Proceedings of the Advances in Materials, Machinery, Electrical Engineering (AMMEE 2017)

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A Pore Water Model of Dynamic Compaction

Yao Xu, Ping Hu
The pore pressure test is designed in a dynamic compaction engineering, and the data on dissipation and increase of the pore pressure are gotten. The function of pore water pressure is fitted by regression analysis. The design parameters of time interval between two dynamic compaction can be determined...
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Steel Fiber Volume Fraction and Splitting Tensile Strength of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Tingyi Zhang, Wanzeng Song, Guanghe Zheng, Haiting Song, Min Wei, Jing Shao, Yonghai Zhou
In this paper, the effect of the steel fiber volume fraction upon the splitting tensile strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) was studied. The results show that steel fibers can improve splitting tensile strength of concrete. As the steel fiber volume fraction increases, the splitting tensile...
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Integrated iBeacon/PDR Indoor Positioning System Using Extended Kalman Filter

Hengrui Zhang, Qichang Duan, Pan Duan, Bei Hu
Indoor positioning is a challenging task in location-based services (LBS). The basic requirements of the indoor positioning system are high accuracy, availability, and cost and energy efficiency. Apple's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based iBeacon along with pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) system meets...
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Study on Corrosion Behavior of Copper-Clad Steel for Grounding Grids

Xinhua Zhang, Zhongkang Zhou, Xiaochun Chen, Jishuang Song, Maolin Shi
Grounding grid is an important device guaranteeing the operation of the people, electrical equipments and power grid. However, the corrosion of grounding grid affects the security of the power grid system, what's worse, it makes huge economic losses and serious social impact. We found from the research...
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A Technical Note about Design Thought of AGV logistics based on Floyd Method

Qiunan Feng
As the world industrial production requiring higher and faster efficiency, a series of manufacture processes is facing new challenges. Especially, there are two main parts according to potential profitability during each process steps. One has potential profitability that is logistics step and another...
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Static Parameters Influence on Development Effect of Asp Flooding

Yane Wang
The ASP flooding area in daqing oilfield has injected slugs of prerequisite, main slug and the auxiliary slug. As the chemical solution's injected, the difference of effect of well group is obvious. This article comparative analyses the influence of stratum static parameters like effective thickness,...
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One Power Control Strategy of Wind Farm Based on the Battery Energy Storage

Haiping He, Jiang Cao, Yu Sun, Qinglin Bo, Lei Li, Xuemei Yang
Power output control of wind farm is an important way of improving the wind farm performance and enhancing the ability of power grid to connect wind farm. In allusion to the power fluctuation caused by large-scale integration of wind power, this paper proposes a power smooth control strategy of battery...
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Review of the Modeling of Wind Power Generation

Junru Shan
Modeling of wind power plant is the basis for studying the influences that wind power has on electric power system. Based on the characteristics of wind power generation, this paper summarizes some common modeling methods, and puts forward the research prospects of wind power modeling.
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Study on the Mechanism of Harmonic Amplification of Cable Leakage capacitance Based on MATLAB

Xiaofei Chen, Zejing Qiu, Chupeng Xiao
Taking the distribution cable as the research object, based on the circuit theory, the equivalent circuit parameters of the cable are calculated. On the basis of this, the harmonic impedance model of distribution cable is established, The amplification mechanism of the leakage capacitance of the cable...
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Multiple Sclerosis Slice Identification by Haar Wavelet Transform and Logistic Regression

Xueyan Wu, Mason Lopez
(Aim) Currently, scholars tend to use computer vision approaches to implement multiple sclerosis (MS) identification. (Method) In this study, we proposed a novel MS slice identification system, based on Haar wavelet transform, principal component analysis, and logistic regression. (Result) Simulation...
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Reuses of the Ionic Polymer metal composites (IPMCs) with various thicknesses

Shufeng Li, Yip Joanne, Gaohua Liu, Bowen Cheng
The IPMCs with various thicknesses were manufactured by a hot-pressed method and their actuations in terms of tip force and displacement when being reused with different treatments were investigated. Three selected treatments are no treatment, treatment in deionized water or 2M NaCl solution. To achieve...
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Thermodynamic Model of Semiconductor Refrigeration System Based on Peltier Effect

Shucheng Xing
With the development of society, people's requirements on the comfort of environment have been further improved. The semiconductor refrigeration technology, with the increase of material merit, has been greatly developed and widely used in civil and military fields. This paper, starting from the Peltier...
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Fault diagnosis method of rolling bearing based on AdB value

Peng Wang, Yu Yuan, Li Tian, Heng Wang
In order to better identify the fault type of locomotive running of rolling bearings, through experiment and analysis, the article improves a new method by combining the value of AdB and fault bearing fault characteristic frequency, then through the virtual instrument software to analysis the diagnosis...
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Introduction to EPS and XPS Two Exterior Insulation Used

Xuezhen Zhao
From XPS and EPS of building external thermal insulation system on the advantages and disadvantages of using, EPS more in line with market demand, EPS has good weather resistance and temperature change of dimensional stability, is the most extensive domestic and international building exterior wall thermal...
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A Water Saving Bathtub Based on Time and Space

Xinyue Guo
Ascribe to global energy crisis and civil conscious of energy conservation as well as strengthened environment protection, as one of the largest way of using water in life, bathing is getting more and more attention. We establish a two dimensional model to consider both the time and space. And considering...
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Effect of High Pressure Torsion on corrosion behavior of High Entropy Alloy in alkaline solution

Zhiwei Song, Yonghao Zhao, Guanzhong Wu, Xuzhou Gao
The high pressure torsion (HPT) process was used to process the FeNiCoMoV high-entropy alloy. The open-circuit potential test, the potentiostatic polarization curve test and the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy were used to study the effect of corrosion behavior of FeNiCoMoV High Entropy Alloy...
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Research Status of Airbag Buffer Landing Device in China

Ruikun Huo, Xu Li, Minggang Han
The airbag buffer landing device is an important part of the existing buffer device in China. Its low cost, flexible and lightweight, safe and reliable excellent features play an important role in the field of airdrop and aerospace. This paper summarizes the classification and research methods of the...
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The Design and Manufacture of Automatic Lighting Control Circuit

Biqing Li, Zhao Li, Qiang Li
This page proposed an automatic lighting control circuit sent the light brightness analog signal to the AD conversion chip which detected by the photosensitive resistance, and converted the analog signal to a digital signal the AD conversion chip, then send the converted digital signal to the LED driver...
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Multi-Energy Synergistic Optimization of Regional Energy Internet Considering Demand Side Responses

Ran Li, Yiqun Liu, Ming Zeng, Songsong Chen, Mingzhu Li, Wenjun Ruan
Regional energy internet is the key to achieving multi-energy synergistic optimization and efficient use of energy at the regional level. This paper focuses on the multi-energy synergistic optimization of regional energy internet and constructs a model based on demand side responses, considering total...
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Study on the Influence of Wind Power and Photovoltaic Access to Battery Energy Storage System on Optimized Configuration Benefits

Yicong Liu, Zongqi Liu
This paper presents a hierarchical planning method for battery energy storage system (BESS) operator and the distribution company (DISCO) collaborative planning in the distribution network with application scenarios that BESS operator invests the constructions of BESS. The charge and discharge contract...
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Analysis on Operating Method in Travel System of Wheel Loader

Zhenbao Wang, Sicheng Qin
The operating performances in transportation distance and method of wheel loader have great influence to the efficiency and energy consumption of engineering works. In order to improve economic rationality and scientific of engineering projects effectively, V-shaped shovel cycling conditions of the 50...
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Minute Strain Test for Heap Load Scale-down Beam Based on Weak FBG

Yiqiang Yao, Sheng Li
In order to increase the multiplexing capacity of traditional fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor and to provide more abundant information support for the structural safety evaluation, structural strain experiment was carried out based on on-line continuous preparation technique for identical and weak FBG....
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The Research of Tube Forming Parameter Recognition of Compensate Fuzzy Nerve Net Control

Ping He
The point of compensate fuzzy control is concluded. A identify model of compensate fuzzy control network is constructed. The input and output design of tube forming parameter is given, and the collection and deal of sample data is also given. Using compensate fuzzy control network does the imitate sample...
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The Study on Activity Enhancement of Gold and Palladium Alloy Nanoparticles in Comparison with Monometallic Catalysts

Wenjing Cui, Xiaolei Zhang, Jinjin Lu, Gentuya Meng, Hongliang Wang, Wei Hou
Alloy nanoparticles (NPs) of gold and palladium were found to be more active in oxidation of benzyl alcohols than supported gold or supported palladium NPs. The enhanced activity of benzyl alcohol oxidation at the surface of the alloy NPs can be explained by the charge heterogeneity. To confirm the charge...
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Research on the Structure of Composite Solid Propellant Cross-linked Network by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Ke Li, Jian Zheng, Xiao Zhang, Yongqiang Du
The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method is introduced in order to make the test of crosslink density of composite solid propellant easier than traditional methods. The research status of mechanical properties of nuclear magnetic resonance and solid propellant is briefly introduced, so is the basic...
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Application of Entropy Weight Method in the Evaluation of the Smart Growth

Jiaxing Zhang
To make contributions to solve urban problems, we propose eight evaluation metric based on Smart Growth theory, and offer strategies to the smart growth of the selected cities. Firstly, considering the three E's of sustainability, the principles are divided into three aspects which are transportation,...
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A Novel Smart Growth Evaluation Model by Applying RBFNN

Jiaxing Zhang
In order to make cities can carry more population, save more resources and maintain rapid development, smart growth based on the three E's of sustainability and the 10 principles comes into being and is considered by many governments. In this paper, we concentrate on measure the success of smart growth...
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Research of Ship's Stealth Methods in Static Electric Field

Peng Yu, Jinfang Cheng, Runxiang Jiang
In order to decrease the ship's static electric field as much as possible, the ship potential and static electric field are compared under different conditions, natural corrosion, sacrificial anodes protection, normal and advanced impressed-current cathodic protection and impressed-current compensation...
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Analysis on the Application Status and Existing Problems of Bekker 's Pressure-sinkage Model

Wenxuan Feng, Jisheng Ma
The Bekker soil pressure-sinkage model is a classical theory to investigate the relationship between soil pressure and sinkage during vehicle travel. On the basis of the Bekker model, the descendants carried out a large number of experimental research, which played a significant role in promoting the...
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Overview of Initial Alignment Method for Strap down Inertial Navigation System

Hailiang Wang, Guozhang Li, Zhiyong Shi
Initial alignment is one of the key technologies of Strap down Inertial Navigation System (SINS). The accuracy of initial alignment directly affect the accuracy of the work of SINS and the time of initial alignment are important tactical targets reflecting the rapid reaction capability of weapons systems....
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Research on Wide Band Smoke Materials

Yuting Liu, Qian Zhang, Zhining Zhao
In the modern war electromagnetic spectrums are used by many kinds of guided weapons involving radio, microwave, infrared, laser, etc. To countermine such weapon systems, the smoke jamming technology is highly paid attention to because of its simple operation, obvious effectiveness and high efficiency...
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Deposition Technology of Metal Matrix Tungsten and Cobalt Alloy

Haipeng Lu
When the metal works at harsh environment, such as high temperature, corrosive gases, ablative particles and mechanical extrusion, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of it is needed to extend service life. Though hard chrome coating is used to do this job, there are still many difficult problems,...
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Study on Insulation of Middle Joint of Power Supply Line of High Speed Railway

Fei Jia, Xiaodong Zhang, Dandan Liu
Since the thermal expansion coefficient of the insulating material and the metallic material in the cable joint different is large, when the temperature changes, there is great stress in the insulating material or the tightening of the insulating material and the metal material, causing damage to the...
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Low Voltage Prediction Based on Spark and Ftrl

Chen Gao, Zhongan Ding, Shengteng Yan, Hongkun Mai
"Big data" is a popular keyword in recent years, and data related to the power grid mainly character huge amount, high complexity and broad sources. As low voltage has great influence on normal daily power utilization, besides good real-time monitoring and exception handling, a model based on big-data...
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Research on Emergency Judgement of Low Voltage Area Based on Classification Technique

Xiaoqiang Zhong
As an important evaluation index of power quality, voltage is the basic condition for guaranteeing power supply service. With the development of industry and the improvement of the living standards, the demand of electricity increases. Low voltage has become a major problem affecting the work, life and...
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The Research about Composite Square Shell Fillet

Dianbo Ren, Yiru Xia, Zhongqing He
The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) is one of the most popular materials for the impact attenuator. This is because that it has small density, high strength and high stiffness, which are required for crashworthy structure. In this paper, the CFRP square shell is the research object, the effect...
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Simulation of Microstructure Evolution of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy during Isothermal heating process Based on Cellular Automata

Zhongtang Wang, Lingyi Wang, Shengdong Gao
Microstructure evolution of dynamic recrystallization of AZ31 magnesium alloy during isothermal heating process was simulated by cellular automaton method (CA method). When heat holding time is constant, the grain size of AZ31 magnesium alloy increases significantly with the increase of heating temperature....
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Deformation force model of indentation-flattening compound deformation technology

Zhongtang Wang, Lingyi Wang
It is discussed that the principle of indentation-flattening compound deformation (IFCDT) and parameter definition. The characteristics and stress state and strain state of IFCDT had been analyzed. Influence factors and influence laws on plastic deformation force had been analyzed. The calculation geometry...
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Evaluation of The Effectiveness of China's Electricity Retail Market

Dezhi Li, Wenwen Zhang
With the gradual release of the electricity retail side in China, more and more subjects are involved in the electricity retail market. The subjects in the market achieve their needs through specific trading patterns. This paper aims to build a grey comprehensive evaluation model by constructing the...
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Operation mechanism design Of China Electricity Market

Dezhi Li, Yuting Liu
The State Council issued "Some opinions on further deepening the reform of the electric power system". China's electricity sales side reform has entered a new chapter. The operating mechanism of the electricity market is also different from the previous model. This paper introduces the cultivation mechanism...
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The mechanism design of the main body of electricity retailing

Weiwei Yuan, Dezhi LI
This paper introduces the mechanism design of the main body of electricity retailing. Under the background of new electric retailing reform, it is of great significance and necessity to study the new mechanism which is adapted to the increasingly fierce competition in the electric market.
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Application of EPC Management Model in Construction of Long-distance Pipeline Project

Yang An
Long-distance pipeline has always played a significant role and kept its basic position in the West-East Gas Transmission and West-East Oil Supply programs in China. If natural gas or petroleum is not supported by pipeline, its transmission will be inevitably more dangerous to some extent. The study...
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Design of Electronic Code Lock Circuit under Internet of Things System

Wei Hu
This paper design of a electronic code lock circuit under EPC system network. the system mainly including the minimum system SCM, password input matrix keyboard, password storage circuit, unlock circuit, LCD display circuit, buzzer alarm circuit and VD indicator circuit. The main program flow chart complete...
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Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Flow over a Blunt Wedge in Response to Impulse Wave

Xiaojun Tang, Fenglong Yang, Tianli Hui, Wentao Yu, Pengbo Yin
The hypersonic flow over a blunt wedge under freestream impulse wave is analyzed by direct numerical simulation and the nonlinear evolution of disturbance wave modes in the boundary layers is discussed. Results show that, under impulse wave, the thermodynamic mechanism and shear flow structure in the...
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An Improved KNN Classification Algorithm based on Sampling

Zhiwei Cheng, Caisen Chen, Xuehuan Qiu, Huan Xie
K nearest neighbor (KNN) algorithm has been widely used as a simple and effective classification algorithm. The traditional KNN classification algorithm will find k nearest neighbors, it is necessary to calculate the distance from the test sample to all training samples. When the training sample data...
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Research on Extraction of QAR Key Parameters during Approach Phase of Civil Aviation

Jianjun Chen, Xu Zhang, Ming Zhao, Yan Xia
During the approach phase, the aircraft is prone to human error caused by the occurrence of unstable approach. In order to facilitate the study of the flight quality of the approach phase, this paper proposes to study on extraction of QAR key parameters in approach phase. The QAR parameters are classified...
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Existence and Stability of Anti-Periodic Solutions for Fuzzy Cohen- Grossberg Neural Networks with Time-varying Delays on Time Scales

Qianhong Zhang, Guiying Wang, Xiaoying Zhong
By applying the novel method, some sufficient conditions are established for the existence and global exponential stability of anti-periodic solutions for a kind of fuzzy Cohen-Grossberg neural networks on time scales. Moreover an example is given to illustrate our results.
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Study on the Efficiency Evaluation of Taoyuan Pond

Wenping Shieh, Wenling Shieh, Wenchin Lin
Ponds possess unique landscapes at Taoyuan terrain, the number of these man-made ponds with irrigation function of having to build a pond, in recent years, are continuously decreasing, the cover areas are also shrinking. This study aims to establish a complete set of ponds operating performance evaluation...
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Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Rotor Wake on Hub Drag for a Coaxial Rigid Rotor

Chang Wang, Minqi Huang, Min Tang, Long He
Hub system of coaxial rigid rotor has a significant contribution to the total vehicle parasite drag. Prior efforts have explored various faring designs to reduce flow separation and interference drag between each components of hub system. The aerodynamic interference physics of rotor wake on the hub...
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A Matched Field Processing Based on Compressed Sensing

Yingchun Chen, Yali Jiang, Biao Wang
The traditional MFP (matched field processing, MFP) methods of underwater acoustic target often have poor estimation performance or get inaccurate estimation result on the constrain of spatial sparse observation. Considering the problem, this paper proposed a new high-accuracy MFP estimation algorithm...