhou
To guarantee the effect of college student employment probation action, it is required to carry out elaborate planning, careful investigation and scientific organization. Implementation of the college student employment probation action plan can give full play to its radiation effects such as guiding...
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Research on Compensation and Settlement for Land-lost Residents of “Village inside City” and Survival Condition--Take transformation of Shenghua Village, Jiang’an Development Zone, Wuhan City as an example

Yanling Xu, Mingfu Xie
Through questionnaire survey, this paper mainly carried out survey and analysis on selection of compensation and settlement way, change of living condition, degree of income satisfaction, community culture construction, living habit, sense of security, and sense of belonging for transformation of Shenghua...
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Analysis on Psychological Crisis Prevention of College Students Based on Classification of Localization

Tusheng Jiang
It is necessary to develop psychological crisis intervention of college students because it can promote the students’ psychological health and to have better growth. However, the psychological crisis intervention in China mainly takes examples from the west during research in idea, mode and other aspects,...
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An Analysis on the “Three Independences” Teaching Reform of Physical Education at Colleges

Bihong Wang
For the physical education at colleges, the application of the teaching method “three independences” has played a significant role and attracted the attention of physical educators. On one hand, “three independences” can adequately mobilize the vitality of college PE classes and cultivate the physical...
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Discussion on Key Points of Ecological Landscape Design in Downtown Landscape Planning

Ruoyao Wang
The ecological landscape design is a comprehensive subject integrated with sociology, science, art, and aesthetics. With continuously quickening of construction speed of urban environment, people propose higher requirements for living quality of urban environment. The green ecological environment, low-carbon...
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Study on the Off-campus Base Construction of Innovative Experimental Areas for Legal Talent Cultivation

Huijuan Xu
The off-campus base construction of innovative experimental areas for legal talent cultivation is a new field that is totally different from the theoretical teaching of ordinary colleges and has its own distinct characteristics. The off-campus bases of innovative experimental areas for legal talent cultivation...
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Analysis and Thought on Status of Folk Art in Henan

Yelu Zhang
The Henan folk art penetrates in various aspects like the social production and living, daily necessities, customs, ritual, belief and taboo, being the living fossil of Chinese history and culture. In this paper, starting from the realistic value of Henan folk value, the author deeply analyzes the status...
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Research on Application of “People-Oriented” Educational View in Contemporary College Students Sports Teaching Reform

Xiaoxin Wang
Since the rapid economic development, especially in the 21st century, in addition to paying attention to the basic education of college students, the “people-oriented” idea is also highlighted. The acceptance of education is not just for entering a higher school and having living skills, but for giving...
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Study on City Agriculture Model under New Urbanization of Xixian New Area

Meng Li
This paper starts from social economy, cultural resources as well as landscape and ecology of agriculture, it makes study on integration model of new area space under agricultural element. It uses modern agricultural landscape as basis and comprehensively considers coordination relation of city and town,...
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Benchmarking evaluation of contractors' maturity in the implementation of social responsibility based on the management process of stakeholder

Pinchao Liao, Wenhui Liang, JiaWei Xue
Corporate social responsibility has been considered as an indispensable basis for competitiveness under the trend of globalization. Although the performance management and evaluation of social responsibility and improvement direction of enterprise development, but due to the different environmental background,...
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Product Network Marketing Strategy and Design Analysis

Wei Du
Based on 4P marketing framework, this paper analyzes current product network marketing and sets up marketing network frame diagram. We formulate network marketing strategy of one product by personalized customization, product differentiation, price strategy and separate strategy in sales-expansion strategy,...
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Development Opportunity and Development Direction of Vocal Music Teaching Mode in Diversified Era

Jihong Han
In the diversified era, the diversification ideas is applied in the subject in practice, and education reform provides an opportunity to vocal music teaching development and reform, the development of diversified vocal music teaching mode has become the requirements of the era development, it has important...
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Discussion on University Piano Teaching Based on Modern Educational Theory

Chao Liu
In recent years, with the rapid development of economy, people's life level is gradually increasing. The pursuit of art is increased gradually. At the same time, the process of modernization of education reform is accelerating in our country, in order to conform to the trend of the present era development,...
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The Study of Children’s English Teaching Methods--- Based on the Characteristics of Children’s Cognitive Development

Chunying Li
Cognitive development theory combines psychology and epistemology, and reveals the intelligence development process, emphasizes the dynamic of the cognitive activities, the initiative of the learner and the importance of the interaction with environment. Childhood, that is, 3-6 years old, is the most...
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Impact Analysis of Hercynian Economic Zone on Logistics Development in Jiangxi Province

Fusong Wan
Hercynian economic zone provides a good development opportunity for Jiangxi logistics. Jiangxi has a big advantage by undertaking coastal industrial transfer and economic transformation. Product produced in Jiangxi is sold in coastal cities and even to Taiwan. International sales model creates a broad...
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On Network Financial Status and Development Strategy

RenHan Zhang
Since the advent of the Internet, network economic revolution is across the world. Liquidation, network online securities, currencies, network insurance online, Internet banking, and other forms of new financial severely impact the traditional financial concept and form. Network financial era has arrived....
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Villages Interest Conflict under Tourism Development--- Take Jiuzhaigou Yingge Villages and Yangshan Village as An Example

Yongqi Liao
Tourism development is one economic trend of commercial behavior, which will bring corresponding economic benefits. Village tourism development would inevitably cause village interest conflicts, and these conflicts can be divided into two main categories, namely inner conflict of villages and the conflict...
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Village Folk Custom Changes under Tourism Development

Yongqi Liao
Folk custom is an important cultural phenomenon. It refers to "a country or a nation created, enjoyed, and inherited culture". "History accumulation and time's change make folk custom have heavy historic force, showing the succession of unremitting, and is connected by space and time." Folk customs are...
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Shadow Effect Research in Tourism Development----- taking Lintong Jiang village site, Bian Que tomb and Lin Xiangru tomb for example

Hui Li
Through the analysis of status quo, this paper points out shadow effect problems of the three major scenic spots: Lintong Jiang village sites, Bian Que tomb and Lin Xiangru tomb, makes in-depth analysis and mining of higher level scenic spot unique tourism value comparing with other places, such as unique...
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Problems and Countermeasures about Higher Vocational Business English Training Teaching

Hui Ke
Training teaching is one of the extremely important links in higher vocational business English major teaching. Compared with English talents training goal of higher vocational business, the conduct of business English professional training teaching in higher vocational colleges still exists a big gap....
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Customer Segmentation Model Research Based on Organizational Customer Life Cycle in Telecom Operator

Chengrong Hu, Huaying Shu, Xinchun Qiao
As the competition between telecom operators is getting fiercer, both new market and stock of mobile communications market begin to fall, which makes organizational customers become the main competing objectives among operators. Based on the academic research results of relevant scholars and the actual...
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Analysis on Investment Correlation between Hong Kong Economy and Mainland Economy

Pokwai To
Investment theory of economic integration includes analysis on static effect and dynamic effect, this paper uses analysis methods of combing with theory and practice as well as relates development state of mainland in China and Hong Kong to analyze investment correlation of economy integration in mainland...
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Research on Psychological Health Problems of the Contemporary College Students

Kai Wang, Yanming Cheng
The psychological health problems of the contemporary college students mainly represent loneliness and self-abasement, weak nerves, anxious depression, unstable emotion, lack of confidence, interpersonal relation disturbance and many other aspects. This paper analyzed the characteristics to the psychological...