Proceedings of the Eighth Padang International Conference On Economics Education, Economics, Business and Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship (PICEEBA-8 2021)

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Correction to “Proceedings of the Eighth Padang International Conference On Economics Education, Economics, Business and Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship (PICEEBA-8 2021)”

The publisher regrets that the volume number was wrongly allocated during the production process. The issue has been corrected with correct volume number (Current Volume Number - 659; Correct Volume Number - 222). The publisher would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. DOI of original article:...
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The Tendency to Commit Fraud from the Aspect of Individual Factors

Nayang Helmayunita, Dian Fitria Handayani, Vanica Serly, Ade Elsa Betavia
This study aims to examine individual factors that influence a person’s tendency to commit fraud. Love of money, Machiavellian nature, and Muslim view of Allah are used as individual factors in this study. The sample in this study was the 2018 and 2019 UNP students who had taken auditing and business...
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Differences in Earning Management and Tax Avoidance Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Study on Companies Affected by Pandemic)

Yuli Ardiany, Melli Herfina, Sri Yuli Ayu Putri
This study aims to analyze and provide empirical evidence regarding Earning Management and Tax Avoidance companies in the trade, services, and investment sectors listed on the IDX in 2017-2020, variable both before the pandemic and during the Covid-19 pandemic. The design of this research is comparative,...
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Analysis of the Management of Village Owned Enterprises in Pasaman Regency with an Importance Performance Analysis Approach

Fefri Indra Arza, Deviani, Ade Elsa Betavia, Halkadri Fitra
Government Regulation Number 11 of 2021 states that Village-Owned Enterprises are legal entities established by villages to manage businesses, utilize assets, develop investment and productivity, provide services, and/or provide other types of businesses for the greatest welfare of the Village community....
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Effect of Risk Perception, Problem Framing, Risk Propensity, and Information Asymmetry to the Investment Decision in Capital Market

Erly Mulyani, Fiola Finomia Honesty, Halkadri Fitra
The objective of this research is to analyze the effect of risk perception, problem framing, risk propensity, and information asymmetry to the investment decision in capital market. Data used in this research is the primary data collected from 55 respondent beginner investor in West Sumatera. Technique...
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Parkir Meter (E-Parking System): How It Works and Overcomes Limitation in Collecting Parking Retribution Using Ticket System

Henri Agustin, Halmawati, Fefri Indra Arza
The use of the ticket system to collect parking fees in accordance with the mandate of the Padang City Regional Regulation number 12/2011 has proven to be unable to optimize the parking retribution receipts in the city of Padang. This is proven based on the average number of parking efficiency and effectiveness...
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The Characteristics of the Sharia Supervisory Board Towards Financial Soundness in Indonesia Islamic Bank

Vanica Serly, Suci Oktamirza
This study purposes to examine the effect of Shari’ah Supervisory Board (SSB) characteristics on the Financial Soundness (FS) of Islamic banks in Indonesia. The sample was 13 Islamic banks from 2015-to 2019. This research used the RGEC method to measure financial soundness in Islamic banks. RGEC method...
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Effect Bank Reputation, Income and Disclosure of Accounting Information to Sharia Bank Preferences

Fiola Finomia Honesty, Helga Nuri Honesty, Mike Yolanda
Sharia banking is the progressing indicators of the Islamic economy in Indonesia. One of problems faced by Sharia Banking in Indonesia is the interest to Sharia Bank. It is caused by the lack of information and public knowledge of Sharia Banking. There have been many studies on customer preferences for...
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Earning Management Intention: In Love of Money, Idealism, and Organizational Ethical Climate Aspects

Helga Nuri Honesty, Dian Fitria Handayani
The purpose of this study is to analyse the effect of love of money, idealism, and organizational ethical climate on earnings management actions. The regression analysis is used to test the relationship at 95% confidence. Data collection method obtain directly to the research object by the researcher...
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Hurtt’s Professional Skepticism, Auditor Demographics, and Fraud Detection in the Indonesian Audit Environment

Made Dudy Satyawan, Ni Nyoman Alit Triani, Ambar Kusumaningsih, Sharifah Nazatul Faiza Syed Mustapha Nazri
This study aims to examine the effect of auditors’ skepticism using the Hurtt (2010) scale measurement and the demographic aspects of auditors in detecting fraud that is most appropriate to the current audit environment in Indonesia. The use of the questionnaire survey method with more data in the form...
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The Influence of Environmental Management Accounting Application and Operational Strategies on Waste Management Costs in RSIA Siti Hawa

Nita Sofia, Yuli Ardiany, Dina Adawiyah, Citri Yulia
This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of implementing environmental management accounting and operational strategies on waste management costs at RSIA Siti Hawa either partially or simultaneously. The data collection method used in this research uses field research and library research....
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Factors Affecting Whistleblowing Intentions of Accounting Students’

Dewi Pebriyani, Dovi Septiari
Universities are expected to be able to produce reliable, professionals, both scientifically, morally, and ethically. An interesting phenomenon is many students’ only focus on getting high score, and the issue of honesty is no longer important. This is the cause of several academic fraud practices. Academic...
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The Effect of ROA, DAR and NPM on Profit Growth of Companies in Basic and Chemical Industry Sector Listed on IDX

Slamet Maryoso, Dian Indah Sari
The motive of this have a look at is to decide the impact of ROA, DAR and NPM at the boom of sales companies in basic and chemical industry sector at the Indonesia Stock Exchange throughout 2016–2019. Quantitative studies used of this research, specifically secondary statistics. Study Literature is used...
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Millennial (Gen Y) Financial Management Behavior: The impact of Financial Knowledge, Financial Attitude and Self Control

Yolandafitri Zulvia, Rahmedia Nasli, Rizki Sri Lasmini
The purpose of this research to analyze how the Financial Knowledge, Financial Attitude and Self-control affect the Financial Management Behavior in Generation Y in the city of Padang. This study uses quantitative methods. The technique in the research is Cluster Random Sampling. Research sample of Generation...
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The Effect of Local Government Capital Participation and Good Corporate Governance Implementation on PDAM Performance in West Sumatra Province

Alfitra Alfitra, Rosyeni Rasyid
The aims of this study were to 1) analyze the effect of local government equity participation on PDAM performance in West Sumatra, 2) analyze the effect of applying good corporate governance principles on PDAM performance in West Sumatra. The population in this study were PDAMs in West Sumatra, which...
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Digital Financial Literacy Students in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0: A Review of Literature

Annur Fitri Hayati, Rita Syofyan, Oknaryana
In the era of digital revolution 4.0 is very important ability and knowledge about digital, everything will be related to digital be it education, economic, social be it formal or non-formal relations. In terms of Education it is important to load or bridge students in order to have the ability and knowledge...
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Testing the Ramadan Effect on Consumer Goods Industry and Miscellaneous Industry Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Selvia, Aimatul Yumna
This study aims to analyze the Ramadan Effect on the consumer goods industry and miscellaneous industry companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The population in this study are all companies in the consumer goods industry and miscellaneous industry listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange...
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The Influence of Debt Policy and Profitability on Investment Decisions: Dividend Policy as a Mediator

Lina Sari, Erni Masdupi
This study aims to determine the effect of debt policy and profitability on investment decisions with dividend policy as a mediator in LQ45 companies listed on the IDX. The population in this study are all LQ45 companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the period 2015 to 2019 using secondary...
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Analysis of Banking Efficiency in Indonesia: Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

Rino Vidianata, Doni Satria
The banking sector is the main form intermediation of financial for the household sector in the form of consumer credit disbursement, as well as providing financial transaction services to the public. In 2020, the banking sector dominates the Indonesian financial system by 77.98%. This means that the...
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Saving Group A Perspective Qualitative Study

Tona Aurora Lubis, Firmansyah, Sumarni, Maryati Ningsih
This study explores community funding in the form of saving groups in Jambi Province. Exploration result is supported by NVIVO software. The results of this study conclude thatThe saving group has the characteristics of a system, payment deadline flexibility, premium saving group and capacity management....
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Financial and Non-Financial Factors on Women Entrepreneurs’ Business Performance: A Literature Review

Abel Tasman, Dina Patrisia, RE Ramel Yanuarta
The existence and empowerment of women in the business world today has become the center of attention of the business world. Many women become entrepreneurs as well as men. In order for their existence to last long in the business world, women entrepreneurs are expected to have good performance. This...
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Analysis of the Influence of Foreign Institutional Investors on Long-Term Investment, Human Capital and Innovation in Public Companies Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange

Rahmat Faizal, Buddi Wibowo
The role of foreign institutional investors is becoming increasingly prominent in companies around the world. They have different characteristics compared to domestic institutional investor. This study tries to see the effect of the two types of investors on long-term investment (Capital Expenditure...
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The Impact of Social Media Campaign and Personal Branding on Electability: Case Study of Regional Head Elections in West Sumatera

Peba Rasaki Syafrizal, Yunia Wardi
An effective campaign in introducing an image so that it can build the electability of governor candidates according to regulations is to use social media, because social media has no distance and time limits, then costs are relatively cheap and access can be reached by all levels of society. This study...
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The Effect of Tourism Service Marketing Mix, Destination Image and Tourist Motivation on Tourist Satisfaction Tourism in Bukit Khayangan Tourism Object Sungai Penuh City, Jambi Province

Relifra Relifra, Yunia Wardi
Tourism in Indonesia has a big potential and resources that doesn’t fully developed yet by government and commercial sector. Development in tourism is expected to give a benefit for society, because tourism is one of development indicator in the Indonesian economics. Tourism that expected to give a quite...
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Wisatabatuseru Website as an Effort to Develop the Batu City MSME Network

Wahjoedi, Ni’matul Istiqomah, Dian Rachmawati, Magistyo Priambodo
This study aims to analyze the importance of developing MSMEs by building digital literacy for MSME actors. Batu City as a tourism city has potential not only in terms of geography, but also the social potential of the community as the main resource for developing MSMEs into a sector that supports Batu...
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Competitive Advantage: Mediating of Supply Chain Management Practices on Company Performance

Muthia Roza Linda, Gesit Thabrani, Suhery
The implementation of supply chain management practices will be the main indicator for MSMEs in creating a competitive advantage to increase business performance. This research shows the impact of supply chain management practices on the business performance of snack food MSMEs in Padang City’ through...
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The Effects of Social Influence, Hedonic Motivation, and Habit on E-Money Behavioral Intention: The Role of Perceived Risk as a Moderator

Rahmiati Rahmiati, Perengki Susanto
The goal of this research is to see how social influence, hedonic motivation, and habit affect e-money behaviour. This study also examines whether perceived risk influences the link between habit and behavioral intention. The current and future behavioral intention to use electronic money is described...
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Service-profit Chain Model: Citilink Indonesia

Ilham Thaib, Arief Maulana
PT Citilink Indonesia is a low-cost airline, with low costs PT Citilink Indonesia provides a simple modern quality service, but PT Citilink Indonesia has Sales Revenue continues to increase. This examine aims to observe the impact of Service Quality on Pricing with Customer Satisfaction, and Reuse Intention...
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Strengthen the Millennial Generation’s Brand Love on Traditional Food from West Sumatra

Yasri, Vidyarini Dwita, Astra Prima Budiarti
West Sumatra has a diverse range of traditional cuisine products. In West Sumatra, each region has its own own food products. However, sometimes the region’s native products can’t compete with those from elsewhere in West Sumatra. The purpose of this study is to look into the elements that influence...
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The Influence of Tourist Motivation and Destination Image on the Revisit Intention Mediated by the Satisfaction Variables in The Harau Valley Attractions of Lima Puluh Kota Regency

Hafyarti Margaret Tysa, Vidyarini Dwita
This research examined the influence of tourist motivation and destination ideals on the revisit intention of tourists mediated by variables of visitor satisfaction at Harau Valley attractions, focusing on research on tourists who had visited Harau Valley attractions. The number of samples was 141 respondents...
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Citizen’s Perception on Korea Hallyu Gastrodiplomacy: A Netnography Research

Yana Respati Dewi, Arum Prasasti, Cesya Rizkika Parahiyanti
This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of gastrodiplomacy that has been carried out by Korea in Indonesia through the entertainment industry. Korean wave or Korean culture is currently growing rapidly and expanding globally in recent years. The existence of this information tends to be accepted...
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Intellectual Agility and Entrepreneurial Leadership as Innovation Sustainability Business Cooperative in The Covid 19 Pandemic

Menik Kurnia Siwi, Agung Haryono, Ita Nuryana
Cooperatives as an activator of the people’s economy have a great contribution to the welfare of the people who are members. In line with the global economic, the competitiveness cooperatives as a enterprises arise. The purpose of this study to analyze of cooperative ability to survive in the era of...
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Marketing Channel Efficiency of Dairy Cow Milk in Bogor Livestock Business Area

Sri Yuniati Putri Koes Hardini, Abel Gandhy
Livestock Business Area in Bogor District was built to increase volume of dairy cow milk production. Efficient milk distribution also needed to improve the performance of dairy farming business. The research aimed to analyse the marketing channel and efficiency of milk distribution in Bogor Livestock...
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Implementation of Digital Marketing to Improve Technopreneurship Competence and Business Sustainability on Rengginang Entrepreneurs in East Java

Wening Patmi Rahayu, Djoko Dwi Kusumojanto, Jefry Aulia Martha, Novia Tri Hapsari, Giarti Ningsih
The purpose of this research was to determine the implementation of digital marketing to improve technopreneurship competence and business sustainability carried out by rengginang entrepreneurs in East Java. The application of digital marketing is important for rengginang entrepreneurs so that interactions...
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The Role of Entrepreneurship Orientation to Improving Business Performance for Millennial Generation (Study of Coffee Shop in Padang city)

Chichi Andriani, Ilham Thaib, Yuki Fitria
The purpose of this research is to determine the role of entrepreneurial orientation in the millennial generation’s business in Padang City. The population in this study is a pioneering business for the millennial generation, such as coffee shops in the Padang City. Coffee shops in Padang City, are a...
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Web-based E-Commerce Development for the Embroidery Creative Industry in West Sumatra

Rose Rahmidani, Armiati, Syukhri, Dessi Susanti
The purpose of this research is to develop a WEB-based E-Commerce system as an effort to empower the embroidery creative industry in West Sumatra, precisely in the “Asli Sandal” embroidery business. The research method used is the R & D (Research and Development) approach with the Waterfall method....
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E-loyalty of Gen Z in Using Mobile Banking in Indonesia

Vidyarini Dwita, Ivo Nayanda Mourbas
The purpose of this study is to learn more about how Generation Z behaves when it comes to utilizing mobile banking in Indonesia. According to the findings, the participants in this research are university students who use Bank Nagari mobile banking services. Purposive sampling was used in this study...
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Panic Buying During the Pandemic of Covid-19, a Case Study of a Shopping Center in the City of Padang

Dessy Trismiyanti, Jasmalinda, Thesa Alif Ravelby, Riza Yonita, Trimardi Jaya Putra
Panic buying is one the impacts of the Covid-19 that has not been overcome. The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of panic buying and customer behavior have on purchase decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic, at shopping center in Padang City, both simultaneously and partially. The...
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The Influence of Website Personality and Website Quality with Hedonic Shopping Motivation as Intervening on Online Impulsive Buying Behavior in Generation Y in Padang City

Fikri Islami Siddik, Vidyarini Dwita
This study aims to determine the impact of website personality and website quality with hedonic shopping motivation as an intervening on online impulsive buying behavior in Generation Y in Padang City. The target audience for this survey is consumers who have shopped unplanned from the Lazada website,...
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Managing Customer E-Satisfaction 4.0: The Role of Gojek Consumer Purchase Decision Factors

Okki Trinanda, Tri Rachmat Riski, Sepris Yonaldi, Fiko Farlis, Berri Brilliant Albar
This study aims to analyze the influence of Consumer Decision Factors on Gojek Customer E-Satisfaction. The population of this study were all Gojek users in West Sumatra. Samples were taken in the cities of Padang and Bukittinggi as many as 400 people by distributing questionnaires. Hypothesis testing...
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Factors Affecting Customer Interest on Linkaja By Using Telkomsel Internet

Husnil Khatimah, Sugianda Adi Prakoso, Perengki Susanto
This study aims to determine what factors support customer interest on LINKAJA by using Telkomsel internet in Bekasi. The method used in this research is descriptive analysis method with a quantitative approach. Primary data was obtained through a questionnaire distributed to Telkomsel internet customers...
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The Effect of Tourism Image, Tourism Attraction, Promotion, and Service Quality on the Revisit Decision with Tourist Satisfaction as a Mediating in Harau Valley Tourism Object

Aditya Perdana Pasha Elmard, Yunia Wardi
Tourism is one of the most promising sectors to make progress of a region. The development of the times, then the number of the human will also continue to grow and their needs will also vary. For that competitors should be able to provide service, very effective against what is needed by tourists. This...
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Effect of Leadership and Work Environment on Work Discipline with Job Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable at Municipal Waterworks of Padang

Nadya Dwi Rahma, Syamsul Amar
This study aims to determine the extent of the effect of leadership and work environment on work discipline with job satisfaction as an intervening variable at Municipal Waterworks of Padang. The sample in this research is permanen employee at Municipal Waterworks of Padang with a total of 245 people....
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Transformational Leadership Effect and Organization Commitment on Performance with Work Satisfaction as a Pns Intermediary Variable in Dharmasraya Regency

Martis Yulita, Syamsul Amar
This study aims to determine extent to which transformational leadership influences commitment organization, transformational leadership effect on work satisfaction, the effect of organization commitment on work satisfaction, work satisfaction effect on employees performance, transformational leadership...
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The Influence of Compensation, Work Environment, and Work Motivation on Employee Performance

Herawati, Erni Masdupi
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of compensation, work environment, and work motivation on employee performance at M. Ali Hanafiah General Hospital in Batusankar. The subject of this survey is the performance of the staff at M.Ali Hanafiah General Hospital in Batusangkar, the survey...
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The Effect of Organizational Justice and Job stress on Counterproductive Work Behavior with Job Satisfaction as a Mediation Variable in the Food and Agriculture Office of Padang Panjang City

Winda Lestari, Rino
The goal of this study was to look at the impact of organizational justice and job stress on counterproductive work behavior among employees of Padang Panjang City’s Food and Agriculture Office, utilizing job satisfaction as a mediating variable. With the entire sampling method, this type of research...
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Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction in the Effect of Work Motivation, Individual Values, and Transformational Leadership on Organizational Commitment

Faisal Hutama Putra, Syahrizal
The purpose of this study was to use job satisfaction as a parameter to determine the impact of motivation, personal values, and transformative leadership on the organizational involvement of BPJS Kesehatan employees in the Sumbagteng Jambi region. This kind of research is research. The subjects of this...
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The Influence of Competence and Innovation Commitment on Innovative Behavior: The Mediating Role of Intrinsic Motivation

Diozdika Dio Qomatish, Syahrizal
As a facilitator for employees of BPJS Kesehatan in the West Sumatra region, the purpose of this study was to determine the ability and effectiveness of innovation efforts for innovative behavior with intrinsic motivation. This type of survey is a quantitative survey, which is a survey. The subjects...
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Influence of Organizational Commitment and Perceived Organizational Support Against Turnover Intention on Work Engagement as Mediation on Employees of PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero)

Fitria Putri Martias, Abror
The aim of this research is to find out the influence of organizational commitment and Perceived Organizational Support (POS) on turnover intentions with work engagement. The population of this study is an employee of PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Tbk. Padang Branch. The sample in the study was 159...
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The Influence of Organizational Learning and Innovation Climate on Innovative Work Behavior, Mediating Role of Learning Motivation

Arini Al-Haq, Rosyeni Rasyid
This study aims to describe the effect of organizational learning and innovation climate on innovative work behavior mediated by motivation for employee learning at PT. Elang Perkasa Motor Padang. The sample of this research is 86 respondents. The research instrument is a questionnaire distributed to...
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The Impact of Quality of Work Life, Organizational Commitment, Career Development and Entrepreneurial Orientation to Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Employee PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk

Mohamad Zein Saleh
The tire manufacturing industry is one of the industries that requires skilled labor and must meet the required qualifications. If the employee turnover is high, it will affect the production and the quality of products produced by the company. Currently, almost all companies in Indonesia, especially...
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Could Resilience, Organizational Supports and Self-Efficacy as well as Motivation Help Decreasing the Job Insecurity and Psychological Health Caused by COVID-19 and Effect to the Employees Performance?

Mely Oktia Darni, Rino
COVID-19 has dramatically impacting many sectors and millions of people globally, including businesses as well as their employees. Even though the Government has announced offices to allow their employees to work from home, there are still couples of businesses need to run their activities by contacting...
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Job Insecurity and Innovative Work Behavior: Case Study on Hotel Employees During covid 19

Arif Adrian, Adek Kurnia Fiza, Yolandafitri Zulvia
Innovation is one of the ways in which companies through employees to stay afloat during the covid 19 period. the hotel management, this is a challenge as well as an opportunity to survive in a pandemic situation that is not clear when it will end. In this condition, employees have the opportunity to...
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Factor Analysis of Performance Appraisal with Employee Performance Promoter Score Approach in Hotel Sector in West Sumatera

Trisna Putra, Youmil Abrian, Arif Adrian
This research is motivated by the importance of performance appraisal in the hospitality sector, performance appraisal can be interpreted as the quality and quantity of work achieved by an employee in carrying out his duties in accordance with the responsibilities given to him. Seeing the importance...
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Organizational Culture, Career Development, Job Satisfaction and Nurse Performance at Batam City Hospital

Nelli Roza, Yetty Supriyati, Kadir Kadir
Society demands hospitals to provide quality services according to standards. The reality in the field is that the quality of nursing services has not been satisfactory, for that it is necessary to develop a research model from previous research models and from variable theory. This study aims to analyze...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Mindfulness in Work-Setting

Zainnur M. Rusdi, Amin Wibowo
Research on mindfulness has developed in recent years. This study aims to investigate the trends in existing studies of mindfulness in work-setting in three time periods from 2012–2021. This study used bibliometric analysis with the Scopus database and further analysis used VOSViewer with keyword co-occurrence...
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The Underlying Process of High-Performance Work Systems on Innovation through Collective Mindfulness

Zainnur M. Rusdi, Amin Wibowo
Many organizations today are in complex and dynamic environments. These conditions require all organizations to have reliability. Human resource systems are developed to support organizational reliability. The result of a synergistic alignment of high-performance work practices leads to high-performance...
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Women’s Commitment in IT Career: The Role of Social Cognitive Career Theory

Yuliani Fahrina, Martdianty Fanny
The gender proportion in digital labor market is unequal, as the number of women workers is less than men workers. Additionally, the study shows that the number of women enrolment in IT studies reach 60%, yet the graduates are only 51.9% and the number of women who work in technology field is less than...
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The Effect of Self-Efficacy on the Work Readiness of Universitas Negeri Padang Students during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Syofyan Rita
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of self-efficacy, organizational activity, family environment and locus of control on the work readiness of Padang State University students during the Covid-19 pandemic. This type of research was an associative descriptive study with a population...
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The Effect of Entrepreneurial Environment, Training, and Attitude on Entrepreneurial Success of Msmes on Convection and Embroidery Businesses in Agam Regency and Bukittinggi City

Wisma Nengsih, Perengki Susanto
The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of entrepreneurial environment, training and attitude on entrepreneurial success of MSMEs in Agam Regency and Bukittinggi City. The population in this study was all MSMEs on convection, embroidery and lace in Bukittinggi City and Agam Regency. The...
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Consumers Behavior towards Transportation Services During the Pandemic of Covid-19

Thesa Alif Ravelby, Dessy Trismiyanti, Muthia Roza Linda, Sutiyem, Suhery
This study aims to determine the effect of service quality and trust on buying decisions through buying interest. The research data will be analysed using data analysis methods using SPSS version 26 software. This research uses path analysis. The results of this study are 1) service quality has a significant...
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Examining Responsible Leadership Through the Strategic and Ethical Lens

Jeremy H. Enrico, Budi W. Soetjipto
Previous research has attempted to integrate the ethical aspect of responsible leadership and the strategic aspect of responsible leadership (RL) by formulating a multidimensional measurement. This study aims to further explore the multidimensional measurement of responsible leadership by examining its...
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The Effect of Universal Minangkabau Leadership on SME Organizational Culture Moderated by Leaders Personal Value in a Resource Based View Perspective

Sulastri, Yuki Fitria, Chichi Andriani
This study aims to examine the influence of the Universal Minangkabau Leadership (Kepemimpinan Minangkabau Universal) on the organizational culture of SMEs, in a causal relationship moderated by the leader’s personal values. The population in this study were all SMEs fostered by Cooperatives and SMEs...
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The Influence of Destination Image, Service Quality, and Satisfaction on Loyalty of Archipelago Tourists in Padang City Tourism Objects

Dian Puspita, Yunia Wardi
This research aims to analyse the effect of destination image, service quality, and satisfaction on the loyalty of domestic tourists as tourist objects in the city of Padang. This study used a sample of 210 tourist respondents. This study uses a sampling type in the form of nonprobability sampling with...
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The Influence of Transformational Leadership and Organizational Climate on Proactive Behavior with Work Engagement as a Mediator for Employees of Islamic Banking in Padang City

Muhammad Said Aziz, Syahrizal
This research aims to explain the effect of transformational leadership and organizational climate on proactive behavior with work engagement as a mediate variable for maximum yield banking in Padang city. The population this paper is employees of Islamic Bank in Padang City, with a total sample of 146...
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Working Capital Management and Capital Structure on Profitability: Evidence from Property and Real Estate Companies in Indonesia

Rita Novrianti, Dina Patrisia
The purpose of this study is to provide literature on working capital and capital structure by analysing its relationship to profitability. This study used a sample of 26 real estate companies and real estate companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2015 to 2019. In this study, we used the panel’s...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in ASEAN (Lower Middle Income) Plus Three: Market Seeking, Resource Seeking or Efficiency Seeking?

Febria Maibetly, Idris Idris
This study aims to identify and analyse the factors that influence foreign direct investment (FDI) in ASEAN (lower middle income) plus three: market seeking, resource seeking or efficiency seeking in 2011-2019. The type of research used is descriptive and associative. The type of data used is secondary...
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The Effect of Trade Openness, Foreign Direct Investment, Government Expenditure, Labor Force, and Inflation on Economic Growth in ASEAN Countries

Vannesha Astot, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
This study aimed to analyse the effect of Trade Openness, Government Expenditure, Foreign Direct Investment, Labour Force, and Inflation on Economic Growth in ASEAN Countries. This research used secondary data. Data was analysed by using Panel Data Regression Estimation method. The results showed that...
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Does Marriage Affect Men’s Labor Market Outcomes? Evidence from Indonesia

Dina Agnesia Sihombing
This paper investigates how marriage affects wages and hours worked. Using data from Labor Force Survey Indonesia 2015, we can investigate the impact of marriage on Indonesian men. It finds that there are wage advantages associated with marriage. Married men earn 1,175,143 Rupiah per month, while not...
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Analysis of Economic Growth Determinants and Stock Prices of Emergency Market Countries in ASEAN

Tommy Rakasiwi, Hasdi Aimon
This study aims to identify and analyse the analysis of economic growth determinants and stock prices of emergency market countries in ASEAN. The research type used is associative and descriptive. The data type used is secondary data using panel data in 4 ASEAN emerging market countries namely Indonesia,...
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The Impact of Treasury Bills on the Financial Conditions in Indonesia and Philippines

Yuli Afmi Afika, Idris Idris
This study aims to identify the impact of the United States monetary policy on financial conditions in Indonesia and the Philippines before and after the 2008 global financial crisis. The research type used is associative and descriptive. The data type used is secondary data using time series data in...
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Causality Analysis of Economic Growth, Investment, Unemployment and Poverty in West Sumatra Province

Syamsul Amar, Ariusni Ariusni, Alpon Satrianto
The study analyzes the causality of economic growth, investment, unemployment and poverty in West Sumatra Province. This study analyzes districts and cities in West Sumatra Province from 2015-2020 using the VAR method. The results of the analysis show that there is a causal relationship between poverty...
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Economic Structure and Human Capital and the Role of Shadow Economy on Income Inequality in Indonesia

Muhammad Anshari, Joan Marta
Purpose of this study is to examine the impact of GRDP in the Agriculture Sector, GRDP in the Industrial Sector, GRDP in the Services Sector, human capital, and the informal sector on income inequality in Indonesia. This study uses panel data regression analysis. The period from 2016-to 2020 covers 34...
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Non-Linear Impact of Domestic Credit on Economic Growth in Southeast Asia Countries

Reny Aryestya, Joan Marta
This study aims to determine and analyze (1) the non-linear effect of domestic credit variables on economic growth in Southeast Asian countries. (2) the non-linear influence of domestic credit by banks on economic growth in Southeast Asian countries. This study uses savings, stock market capitalization,...
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Causality Analysis of Poverty, Residence and Education in West Sumatera

Mike Triani, Aldiyus Aldiyus, Yeniwati
This study aims to analyze the causality between poverty, place of residence and education. This type of research is descriptive associative research. This study uses panel data from 2016-2020. This research uses panel VAR analysis. with variables in this study are poverty, place of residence and education....
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Effect of Training on Knowledge of Small Business Actors in Increasing Income of Dairy Cows Agroindustry in Padang Panjang City

Sri Ulfa Sentosa, Ariusni Ariusni, Lucy Fridayanti
The COVID-19 outbreak has had an impact on the economy both on a macro and micro scale. One of the affected business actors is a small dairy agro-industry business in Padang Panjang City. The purpose of this training is to increase knowledge about strategies to increase income due to covid 19 for dairy...
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The Effectiveness of Economic Learning Using the Cooperative Learning Model Type of Team Games Tournament with the Help of Edmodo Learning Media on Learning Outcomes (A quasi-experimental study of class X social studies at SMA Negeri 7 Tebo Regency)

Isma Hardi, Rino Rino
The purpose of this study was to analyze (1) the differences in motivation, activity, and student learning outcomes using the Cooperative Learning Type TGT learning model with the help of Edmodo learning media for students of class X IPS SMA Negeri 7 Tebo Regency in economic subjects compared to conventional...
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Development of Learning Media Based on Multimedia Flash in Courses Planning and Teaching Learning Strategies at Muhammadiyah University Bengkulu

Ummi Kalsum, Marwan Marwan
The development of Flash multimedia-based Learning Media in Instructing and Learning Planning and Strategy Courses at the University of Muhammadiyah Bengkulu is based on the rapid development of technology that requires students to study at home due to the covid 19 pandemic. One of the devices that are...
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The Influence of Learning Facilities, Role of Teachers And Self-Efficacy on Students’ Learning Motivation

Relfi Andra, Z. Mawardi Effendi
The purpose of this study is to trace the influence of learning facilities at home, the role of teachers and self-efficacy on students’ learning motivation of SMAN 3 Tambusai. The population in this study were students of SMAN 3 Tambusai for the academic year 2020/2021 with sample of 96 students. The...
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Development of Electronic Economic Book Learning Media For Class XI IIS Students

Anisa Venice, Marwan Marwan
This study aims to 1) Develop economic electronic book learning media that is feasible to be applied as an economics learning medium in class XI IIS, 2) Determine the feasibility of economic electronic book learning media to be applied as economic learning media for students. class XI IIS. This research...
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The Effect of Co-Op Co-Op Model and Self-Confidence on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Economic Lesson for Eleventh Grade of Social Science at SMA N 1 and SMA N 3 Bukittinggi

Nofrialdi Nofrialdi, Marwan Marwan
The purpose of this study is to reveal that: (1) the differences in economic learning outcomes of students who are taught the Co-op Co-op model with the conventional model. (2) the difference in economic learning outcomes of students who have high self-confidence are higher with lower self-confidence....
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Assessing Higher Order Thinking Skill’s on Economics: A Literature Review

Friyatmi Friyatmi, Elvi Rahmi
The quality and effectiveness of learning can be realized by stimulating students’ thinking skills. Higher order thinking skills are provided to enhance students’ thinking skills so that they would think reasonably and behave creatively. These abilities are critical for success in responding to the changes...
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E Newspaper Literacy: A Practical Model of Increasing Students’ Accounting Ability in Introduction to Accounting Learning in Higher Education

Dessi Susanti, Nurzi Sebrina, Armiati Armiati, Rose Rahmidani
This study aims to produce an E_Newspaper Literacy-Based Introduction to Accounting learning model to optimize the students’ critical thinking/problem solving of students in colleges. Accounting problems in everyday life can be found in newspapers. Accounting is close to the business. Introduction to...
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The Impact of Digital Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation on Business Sustainability of SMEs During Covid-19 Pandemic

Tri Kurniawati, Zul Afdal, Menik Kurnia Siwi
Business sustainability is one of the interesting issue in the current discussion of SMEs because SMEs are faced many uncertainties both in terms of demand and supply, including the increasing of business competition. Moreover, SMEs are the business sectors that have felt the impact quite considerably...
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Implementation IDDOL Learning in Economy Natural Resources and Environmental to Enhance Student Knowledge about the Use of New and Renewable Energy (NRE) in Economic Activities

Wahjoedi, Magistyo Purboyo Priambodo, Dian Rachmawati, Menik Kurnia Siwi
The current issues on global environmental are about efforts to reduce global warming, namely with low-carbon economic actions. The real implementation is to change the original economic action by using fossil-based energy to use the renewable energy. The important event of the global agreement on climate...
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The Effect of Student Teams Achievement Divisions Learning Model and Motivation to Learning Outcomes Economic Class XI SMAN 1 Solok Selatan

Hendro Masril Saputra, Syamwil Syamwil
This study aims to explain economic learning outcomes of students who are taught using conventional learning models, who have high learning motivation higher than understudies who have moo learning inspiration and Interaction between the use of the Student Teams Achivement Division agreeable learning...
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Evaluation of Learning Assessment on Economics in Senior High School During the covid-19 Pandemic

Kiki Ovelia, Friyatmi Friyatmi
The purpose of this study is to find out: 1) Track the development of students, meaning that by enjoying the learning outcomes of students can be identified, namely decreasing or increasing. 2) Checking the achievement of the competence of students so that it can be known whether students have understood...
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The Optimization of the MIT Apps Inventor in Entrepreneurship Learning for Students with Disabilities

Ika Zutiasari, Wening Patmi Rahayu, Kuncahyono, Jefry Aulia Martha, Sheerad Sahid
The research’s background laid down by the enhancement of the disabled persons’ entrepreneurial ability is less than optimal. The enhancement can be started from the school’s learning process by utilizing media that supported entrepreneurship learning. MIT App Inventor is an application that can be utilized...
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Collaborating Project-Based Learning and Steam Practices at Indonesia’s Universities Using Technology Support System

Miranti Puspaningtyas, Sulastri Sulastri, Sulikah Sulikah
The article objective of this research is to study the application of assignments in Project-Based Learning. Having used a case study method, the researcher conducted some interviews with several lectures and obtained some information on the implementation of Project-Based Learning. There were 5 resource...
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Analysis of Economic Education in Preparing Children’s Future Economic Welfare

Sri Umi Mintarti Widjaja, Dian Rachmawati, Hari Wahyono, Sri Handayani, Endah Nur Amalina
To prepare for the welfare of children in the future, it can be done through the application of economic education in the family. Children’s economic education can be done through habituation, example, and explanation of every economic activity. These are in the form of resource utilization, understanding...
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Implementation of Pancasila Values in Economic Learning at SMAN 2 Batu

Syahrul Munir, Agung Haryono, Yohanes Hadi Soesilo, Umi Masruro
Pancasila is a state ideology that was born by the unity of ideals towards a common goal and a form of nationalism that should be preserved. Therefore, Pancasila values should be implemented in economic learning activities. The purpose of this study is to explain the importance of implementing Pancasila...
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Assessment Based on Case Study to Improve Critical Thinking Ability on Blended Learning in the New Normal Era

Wening Rahayu, Ika Zutiasari
The purpose of this research and development is to produce an assessment based on the case study that is feasible to use and can improve students’ critical thinking skills. The case study assignments developed were adapted to real problems that occur in the world of work. The data were researched and...
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Analysis of Student Learning Engagement in Project-Based Learning

Yulhendri, Wyanet Putri Alisha, Rani Sofya, Agung Sudjatmoko, Mentari Ritonga
The Covid-19 pandemic forced learning through distance learning using online learning. Student learning engagement through online education is critical. Online education using zoom and other media requires a substantial learning commitment of students to do independent learning. And independent learning...
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Analysis and Development of Academic Information System Applications in Developing Education Quality

Buyung Adi Dharma, Madziatul Churiyah, Andi Basuki, Dewi Ayu Sakdiyyah
Significant developments presented by the industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0 began to be adapted in various fields of work, because it could simplify and speed up their work. As is the case in educational institutions that have begun to apply technology in various activities. The purpose of this...
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Module with Electronic Project-Based Learning

Zul Afdal, Asyti Febliza
Digital teaching resources have been among the most significant needs in education in the 4.0 age. Modules in learning, for example, are being developed as digital teaching tools. This study aims to create modules that can collaborate with E-PjBL to focus on teaching-learning skills. The study was conducted...
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Identification of Problems in Online Learning for Economics Pre-service Teacher

Rani Sofya, Yulhendri, Mentari Ritonga, Ika Parma Dewi
Prospective teachers in the 21st century face various challenges in carrying out their roles. The development of technology is a form of opportunities and challenges faced by prospective teachers in the era of the 21st century. The use of technology in learning must be done for learning success. Future...
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Electronic Project Based Learning to Improve Effectiveness of Teaching

Susi Evanita, Zul Afdal, Rino Rino
We look at the effectiveness of teaching through electronic project-based learning in this study. We are experimenting with college students to achieve this goal. We divided 100 students into two groups: control and experiment. Both groups were taught on the same topic by the same lecturer in the same...
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Use of the “Breakout” Zoom Feature for Discussion Rooms at Electronic Project-Based Learning

Rino, Zul Afdal, Susi Evanita, Asyti Febliza
This study aims to determine the benefits of using the Zoom breakout feature in synchronous learning during the covid-19 pandemic. The design of this research is survey research. The total population is 100 respondents. There are some qualifications and academic background before conducting the survey....
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Financial Management Behavior of Student during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Elvi Rahmi, Friyatmi Friyatmi
The pandemic has brought changes to various aspects of life, including financial management. The objective of this study is to analyze the pattern of financial management behavior of students during the pandemic, in terms of educational background, family economic status, and gender. This study uses...