Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (MME 2016)

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Research on Lateral-Directional Dynamic Characteristics and Control for Large Envelope Flight of Modular Aircraft

Wen-Xin Zhang, Li-Xin Wang, Ting Yue
The linear parameter varying (LPV) system model of the lateral-directional dynamics for large envelope flight of modular aircraft including various configurations was built. The validity of the aircraft LPV model was verified by the comparison of dynamic simulation between the LPV model and the nonlinear...
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The Mechanical Behaviour during Multiple Injections and its Influence on Fracture Network

Li-Feng Yang, Yu-Zhang Liu, Yun-Hong Ding, Yong-Hui Wang, Xiao-Sen Shang
Many cases show that multiple injections fracturing serves as an effective method to increase the probability of creating complex fracture network for shale gas reservoirs. However, its mechanism is unclear. This paper, therefore, intends to use numerical simulation and theoretical models to explore...
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Experimental Study on Fluid Flow in Porous Media by MRI Technique

Jing-Nan Zhang, Qin-Feng Di, Feng Ye, Shuai Hua, Hui-Juan Chen, Chun-Yuan Gu
Core flood experiment is commonly used to study the fluid seepage law in porous media for enhanced oil recovery, but the characteristics of fluid flow are hard to be visually described. In this paper, an advanced visual displacement system was developed and optimized to observe the shapes of flow front...
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The Simulation of Fluid Dynamics inside the Continuous Wave Mud Pulser Generator with Four-hole Rotary Valve

Qin-Feng Di, He Zhang, Ze-Zhong Jin, Feng Chen, Wen-Chang Wang, Hai-Tao Song
The continuous wave pulse generator with rotary valve is an advanced and key equipment in high-rate measurement while drilling (MWD) and logging while drilling (LWD) telemetry systems. It generates an encoded mud pressure wave signal to transmit real-time information from down-hole to surface. For the...
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Research on Reliability Assessment Based on the Multi-Source Information Fusion Technology with Improved Inheritance Factor

Jing-Bo Gai, Gao-Feng Wei
In order to solve the problems of the classical system reliability assessment method in dealing with complex system with small samples, such as multilevel approximation, insufficiency and singleness of information, take the success or failure products as an example, the theory of multi-source reliability...
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of Dragonfly Wing Corrugation in Hovering Flight

Chao Wang, Peng Xie, Chao-Ying Zhou, Rui Zhang
In this study, the aerodynamic characteristics of dragonfly wing corrugation in hovering flight are investigated using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. Three corrugated cross sections of the right forewing of a dragonfly (Aeshna cyanea) are considered. The effects of wing corrugation are...
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The Reciprocating Rectilinear Moving Mechanism at High Frequency with Low Load Driven by Two Symmetrical Gears

Ke-Ming Shi, Ming-Di Wang, Kang-Min Zhong, Jie Chen
In many occasions of the practical engineering, the equipment of reciprocating rectilinear movement at high frequency is used commonly, which usually is completed by the slider-crank mechanism. But there is big friction force between the guide rail and the block in this mechanism, thus the big friction...
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Flight Dynamic Response Analysis of the Flexible Aircraft Flying Through the Wind Field over Complex Terrains

Chu Tang, Li-Bo Wang
A numerical simulation method for the flight dynamic response of the elastic aircraft flying through the wind field over complex terrain is developed in this paper. The complex terrain model is established by the spline method based on the contour line of the map. The wind field is then simulated by...
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Biomechanical Analysis of Achilles Tendon Stretch And Plantar Fascia Stretch In Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Jie Hu, Dong-Mei Wang, Wen-Ting Yang, Qin-Yang Guo, Guang-Lin Shi
This paper aims to simulate two stretching methods adopted in plantar fasciitis treatment in MSC.ADAMS, Achilles tendon stretch and plantar fascia stretch. Clinical evidence has been accumulated that stretching is effective in relieving heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. While plantar fascia stretching...
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A Model of Strain Localization and Its Application in Prediction of Shear Bands in Sand

De-Xuan Qi, Dong-Li Chen, Wen-Jie Yan
Strain localization in sand is modelled as the event of two-phase coexistence. Shear bands pertain to the high-strain phase of materials. And other regions outside bands pertain to the low-strain phase. Inside each phase the equilibrium equations must be satisfied. Across interfaces between the two phases,...
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The Effect Analysis of Geometry and Load Parameters on Contact Stiffness of Sprag One-way Clutch

Zhi-Hui Liu, Hong-Zhi Yan, Yu-Ming Cao, Yu-Qing Lai
The wedge-raceway contact mechanical model, considering centrifugal force of wedge and the eccentricity of the inner ring and the outer ring of the one-way clutch, is established based on Hertz contact theory. The normal contact stiffness of the sprag one-way clutch is calculated by Newton iterative...
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Effects of Geometric Parameters on Jet Attachment of Counter-Flow Thrust Vectoring Nozzle

Xiang Wang, Zhao-Miao Liu, Hui-Long Zheng, Tan Zhang
Numerical simulation was applied to study the effects of changing geometric parameters, which were slot height G and axial length of outer collar L, on jet attachment of counter-flow thrust vectoring nozzle in zero attack angle and subsonic conditions. Combined internal flow characteristics of different...
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Torsional Vibration Suppression of A Gear System Installed with A Damping Ring

Yi-Long Wang, Deng-Qing Cao, Qing-Yang Wang, Yang Yang
In this paper, the torsional vibration suppression is investigated for a gear system installed with a damping ring. The dynamic model of the gear-damping ring system is established, where the friction between the gear and the ring is described by the Stribeck model. The harmonic balance method is employed...
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Fracture Behavior Investigation of the Propellant Material Using the Extended Finite Element Method

Li Zhang, Jin-Zhao Huang, Zhi Lv
When simulating crack propagation process using the finite element method, we need to create singularity grids at the crack tip. And with the increase in crack length, we need a re-division of grids. This makes the calculation very complicated. The extended finite element method (XFEM) is an effective...
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The Characteristics Analysis of Gear Box Fault Vibration Signal

Xin-Tao Jiao
Gearbox is a critical component of mechanical equipment. Centralized fault and distributed fault are the two typical faults of gearbox. Both faults have their own features. In order to know them better, the characteristics in the time and frequency domain of the vibration signal were analyzed in detail....
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The Analysis of Impact Damage under Emergency Landing Due to Airworthiness Requirements for Airplane Seat/Restraint System and Occupant

Xiao-Yan Dang, Jin-Feng Lv
To protect occupant under emergency landing, the seat/restraint system of airplane must be designed to has crash-resistant ability. The dynamic simulation can get the damage and impact response characteristics. The results can be helpful to modify the seat/restraint system and seat dynamic test.
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Multi-Body Dynamics Simulation Analysis of Crankshaft Assembly in V-Type 12-Cylinder Large Diesel Based on Adams

Chen Ni, Lin Hua, Zhi-Kui Ma, Meng-Lei Sun
Crankshaft assembly, as one of the most important parts of the engine, always suffers many kinds of cyclic loading during service. Due to the higher requirements for dynamic property of mechanical system, it is necessary to work on multi-body dynamics simulation of crankshaft assembly quick and accurately....
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Replacement of Health Monitoring System and Health Evaluation for Jinan Yellow River Cable-stayed Bridge

Ze-Ying Yang, Ting-Ting Tan, Yang-Yudong Liu, Ming-Hao Sun
In order to understand the behavior of Jinan Yellow River Bridge more accurately and evaluate the bridge health, we change the sensors of the health monitoring system so that the data collected are more detailed and comprehensive. The monitoring data are analyzed synthetically. And then, based on this,...
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The Application of COMSOL Secondary Development Technology in the Fluid-solid Coupling Study of Prionace Glauca Pectoral Fins

Qing-Song Hu, Xi-Wu Liu, Wen-Ping Cheng
During the cruise process of prionace glauca, its pectoral fins play an important role in keeping balance and stability of its body. The research on the fluid-solid coupling of prionace glauca pectoral fins is of important value to optimizing the design of the AUV and other marine engineering equipment....
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Study on the Adaptive Generalized Synchronization of Hetero Structure Chaotic Systems

Chamika Dias, Shu-Yong Liu, Jiang Jian, Pan Su, Xiu-Lei Wei, Qing-Chao Yang, Yuan Fang
A mathematical model of adaptive generalized chaotic synchronization(AGCS) was established to investigate the synchronization between a multi-degree freedom non-autonomous(nonlinear vibration) driving system and an autonomous chaotic (Lorenz) response system. Within the heterostructure synchronization...
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Harmonic Solutions for the Reflection and Refraction of Finite-Amplitude Acoustic Waves in Two Fluids

Xiao-Mei Zheng, Xin-Wu Zeng
This paper deals with the reflection and refraction of finite-amplitude acoustic waves obliquely incidents to a plane interface between two lossless fluids. The study is based on the second-order harmonic wave equations in term of displacement potential in Lagrangian coordinate system. Variable parameter...
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Wavelet 2D Modal Curvature for Identifying Non-Uniform Cracks in Plates under Noisy Conditions

Wei Xu, Mao-Sen Cao, Yu-Feng Zhang, Maciej RadzienSki
Identifying non-uniform cracks in plates is a challenging problem worthy of exploration. 2D modal curvature is often utilized to detect damage in plates, but its capability to precisely identify non-uniform cracks has not been resolved well, largely due to two noticeable deficiencies, lack of sensitivity...
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Impact Dynamics of a Flexible Beam with Rotation

Yue-Chen Duan, Ting-Ting Wang, Wei-Wei Zhang
Based on the continuous contact force model, the rigid-flexible coupling impact dynamics of a radial rotating flexible beam is investigated. The transversal deformation and nonlinear coupled deformation, which means the longitudinal shortening caused by transversal deformation, is considered. According...
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The Vibration Characteristics and Allowable Span Length of Free Span Submarine Pipeline

Bo Zhang, Ze-Yang Xing, Tao Wang, Zhuo Wang
This paper focuses on the free span of submarine pipelines. The vibration differential equation and dynamic characteristic equation of submarine pipelines subjected to axial force and stress analysis were established, and then got the natural frequency. In order to avoid VIV, the vortex shedding frequency...
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Algorithm Research on Icing Load Detecting for the Overhead Transmission Line

Zhuo Wang, Di Lan, Tao Wang, Bo Zhang
In this paper, the icing mechanism and force of overhead transmission lines were studied. The inclined parabolic equation of overhead transmission lines was derived and on this basis, calculation methods of sag, long lines and stress had been discussed. The paper got the inclined parabolic form of the...
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Probabilistic Life Prediction for Crack Initiation on Coke Drums Based on Monte Carlo Simulation

Wei-Wen Ye, Wen-Feng Wang, Zhi-Hua Ning, Ren-Huai Liu, Fan Wang
High thermal stresses developed in coke drums can lead to fatigue crack initiation and subsequently growth until premature drum failure. To predict the fatigue crack initiation lives of coke drums, a cost-efficient method was proposed using Monte Carlo simulation in this paper. Strain data on the critical...
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Influence of Height Adjustment for Vossloh 300 Fasteners on Gauge Expansion and Bumping Shoulder Stress

Yu-Tao Liu, Cheng-Hui Li, Ying-Jie Zhang
In order to analyze the impact of height adjustment for Vossloh300 fasteners on the rail lateral displacement and the stress of sleeper bumping shoulder, the paper construct the mechanic model and finite element model, the rail lateral displacement and the stress of the sleeper bumping shoulder were...
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An Artificial Intelligence Prediction Method of Bottomhole Flowing Pressure for Gas Wells Based on Support Vector Machine

Qin-Feng Di, Wei Chen, Jing-Nan Zhang, Wen-Chang Wang, Hui-Juan Chen
The flowing bottomhole pressure (FBHP) of gas wells was affected by many factors. Although a lot of research works have been done to predict the FBHP and at least more than ten models were proposed, but no one can effectively provide an accurate results for all ranges of production data and conditions...
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Study on Spatial Mechanics Analysis Method of Excavator Attachment with Tiltrotator

Peng-Long Hou, Feng-Yi Lu, Ge-Ning Xu, Zhi-Ning Ma
Usually a tiltrotator is mounted on the excavator such that the bucket of excavator can not only move in the plane of the excavator attachment, but also deviate from the plane. However, this generated additional bending moment and torque, and what was more, the traditional design method, which is used...
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Experiment on Nonlinear Response Characteristics of Photoelectric Theodolite under Servo Driven

Yao-Bin Li, Hua-Dong Yu, Qiang-Long Wang, Jun Xie, Zhen-Yu Liu
The dynamic response characteristics of the structure are affected by the nonlinear term in the theodolite structure with supporting shaft and bolt fixed connection. The harmonic term caused by nonlinear response has important influence on the measurement accuracy of optical system and the tracking stability...
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Plume Flow Field Analysis of Solid Rocket Motor

Yong-Zhi Zhang, Zhuo Li
The distribution characteristics of plume field structure of solid rocket motor could great influence on overall design of rocket, design of launch vehicle, materials selection and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to study structure characteristic of plume field of solid rocket engine. In this paper,...
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The Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of the Human Knee Articular Cartilage

Chao-Jie Wan, Gai-Min Li, Tong-Tong Guo
The human knee cartilage play an important role in the knee joint. Osteoarthritis (OA) are related to knee joint cartilage. So the accurate description of the cartilage constitutive is the most important work for the understanding the cartilage test phenomenon. The role of viscoelasticity of collagen...
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Study on the Effect of Bell Mouth Structure to Its Outlet Flow Field Evenness

Zhi-Peng Li, Guo-Wang Zhang, Chao Lu
In this article a bell mouth junction assembled in front of the test article in practice was simulated by applying ANSYS CFX, the data of relative measurement points was picked up from the simulation result and compared with test data to validate the simulation reliability. Then, aiming to dwindle in...
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Nonlinear Dynamics Analysis Based on Node Model of Contact urface

Jun Pang, Xian-Bing Wang, Jing-Quan Deng
The friction motion exists generally in the mechanical operation structure. The target of the paper is to predict and optimize the dynamic performance of the mechanical structure via the structure design. The kinetic equation of discrete-node model is established based on the theory of the characteristic...
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Structure Design and Calculation Analysis on Lateral Current Collector of Hanging Air Train

Li-Chao Wang, Xiao-Jun Lv, Fang Wang, Chun-Shan Yao, Chun-Yan Di
The development of this lateral CCD is based on the technical specifications for the hanging air trains. This document describes the main technical parameters of the lateral CCD, structure design , key points, and attentions etc., makes the design calculations on the dynamic part---spring, thus deducing...
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Effect of Outflow Mode on Machined Micro-dimple in the Through-mask Electrochemical Micromachining with Filled Inter-electrode Gap

Chen-Hao Zhao, Ping-Mei Ming, Wei-Hai Zhou, Xin-Min Zhang, Ge Qin, Chen-Xu Luo
To analyse the effect of outflow modes during making micro-dimples using the modified through-mask electrochemical machining with filled inter-electrode gap, some investigations were carried out numerically and experimentally. The studies showed that, the reflux discharging mode (RDM), which allows most...
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Investigation of PBGA solder joint failure in reflow process

Yu Guo, Zhi-Li Sun, Ming-He Liu, Xiao-Ying Ma
In PBGA package, solder joint provides not only mechanical support, electrical conduction and thermal conduction effect, but also withstands frequent thermal, mechanical, electrical loads in the high temperature operation of the electronic device. Thus, solder joint quality is directly related to PGBA...
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Design of Fatigue Life Testing Machine for Slewing Bearing Based on LabVIEW

Kang Chen, Pei-Tao Yang, Guo-Xiang Hou
Slewing bearings generally consist of the rotational connection between two substructures for combined load at very low speeds. Although there are a large number of traditional or modern techniques widely used in slewing bearing, they may not be able to meet the requirements of bearing industry precisely...
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Analysis and Experiments on Strengthening the Platform Jacket by the Grouted Clamps

Zhuo Wang, Bo Zhang, Tao Wang
The grouted clamps will strengthen the offshore platform jackets which have fragile nodes and the damaged structure underwater. Theoretical analysis of buckling on the jacket was done with buckling theory under uniform axial compression and the method of finite element analysis under the condition of...
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Design and Process Parameters Research of Single-Laser Stripping Platform Based on Automatic Double-Position Flipping Mechanism

Wei-Bing Liu, Gui-Lin Yang, Ming-Di Wang
It is obvious that mechanical stripping is unable to meet the requirements for the stripping of extremely thin wires. Laser stripping has been widely used for its easy integration with electromechanical equipment and high controllability. Currently most laser stripping devices have to utilize double...
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Transmission Efficiency Analysis and Experiment Research of Gear Box

Jing Li, Chang-Chun Li, Jing Huang
Transmission efficiency is a key characteristic for gear box, a test system is set up for gear box's measurement. But in the test process, there may have some wrong test results by using ideal mathematic formula which is based on the law of conservation of energy. By checking the mechanical structure...
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Research of Dynamic Characteristic of Belt Conveyor

Jun-Xia Li, Xiao-Xu Pang, Yu-Jin Li
Aiming at the dynamic question of the belt conveyor, based on the Kelvin-Voigt viscoelastic constitutive law the longitudinal dynamic governing equation of the viscoelastic conveyor belt was established. The generalized coordinate method was adopted to solve dynamic displacement and dynamic tension of...
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Research on Functional Integration Principleand Feasible Region of Magnetic Balancing Disc &Thrust Bearing

Zhi-Ming Zhao, Xiao-Yang Yuan
An idea of controlling or restricting axial movement of the rotor system using magnetic force was proposed in this paper. A device named Magnetic Balancing Disc(MBD) was developed which could play a role better than general fluid balance disc in certain compressor. Basis principle of magnetic balancing...
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Construction and Analysis on the Hybrid System Test Bench of New Energy Bus

Kun Zhou, Qiu-Lin Sun, You-Ming Tang, Gui-Bin Sun, Shui-Ting Zhou, Yi Zhang, Yuan-Wei Zhang
There is high market demand for new energy vehicles. And the driving system of new energy bus gets improved day by day. Within the performance studies on core components such as electric machinery, controller, battery and gearbox and within the vehicle system performance matching and conformity, it is...
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Analysis of Stiffness and Damping Properties of Active Magnetic Bearing Using Cross Feedback Control

Peng-Cheng Pu, Jin-Peng Yu, Lei Zhao
Stiffness and damping properties of the magnetic bearings are mainly determined bythe parameters of system controller, both of which are the function of rotor frequency. In the system of magneticsuspensionflywheel (MSFW), the rotor applied has a large moment of inertia ratio, resulting in a strong gyroscopic...
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Research on the Equipment of Groove Cutting in Tunnel Section

Yang Li, Yao Zhang
In this paper, the development of tunnel section cutting equipment is studied in combination with the actual production. The paper introduces the basic functions, research ideas and design of the new grooving machine. The working process of drilling and grooving work of the working mechanism and the...
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Effects of Geometric Parameters on Dynamic Stability of the Annular Flow-shell System

Wen-Bo Ning, Yun Xu, Ying-Hua Liao, Zhi-Rong Li
Considering their particular geometric structures, the stator and rotor cans in canned motor reactor coolant pump are assumed to be elastic coaxial cylindrical shells in this paper. An ideal, incompressible, swirling fluid flows the annulus between the inner shell (can) and the outer shell (can). Thin...
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Characteristics Analysis of the Flow Field of Self Balanced Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump

Jin-Gang Liu, Yao Yao, Quan Li, Jian-Wen Chen
The flow field characteristics of self balanced multi-stage centrifugal pump were analyzed based on FLUENT. Reynolds-averaged Navier Stokes equations and standardÿk- ÿmodel areÿadoptedÿto calculateÿthe pressure and velocity distribution of the flow field in the impeller and the guide vane under three...
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Research on Influence of Different Processing Parameters on the Foam Structure of Tensile Spline

Meng-Ying Zhang, Hua-Jie Mao, Bei Li, Tie-Qiang Yuan
The paper studied the influence of processing parameters on the foam structure based on numerical simulation of tensile spline. Using CO2 and N2, single factor experiment method was employed to perform the experiments. In the study, volume filled at start of foaming, initial bubble radius, volume filled...
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Suspension Model and Control of Magnetic Levitation Spherical Active Joint

Li Zeng, Fan Zhang, Zhi-Da Zhu, Jin Sun
In the work, the universal driving joint with the traditional series composite mechanical structure has the friction and wear, which make the moving parts hot, and then causes the static and dynamic performance of the joint worse. So based on the Integration of multi technology domains, such as motors,...