Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Industrial Enterprise and System Engineering (IcoIESE 2018)

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Afrin Fauzya Rizana, Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto
Scholarship refers to a program provided by organization that is given to students to relieve the tuition fee. There are several criteria and requirements that have to be fulfilled to get the scholarship. In practice, all the requirements will be checked manually for each applicant to determine who deserves...
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Dicky Faisal Dramar, Farid Wira Darmawan, Audira Zuraida, Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto, Ika Arum Puspita
In an effort to make road improvements effective and efficient in Bandung Regency, the Public Works Service performed road repairs based on the most damaged areas. In the implementation there is a problem of limited information possessed by the Office of Public Works Bandung Regency so that road improvements...
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Kristoforus Maximinus Krisnabayu Tandra Widyatama, Ika Arum Puspita, Mumu Natapriatna
Along with the change of strategic system in the government that changed the scheme of contracts for oil and gas product from Cost Recovery to Gross Split in the oil and gas company like Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ), the company is required to be more effective and efficient...
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Information System Planning for Emerging Start-Up Company: A Case from Software House

Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto, Wawan Tripiawan, Afrin Fauzya Rizana, Amelia Kurniawati, Fadillah Ramadhan
The use of IS believed to bring positive impact on the productivity and competitiveness of the organization. Most organizations in all sectors of industries, commerce, and government become fundamentally dependent on the use of information system especially startup companies. Start-up companies are considered...
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Flash-aware Clustered Index for Mobile Databases

Wojciech Macyna, Michal Kukowski
Flash memory become the very popular storage technology. Recently, it may be treated as a main storage memory in mobile devices, PDA and personal computers. However, the architecture based on flash memory has some limitations. They suffer from poor write performance, as the flash blocks must be erased...
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Latent Dirichlet Allocation Modeling for CPS Patent Topic Discovery

Usharani Hareesh Govindarajan, Amy J.C. Trappey, Gopal Kumar
Industry 4.0 is an organized framework to infuse the latest technology in the manufacturing sector. The inclusion of next-generation technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence approaches increases productivity and manufacturing output in today’s...
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Self-Adaptive Cybersecurity System

Aradea Aradea, Iping Supriana, Kridanto Surendro, Husni Mubarok, Irfan Darmawan
Complexity of cyberspace environment nowadays, arouse security vulnerabilities for all owned assets. Appropriate way out or solution for every obstacle in a case like this is a must for ICT role. However, user trust for ICT usage raises concerns. Cyberspace environment is caused by rapid increase in...
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Self-Adaptive Load Balancing System for Grid Computing

Irfan Darmawan, Aradea Aradea
Load balancing is a necessary way of a computer network infrastructure services, with the aim of balancing of computing resources to achieve optimal load processing time. When this has been many methods that can be used for load balancing techniques, namely by adjusting the load on the computing resources...
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A Comparison of Naïve Bayes and Bayesian Network on The Classification of Hijaiyah Pronunciation with Punctuation Letters

Adiwijaya Adiwijaya, Annisa Riyani, Mohamad Syahrul Mubarok
Arabic is a unique language because it really concerns in makhraj (the way of sound is made) that differentiate letters and words. The difference in pronouncing letters and words make the meaning of those words different, because pronunciation in Qur’an letters really concern in harakat (the length of...
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Model Tree with Modified L1 Loss Function for Predicting Missing Attendance Data of Faculties

Mohammad Arif Rasyidi, Rachmadita Andreswari
The problem of missing attendance data in our university often arises due to the negligence of faculties. In this study, we address the problem by directly predicting the work duration of faculties. The nature of the problem require us to not only make accurate predictions, but also minimize the rate...
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Web Application Design Using Single Page Application To Increase Website Performance on Rumantara

Ilham Farobi, Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Muhammad Azani Hasibuan
One of the travelers needs when going to some places is a place to stay for a while and put their things. More importantly, a place that fits their needs and budget. This matter makes most of the travelers difficult to find a place to stay because of most of them is hotels with unneeded amenities that...
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Web-Based Food Delivery Management System

Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Nia Ambarsari, Mei Dina Isti Nurmala
The process of ordering a meal in an organization still using a conventional system or in other words, the civitas organization must come to the cafeteria to order the desired menu. The conventional system uses paper for order recording process. So the problem happens repetitively, such as redundancy...
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Application of Risk IT Based on ISO 31000 Standards Process Capability Assessment Model (Case Study: Andalas University)

Mohammad Hafiz Hersyah, Kridanto Surendro
The fact given that capability function is to aim executed things works properly and effectively in organization business process could not executed well without considering risk management aspects. Risk management overlay every event possibilities that able to either to hinder or accelerate organization...
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Information System Strategy and Application Governance in The Government of Bandung Regency

Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Heru Nugroho
Utilization of information system for support of the government process will improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of governance. This statement is in line with Presidential Decree No. 3 of 2003 which confirms that the use of technology in government will improve the...
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High Security Adaptive BCH Code Discrete Wavelet Transform Copyright Protection

Irma Safitri, Rizki R. Ginanjar, Yosa Yunawan
In this research, we analyzed the audio watermarking system with combining adaptive wavelet with SVD in various BCH Codes. The host audio signal is embedded with a watermark signal in the form of an image signal accompanied by several attacks on the watermarking system. The results showed that ODG and...
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Copyright Protection High Robustness Arnold Transform Wavelet Method

Bruguiera A. F. Agradriya, Irma Safitri, Ledya Novamizanti, Muhammad Ainul Yaqin
Audio watermarking is a technique of information insertion into an audio signal without altering the significant origin of the audio host. Audio watermarking is usually used to protect the copyright of a work in the form of songs, recording of state and other secrets to avoid irresponsible persons. Audio...
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Extending the UTAUT Model to Understand the Citizens’ Acceptance and Use of Electronic Government in Developing Country: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Deden Witarsyah Jacob, Irfan Darmawan
The rapid development of information and communication technologies had a positive impact on the government to provide better and efficient services to the community. Despite some criticisms of electronic government services (e-gov) but so far, its utilization has continued to improve. The citizens need...
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Cost-Based Storage of the R-tree Aggregated Values over Flash Memory

Wojciech Macyna, Krzysztof Majcher
The flash memory due to its shock - resistance, power economy and non-volatile nature is considered as a very popular storage device. It is widely used in mobile phones, sensor networks and hand-held devices. What attracts the attention is the data storage in the flash memory. Database vendors try to...
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Face Recognition Using Local Binary Pattern (LBP) and Local Enhancement (LE) Methods At Night Period

Abdurrahman Fi Zhilali'l, Muhammad Nasrun, Casi Setianingsih
Face recognition is a technique that is widely used in the field of identification of a person or in the field of security. This technique basically determine the similarity on each face of a person who will be identified with the face already stored in a storage (database). In this paper the facial...
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Development of Project Document Management System Based on Data Governance With DAMA International Framework

Hanung Nindito Prasetyo, Regina Nathania Djepapu, Ferra Arik Tridalestari, Irman Hariman
Information will continue to grow in an organization, Various forms of information formed such as file documents, archives, policies, procedures, and so forth. In the current era of information technology, document management becomes an absolute thing for the organization. All business processes, activities...
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On the Relationship of Travel Time and Energy Efficiency of Industrial Robots

Kai Eggers, Zygimantas Ziaukas, Jens Kotlarski, Tobias Ortmaier
This paper presents an approach to quantify the energy saving potential with regard to travel time of industrial robot motions. In order to minimize the influence of the exemplary considered trajectories and, thus, provide general results, the evaluation is done on a large set of automatically generated...
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Localized Island Model Genetic Algorithm in Population Diversity Preservation

Alfian Akbar Gozali, Shigeru Fujimura
Premature convergence in island model is a consequence of the selection in migration mechanism. It is a process of migrating several individuals (usually the best one) from a source into destination island to keep its diversity. The main reason is the similar characteristic of relocated individual because...
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Privacy Protection and Role of Technology: Citizen Perception on Electronic Voting Initiative

Muharman Lubis, Tien Fabrianti Kusumasari
This study seek to identify factors that might increase the likelihood of acceptance of electronic voting in which bring satisfaction from citizen to meet their expectation in having better voting experience than before in relation to privacy protection. For the purpose of this study, the researcher...
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Irsalina Maharani, Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmaji, Nopendri Nopendri
XYZ is a company that is engaged in the textile industry since 1974. XYZ has some different kinds of yarns which through several production processes in 24 hours a day to fulfill the market demands. Therefore, all machines have to be in the best condition as it can be. These machine should be maintained...
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Factors That Influence An Academic Institution's Intention To Accept CloudIOT: A Proposed Framework

Ali Mehimed Ahmed Ireda, Mohommed Awadh Ben-Mubarak, Adubhahir Buhari
The combination of Cloud Computing (CC) and Internet of things (IOT) which is known as CloudIOT are two different kinds of technologies that are already part of our lives. The growing usage of CloudIOT in the education sector is changing the Teaching and Learning processes. There is very limited study...
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Akbar Perwira Wibowo, Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmaji, Endang Budiasih
PT. XYZ is one of the textile companies located in Majalaya, Bandung Region, West Java Province established since 1976. In the production process, one of the important roles is the process of dyeing. The dyeing machine K has the highest frequency of damage compared to other jet dyeing machine in the...
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OLAP Cube Processing of Production Planning Real-life Event Log: A Case Study

Rachmadita Andreswari, Mohammad Arif Rasyidi
Business process modeling in an application log can be done by using process mining technique. To analyze the process flow in more detail in several dimensions needs cube process. Multidimensional depiction in star schema to perform Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) can be done by drill-down, roll-up,...
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Puspita Ayu Lestari, Haris Rachmat, Mohd. Rasidi Ibrahim, Denny Sukma Eka Atmaja
Indonesia's ceramic tiles production is currently ranked between fifth and sixth of the world, that showed ceramic tiles is one of the largest commodities in Indonesia. So, ceramic quality becomes very important to be considered in it used as one of the basic building materials. The existing ceramic...
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High Imperceptible Copyright Protection: Adaptive Wavelet for Security

Irma Safitri, Rizki R. Ginanjar, Aliffian S. Laksono
This work extends our previous research in [14]. This work showed the imperceptibility of audio watermarking system with Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (BCH) code, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) methods. Watermarked image is embedded in the audio host signal accompanied...
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Inventory Control Policy for Farm-Out Parts at Cold Section Module CT 7 Engine with Periodic Review (R, s, S) and (R, S) to Minimize Total Inventory Cost

Pratya Poeri Suryadhini, Ayulia Fitriane Setiawan, Widia Juliani
This paper proposes a policy for parts at maintenance service industry, which is the number of parts not as many as manufacture industry but it may involve in late deliveries. The importance of inventory also occurs in maintenance service industry of aircraft engines and industrial machines such PT....
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Low Cost Electronic Seal for Tanker Truck in Indonesia

Ahmad Musnansyah, Bernando Arianto
The amount of loss of petroleum product in transit has always been an ubiquitous problem in Indonesia. This system using RFID, microcontroller, Raspberry PI and specially designed mechanical sensors aims to answer the safe delivery of petroleum product from depot to the gas stations. The electronic seal...
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Behavior Proportion According to Merapi Volcano Eruption Evacuations in 2010

Dwi Handayani, Bertha Maya Sopha, Budi Hartono, M. Kusumawan Herliansyah
This paper presents the need of contingency plan for evacuation of Merapi Volcanic eruption by considering the behaviour proportion of people in the slopes of Mount Merapi when facing emergency response phase. The research had used exploratory retrospective view survey with face-to face interview. The...
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Applying An Overlapped Design Schedule Based Dependency Structure Matrix to Minimize Project Makespan

Chao Ou-Yang, Indy Cesara
Design process scheduling is conducted by optimizing human resources or workers allocation to several tasks in project with several real constraints to achieve the objective, minimizing the project makespan. In real business case, despite the tasks are already allocated to the optimal workers, rework...
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An Analysis of Core Competencies and Business Performances in Software SMEs : A Conceptual Framework

Atya Nur Aisha, Iman Sudirman, Joko Siswanto, Yassierli Yassierli
To survive in the high competition, the SME need to determine and develop their superior internal capability. The aim of this study is to develop a conceptual model that could use to understand the relationship between core competencies and business performance in accordance with the external environment...
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Performance Appraisal Design Using 360 Degree Feedback at University X

Deniar Yudithama, Fida Nirmala Nugraha, Devi Pratami
Directorate of Information Systems is a unit that provides information technology services, at University X, that needs to perform at its best most of time. Its employees’ performance directly affects the unit performance. One problem in employee assessment due to its high subjectivity. Currently the...
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Clustering of User Query in Search Engine on Indonesian E-Commerce by used AD-OPTICS Algorithms

Ranita Windriani, Ibnu Asror, Dana Sulistyo Kusumo
The development of e-commerce in Indonesia is increasing, now make e-commerce as the land of very large data. The data is also used not only as a content in e-commerce, but with the existence of Web Mining, the data is processed in such a way that will generate new information to be utilized in system...
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Explicit and Implicit Aspect Extraction using Whale Optimization Algorithm and Hybrid Approach

Mohammad Tubishat, Norisma Idris
Huge volume of reviews by customers published on different products websites has become an important source of information for both customers and companies. Customers require the information to help them in decision making for buying products, while companies analyze these reviews to improve their products....
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Analysis on Opinion Mining Using Combining Lexicon-Based Method and Multinomial Naïve Bayes

Geriska Isabelle, Warih Maharani, Ibnu Asror
Opinion mining is the analysis of the opinion by looking at the sentiment, behavior, or emotions contained in a product. Some of the opinion mining methods are using the lexicon-based and supervised learning. Lexicon-based method has a low recall, while supervised learning has good accuracy but requires...
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Group-Centered Framework Towards a Positive Design of Digital Collaboration in Global Settings

Irawan Nurhas, Jan Pawlowski, Stefan Geisler, Maria Kovtunenko, Bayu Rima Aditya
globally distributed groups require collaborative systems to support their work. Besides being able to support the teamwork, these systems also should promote well-being and maximize the human potential that leads to an engaging system and joyful experience. Designing such system is a significant challenge...
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Optimizing Woven Fabric Defect Detection using Image Processing and Fuzzy Logic Method at PT. Buana Intan Gemilang

Ratna Safitri, Tatang Mulyana
The development of textile industry which 3rd position in the largest export values in Indonesia prove that the quality of textile must be one of factors that should be considered for all of textile companies. Buana Intan Gemilang is one of the companies that produce woven fabric. This company’s produce...
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Tool Design for Tea Cutting Machine to Reduce MSDs Using Ergonomic Function Deployment : A Research at PTPN 8 Ciater

Mira Rahayu, Muhamad Adhi Guna Dwyantoro
The process of picking the tea leaves is done in three different ways, the first one is using the farmer hands, the second is using a scissors, and the third is using a cutting machine. When the farmer using the tea leaf cutting machine, the fatigue level is increasing compared with using the other tools...
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Measuring project performance using Earned Value Management (EVM) in XYZ software development project

Olivia Permata Ariputri, Ika Arum Puspita, Wawan Tripiawan
The project of the research is a project-based service that develops customized reporting platform for the X multi finance company. It observed at the project execution stage and focusing on the monitor and control established in the project. The percentage of the problem occur based on the interviewees...
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Zhafran Ega, Judi Alhilman, Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmaji
Selection of appropriate material handling equipment for specific conditions is found to be a multi-criteria decision-making problem. The selection procedure is found to be unstructured, characterized by subject knowledge and requiring the application of an effective and efficient multi-criteria decision-making...
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Investigation on Simulation of Wind and Solar Power Hybrid Systems through Human Machine Interface by InTouch Wonderware Software

Tatang Mulyana, Hari Setiawan, Rasidi Ibrahim
Human Machine Interface (HMI) serves as a bridge for operators to understand the processes that occur in a production system. Without the HMI, operators have difficulty in monitoring and controlling the production system. It serves to facilitate the operator in monitoring the plant, plant control, plant...
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Fishery Supply Chains in Indonesia: Improvement Opportunities on The Downstream Side

Niniet Indah Arvitrida, Dian Rahmawati, Dwi Lastomo, Rindawati, Kusnadi
This paper investigates improvement opportunities for fishery supply chains in Indonesia. A downstream perspective is taken, and Surabaya is employed as a case study. This research applies desk study and exploratory work to obtain existing landscape of the fisheries supply chains. This landscape is used...
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Design and Marketing Performance Analysis on Unit Business Government and Enterprise Service Unit at Telkom XYZ Area by Using Balanced Scorecard for Marketing

Fauziyyah Fauziyyah, Endang Chumaidiyah, Sari Wulandari
Measuring the performance of marketing division still rarely to be encountered, due to the limited measurement tool. Evaluation of marketing performance is usually associated only with the number of 'sales' both in volume and revenue, for instance the BGES unit at Telkom XYZ area. Thus, it cannot be...
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Development of Inventory Control Application for Pharmaceutical Product Using ABC-VED Cycle Counting Method to Increase Inventory Record Accuracy

Fadhilah Amin Fathoni, Ari Yanuar Ridwan, Budi Santosa
A good inventory control system is needed in the organization to reduce costs and stay competitive. One of the inventory control strategy is stock-taking. This research aims to develop a new stock-taking policy for a pharmaceutical company using ABC-VED Cycle Counting. Proposed stock-taking policy using...
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Deduplication for Data Profiling using Open Source Platform

Margo Gunatama, Tien Fabrianti, Muhammad Azani Hasibuan
Many companies still yet to know the importance of data quality for the company’s improvement. Many companies in Indonesia, especially BUMN and Government companies have only single application with single database, which cause a problem related to duplication of data between columns, tables and applications...
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Web Services to Overcome Interoperability in Fingerprint-based Attendance System

Alam Rahmatulloh, Rohmat Gunawan, Irfan Darmawan
The fingerprint-based attendance management process generally consists of recording, management, and reporting. The method of recording attendance data is done with the help of fingerprint attendance machine. Even though the computer connection is running online, the administrator still needs to process...
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Comparison of Web Scraping Techniques : Regular Expression, HTML DOM and Xpath

Rohmat Gunawan, Alam Rahmatulloh, Irfan Darmawan, Firman Firdaus
Data collection is the initial stage of research. There are various data sources on the internet that can be used in the research process. The process of taking data or information from sites on the internet is called web scraping. Some methods of web scraping include Regular Expression (Regex), HTML...
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Data Mining Approach to Classify Tumour Morphology using Naïve Bayes Algorithm

Shahmirul Hafizullah Imanuddin, Irfan Darmawan, Rahmat Fauzi
Tumours are a very sickly disease and recorded as the second killer disease in the world. This is because until now tumour still not found a drug that can really cure it. In Indonesia itself has many people who have suffered from tumours. Ignorance makes people reluctant to observe the early symptoms...
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Amanda Putri Kusumawardhani, Endang Chumaidiyah, Rita Zulbetti
PT. XYZ is running the Bacoding Project to facilitate the process of recording raw material data in the production process. This Barcoding Project certainly has operational risks that may occur, therefore by using the Enterprise Risk Management approach (ERM) that is a process, effected by an entity’s...
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Measuring Schedule Performance of Fiber to The Home Project Using Earned Value Management

Reynaldy Prayogi, Devi Pratami, Ika Arum Puspita, Ageak Raporte Bermano
Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the current project that awarded by XYZ company to vendors. This project experience several months delay against the baseline. To meet the due date both parties want to give a proper corrective action toward the project. Since the project is still completing the remaining...
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An Inventory System For Packaging Material Under The Probabilistic Demand Using Joint Replenishment Method At Cocoa Company

Rafif Prayogi, Ari Yanuar Ridwan, Budi Santosa
Company XYZ is a company runs in the cocoa industry located in Bandung. Currently, Company XYZ has the problem in controlling inventory system of packaging materials because there is only one supplier who supply the material, variation of lead time, high stocks of packaging material that pile up in the...
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Design of Business Model on Digital Printing Startup Using Business Model Canvas Approach

Muhammad Miftah Nur Huda, Endang Chumaidiyah, Farda Hasun
PT. ABC is a startup engaged in the field of printing that offers online-based printing services with a variety of printing products. As time goes by, more and more competitors are entering the online printing business with considerable growth. To be able to survive in competition, PT. ABC requires a...
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Company Strategy Based on Linier Regression of Stocks Return to the EPS and Dollar Exchange at Pharmaceutical Industry in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2010-2016

Nico Septian, Endang Chumaidiyah, Rita Zulbetti
Pharmaceutical Industry one of industry that has a great effect on health aspect and it affects the economy in a country. This study aims to determine the effect of Earning Per Share, Debt to Equity Ratio, Return On Asset, Inflation and Dollar Exchange at simultaneosly and partially to stock return in...
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Privacy Protection Drivers towards Electronic Platform: A Systematic Review

Muharman Lubis, Rahmat Fauzi, Ahmad Almaarif
Privacy is the capability of individuals or groups to isolate the information about themselves from the eyes of everybody partially or physically, then express themselves selectively. Therefore, there are differences in term of content or boundaries among culture and society on what is considered private...
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Analysis Comparison of Data Mining Algorithm for Prediction Student Graduation Target

Rachmadita Andreswari, Muhammad Azani Hasibuan, Dela Youlina Putri, Qalbinuril Setyani
The main objective of a higher education institution is to provide quality education for its students. The most important indicator to measure the quality of higher education performance is the percentage of student graduation on time. However, not all student can successfully have completed their studies...
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Multi-class Classification of Ceramic Tile Surface Quality using Artificial Neural Network and Principal Component Analysis

Muhammad Hanif Ramadhan, Haris Rachmat, Denny Sukma Eka Atmaja, Rasidi Ibrahim
The visual inspection of ceramic tile surface is an important factor which may influence the perceived surface quality of the product. While manual labor offers an alternative in the task of visual inspection, human limitation related problem such as fatigue and safety may pose an undesirable inspection...
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Establishing Waste Management System Strategy by Using Competitive Positioning Analysis

Putra Fajar Alam, Sari Wulandari
Waste bank is an organization developed by the community to help people manage and recycle waste. Waste banks are considered as a solution to the problem of garbage in urban areas. The effort that is being carried out to accelerate the movement of waste banks is the use of information technology. Smash...
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The Determinants of Accident Risk Perception, Travel Motivation, eWOM and Travel Intention on Island Tourism Destination

Sari Wulandari, Husni Amani, Nurdinintya Athari
The high number of tourist transport accidents in Indonesia makes transportation security as a factor that affects tourist risk perception. Electronic word of mouth (eWOM) about tourism places also affects the tourist risk perception. Research on the effect of travel risk perception on intention to travel...
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Container Loading Problem in Multiple Heterogeneous Large Object Placement Problem to Minimize Delivery Delays

Budi Santosa Chulasoh, Erlangga Bayu Setyawan
Timely delivery of goods is the main target of a third-party logistics engaged in transportation. The problem that is often discussed in previous research to minimize delivery delays is by optimizing the route so that it minimizes total travel time. In this study, we found variables that contribute to...
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A Model Development of Perishable Product to Minimize Total Supply Chain Cost on Fresh Food and Frozen Product Sales on The Trains

Nia Novitasari, Dida Diah Damayanti, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil
The inventory system has a function as an act of planning, implementing, controlling the flow and storage of a product and information effectively and efficiently in order to fulfill customer demand. However, there are differences between inventory system policies on non-perishable products and perishable...
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Prafajar Suksesanno Muttaqin, Dida Diah Damayanti, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil
This research concern about inventory and maintenance problem at critical spare part in locomotive mechanical system in PT KAI Bandung. We proposed periodic review approach in managing spare part inventory, while maintenance interval is preventive maintenance schedule for spare parts. This research is...
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A Meta Analysis Study Leadership and Project Success

Retno Wulan Damayanti, Budi Hartono, Andi Rahadiyan Wijaya, Avin Fadilla Helmi, Bagus Riyono
The characteristic of a project is different with the operational process, therefore the role of a leader in the project is also different. The researchers of project management have examined the role of project leaders in project success. The results of those studies are still very diverse. Some researchers...
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Business Process Mapping in Software Development Company

Made Andriani, Atya Aisha, Melianna Pranita, Joko Siswanto, Kadarsah Suryadi
The concept of business process is a tool in managing corporate value chain. Business process mapping becomes essential in increasing the organization growth. Previous studies already identified the value chain in the software industry, but only develop in the level macro-process and have not mapped...
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Intention determination of sharing economy business provider in the theory of planned behavior model using partial least square (study case: Airbnb Indonesia)

Resha Akbar, Luciana Andrawina
The sharing economy, also called collaborative consumption, has its long-standing thought and practice. People generally believe that the sharing economy will give the world a new mode of production, consumption pattern, and business model. Besides, Internet technology development is an effective means...