Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2016)

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Tourism Infrastructure Construction Mode Optimization and Correlation Analysis of Related Industry Development

Ting Zhao
This research theoretically analyzes tourism infrastructure construction mode optimization and correlation analysis of general related industry development. With development of the tourism resources to the development of breadth and depth, the study of landscape protection and landscape planning gradually...
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Research on the Developmental Trend and Orientation of Marketing under the Internet and Multimedia Era

Yuanning Shi
This paper conducts research on the developmental trend and the orientation of marketing under the Internet and multimedia era. Network enables the commodity information to transfer to the consumers in the form of more efficient and convenient platform of social media has become a brand promotion. But...
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Research on the Tourism Toilet Layout for Sichuan Mountain Resort based on Graph Theory

Qiaoyi Li
With rapid development of the mathematical modelling applications, the combination with other scenarios has been the trend. In the paper, we conduct research on the tourism toilet layout for Sichuan mountain resort based on graph theory. The toilet is necessary in the people life as it is to measure...
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Research on the Innovation of the Ideological Education Method of Military Academies in the New Period

Hao Xu, Zhiguang Guo
This paper according to the new period military targets of military academy students ideological education put forward higher requirements, combined with the graduate management experience, on graduate students ideological situation were to analyze and sum up and innovation problem solving strategies,...
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Solution for Optimal Design Parameters of Desktop Based on Multi-objective Programming

Han Dong
This paper is selected from Question B of the 2014 Chinese college student mathematical modeling contest. A multi-objective programming model was established to find the optimal processing parameters. In order to externalize the compression capability of the desktop, we use the Euler equation of critical...
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Research on the Optimal Way to Multi-ethnic Region Culture Communication under the Dialectical Perspective

Yuan Wang
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on optimal way to multi-ethnic region culture communication under the dialectical perspective. Ethnic culture is famous for its characteristics of diversity, religious culture, for example, almost major religions of the world, and all the major religions...
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Developmental Trend of Insurance Actuarial System and the Influences on Modern Financial Industry

Su Wei
This paper analyzes the developmental trend of insurance actuarial system and the related influences on modern financial industry. The basic principle of insurance is to many premium to the underwriter, policy-holder, when the risk occurred shall be borne by the insurer. By paying a small amount of this...
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The Multi-dimensional Perspective on Track and Field Course Content Construction

Yanxia Cao
By using the method of literature, questionnaire, mathematical statistics and other research methods of current to our country track and field courses to carry out the current situation investigation and study The results show that: The school sports while recognizing the importance of track and field...
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Analysis on the KPI and SWOT Analytical Method and the Application on Enterprise Organization Research

Yuanyuan Pan
This paper is mainly about analysis on the KPI and the SWOT analytical method and the application on enterprise organization research. Enterprise organization is along with the social development and dynamic change. Enterprise based on the hierarchical organizational structure which is gradually rigid...
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The Credit Risk Identification of Commercial Banks in China

Nan Ye
This paper introduced the concepts and features of credit risks in commercial banks. It mainly discussed the significance, classifications and the major methods of credit risk identification. According to list advantages and disadvantages of identification methods, it made some suggestions about credit...
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The Important Influence of Religions Belief on the Development of Sibe Ethnic in Xinjiang

Yanzhen Huang
The Sibe tribe is one of the ancient tribes of the Northeast China, but because of some historical reasons, it divided into the Northeast Sibe and Xinjiang Sibe now. And the Xinjiang Sibe population accounted for 30% of the total. In order to explore the Sibe ethnic in Xinjiang in the process of development...
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Analysis of the Effect of Xi'an Metro Line 2 on Housing Price along the Line on Different Time Points

Yutong Jiao
Urban rail transit is a kind of large public infrastructure with significant economic externality, and its efficient access can improve the house price along significantly. This paper, taking Line 2 of Xi 'an metro as an example, carries on the regression analysis on the influencing factors of real estate...
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Introduction to the Contemporary Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Jiangping Liu
The ideological and political education is the basic means that ideological and political education workers use for educatees. It is a bridge that links theory and practice of education. Only the ways to use are proper and reasonable will ideological and political education in colleges and universities...
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The Analysis on the Activity of Daily Living of Alzheimer’s Disease

Zhenghai Sun, Huimin Han, Fengwu Yan, Jianzhong Li, Wenlin Wang, Yunfeng Han, Jingwen Meng, Na Wang
Objective: To investigate the influence level of activity of daily living about the patients about the Alzheimer’s disease. Methods: Stratified multistage cluster sampling method to determine the survey, investigation and clinical diagnosis using two-stage screening method, screening stage using mini...
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Music Education Effect on Improving Students' Comprehensive Quality

Qi Li
Since the 1990s, cultivating the students' comprehensive ability has drawn attention from the society widely. On May 15, 1999, comrade Jiang Zemin made a speech on the third national education workshop in which he emphasized that, “We must comprehensively implement the educational policy of the party,...
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Research and Practice on “Mobile Internet + College Students' Ideological and Political Education” in 4G Era

Yunchang Zhao, Yongchao Yue
With the arrival of 4G era, mobile Internet has become an indispensable part of college students' life, which is affecting the students' learning, life and way of thinking. Educators in the field of college ideological and political education should comply with the requirements of the times, grasp the...
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The Analysis on the Construction Principles of Scientific Research Incentive Mechanism for Young University Teachers

Aichen Liu
Incentive is the inducement which inspires people's motivation to make its progress towards the goals. Young university teachers not only need self-incentive, but also need encouragement from others, especially from the superior departments and the leaders at all levels. Scientific research management...
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Postmodern Perspective of Yi’s New Year

Jijiang Zhao
Through retelling the Yi’s New Year myth and analyzing the rituals presenting in the festival, this thesis has made a rediscovery about the myth and its social values in a postmodern perspective and found that the Yi’s New Year myth is the spiritual source and homeland of Yi people, which include a huge...
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The Difficulties and Countermeasures Research of Home Economics Curriculum Setting in Chinese Primary and Secondary School

Ying Wu, Neng Li, Guiyu Qu
With the deepening of the current elementary education new curriculum reform and stronger implementation quality education, the settings of home economics curriculum has important significance for the improvement of the national overall quality and promoting the socialization. The home economics education...
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Environmental Regulation Effect on FDI Research - based on the Perspective of Local Government Competition

Peicai Wu, Zhong Wang, Yiou Huang
By using Chinese provincial panel data from 1998 to 2013, the study, based on the empirical analysis about the influence of environmental regulation on FDI, found that: the higher the degree of local government fiscal autonomy, the greater the incentive of the competition of FDI; strict environmental...
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Research on the Defense System of Meteorological Disasters in Ancient China

Na Zhang, Hao Liu, Wei Cui
In ancient China, there was a profound understanding of meteorological disasters, and formed a unique set of defense ideology and system. Along with the deepening of the cognition of nature, since pre Qin period, two kinds of meteorological disasters prevention thoughts are develop rapidly, that is,...
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The Protection and Inheritance of Dunhuang Culture in Intercultural Communication

Xi Zhang
Dunhuang culture faces the problem of cross cultural communication with the limitation of communication, the difference of communication, and the transmission of aphasia. In practice, the tendency of the marginalization of Dunhuang an.d the industrialization of the Dunhuang culture is appeared. It is...
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Study on the Psychological Dynamics of Single parent Students in School Life

Cui Liu
Due to various reasons, the number of single parent students in higher vocational colleges in our country is increasing, and the school did not pay attention to their mental health. In this paper, we investigated a total of 496 students in Sichuan Information Technology College, including 114 single...
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Analysis of the Reason and Countermeasure of Higher Vocational College Students' Exam Cheating

Lijun Liu
Honesty is the traditional Chinese ethics of the most important basic norms. Currently, higher vocational colleges in the constant development and expansion of the meanwhile, Often ignored the credit education of students. Exam cheating is a long-standing problem which is hard to eliminate. Exam cheating...
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New Ideas of College Students' Management under the Mode of University-enterprise Cooperation

Xuezhang Bu
University-enterprise cooperation is an important way to realize the cultivating goal of higher vocational education. This paper discussed that in constructing university-enterprise cooperation personnel training mode, higher vocational colleges should draw lessons from enterprise of the management and...
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Discuss on Tourism Experience Based on Postmodernism Perspectives

Xiaoyun Zheng
In the 90's, many fields in China have been involved in postmodernism like economy, culture, Politics, arts, and social psychology. Experience is one of key traits in both postmodern society and tourism. Tourism experience, the bridge between daily life environments and tourist destinations, is exploration...
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A Survey on the Demand and Willingness to Pay for the Service of the Residents in Changchun City

Dongmei Sun
With the rapid economic development, people's pursuit of life quality is getting higher and higher, at the same time, domestic service has gradually come into people's lives. This paper studies the relationship between the demand for home service and the willingness to pay for the community residents...
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Selection of the Approach to Developing Core Competitiveness of New Farmers

Aichen Liu
The greatest efforts should be made to promote the core competitiveness of new farmers and develop new farmers since they are the most crucial and essential issue for building the new socialist rural area. Meanwhile, they are the most urgent issue among agriculture, rural area and farmer. The core competitiveness...
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Data Structure Teaching Reform Based on Computer Applied Talents Training

Wenfeng Chen
Data Structure is an important specialized course in computer applied talent training scheme. This paper has analyzed the existing problem of training the applied talent in data structure teaching. In views of the problem, this paper has proposed some improved measures from aspects of teaching content,...
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Development and Practice of Project-based Curriculum in Higher Vocational Education by Using Simulation Technology

Xiaozhong Chen
In traditional skills training of computer network system integration, due to the lack of content, scale and application, and the lack of complete full network environment, the system integration capabilities of higher vocational students always can not be improved effectively. According to two goal...
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Analytical Review of Current Doctor Cultivation in China

Fei Li, Jingdong Zhang, Danni Chen
Doctor candidates’ cultivation is proved to be the crucial creative power for the national research system all over the world. In the recent ten years, the number of doctor students and graduates grow rapidly, and the number of doctors awarded in china as the result has become the highest in the world....
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Empirical Analysis of Influential Factors for the Quality Accumulation of Industrial Cluster’s Human Capital

Siwei Sun, Qianyun Sun
This paper, based on the theory of industrial cluster and human capital, first constructs the panel data model of industry cluster’s human capital accumulation from the cluster’s external environment and their own factors, and then makes the empirical analysis for the national’s 35 software parks with...
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Traffic Social Work: Field, Theories and Methods

Wanchun Deng, He Wang
Traffic accidents always threat to people's lives and safety, how to reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents is an important issue of the future transport development. We put forward the innovative concepts of traffic social work in this paper, and divide it into three field, including traffic accidents...
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Cultural Identity: The Era of Chinese Martial Arts Inheritance and Development

Kun Liu, Na Liu
This article USES the literature material law, discusses the development of Chinese martial arts from the perspective of cultural identity crisis dilemma of internal cause and external cause. Study suggests: modern squeezes the space of contemporary Chinese martial arts culture led to the fracture of...
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Between Globalism and Multiculturalism -David Miller’s Nationality in Plural Justice of Society

Louping Wu
According to the modes of human relations, David Miller put forward the plural principles of social justice, which were challenged by globalism and multiculturalism. The globalism criticized that there is collision between economic efficiency and social justice, while the multiculturalism criticized...
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Research on Theory Sources of Art Consumer Behavior Model

Nannan Cao
As a part of people's spiritual and cultural life, art consumption has become normal in people's life, therefore, art consumption behavior has become a important research topic of many scholars. This paper discusses theory sources of art consumer behavior model from the general behavior to the general...
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Analysis of the Thirsty Planet

Zhuo Zhang
Will the world run out of clean water According to the United Nations, one quarter of the world's population experience water scarcity. We construct three models to solve the world’s water problems. We establish models for the ability of a region to provide clean water. We apply the SD model to solve...
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The Research of Taxi Resource Configuration

Zhuo Zhang
This paper mainly studies the Internet age taxi resource allocation problems, we establish the synthetic evaluation model between supply and demand by look into the data. For the degree of the matching of supply and demand "in the different time and space, you will first need to query a large amount...
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Study on the Relationship between CSR Management Level and Enterprise Development Ability

Tiantian An, Chunfa Li
Regression analysis was carried out for CSR management level and enterprise development ability in the same period based on 65 central enterprises in 2014. With software SPSS to carry out principal component analysis and regression analysis for the indicators and data, the result found that CSR management...
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The Principles of Higher Vocational College Library Literature Resource Construction

Shuiwang Lei
Literature resource construction of higher vocational college library must follow certain principles, only by adhering to these principles, higher vocational college library literature resources construction can be carried out smoothly, from the system principle, practical principle, professional principle,...
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Empirical Study on China’s Economic Effect of Education Investment Based on Regional and Time Series Differences

Niya Peng
From 2002 to 2011, the relation between education investment and GDP is linearly increase in China, the speed of increasing is an inverted "U" type, the whole country and the four class areas based on regional differences classification are all so. Study shows that the economic effect of education investment...
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Competency Based Vocational Student Comprehensive Quality Evaluation

Yanping Cui, Juan Gao, Zhizhi Yan, Xiaowei Wang
The oversea study about comprehensive quality of vocational students, the differences between vocational education and college education, the features of professional quality, educational evaluation principal are introduced. An indicator System of vocational students’ comprehensive quality evaluation...
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Cogitation on the Training of Psychological Education in Schools

Xuelian Lu
It has very important significance on promoting the long-term development of the school work and team building for schools, so the writer proposed that schools should try to grasp the psychological education training and enhance the quality and effectiveness of education. In order to improve the quality...
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The Analysis of National Sustainable Development Capability

Weichen Yang
This paper is carried out deeper analysis aiming at the sustainable development problem that the countries concerned, and create the effective evaluation system. We divide sustainable development capabilities into resource, environment, economy and society four categories; respectively discuss the four...
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Spatial Econometrics Analysis of Environmental Governance Effects of China’s Taxation Policy

Yu Zhang
China is increasing emphasis on environmental governance, and puts the construction of ecological civilization as an important development strategy. The environmental pollution is more and more serious in China, especially, the pollution caused by the pollution overflow across provincial boundaries....
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The Mutually Reinforcing Relationship between Teaching and Research

Yanfen Gan, Junliu Zhong, Janson Young
Today, teaching and research are two important functions in colleges and universities, so teachers must correctly handle the two’s relationship. The author has discussed the dialectical relationship between teaching and research and believes the two are interdependent and mutually reinforcing based on...
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Training Situation and Effective Strategies for Active Applicants for Party Membership in Vocational Colleges

Peiyu Lin, Yanfen Gan, Junliu Zhong, Caiyan Lin
Strengthening vocational active applicants’ political thought learning and improving their own political consciousness as a new requirement is raised by the party committee. It is also a key issue to be faced and solved by vocational colleges. Therefore, analyzing the training situation of active applicants...
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Research on the Ubiquitous Learning Model in the Context of Big Data

Jing Chang
In the age of big data, information resources are facilitating the construction of ubiquitous learning environment. By following the dynamically changing needs of learners and taking a new look at information service models, this paper starts with the connotation and characteristics of the information...
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Research on Career Planning Education for College Students of Applied Electric Specialty

Chang Shu, Jinshuo Mei, Jingyu Yang, Yan Sun, Xinxin Chen, Yonglin Yang, Wenpeng Zhang
Career planning education is of great significance for college students to clear struggle target, enhance their employment ability, and it also promotes the quality of professional education. Whereas the existing career planning education modes for electric specialty student have the problems of lacking...
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An Empirical Study on Fiscal Policy’s Promoting Environmental Protection Based on Pollution Spills

Yu Zhang
Environmental quality has always been the focus of China's economic and social development. China puts forward that environmental protection and economic development should complement each other, but in practice economic development has been relatively fast, meanwhile, China has paid a serious environmental...
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Implications on Comparing Power Planning Characteristics in Foreign Countries and China

Fuwei Zhang, Wenjing Wang
The characteristics, methods and experiences of electric power planning in some power enterprises in United States, Japan and Western Europe were analyzed and summarized. Suggestions were made for current electric power planning of our country and for the planning works of our power industry before 2020.
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An Analysis on Legal Translation in a Functionalist Approach

Jun Song
This paper carries out a comparative study of traditional translation approach and functionalist translation approach, and then proposes a theoretical framework in which the functionalist translation approach is applied to legal translation. Functionalist theory is adapted for analysis of legal translation...
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Operation Mechanism of Certification Market Based on the Theory of Two Sided Markets: Take ISO9000 Certification Market as an Example

ZhaoYing Zuo, DeShan Tang, Shangrui Wu, Jian Sun, Yixian Wang
The framework of traditional certification market is based on the theory of one sided markets and ignored the two sided markets feature of certification market. The paper takes ISO9000 certification market as an example to illustrate characteristics of ISO9000 certification market through four aspects:...
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Research on Continuous Tax Inspection

Zhenxin Qu, Wannian Yu
Modern information technologies were not taken full advantage of, and methods of tax inspection ware relatively backward. Continuous tax inspection mode is designed based on cloud-computing and artificial intelligence. With this mode, taxpayers were inspected continuously and real-timely by means of...
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Prevention of the Environmental Risk ——from the view of food safety

Shuhan Qi
The interactions between food production and environment protection afford us many instances, for example, the food event caused by pollution, or the environment disruption caused illegal food production. The essay discuss the risk of environment and the food safety, analyses the state of national system...
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Analysis on the Feminism under the Perspective of Anthropology

Linyu Wang
Feminism anthropology which is a discipline that combine feminism and anthropology is a kind of cultural anthropology research orientation. In the early of 1970s, with the rise and development of feminism and female disciplinary research, female anthropology gradually comes into the public view, and...
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The Analysis of Financial Risks of Real Estate in China

Wanqian Xie
This paper analyzed the status of China’s real estate financial risks, and summarized the outstanding features of the real estate financial risks. The real estate financial risks will run through the whole process of China’s industrialization and urbanization, while the possibility of evolving from a...
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Innovation Analysis of University Humane Spirit and Moral Education

Fan Zhu
University humane spirit is the core and soul of university education, and also an important reflection of moral development in students group. This article is based on humane spirit, then the discussion and analysis are organized with the following six key points: stimulating university students’ psychological...
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The Relationship between Trade Commodity Structure and Industrial Structure in Fujian province

Qinghua Nie
By using the data from 1999 to 2013, this paper studies the relationship between foreign trade commodity structure and industrial structure of Fujian province. Our empirical research firstly showed that there is long-term stable relationship between export, import commodity structure and industrial structure....
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A Discussion on Ideological Education for Chinese College Students against the Background of Microcultures

Aitang Zuo
With the rapid development of science and technology, especially the birth of the mobile Internet, microcultures have increasingly permeated college students’ daily life and influenced contemporary college students’ thinking and life. Chinese universities, society and mass media should join hands to...
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Market Concentration and Performance of Chinese Film Industry Based on SCP Paradigm

Biao Xu
With the continuous improvement of Chinese urban per capita national income, leisure and entertainment has become an important part of people’s life, and the entertainment expenditures are accounting for an increasing proportion of total consumption. Movies, as a leisure project, has attracted more and...
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Application Research of Internet Plus in University Student Work

Hongyu Wang, Zhanhao Zhao, Han Huang, Maosheng Liu, Chaoyang Liu, Huijuan Fu
With the Internet Plus Action Plan proposed, major domestic traditional industries in China took an active part in seeking deep integration with the Internet, which forms a brand new industry status and promotes the economic growth. Moreover, the higher education, an important cause of social evaluation,...
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China and the World: Signaling Threat or Opportunities

Ran Peng
During the last decade, China seems much more active in global economic system and political fields than ever. The majority of the world’s scholars believe that China’s rise is inevitable. However, some countries advocate strongly the “China threat theory”, which has bad effects on China’s economy, political...
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An Investigation of One Aspect of a Learner’s Second Language Development: The Use of the Past Tense in Learner’s Production

Yongheng Wang, Yanping Hu
This paper aims to explore how a Chinese girl majoring in Bio-informatics in Leeds University, performed in the target language, English. By means of analyzing the language she was called on to produce both learners and teachers will benefit from this investigation in their future language learning and...
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Study and Practice on the Talent Training Model of Applied Electronical Technology Specialty

Yongliang Zhang, Bing Luo, Wenhua Qiu
With the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure and the transformation of the economic driving factors, the electronic information industry is becoming more and more demand for the technical and skilled talents in higher vocational colleges. So taking the construction and development...
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Analysis the Trends of Ideological and Political Work of College Counselors under the Perspective of Strengths

Yujun Luo
With the problem of higher education talent quality of bourgeois deepening and specialization of counselors’ professionalization process of development, College counselors work more and more get the attention of the society from all walks of life. Strength perspective is accepted by social workers at...
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The Analysis of the Curriculum Assessment’s Characteristics in American Colleges and Its Inspiration

Yuan Gong, Dan Mei, Yaoxuan Tao, Xiaojie Tong
Contrasting to the current situation of curriculum assessment in the domestic colleges, this study analyzes the characteristics of the course in the American colleges and reforms "a test set for life" examination model, and establishes the curriculum assessment system of ‘General assessment + Innovative...
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Study on Personnel Training Mode of Financial Management

Yu Zhang
Training mode research of financial management is increasingly important. The training target of financial management major, its problems and countermeasures are studied in order to rationalize the relationship between the target of Talent training and curriculum. The paper emphasizes the importance...
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Research on the Application of Evidence-based Thought in the Prevention and Response to Non-traditional Security Threats in Xinjiang

Weiwei Wang, Liang Xiong, Huansong Liu, Xin Xu, Chang Liu
The application of evidence-based thought in the prevention and response of the non-traditional security threats in Xinjiang aims to ensure making decisions based on the best accessible research evidence, and introduce the method of transparently accessing and evaluating the evidence into the whole decision...
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The Quality Chain Management: A Framework for the Prevention and Countermeasures against Non-traditional Security Threats in Xinjiang

Liang Xiong, Weiwei Wang, Silan Li, Xin Xu
The prevention and countermeasures against non-traditional security threats in Xinjiang (henceforth, the PCNSTX for short) should be viewed as a tough and urgent task that needs systematic organization and long-term efforts. The correlation of life cycle phases of non-traditional security threats in...
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Translation of Smile and Metaphor from the Cultural Perspective

Yanping Hu, Yongheng Wang
As important figures of speech, simile and metaphor are marked with unique national and cultural colors. Therefore, the sense of simile and metaphor is frequently culture-specific. Approaches to cultures involved in the translation can be generally divided into foreignization (SL culture-orientation)...
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On Preserving and Inheriting Tanmen’s Marine Folklore in the Context of New Urbanization of Hainan Province

Shixiang Liu, Bingyan Zhu
Marine folklore refers to traditions or customs shared by certain nations or social groups. Hainan province covers a sea area of 2,000,000 square kilometers, which results in various marine folk cultures with characterized marine features. With the new urbanization in progress, the construction of international...
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Physical Education and Teaching Mode of College Female Students Research in Sichuan Agricultural University

Yuanyuan Feng, Suqiong Feng
This paper uses the methods of literature, data statistics, surveyed the Sichuan Agricultural University student physique condition, test and statistics, comparative analysis and summarizes the Sichuan Agricultural University girls’ physical status and characteristics. Results: Sichuan Agricultural University...
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New Exploration on the Path of Construction of the Academic Research Oriented Graduate Students' Party branch under the Guidance of Innovative Ideas

Yiping Chen, Fu Zhou
Talent is the soul of national development, innovation is the motive force of social progress, graduate education is an important process of national’s culturing high level talents, the construction of graduate student Party branch is an important part of postgraduate education and training system. Under...
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Framework Design of Recommendation System in Ubiquitous Learning Environment

Dong Liu
This article from the perspective of learning situation of resources and the recommendation of the learning process, demand situation together, put forward in the various stages of the learning process for learners recommended to meet the demand of current situation of learning content, learning strategy,...
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The Analysis of Pragmatic Presupposition in English News Headlines

Tian Dong, Pingping Shao
Faced with massive news information, news readers hardly have enough time or energy to read all of them. It is news headlines that help them get the most useful and interesting information out of the flooded information. As the essential part of news, headlines aim to summarize the main content in concise...
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Research on Tempting Investigation legality

Kangqing Wang
Temptation Investigation in criminal proceedings as a special investigative techniques, in practice plays an irreplaceable role, but its legitimacy is a question worth exploring. In fact, the substance only grasp and understand the temptation investigation of the legality of the investigation in order...
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Destination Image Studies: The Philosophical Roots of Geography

Shaojun Ji
Destination image as a line of research has been studied by researchers in different disciplines. This paper discusses the relationship between the four traditions of geography and destination image studies. It indicates that destination image studies have been to a great extent rooted in the philosophical...
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Research on the Path of Rural Culture’s Self-production —Get through the Last One Kilometer of Sharing Cultural Prosperity

Yujun Luo
Comprehensively deepen reforms must be to promote social equity and justice, enhance the welfare of the people as the starting point and ending point. Creating a fairer and just social environment should base on more sharing the benefit of reform with all the people. Not only to guarantee the sharing...
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Thoughts on the Management and Development of University-affiliated Enterprise

Luo Xu
This paper proposed a series of management ideas and approaches to deal with the problem of lacking effective supervision in university-affiliated enterprise according to years of work experience in universities operating assets management. The ideas and approaches have theoretical and practical value...
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A Survey on Floating Population Migration Process under the New Urbanization

Xinjian Li, Miaoxi Zhao, Haitao Liu, Mengdi Wu
To understand the migration process of the New Urbanization, this survey takes a total of 1827 floating population in Guangzhou and Liannan as examples, systematically analyzing the features of localization and hollowing, the choices of migration and the factors which influence population floating, further...
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On the Cultural Communication between Teenagers in China Eastern and Western Regions---Aiming at Promoting the Education of Ethnic Unity and Progress

Lieming Fang, Junyi Hou
The education of the ethnic unity and progress is a big issue concerning national unity and identity. It is also a long term task related to the safety and stability of China, which includes the education on nationalities identities and unity, respecting religious belief and folk customs, building harmonious...
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Roundabout Design Research Based on Cellular Automata Simulation

Huangjing Zhang
Nowadays, with the development of society and the progress of material life, ownership of vehicles is on the increase day by day. In order to solve the problem of traffic jam, I design some solutions of roundabouts. For practical purposes and universality, to begin with, I choose conventional non-controlled...
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Discrete Event Simulation Application in Distribution of Refugees

Huangjing Zhang
Nowadays, the refugee crisis has become a worldwide problem. This paper aims to predict refugee crises, design optimal routes and simulate the movement of refugees. Finally, a policy recommendation is proposed, totally based on my research, to those concerned. Firstly, refugee acceptance index is proposed...
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Study on the Quality Evaluation System of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities—Taking Sichuan Province for Example

Suqiong Feng, Yuanyuan Feng
Physical examination in Colleges and universities is related to the overall quality of teaching, and it is an important task and key link of physical education in Colleges and universities. In this paper, the present situation of higher schools in Sichuan Province, ordinary university sports appraisal...
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The Applications of Game Theory and Its Contributions to Economics

Tailo Yeung
In just a few decade development processes, game theory, with its innovative ideas, strong economic analysis tools, and complete and rigorous system, has brought new vigor to the economics, and managed to reinterpret some traditional economic theory more reasonably, and let economists have the ability...
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Discussion on Ways and Methods to Improve the Work Efficiency of Teaching Secretary

Youwen Zhang
In the new period, the college teaching secretary should have good political and ideological quality, professional ability, organization and management ability, and the ability to use office automation equipment. Strengthening the teaching secretary ability is conducive to improving the level of teaching...
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Teaching Practice of Data Structure Based on Flipped Classroom

Qin Zhang
Flipped Classroom highlights the students as the center of the learning concept. Students can follow their own rhythm and learning methods to learn, independently arrange their own study time. The key of Flipped Classroom is the recording of the teaching video, the set of exercises in the video, and...
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The Research of Chinese Training Mode of Work-Study Combination based on Foreign Mode

Fang Chen, Li Zhu, Lei Pan
Through the introduction of the German dual system, British sandwich program and the American cooperative education of the talent training mode of work-study combination, it indicates the features the foreign model of combination of working with learning. On the analysis of the deficiency and shortcuts...
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Study of People-oriented Student Management in University

Xiaoming Du, Sijie Wu
With the expansion of the scale of colleges and universities, student management has played a central role in the development of the school. How to manage student is one of the important issues need to explore in today's colleges and universities. College students have more desire to succeed. They are...
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Some Thoughts on the Teaching Secretaries in Colleges and Universities at present

Yafei Li, Hongchang Wang
As the executive of the university management, teaching secretary is mainly responsible for the basic level of teaching affairs, and plays an important role in the teaching management system. This paper makes an in-depth analysis of the current teaching secretary work on the basis of the functional requirements...
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Self- built Small Corpus Based Research on Senior Two School Students’ English Writing

Xiaowe Li, Yan Zhuang
Based on self- built small corpus, this paper makes English writing error analysis on senior two school students, and classifies the errors into: differences between Chinese and English language, L1 transfer, overgeneralization, internal control factors and evaluation system. I hope this article can...
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Research on the Modern Chinese Values to Restore Mode from the Perspective of Traditional Culture

Yu Mi
This paper presents the novel research on the modern Chinese values to restore mode from the perspective of traditional culture. Socialist core values is the core member of the socialist value system, guidance on other social values, and from the deepest level science reflects the values of the essential...
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Distance English Education in the Era of "Internet+"

Wei Li
Contraposing communication absence in modern distance education, and under this paper exploringly designs and puts forward an "Internet+" Model Based on Expression Recognition, "Internet+" is its theoretic foundation, its kernel technology estimates and comprehends learner's communication states by catching...
Proceedings Article

Feasibility Study on Forming Tennis Club of College Student

Xiying Zuo
As a new type of sports, tennis sport attracts more and more attention to students. Due to the impact of venues and facilities, curriculum, quantity of professional teachers and so on, the enthusiasm and interest of learning tennis is further hampered. The establishment of College Student Tennis Club...