Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science (ETMHS 2018)

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Analysis and Design of Radio and TV NGB Construction Model

Peifeng Li
By analyzing the current network technology system, development trend and development status of radio and television, the article clearly defined the opportunities and challenges of radio and television in the context of NGB and designed the NGB construction model of radio and television. Unidirectional...
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On the Key Points in the Construction of Education and Self-education Classroom System

Zhimin Lei
China's Outline of National Medium-and Long-Term Program for Education Reform and Development pointed out that it is necessary to "take educating people as the fundamental requirement of educational work." In the teaching reform of ideological and political theory in western Chinese universities, Sichuan...
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An Empirical Research on the Development Level of the Agricultural Products Logistics in the Region of Sichuan Province

Haoxiong Hong,, Chong Wang
Sichuan province is a big province of agricultural products logistics in China. Different population, economy and culture in different cities and states have the own characteristics, forming different agricultural logistics development capabilities. Combined with the principal component analysis, this...
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Current Situation and Development Trend of Food Supplies in China

Sheng Yu
The present situation and change trend of food supply in China are studied in this paper. The study shows that the degree of self-sufficiency in food in China is still at a high level in general, but it has a downward trend in recent years. The difference between different products is also obvious. The...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Japanese Pronunciation Based on Voice Visualization Software— Taking Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute as an Example

Yu Wu, Danyu Wu
With the teaching concept upgrading and teaching technologies development, the quality and quantity of Japanese teaching have been remarkably improved in in recent years in colleges and universities. The voice visualization software can make up for the deficiency of traditional pronunciation teaching...
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Comprehensive Analysis on Flipped Classroom to English Teaching in China's Universities

Ting Zhang
Currently, universities are increasingly paying attention to English Teaching, trying to use a new teaching method to improve the classroom efficiency. The new mode of flipped classroom has been used during the teaching process in many key universities. Therefore, the real essence as well as the value...
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Analysis of Mobile Phone Live Era of Ideological and Political Education Opportunities and Challenges in Higher Vocational Education

Huimin Xiao
after entering in twenty-first Century, with the rapid development of mobile phone media, mobile phone has become the people's daily necessities, mobile phone is not only responsible for communication equipment used, it is a small window to understand the world, and all kinds of mobile phone software...
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Study on the Application of the Humanistic Spirit in the Teaching of College Writing Course

Dan Li
This paper is a certain degree of product application development to the humanistic spirit, practical writing has become the core curriculum of Humanities education. To strengthen the construction of humanistic spirit in Ideological and practical writing teaching is to adapt to the development of the...
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Analysis of the Application-Type Undergraduate Education Accounting System Teaching System Construction

Li Zhao
The application-oriented undergraduate education is targeted at bringing up application-type talents. With application as the development core, it attaches great importance to students' operational abilities and knowledge application abilities. The accounting practice teaching system constitutes an important...
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Innovative Exploration of Dance Teaching with Students as the Main Body in Dance Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Lu Zhou
for Chinese traditional culture, dance culture occupies an important proportion and status in it. In recent years, with China's importance in the field of culture continues to improve, each university dance teaching work also in the unceasing reform, but in actual dance teaching, many teachers still...
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The Study on the Mode of Students' Professional Qualities Education-Based on Second Classroom Transcripts System

Peng Qing, Ye Yu
The Second Classroom Transcripts System, established and improved by the Communist Youth League of Higher Vocational Colleges, adapts to the new trend of economy and conforms to the trend of national education reform, meets the needs of students and serves the students' growth, encourages students to...
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The Outstanding Effect of Kayak Athletes Psychological Stress Relaxation from Workout for Water Sports Center in Jiangxi Province

You Li, Wenying Huang, Xiaorong Zhang, Fang Qian
to understand the pre-match training factors on the influence of stress relaxation and attention athletes, using biofeedback instrument testing, understand the status quo of the athletes' psychological pressure, analyzing the exercise frequency, time, purpose, etc. The water sports center in jiangxi...
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Exploratory Research on the Blended Listening and Speaking Teaching Model under the Background of Cultivating the Internationalized Talents

Lijuan Zhang
Nowadays, as the development of the internationalization, Chinese students communicates with the foreign students much more than anytime before, under this background, the Chinese government puts forward stricter requirements to the colleges. At the some time, as the fast development of the multi-value...
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Research on the Institutionalized Management of Applying the Mechanical Equipments Safely in Construction Project

Wenxia Zhu
As the rapid development of the construction industry and the architectural techniques, China has made great progress on mechanical equipment installation engineering; at the some times, people also begins paying attention to not only the safety of the mechanical equipments and the quality of the construction...
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Strategy Research on Health Tourism of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Zehui Jiang, Jun Zhang
This paper summarizes the concept and form of traditional Chinese medicine tourism, analyzes the current development of Chinese medicine health tourism and the existing problems, and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on comprehensive development of Chinese medicine health tourism.
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Analysis on the Connotation and Necessity of College Students' Leadership Education

Bin Du, Xiaoyun Luo, Tingrong Yu
With the development of the times and social progress, the education of college students in our country is not only embodied in knowledge, but also for the ability of college students. The leadership education of college students is the latest requirement of university education in the era of market...
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The Current Status Quo and Development of Inclusive Education in Canada and its Enlightenment

Honggang Han
Inclusive education is first stated in the early 1990s. The concepts of inclusive education increasingly are developed by all countries. Many countries have carried out the policies of inclusive education and in different degree of inclusive education work. Although many areas in China have begun to...
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The Application of the Split Class Model in the Course of Psychological Research Methods

Hongxiu Tan
the teaching mode of "divided classroom" has been carried out in the examination oriented education of many colleges and universities. The scientific and staged lecture form that is innovative and able to interact with teachers and students has been applied to many fields of teaching. By studying the...
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Practice Research on Commercial English Specialty Courses System and Professional Standards in Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology - Based on "National Standard of Undergraduate Teaching Quality of Business English Major in Colleges "

Sha Wang
Based on the National Standard of Undergraduate Teaching Quality for Business English Major in Colleges and Universities issued by Ministry of Education in 2015, this paper analyzes the training quality evaluation report of New Graduates of Nanjing Institute of Technology in 2017, And put forward suggestions...
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The Status Quo and Development Ways of Vocal Music Teaching in Colleges

Shan Li
With the continuous deepening of education reform in our country, the traditional educational concepts and teaching modes urgently need to be improved and perfected. The teaching content and teaching structure have also been adjusted to some extent. Among them, for vocal teaching in colleges and universities,...
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Exploration and Construction of Higher Vocational Automotive Testing and Maintenance Technology Specialty

Yu Zhang, Qiujun Huang
With the deepening of new curriculum reform in our country, the teaching mode and teaching philosophy have been innovated and transformed. While improving the quality of classroom teaching, it is good for cultivating students' comprehensive qualities and meeting the needs of the educational age. This...
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Reflections on the Combination of Computer Assisted Technology and Higher Vocational Education

Zhaohui Yang
With the continuous development of science and technology in our country, computer technology has been widely used in all fields of social production. As an important place for delivering a large number of high-quality talents to the society, the vocational education school occupies an important position...
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Study on the Infiltration of Excellent Traditional Culture in College Students' Ideological and Political Education

Qiaoli Zhang
The traditional culture of the Chinese nation is gradually formed and developed by the Chinese nation in the course of long-term historical development. Its long-term spread will have an important impact on the entire society, permeating the entire character of the Chinese nation, and the ethics of various...
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Analysis and Application of Compound Teaching Theory of Aerobics and Weightlifting Courses in the New Era

Gong Yan
In the new era, the teaching content of aerobics and weightlifting has been reorganized and integrated. This paper analyzes the teaching content system of aerobics and weightlifting with the method of literature and comparative analysis. Based on the theory of physical education and education, a systematic...
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Analysis of the Applied Talents Cultivation Mode of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Rong Miao
As Chinese higher education enters the mass education from elite education, the scale of higher education in our country ranks first in the world, but the ensuing employment problem for college graduates is that students not only have unsatisfied initial employment, professional counterpart rates, The...
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Research on the "Sad and Resentful Beauty" in Ancient Chinese Literature

Junqiang Gao
The evolution of human social civilization and the social evolvement promote people's self-awareness to be constantly enhanced. Melancholy mood is the conscious experience and summary of people's external things, and sadness and annoyance is the direct emotional expression of people after they are hindered...
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The Application of Multimedia and Network Technology on College Physical Education

Xiaojun Wang
The 21st century is the information age. The penetration of network technology into all fields of society has facilitated people's lives and increased their work efficiency. All fields in society are facing reforms. In recent years, under the influence of quality education and curriculum reform, each...
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Research on Enterprise Procurement Management Model from the Perspective of Supply Chain Management

Pinduan Yu
With the rise of supply chain management, the traditional purchasing management of Chinese enterprises faces many challenges. This article mainly from the basic definition of supply chain and procurement management, analysis of some of the current business procurement management issues. Under the condition...
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Research on the Competitiveness of Human Resources in China from the Perspective of International Comparison

Junyong Liu
Talent is the core of the development of a country and enterprise, so the most important thing in today's society is the talent. With the development of the economy and the progress of the society, talent has become an indispensable part of today's society. The level of talents in a country or a region...
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Discussion of General English and Academic English in College English Teaching

Yafeng Luo
With the continuous acceleration of the process of economic globalization in China, the international cultural exchange has gradually increased. English has become an important part of our daily work and communication. With the further reform of education and the improvement of English teaching quality,...
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Diversified Performance of Floury Flower under the New Situation

Weina Sheng
For the purpose of carrying forward the art of floury flower, this article elaborated the diversified performance of floury flower under the new situation from three aspects: the necessity of diversified performance of floury flower, the diverse manifestations of floury flower, and the diversify development...
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Innovative Training Based on Dance Consciousness in College Dance Teaching

Yanhua Xiang
The dance teaching in college is mainly composed of the teaching of music and the teaching of education. The dance awareness of dance students is relatively weak. However, the dance awareness in dance teaching is very important. For example, in dance teaching, Dance awareness to enable students to better...
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A Study on the Construction of Vocational and Commercial Professional Integration Practice Teaching System Based on Innovation and Start-up Ability

Lianming Zhao
Entrepreneurial ability is listed by UNESCO as the third ability of college students after academic and vocational skills. How to launch a startup education has become a new subject for education. Education is the best way to tap students' potential to develop students' basic qualities and cultivate...
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Exploration on the Promoting Factors of Puberty Health Education and Service Mechanism under the Background of Healthy China

Yijian Guo
In this paper, under the background of healthy China, taking Qujing as an example, the promoting factors of puberty health education and service mechanism were actively explored, and the virtuous cycle and harmonious development of the puberty health project were promoted, thereby achieving the goal...
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Value Analysis of Hot Spots of Society in Ideological and Political Education in Higher Schools

Zan Qian
In the information era, hot spots of society begin to affect people's daily work and life, and to some extent, people's ideology is also constrained by hot spots of society. The influence exerted by hot spots of society will be bound to enter the ideological and political education classroom in higher...
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Research into Reform of the Piano Teaching under the Educational Background of Cultural Diversity

Sha Su
Under the educational background of cultural diversity, it has been an imperative to reform the piano teaching style and teaching content so that the piano teaching can accommodate to era development requirements. This paper first expounds on the status of piano teaching against the backdrop of diverse...
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On Innovative Teaching of Higher Vocational Animation Course under the Background of "Internet+"

Liwen Hu
With the rapid development of Internet technology, people have entered the era of "Internet+". It is now changing the traditional way of work and study. Therefore, under the background of "Internet +", how to realize the organic unity between Internet and animation teaching has become a focus of current...
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The Influence of Traditional Chinese Culture in Cultivating College Students' Socialist Core Values

Hanyue Kang, Fuxue Li
The socialist core values is the important thought of our party and state, which can not be separated with two thousand years of history of outstanding traditional culture, is the crystallization of Chinese traditional culture, vigorously carry forward the essence of traditional culture, enhance students'...
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Research on College Talent Training Mode Based on Collaborative Innovation of Production, Studying and Research

Rujing Liu
With the development of national society, knowledge has become the key factor of international competition. The demand for innovative and applied talents in our country has been constantly expanding. Under such circumstances, this article starts with the collaborative innovation mechanism of production,...
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The Current Situation and Development Trend of Dancing Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Qian Li
With the continuous development of education, college dance teaching has also been highly valued. Dancing is also one of the art teaching processes in colleges and universities, and it also provides appropriate directions for the future development of students. This article will focus on the status quo...
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A Study of Cultural Philosophy in the Reform of College English Teaching

Xiaoyu Zhang
College English is an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum system. College English teaching is one of the important ways to cultivate and enhance college students' cultural literacy. With the development of society and the need of external communication, the voice of College English teaching...
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Cross Cultural Awareness Teaching in the English Literature Education

Hongyan Guan
With the advent of the world economic integration era, the education of English literature is no longer limited to the existing teaching system of Anglo-American literature, but extends to more countries that use English .This is the way and quality of English literature education Put forward new and...
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Bottleneck and Countermeasure of Information Literacy Education for Chinese Rural Residents - From the Perspective of "Beautiful Countryside"

Xin Luo
Rural informatization mainly focuses on the construction of hardware infrastructure, which has made some achievements. However, the rural informatization is a comprehensive and systematic project, not only to increase the investment in the rural basic hardware facilities, but also to improve the self-cultivation...
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Research on the Application of Innovative Thinking Training Method in Environmental Design Specialty Teaching

Jun Li
Art design reflects the form and aesthetics of art in many aspects of society, culture, economics, science and technology, and makes it not only have the aesthetic function but also have the function of using it. Art design first is to serve people, big space environment, small clothing, food, shelter,...
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Research on the Importance of Stylistic Work of Trade Union in College Campus Culture Construction

Haibang Qi
The relationship between trade union and campus culture in our country has an important relationship. It is of great value to study clearly the relationship between the two and play a certain role in reference to practical work and life. The work of college trade unions and the construction of campus...
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Research on the Reform Way of Graphic Design Teaching Mode Based on Multi - media Technology

Anna Hu
With the continuous development of network information technology, the combination of internet information technology and graphic design teaching has become an inevitable trend and the result of the development of the times. Advertising traditional flat teaching mode, focusing on animation design, decoration...
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Research on Constructing Innovation System of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities

Jianbin Zhang
Physical education in colleges and universities in our country has followed the traditional teaching methods and methods. Teachers teach mechanically and students learn mechanically, resulting in students losing their interest in physical education and their teaching effect is not ideal. Constructing...
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The Value of Aesthetic Class to the Training of Preschool Education Professionals in Normal Universities and the Practice of Realization Path

Xiujie Bai
As the basic education of our country, the development quality of preschool education has a great influence on the development and quality of students. Teachers' quality and professional ability often play a crucial role in promoting the development of teaching activities. In order to cultivate students'...
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Practice and Exploration on the Training Mode of Cooperation Talents of Local Undergraduate Colleges in Jilin Province

Shu Liu, Yuzhuo Qian
The local colleges in the process of cultivating talents, mode is difficult to adapt to the demand of the social development of the traditional training, talent training scheme is relatively backward, personnel quality is not high, there is not much and the needs of society, these are largely restricts...
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The Reform of Social Security System and the Internal and External Rebalance of China's Economy

Yuzhuo Qian
In recent years, the country has paid more and more attention to the social security work, increased the investment in the social security industry, promoted the development of social security, improved the quality of life of the residents, and promoted the overall consumption level of our country. The...