Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2018)

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[WITHDRAWN] On the Development of College English Teachers in Local Ethnic Universities

Ronglin Shan
The national medium and long-term education reform and development planning outlines the need to build a high-quality teaching team. The teachers are the base of education plan. Only if there are good teachers, can there be a good education. At the same time, it is necessary to enhance the sense of responsibility...
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Memetics and Pragmatic Cognition

Ran Li
This paper first introduces the definition of meme, and then analyzes its features and factors which play a significant part in its replication, spread, selection and elimination. After that the author studies and speculates the cognition process of language meaning and proposes the hypothesis of “pragmatic...
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Construction of College English Translation Teaching Model in the Context of Information Technology

Lu Qian
In the teaching of college English, English translation teaching can not only reflect the translation level of college students, but also a reflection of college students' ability to learn English. Therefore, it is important to say that the status of college English translation teaching in college English...
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Research on the Training Mode of Entrepreneurial Talents in E-Commerce Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges

Guanghua Wang
In recent years, the cultivation of entrepreneurial talents has been concerned by the society, especially in higher vocational colleges. The major of e-commerce has certain advantages in the aspect of entrepreneurship, but the current students of e-commerce major in vocational colleges are not very active...
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Innovative Research on Talent Cultivation under the Mode of University-enterprise Cooperation

Jian Bai, Yanqin Yu, Jianying Zhao, Jian’e Xue, Jun Li, Fang Guo, Rui Wang, Ping Gao
This paper takes the University-enterprise cooperation of the biological science major of Lüliang University as an example. Through the questionnaire survey and interviews with relevant personnel, we can comprehensively investigate the situation of University-enterprise cooperation in Lüliang University....
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Supply-side Reform on Law Undergraduate Education: Path and Initiatives -- An Analysis Based on S Law Firm Case Study

Yi Wang, Weijun Wu
At present, there is a structural dilemma in the undergraduate education of law in our country. Efforts should be made to promote supply-side reforms to achieve the balance between supply and demand on the basis of “reducing excessive capacity”, “adjusting structures” and “improving weak links”. In terms...
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An Empirical Study on the Content of Psychological Contract -- Taking Chinese hotel staff as the research object

Xia Wang
This study analyzes the structure and content of the psychological contract of hotel employees. This study Uses the empirical research through the questionnaire survey and analyzes the collected data using factor analysis method. The study found that there is a four-dimensional structure in the content...
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Study and Analysis of the Current Situation of Students' Oral English in Medical Colleges and its Countermeasures

Yuan Kong, Jie Jiang
This paper aims to show up the present situation of oral English in the contemporary students of medical majors, explores the causes of its formation and proposes strategies to enhance oral ability of students of medical majors. We do a survey to 368 medical majors' undergraduates who come from five...
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Problems and Countermeasures for Course Teaching of "Contemporary Chinese Language" in Normal Colleges

Linbo Hou, Jisheng He
Normal colleges aim to cultivate some general teachers, which weakens the teaching of "Contemporary Chinese Language". As a result, students are lack of learning incentive, so the teaching effect is unsatisfactory. Aiming at existing problems, the author explores new methods and forms following referential...
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A Brief Analysis of College Students Using the Internet to Start Their Own Business

Dan Li
With the number of college graduates increasing and the number of social employment posts not increasing, the pressure on the job market is increasing. The impact on the employment of college graduates is inevitable, and the contradiction between the employment and the market is gradually emerging. And...
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Research on the Scientific Instruments Management which Combined Multilevel Sharing with Self-Hosting

Zhengjun Huang, Lei Zhang, Weidong Song, Yu Liu, Dong Zhang, Wei Liang
Opening, sharing and efficiently managing scientific instruments can increase their utilization and specialization. It also attaches great importance to optimizing resources allocation, enhancing the capacity of independent innovation and quality of the scientific research in universities. We should...
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Teaching Reforms Based on College-Enterprise Cooperation

Xucheng Liu, Hongtao Wang, Hui Huang, Yuebang He, Yihong He, Dongyu Yang, Shizhun Jia, Langxiong Xie
The college-enterprise cooperation is an effective method to cultivate innovative and applied talents facing enterprises, achieving the transformation of student status to staff. In this model, the resources of college and enterprises could be exchanged more efficiently to maximize the mutual benefits,...
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Research on the Professional Development of College Teachers against the Background of Internet Plus Education

Xue-bin Jia
In today's Internet era, information technology promotes the modernization of education. As college teachers should follow the trend of The Times and constantly improve their professional comprehensive quality. This includes not only the specialization of subjects, but also the specialization of education,...
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Discussion on the Reform of Discrete Mathematics Teaching in Combination with Cases

Xue Xing, Bingtao Jin
The traditional discrete mathematics teaching mode has not adapted to the needs of the training of applied talents at the present stage. Therefore, combining the practice case with the practice case, the students will connect the students to the knowledge and the application effectively. The students...
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Research on Legal Supervision of False News on WeMedia Network

Xiaoxun Huang, Lijuan Huang, Xinyu Wang
In the information explosion age, many WeMedia operators always exaggerate the news facts deliberately in order to pursue the economic benefit, which causes more and more false information spread on the Internet by their own influence. Therefore, how to perfect the construction on administrative proactive...
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Research on the Evaluation Index System for Patent Financing Capacity of High-tech Enterprises

Zhao-Hui Chen, Zhi-Juan Zhou
High-tech enterprises have been playing important role in R&D and patent commercialization, yet the process often face capital bottlenecks. Under these circumstances, this paper proposes an index system for evaluating the patent financing capacity of enterprises from the perspective of the combination...
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An Analysis of the Academic Status of Students and Its Key Controlling Factors in a Newly-Built Local Medical College

Jun Li, Shiying Liao
To investigate the academic status of students and to analyze the trend of students' academic achievement in a new local college of medicine and probes into the key control factors that affect the students' academic failure. Academic cleaning, questionnaire investigation and interview were used to analyze...
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Research on the Application of Illustrations in Modern Publications

Shui Jin, Yanran Shang
As an art form in modern publications, illustration is closely connected with people's reading. Especially at present, illustration plays an important role in print media. It is more and more closely related to the field of book publishing. With the development of illustration, its expression has become...
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An Empirical Study of College English Autonomous Learning Ability Based on Flipping Classroom Mode

Weiqiang Qiu
Cultivating students' autonomous learning ability is one of the important goals of college English education. Based on the theory of constructivism and relying on the network platform, this study constructed a flipping classroom teaching model. By means of comparative teaching, questionnaires, interviews...
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Prospect Analysis of Hand-drawn Animation under Digital Technology

Shuzeng Li, Bing Liu, Xuefang He
Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary integration can not only provide the viewers only give viewers a better way of behavioral experience but also bring new vitality into the industry. With the promotion of digital technology, 3D animation has developed rapidly and become the mainstream of the animation...
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On the Development of Business English Majors in Colleges and Universities Promoting Regional Development under National Standard

Xiuzhen Xie, Fengjiang Gao, Hongwu Huang
Under the background of the “Belt and Road” initiative and the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education, education diversity emerges in domestic colleges and universities. However, the construction of disciplines is the core of the development of higher education. This paper took the...
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The Effectiveness of Barrage Use in Audio-visual Class of College English

Yonggang Zhao
Barrage can be applied to teaching audio-visual courses because of its own features and its close connectivity with network teaching. This study provides an empirical study on the effectiveness of the audio-visual curriculum in college English. The research focuses on exploring whether the use of Barrage...
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The Role of Recitation in the Process of English Learning for College Art Students

Zhipeng Liu
Recitation--the traditional teaching method should be taken seriously again in English teaching. This is a survey report on the role of recitation in college art students' English learning. The research questions are: (1) Do you think recitation is useful for improving English? (2) Which recitation materials...
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Discussion on the Application of Financial Accounting Thinking in Equity Investment

Qingzi Cao
With the rapid development of China's economy, the number of private equity investment funds has increased greatly in recent years. Equity investment funds help to accelerate the growth of enterprises. However, due to the low entry threshold of equity investment funds, the financial accounting knowledge...
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Risk Measurement of China's SME Board Market Based on GARCH-VaR

Mengnan Wang, Liang Dai
The GARCH model can describe the dynamic characteristics of the stock market yield better, but the conclusion of the analysis is not the same because of the different sample data selected by the research. On the basis of the research at home and abroad, this paper selects the China's SME board index...
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How to Better Construct the National Image through the Party's Image Construction

Jiangting Yu
With the progress in China's building of a well-off society and the continuous improvement of its international status, it is imperative to strengthen both domestic and international recognition of our party and country. The article shed light on the relationship between the images of the party and the...
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Does Ethical Leadership Really Act as a Positive Role in Sustainable Supply Chain Management?

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Jian Chen, Yu Zhang, Hêriş Golpîra
This research explores the role of Ethical leadership, green trainings, green supplier selection and green manufacturing in Sustainable supply chain. A sample of 367 firms’ data was collected from Indian manufacturing industry and used structural equation modeling technique to evaluate research hypothesis....
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Research on the Application of Micro-Course in College English Teaching

Dan Li
The traditional teaching method in universities needs transforming in technology so as to drawing students’ attention. Fundamental changes have taken place in teaching mode and teaching method when micro course is applied in college English teaching. As a new media mode, micro-course has clear interaction...
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On Contents and Characteristics of Lake Environmental Accounting Elements

Yanli Li
Lakes are important natural resources in our country. Due to the expansion of the human economic activities, the lake resources increasingly decrease, and the lake environment is deteriorating. The lake management needs introducing the accounting information for response and supervision. This paper researches...
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Research on Several Problems in Class Management

Ping Li, Zhi-po Zhang, Chang-tong Yun, Ying Li, De-zhong Ren
To understand the problems in the management of university classes. Interviews and discussions were used to investigate college students, class cadres and head teachers in applied chemistry. 39.2% of the students were not interested in the majors they were studying, and they were confused about their...
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The "Inverted U-shaped" Hypothesis of Urban-Rural Income Gap in the Process of Urbanization: Empirical Testing and Policy Implications

Yeying Hong
How urbanization affects the regional economic development. And it has been praised by educational world attention, especially the current unbalanced development. This is not fully the most outstanding performance as the gap between urban and rural areas, and the main performance in the income gap between...
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Education is an Innovative Development of Internet Thinking and Ideological Politics

San-chi She
With the rapid development of information technology, the Internet has influenced and intervened in a series of major changes in global social economy since the 20th century, changing people's traditional production and life style. College students are the main force of network society, and college campuses...
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Study on Electronic Records Filing of Mobile Terminal

Yu-fen Jiang, Ping Wang
Many of electronic records produced by mobile terminal are important information resources for individuals and society, which have preservation value and are a treasury of archives. However, mobile terminal updates quickly, tends to lose data and has security risks; it is not suitable for long-term preservation...
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Local Practice of Women Law Education -- The History of Women's Law and Politics Seminar of Sichuan Public School of Law and Politics

Kaiyue Liu
After the Revolution of 1911, women's desire to participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs became increasingly stronger. In order to adapt to the tide of women's liberation in the new era, many women's School of Law and Politics or seminars sprung up. Sichuan Provincial School...
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Practical Teaching, Social Resources Embeddedness, and Undergraduate Employment

Lei Zhou, Li Ma, Rui Wang
This paper analyzes the social resources embedded in practical teaching and its impact on undergraduate employment, in order to provide guidance for solving the problem of "employment difficulties" caused by the disconnection between classroom teaching and enterprise needs. Firstly, social resources...
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Research on the Design Specialties Practice Course Teaching Mode Based on “Four Stratums and Four Modules” in the Context of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education”

Yan Zhao, Jing Su
Now it is the consensus of universities and colleges nationwide to launch teaching reform through positive innovation and entrepreneurship education. Cultivating the consciousness of innovation, entrepreneurship and practical abilities of the college students and encouraging them to start their own business...
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Understanding Continuous Use Intention of MOOCs -A Perspective from Subjective Task Value

Genfu Yang
Although MOOCs have developed rapidly in recent years, little is known about learner engagement. This paper integrates ECM and subjective task value to analyze the influencing factors of MOOCs users' intention to continue to use. A total of 294 learners participated in the survey. The research shows...
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A Comparative Study of Polarization Effects of Regional Innovation in China -- Calculation Based on TW Index

Su Zhang, Wen Guo, Rui Huang
Innovative resources are concentrated from the surrounding backward areas to the economic center, thus forming an innovative polarization effect. As the growth poles appear to the surrounding areas, the polarization effect transitions to the diffusion effect. This paper uses the factor analysis method...
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Research on Regional Cultural Characteristics in the Design of Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

Chunli Liu
Regional culture is an important feature of urban public facilities. It provides the political, economic, and cultural backgrounds of public facilities. The climate characteristics and cultural customs of different regions are not the same, and the demand for urban public facilities is different. If...
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On Lin Yutang's Ideas Inspired by William Shakespeare -- Taking The Importance of Living as an Example

Lan He
Careful research shows that Lin Yutang’s concept of four life periods is inspired from works of Shakespeare, and his creation of the fool can be a modified version of that of Shakespeare. It is clear that Shakespeare has an enormous influence on him, and humanism serves as the foundation for Lin Yutang...
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Enlightenment of Miao Cultural Art to Modern Design

Qing Wu, Hong Peng, Xianfeng Ai
The Miao ethnic people gave birth to the unique cultural art. Their aesthetic taste is also different from others. Under the situation of globalization, people try to discuss the cultural characteristics of Miao ethnic design art in order to establish cultural self-confidence. Furthermore, it is necessary...
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Social Lopsided Exchange: On High Bride Price in Rural Areas -- Taking Village X, Town Q in Heze County as an Example

Xiaojie Gong, Xin Qiao, Jia Cong
The betrothal gift is a peculiar social phenomenon. The high bride price reveals the some culture. The article analyzed the betrothal gift from the theoretical perspective of social exchange. It is essentially a medium of marriage exchange. With the development of modernization, the price of it in rural...
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Analysis of China's Supply-side Structural Reform

Yexia Sun, Liang Zhang
The supply-side structural reform is a major decision, which is made in the macro context of the Chinese economy entering a new normal. The question is based on five major problems, such as the imbalance of regional development and urban and rural development, the insufficient power of industrial structure...
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Philosophy in Chinese and Western Traditional Garden Landscape

Shi Qian, Ping Yang
Philosophy is a theoretical and systematic world view. As the generalization and summary of people's natural knowledge, social knowledge and thinking knowledge. Philosophy, is the unity of world view and methodology. It is the concrete existence and manifestation of social consciousness and a social...
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Research on O2O's Connotation of Promoting Catering Enterprises’ Value Growth

Jingjing Zhao, Lianpeng Liu
The purpose of this article is to explore the trend of O2O promoting the value growth of catering enterprises. The basic research object of the article is catering enterprises on the third party O2O platform. Based on the data of the O2O platform, the paper explores that O2O platform has changed the...
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On the International Education Strategies of Engineering Universities under “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Jiameng Sun
Among all the Chinese universities, engineering colleges are characterized with strong, distinct and industry-oriented disciplines. However, the classification and transformation of different colleges leads to apparent gap between engineering universities and their comprehensive counterparts, especially...
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The Application of Mean-Variance Model in Risk Measurement

Pei-Zhi Wang, Yu-Xin Zhao, Ling-Xi Chu
This paper applies the method of mathematical statistics based on the Markowitz Mean Variance Model to choose portfolio. The main purpose of the paper is to explore the application of the Mean-Variance Model in risk measurement, and use the Mean-Variance Model to select the investment assets to reduce...
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Study on Strategies for the Development of Talent Introduction of Local Universities in the New Era

Qian Zhang, Jing Cui
With the implementation of national strategies such as "One Belt and One Road" and "double first class", it has put forward unprecedented requirements for the cultivation of talents and international communication in universities. Local universities should pay fiercer personnel to grab the battle, use...
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College Students’ Psychological Crisis: Types, Factors and Countermeasures

Ping Li, Zhi-po Zhang, Qing-qing Wang, Jing-kun Yan
Psychological crisis of college students means the discomfort or more serious psychological problems caused by not being able to well solve problems. It mainly includes the problem of learning, employment, interpersonal relationship, love and family and life direction. And the origin of the psychological...
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“Learning through Racing” -- Research on the Training Mode of Innovative Ability of Law Students

Xin Li, Shiqi Zhou, Zhi Yang
As a kind of important legal practice teaching method, the moot court plays an important role in cultivating the innovation ability of law students. It has been widely used in universities and colleges, but it still has a lot of space to improve while achieving certain results. In view of this, the teaching...