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Research Article

Commercial Territory Design for a Distribution Firm with New Constructive and Destructive Heuristics

Jaime Cano-Belmán, RogerZ. Ríos-Mercado, M. Angélica Salazar-Aguilar
Pages: 126 - 147
A commercial territory design problem with compactness maximization criterion subject to territory balancing and connectivity is addressed. Four new heuristics based on Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedures within a location-allocation scheme for this NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem...
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Hamideh Kerdegari, Khairulmizam Samsudin, Abdul Rahman Ramli, Saeid Mokaram
Pages: 127 - 136
This paper presents an accurate wearable fall detection system which can identify the occurrence of falls among elderly population. A waist worn tri-axial accelerometer was used to capture the movement signals of human body. A set of laboratory-based falls and activities of daily living (ADL) were performed...
Research Article

Online Feature Selection for Classifying Emphysema in HRCT Images

M. Prasad
Pages: 127 - 133
Feature subset selection, applied as a pre- processing step to machine learning, is valuable in dimensionality reduction, eliminating irrelevant data and improving classifier performance. In the classic formulation of the feature selection problem, it is assumed that all the features are available at...
Research Article

A Decision Support Application in Tracking Construction Waste Using Rule-based Reasoning and RFID Technology

Lizong Zhang, Anthony S. Atkins
Pages: 128 - 137
Protection of the environment is currently a high profile concern and this is resulting in more effective recycling and reuse of materials. This paper outlines a research project for developing and using a ‘Technology Hub’ framework combining Computational Intelligence – Rule-based...
Research Article

Non-fragile finite-time guaranteed cost fuzzy control for continuous-time nonlinear systems

Lei Zhang, Xiang-Yun Wang, Kun Zhang
Pages: 129 - 135
This paper considers the problem of non-fragile finite-time guaranteed cost fuzzy control for continuous-time nonlinear systems. Firstly, the definition on finite-time stability (FTS) for continuous-time nonlinear systems is provided and we give a novel and explicit interpretation for non-fragile finite-time...
Research Article

Optimisation of Group Consistency for Incomplete Uncertain Preference Relation

Xiujuan Ma, Zaiwu Gong, Weiwei Guo
Pages: 130 - 141
An incomplete uncertain preference relation (UPR) is typical in group decision making (GDM) for decision makers (DMs) to express preference over alternatives because of the information interaction barrier between people and decision making environment. Completing missing values can guarantee individual...
Research Article

An improved chaotic firefly algorithm for global numerical optimization

Ivona Brajević, Predrag Stanimirović
Pages: 131 - 148
Firefly algorithm (FA) is a prominent metaheuristc technique. It has been widely studied and hence there are a lot of modified FA variants proposed to solve hard optimization problems from various areas. In this paper an improved chaotic firefly algorithm (ICFA) is proposed for solving global optimization...
Research Article

Global Approximations to Cost and Production Functions using Artificial Neural Networks

Efthymios G. Tsionas, Panayotis G. Michaelides, Angelos T. Vouldis
Pages: 132 - 139
The estimation of cost and production functions in economics relies on standard specifications which are less than satisfactory in numerous situations. However, instead of fitting the data with a pre-specified model, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) let the data itself serve as evidence to support the...
Research Article

Design of PID controller for sun tracker system using QRAWCP approach

Sandeep D. Hanwate, Yogesh V. Hote
Pages: 133 - 145
In this paper, a direct formula is proposed for design of robust PID controller for sun tracker system using quadratic regulator approach with compensating pole (QRAWCP). The main advantage of the proposed approach is that, there is no need to use recently developed iterative soft computing techniques...
Research Article

Multi-attribute group decision making based on Choquet integral under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environment

Jindong Qin, Xinwang Liu, Witold Pedrycz
Pages: 133 - 152
In this paper, we propose new methods to represent interdependence among alternative attributes and experts’ opinions by constructing Choquet integral using interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers. In the sequel, we apply these methods to solve the multiple attribute group decision-making (MAGDM)...
Research Article

An application of effective genetic algorithms for Solving Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problems

Cengiz Kahraman, Orhan Engin, Ihsan Kaya, Mustafa Kerim Yilmaz
Pages: 134 - 147
This paper addresses the Hybrid Flow Shop (HFS) scheduling problems to minimize the makespan value. In recent years, much attention is given to heuristic and search techniques. Genetic algorithms (GAs) are also known as efficient heuristic and search techniques. This paper proposes an efficient genetic...
Research Article

A Deterministic Algorithm for Min-max and Max-min Linear Fractional Programming Problems

Qigao Feng, Hongwei Jiao, Hanping Mao, Yongqiang Chen
Pages: 134 - 141
In this paper, a deterministic global optimization algorithm is proposed for solving min-max and max-min linear fractional programming problem (P) which have broad applications in engineering, management science, nonlinear system, economics and so on. By utilizing equivalent problem (Q) of the (P) and...
Research Article

A Generic Implementation Framework for Measuring Ontology-Based Information

Yinglong Ma, Xiaolan Zhang, Beihong Jin, Ke Lu
Pages: 136 - 146
As a knowledge representation tool, ontologies have been widely applied in many fields such as knowledge management and information integration, etc. Ontology measurement is an important challenge in the field of knowledge management in order to manage the development of ontology based systems and reduce...
Research Article

A new multidimensional model with text dimensions: definition and implementation

MariaJ. Martin-Bautista, Carlos Molina, Elizabet Tejeda, Maria-Amparo Vila
Pages: 137 - 155
We present a new multidimensional model with textual dimensions based on a knowledge structure extracted from the texts, where any textual attribute in a database can be processed, and not only XML texts. This dimension allows to treat the textual data in the same way as the non-textual one in an automatic...
Research Article

Agents and rough sets

Germano Resconi, Chris Hinde
Pages: 137 - 157
Rough set theory gives approximation models of complex knowledge structure. Agents are not present in the definition of the rough sets. Now we will show that a set of conflicting agents or active set can be used to model inconsistent decision in rough set theory. Agent models give us the logic structure...
Research Article

An Ant Colony-based Text Clustering System with Cognitive Situation Dimensions

Yi Guo, Yan Li, Zhiqing Shao
Pages: 138 - 157
In order to build human cognition features into the procedure of clustering, this paper introduces a novel text clustering system, CogTCA (Cognitive Text Clustering with Ants), which (1) represents texts according to four cognitive situation dimensions in form of cognitive situation matrices and vectors...
Research Article

A Comprehensive Analysis and Hardware Implementation of Control Strategies for High Output Voltage DC-DC Boost Power Converter

Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Gabriele Grandi, Frede Blaabjerg, Pat Wheeler, Pierluigi Siano, Manel Hammami
Pages: 140 - 152
Classical DC-DC converters used in high voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission systems, lack in terms of efficiency, reduced transfer gain and increased cost with sensor (voltage/current) numbers. Besides, the internal self-parasitic behavior of the power components reduces the output voltage...
Research Article

Networks of Mixed Canonical-Dissipative Systems and Dynamic Hebbian Learning

Julio Rodriguez, Max-Olivier Hongler
Pages: 140 - 146
We study the dynamics of a network consisting of N diffusively coupled, stable-limit-cycle oscillators on which individual frequencies are parametrized by ωk , k = 1, . . . , N. We introduce a learning rule which influences the ωk by driving the system towards a consensual oscillatory state in which...
Research Article

Examining the Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Assisted Social Media Marketing on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises: Toward Effective Business Management in the Saudi Arabian Context

Wael Basri
Pages: 142 - 152
Purpose: To examine the impact of artificial intelligence-assisted social media marketing (AISMM)on the performance of start-up businesses of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Saudi Arabia. Design/methodology/approach: A survey technique was employed whereby primary and secondary data was collected,...
Research Article

Data-driven rank ordering - a preference-based comparison study

Maria Dobrska, Hui Wang, William Blackburn
Pages: 142 - 152
Data driven rank ordering refers to the rank ordering of new data items based on the ordering inherent in existing data items. This is a challenging problem, which has received increasing attention in recent years in the machine learning community. Its applications include product recommendation, information...
Short Communication

Upgrading ideas about the concept of Soft Computing

Javier Montero, Luis Martinez
Pages: 144 - 147
This short note is devoted to introduce the discussion carried out along this special issue on the concept of Soft Computing by key researchers in the field. We shall stress some aspects of the conception and origins of Soft Computing, supported by the scientific relevance of its participants. The contributors...
Research Article

Genetic Algorithm Approaches for Improving Prediction Accuracy of Multi-criteria Recommender Systems

Mohammed Hassan, Mohamed Hamada
Pages: 146 - 162
We often make decisions on the things we like, dislike, or even don’t care about. However, taking the right decisions becomes relatively difficult from a variety of items from different sources. Recommender systems are intelligent decision support software tools that help users to discover items that...
Research Article

Radial Basis Function Nets for Time Series Prediction

Abdelhamid Bouchachia
Pages: 147 - 157
This paper introduces a novel ensemble learning approach based on recurrent radial basis function networks (RRBFN) for time series prediction with the aim of increasing the prediction accuracy. Standing for the base learner in this ensemble, the adaptive recurrent network proposed is based on the nonlinear...
Research Article

A Novel Audio Aggregation Watermarking Algorithm Based on Copyright Protection

Rangding Wang, Qian Li, Chao Jin, Juan Li, Yiqun Xiong
Pages: 147 - 159
A novel algorithm of audio aggregation watermarking was proposed in this paper for copyright protection. The algorithm not only protects copyright of a single audio in audio aggregation but also protects copyright of the whole audio aggregation. The experimental results showed the watermark of aggregate...
Research Article

A Linguistic Multigranular Sensory Evaluation Model for Olive Oil

Luis Martinez, Macarena Espinilla, Luis G. Perez
Pages: 148 - 158
Evaluation is a process that analyzes elements in order to achieve different objectives such as quality inspection, marketing and other fields in industrial companies. This paper focuses on sensory evaluation where the evaluated items are assessed by a panel of experts according to the knowledge acquired...
Review Article

What is Soft Computing? Revisiting Possible Answers

Luis Magdalena
Pages: 148 - 159
The term Soft Computing was coined by L.A. Zadeh in the early 90's. Since that time many researchers have tried to define it considering different approaches: main constituents, properties, abilities, etc. In addition, the term Computational Intelligence has also gained popularity having a somehow quite...
Research Article

Design of Service Net based Correctness Verification Approach for Multimedia Conferencing Service Orchestration

Cheng Bo, Zhang Chengwen, Chen Junliang
Pages: 148 - 162
Multimedia conferencing is increasingly becoming a very important and popular application over Internet. Due to the complexity of asynchronous communications and handle large and dynamically concurrent processes for multimedia conferencing, which confront relevant challenge to achieve sufficient correctness...
Research Article

Differential Evolution and Local Search based Monarch Butterfly Optimization Algorithm with Applications

Xingyue Cui, Zhe Chen, Fuliang Yin
Pages: 149 - 163
Global optimization for nonlinear function is a challenging issue. In this paper, an improved monarch butterfly algorithm based on local search and differential evolution is proposed. Local search strategy is first embedded into original monarch butterfly optimization to enhance the searching capability....
Research Article

A Fuzzy System for Estimating Premium Cost of Option Exchange Using Mamdani Inference: Derivatives Market of Mexico

M. Muñoz, E. Miranda, PJ. Sánchez
Pages: 153 - 164
The calculation of the premium cost of an option exchange is usually computed by the different mathematical models that obtain the degree of uncertainty in the financial market by Black-Scholes method though such a degree is inaccurate. In order to improve the management of uncertainty the use of fuzzy...
Case Study

Urban Real Estate Market Early Warning Based on Support Vector Machine: A Case Study of Beijing

Xian-Jia Wang, Guan-Tian Zeng, Ke-Xin Zhang, Hai-Bo Chu, Zhen-Song Chen
Pages: 153 - 166
Based on a multi-class support vector machine, an urban real estate early warning model is constructed for the Beijing real estate market. The initial indicator system is established based on the historical development of Beijing's real estate market and the selection of real estate early warning indicators....
Research Article

Some Indexes for Comparing and Selecting Partitions

Xuezheng Zhang, Zheng Pei, Yong Liu
Pages: 153 - 164
Based on the equivalence relation, we can partition a set U, formally, different equivalence relations correspond to different partitions of U. In this paper, based on Yager's work, we discuss how to compare the different partitions, moreover, we obtain some indexes to select a better partition from...
Research Article

ELECTRE I Method Using Hesitant Linguistic Term Sets: An Application to Supplier Selection

Ali Fahmi, Cengiz Kahraman, Ümran Bilen
Pages: 153 - 167
Decision making is a common process in human activities. Every person or organization needs to make decisions besides dealing with uncertainty and vagueness associated with human cognition. The theory of fuzzy logic provides a mathematical base to model the uncertainities. Hesitant fuzzy linguistic term...
Research Article

An Agent-Based Distributed Scheduling For Crisis Management Supply Chain

Ayda Kaddoussi, Nesrine Zoghlami, Slim Hammadi, Hayfa Zgaya
Pages: 156 - 173
There has been a significant increase in the improvement of response to disasters in crisis management supply chain. Due to their sudden occurrence, these disasters require a consequent quick and efficient response that depends on the ability of logistics systems to generate plans under a variety of...
Case Study

Cost-based Procedure for Multi-response Parameter Design Problems Using GEP, Taguchi Quality Loss, and PSO: Case Study on Heat Sink Design

Chih-Ming Hsu
Pages: 158 - 174
Most modern products/processes usually have several quality characteristics that must be optimized simultaneously; this is called a multi-response parameter design problem. To overcome shortcomings in the literature, including insufficient accuracy of second-order polynomials, subjective determination...
Research Article

Feature Extraction for the Prognosis of Electromechanical Faults in Electrical Machines through the DWT

J.A. Antonino-Daviu, M. Riera-Guasp, M. Pineda-Sanchez, J. Pons-Llinares, R. Puche-Panadero, J. Perez-Cruz
Pages: 158 - 167
Recognition of characteristic patterns is proposed in this paper in order to diagnose the presence of electromechanical faults in induction electrical machines. Two common faults are considered; broken rotor bars and mixed eccentricities. The presence of these faults leads to the appearance of frequency...
Review Article

Clinical Decision Support Systems: a Review of Knowledge Representation and Inference under Uncertainties

Guilan Kong, Dong-Ling Xu, Jian-Bo Yang
Pages: 159 - 167
This paper provides a literature review in clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) with a focus on the way knowledge bases are constructed, and how inference mechanisms and group decision making methods are used in CDSSs. Particular attention is paid to the uncertainty handling capability of the commonly...
Research Article

α-Generalized Semantic Resolution Method in Linguistic Truth-valued Propositional Logic P(X)

Jiafeng Zhang, Yang Xu, Xingxing He
Pages: 160 - 171
This paper is focused on α-generalized semantic resolution automated reasoning method in linguistic truth-valued lattice-valued propositional logic. Concretely, α-generalized semantic resolution for lattice-valued propositional logic ()P(X) is equivalently transformed into that for lattice-valued...
Review Article

What is Soft Computing? Bridging Gaps for 21st Century Science!

Rudolf Seising
Pages: 160 - 175
This contribution serves historical and philosophical reflecting cognitions on the role of Soft Computing in the 21st century. Referring to Magdalena's article in this issue, this paper considers the aspects of mixtures of techniques, the opposite pair "Hard Computing" and "Soft Computing", and Computational...
Research Article

A dynamic multi-attribute group emergency decision making method considering experts’ hesitation

Liang Wang, Rosa M. Rodríguez, Ying-Ming Wang
Pages: 163 - 182
Multi-attribute group emergency decision making (MAGEDM) has become a valuable research topic in the last few years due to its effectiveness and reliability in dealing with real-world emergency events (EEs). Dynamic evolution and uncertain information are remarkable features of EEs. The former means...
Research Article

Semantic Learning Service Personalized

Yibo Chen, Chanle Wu, Xiaojun Guo, Jiyan Wu
Pages: 163 - 172
To provide users with more suitable and personalized service, personalization is widely used in various fields. Current e-Learning systems search for learning resources using information search technology, based on the keywords that selected or inputted by the user. Due to lack of semantic analysis for...
Research Article

Grey Relational Analysis Method for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making with Preference Information on Alternatives

Guiwu Wei, Hongjun Wang, Rin Lin, Xiaofei Zhao
Pages: 164 - 173
The aim of this paper is to investigate intuitionistic fuzzy multiple attribute decision making problems with preference information on alternatives, in which the information on attribute weights is completely unknown and the attribute values and preference information on alternatives take the form of...
Research Article

Bayesian Deep Reinforcement Learning via Deep Kernel Learning

Junyu Xuan, Jie Lu, Zheng Yan, Guangquan Zhang
Pages: 164 - 171
Reinforcement learning (RL) aims to resolve the sequential decision-making under uncertainty problem where an agent needs to interact with an unknown environment with the expectation of optimising the cumulative long-term reward. Many real-world problems could benefit from RL, e.g., industrial robotics,...
Research Article

Continuous Prediction of the Gas Dew Point Temperature for the Prevention of the Foaming Phenomenon in Acid Gas Removal Units Using Artificial Intelligence Models

Masoud Rohani, Hooshang Jazayeri-Rad, Reza Mosayebi Behbahani
Pages: 165 - 175
Acid gas removal (AGR) units are widely used to remove CO2 and H2S from sour gas streams in natural gas processing. When foaming occurs in an AGR system, the efficiency of the process extremely decreases. In this paper, a novel approach is suggested to regularly predict the gas dew point temperature...
Research Article

Interval Subsethood Measures with Respect to Uncertainty for the Interval-Valued Fuzzy Setting

Barbara Pękala, Urszula Bentkowska, Mikel Sesma-Sara, Javier Fernandez, Julio Lafuente, Abdulrahman Altalhi, Maksymilian Knap, Humberto Bustince, Jesús M. Pintor
Pages: 167 - 177
In this paper, the problem of measuring the degree of subsethood in the interval-valued fuzzy setting is addressed. Taking into account the widths of the intervals, two types of interval subsethood measures are proposed. Additionally, their relation and main properties are studied. These developments...
Research Article

Artificial Immune Networks: Models and Applications

Xian Shen, X.Z. Gao, Roufang Bie
Pages: 168 - 176
Artificial Immune Systems (AIS), which is inspired by the nature immune system, has been applied for solving complex computational problems in classification, pattern rec- ognition, and optimization. In this paper, the theory of the natural immune system is first briefly introduced. Next, we compare...
Research Article

Intelligent Decision Support System for Real-Time Water Demand Management

Borja Ponte, David de la Fuente, José Parreño, Raúl Pino
Pages: 168 - 183
Environmental and demographic pressures have led to the current importance of Water Demand Management (WDM), where the concepts of efficiency and sustainability now play a key role. Water must be conveyed to where it is needed, in the right quantity, at the required pressure, and at the right time using...
Research Article

Anisotropic Wavelet-Based Image Nearness Measure

James F. Peters, Leszek Puzio
Pages: 168 - 183
The problem considered in this article is how to solve the image correspondence problem in cases where it is important to measure changes in the contour, position, and spatial orientation of bounded regions. This article introduces a computational intelligence approach to the solution of this problem...
Research Article

Multi-adjoint based group decision-making under an intuitionistic fuzzy information system

Meishe Liang, Jusheng Mi, Tao Feng, Bin Xie
Pages: 172 - 182
The construction of belief intervals is crucial for decision-making in multi-attribute group information integration. Based on multi-adjoint and evidence theory, an approach to multi-criteria group decision-making(MCGDM) in intuitionistic fuzzy information system is proposed. First, the upper and lower...
Research Article

Multivariate Least Squares Regression using Interval-Valued Fuzzy Data and based on Extended Yao-Wu Signed Distance

Faezeh Torkian, Mohsen Arefi, Mohammad Ghasem Akbari
Pages: 172 - 185
The purpose of this study is to introduce a new regression model, based on the least squares method, when the available data of both explanatory variable(s) and response variable are interval-valued fuzzy (IVF) numbers. The proposed method is based on a new metric on the space of IVF numbers, which is...