Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

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Analysis on the Relationship between School Belonging and Learning Burnout of University Students

Hongyu Xie, He Xiao
In order to explore the relationship between school belonging and learning burnout of university students, the school belonging scale and the learning burnout scale were used to test 150 college students from different university of Sichuan Province in this paper. The results showed the following: (1)...
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Using HLM to Study the CSR Information Disclosure-the Evidence by Chinese Manufacturing Companies in China

Ziyu Chen
In recent years, more and more businesses, academics, and others in China have promoted corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a necessary component of the country’s sustainable development. However, in-depth studies of the CSR reporting practices of Chinese companies are still needed. Given China’s...
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Inheritance Protection and Research of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Zhuhai, Guangdong under the Environment of New Media—Taking Zhuhai Doumen Overwater Wedding as an Example

Dasheng Pan
Under the current environment of new media, with the rapid development of new media technology, it is an inevitable choice to inherit and protect the intangible cultural heritage in Zhuhai in a more efficient way by digital media technology. The new media technology can bring new thought and new method...
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Research on the Spatial and Temporal Structure Evolution of Inbound Tourism in Hainan Province

Fuyuan Bao
To promote the development of inbound tourism market in Hainan province, it is essential to explore the spatial and temporal structure evolution of inbound tourism. This paper compares the seasonal intensity index of the past years, summarizes the years in which the inbound tourism of Hainan Province...
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Perception of Warning Signals in Organizational Security Management Systems

Bogdan Ćwik, Katarzyna Świerszcz
The aim of this article is to propose a universal approach to the issue of perceiving threats, presenting author's own thoughts in the field of interpretation of what a warning signal really is and what can affect the effectiveness of this perception. This work uses the following scientific methods:...
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Analysis of Present Situation and Research of Reform on Scientific Research Management in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Specialization

Guannan Li
Scientific research is one of the three major functions of higher education. Higher vocational education, as a part of higher education, naturally assumes the function of scientific research as well. Higher vocational colleges increasingly recognize the role of scientific research in promoting teaching...
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The Application of Right of Information Network Dissemination in SaaS Mode of Cloud Computing

Peng Guo
This paper presents that, in the SaaS mode, a cloud service provider can upload application software to “cloud” (Computer remote server of a cloud service provider) without the permission of software copyright owner, which enables users to access to software at their selected locations and time. This...
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Exploring the Laboratory Construction in Finance and Economics Colleges and Universities by Adopting Virtual Simulation Technology

Ren Song, Yu Cao, Zhichao Xu, Yang Li, Biming Liang
In finance and economics colleges and universities, for various reasons, it is difficult for students to access the core knowledge of the major practical course. As a result, practical course is just a formality, nothing but eye candy. Therefore, constructing the laboratory by adopting virtual simulation...
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On the Construction of University's Financial Comprehensive Management System under Big Data

ZhiChao Xu, Yu Cao, Yang Li, Shufen Li, Ren Song
In colleges and universities, financial work is not only related to the work and life of each teacher and student, but also related to the development of colleges and universities. In the era of big data, the accounting profession of colleges and universities is accompanied by the development of science...
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Preliminary Understanding of "Static" and the Homeostasis

Yue Li, Ruiyu Li, Meng Li
With the improvement of the standard of living, work pressure is also increasing today. People's tension, depression, anxiety, fear, depressed, upset, anger and other mood disorders do not reduce but become more frequent and intense with the social development. The author believes that people with those...
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Influence of Teacher-Student Relationship on Junior High Students' Academic Achievements: Mediating Role of Self-esteem

Xiuqin Teng, Guirong Liu, Tingzhu Song
In order to study the prediction role of teacher-student relationship on the academic achievements of junior high students as well as the mediating role of self-esteem, 294 students of junior high school participate in the study as the samples and questionnaire survey is conducted. The results are as...
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Internalizing and Externalizing Problem Behaviours and Their Relations with Self-Concept and Parental Psychological Aggression among Junior Middle School Students

Yaqun Wang
The present study aimed to investigate the mediating effect of adolescent self-concept in the relationship between parental psychological aggression and problem behaviours. The youth self-report, wallace self-concept scale and psychological aggression scale were conducted on 286 junior middle school...
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Research on the Volatility of China's Real Estate Stock Market

Lingyu Zhou
In order to understand the volatility and risks of China's real estate stock market, it is particularly important to effectively measure the daily fluctuations in the real estate stock market. This article analyzes China's real estate industry index and five representative companies of real estate listed...
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Investigation on the Objective, Logic, Impetus and Route of Sport Reform in China based on the Background of Comprehensively Deepening Reform

Jian Wang
The origin of sport reform must start from “principal contradictions and secondary contradictions” and “social existence and social consciousness” of materialism. Since the "sports reform" was put forward at the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the contradictions of Chinese sport...
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The Influences of E-Commerce on International Trade -Evidence from Zhejiang Province of China

Zhiyuan Liu
With the globalization of world economy and the rapid development of information technology, e-commerce has emerged and played an increasingly important role in international trade. The development of e-commerce in China represents a rapid and robust development trend. Zhejiang province, as the earliest...
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A Research on Question Traction Teaching Method in the Teaching Reform of “Aeronautical Material Science”

Xiangfan Nie, Weifeng He, Yuqin Li, Zhufang Yang, Cuiling Chen
In the “Aeronautical Material Science” curriculum, there are some typical features, such as too many concepts, few inference, complex and abstract concepts, as well as difficult to understand. In order to promote students’ enthusiasm and interest and improve their studying efficiency and quality, a new...
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An Investigation of Foreign Exchange Risk Management in Chinese Multinational Companies Compared with US and UK MNEs

Saier Su
This paper investigated foreign exchange risk management of Chinese MNEs compared with US and UK MNEs. Based on the 14 MNEs selected from each country, annual reports are used to collect data. Whether hedging or not, foreign exchange risk measurement, foreign exchange risk management, determinations...
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Research on Investment Rate of P2P Platform Based on PSO-ARIMA Model

Xin Wen, Mengli Li, Zhuoxi Yu, Lu Qin
P2P Internet lending has attracted a lot of attention as the most popular and controversial part of Internet finance. As a financial time series, the interest rate of P2P platform shows obvious non-stationary characteristics. So, in order to study the investment interest rate of P2P platform and predict...
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Exploration of Talents Training on Safety Engineering Major of Applied University under Emerging Engineering Education

Zhangliang Chen, Junwei Shi
The article analyses that the students should have five kinds of core competence under emerging engineering education. Combined with the concept of emerging engineering education and the guiding norms of undergraduate safety engineering, this article puts forward a feasible scheme for teaching content,...
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Research on the Teaching Practice of Electronic Professional English in Mechanic Colleges

Ling Yang
This paper illustrates the characteristics of professional English courses which have been paid more and more attention by mechanic college in recent years from four aspects. In view of the characteristics of professional English and combining with teaching practice, the author analyzes and discusses...
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Special Elements for Death Penalty Judgement Reasoning from the Perspective of Legal Dogmatics

Xiaozheng Lei
When out of regulation of legal dogmatics, much reasoning trial for death penalty often encounters a lot of realistic difficulties, which only takes a great amount of judicial and social costs but also causes litigation-related complaints easily so as to affect comprehensive social governance. This paper...
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Thinking about the Teaching Secretary Work in the Second-level Colleges and Universities

Li Li, Dongqing Bai, Zhaojun Tan, Hailong Xu
As the low-level manager for colleges and universities, teaching secretary plays a role of bridge and a hub for coordination and information transmission. This article analyzes the role of teaching secretary in the teaching management of second-level colleges and universities from the aspects of daily...
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A Study on the Teaching of Business English Writing from the Perspective of Fuzzy Linguistics

Yi Liu
Fuzzy linguistics holds that language is uncertain. If business English writing excessively pursues accuracy, it can sometimes make literature lose its aesthetic sense, especially in business English writing. On the basis of fuzzy linguistic theory, it has become more and more urgent to reform the teaching...
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From the Perspective of Game Theory, a Unified Market of Construction Land is Constructed

Haiyan Zhou
The 19th Party Congress report clearly deepened the target of promoting urban-rural integration. Establishing a unified urban and rural construction land market is highly significant to break the urban-rural dual structure and balance urban and rural development. Based on game theory, this article made...
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The Status Quo, Problems and Countermeasures of Direct Investments to Africa from the Enterprises in Fujian

Zhong Chen, Heming Zheng
It is an important measure to implement the "going out" strategy for better utilizing two resources and two markets of domestic and international under economic globalization in China, which can promote the optimization and upgrading of China's economic structure and the allocation of resources, and...
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Dialectical Relationship between System Collaboration and Coordination

Lijin Shao, Zhong Chen
The concepts of the system collaboration and coordination are confused in the theoretical cycle. The concepts of collaboration and coordination and the difference and connection between them are analyzed, and six dialectical relationships are proposed: Collaboration emphasizes cooperative behavior and...
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Study on Science and Technology Innovation Ability of Research and Development Institutions in Jilin Province-Taking Natural Sciences as an Example

Nini Zhang, Guihua Wang, Henan Li, Ke Zhang, Jingyan Liu, Haiyan Chang, Xiaoxi Liu, Mohan Guo, Liwei Jing
Research and development institutions are the main components of the development of science and technology. The relevant statistics of R & D institutions is an important basis for providing decision-making reference for leaders at all levels, and its construction and development are essential to improving...
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Lessons from Blending Electrospraying for Cultivating the Students' Ability of Resolving Complicated Engineering Problems

Xinkuan Liu, Xinyi Lu, Yuan Hou, Kai Cui, Dengguang Yu
The ability of solving complicated engineering problem is very important for undergraduate students who major in materials science and engineering and want to become excellent engineers. However, how to train them and develop their problem-solving ability poses a big challenge for their teachers. The...
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Lessons from Explaining “Compatibility” to college students for Instrumental Education with FTIR as an Example

Yaoyao Yang, Chenwei Gu, Jian Chen, Gengyuan Zhang, Dengguang Yu
Instrumental education is a very important part in colleges and universities, which has a profound influence on cultivating the ability of undergraduates, particularly the ability of combine theory with practice. In this paper, compatibility, as a key hidden element in the design of suitable materials,...
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Lessons from a Key Parameter of Coaxial Electrospinning for Engineering Education to College Students

Zhepeng Liu, Zhangbin Feng, Guomei Zhao, Changsheng He, Dengguang Yu
In the universities of science and technology, engineering education is one of the most important part to train college students’ innovation ability and their capability of solving complex engineering problems. In this paper, a new procedure is exhibited for carrying out effective engineering education...
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Teaching Translation and Interpreting through Fiction

Dongmei Ma
This paper aims to put forward a new and interesting method to teach translation theories for future translators and interpreters. Since the study of translation theory is necessary for translator and even interpreter training, the internalization of translation theory is a crucial step and can be served...
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Study of Modern Educators

Lirong He, Keli Sun
With the development of modern society, the state and society have proposed new requirements for educators. Besides teaching, modern educators also need to integrate themselves into the lives of students. By combining teachers’ basic literacy with science and technology, educational methods can be diversified....
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Research on the Product Design of Firefighting Helmet Based on Design Scenario

Fangting Xu, Kang Hu
Take firefighting helmet product as object, the situation cognition theory is introduced into product design research. From the perspective of the contextual dynamics of users, products, and environment, this paper further constructs scenario model; analyzes the problems in man-machine systems, and then,...
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The Construction of Engineering Ability Training System under the Background of New Engineering

Peiyu Li, Weihui Pei
Combining with the practice of the transformation and development of applied undergraduate course, this paper focuses on how to build a engineering practice system under the background of new engineering, and establishes the "engineering ability training" system with course (or project) as carrier. The...
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The University Presidents and the Construction and Development of World-Class Universities-An Empirical Analysis Based on MIT and Tsinghua University

Yue Yu, Keli Sun
The university president should be an educator, a manager, or an operator who can boost the construction and development of the university. By systematically reviewing the ideas and strategies of several famous university presidents in two world-class universities, this paper analyzes the roles and duties...
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Countermeasures and Some Prominent Problems Affecting the Employment of College Students

Hongying Sun, Yong Wei, Guimei Dong, Renjie Yang
With the expansion of college enrollment, the growth rate of graduates is greater than that of demand, and more and more college students move to the job market. There are some problems, such as uneven development of various schools, imbalanced direction of graduates, increasingly prominent contradiction...
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Teaching Materials to Provoke Students’ Study Interests from the Experimental Phenomena of Electrospinning

Xiaohong Chen, Hualing Fang, Ziyun Gong, Junming Xiang, Dengguang Yu
After many years of hard studies in classroom, the college students are often tired of the boring learning of theoretical knowledge. How to draw their enough attention to theories of professional knowledge poses a big threat to their teachers. This paper develops a learn procedure for the college students...
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Teaching Materials for Engineering Education in High School from the Increase of Working Fluids in Electrospinning

Wenbing Li, Zhu Zhang, Guanghua Wang, Tianyu Li, Sujuan Zhou, Dengguang Yu
Scientific innovation is often reflected in the engineering processes. On the contrary, the engineering processes hidden in advanced technologies can provide many vivid teaching materials for effective innovation and engineering educations to the college students in high school. In this paper, we conclude...
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Innovation Training-from Analogy to Deepen Comprehension and to Innovation with Modified Coaxial Electrospinning as an Example

Xiaoyan Li, Tao Hai, Yitao Wang, Xiao Chen, Yiyong He, Dengguang Yu
Innovation ability is very important for college students when they walk into society to begin their carriers. How to cultivate their innovation ability is a big challenge to their teachers, particularly those who teach senior students. This paper develops a new method to carry out innovation training...
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The Construction of Path of “Double-First Rate” -Taking Employment Quality Evaluation as a Core and Feedback and Prediction as Basic Points

Ruoqing Zhang
With the development of the times, the level and quality of higher education has been paid more and more attention, which has changed from quantity to quality, especially proposal of the “double-first rate” construction. The fundamental goal is to build a strong country with higher education and the...
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Investigation and Thinking about the Aquatic Product Processing Industry in Fuzhou under the Background of Blue Economy

Changning Guo, Jianzhou Yang
As an important part of marine economic development in Fuzhou, how to integrate aquatic products processing industry into the construction of “Belt and Road”, promote the development of blue economy, and create a strong city of marine economy at a higher starting point should gain more attentions. This...
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Trust and Distrust in M-Commerce: An Integrative Framework

Heda Zhang, Lu Wang, Mengdeer Tuerxunhazi, He Yun
Trust and distrust can coexist and are equally vital in trustor-trustee’s relationships by simplifying complexity. In this study, the definitions, roles and relationships of trust and distrust are put forward in the context of mobile commerce. The inherent features of mobile commerce determine that only...
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Social Network Analysis of Public Opinions Dissemination on Mobile Internet

Yaqun Cui, Haiqing Cao, Yue Qiu, Cuiyou Yao
We took “Wei Zexi Event” as a case to study the communication mechanism of mobile Internet public opinion. Then we got the public opinion data of mobile terminal through Sina microblog, and generated network structure diagram with Gephi software. We analyzed the characteristics of both the network structure...
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Study on Construction Process of MOOC Course

Yong Luo, Jianping Li, Jianmin Zhu, Zheng Xie, Xiaorong Hu, Guochang Zhou, Zhihao Xiao
With the rapid development of MOOC, course resources are quickly constructed. Because of lack of experience, the quality of many courses is affected. At the same time, there are still many inefficient teams. Therefore, it is very necessary to study scientific MOOC construction process. In the article,...
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Research on the Basic Problems of Prevention and Control of Corruption Crimes in China Based on Big Data

Yuehong Wu, Yaming Fang
Big Data contains the law of social development and criminal governance, and how to prevent and control corruption crimes to adapt to the tide of big data is the key to carry out the management of the number of times in crime prevention and control. In this regard, China should pay attention to the issue...
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The Influence of Internet on College Students' Mental Health

Meng Zhang, Hongwei Wang, Yuanlin Zhang, Zihan Zhang, Renjie Liu, Zhihan Cao
In recent years, with the development of network technology and the upgrading of mobile devices, the impact of Internet on college students has aroused widespread concern in society. This editorial sampled students from Hebei University to investigate students' use of the Internet, their understanding...
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Teaching Reform of Electronic Curriculum in Vocational Colleges Based on Competition

Honghui Mu, Lei Song
Combined with the practice teaching reform of electronics course and taking electronic contest as the carrier, this paper discusses the practice teaching reform of electronic courses are discussed. Based on managerial guiding ideology, this paper proposes to strengthen practice teaching content reform,...
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A Study of WangFuzhi’s Interpretation of the Book of Songs and His Poetics

Ahong Zhou, Zhen Yan
This paper studies the relationship between WangFuzhi’s interpretation of the Book of Songs and his poetics. WangFuzhi did much study about the Book of Songs, spending more time and energy on the political and ethical enlightenment of this book than the literariness and artistry of it. According to his...
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Research on the Teaching of Design of Basic General Education Curriculum Based on Chinese Traditional Culture

Zhiqiang Liu, Hong Peng, Hong Nie
The purpose of this research is to explore the paths and methods for the integration of the teaching content of Chinese traditional culture and art design majors, and to provide ideas for the design of basic general education curriculum system. In the teaching reform, general knowledge combines traditional...
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Efficiency Assessment of Wind Power Resources in China’s Six Regions

Xin  Li, Liu Chen, Runbo  Zhou, Minxi  Wang
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the utilization efficiency and exploitation efficiency of wind power resources in China’s six regions, then cites the idea of input-output ratio and builds an assessment method for calculating efficiency of wind power resources in 2016. The results obtained...
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Education Methods of Two-Child Family: Under the Mechanism of Sibling Relationship

Qiming Jia
The proposal of two-child policy changed family structure and made it impossible to copy the previous education method. In order to put forward new scientific education methods, scholars need to track children's development process and explore related laws within the new family structure. This paper...
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Study on the Influence Mechanism of Asset Structure Adjustment on Earnings Quality

Baifang Liu, Xuewei Zhan
This paper studied the impact of asset structure adjustment on the earnings quality by mathematical analysis methods. The adjustment of enterprise asset structure affects the quality of surplus production and the quality of earnings confirmation. Due to the asymmetry of information and the defects of...
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Design and Practice of Introduction to Basic Courses of Mathematical-Physics Science

Jing Pang, Xiuzhen Hu, Weiguang Zhang, Yongzhi Zhang, Liji Wu, Ying Zhang, Ruilin Wang, Sihua Ha, Hongmei Kan
Advanced Mathematics, College Physics, and Engineering Mechanics are basic courses of Mathematical-physics science that set up by college of science for all the college students. These courses are the basis for specialized course learning and are necessary for entrepreneurship and innovation. Lack of...
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The Impact of the Introduction of Netcom on Third-Party Payment and Its Countermeasures

Qiudan Xing, Jia Hei, Sijia Liu
This paper deeply analyzes the impact of the introduction of Netcom on the third - party electronic payment service model and electronic payment market pattern , and use literature research method to further analyzes positive and negative impact on third - party electronic payment service market. This...
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The Research on the Precision Funding Work of Higher Vocational Colleges under the Environment of Big Data

Xiaoyan Yan, Shu Sun, Xiaoshuang Xue
Precision funding is an inevitable requirement for the development of university funding, and it is also the performance of the credibility of the country and school. The traditional funding identification work has some problems, such as insufficient coverage, difficult identification and poor educational...
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A Trial Exploration of Cultural Creativity and Communication of Film and Television Art

Ruihua Yu
Culture needs creativity, and cultural communication needs media. As the most superior carriers, film and television are endowed with cultural exchanges. This paper mainly studies the global situation of current cultural creativity and film arts communication. By analyzing the existing differences between...
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Research on the Construction of Undergraduate Innovation And Entrepreneurship Education System -Take the Guangdong University of Science and Technology as an Example

Biaoxin Chen, Shuquan Qian
Guangdong University of Science and Technology attaches great importance to college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education. The spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial awareness, innovation and entrepreneurship are combined with personnel training and discipline development. Innovation and...
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Research on the Cultivation of Applied Undergraduate Business and Trade Talent in Guangdong Based on New Business Form

Ming Luo, Fei Wang
The purpose of this paper is to provide reference suggestions for the cultivation of applied undergraduate business and trade talent based on new business form, design "five in one" business and trade entrepreneurial talent training program, train their ability of applications and practice, extend the...
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Analysis of the Construction and Utilization of Digital Resources in Financial and Economic College Libraries-Taking Shandong Technology and Business University as an Example

Xihong Li
Digital resources have unmatched advantages over paper resources and gradually become the focus of university library resources development. However, how to properly plan resource structure and improve resource utilization is a problem that every university library should consider. Through investigating...
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Research on the Entrepreneurial Education Model of Applied Private Colleges and Universities

Na Li
More and more attention has been paid to the important role of entrepreneurship education for cultivating high quality students. For private colleges and universities, the pressure of employment of graduates is greater, and entrepreneurship has become an important way to improve the employment status....
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The Exploration of the Bilingual Teaching Model of Engineering Mechanics in Agricultural Universities

Chunxia Zou
Based on the features of bilingual class of Engineering Mechanics and the situation of students in agricultural universities, the bilingual teaching research of Engineering Mechanics among students in three years, and combined with the reality demonstrated from teaching practice and survey charts, with...
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The Enlightenment of the Interconnection between the Internet Backbone Networks in the United States to China

Meijuan Li, Qianbing Xiao
The Internet, as a network, is composed of multiple interconnected networks. Interconnection between networks is the basic premise of the existence of Internet. Since the Internet was introduced into China, it has been developing for more than 20 years. The Internet backbone networks has evolved from...
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Controversy over the Policy of Network Neutrality and Analysis of the Development Status Quo of Developed Countries

Meijuan Li, Lei Hou
In recent years, whether to implement “Network Neutrality” has been a very controversial topic in the Internet industry. Because of the huge impact that network neutrality policies have on the development of both the Internet industry and the interests of its related participants, not only academics...
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Analysis of Reasons and Social Benefit for the Charge Dispute between Telecom Operators and WeChat

Meijuan Li, Lei Hou
Based on the charge disput between Chinese telecom operators and WeChat, this paper analyzes the reasons for the dispute by sorting out the event. Firstly, the transformation of the mobile Internet business model give rise to the marginalization of market interest entities as well as operators, which...
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Research on the Status Quo and Problems of the Interconnection between China’s Internet Backbone Networks

Meijuan Li, Qianbing Xiao
The development of the Internet in China is a problem left behind by human beings rather than a result of market competition. In view of the huge scale difference between the dominant and vulnerable backbone networks, and for the security consideration of network, the Chinese government prohibits the...
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Research on Industrial Superiority of China's Central Cities-Take 35 Large Cities in China as an Example

Lulu Wang, Lei Zheng
The industry is the backbone of the city. Based on the industrial data of 35 central cities in China from 2005 to 2014, this paper studies the dominant industries of China's central cities by means of regional entropy analysis, and combines their industrial structures to provide guidance for the transformation...
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A Study on the Application of Chinese Motivation in International Chinese Education

Nannan Wang
With the emergence of cognitive linguistics, motivations between the form of linguistic symbols and their demonstrative meanings have been found by linguists. Although great achievements have been made in the study of motivation in Chinese, it is mainly focused on the analysis of linguistic phenomena...
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The Status, Evolvement and Development Vein of Foreign Value Co-creation Research-Bibliometric Analysis Based on Web of Science

Zixian Tan, Fengjiao Zhang, Cong Wu
As the research focus in recent years, value co-creation is also a topic concerns both theory and practice. However, there are only a few literatures have been summarized and analyzed in this research field. Therefore, based on the SCI and SSCI literatures of Web and scientific databases, this paper...
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The Impact of Commerce Circulation Agglomeration on China's Production Efficiency

Zijuan Gong
By means of Chinese provincial data from 2003 to 2015, this paper conducts an empirical investigation into the impact of commerce circulation agglomeration on its production efficiency. The empirical results show that, in general, the agglomeration of commerce circulation promotes the development of...
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Study on Application of Microlecture in College Music Teaching

Lu Wang
With the rapid development of information technology, microlecture, as a new teaching resource, has been widely applied in college courses teaching and thus promoted the innovation of teaching. As an artistic subject, music bears its unique characteristics, which make it different from other disciplines....
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A Research on the Development of Innovative Mathematics Teaching in Higher Education

Xiaonan Xiao
The teaching of university mathematics course is known as the most challenging and difficult subject among all the science, engineering, and economics college courses. With the continuous advancement and popularization of higher education in China, there is a big problem in the construction and reform...
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Study on the Trading Partner Cultural Effects between Global Imports and Foreign Direct Investments in China

Yu Guo
With the acceleration of globalization and blocking of the international economy, international trade and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) take up the largest slice when it comes to the national economy. And recently, studies conducted on the effect of trading partner cultural effects and the relationship...
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A Study of the Spatio-Temporal Correlation of Housing Prices and Fertility Rate in China

Xiaorui Zhao
Real estate, as an important pillar of China's economic development, is closely associated with the living conditions of residents. In recent years, more and more attention from scholars have been paid to the rapid rise of housing price, however, the related research on the floating trend of housing...
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Analysis of the Application of Compensation Management in the Enterprise Management of Public Hospitals

Han Shi
Public hospitals, as an important part of the institution system of our country, are promoting the development of and enhancing the vitality of the organization. In recent years, it has gradually tended to adopt the enterprise management model. However, due to historical and other factors, problems resulted...
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Study of Distribution Problems of China’s Compulsory Education Resources in the New Era

Jiangxin He, Yifan Wang
With the deepening of reform and opening up, the Party Central Committee, with General Secretary Xi Jinping as its core, has profoundly realized that the principal social contradiction in our country has changed. Taking education as an example, people greatly respond to the unequal distribution of educational...
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Research on a New Blended Teaching Mode Based on "Flipped Classroom"??"Taking Engineering Drawing” Course as an Example

Junwei Shi, Zhangliang Chen
B-Learning, as a teaching model that complements the disadvantages of Face-to-Face learning and E-Learning, is an important research direction in current university teaching reform. On the basis of the hybrid teaching theory and the flipping classroom teaching method, this paper constructs a new type...
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A Study on English Teaching Strategies in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of Educational Internationalization

Hongxia Zhao
With the development and deepening of economic globalization, the internationalization of higher vocational education has become an inevitable trend of social development. Under the background of the globalization of higher vocational education, higher vocational colleges have obtained important opportunities...
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The Influence of Academic Achievements on the Quality of Employment for Undergraduates of Private Higher Education in China

Lian Cheng
Based on the employment theory and the multi-order Logit model, this paper studies and analyzes the 2017 graduates of School of Economics and Management of the Mandarin University from the perspective of academic performance and personal characteristics. And it is found that the employment of students...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Characteristics of Five Personalities of the Depressed Patients

Zhen Li, Manli Jiang, Tianlin Chen, Lan Luo
For the investigation of the characteristics of the depressed patients, this paper tests 52 depressed patients by means of the Big Five Personality Test Scale. And the results obtained show the scores of the depressed patients in the personality dimension of Tai-yang, Shao-yang, Yin-Yang Balance are...
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Research on the Development of Medical Tourism Market under the Background of Population Aging

Qian Lin, Fuming Zhang
With the rapid development of economy, the problem of population aging has become increasingly evident in China. However, population aging brings no serious damage to China's economic development, instead, produces the medical tourism market, an emerging market, with huge development potential. Given...
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Research on the Regional Brand Construction of Agricultural Products under the Background of Internet

Hongshen Yu, Birong Ren, Yunjie Ye, Yundi Dai
In recent days, the low identification degree of regional agricultural products leads to the common phenomenon of low market recognition and low perceived ability of consumers, together making it hard to establish regional brand. Through investigation and analysis, this paper establishes the regional...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Logistics Management Mode of Provincial Grid Companies Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Caiqing Zhang, Minghan Zhang
The effectiveness of grid logistics management mode has an direct effect on the efficiency of power grid as well as the safety of production, thus making it a necessity to build an evaluation system. This paper builds an evaluation index system of logistics management mode of provincial grid companies...
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Study on the Teaching Reform and Practice of the Course of Environmental Management

Jie Gong, Qunying Ye, Qianqian Xie, Fulin Mao, Zewei Sun
In this paper, the teaching reform and practice of Environmental Management curriculum was researched preliminarily in light of the characteristics of environmental engineering. At the same time, on the premise of the absorption of the teaching content as well as the current new environmental management...
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Innovation of Vocal Music Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Siming Lin
Currently, the quality-oriented education mode of vocal music teaching in Chinese colleges and universities has already started, and the theoretical system is also being constructed and perfected. The innovation education system, as the core of college vocal music quality education, is deeply affecting...
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Research on the Development Status and Countermeasures of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Information Platform

Weiwei Yi, Taowen Zhuang
College students' innovative entrepreneurial platform, which combined with investment, industry, scientific research, colleges and universities, markets and other resources, provides the full services for the college students' innovative undertaking. In spite of the remarkable achievements of innovation...
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Research on the Present Situation Evaluation and Promotion Countermeasure of Citizens’ Scientific Literacy in Jiangxi Province

Juxin Wu, Lan Luo, Tinalin Chen, Guang Chen
The citizens’ scientific literacy, as the premise of people’s self-development, also the source of national innovation and development, constitutes an important part of a country's comprehensive national strength. And for the in-depth understanding of the scientific literacy of citizens, the insight...
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The Influence of Shanghai (Shenzhen)-Hongkong Stock Connect Program on the Dynamic Correlation between those Markets -An Empirical Analysis Based on DCC-VaR-MVGARCH Model

Jiacheng Ma
This paper empirically analyzes the effect of Shanghai (Shenzhen)-Hongkong stock connect program on the dynamic correlation between those three markets based on the DCC-VaR-MVGARCH model. The results obtained show that: The volatility of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hongkong stock markets has leverage effect....
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Research on China Propaganda Picture from the Perspective of Visual Art

Jinsong Yu, Shengli Chen
Visual arts is not only a language, but also a propaganda vector. As one of the artistic forms of visual arts, propaganda picture is a kind of visual language with different symbols, unique structure and rules. In a particular historical period in Chinese history, the political information visualization...
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Study on College Physical Education Reform from the Perspective of Students' Physical Quality

Jingran Wang
With the rapid development of society and economy, the material living standards have been continuously improved. On one hand, parents continue to enrich the dining table for the healthy growth of their children, making obesity a problem facing many college students. On the other hand, affected by the...
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Route Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Development in Universities of Western China against the Belt and Road Initiative

Lang Chang
The Belt and Road (B&R initiative) is a comprehensive initiative to deepen reform and opening up, and is of great significance for the development of in-depth economic globalization of China. And large-scale innovation and entrepreneurship talents are the key factors in promoting the economic globalization....
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Study on Educational Investment of Urban Impoverished Family Children-Based on the Interview Data of Jinan

Yu Zhao, Gongjing Gao
This paper, with the adoptation of the intention sampling method, interviews 9 impoverished families in S community of Jinan City, and finally selects Xiao Qi’s family as the key research object. During the whole process, the Nvivo software is used to analyze the situation of educational investment for...
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Application Research about the University-enterprise Cooperation of Civil Engineering Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges under Information Environment

Shu Sun, Rubing Liu, Sheng Gu
The strong comprehensiveness and practicalness that the civil engineering specialty in higher vocation colleges bear make a request for not only the students’ good professional knowledge, but also certain operation capacity. However, problems such as the imperfect cooperation mechanism the imperfect...
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Analysis on the Reasons of Learning-weariness Phenomenon for Students in Higher Vocational Colleges and the Countermeasure Research

Xiaoyan Yan, Shu Sun, Sheng Gu
Learning-weariness, which refers to the students’ negative mind towards study, have7 serious influence on students’ future graduation and career, and meanwhile, affect the teachers’ sense of achievement to a great extent. This paper studies the reasons generating the learning-weariness psychology of...
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Industrial Colleges: Constructing the New Platform of School-enterprise “Benefit Community”

Jinbiao Jin, Xuqing Xu
Over the years, the applied transformation of newly established undergraduate colleges, and the applied talent cultivation are the new topics often emphasized in higher education circle, and a lot of colleges have conducted positive reforms and exploration. Zhejiang Shuren University takes the construction...
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The Impact of Internet Finance on Commercial Banks and Countermeasures

Deyu Chen
The rapid development of internet finance has caused great impact on the current business model of commercial banks, therefore, how to transform the business model of commercial banks and meet the challenges from internet finance become an urgent issue that needs to be addressed facing all commercial...
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West Region’s Financial Efficiency and Economic Growth

Cong Liu
The effects that financial development have on economic growth has been hottly debated in the economic community. In China, the western regions are known as less developed regions. The western regions, greatly promoted by the western development strategy, still lagging behind compared with the central...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Market Structure and Market Performance of the Commercial Banks in City L

Ya Wang
Since the city L is a transportation junction in the northwest of China, the development of the commercial banks in city L cannot be overlooked. Taken the commercial banks of city L as an object of research, this paper adopts data envelopment analysis (DEA) to calculate the relationship among market...
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The Functions and Driving Mechanisms of Research Universities in Regional Innovation

Xiaoqiang Feng
The outstanding contributions that Research universities made to regional innovation make them an indispensable part in regional innovation. Therefore, this paper analyzes the changes of role played by research universities in regional innovation from invisible interaction to leading and guidance, elaborates...
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Research on Pattern and Motivation of Human Resources Management in Public Security Colleges

Liang Hu, Guangwei Zhao, Jin Wen, Hongmei Yu
Human resources are the driving force for the development of public security in colleges and universities in China. Under the increasingly fierce competitive environment, the traditional personnel management system can no longer meet the needs of the development of colleges and universities. Therefore,...
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The HPS Educational Paradigm Hierarchy Model in Physics Experiment Education of Military Academies

Rui Yang
HPS educational paradigm emphasizes the interactive relationship among science, technology and society, and has been concerned by many developed countries for a long time. Applying the HPS educational paradigm hierarchy model, namely the “basic principles level??"history of science level” - STS level"...