Proceedings of the 1st Progress in Social Science, Humanities and Education Research Symposium (PSSHERS 2019)

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Teacher’s Professionalism of Those Receiving Professional Allowance: Empirical and Critical Review

Nunuk Hariyati, Darni, Oce Wirawan, Warju
Professionally-certified teachers are considered those who are qualified to work professionally and therefore, they deserve to get profession allowance. This study aims to discover a picture of the performance of teachers who have been received professional allowances. The study was conducted using descriptive-quantitative...
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Improving Local Community Knowledge and Skills in Homestay Management

Hendri Azwar, Sukma Yudistira, Eval Edmizal
Nagari Tabek Panjang is one of Nagari (local government), which has several attractions located in Kecamatan Baso, Kabupaten Agam. One of them is the Ikan Sakti Sungai Janiah attraction. This attraction lacks tourist facilities for lodging in the form of Homestay. This can be developed by utilizing local...
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A development of career guidance modules to improve youth career planning: Study at the Parupuk Tabing youth family development, Koto Tangah, Padang, West Sumatra

Agung Satria Wijaya, A. Muri Yusuf, Agus Irianto
One of the development tasks that must be achieved by adolescents is planning for a future career. Career planning is an important part that will determine the success of adolescents. The purpose of this study is to describe adolescent career planning for doing coaching at the program named Bina Keluarga...
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Special Service for Gifted and Talented Students

Fatmawati, Suci Ramadhani
This research discusses special education services for gifted and talented children. The purpose of this research is to describe the special service of regular school. This research uses a qualitative approach that focused on special service given to gifted and talented children. The subject of this...
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Development Program Evaluation on Entrepreneurship Course in Vocational High School West Sumatra

Ambiyar, Delima Yanti, Sari Azhariyah
Entrepreneurship learning is the main point to make Vocational High School graduates be able to create jobs in accordance with the demands of Indonesia’s current development. This study aims to develop a program evaluation model for entrepreneurship learning in Vocational High Schools. This type of research...
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The Use of Kerinci Greeting in Jujun Dialect

Vera Yudi Aditama, R Syahrul, Tressyalina, Afnita, Amril Amir
This study aims to describe and explain the use of the Kerinci Jujun dialect. This study uses descriptive qualitative methods that do not use statistical formulas in the data processing. The data in this study are speech in the form of greetings from the Kerinci community in the village of Jujun, Jambi...
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Child Language Disorder in ADHD Type

Putri Hotma Aryanti Siregar, Agustina
The purpose of this study is to explain children who experience language disorders in the type of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This research is a qualitative study by examining the disorder that occurs in a child named Bima who has ADHD, which is a language customer or S-LI (Speech...
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Analysis of Tukul Arwana’s Speech Acts in a Bukan Empat Mata Programe in Trans 7: A Pragmatic Study

Ansetry, Abdurrahman, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
The purpose of this study is to describe the use of localized speech acts, illocutionary (assertive, directive, commissive, expressive, and declarative), and perlocution used by TukulArwana in the Non-Four Eyes event in Trans7. This research is a qualitative study using descriptive methods. Data collection...
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Improvement of Women’s Economy in Maritime Tourism Areas in the Form of Culinary Processed Development

Najmi, Ridho Bayu Yefterson
This research explains about the potential and economic improvement of women in the maritime tourism area in Nagari, Nyalo Mudiak Aie River which is also included as one of the integrated tourist areas of the Mandeh Islands, XI Koto Tarusan District, Pesisir Selatan Regency, West Sumatra Province. Nagari...
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Phonology of Children Aged 3 Years and 2 Months: Psycholinguistic Study

Ita Putriani, Syahrul Ramadhan, Agustina
Every child gets a different language. Development of children’s language production according to age. Children aged 3;2;0 in general have not been able to produce language perfectly. The purpose of this study is to describe the acquisition of phonology of children aged 3;2;0 years. This research is...
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Differences in Reading Comprehension Text Reading Skills by Using Auditory, Intellectually, Repetition (AIR) and Brainstorming Learning Models in Terms of Students Reading Interest

Dia Fitri, Erizal Gani
This research aims to determine the differences of reading skills in comprehension of exposition text by using the auditory learning model, intellectually, repetition (AIR) and brainstorming in terms of students’ interest in reading at VIII class of MTsN 5 Solok Selatan. Theories used in this research...
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The Influence of Project Based Learning Model on Student Writing Skills

Desi Khairani, Tressyalina
Based on preliminary observations at SMP Negeri 1 Panyabungan, students generally had difficulty mastering writing skills. This condition is caused by the learning model used by the teacher that has not varied and is still lacking. This study aims to describe the effect of project based learning learning...
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Gender Bias on Women Figures in Anak Penurut Short Story by Benny Wirawan: Study of Feminism

Nurridawati, Syahrul Ramadhan
The purpose of this study was to describe the stereotypes or labeling and violence experienced by female leaders in the story of Anak Penurut by Benny Wirawan. This research is a qualitative research with descriptive method. Data is collected by means of literature studies, and analyzed by descriptive...
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Analysis of Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) Participants of Olympiad Geography

Bayu Wijayanto, Bigharta Bekti Susetyo, Nofrion
The National Science Olympiad (OSN) Geography is a prestigious event for high school / MA students or equivalent. The name of the school until personal pride is in the science competition. OSN Geography that is held has different levels of questions, but if it can be concluded is to have a medium to...
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Speech Act of Pasambahan Mananti Marapulai at the Wedding Reception

Riezka, Irfani Basri
Pasambahan Mananti Marapulai is one of the traditions found in the Saniangbaka village. The use of these additions began to be abandoned by the local community, because they were considered old-fashioned and lack of interest from young people in learning these additions. The purpose of this study is...
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Value for Struggle of Main Character Novel Rembulan Tenggelam di Wajahmu by Tere Liye

Fadhlan Lazuardi, Ermanto
The purpose of this research is how to describe the values of the struggle of the main character in the novel Rembulan Tenggelam di Wajahmu by Tere Liye based on the theory of literary sociology. The research design used was descriptive qualitative. Research data is presented based on the object of study...
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The Meaning of Beauty in the Novel Laila and Maya by Ayu Utami

Wahyu Puspita Sari, Yasnur Asri
Meanings beauty usually makes everyone think, a woman with white skin, tall body, sharp nose and white teeth. Ayu Utami sees beauty in a different way from other people. Ayu Utami sees the beauty of deconstruction and difference (anomaly). This study aims to describe the meaning of beauty according to...
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Representation of Women in the Beach of Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Nurul Rahmadani, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
Gender injustice is also often seen in the positioning of women in a short story. This study aims to explain the position of women and how women’s profiles are described as objects in the short story. This research is a qualitative study using the critical discourse analysis method of Sara Mills’s model...
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Position of Female Victims of Sexualon ISIS Media News Online

Pardi Suteja, Novia Juita
The most harmed party in sexual violence cases is female. This study aims to shed light on how news texts model sexual assault cases. This type of research is qualitative using descriptive methods. The research data is an excerpt from a media news online article containing cases of ISIS sex offenders...
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Analysis of the Utilization of Museums as Historical Learning Media by High School Teachers

Rahmuliani Fithriah, Najmi
This paper describes utilization of the Museum by high school teachers in Sawahlunto City. As we known that museums are a source of learning that can be used by teachers in the process of learning history, so the values of past events and the values of characters expected to be understood by students...
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Learning Activities in Inquiry With High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and Literation Skills in the Disruption Era

Bigharta Bekti Susetyo, Deded Chandra, Lailatur Rahmi
Learning activities in the 21st century are expected to develop learning by thinking at a high level. Learning is integrated with developing technology that is tailored to the needs. Problems in the field of student learning activities have not been widely supported to develop higher-level thinking skills...
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The Influence Example Non Example Learning Models and Student Creativity on Writing Skills

Lili Ratnasari, Atmazaki
This study aims to explain the influence of the Example Non Example learning model and student creativity on the writing skills of the explanatory text of eighth grade students of SMP N 1 Pantai Cermin. This research was conducted using the experimental method. The research design used was factorial...
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The Portrait of Women Resistance to Patriarki Culture in Novel Amba Pamuntjak Laksmi

Afri Mardani Hakim, Yasnur Asri
This study aims to analyze and describe the portrait of women’s resistance to patriarchal culture innovel Amba’s by Laksmi Pamuntjak. This type of research is a qualitative study using descriptive methods. The subject of this research is the novel Amba by Laksmi Pamuntjak. Based on the results of this...
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Internalization of State Defending in Underdeveloped District School Students

Junaidi Indrawadi, Maria Montessori, Hendra
The attitude of defending the country should be possessed by every citizen including students as the next generation of the nation. But in reality, the country’s defense values owned by students fade away and the process of inculcating the values of state defense is also not optimal. This article aims...
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Why Do Individuals Want to Do Unethical Behavior: Earning Management Context?

Helga Nuri Honesty, Fiola Finomia Honesty, Dovi Septiari
This study examines the effects of loss framing, incentive and negative social consequent on earning management engagement. We conduct between-subject experiment with 82 students as participants. The independent variables are receiving loss framing, incentive and negative social consequences and the...
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Syntacticization of Mother Language in Children

Trioktia Yusiska, Agustina
This study describes the development of the acquisition of syntactic mother tongue experienced by children R.A Mekar Mulya Koto XI Tarusan subdistrict, at the age of 4-5 years. This is caused by biological and environmental factors. This study also aims to explain the acquisition of syntactic sentences...
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Teaching Music Based on Student’s Culture in Elementary School

Ardipal, Fuji Astuti, Dewi Pebriyanti
Researches on music education for young learners are generally uncorrelated with children’s culture due to the separation between music education and the culture embodied in it. This study aims to investigate 1) children’s cultures, 2) adult’s arts and cultures, 3) roles of art education in shaping children’s...
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The politeness of Language; Mata Najwa Show in Trans7 TV

Deni Wahyuni, Syahrul Rahmadhan
Modesty is something that is considered important by the language community, especially the language community that is in an environment with culture and norms that are still held firmly. In the current era of globalization, with the level of technology and civilization beginning to be modern and advanced,...
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Obtaining Language in Children 2.5 Aged Years Old Phonology and Syntax Study

Dernius Hura, Agustina
The purpose of this research is to learn how to study the language of 2.5-year-old children based on phonology and syntax that they produce. This research is a case study of children. The research data was obtained by opening a direct conversation and the conversation was talking to parents and siblings....
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Development of Civics Literacy Teaching Materials in Primary Schools

Reinita, Zuardi, Indah Budianti, Ridwan Efendi
Elementary school teachers are less successful to teach civics learning perfectly, is seen from the tendency to teach cognitive materials. As a result, the coaching of attitude based on the values of Pancasila is becoming neglected. Whereas the civics learning is one of value oriented learning. The following...
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Variations of Sentence Structure in 5th Grade Students’ Essays in Padang: Perspective of Basic Sentence Patterns

Siti Ainim Liusti, Ellya Ratna, Zulfikarni
This research is a qualitative descriptive that aims to describe the variation of sentence structure of 5th grade students in Padang (SD Negeri Percobaan, SD IT Adzkia 2, MIN 3, and SD Agnes) based on basic sentence patterns in Indonesian. The data is a sentence that contained in student essays. Before...
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Torn in the Flesh: Critical Discourse Analysis on Discriminatory Acts in West Sumatra

Agustina, Muhammad Adek
Discriminatory acts committed by certain parties against particular community or groups on the basis of gender, religion, race and certain orientations contributed greatly to the decline in the Democratic Index in West Sumatra province. Subsequentlt, this research aimed to examine further at how this...
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Model Development of Android-Based Learning in Vocational High School

Elida, Wiwik Gusnita, Dedy Irfan
This study aimed to develop an android-based learning model for subjects of Creative Products and Entrepreneurship in Catering students at Vocational Schools. The study analyzed the validity of android-based learning models, and analyzed practicality and the effectiveness of android-based learning models...
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Civic Engagement on Global Issues: Participation and Attention in Indonesia’s KitaAgni Movement

Alia Azmi, Nora Eka Putri, Ike Sylvia
In order to describe Indonesians’ civic and political participation on global issues facilitated by the social media, particularly on anti-sexual harassment movements, this article analyzes students’ activism on KitaAgni, a movement to propose anti-sexual harassment policy on campus. The KitaAgni movement...
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Information Literacy Level of Students of Universitas Negeri Padang Using the Big 6 Model

Marlini, Elva Rahmah
This research discusses the level of information literacy of student of Universitas Negeri Padang using The Big 6 Model. This research uses explanative method which aimed to explain why events occur, and to build and develop theories or concepts. The data obtained by directly distributing questionnaires....
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Flippedped Learning as a Strategy to Improve Students Higher Order Thinking: (A Quasi Experiment)

Rani Sofya, Annur Fitri Hayati, Rita Syofyan
Higher education in Indonesia needs to adjust the students’ competencies with the developments that always occur to be able to succeed in 4.0 Era. The main competencies needed are critical thinking, problem solving, and Higher Order Thinking (HOT). The common learning situation, in which students learn...
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Spatial Analysis on the Utilization of Mosque in the Tsunami Disaster Mitigation in Padang

Azhari Syarief, Dian Adhetya Arief, Triyatno, Endah Purwaningsih
Mentawai megatrusth is a subduction zone which is currently very active in an earthquake and is expected to be a threat to the city of Padang against tsunami hazards. The mosque’s institution acts as a centre of religious and social activities by Muslim communities for centuries in West Sumatera. In...
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Lesson Study With the Application of the Project Based Learning Model to Enhance Student Activity in Designing Learning Devices

Nurlizawati, Selinaswati
This article studies about application of project-based learning models through lesson study activities. The quality of the learning process can be observed from the learning activities of students. Lack of student activities on learning, causes to lack understanding of the material being taught. Successful...
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Relationship of Perceived Autonomy Support With Work Family Conflict in Women Teachers in Padang City

Gumi Langerya Rizal, Zulian Fikry
Along with the times, married women no longer only act as housewives but also play a role in helping the family economy. This condition can cause role conflict in women. Conflict between work and family (Work Family Conflict) has a negative impact on women, so the role of support from the surrounding...
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A Family Interpersonal Communication Inventory: A Development From Rasch Analysis

Afdal, Herman Nirwana, Alfina Sari, Yuda Syahputra
Many divorces occur because of the lack of good interpersonal communication within the family. Therefore, there needs to be a valid and reliable inventory to measure interpersonal communication in the family. The purpose of this study was to test the validity, item suitability, item difficulty levels,...
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Direction of Sustainable Development Policy in the Water Catchment Areas (Watershed) Koto Panjang Reservoir

Khairani, Indang Dewata, Dilla Angraina
This research aims to create the Direction of Sustainable Development Policy in the Water Catchment Areas (watershed) Koto Panjang Reservoir based on social and cultural study. This research type is qualitative research by using the interview data collection technique, observation and Focus Group Discussion....
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Responding to Climate Change by Applying the Techno-Ecological Agriculture Model

Rahmanelli, Ratna Wilis, Sugeng Nugroho, Afdhal
The specific objective of this study is to apply a techno-ecological agricultural model in order to respond to climate change. An increase in air temperature will have an impact on decreasing crop productivity, especially in annual crops. This condition also affects livestock productivity. Besides that,...
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Development of E-Modules Based on Project Based Learning Model for Highway and Bridge Construction Subject at Vocational High Schools

Muvi Yandra, Nadra Mutiara Sari
The shifting curriculum into curriculum 2013 also occurs on several productive subjects at Vocational high school in which there is one additional subject, Highway and Bridge Constructions. As this is a new subject, frankly the teacher is required to be able to understand the materials and deliver them...
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Social Construction of Mass Media in the Indonesian Presidential Election; A Framing Analysis of the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Debate

AB Sarca Putera, Nurlizawati, Ike Sylvia, Eka Novita Sari
This study discussed the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election, which was constructed by online mass media. Since mass media and politics are two inseparable things, they have attractive mutual interests. On this basis, the presumption that the process of news production, editorial policy and the ideal...
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Development of an Instrument to Measure the Inclusive Classroom Climate

Nurhizrah Gistituati, Hadiyanto, Asep Ahmad Sopandi, Grahita Kusumastuti
This study aims to develop an inclusive classroom climate measuring tool in junior high school. The development of this study uses a mix method approach by performing two stages of research, namely theoretical framework and need assessment. The first step was conducted by literature study, reviewing...
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Innovation in Learning Process of Adaptive Physical Education at STKIP Muhammadiyah Muara Bungo

Ade Marta Putra, Atmazaki, Ramalis Hakim
This study aims to determine the form of innovation carried out by the lecturer in the learning process of Adaptive Physical Education at STKIP Muhammadiyah Muara Bungo. This research is a descriptive qualitative research in which data was obtained by using documents, namely learning tools for lecturers...
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Development the Learning Model of Basketball Passing With Playing Approach on Junior High School Students

Ahmad Rahmadani, Moch. Asmawi, Achmad Sofyan Hanif
This research aims to develop a product of basketball passing model with playing approach on junior high school students. The method which used in this study is a research and development methods using development research model by Borg and Gall. The steps are: 1) preliminary assessment, 2) planning...
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Effectiveness of Physical Activity Circuit Model on Endurance of Elementary School Students

Apta Mylsidayu, James Tangkudung, Achmad Sofyan Hanif
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of physical activity model based on circuit for endurance of elementary school students. The research method used is experiment with pretest-posttest control group design. Population and sample were 108 students, consisting of 49 students from the Elementary...
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A Review of Students’ Physical Fitness Students at MTSN, Lubuk Buaya, Padang

Dede Pratama Chandra, Reno Eka Putra, Ismail
Based on the observation conducted at MTsN Lubuk Buaya Padang, the students physical fitness is considered low. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of physical fitness of students. This research was a descriptive study. The population was 565 students of MTs Negeri Lubuk Buaya Padang....
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The Effect of Discovery Teaching Style on Basic Techniques of Table Tennis Skills at SMP Semen Padang

Dessi Novita Sari
This study aims to describe the improvement process on the basic techniques of table tennis skills using teaching styles and any related factors. The subjects were students of class VIII and IX amounted to 20 people. The sample was selected by using purposive sampling.The type of research used was quasi...
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A Review of the Implementation of Badminton Extracurricular Activities at SMAN 12 Padang

Doni Jalpa, Maidarman, Zarwan, Ishak Aziz
This research belongs to the type of descriptive research which aims to find out about the implementation of badminton extracurricular activities at SMAN 12 Padang. Sampling is done by using total sampling technique, namely the population sampled, because the population is less than 100 people. The data...
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Development of Adaptive Assessment Learning Media in SLB 2 Padang

Erianti, Yuni Astuti, Dessi Novita Sari
This study was initiated due to Sport learning at Padang 2 SLB has not been implemented optimally. Likewise, the teaching strategy such as the use of learning media has not met the need of physical education effectively and efficiently. so that it is seen that students are less creative and less motivated...
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Developing Playing Activities Model for Anak Suku Dalam Mentawai Based on Modification of Sports

Gusril, Tjung Hauw Sin
The purpose of this study is to develop valid, practical, and effective playing activities model. This Research and Development (R&D) method involved 42 children from a primary school in Madobag Mentawai. The data were collected through questionnaires of playing activities; consisting of close statements...
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Development of Manipulative Models Based on Play and Games in Physical Education for Elementary School in Ambon City

Idris Moh Latar, Bahmid Hasbullah
This research aims to development of manipulative model based on play and games in physical education for elementary school in Ambon city. Respondents in this study fifth grade elementary school students in Ambon City. The method used in this study is the development with Borg and Gall models. To see...
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Preserving Culture in Strengthening Students’ Characters

Ishak Aziz, Nelfia Adi Aryadi Adnan
This study aims to determine how much influence Cultural Preservation in strengthening the character of students at the level of elementary education. For that, it was carried out with quasi-experimental research, with samples taken from students at the elementary education level with a number of random...
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Improving Students’ Radslag Movement Through Applying Exercise Method at SMPN 001 Rumbio Jaya

M Akmal, Zalfendi, Nurul Ihsan
The problem in this study is most students have not been able to do the radslag movement correctly. The purpose of this study is to find out whether the training method for the VIIC class students in SMP N 001 in Rumbio Jaya sub-district can improve the movement of radslag.This type of research is classroom...
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The Effect of Nutritional Status, Physical Fitness Level and Motivation Towards Learning Outcomes of PJOK of Students at Class X SMA Pertiwi 1 Padang

Muhammad Azizan Shah
The problem in this research has not been the maximum of students learning outcomes of PJOK seen from a large number of students who have grades below the minimum completeness criteria. This type of research is quantitative correlation with a causal associative approach. The purpose of the study was...
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Motivation of Students on the Learning Process of Physical and Sports Education in Public Junior High School 30 Padang

Muthia Akhiruddin, Rian Aprizon
The problem in this study originated from the lack of implementation of Penjasorkes learning so well that students were less enthusiastic in physical education learning. The purpose of this study was to determine the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of students towards physical education learning at...
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Student Worksheet Validity Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) Equipped With Educational Games in Biological Science Materials for Junior High School Grade VIII

Novrianti Wardinin, Lufri
The aim of this research is to develop student worksheet based on PBL which completed by educative games and know the validity criteria. The type of this research is Research and Development with the development model of Plomp which consists of three stages, namely the preliminary research phase, development...
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Teacher’s Competencies on Sports, Health and Physical Education at Primary School in Padang

Piter Hari Anggara, Alnedral, Umar
The Primary Schools in Southern Padang district is one of the schools that carry out physical education learning, but the implementation physical education learning is not implemented as it should be. There are many factors that influence physical education learning. One of them is teacher competence...
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The Comparison of Students’ Physical Fitness Level

Rafdi Primaharsyah, Khairunnas, Sefri Hardiansyah
The purpose of this study is to determine the differences of elementary students’ physical fitness level between students in SDN 05 Sungai Beremas West Pasaman Regency and students in SDN 25 Padang City. This is an ex post facto design using comparative research method. This research involves 20 students...
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The Relationship of Teacher’s Competence and Performance in Sports Physical Education and Health in Implementing 2013 Curriculum at SMP in Solok Regency

Ruki Febri Hartika, Bafirman, Alex Aldha Yudi
Problems during the learning process of Physical and Sports Education are estimated to be caused by teacher performance. This study aims to analyze the relationship of professional competence with the performance of PJOK teachers, pedagogic competence with PJOK teacher performance, professional competence,pedagogic...
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The Difference of Elementary Students’ Physical Fitness Level in Accordance With School Geography

Sepriadi, Eldawaty
This research is based on differences in physical fitness between elementary school students. This is because various factors are one of the geographic factors of the student’s environment. This study aims to look at the differences in the level of physical fitness of elementary school students in the...
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Children’s Motor Skill and Intervention: What Have We Known?

Syafruddin, Syahrial Bakhtiar, Ruri Famelia
Fundamental motor skills (FMS) are the basic pattern of movements to support more complex movement in sports and daily activities. One might argue that FMS is naturally emerged along with body development. However, research has shown that FMS should be taught appropriately to children. However, we have...
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Developing a Motor Skill-Based Curriculum for Preschools and Kindergartens as a Preventive Plan for Children With Obesity in Indonesia

S Bakhtiar, R Famelia, R Syahputra, I Oktavianus, J Goodway
Indonesia has faced up malnutrition and non-communicable issues for years, yet currently Indonesia turned out to be ranked at the top ten most obese countries in the world. The trajectory of the rate of obesity is increasing from childhood to adolescence. Physical inactivity is a factor that contributes...
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Hypnoteaching to Improve Motoric Skills in Physical Education

Samsul Azhar, Dewi Shinta Nor Aini, Silvi Aryanti
The aim of this study is to determine the increase of motoric skillson rhythmic gymnastics material. This is an action research using hypnoteaching method to improve motoric skills. Sample consists of 31 students (15 male and 16 female). The result of data analysis collected from activity in each cycle...
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The Children Playing Activities of Suku Anak Dalam at Madobag Village Mentawai Regency

Gusril, Tjung Hauw Sin
The purpose of this research is to determine the playing activities of the children of Suku Anak Dalam at Madobag Village Mentawai Regency. This is a quantitative research. The population of this research consists of 93 students of public elementary school located at Madobag Village Mentawai Regency....
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The Performance of Student Fighting Spirit in Football Learning

Zalfendi, Emral
The problem in this research is still not satisfied student result in football learning. It is caused by various factors including learning model which is used by teachers. So, it is necessary to develop different football learning model from conventional model that is learning model based on Fighting...
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The Effect of National Standard Education Towards Student’s Character at Junior High School and Islamic Junior High School

Ishak Aziz
The purpose of this study is to determine how the National Standard Education consisting of Content Standard, Process Standard, Education Staffs Standard, and Assessment Standard influences the character of the students at Junior High School and Islamic Junior High School in Bukittinggi. This is a quantitative...
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The Different Effect of Instructional Approaches of Physical Education and Students’ Motor Capability on Students’ Physical Fitness

Erizal Nurmai
This research is intended to find out the effect of instructional approaches of Physical Education and students’ motor capability on students’ physical fitness. This research was conducted to grade 4, 5, and 6 of Primary School No. 10 (National Standard Primary School) of Kuranji, Padang, in the academic...
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Evaluation of Character Implementation on Junior High School and Madrasah Tsanawiyah Students in Payakumbuh City

Aryadie Adnan, Ishak Aziz, Hendri Irawadi
In junior high school of Payakumbuh, character education has been implemented through the integration of 18-character value, in 11 subjects and control by parents. The type of the research was Evaluative. The samples of this research were junior high school selected by using random sampling technique....
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Improving Students Learning Motivation Through Innovation of Media Learning in Physical Education for Visual Impairment

Febriana Pratiwi, EgaTrisna Rahayu
The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the motivation of learning in children with visual impairment through the application of innovative learning media through sound ball in physical education. This is an experimental reseacrh method using a One Group Pretest-Posttest design. Treatment...
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Using Cooperative Learning to Teach Team Game Tournament Structure in Learning Physical Education and Sports

Dian Pujianto, Bayu Insanistyo, Syafrial, Ari Sutisyana, Arwin
This study aims to determine the extent to which the effectiveness of cooperative learning model to teach game team tournament structure in Physical Education and Sport Management. This is classroom action research. Subjects of this research were health, physical education and recreation students taking...
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The Development of Model Pencak Silat Curriculum for Primary School

The aim of this research is to design the model of pencaksilat curriculum forprimary school. The type of this research was development research. Technique of data collectionwas done by expert test (construct validity) to developed the model. The source of dataare involved curriculum experts, pencak silat...
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Relationship Between Nutritional Status and Students’ Physical Condition

Nirwandi, Sefri Hardiansyah
The issue in this research is the low level of FIK UNP students’ physical condition. The aim of this research to determine the relationship between nutritional status and students’ physical condition. This is a correlational research design involving 17 students of FIK UNP. Nutritional status data were...
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Religion Intervention in Character Building of University Students

Said Hariadi
This study is intended to examine the impact of the religion intervention in character building of university students. The subject involved as many as 112 students in the department of physical and health education, Faculty of Sports and Health, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo (UNG), from a total of four...
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Teachers’ Competence of Physical Education, Sports and Health of Junior High School (First Functional Level Teacher of West Sumatera)

The purpose of this study is to know the teachers’competence ability of Physical Education, Sport and Health (PESH) of Junior High School of first functional level teacher of West Sumatera. Instruments used are Objective test of standard teachers’competency test for Physical Education, Sport and Health...
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Developing a Football Basic Techniques Learning Model Through Global Analytical Global Approach

Aldo Naza Putra
This study aims to develop an exercise model of basic football technical skills through the Global Analytical Global approach for SSB PSTS students aged 6-12 years. Specifically, the objectives of this study are to produce a design model of basic football technique skills through Global Analytical Global...
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Effect of Drill and Game Training Methods on Dribbling Ability of Soccer Games

Darmansyah, Umar, Donie
The maim of the study was to determine the effect of drill and game method exercises on the dribbling ability of football games of extracurricular students of Arrummani Middle School, Tambang District, Kampar Regency. This was a quasi-experimental research. The population was 54 extracurricular students...
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Indonesia Football Philosophy (Filanesia)

Emral, Danurwindo, Ganesha
This stage of coaching will score players who love football games, have skillful football action skills, and competence in the game. Everything can be a guide for young trainers on how to organize good and right practice. Also, a guide to providing training materials that are suitable and appropriate...
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The Comparison Between Dribble Exercise and Race Slalom Dribble Exercise on Junior Football Players at SSB Pekanbaru

Mayzen Yunefri, Ardiah Juita, Meri Haryani
This research was conducted to determine whether there is influence between the dribble field exercise with a slalom race on dribbling skills on SSB Junior Pekanbaru. There was 18 people as the research sample. Then the data is processed with the statistics, normality test with Liliefors test at a significant...
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The Effect of Small Side Games Exercise and Motor Ability Towards Students’ Ability of Bunda High School Padang

Rizky Pratama, Wilda Welis, Adnan Fardi
The results of the first research hypothesis state that the average value of the small sided games training method A1 = 272.95 is higher than the average score of the training series A2 = 264.8. The second research hypothesis states that a group of high motor skills B1 = 273.25 higher than the average...
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The Effect of Global Training Methods, Conventional Training, and Emotional Intelligence Towards Football Player’s Skill at SSB UIR Pekanbaru

Roki Febrian, Arsil, Emral
This research method was the quantitative method by using a factorial study design 2 x 2. The research population consists of 90 male students, while the sample was taken by purposive sampling and random sampling in order to obtain a sample of 48 male students. Test of data on football playing skills...
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Developing Jump Serve Exercise Model in Volleyball at Universitas Negeri Padang

Muhamad Sazeli Rifki, Ariando Ariston
This study concerns on the weaknesses found in floating jump service technique in volleyball training at Universitas Negeri Padang. Thus, this study aims to develop a floating jump service for volleyball. The type of research is developmental research using Borg and Gall model by collecting data on needs...
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The Influence of Variation Exercises Towards the Ability of Sepaktakraw at SMPN 17 Pekanbaru

I Siska, Gusril, K Anton
Based on researcher’s observations, the students’ ability of playing Sepaktakraw is still beyond expectation. The purpose of this research is to reveal the influence of exercise variations against the ability of sepaktakraw at SMP Negeri 17Pekanbaru. This type of research was quasi experiment. This research...
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The Effect of Perseverance and Training Motivation on Student Achievement in Sepaktakraw

This study aims to look at the effect of fighting power and exercise motivation on sepaktakraw achievements, Padang State University. This type of research is correlational. The study population of the Faculty of Sport Science students at Padang State University who participated in the sepaktakraw course...
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The Effect of Using Instructional Media on Sepaktakraw Skill of UKO Athlete in Universitas Negeri Padang

Zumroni, Padli, Hasriwandi Nur
The problem in this research is still low sepaktakraw skills and the discovery of effective learning methods in improving sepaktakraw skills in UKO athletes of University of Padang. The purpose of this research are: (1) to see the effect of using conventional methods in increasing sepaktakraw skills...
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Development of Fundamental Basic Movement Skill of Children

Yanuar Kiram, Anton Komaini, Nuridin Widya Pranoto
The aim of this study is to develop models of motor learning for kindergarten which adapts to the curriculum and characteristics of the students. This research used Research and Development method. Limited-scale trials were conducted on 20 kindergarten studentsin Padang Utara. Field trials were conducted...
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Training Method and Excellent Character of Athletes Towards Basic Skills of Tarung Derajat

Alnedral, Syahrial Bakhtiar, Umar
This study aims to see the effect of training method and attitudes on basic engineering skills. This an experimental design involving 30 athletes. The samples are collected by Stratified-cluster random sampling technique. The instrument consists of basic engineering skills tests and fighting ablityof...
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The Differences of Influence Segmented Method and Whole Method to Improve the Basic Techniques of Badminton

Zarwan, Arsil
The purpose of this research is to increase the effectiveness of badminton training of elementary students. The method used in this research is quasi-experimental,pretest-posttest control group design,using two independent variables and one dependent variable. The independent variables is the segmented...
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From Beggar to Winner: The Stages of Motive Development of the Athletes With Disabilities

Hanny Hafiar, Priyo Subekti, Heru Ryanto Budiana, F. X. Ari Agung Prastowo
The percentage of disabilities in Indonesia is quite large. Most of the disabilities have decided to become a beggar or also known as panhandler in order to find the necessities of life. An interesting phenomenon that occurs in Bandung, there are disabilities panhandlers that have potential as an athlete...
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The Effect of Training Method and Basic Movement Towards Basic Technique of Beginner Tennis Athletes Aged 8-10 Years in Sekora Tennis Club at Padang

Risky Syahputra, Syahrial Bakhtiar, Marjohan
This study is conducted to observe the outlook of: (1) basic skill disparities on playing tennis between a group treated with action method and conventional method as their training method, (2) basic skill disparities on playing tennis between groups which have high basic movement skill and low basic...
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Relationship Between Playing Environment and Parenting With Motor Skills Kindergarten

Anton Komaini, Mohd. Ekhsan Maulana Sadikin
Based on the author’s observations in the field, it shows that there are still many kindergarten students whose fundamental motor skills are still low. This study aims to explain the Relationship between playing environment and parenting with motor skills kindergarten students Pertiwi 2 Air Tawar Padang,...
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The Effect of Gawang Ceria Games for Gross Motor Skills With Thematic Learning Approach at Bahari Kindergarten in Padang

Rakimahwati, Cindy
This research is based on the unpredictability of children’s gross motor skills optimally, the majority of children could not yet boarding the board, catch and throw the ball, put the ball into the goal provided. Learning or a race to develop a child’s gross motor has begun to draw but the games that...
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Development of Motor Learning Model Based on Game and Fun Activities

Darni, Gusti Handayani
Based on the previous observations, problems regrarding the motor skills learning model is The problem of this research was the lack of motor skills learning model found in kindergarten (TK). This study aims at developing a gamed-based motor skill learning model namely “game and fun” to nursery students....
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Traditional Games in Pandan Village River at Rimbo Ulu District Tebo Regency

M. Hasbi AshShiddiqi, Eri Barlian, Kamal Firdaus
This problem is thought to be the result of the development of electronic media technology and the entry of foreign cultures causing traditional games to be rarely played by children and more interested in modern games. For this reason the researcher intends to conduct research to find out more about...
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Physical Fitness Level and Nutrition Status of Darussalam Aur Duri Islamic Boarding School Students

Al Arif Rahman, Wilda Welis, Pudia M. Indika, Arsil
The problem in this study was the lack of knowledge of the physical fitness and nutritional status of the students of Darussalam Aur Duri Islamic Boarding School in X District Koto Singkarak Solok Regency. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of physical fitness and nutritional status...
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Nutritional and Motor Ability Status of Elementary School Student

Wilda Welis, Darni, Khairuddin
Nutritional disorders in childhood may cause a decrease in motor abilities and increased morbidity and mortality in adulthood. Since nutritional status can influence the expression of children’s motor capacities, a study has been carried out in order to examine differences in motor abilities of children...
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The Effect of Achievement Motivation and Self Confidence Towards Achievement of Wushu Sanda Athletes

Doris Apriani Ritonga, Chairul Azmi, Rima Mediyana Sari
This study aims to determine the influence of achievement motivation and self-confidence on the achievement of North Sumatra Wushu Sanda Athletes in the North Sumatra Regional Championships. Subjects in this study were Wushu Sanda athletes who participated in the 2017 North Sumatra Regional Championship....
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Evaluation of Sport Journalism of Tempo Magazine

Andi Mulya, Firmansyah Dlis, Achmad Sofyan Hanif
This article is entitled evaluation of sport journalism of Tempo Magazine, referring to Stufflebeam evaluation theory, with four components namely Context, Input, Process, and Product. The article will focus on context and input components, with seven questions of research including, context component...