Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Advanced Electronic Science and Technology (AEST 2016)

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An assembly system based on industrial robot with binocular stereo vision

Hong Tang, Nanfeng Xiao
This paper proposes an electronic part and component assembly system based on an industrial robot with binocular stereo vision. Firstly, binocular stereo vision with a visual attention mechanism model is used to get quickly the image regions which contain the electronic parts and components. Secondly,...
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Multiple kernel support vector machine short-term load forecasting based on multi-source heterogeneous integration of load factors

Jun Gao, Meng Nie, Ying Zhen, Qianhong Wu, Yanda Wu, Pengli Qiao, Pei Li
In this paper we present a novel method developed from multiple kernel function for short term load forecasting to integrate multi-source heterogeneous load factors in big data. Nine kinds of load factors were selected as multi-source heterogeneous factors. In the proposed method, three algorithms (the...
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Multi-output current source with ripple cancellation by optimal magnetic components

Di Zhang, Donglai Zhang, He Liu
High integration, high power density has become the development trend of power supply. Computer, automobile and aviation often require multiple output power, in order to meet all kinds of load, and the filter of current type output for the power supply should be a larger challenge. The input voltage...
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The application analysis of adaptive filter based on polynomial AR model in GPS dynamic positioning

Xianglei Wang, Guitao Fu
When modeling for colored noise, order number and the coefficient of determination of the model is a difficult problem, real-time computing applicability is very good, although but increased filtering calculation burden. Therefore based on the polynomial approximation theory, this paper proposes a polynomial...
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Numerical simulation of the target echo of radio fuse in missile-target encounter

Yanjie Cui, Ziwei Wu, Man Liang, Jianguang Zhao, Wenqiang Chen, Xiangyang Zhang
In order to meet the requirements of fuse's digital simulation, an algorithm based on the electromagnetic scattering modelling technique of complex targets in the near field is proposed to calculate the echo power of fuse in missile-target encounter. The main research work in this paper involves the...
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Multi-camera tracking algorithm study based on information fusion

Guoqiang Wang, Shangfu Li, Xue Wen
Intelligent video surveillance technology is a part of pattern recognition used for analyzing, extracting and recognizing behavior characteristics of a moving target basing on computer algorithms. The target tracking algorithm combines particle filter and Mean-shift in overlapping multi-camera environment...
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Remote sensing image fusion based on orientation information in nonsubsampled contourlet transform domain

Yunxiang Tian, Xiaolin Tian
For improving the traditional fusion algorithm quality and detail information, a fusion algorithm based on orientation information and pulse coupled neural networks (PCNN) in nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) domain has been proposed. Firstly, convert the multispectral (MS) image into intensity...
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Macro-texture perception through active and dynamic touch

Wenjing Chen, Nan Li, Liangzong He, Lantao Huang, Tao Zeng
The tactile mechanism of texture perception is getting well figured out, resulting in the emergence of texture rendering devices. It is worth noting that the textures in these studies have interior space gap in the millimeter level and below. This kind of textures is called "fine texture". In contrast,...
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K-coverage prediction optimization for non-uniform motion objects in wireless video sensor networks

Yibo Jiang, Shanghao Sheng, Nianhua Wang, Jiadong Mei
The existing wireless video sensor networks tracking algorithms have much higher performance requirements of the sensor node in networks. For solving this problem, we propose a new target trajectory prediction model for non-uniform motion, which takes all the possible locations of each target at next...
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Effectiveness evaluation of data link based on the improved grey interval correlation degree

Tao Jia, Weibin Zhao, Guoqing Huang
To solve the problem of the fuzzy multiple attribute decision making, the improved grey interval correlation degree was proposed. In the improved method, the attribute values took the form of the interval numbers; it proposed an algorithm for comparing the size of interval numbers and used the combination...
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Random vector space approach applied in integrated navigation information fusion of UAVs

Rongjun Mu, Yuntian Li, Yongzhi Shan
Federated Kalman Filter (FKF), is the most widely used distributed data fusion algorithm. Whilst FKF required local systems of the same system model, which is difficult to satisfy in most circumstances. How to balance the estimation accuracy and the calculating load is an urgent problem needs to be solved....
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A tracking algorithm based on classification information

Li Ren, Zuzong Muo
With the development of the sensor, the sensor can get more information of targets. Therefore, Scholars start to research new information of targets and a variety of methods are emerged in the process of exploring. It is meaningful for multiple targets tracking that if the sensors can distinguish target...
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Extraction of road congestion information by change detection of multi-temporal satellite observing images

Yan Wang, Hong Zhou, Hua Xu, Zhonghua He, Liping Lei
Road congestion has been significantly affecting our live and environment. It is important to get the information of traffic congestion in a real time. In this study, we present an approach by the detecting the vehicles to view the traffic conditions using the satellite observing image from Gaofen-4...
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Sound pressure level calculation methodology investigation of corona noise in AC substations

Xiaowen Wu, Nianguang Zhou, Chunming Pei, Sheng Hu, Tao Huang
In order to improve the measurement accuracy of corona noise in AC substations, the characteristics of different noise sources are measured and analyzed. Wavelet analysis method is employed to decompose the original noisy corona signal. A stop-band comb filter is designed to process the reconstructed...
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A solar energy resources estimation method based on EOF and ARMA model

Qiang Zhou, Libin Yang, Hai Zhou, Jie Ding
A method to estimate solar energy resources was introduced in this paper. Based on the solar data observed by meteorological stations, the temporal-spatial characteristics of solar energy resources in the west of China were analysed by EOF. The main modal was determined and its time series was forecasted...
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Automatic segmentation of spinal cord injury using coarse-to-fine strategy

Jiali Cui, Yubo Ma, Wei Xie, Yiding Wang, Ruiming Jia
Medical image segmentation is a key issue in the field of medical image processing and analysis. Segmentation of spinal cord injury draws interests of researchers recently. To eliminate human computer interaction in segmentation of spinal cord injury, an automatic segmentation of spinal cord injury is...
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A fast detection method for changed land using UAV remote sensing image

Hongfei Huang, Xiaoguo Zhang, Jiadong Lv, Meijiao Xu
This paper proposes a fast detection method for changed land using UAV remote sensing image. Firstly, a series of SURF feature points on the old time phase orthoimage are retrieved and stored into a matching database. Secondly, through the establishment of coarse - fine double matching recursive model...
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Classification retrieval method on planter design

Jing Zang, Lidong Fu, Chenghua Li
In order to increase efficiency in digital design on single and small batch Spade Punch Planter, The structure and attribute set of all-level case was described based on case base and a improved the classification retrieval strategy on the multi-level case for finding optimal reused case were developed....
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Character information extraction based on CRFsuite

Jingzhong Wang, Zhongren Li, Wei Huang, Ke Xiao
By applying the Conditional Random Fields based on discriminant undirected graph to character information extraction, this paper proposes an automation character information extraction method based on CRFsuite. Through learning the known domain, this method extracts the feature leading words, position...
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Subspace intersection using acoustic vector sensors by extracting main eigenspace of modal subspace

Weiwei Ai, Jinyu Xiong, Xiaoyong Zhang
The subspace intersection method using acoustic vector sensors [5] provides unbiased bearing estimates in a range-independent shallow ocean with the advantage of both subspace intersection(SI) method and acoustic vector sensors(AVS) array. But its robustness is poor. In this paper, an improved SI method...
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Automatical object identification based on Hu moments

Hongrui Lin, Xiaoguo Zhang, Gang Chen
At present, the domestic production of the winding workpiece automatically has been achieved, but the workpiece inspection is mainly relied on human eyes. As the workers is easy to be fatigue, which often causing error checking. In order to improve the efficiency of product inspection and found the problem...
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Grasping force control of a tendon-driven prosthetic finger based on force estimation using motor current signals

Wendi Zhuo, Yi Zhang, Hua Deng
A force estimation model using motor current signals was deduced in this paper for a tendon-driven prosthetic finger grasping objects with its distal phalanx. Models of the prosthetic finger were first established. As driving moment of each joint could be calculated form motor current, stable grasping...
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Grasping force estimation for prosthetic hands via feature extraction of surface EMG

Lisha Xu, Gaoke Zhu, Xiaogang Duan
A prosthetic hand with a self-regulated grip force could achieve different operation modes, which can help the upper limb amputees to fetch objects of different shapes. To get the appropriate grasping force with smaller samples and shorter training time, the method of threshold value judgment in this...
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Force control of an underactuated prosthetic hand based on sliding mode with exponential reaching law

Huanxin Luo, Rong Hu, Hua Deng
The design of a sliding mode force control system for an underactuated prosthetic hand system are addressed in this study. First, a mathematical model of underactuated prosthetic hand is developed and state equation of DC motors is discussed for force control. Next, sliding mode force control based on...
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Micro-Doppler modeling and simulation research of several typical micro motion forms

Haiyang Zhang, Shen Li, Zheng Zheng
A Micro-Doppler mathematical model of the point target and radar is established in the four kinds of micro motion forms: vibration, rotation, tumbling and cone. A new method of detecting Micro-Doppler features is introduced: double pulse laser coherent detection, combining algorithm principle and mathematical...
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An image fusion method based on wavelet transform

Shun Na, Jiao Xue, Yang Liu, Yinghui Zhang
In some researches of image fusion, the wavelet transform (WT) often contribute more useful information. The objective of image fusion is to combine relevant information from two or more images of same scene into a single composite image, which is more informative. In this paper, an image fusion method...
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Analysis of higher-order statistics for modulated signals

Shun Na, Nan Wu, Yinghui Zhang, Yang Liu
The higher-order statistics method can process non-Gaussian (that needs to consider non-Gaussian, colour noise, non-liner, non-minimum phase or cycling stability message) effectively. Furthermore these methods can provide more useful message than second-order statistics based methods. In this paper,...
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Hybrid control of high power factor AC/DC regulated power supply

Hongli Cheng, Yuanyuan Guo
The control circuit of two-stage power factor correction(PFC) is complex, and the volume of power supply is large because of high voltage ripple of the first stage filter capacitor. Towards to this deficiency, a two-stage PFC circuit based on chip and ARM hybrid control is designed. The first stage is...
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Robustness analysis of digital image spearman's rho correlation

Wanghua Huang, Qinruo Wang, Weichao Xu, Yanzhou Zhou
The presence of salt-and-pepper noise in speckle image prevents the precise measurement of deformation and displacement fields in the traditional digital image correlation (DIC) technique. Spearman's rho (SR) has been introduced as a kernel correlation function in the DIC. The robustness of SR is quantitatively...
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Chaotic characteristics analysis of simulation signal of ultrasonic nonlinear modulation effect

Hanying Mao, Yuhua Zhang, Hanling Mao, Zhenfeng Huang
The effectiveness of chaos and fractal theory in analyzing ultrasonic nonlinear modulation signal was theoretically verified and a new way of using chaos and fractal theory in nondestructive testing is provided based on the simulation signal of ultrasonic nonlinear modulation effect. By constructing...
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Study on an automatic detection device for the enclosed turbine runner chamber based on real-time image acquisition

Xiangwei Yang, Yunlong Liu, Wenbo Li, Dengke Li, Dingjie Shen
Due to the consideration of the existing testing technical problems for the key hidden metal components of the turbine runner chamber, such as the poor reliability and the larger detection blind spots under the downtime without opening the cover of the hydropower turbine runner chamber, an automatic...
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A time-space consistency solution for hardware-in-the-loop simulation system

Zexin Jiang
Time-Space consistency is critical while designing hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HILS) system, due to the HILS system's Real-Time performance need. We find out that devices in HILS system can be classified into two types -- positive device and passive one. And only the positive device would generate...
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The study on a novel Buck-Boost DC-DC converter

Xupeng Fang, Haoshu Li, Yulin Xu
In this paper, a novel topology of DC-DC converter is proposed. The working principle of the new topology is analyzed, and the voltage relation of each part of the circuit is deduced. And the comparison with the Z source DC-DC converter is performed, the feasibility and advantages of the new DC-DC converter...
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High frequency isolation dual-active-bridge converter with optimal control scheme based on solid-state transformer

Liang Wang, Zhiyun Bao, Yi Wang
This paper presents the design of high-frequency transformer isolation bidirectional DC/DC converter based on solid-state transformer (SST). A phase-shift dual-active-bridge (DAB) converter is employed to achieve high-frequency galvanic isolation, bidirectional power flow, and zero voltage switching...
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A noise calculation and experiment with analog ROF transmission module

Xiaojing Wang, Mingyu Lin, Yaoting Yang, Guihua Han
ROF technology is widely applied in high speed wireless communications of large capacity, ROF system can introduce noise simultaneously, affects the system's noise figure. This paper calculated in detail the noise figure of the analog ROF transmission module, used the classic noise theory of the analog...
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Study of maximum power point tracking based on impedance module analysis method for grid-connected PV generation system

Ning An, Baochun Lu, Baoguo Li, Zhonglin Zhang, Tao Wang, Hong Bai
In this paper, a new method of maximum power point tracking(MPPT) based on impedance module analysis is presented in two-stage three-phase grid-connected PV system. The method can obtain maximum power from PV array by adjusting duty cycle of DC Boost converter based on taking advantage of internal resistance...
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Study on SLT calibration method of 2-port waveguide DUT

Wenqiang Luo, Anyong Hu, Kai Liu, Xi Chen
SSLT (Short-offset-Short-Load-Through) is a classical calibration method of VNA (Vector Network Analyser) which needs multiple assembly of the standard parts and exists the impact of the phase in the millimetre waveband. Aimed that the S11 of the two-port waveguide DUT is less than -10dB, a simple SLT...
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Soft-switching dual full-bridge converter with reduced circulating loss and voltage stress of secondary rectifier

Kaimin Shi, Donglai Zhang
This paper proposes a novel soft-switching dual full-bridge converter with shared lagging leg and dual outputs in series. Resonant clamp circuits are employed across the secondary rectifiers to reduce the voltage overshoots of the secondary rectifiers, as well as extinguish the primary current during...
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Research on direct power and torque with space vector modulation for a Dual-PWM converter

Huaqiang Zhang, Xiujing Qin, Fanhua Meng
This paper proposes an integration control algorithm with DPTC-SVM for a Dual-PWM Converter to optimize the parameters of the rectifier and inverter. The control algorithm utilizes direct power control for the PWM rectifier and direct torque control for the PWM inverter. Compared with the traditional...
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Study on electrical energy meter for energy measuring under harmonics condition

Rui Wang, Jing Yuan
In this study, the principle and influence of electrical energy meter measurement were analyzed under harmonics condition. Subsequently, a test platform was set up to investigate the impacts of three typical harmonic waveform on the performance of electrical energy meter. The electric energy measurement...
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A high speed Montgomery processor of 256-bit on FPGA

Xiaonan Zhang, Xiuze Dong
To improve the speed of modular multiplication operation on ECC processor over GF (p), the paper presented a novel hardware implementation of Montgomery algorithm. Based on analyzing basic Montgomery modular multiplication algorithm, this work applied multi-step operation to Montgomery algorithm, which...
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Investigation of gate pulse induced interface trap behaviours and its relationship with threshold voltage instability in Algan/Gan-On-Si MIS-Hemts

Bin Dong, Jie Lin, Ning Wang, Lingli Jiang, Zongdai Liu, Kai Cheng, Hongyu Yu
By measuring transfer characterises before and after a given number of specific pulse cycles applied on the gate electrode for AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs, the threshold voltage (Vth) instability is investigated. Furthermore, by measuring the change in transient gate capacitance (ΔC) under different pulses,...
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Quantitative characteristics of traps in AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT via transient capacitance measurement

Jie Lin, Bin Dong, Ning Wang, Zongdai Liu, Lingli Jiang, Kai Cheng, Hongyu Yu
The electrical property degradation of AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT, including degradation of output characteristics, a higher ON-resistance and a threshold voltage negative shift (~1.8V), is correlated with near-interface trap behaviours in SiN/AlGaN. These traps are quantitatively characterized using the transient...
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Simulation and experiment study on an inductor for DC/DC converter in charging cord

Dian Yuwen, Xu Yang, Mofan Tian, Linlin Tan, Zhenghao Guo
The purpose of the study is to design an inductor for DC/DC converter in charging cord. In an integrated circuit(IC), the size of capacitor and resistance is easy to reduce. Thus the key is to guarantee the size and value of the inductor simultaneously. To fit the cord, the new inductor is shaped as...
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A solution to high frequency oscillation in the driving loop of silicon microgyroscope

Jian Zhou, Anping Qiu, Guoming Xia, Yang Zhao
Parasitic capacitances are unavoidable in silicon microgyroscope because of the limitation of MEMS technology and packaging. Due to the existence of parasitic capacitance between the driving electrodes and driving detection electrodes in the gyroscope, another possible oscillation loop is formed, which...
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The hardware circuit design in gyroscope detection system combined with SDM

Y.F. Zhu, Z.Q. Wu, Y. Su
The open-loop detection of Silicon micro-gyroscope always has a low bandwidth and a small dynamic range, and is sensitive with manufacturing errors. So this paper has studied the application of sigma-delta modulator in the closed-loop detection circuit of silicon gyroscope, and has put forward a preliminary...
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Chaotic characteristics analysis of simulation signal of second harmonic generation effect

Hanying Mao, Yuhua Zhang, Hanling Mao, Zhenfeng Huang
In order to deepen the understanding of nonlinear properties of specimen in the process of fatigue crack extension, the chaos and fractal theory are presented to analyze the second harmonic generation (SHG) signal of receiver in nonlinear ultrasonic system. Firstly the usefulness of chaos and fractal...
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Numerical simulation of formation process of keyhole-induced pore for laser deep penetration welding

Pingan Shi, Qiang Wan
In order to understand the mechanism of pore formation and accurately simulate the dynamic process of keyhole-induced pore in laser deep penetration welding, a three-phase mathematical model of laser keyhole welding is established to reflect the formation process of bubble, and a ray tracing method based...
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Analysis of flow of outer meshing elliptic gear pump based on Fluent

Qingdun Zeng, Junzhi Sun
The output flow is one of the important indicators of gear pump performance. External meshing elliptic gear pump is a new type of displacement pump, whose performance is better than circular gear pump, especially in terms of output flow. The influence of rotating speed, centrifugal rate and number of...
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Finite element checking of flange connection in integral hoisting of flare stack

Xuanyu Sheng, Hongzhi Zhang, You Bao, Chen Ling
Segmentation hoisting is generally used for flare stack with flange connection structure. This paper presents a technical innovation of integral hoisting of flare stack with flange connection structure. In the paper, CATIA finite-element-analysis is used to build 100% model of flare stack and to simulate...