Proceedings of the 2018 6th International Education, Economics, Social Science, Arts, Sports and Management Engineering Conference (IEESASM 2018)

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The Analysis of Apology Speech in Big Bang Theory from the Perspective of Politeness Principle

Yanbo Sun
The principle of politeness plays an indispensable role in interpersonal communication, enabling people to communicate normally through dialogue. However, in some film and television works, in order to achieve a particular artistic effect, the principle of politeness is often ruthlessly "trampling"....
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Research on Measures of Advancing Shaanxi Healthy Village Construction under the Background of “Healthy China” Strategy

Yongzhen Shen
On the basis of discussing the significance of constructing healthy village and analyzing its current status in Shaanxi Province, this paper puts forward suggestions, including basis principles that healthy village shall adhere to, clarifying responsibilities of related departments, strengthening people’s...
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Discussion on Updating and Innovative Thinking Mode of Higher Vocational Computer Teaching

Lu Kong
With the development of Chinese economy and the progress of science and technology, computer Internet technology has been widely applied, and the educational field also increasingly pays more attention to the computer teaching. Higher vocational college is an important constituent of China’s education...
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Thoughts and Countermeasures of Realizing Refined Office Administrative Management

Xiaoli Sheng, Ping Wang
With the constant improvement of China’s social economy, the development scale of enterprises is expanding. There are some problems in enterprise operation, mainly because the operation management mode of some enterprises currently cannot keep pace with the development of the times, which requires some...
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Research on the Current Status and Countermeasures of the Party Member Role Consciousness of Ethnic Minority College Students

Hongli Zhao, Shanmei Xiong
It is very important to cultivate party member of ethnic minority college students and improve their party member role consciousness, which is directly related to the development of ethnic regions, national long-term political stability, social harmony and stability and national unity and solidarity....
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The Application of Hierarchical Teaching in Advanced Mathematics Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Lan Zhao
In recent years, China strongly popularizes and promotes the higher education, and the era of mass higher education has come. The enrollment scale of higher institutes is continuously expanding, which also directly results in the decline of college students’ comprehensive quality and obvious difference...
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Exploration of Blended Teaching Mode Reform Based on MOOC -------Taking Advanced Mathematics as an Example

Wenting Ma, Lijuan Yao
With the deepening of national education reform, the application of MOOC in the curriculum of colleges and universities also increases, which has a significantly positive influence on improving the teaching quality and efficiency of college courses. However, in previous teaching, impacted by traditional...
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Exploration and Practice of Integrating Mathematical Culture in Advanced Mathematics Classroom

Lijuan Yao, Wenting Ma
At present, China’s flourishing education cause enters a new stage. For colleges and universities, advanced mathematics puts forward higher requirements for teachers’ comprehensive quality. In today with promotion of quality-orientation education, the teaching mode of advanced mathematics tends to make...
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A Study on the Application of Cultural Equivalence in English Teaching in China

Yongying Zhou
The objective of the paper is mainly to illustrate the application of cultural equivalence in English teaching in China. Cultural equivalence, derived from Nida’s functional equivalence, requires good recognition of both Chinese and English culture in English teaching. Cultural equivalence indicates...
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Analyzing the Influence of China's Import and Export Trade on Economic Growth Based on Eviews

Yue Zhao
With China's reform and opening-up, import and export trade and economic development have achieved great success. Trade between countries has occurred frequently and the economic development environment has also improved. However, investment and exports are the main factors affecting China's economic...
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Research on Dynamic Relationship between Indian FDI and Economic Growth Based on SVAR Model

Juanjuan Yang
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the BRICS (including Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) has emerged as an emerging economy and has gradually become the main force in attracting foreign investment in developing countries. As a strong contender for China to attract FDI inflows, India,...
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Construction of Mortgage Risk Index System for Farmland Management Right

Can Ye, Chengfeng Gao
This paper takes agricultural land management right as the research object, conducts in-depth research on the mortgage financing risk of agricultural land management right, and constructs the agricultural land management right mortgage financing risk evaluation system, and uses the Analytic Hierarchy...
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Study on the Motivation of Cruise Tourists in Sanya

Yingchao Zhang
In recent years, cruise tourism has become a new star in China's tourism industry. With its huge consumption and the huge driving force of tourism-related industries, cruise industry has formed a new tourism economy with attractive prospects. As an important tourist seaside city in southern China, cruise...
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Research on Financial Technology and Inclusive Finance Development

Miao Zhang, Juanjuan Yang
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that the financial industry should better serve the real economy, and the development of inclusive finance is an important way to accomplish it. The development of financial technology and internet finance has ushered...
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The Mode Study of Training Foreign Trade Talents by University-enterprise Cooperation under the Background of "Belt and Road"

Xiaoni Li
With the proposal of "Belt and Road" strategy and the promotion of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" policy, the majority of foreign economic and trade enterprises have put forward new and higher requirements for the quality of international trade professionals. Personnel training of foreign trade...
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Constructing Upgrade Platform of the Middle-High Vocational Connected Education Based on the Production-Education Community

Zhiping Yang
The new industrial revolution has driven industrial upgrading, so that China's economy and society are facing severe challenges, how to allocate high-skilled personnel resources to adapt to industrial upgrading is the first. In the allocation of high-skilled talent resources, there are still a large...
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The Harmonious Development of Ecological Civilization Construction and Financial Agglomeration in Guizhou

Xinpu Wang, Mu Zhang
To promote the construction of ecological civilization and the coordinated development of financial agglomeration, this paper first analyzes the interaction mechanism between ecological civilization construction and finance agglomeration using the pressure-state-response framework. Then, the level of...
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Evaluation of Active Hong Kong Equity Funds Performance

Xueqiong Hu, Mengnan Sun
Equity funds are the most popular type of mutual funds. As the “leader” of China's investment and wealth management market, whether it is a specific market sector, a particular stock exchange, foreign or domestic markets, income or growth stocks, high or low risk, there are various types and characteristics...
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Research on “Three Entries” of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in New Era Promoted by Activity-oriented Blended Teaching Mode

Ai Jian
With the completed revision of 2018 version of Introduction to Maoism and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (hereinafter referred to as “Introduction”), and the implementation of training on new edition use in the whole country, how to effectively promote Xi Jinping’s thoughts...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Equity Structure of GEM Listed Companies on Corporate Performance

Xiaodi Liu, Lihua Zhan
This paper is an empirical study on the relationship between the equity structure of listed companies on the GEM and the performance of the companies. The relevant data of 36 listed companies on the GEM are selected between 2015 and 2017 and combined with statistical software to conclude a relationship...
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The Analysis of Price Fluctuation Cycle of Rare Earth Neodymium Oxide and Dysprosium Oxide

Binqing Yang, Xianping Zhang, Pengwei Xu
The prices of rare earth products in China fluctuate periodically. In order to figure out the fluctuations rule, this paper chooses the monthly prices data of rare earths neodymium oxide and dysprosium oxide as samples from February in 2006 to December in 2017, uses the X12 seasonal adjust method and...
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Cultivation of Sound Personality of College Students in the New Era

Xian Guo
As a huge group of young talents, college students are directly related to the rise and fall of a country and nation, and their own personalities largely represents the future character of the country and nation. The development of network information technology has brought the society to a new era....
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Research on the Cultivation Mechanism of Innovative Talents in the Collaboration of Industry Learning and Research

Liping Zhang, Pijuan Gong, Jing Tian
The collaboration of industry, learning and research is the focus of higher vocational education in recent years. Many higher vocational colleges have begun to practice collaborative innovation theory in teaching. However, judging from the current development status, the current mechanism for cultivating...
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Research on Problems and Cultivation Approaches for College Students' Ideological and Moral Qualities in the New Era

Yunling Zhang
There is no doubt that the improvement and development of college students' ideological and moral qualities have a great impact on their life and even the development of the whole country. This paper studies the present situation of college students' ideological and moral qualities and analyzes the factors...
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Research and Practice of Modern Apprenticeship in the Teaching at Higher Vocational Colleges

Pijuan Gong, Liping Zhang, Jing Tian
With the reform of China’s economic structure and the development of the times, higher vocational education is playing an increasingly important role in China’s higher education system. As a new concept and model of professional talent training, “modern apprenticeship” has become an important direction...
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Research on the Reform and Innovation of College English Teaching in the Context of “Internet Plus”

Zhuowen Wang
As a basic cause concerning national economy and people’s livelihood, education has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities in the context of “Internet +”, especially for the college English teaching which is more widely integrated with Internet technology. In order to keep up with the trend...
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Research on Language Autonomous Learning in Network Multimodal Environment

Yafang Liu
The so-called modality refers to the use of symbol resources for communication. With the rapid development of network information technology, the human discourse environment gradually changes from single mode to the current multimodality. In the network multi-modal environment, the construction and improvement...
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Exploration and Practice of the Model of Entrepreneurial Compound Talent Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training

Rong Fei, Zhanmin Wang, Aimin Li, Kun Liang
In this paper, a four-layer system is designed for the characteristics of the teaching of computer major in colleges and universities with the "interest inspire innovation" as the starting point, which is based on the entrepreneurial talents majoring in computer science in college training program, and...
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Study on the Relationship of Ownership Structure and Over-Investment of China’s Listed Companies

Chunhong Qian
Investment in the company’s financial activities has been one of the most important subjects. With the complexity and multiplicity of factors which influence investment decision-making, investment decision-making behavior not always serve the goal of listed companies, which results in the inefficient...
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Network Subculture Communication in the Digital Age with the Replication of Meme as the Core: A Case Study of " the Popularity of Wang Ju "

Jingyuan Bai, Yunjuan Cai
Taking the popular phenomenon "the Popularity of Wang Ju" in May 2018 as an example, this paper uses case analysis and network ethnography to analyze how meme promotes the spread of network sub-culture and how meme successfully replicates itself in the digital age. In the phenomena of Wang Ju's popularity,...
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Reputation of Financial Intermediaries,Venture Capital and Earnings Management

Zhizhang Lin
By analysing China's venture capital-backed listed companies between 2002 and 2013, this paper investigated the impact of the reputation of financial intermediaries such as lead underwriters and audit institutions on the role of venture capital firms in the earnings management during the four IPO stages....
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The Impact of Internet Finance Development on Financial Repression——Taking P2P as an Example

Lihua Zhan, Xiaodi Liu, Mengnan Sun
With the development of Internet technology and big data, Internet finance represented by online lending, third-party payment, crowdfunding platform, etc. has developed rapidly in China, and its impact with the traditional financial system has brought a new kind of financial format. With its advantages...
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Research on Cultural Confidence of College Students under Xi Jinping’s Thoughts in New Era

Wen Li
Cultural confidence is the foundation and soul for the national long-term development, and it is the deeper, more durable and basic strength. Contemporary college students, as the pillar and hope of the nation, shoulder the great responsibilities of national rejuvenation. To firmly develop cultural confidence...
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Research on the Development of TechFin and the Economic Growth Effect of the Yangtze River Delta

Mengnan Sun, Xueqiong Hu, Lihua Zhan
The endogenous driving force of economic growth is the advancement of science and technology. The development of science and technology industry cannot be separated from the financial boost. The Yangtze River Delta region is trying to become a world-class urban agglomeration with high-quality and integrated...
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The Artistic Accomplishment of Coaches in Youth Sports

Xiaohui Di, Chengcheng Xu
With the development of economy and the progress of times, people pay more attention to the development of sports, and the influence of coaches in people's life is more important, especially the youth sports. In China, coaches play an important role in youth sports. The development and progress of coaches...
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The Harmonious Development of Big Data Industry and Ecological Civilization Construction in Guizhou

Ning Zhang, Hongmei Zhang, Mu Zhang
With the development of the times, people have seen new opportunities to solve ecological civilization in the Internet, big data and other high-tech industries. The construction of ecological civilization provides a good environment for the development of big data. Based on the 2015 data of Guizhou Province,...
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Integration of Enterprise Standard System and Professional Management System

Piao Li, Yingxia Yu
In order to optimize the internal planning, resource allocation, and complementary goals of the enterprise, the overall efficiency of the enterprise is maximized. There is no doubt that the application of the integrated management system is undoubtedly an excellent choice. The use of an integrated management...
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Differences of Polite Language between Chinese and English from the Viewpoint of Face

Shu Zhang
Face is very important both in Chinese culture and Western culture. The maintenance of face needs the polite language’s synergy which is affected by the cultural differences. The author argues that knowing the politeness principle of using language in different cultures is significant for cross-culture...
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Teaching Reform in Database Course for Liberal Arts Majors under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Yunjuan Cai, Tianpeng Gao
Under the background of "Internet plus", the society has higher requirements for the database technology and application ability of college liberal arts students, and at the same time, it changes students' learning styles and learning habits. This paper designs 3-level teaching objectives of knowledge...
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Evaluating the Use of Chinese at English Classrooms in Chinese Undergraduate Education Level

Lu Jin, Boyun Wen
Whether the use of learners’ first language should be included or excluded from the EFL class has been discussed by many EFL researchers. However, learners may have different attitudes to the use of L1 in English classes due to their various learning purposes and proficiency levels. Meanwhile, learners’...
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Thoughts on Taxation Planning under the Background of Reform in Value-added Tax

Xiuyan Xu
The application and development of government’s taxation planning provides great convenience and assistance for the national tax revenue in various aspects to different extents. Nowadays, related departments adopt multiple methods, intensify the reform of government’s taxation planning, make efforts...
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Research on Protection and Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Dazhou –Taking Fanshanjiaozi as an Example

Fengxian He
With the emphasis on intangible cultural heritage from various countries in the world, intangible cultural heritage of Dazhou also embraces new opportunities, and Fanshanjiaozi is an important component. From entertaining spirits in sacrificial ceremony to popular dance form, it has a long history of...
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Enterprises Selection and Assessment in Joint Cultivation of Information Management and Information System Specialty under “Excellent Plan”

Qianwen Yu, Shihu Huang, Changbin Jiang
Based on the model of university-enterprise cooperation put forward in "Excellent Talents" programme and combined with the characteristics of the major of Information Management and Information System, this paper investigates the views of the students of Information Management and Information System...
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A Study on Iconicity in William Carlos Williams’ Poems

Yanqin Cao, Zhaohong Yao
As the initiator and representative poet of American modernism poetry in the 20th century, William Carlos Williams was good at dealing with the themes of daily life in his poems, which are characterized by concise form, colloquial rhythm, vivid image and strong visual effects. This paper attempts to...
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A Comparison Study of Two Testing Approaches in Formative Assessment in English Majors Listening Teaching

Jing Wang
With the popularity of computers and the appearance of the Internet, researches about the application of formative assessment in English teaching under the Internet environment is increasing. The experiment of this paper taken on the basis of Formative Assessment in classroom English teaching and the...
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A Needs Analysis Approach to the Design of College English Elective Courses: A Descriptive Account of Chinese College Students’ Needs

Wenmin Huang
This descriptive NA research with 455 participants studies the Chinese independently-run college learners’ needs, to help teachers design College English elective courses. It finds that the learners’ target needs include to pass English exams for future career and academic study, and to talk fluently...
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Observation and Reflection on an English Lesson—The Great Famine in Ireland from 2013 Encyclopedia Britannica

Xiaoqing Su
This paper is an observation and reflection of an English lesson given by Professor Zou Weicheng from East China Normal University. In the first part, it presents the lesson plan according to the activities and performances in the 90 minutes’ classroom observation. Then, it depicts detailed teaching...
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Research on the Integration of Socialist Core Values into the Core Competency Education of College Students

Yongzhen Shen
On the basis of learning Xi Jinping thought on socialist with Chinese characteristics in new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, this paper deeply discusses the necessity, realistic predicament and countermeasures of integrating socialist core values into the core competency...
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Analysis on Policy Agenda of Tobacco Control in Haikou City from Perspective of Multi-source Current Model

Hongyu Su, Qinxin Deng
The multi-source model is the theory of policy agenda setting. It answers why among the many questions in society, only specific questions become policy issues and are included in the policy agenda. On June 1, 2016, Haikou's smoking ban began, which is a milestone in Haikou's policy history. This paper...
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Research on the Construction of “Double-qualified” and “Double-talented” Teaching Staff in Private Application-oriented Undergraduate Universities

Zhijian Diao
At present, for undergraduate universities in China, the construction of “double-qualified and double-talented” teaching staff is the necessary guarantee for cultivating applied talents. In constructing teaching staff, it is necessary to meet the requirement of development and transformation of undergraduate...
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Research Status and Trends of Agricultural Plant Protection Modernization in Shanxi Province

Yitong Yuan, Qi Li
With the implementation of the strategy of “rejuvenating the country through science and technology”, the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress in China has increased year by year, and the introduction and promotion of agricultural technology has further promoted the development...
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The Relationship between the Coworker Feedback Seeking with Coworker Feedback Environment

Zhenxing Gong, Di Xin
Background There is a poorly understood about the impact of coworkers’ feedback seeking, including feedback inquiry and monitoring on coworker feedback environment. Method This study departs from the perspective of prior research on the feedback environment by combining follower-centered theory and expectations...
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Research on Beautiful Shaanxi Construction Guided by Ecological Civilization Ideology in the New Era

Zheng Xi
Since Xi Jinping lived and worked in a production team in Liangjiahe, Yanchuan County, Shaanxi Province, his ecological ideology began sprout. In the subsequent administration of Fujian and Zhejiang, combined with local development, Xi Jinping ideology of ecological civilization became systematical....
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Competition and Strategy of BIT Bilateral Market

Zhangyan Li, Wenyang Hua, Juan Song
With the development of information technology, especially the development of the Internet, information products based on bits are entering our lives in an amazing situation and speed of development, the major changes in society, politics, economy, organization, life and technology have become the main...
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Analysis on the Protection, Development and Utilization of Cultural Classics of Yi Nationality

Yueting Xiang
The protection, development and utilization of the current cultural classics of Yi nationality are mainly studied. Firstly, a theoretical analysis of the Bimo and Bimo historical archives of the Yi nationality is made for grasping the concept, types, writing, inheritance, preservation and distribution...
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Research on the Value of Modern Chinese Painting from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

Xiaolong Wang, Ling Cai
In order to study the value of modern Chinese painting, the perspective of cultural self-confidence was applied. The basic characteristics and development of modern Chinese painting were analyzed. Then, modern Chinese paintings were compared with modern Western paintings. From the perspective of cultural...
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Study on the Teaching Methods of Commonly Used Modal Particles in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Hui Xu
Based on the study of the teaching methods of modal particles in Chinese as a foreign language, the teaching status of modal particles in Chinese as a foreign language is first understood. The main reasons for the frequent problems with modal particles in the classroom were analyzed. Then, combined with...
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Analysis on the Inheritance of Red Genes in Ideological and Political Education at Higher Vocational Colleges

Huanghua Huang
The red gene carries the firm ideals and beliefs of the Communists, records the correct values and ways of realization of the Communists, and inherits the traditional style of the Communists. It has the value of promoting national identity, value identification and behavioral identity in the ideological...
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Reflections on the Jurisprudence of Risk Acceptance in Criminal Law

Yiwei Wang
With the continuous progress of the society, Chinese legal system is constantly improving. The theory of risk acceptance is an important part of Chinese criminal law. This paper mainly carries on the analysis and elaboration to the risk acceptance theory viewpoint.
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Examining National Identity Australian Barbecue Culture

Yang Cheng, Sizhen Liu
Culture is regarded as how a group of people live their lives. There are two main aspects such as the patterns of their social organization and the acceptance of common behaviours in their daily life (Kidd & Teagle 2012, p.12). In addition, rituals and customs also contribute to the formation and evolution...
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An Acoustic Study on the Tones of Dong Language in Shuangjiang Town, Tongdao County, Hunan Province

Yao Lu, Zeyu Huang, Lu Wang
This paper made use of F0 to analyze the pitch patterns of tones in monosyllabic and disyllabic words of Dong Language in Shuangjiang Town, Tongdao country of Hunan Province. The results revealed the acoustic characteristics of the tones of this dialect. Similarities and differences exist when compared...
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The Prosodic Encoding of Focus in Lujiang Dialect

Lu Wang, Yao Lu, Zeyu Huang
The focus is the component highlighted in the sentence, which can be broadly divided into broad focus and narrow focus. Prosodic encoding of focus can be reflected on pitch, duration and intensity. Different languages and dialects show different characteristics. This paper takes Lujiang dialect in Anhui...
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Teaching Reform of Comprehensive Experiment of Civil Engineering based on Ability Cultivation

Jiansheng Shen, Yidong Xu, Jianghong Mao, Jian Chen
The traditional experimental of civil engineering was single, conventional and confirmable, and lack of innovation and comprehensive ability, however, It was an effective way to train students' autonomous learning ability of establish a civil engineering experiment teaching system, and to design a comprehensive...
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Problems and Countermeasures of College English Teaching in Navigation Majors

Yuan Gao
Through the important position of college English course in the teaching of navigation majors, the author combines the teaching practice to analyze the current situation and existing problems of college English teaching in navigation majors. Based on this, the CET formula is proposed to improve the professional...
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Study on Navigation College English Teaching Based on SPOC and TBLT

Yuan Gao
Task-based language teaching (TBLT) is highly consistent with college English teaching objectives. However, in the task-based teaching of traditional classrooms in maritime colleges, classroom activity time is often squeezed by knowledge transfer time, which makes knowledge internalization impossible....
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Study on Brand Construction of Ginseng in Changbai Mountain

Yundi Dai, Jing Li, Birong Ren, Songnan Xiao, Hongshen Yu
As an important characteristic agricultural product in Jilin Province, Changbai Mountain ginseng has become an indispensable raw material for Chinese medicine industry and food processing industry by virtue of its superior resource conditions and product quality. Based on the analysis of the present...
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Dilemmas and Countermeasures on Human Resource Management in the Process of Internationalization of Enterprises

Yi Sun
With the development of world economic integration, more and more enterprises have gone abroad to carry out international business operations. Human resource management has become an important factor affecting the internationalization process of enterprises. Based on the investigation research method...
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Cultivation of Critical Thinking Ability in English Writing Teaching

Dan Zhang
Critical thinking is an important part of the overall quality of college students. The cultivation of critical thinking has been established as one of the goals pursued by modern education. Critical thinking is applied to English writing teaching, which enhances the effectiveness of analysis, enhances...
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Internet Financial Risk and Its Preventive Measures

Jianmei Ma
With the rapid development of Internet finance, various types of risk cases occur frequently, affecting the stable and healthy development of the financial system. This paper summarizes the categories of Internet financial risks and analyzes the characteristics of Internet financial risks: high risk...
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Teaching Reform of Computer Basis Course based on MOOC

Zhe Li, Yongchang Ren, Wei Wang
MOOC is the application of information technology in the field of education, changing the traditional teaching mode and providing students with a free and open learning environment. Based on the relevance learning theory, humanistic learning theory and educational psychology theory, this paper points...
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Research on Blended Teaching Mode of College English based on Rain Classroom

Jingjing Wang
Based on the blended teaching of the rain classroom, it can not only utilize the high-quality rain classroom resource, but also meet the needs of students' differentiation and individualization, and make up for the shortcomings of traditional teaching. The college English blended teaching reform based...
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Research and Exploration on Cognitive-Approach-Based English Reading of Middle School

Chunyan Teng
Cognitive approach is based on the cognitive rules of students. It advocates the role of students' intelligence in language teaching. By consciously learning the pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar knowledge, it can understand the cognitive language process of acquiring foreign language learning and...
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Reform on College Physics Experiment Course in the Context of Innovation Education

Lei Tong
College physics experiment teaching can cultivate students' scientific thinking ability and innovative spirit. Under the background of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", this paper puts forward the reform measures of university physics experiment teaching under the background of innovation education....
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Study on Existing Problems and Suggested Solutions of Teaching in History of Chinese Modern Literature Course

Henan Zhang
The history of modern Chinese literature is an important basic course for Chinese language and literature majors. This paper analyzes the teaching status from the aspects of training objectives, curriculum assessment, teaching mode, textbook writing and teaching methods, and follows the basic ideas of...
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Research on Female Language in Modern Japanese

Dongmei Jin
Language is the product of society, that is, a social phenomenon, but also reflects society. Women and men differ in language expression, and differences in male and female sexual expression are considered to be one of the characteristics of modern Japanese. The language used by women is also subtly...
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Promotion Path on Vocational Ability of Tourism Talents in Intelligent Tourism Era

Junfang Lv
In the era of intelligent tourism, innovative mechanisms are needed to continuously improve the professional ability of tourism talents to meet the needs of the development of the tourism market. In response to the requirements of knowledge structure, professional habits, cultural knowledge, service...
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Patterns and Strategies on Professional Development for College English Teacher in Lifelong Education Perspective

Shaojie Wang
Under the guidance of the concept of lifelong education, college English teachers need to constantly learn knowledge and skills according to their own needs, and use lifelong learning to promote independent professional development. This paper analyzes the connotation and characteristics of lifelong...
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Study on the Teaching about Shaman Paper-cut

Fuye Yu
Shamanism is more common popular phenomenon in the world as a kind of primitive religion, no unified form doctrine and specific beliefs. But the shaman spell ceremony of shamanism belief culture symbol can be cognition and recognition through visual communication. Shaman paper-cut as an important form...
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Optimization Dispatching of Express Logistics in E-commerce Environment

Songjie Gong, Suli Ye
At present, the contradiction between the surging e-commerce demand in Zhejiang Province and the inadequate express logistics service capability, express delay and poor service quality has become increasingly prominent. There is a significant difference between express logistics and traditional logistics...
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Research on the Optimization of Learning Model Based on Modern Information Technology

Bin Li
On the basis of modern information technology, this paper conducts a research on the optimization of learning model by investigating a large number of relevant literature and combining the connotation and elements of the new learning model with curriculum integration. The purposes of this research firstly...
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Analysis on the Development Mode of Farmer Informatization in the Process of Urbanization

Chunxu Jiang
With the rapid development of contemporary China, opportunities and challenges coexist. For the vast number of peasants in China, although the urbanization process is intensifying and the number of rural migrant workers is increasing, the most important source of income is still obtained through the...
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Research on Robot Education in Primary School

Ruiying Xu
This paper mainly discusses robot education in primary school. Robot education refers to theories and practices of learning basic knowledge and skills of robot, or optimizing education and teaching results by robot education. The entry of robot education into primary school explores the educational function...
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An Analysis of College English Teaching Based on the Model of "Maker Education +SPOC"

Yiwen Xu, Yanxia Fan
With the development of science and information technology, the model of traditional classroom teaching has failed to meet the needs of social development for talents. In order to remedy the drawbacks of traditional classroom teaching, the model of "Marker Education + SPOC" has been gradually applied...
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Analysis on Factors Affecting the Individual Learning of College Students Based on Smartphone

Yan Qian, Shuang Qian
With the popularity of smart phones, many scholars have discussed how to apply smart phones to college students 'personalized learning. Using smart phones, college students can break through the limitations of time and place, and can use fragmented time to study. The main user group of smart cell-based...
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Analysis on Development Countermeasures of Shaanxi Commercial Logistics under the Construction of Free Trade Area

Congli Xie
With the development of global economy, international trade exchanges are more frequent, and the economic development cannot be separated from the support of logistics. This paper takes the commercial logistics of Shaanxi province as the research object, and firstly makes a systematic study on the commercial...
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The Application of “Divided Class” Teaching Mode in HTML5 Development Course

Na Wu, Guorong Chen
Subclass is a new teaching mode for domestic learning situation, which aims to enhance students’ participation and stimulate their enthusiasm in learning. As for the problem of that students' learning interests are declining in the integrated teaching model, divided classes is introduced to the HTML...
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Research on Robust Smith Internal Model Control for Time-delay Systems

Haiyan Xin, Mei Zuo, Jiajia Yu, Huang Lu, Hui
For the time-delay system, this paper combines the traditional Smith predictive control with the internal model control. According to the simulation results, it can be seen that compared with the traditional Smith control method, when the controlled object model is accurate, the Smith internal model...
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The Idea of "Human-oriented" of General English Education in Universities of Chinese Medicine

Zijing Lin, Dandan Zhao
The ideas of "human-oriented" General English in universities of traditional Chinese medicine can be interpreted as that teachers use English as a tool to develop the students' general qualities with both internal and external training and the traditional Chinese medicine as treasures, solve the existing...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Fine Management of Budget Implementation in Colleges and Universities

Yu Gu
In recent years, with the deepening of the reform of colleges and universities and the continuous expansion of high education scales, financial allocation has been unable to meet the needs of colleges and universities. Hence, the contradiction between the supply and demand of funds has become increasingly...
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Research on Capacity Building of Service Industry in Tourism Major of Higher Vocational Colleges

Fangjun Liu
As an important method of talent cultivation, the capacity building of service industry of tourism major is the responsibility of higher vocational colleges in order to serve local economic construction and also to strengthen their self-construction. This paper reveals the current situation of the capacity...
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Research on Contemporary Green Clothing Design Based on Ecological Aesthetics

Qiuhan Wang
In the research of contemporary green clothing design, the expression of ecological aesthetics emphasizes the original ecological selection of clothing raw materials, ecological color design, ecological modeling design, packaging design and style design to build a harmonious coexistence of the design...
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Teaching Reform of Computer Network of Non-computer Major in Colleges and Universities

Honglong Xie
It is particularly important to widespread computer network knowledge and grasp the network technology while the unceasing development of computer network technology accelerates the training of non-computer professional network application talents. This paper aims to analyze the current situation of...
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Research on the Application of Seminar Teaching Method in Correcting the Learning Psychology of Minority Students in Private Colleges and Universities

Dan Zhang, Changfen Gong
Minority students' learning psychology has always been one of the subjects studied by University workers. Its influence is complex and complex. The development and the correction of learning psychology is closely related to appropriate teaching methods. Therefore, this paper analyzes the factors that...
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Ways to Improve and Cultivate Scientific Literacy of Minority College Students

Changfen Gong, Dan Zhang, Rongrong Peng
Cultivating students' scientific literacy is the core goal of science education in our country, and it is also the starting point and destination of higher education today. This paper takes the minority college students of Nanchang Institute of Technology as the research object, combines their national...
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English Phonological Fossilization and Its De-fossilization: A Case Study of Chinese College Students

Lei Shi, Hongguo Li
Phonological fossilization is just one aspect of language fossilization into which this paper will inquire. Given the fact that most wrongly pronounced sound elements are easily fossilized can be de-fossilized, the paper shows the methods to find out how to de-fossilize in the pronunciation of the foreign...
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A Brief Analysis of How TCM Colleges and Universities Spread TCM Culture through Improving English Teaching of ABC Era

Zixun Yu, Ying Ma
In the ABC era, with the aid of TCM internationalization, raise the sail of TCM culture transmission. International transmission of TCM is imperative, yet the transmission could not go without the talents of this field. Language is the vehicle of culture, so are the transmission talents. Through searching...
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Research on Blending Teaching Model Innovation of College English Based on Mobile Learning

Chunchun Zhang
This paper expounds the category characteristics, problems and disadvantages of college English teaching mode by analyzing and summarizing the model in the context of today's information technology era. Guided by the concept of fragmented mobile learning, adjustments have been made in terms of teaching...
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Research on the Design and Innovation of Basic English Flipping Classroom Based on Micro-lecture

Xuelan Huang
The flipping classroom is a new teaching mode that emerged with the support of modern information technology. In the flipping classroom, the students become the main body of the teaching activities, the transfer of knowledge is completed by the students before the class, and the classroom becomes the...
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The Role of Information Technology in Improving the Efficiency of Party Building in Oilfield Enterprises

Xiulin Zhang
As an important pillar of China's economic development, oilfield enterprises play an important role in Party building at the grass-roots level. Party building includes many aspects, such as purity building, style building, anti-corruption and honesty building, ideological building, system building and...
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Development Power of Party Building Work at the Grassroots Level in Enterprises in the New Era

Xiulin Zhang
In recent years, the Party Committee of the Scientific Creation Group has earnestly implemented the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the CPC and the 4th and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 17th Central Committee of the CPC, adhered to the scientific concept of development as a guide, strengthened...