Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2019)

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Establish “Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things” Create “Industry 4.0”

LV Zhongtao
In the development of human society, the Industrial Revolution has become an important turning point in history, a key factor to stimulate economic development, but also changed the world pattern and human life style. Now the age of Information Revolution based on intelligence has arrived. In this critical...
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On Shanghai’s Service and Participation in the Sustainable Development of “One Belt and One Road” Construction

Yu Zhou, Shengwei Huang
China’s “One Belt And One Road” initiative has entered the stage of fine brushwork from freehand brushwork, and also endowed Shanghai with a new historical mission for its development, placing higher expectations on the future of Shanghai. All the way to Shanghai area, Shanghai import expo as an opportunity,...
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Research on the Allocation of China’s National Defense Patent System

Wenqiong Fang, Yangyang Yu
This article is a phased outcome of the National Social Science Fund Project “Research on the Innovation of National Defense Patent System Based on the Perspective of Military-Military Integration” (15CFX046). Objective: To provide reference for the allocation of national defense patent system. Methods:...
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Research on the Present Situation of China’s Natural Drinking Water Industry Standards

Yao Zhang, Zhenyu Yun, Qin Wang, Shan Diao
Based on the relevant standards of China’s natural water industry, this paper defines the concept and classification of natural drinking water, and divides each production link of natural drinking water industry. In addition, this paper also analyzes the pre-production link standards of natural drinking...
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Analysis of the Operation Mechanism of American Social Security Fund

Wang Han, Liu Longzhu
At present, China’s social security fund operation mechanism is still not perfect. There are many problems and loopholes in the operation and operation of social security funds. How to avoid investment risks and conduct social security fund investment through reasonable and appropriate channels for the...
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Research on Improving the Service Quality of B2C Cross-Border E-Commerce Enterprises

Zhan Li, Mingli Guo
On the basis of reviewing the quality of service and e-commerce service quality by domestic and foreign scholars, based on the SERVQUAL service quality model and the characteristics of B2C cross-border e-commerce enterprises, the paper adjusts the five dimensions of SERVQUAL model and determines B2C....
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Research on Co-Movements Among Financial Markets of China and ASEAN Countries

Li Xinyu
The economic ties between China and ASEAN get increasingly close, and the co-movement among the financial markets shows a significant character of time varying. With the daily data from 2012 to July, 2019, this paper gives an empirical analysis to the volatility spillover among the stock markets of China...
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Research on Measurement and Early Warning of Redistribution Equity

Jing-shui SUN, Pei-pei CAI
This paper defines the connotation of redistribution equity, designs the evaluation indicators of redistribution equity, puts forward the measurement of redistribution equity, and constructs the early warning mechanism of redistribution equity. We carry out the measurement and early warning analysis...
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Grand’s “Market- Oriented Welfare Distribution Model” and Its Enlightenment

Junfeng Xu
Julian Le Grand is a professor about public policy at Bridgestone University’s urban issues institute and Toyota international research centre director in the London economic school. He aimed at the prevailing criticism on low efficiency inequality in welfare state and designed the famous “market-oriented...
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Research on the Online Factors of Second-Hand Houses that Affect Consumers’ Off-Line Viewing

Yun Tang, Fu He, Ling Li, Huaxue Zhuang
Using linear regression model on the combination of behavioral decision theory to analyse the data of second-hand housing in 2505 Beijing districts and 2343 Chengdu districts, explore the amount of second-hand housing online attention, the distance from the subway and build the length of time for consumers...
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Analysis on the Propensity Score Matching Model of the Industry–University–Research Collaboration and Enterprise Innovation: Based on Radical Innovation and Incremental Innovation Perspective

Jing-jing Huang*
Based on the data from enterprise economic information database which based on the research and evaluation of the technical ability of enterprises in Liaoning Province, this paper researches the impact of industry-university-research collaboration on different types of enterprises’ innovation and its...
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Optimal Portfolios Including Credit Bonds and Derivatives: A Latest Research Review

Li Ma, Bokai Zhang, Runchan Li, Yue Wang
Referring to the relevant literatures and theories, this paper summarizes and combs many scholars' viewpoints related to optimal portfolios with credit bonds and derivatives. Due to the fact that asset pricing is the basis of asset portfolio, this paper expounds the pricing and optimal portfolio problems...
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SWOT Analysis on Industrial Development in Yongchuan District of Chongqing

Ping Ning, Xin Liao, Fei Ren
Aiming at the demand of industrial development in Yongchuan district of Chongqing during the 13th Five Year Plan period, applying SWOT analytical method, on the basis of the industrial development data of 2016, 2017 and 2018 in the district, the present situation of industrial development in Yongchuan...
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Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Rural Credit and Farmers' Income in Sichuan Province

Dongchuan Lin, Ying Chen, Guohui Zhang, Yingzi Shui
This paper studied the relationship between rural credit and farmers' income based on the data from 2000 to 2016 by constructing the C-D production function, comprehensively applying the ADF test, co-integration test and Granger Causality test. It indicated that there was a positive relationship between...
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Study on the Challenges of China’s Innovative Country Construction—From the Perspective of National Innovation Capability and Competitiveness

Gou Ling, Li Shiming, Liu Hui, Tang Min, Shen Yan
To make China an Innovative Country is an important target in recent years. Based on the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) and Global Innovation Index (GII), this paper studies the current situation of China’s innovative country construction. Furthermore, the innovation deviation index (IDI) is constructed,...
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Research on the Impact of Blockchain Technology on the Investment and Operation of the National Social Security Fund

Bin Liu, Fangfang Dai
With the improvement of living standard and the rapid development of economic globalization, China’s population aging is becoming increasingly obvious, and the problem of population aging needs to be solved urgently. In the second digital revolution, block chain technology was applied to the social security...
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Time Variability of Bank Asset Volatility on Deposit Insurance Price

Yi-rong YING, Wei-yi ZHANG, Meng-le GU, Yuya WANG
The deposit insurance price comprehensively reflects the possibility of bank default and can be regarded as an excellent measure of individual bank risk. However, how to combine it with the time variability of bank asset volatility is a difficult problem, so it is still necessary to carefully verify...
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Research on the Factors Influencing the Employment of Graduates of Tongren Preschool Normal College

The major of normal education has always been highly concerned by the government and society. Because students shoulder the important task of teaching and educating people after employment, our country has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in the cultivation of normal education...
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The Brand Marketing Strategy of Small- and Medium-Sized Liquor Enterprises— Taking Xuan Distillery as an Example

Mengmeng Wu, Gongrang Zhang, Ruoyu Pan
After years of deep adjustment, Chinese liquor industry is entering a new development cycle. The first-line liquor brands have shown a good development trend, but the differentiation of the second- and third-line liquor brands has become more and more apparent. Most small and medium-sized liquor enterprises...
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The Development of Ecological Economics Research in China

Yang Haoran
as a new subject, ecological economics in China has made great progress in theory and practice after more than 30 years of development. With the arrival of the new era, the development of China’s development concept and mode has undergone profound changes, and new development requirements for theoretical...
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Environmental Information Disclosure Quality and Equity Financing Cost

Liping Su, Huimin Zhang
This paper selects the key stocks of A-shares in Shanghai stock market in 2016-2018 as a research sample, and analyzes the relationship between the quality of environmental information disclosure and the cost of equity financing. Considering that key polluting enterprises are subordinate to different...
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Study on the Effect of Water Resource Constraint on the Economic Growth in Yangtze River Delta

Ze-yuan ZHU, Yu-xin XIA
Based on the improved cobb-douglas production function and Romer damping model, the paper analyzed the spatial differences of water resource growth damping in the Yangtze River delta region. The paper used the data of GDP, capital stock, number of employees and water resource input of provinces and cities...
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Study on the Jingyou Mechanism of Corporate Strategic Behavior

Jongho Kim, Xinan Zhao
Today, the change of industrial environment affects all aspects of enterprise’s development. Relying on only traditional strategic behavior theories, it is difficult to solve the problems in the modern strategic management practice. Jingyou idea is based on the objective law of development of things,...
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Analysis of IT Project Assessment Methods in Enterprise Project Management

Zhujing, Penglu, Zhang chunxia
with economic and social development, market competition grows fiercer and some enterprises suffer profit decrease. In order to improve enterprise project management, managers should make use of information technology and meanwhile improve assessment of IT projects. Such assessment cannot only be taken...
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Comparison of Black–Scholes Model and Monte-Carlo Simulation on Stock Price Modeling

Qiwu Jiang*
Option price and its valuation are crucial issues in finance research. In this research we implement Black-Scholes option pricing model and compare it with stochastic modeling, namely the Monte-Carlo Simulation. These two classical models are implemented on newly emerged technology companies like Google...
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Empirical Research About Quantitative Stock Picking Based on Machine Learning

Zheng Zhongbin, Fang Jinwu
This study mainly uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to build stock selection models to help investors choose stocks reasonably. In this paper, six machine learning models were constructed for comparison and backtesting based on the framework of the machine learning stock selection....
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The Research on Efficiency of Commercial Banks in China

Huang Huiqing
Commercial Banks play an important role in China’s financial system. Under the background of financial integration, the competition among commercial banks is more and more obvious. In this paper, based on Data Envelopment Analysis and Malmquist index analysis, Deap2.1 software will be used to measure...
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Research on the Development of Dalian Tourism Market Under the Background of Free Trade Zone

Yan Li
Establishment of China’s Pilot Free Trade Zone had an impact on local trade and tourism. On the basis of drawing lessons from the experience of the four major trade zones, on the basis of the experience of the four major trade zones, combined with the development characteristics of Liaoning Free Trade...
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The Impact of the Birth Year on the Company’s Actual Controller Over-Investment Behavior Based on 2007–2017 A-Share-Listed Company Data

Qijun Wang
The year of fate is a special cultural phenomenon between Chinese folk custom and religious belief in Chinese traditional culture, and culture as an informal institutional arrangement may affect the behavior of enterprises and their managers. The thesis conducts an empirical analysis on the impact of...
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Research on the Current Situation of County Economic Development in Jilin Province

Gao Yuan, Cao Yue
County economy has an irreplaceable role in the process of China’s economic development. Under the urbanization construction with the new construction as the main body, the development of county economy has become an important part of promoting the new urbanization. By combing the county in Jilin Province,...
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The Market Expansion of E-Commerce to the Countryside-Taken Cloud Farm Model as an Example

Zhenghe Hao, Qianyi Song, Haiyun Yang
In China, E-commerce, which has extended from cities to the countryside, is an effective and efficient way to transform and upgrade the traditional agricultural production mode by the integration of agriculture and e-commerce, which stimulates the internal vitality of the agricultural industry. Based...
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Research on the Relationship Between Executive Characteristics and Enterprise Accounting Information Quality—A-Share-Based Entertainment Media Company

Zhang Jiaqi, Xin Chenyuan, Gao Qi
In recent years, there are many problems in the entertainment media industry. Because of its own characteristics and its high attention in the daily life of the nation, the quality of accounting information disclosure of the entertainment media industry not only affects the owners' supervision over the...
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Research Review and Prospect on the Factors Affecting the Successful Brand Extension in Chinese Context

Zhiwei He
As an important research field of brand equity theory, brand extension theory has been extensively studied by scholars all over the world, and has become an important strategic tool widely used by enterprises. Brand extension has been introduced into China since the mid-1990s. It has experienced a rapid...
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Resource Allocation Orientation of Shipping and Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Pan Mengling, Zhang Yunhua, Sheng Yongxiang
Ship and ocean engineering equipment industry in jiangsu province during the period of “twelfth five-year” realized leap-forward development, become China’s first big province of shipbuilding and the important industrial base, established a research and development, design, shipbuilding, Marine engineering...
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The Practice of the Integration of Confucianism and Management Theory in Local Enterprises—Based on the Case Study of Company H

Liang Jing Hu
Look for the similarities between Confucianism and management theory and realize the integration of Confucianism and management theory. Using Confucianism to shape the value of employees and to establish a system for the standard operation of enterprises by management theory can have positive effects...
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Analysis of Local Government Debt Problems in Jilin Province

Gao Yuan, Zhou Huimin
In recent years, China’s local government debt has grown rapidly, and the accumulating local government debt has become a difficult problem for governments. As society pays more attention to local government debt, it is too high. It has also aroused the concern of the central government and has become...
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Executive Incentives and Innovation Performance—Based on the Information Technology Industry

Xu Liang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Yiyi Wang
In the rapid development of information technology, technological innovation has become an important driving force for enterprises to seek development and create advantages. For high-tech enterprises, it is of great significance to explore effective ways to achieve innovative performance, meet good development...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in the Application of Taxation System

Lingyan Zhou
The construction of the tax intelligent system contributes to the efficient handling of tax-related matters and the monitoring of tax risks. It also helps to standardize taxation behaviors, reduce human-induced judgment standards, and reduce administrative costs. The application of artificial intelligence...
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Research on the Influence of Informatization on Rural Consumption Structure—Based on the Engel’s Coefficient Analysis of Rural Families in Chengdu

Yanming Wu, Bokai Zhang
The 19th National Congress regarded how to deal with the three rural issues as important tasks for the work of the whole party. The rural informatization construction provides a new way to coordinate urban and rural development, and conduct in-depth study of the three rural issues. The researchers conducted...
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A Study on the Coordinated Development of Virtual Economy and Real Economy

Wu Ailing, Liu Qiong, He Tian
The uncoordinated development of virtual economy and real economy will cause potential risks to the economy. The real economy is the cornerstone of economic development, and the phenomenon of “real to virtual” will lead to insufficient motive force and increased risk of economic development. In order...
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Standby or Breakup? How Brands in China Respond When Celebrity Endorsers Get Involved in Scandals

Jiaqi Liu
Celebrity endorsement, a common strategy used in marketing and advertising is a double-edged sword for brands. The established association with celebrity endorsers can bring not only desirable potentials to brands but also crisis when endorsers get involved in scandals. Current literature on this type...
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Performance Measurement of the Unicorns Based on Balanced Scorecard

Yuan Gao, Yougan Zhu, Chengzhi Niu
In recent years, the unicorn enterprises have attracted extensive attention in the capital market. As far as the performance measurement of such enterprise is concerned, the performance indicators of traditional balanced scorecard performance measurement methods are not fully applicable anymore. This...
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Research on Bank–Enterprise Relationship and SMEs Financing

Huang Meiling
This paper analyzes the correlation between bank-enterprise relationship and SME financing. With the small and medium enterprises in the wholesale and retail industry listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008-2018 as samples, the characteristic variables affecting corporate financing constraints...
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Research on Equity Refinancing, Debt Restructuring and Firm Pricing Based on Financial and Economic Distress

Tan Chunping, Qin Xuezhi, Wang Lin
This paper distinguishes financial and economic distress, and gives a comprehensive solution to firm’s distress by means of integrative equity refinancing and debt restructuring. It constructs a model to price the firm under different financial conditions,especially when the liquidation value is less...
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Research on High-End Hotel Service Quality Evaluation Index System Based on Network Comment Content Analysis–Taking Guangzhou as an Example

Zepeng Yang
The customer’s comment from the Internet largely reflects the customer’s focus and perceived evaluation of the quality of the hotel’s quality. This paper first analyzes the content of 1500 network reviews, selects 35 initial indicators, and designs questionnaires based on these 35 indicators to survey...
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The Empirical Study of the Impact of Green Credit on Commercial Banks’ Profitability

Zheng Chaoshi
In recent years, the contradiction between economic development and environmental protection has become increasingly prominent, and more and more commercial banks have paid attention to green credit business. This paper taking the data of 10 listed commercial banks in china from 2010 to 2018 to establish...
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An Explorative Study of Executives’ Excessive Compensation on Their Attitude Toward Common Staff

Hua-bing Wang, Liu Fang, Qi-fan Wan
This paper studies the question of how the executives’ excessive compensation incentive in enterprises influences their attitude towards common staff. Executives’ excessive compensation in enterprises can make change in their actions and self-awareness, causing them strengthening their self-awareness...
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Mapping the Knowledge Evolution of Human Resources Management: A Co-Citation Analysis of 1990–1999 Research Documents

Yu-Shen Fang
The purpose of this study is to explore the knowledge cluster, dimension and knowledge map of human resource management in the world and the research trends in this period. The method is applied to citation analysis, co-citation analysis, multivariate statistical analysis and literature social network...
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The Research of the Real Estate Credit Risk in Commercial Banks of China

Zhu Haoliang
Based on the development of real estate business as a starting point, this paper extends to the current situation of real estate credit of commercial banks in China, summarizes the relevant influencing parameters, and uses CPV model to verify and explore the real estate credit risk of commercial banks...
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Research on the Application of Online-to-offline Mode in Agricultural Products E-Commerce Based on New Retail

Yan Wang
With the new normal state of Chinese economy, rural economy has been paid more and more attention. E-commerce of agricultural products is considered as an effective means to solve rural economic problems. At the moment of the rapid development of new retail, the e-commerce modes of agricultural products...
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Research on Government Accounting Reform and Innovation from Perspective of Prevention and Control of Government Debt Risks

Zhang Kai
The financial crisis in 2008 caused the global economic recession, and many countries faced government debt problems. Subsequently, Iceland, Greece and other sovereign countries faced “national bankruptcy”, and sovereign debt risks spread rapidly. In order to cope with government debt risks, many countries...
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Moral Leadership and Effectiveness of Enterprise Innovation: Meta-Analysis Based on Multifocus Method

Bo Lin, Siyuan Chen, Tielin Zhao
The research is based on 54 empirical studies (56 effect values, total sample 21900) that were conducted to study the relationship between moral leadership and innovation effectiveness of multi-focus enterprises in paternalistic leadership by using meta-analysis technology. Moral leadership in paternalistic...
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Optimization Model for Allocation of Hospital Beds Under the Trend of Aging Population

Yuze “Edward” Gu, Qianwen “Chloe” Luo
Currently, there is an increasing trend for the demand of hospital beds. Due to the increasing cost of healthcare services and the aging of population, the hospitals need to pay more attention to integration of the resource management and hospital bed allocation. In this study, Gini coefficients and...
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Fair Value Measurement of Investment Real Estate: Deregulation or Lack of Coordination?— Research Based on China’s Capital Market Data

Qingyu Zhang
In China’s capital market, the number of listed companies measuring investment real estate at fair value is gradually increasing. They have obvious industry and regional characteristics, and mainly rely on external professional appraisers to evaluate the fair value. By analyzing the financial reports...
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Construction of New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Monitoring Index Based on Electricity Demand Data

Lili Zhang, Chenrui Wu, Xiandong Tan
This paper builds a new and old kinetic energy conversion monthly monitoring index system based on power demand data, and measures the new and old kinetic energy conversion monthly index of Shandong. Since 2014, the old and new kinetic energy conversion index maintained a low level of fluctuation, indicating...
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Research on Deepening Supply-Side Structural Reform to Promote High-Quality Economic Development

Yanan Sun*, Liming Fu
Deepening supply-side structural reform and focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of the supply system can promote the quality, efficiency and driving force of economic development, and is of great significance in coping with changes in the principal contradiction and building a great modern...
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Research on Supporting Independent Innovation of Private Enterprises

J. L. SU
This paper focuses on the Government’s Help to provide help for independent innovation of private enterprises. The research group believes that at present, many enterprises in FuJian have not formed into the innovation subject, lack of innovation motivation, products remain in the low-end field, and...
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Analysis of Investment Banking Business Under the Background of “Internet+”

Xueli Wang, Jianpeng Zhang, Jun Kong
With the further development of China’s market economy, banks have shown rapid development in recent years. At the same time, under the rapid rise of “Internet +” finance, the pressure on the traditional credit business of banks has surged, facing problems such as a decline in performance growth and...
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Neural Network in the Anticipation of Electricity Use: An Investigation from Micro and Macro Perspectives

Mingyuan Zhou, Yufeng Xiao, Yanqing Ma
In our contemporary fiscal lives continuously expanded by technological innovations, electricity is playing an increasingly momentous role. That said, ameliorating electricity consumption anticipation has become a most imminent and pressing issue. Considering the large quantity and high frequency of...
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Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching System of Application-Oriented Undergraduate E-Commerce Specialty Based on OBE Concept

Mengmegn Zhang
Scientifically and rationally setting up an applied undergraduate practice teaching system is the core task of deepening the reform of the talent training model and continuously improving the quality of personnel training. Based on the OBE concept and the investigation of the talent needs of employers,...
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Housing Affordability and Emerging Economy in Urban Beijing

Jing Huang
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine determinants of housing affordability in Beijing and explore how housing affordability will influence business development, with a special focus on startups and skill-intensive firms. Empirical research is based on Beijing grid-cell level data from 2012-2014....
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Servitization Strategy of Core Manufactures in Transformation and Value Chain Governance from the Perspective of Integration Capability

Zhong liu
This paper identified the conceptual model of the two capabilities of system seller and system integration within industrial Internet platform of leading enterprises to develop service transformation strategy. We suggest that servitization capabilities formation of core manufactures requires its vertical...
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Exploration on Green Transformation of China’s Textile Export Trade

Yayu JI
Textiles account for a large share of China’s export trade and are a major component of China’s export earnings. However, at present, the restriction of green trade barriers faced by China’s textile export trade is increasing. This has a negative impact on the export of Chinese textiles to a certain...
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Empirical Study on Logistics and Regional Economic Development in Zhengzhou

Logistics as a basic industry of the regional economy, the development of logistics can greatly promote the high-quality development of the economy. Based on the data of Zhengzhou City’s 2010-2018 statistical bulletin, the gray correlation analysis method is used to analyze the relationship between Zhengzhou...
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Current Status and Development of Urban Residents’ Tourism Consumption—Based on the Analysis of 1687 Questionnaires in Ningbo

Zhang Xuejing
As tourism is increasingly becoming fashion and pursuiting of people’s lives, the tourism consumption of urban residents is very important to the development of tourism destinations. In this paper, we studies the status of urban residents tourism consumption and development trend based on the analysis...
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Research on the Management of Scientific Research Funds in Colleges and Universities—Taking College A as an Example

With the continuous expansion of the scale of colleges and universities in China and the continuous deepening of the reform of the teaching system in colleges and universities, the problems in the financial management of colleges and universities have become increasingly prominent. Among these problems,...
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Research on the Connotation, Characteristics, and Function of Industrial Innovation Ecosystem

Xuejia Li, Yiru Li, Hongjian Yu
The innovation ecosystem is a new innovation paradigm and innovation mechanism for adapting to the contemporary competitive environment, which has caused extensive discussion among many scholars. Based on the previous literature, this paper combs the relevant concept connotation of industrial innovation...
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Effect of Big Data Era on Accounting Practitioners and Possible Countermeasures

Chen Shuyi
Big data has been sweeping all industries since its emergence, accounting is, of course, no exception. As accountants, we are now facing both unprecedented opportunities and unimaginable challenges, among which how to improve ourselves and keep up with big data era has become a common concern. Aiming...
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The View on Curbing Financial Fraud of Listed Companies

Wenhua Jiang, Hongkai Cui
Real and effective financial information is an important cornerstone of the orderly operation of the capital market. However, in recent years, the frequent occurrence of financial fraud cases in the capital market of our country has seriously affected the confidence of the majority of investors and the...
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Choice of Development Path of Leisure Agriculture Based on Circular economy

Jiajia Qin
Leisure agriculture is to integrate rural resources together and develop a tourism industry chain through these rural resources. Because with the development of the times, the pace of people’s life is getting faster and faster. Although the material living standard has been improved, but the spiritual...
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Analysis of the Influence of Economic Globalization and Informatization on the Development of China’s Economics and Management Discipline

Suxin Huang
Economics and management disciplines as an applied discipline have always been the theoretical orientation of China’s economic and social development. This is a discipline that can contribute greatly to society and is very conducive to China’s economic and social development. At the same time, the disciplines...
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A Comparative Study of Sino-American Language from the Perspective of High- and Low-Context Cultural Theory—A Case Study of Automobile Advertisements

Wang Ning
In the field of cross-cultural communication, cultural context is very important, the most representative of which is Hall’ s theory of high and low context. In-depth study of high and low context culture can help us to understand the information expression in different cultural environment. In view...
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Managing Software Enterprise Transformation: Key Influence Factors and Process Based on Services Computing

Guo Yifu, Xiang Yanping
In the era of new economy, transformation management and dynamic management are the cores of enterprise management. Through identifying the influence factors of software enterprise transformation, including the ability to grasp opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovative spirit, as well as external financial...
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User Innovation Decision-Making Mechanism Based on Industry Heterogeneity—Double Case Study of Huawei and Haier

Jingyi Yan
With the comprehensive popularization of the Internet, the arrival of the era of experience economy and the increasingly intensified market competition, user participation has become an important factor that cannot be ignored when enterprises develop new products or add new services. Huawei and Haier...
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Research on the Difficulties and Countermeasures of the Development of China’s Industrial New City

Xuejia Li, Hongjian Yu
The industrial new city is the product of the upgrading of the industrial park, which is composed of industry, population and city., population and city. In the context of China’s new urbanization, industrial new cities are generally dominated by government investment. With the increase of population...
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Discussion on Core Risk Control Index and Dynamic Monitoring System of Securities Companies

Chenyin Sun
Securities companies have entered the era of comprehensive risk management. The core risk control index system of securities companies is the core element of risk control and management of China’s securities companies. Establishing and constantly improving the risk control index system of China’s securities...
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Research on the Dynamic Mechanism of Cultural Innovation in Urban Open Space

Kejin Liu, Chunxiao Xu
As a new type of space, urban open space breaks through the boundaries of traditional functional zone of urban space and gradually becomes an important carrier and form of urban construction. Researches show that urban open space is becoming a new bright spot for regional economic development and social...
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Research on the Influence of Artistic Conception of Chinese Painting on Creative Image Design

Wei Bi, Zidong He
with the development of global economy, the process of global integration is accelerating. With the deepening of regional and national exchanges and the development of cultural integration, the design language and design style are gradually internationalized. On the contrary, the country lost the unique...
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Financial Risk Assessment and Response in Practice: A Case Study of the Listed Company Shenhuo Group

Ran Liu
Financial risk is an inevitable problem in the operation of enterprises with the continuous development of market economy. In the present paper, based on the data collection of literature and financial statements of Shenhuo group, the current situation of financial risk management from four aspects:...
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Construction of Accounting Curriculum System Based on the Theory of Integrating Specialty and Innovation

Wang Jue, Wang Jianhua
Integration of specialty and innovation is an important part of deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China. Based on this theory, this paper divided accounting education into basic stage, specialized stage and comprehensive stage, constructed the curriculum system of accounting...
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Relationship Between Performance and Other Functions of Human Resources Management

Xinghua Cheng
With the rapid development of China’s economic market, enterprises attach more and more importance to human resources management. In order to improve the human resources management and improve the efficiency of human resources management, enterprises must analyze and study the performance indicators....
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Study on Influencing Factors of Marine Science and Technology Innovation Efficiency in Shan Dong Province—Based on the Development of Marine Industry

Zhou Jiaxin, Lv Zuoliang, Jiang Lin
Based on the super-efficiency DEA-CCR model, this paper calculates the innovation efficiency of marine science and technology in coastal cities of China. According to the characteristics of marine science and technology innovation efficiency in China, it analyzes and evaluates the marine science and...
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The Influence of Non-State-Owned Shareholders on Auditor Selection in Mixed Reform of State-Owned Enterprises

The mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises is an important tendency of current and future reform of state-owned enterprises in China. Improving the corporate governance level of state-owned enterprises is one of important causes of the reformation. Considering the important role of auditing...
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The dilemma and Countermeasures of Digital Trade Development in China Under the New Situation

Yiru Li, Xuejia Li, Hongjian Yu
Digital trade is a technological dispute and a dispute over rules. This paper describes the new situation facing our country, analysis of the difficulties in the development of digital trade: significant differences in infrastructure construction level in China, the rules of digital trade at home and...
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Research on the Training Mode of E-Commerce Talents’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability Based on the Cooperation Between School and Enterprise

Jiajia Ren
School enterprise cooperation is an effective way to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship ability and practical ability of e-commerce professionals. On the basis of summarizing the existing mode of school enterprise cooperation of e-commerce specialty, this paper analyzes the existing problems...
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Research on Changes of Small- and Medium-sized Sized Enterprise Culture

Zhang Dan, Lu Qing Qing
Most SMEs grew up under certain historical conditions. The SME culture spontaneously formed along with this particular historical condition is not fit for the requirements of the current “rule of culture” era any more, and it even becomes a cultural “malignant tumor” that hinders the further development...
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Research on the Default Risk Evaluation of Borrowers from Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Based on Survival Analysis

Yaqiong Pan, Qiong LIU
This paper evaluates borrowers’ default risk from online peer-to-peer lending and discuss related influencing factors. Based on the theoretical method of survival analysis, adopting semi-parametric estimation method, and using the loan data of Lending Club, Cox proportional hazards model is developed...
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Research on the Construction of Financial Sharing Service Platform Based on ERP Supply Chain Management in the Cloud Computing Environment

Long Mei Wang, Jing Song
Big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things are increasingly influencing the management changes of enterprises. The future financial management mode of enterprises is bound to be integrated with the cloud service model. The financial sharing service center will also adopt the cloud service approach...
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Environmental Behavior and Performance Evaluation of Steel Enterprises—Take SG Company as an Example

Hao Tian
This paper selects the traditional EVA and green EVA performance evaluation methods, to explore the influence of enterprise environmental protection investment. Based on the financial data of SG enterprise in 2016-2018, the effect of the two valuation methods on the performance evaluation of steel industry...
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Research on the Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce in China Under the Background of Sino-US Trade War and “One Belt and One Road”

Limin Ke, Shiying Qian, Shuang Zhang
In view of the negative impact of Sino-US trade friction on China’s cross-border e-commerce, this paper gives a brief analysis of the development status and characteristics of China’s cross-border e-commerce in the light of the related theories of cross-border e-commerce and the strategy of “one belt...
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Research on New Smart City from the Perspective of Blockchain Technology

Li Bahao
The country is now experiencing rapid economic development, while the city is also faced with many problems. In recent years, China has invested heavily in manpower and material resources in smart cities, and has made corresponding plans by setting the first batch of pilot smart cities. The so-called...
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Research on Supply Side Reform of China’s Substantial Economy and Financial Industry Based on Cloud Computing Technology

Li Bahao
In the current process of China’s economic development, Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of financial industry, and also promulgate related policies to promote the continuous reform of it. The reform of traditional financial business is relatively slow, and there are many...
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Analysis on the Strategic Position of Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area Construction Under the Background of “One Belt and One Road”

Aihui Jin
The development of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area is a national strategy that general secretary xi jinping has personally planned, deployed and promoted, it’s very important in the construction of “One Belt And One Road”. This paper analyzes the strategic development status of guangdong-hong...
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Tax Preferential, R&D Investment and Enterprise Performance—An Empirical Study Based on Mediating Effect

Yajie WANG
This paper takes 410 companies listed on GEM in 2015-2017 as a sample, and uses R&D investment as a mediator to study the impact of tax incentives on firm performance and explore the mediating effects of R&D investment. The empirical results show that tax incentives have a significant positive effect...
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Significance and Status Quo of the Localization Development of Ethical Value of Social Work

Wang Dandan
At present, our country is on the transition period, so our politics, economy and culture have undergone earth-shaking changes, and social problems crop out constantly, and more and more people need assistance, while traditional methods can hardly meet China’s demand. Social work is a kind of profession...
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Analysis of the Domestic Node cities’ Openness along the “Belt and Road”

Zheng Ruijiao
In this paper, 10 domestic node cities along the “Belt and Road” are selected as the analysis objects, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Xining, Yinchuan and Lanzhou. Trade, investment, and tourism openness are the first-level indexes; the total volume of import...
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Research on Metrology Museum Culture and Its Creative Industry

Lanying Guo, Yunyou Sun
Metrology Museum located in China Jiliang University takes both culture and creativity as the key elements of industry connotation in its development. It functions more socially and publicly in the diversified cultural services in integration. Therefore, with the profound demands of cultural creativity...
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A Research on the Influence of Digital Inclusive Finance on Financing Constraints of SMEs

Bo Huang
It is a hot topic that how to ease financing constraints of SMEs effectively. Nowadays, the development of digital inclusive finance provides a solution to this problem. Based on Chinese Digital Inclusive Finance Development Index, this paper empirically examines the impact of the development of digital...
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Analysis on the Innovation of Rural Tourism Marketing Strategy—Taking the Tik Tok as an Example

Xinxin Shen
Rural tourism adapts to the unique advantages of the growing demand for short-distance leisure vacations in the urban agglomerations. It shows a vigorous vitality beyond the general tourism industry. How to carry out rural tourism marketing and enhance the popularity of rural tourism has become a top...
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Research on the Development Strategies of E-Commerce Logistics of Agricultural Products in Heyuan

Chunyan Lv
With the popularity of the Internet and the support of the national strategy to take “targeted measures in poverty alleviation”, the e-commerce of agricultural products in Heyuan has risen rapidly. However, the successful implementation of agricultural products e-commerce transactions cannot be achieved...