Proceedings of the 2016 3rd International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2016)

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An Empiric Study in the Effectiveness of Student Training Based on Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions of Mobile Learning

Aleksandr Volodin, Natalia Bondarenko, Andrei Volodin
The paper reports on the contents of the empirical research on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the student training based on organizational and pedagogical conditions of the mobile learning. We specify the stages and the content of the experiment as well as its conditions and sampling. The sample...
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Study on the "Task-Oriented" Teaching Reform of Vocational Pharmaceutical Marketing Courses

Quanli Wu
The pharmaceutical marketing course is one of the most important contents to realize the objective of professional talents cultivation in medicines and drugs, and the course construction has been generally concerned by all colleges. However, due to the late starting of the course construction and the...
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Plato's Educational Paradigm Shift: From Authority to Dialectic

Jeffrey Dirk Wilson
Homer's Iliad and Odyssey were the educational textbooks of the Greeks which Plato sought to replace with his own work, the Republic. It was not merely that Plato wanted to replace older work with his own, rather his aim was to replace the mode of education from one of memorizing and quoting an ancient...
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Research on Ideological Education of College Students of Finance and Economics under the Perspective of Integrity and Love Culture

Liguang Zhao
Economic universities are the base to cultivate economic talents for the society. The morality and quality of these talents will directly influence the general mood of economic field of the society. It is important to let students accept the substantial spirit of integrity and love culture and shape...
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The Teaching Reform of 'Signals and Systems' for Excellent Talents Cultivation

Yongqi Wang, Chen Deng, Xiaoxiao Jiang
'Excellent engineer education training plan', which is put forward by the Ministry of Education, aims to develop innovative engineering and technical personnel with a global vision. Therefore, teaching mode of the 'signals and systems' has become current research focus in order to establish an effective...
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Study on the ESP Teachers' Professional Stress and Development in Transformation during the CBI Teaching Reform

Yansong Feng
Many ESP courses are offered in the CBI teaching reform, which comply with the nation's strategy of cultivating multi-ability talents, and the reform is the definite direction of the college English teaching in China. However, the CBI reform is a great stress and challenge to those who need to transform...
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Innovation Study of Ideological and Political Education in the Media Age

Yan Liu
This article elaborates the concept of media and its origin, through analysis of the application of the status quo "we media" in the ideological and political work, this paper describes countermeasures of the ideological and political education in the we media era.
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Research of University Ecological Civilization Education

Yan Liu
This article is based on the concept of ecological civilization education and the theoretical basis and Cultural Origins analysis, It discusses the necessity of ecological civilization education in colleges and universities, and to study ways of ecological civilization education in colleges and universities.
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Teaching Peculiarities of Guohua Painting Basics to Non-Chinese Students

Julia Naumova
The article is devoted to the teaching of Chinese painting to non-Chinese students of different age groups. Methodological possibilities of Chinese painting as an alternative means of visual skills and creative abilities are also shown in the article.
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Propertology as An Educational Discipline: Is It in Demand by Modern Universities

Andrey Orekhov, Aleksey Neugodnikov
Actual research in the social sciences requires the establishment of the new interdisciplinary areas which may also include propertology—interdisciplinary research dedicated to property. The sections of propertology are a philosophy of property, an economy of property, sociology of property, a right...
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Self-consciousness of Higher Education Instructors as Determinant of Personal Growth

Elena Petanova, Radostina Stoyanova
The present paper discusses the significance of the self-consciousness concept for professional and personal growth of the higher education instructor. Theoretical and practical relevance of investigating the self-consciousness of higher education instructors was noted, level of knowledge of this problem...
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Methodological Principles of the Study of the Philosophical Foundations of Psychological Conceptions of Giftedness

Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev, Mikhail Oseledchik, Nonna Bagramiants
We pose and solve the problem of formulating the basic methodological principles of research of accumulated scientific knowledge about the psychology of giftedness, which is characterized by internal contradictions. The elimination of these contradictions is impossible without comparing and bringing...
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Research on the Intervention of Positive Group Psychology Counseling on the Resilience of College Students

Lian Liu, Xueying Zhang, Lirong Song
Purpose: To discuss the influence of positive group psychology counseling on the resilience of college students. Method: Train the college students in the experimental group and the control group for eight weeks with the method of positive group psychology counseling. Result: After the group counseling,...
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Construction of Witkey Practice Teaching Mode under the Era of Big Data A Case Study of Software Development in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lu Yu, Yanglin Gao, Zhibo Wang
Due to the limitations of teaching on the basis of software development in higher vocational colleges, the article, based on Witkey and current big data technology, proposes a big data-based Witkey practice teaching model, analyzes and builds it from three aspects namely re-creation of teacher-student...
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Research and Overview on Discipline Construction of Fitness-oriented Sport

Guoming Zhang
With continuous improvement of the living standard, people's consciousness of body building and health keeping strengthens increasingly. Fitness oriented sport plays an active role in guiding people to grasp the scientific knowledge of health keeping and keep in good health properly. It has important...
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Analysis on Current Ideological Security in Universities and Its Countermeasures

Chenchen Huang
Ideological security in universities is an important part of national ideological security. The ideological security in universities concerns the guiding role of Marxism in universities, the training of builders and successors of socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, the lasting political stability...
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Exploration on College Students' Learning Behavior and Career Choice Behavior under Micro-culture Background

Li Wang, Qin Zou, Yingying Wang, Tingfang Wu
As a double-edged sword, micro-culture has deeply influenced college students' life on campus at present. This paper researches college students' learning behavior and career choice behavior under micro-culture background so as to provide references for schools in quality improvement of teaching as well...
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Humanistic Quality Education under the "Three Orientations" Talent Training Mode

Yafan Hu
Qiqihar Medical University implements characteristic applied undergraduate education under the "three orientations" talent training mode and actively builds humanistic quality education module guided by "occupational emotion", taking university culture as the guidance as well as promoting humanistic...
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Research on the Teachers' Reasons and Differences of Students' Recessive Truancy under the Background of College English Class

Lei Qin
This paper explores the teachers' factors which cause students' recessive truancy in the college English class by using factor analysis, and finds differences about the teacher's influences between the freshmen group and the sophomore group through independent-sample test. This paper also puts forward...
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Research on Coherence between Secondary and Higher Vocational Educations Based on Vocational Education Group

Nana Shang
Market orientation and serving the economy are purposes of vocational education, the transformation and upgrading of the economy drive that of the vocational education. In order to meet the new development trend, vocational education groups have made a rapid progress, forming a new model of group-oriented...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Interactive Effectiveness of Foreign Language Teaching under the Network Environment

Zhaoxi Wei
It has been the best choice to improve the effects of foreign language teaching and stimulate students' independent learning ability through modern educational technology and network resources. In order to understand the implementation and feedback of foreign language under the informatization support,...
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Discussion on the Effect of Creative Industry on the Teaching Model of Clothing Design

Tian Lan
Our country has begun to vigorously develop the creative industry since the GDP leaped to the second in the world in 2010. The clothing industry is important in the creative industry. We shoulder heavy responsibilities in the development of clothing specialty. Under this background, it is necessary to...
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Research on Innovative Teaching Mode of Product Design Specialty in Flipped Classroom

Biyue Long
Based on theories of flapped classrooms and online instruction, this article adopts an information-based teaching method to change the traditional one-way mode focusing on teaching into a modern two-way interactive mode aiming at communication, where teachers become promoters and instructors in learning....
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Research on Reform of Basic Courses for Art Design Specialty in Colleges and Universities of China

Wei Wei
In the time of knowledge economy, more and more practical quality talents are needed by the society, so it has become a must for colleges and universities in China to improve teaching quality, raise teaching effect and keep up with the social development in the course system, teaching content and methods....
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Study on the Policy Guarantee for "Double-qualified" Teacher's Cultivation of Local Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Shuxia Qian, Xiaoming Zhang
With the constant and further transformation of higher education, the demands for "double-qualified" teachers are increasing to meet the requirements of applied talents cultivation, and the cultivation of "double-qualified" teachers becomes the key task to enhance educational quality of colleges and...
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An Exploratory Study on Enhancing University Students' Network Moral identity through Moral Sensitivity Training

Xiaofeng Guan, Baoquan Wei
Based on the analysis of the status quo of students' network moral education from science and engineering university. By means of defining the sensitive concept of network morality as well as the value analysis of sensitive theory of network morality, we could, in the process of developing network morality...
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Reform on the Training Methods for Practical Undergraduate Talents from the Perspective of Maker

Minglei Jiang
Thinking of the value of Maker Education from the perspective of Maker, the successor of craftsman spirit, we can find the training methods of practical undergraduate talents have similarities with the methods of Maker Education. In reference of the Maker Education, the paper seeks for the way of reform...
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Survey of West Yunnan Elementary Teacher Effectiveness in China

Qin Gao
This research investigated teacher variables and teaching effectiveness in west Yunnan, China. In China, everyone, every parent, grandparent, young person and citizen would like to have the assurance that all our children are being taught and prepared for college, for future work and for life. Thus,...
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Practical Exploration on Public Art Education of Non-government HEIs in Henan

Jing Chen
Public art education in higher education institutions (HEIs) is an important part of educational activities in HEIs. Aimed at the current public art education in non-government, HEIs in Henan Province has a loose institution setting, single course content and forms, weak high-level teaching staff, insufficient...
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College English Teaching Mode in MOOC Era

Ying Wei
With the process of China's higher education development and large-scale network online resources in the world, MOOC courses have become the beneficial supplement of higher education resource, not only bringing changes for the teaching organization form and teaching methods, but also students have become...
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Analysis on the Project Curriculum Evaluation System Based on Vocational Ability

Yanrui Lei, Laiquan Liu
The curriculum reform of higher vocational colleges invariably focuses on training of high skills. The teaching reform of the project-based curriculum should not only break the original curriculum structure of the discipline and highlight the ability-preferred curriculum mode but also break the traditional...
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Exploration and Analysis on PE Teaching and Reform from the Perspective of Universities and Colleges

Bin Cao, Qun Niu
In recent years, there are obvious downtrends for the physical and psychological quality of China's college students. By investigation, the objective of China's college sports teaching is unclear, so it's difficult to establish the thought of lifelong physical exercise, and the physical education courses...
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Current Situation of the Scientific Research Quality of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Henan Province and Its Countermeasures under the Background of Knowledge Transformation

Xiang Ma
At the turn of this century, the new basic education reform has begun in our country, of which the core is curriculum reform. The new curriculum reform has great changes in teaching ideas, teaching contents and teaching methods. Firstly, the value orientation of the basic education curriculum has significant...
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Research on Problems in the Selection of University Student Societies Faculty Advisors

Kai Lu, Liansheng Yang
This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the current selection and recruitment of faculty advisors of university student societies and puts forward suggestions for its improvement. The suggestions are as follows: restating the important role of faculty advisors of university student societies, extending...
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Philosophical Technologies in Educational Process in the XXI Century

Vladimir Tsvyk, Irina Tsvyk
The article is dedicated to the role of philosophical technologies in modern educational process. Features of educational process in the XXI century are considered, the aiming an education system on the formation of harmoniously developed identity of the professional is stated. The conclusion that modern...
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The Problems of and Solutions to Micro-teaching for English Pedagogical Students

Liu Yang
Microteaching, also known as "micro teaching", "small-scale teaching", is a teaching method by applying modern teaching technologies to the training of normal students as well as in-service teachers' teaching skills. In the current background of information technology, microteaching goals, teaching process...
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Transboundary Educational Reform of the Traditional Graphic Design Major under the Influence of AR Technology

Qiong Xie
The modern graphic design education must keep pace with the times and embody the upgrading of business application. AR and VR technologies are leading-edge in the design field in recent years and the wind indicator of innovative design in the future. This paper discusses the meaning and method of applying...
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Reflection on Development of Sports Humanistic Sociology Disciplines and the Strategies

Yuandeng You, Sunho Mun
In recent years, China's sports humanistic sociology disciplines witness a vigorous development, and have made great achievements. With the multidisciplinary cross and penetration, the research scope of sports humanistic sociology disciplines has expanded gradually, but at the same time, there have been...
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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition in Reading

Ke Liu
Incidental acquisition vocabulary is an important way to enlarge vocabulary in reading, but there are some difficulties in improving the efficiency of vocabulary acquisition because reading can be affected by many factors. Therefore, the teacher should play a guiding role intentionally to adjust the...
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The Path Choice of China's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mode of Universities and Colleges Based on the Enlightenment of America Babson Commercial College

Fangfang Cao, Wanbing Shi
America Babson Commercial College, as a leader in the world's entrepreneurship field, is a model that each country uses for reference. On the basis of defining relevant concept, the paper introduces the innovation and entrepreneurship education mode of America Babson College, makes discussion from four...
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Research on Bachelor Degree Education and Application-oriented Innovative Talent Cultivation System

Hansong Yang, Luoming Zhang, Hua Yue, Tengkun Li
In the new era of transformation development of institutions of higher education, in order to meet the need of regional economic development and social and economic construction, the key of talent cultivation in colleges and universities is to produce application-oriented talents who can meet social...
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Discussion on the Mode of Art Education Resources Sharing between Universities and Primary and Secondary Schools

Junxia Yan
In order to realize the sharing of art education resources between universities and primary and secondary schools, this paper analyzes four aspects: sharing of teachers' resources, sharing of school buildings and professional hardware facilities, sharing of books and materials and joint education, and...
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Research on the Connotation and Mode of Computer Training Base Built by China and Russia Jointly

Liang Yu
With the rapid development of the computer technology, the computer specialty has been set up successively like mushrooms after rain in domestic universities. Heilongjiang has geographical advantage because it is located in the border of China and Russia. Training base plays a decisive role in the applied...
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Brief Discussion on Teaching Reform of Three-dimensional Composition Course

Haoran Du
Three-dimensional composition is an important professional basic course offered by art design major. At present, however, there are many problems in the teaching process of Three-dimensional composition. In this paper, the teaching reform of Three-dimensional composition is discussed, and the concrete...
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Contrastive Analysis of Primary School and College Classroom Talks: The Sinclair—Coulthard 'Birmingham' Model Approach

Caixia Si
With a more accurate picture of natural classroom discourse, teachers and researchers are in a better position to evaluate what goes on in the classroom. In this paper, using the collected data, I will try to analyze primary school and college classroom talks and make a comparison between the two under...
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Study on the Value of Carrying out Rhythmic Gymnastics Course in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lingling Deng
The level of social development is the level of displaying human talents in an all-round way. High-quality art appreciation classes have been opened up in higher vocational colleges against the high requirement of talents by the current society including rhythmic gymnastics course, which is an innovation...
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The Study on the Current Situation of Moral Education in University PE Classes

Gaosheng Li
Currently, quality education is more and more advocated in college students' education. And it is also the same in university PE education. PE classes not only highlight the students' exercises and improve their body quality, but they also put more emphasis on students' moral education. The thesis is...
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Students' Perception of E-learning on a Continuing Early Child Development Course in China

Yu Cheng Shen
E-learning has considerable flexibility in developing its accountability for instruction activities, so long as the perception is that e-learning is accessible and is successfully implemented. The emergence of information and communication technologies (ICT) has risen the new epoch in higher education...
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Research on the Characteristic Construction of the Blue Oceanic General Education Curriculum

Chunyan Tian
On the basis of the construction of blue oceanic general education curriculum of the Dalian Ocean University, this paper has analyzed and defined the connotation of oceanic general education and actively explored the effective ways to construct the blue oceanic general education curriculum through referring...
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Analysis on the Reform of Design Color Teaching Method

Zhenglei Dong
Design color is an important content of modern art design education and an important means of design performance. Design color expresses and presents space by means of color induction, generalization and refining based on the study of natural color, according to the characteristics and requirements of...
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Discussion on Experimental Animation Teaching

Hongjuan Sun
In combination with course features of Experimental Animation, this paper discusses how to apply animation theory in course teaching and how to improve students' innovative ability and artistic culture.
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Music Teaching of Overseas Russian in Heilongjiang in the Early Twentieth Century

Qi Wang
In the beginning of the 20th century, with the opening of Middle East Railway, a batch of modern cities and towns sprung up on the earth of Longjiang because of railway, especially the central pivot of the Middle East Railway – Harbin which quickly became an internationalized city: railways traversed...
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College English Teaching Reform of China under the External Propaganda Policy

Xiaoli Zhang
It is one of China's important national strategies to build a cultural power and to introduce its traditional culture to the world. To strengthen the external propaganda will enhance China's cultural soft power and greatly contribute to the national strategic objective. China's external propaganda has...
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The Transformation of Police Training in the View of Policing Revolution

Qin Wei
The current policing revolution in China is a comprehensive and systematic reform. The construction of modern policing operation mechanism and police classification management is an important content of reform. Police training also faces corresponding reform and innovation. In particular, it is necessary...
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Discussion on Construction and Development of National Characteristic Specialty in Applied Universities Based on Process Approach

Zhongmin Ma
To strengthen the construction of characteristic specialty in colleges and universities has become one of the key contents for the reform in colleges and universities in China. Based on the process approach, this article analyzes the requirements of national characteristic specialty construction. Considering...
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Study on Construction of Online Teaching Evaluation Index System of Independent Colleges

Huan Ji
The online teaching evaluation index system of independent colleges is taken as the object of analysis in this paper. A new set of online teaching evaluation index system is constructed by using Delphi method and analytic hierarchy process, including four first-grade indexes and fourteen second-grade...
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An Empirical Study on University Students' Entrepreneurship Support System Taking private colleges in Shaanxi Province as Example

Jing Ren
As the innovation and entrepreneurship become the national development strategy, whether the construction of entrepreneurship support system in colleges and universities is perfect becomes the important index to measure the college and university's service to local economic and social development. Based...
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Consideration and Expectation on the Establishment of Application-oriented Universities by Civil-run Colleges

Ming Sun, Jingchuan Fu
During the period of "13th Five-year Plan", in the course of local establishment of application-oriented universities, civil-run colleges have aroused the extensive public attention with vigorous support from government and enterprises, thus making it in line with public colleges for the first time....
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The Design of Cultural and Innovative Products and the Practice in Animation Teaching

Shukui Song, Ran Zhao
The so-called fundamental spirits of Chinese culture substantially refer to the national spirits of China; the cultural and innovative product, as the dynamic integration of culture, creativity and commodity, fully embodies the derivation and development of cultural genes. Currently, the cultural development...
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Research on Education and Cultivation of College Students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Zhenpeng Zhao
Colleges and universities are making good efforts to strengthen the education of college students in innovation and entrepreneurship, helping them set up the thoughts of innovation and entrepreneurship and cultivating their consciousness of innovation and entrepreneurship, which meet the requirements...
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Cultivating Students' Professional Quality in Business Interpreting Course

Zhaoli Wu
There are numerous reasons contributing to the difficulty in job hunting for college graduates, and the deficiency in professional quality is among them. Therefore, if scholars can find the way to promote students' development in professional quality, the key will be found to reduce employment stress....
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The Exploration and Practice of Multi-Subject Implementation Mode in Postgraduate Entrance Education

Ming He
Entrance education is an important link in the postgraduates' ideological and political education and it plays an important role in the process of postgraduates' holistic education. We should seek and jointly participate in multi-subjects by virtues of functional strengths of each subject in the process...
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The Missing and Return of Current Setback Education

Daoxun Wang
The setback education is a way of education that letting educatee get frustration on the physical and mental to promote the comprehensive quality represented by physical quality and psychological quality improve. At present, setback education in our country has several issues, such as the constantly...
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An Application Research of CBL and PBL in the Neurosurgery Clinical Teaching

Tao Yang
In this research, we tried to explore the effect of applying case-based learning (CBL) and problem-based learning (PBL) in Neurosurgery Clinical Teaching. We Chose 67 clinical medical students in neurosurgery of Yellow River Central Hospital from March 2015 to November 2016 and randomly divided them...
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The Problems with Designing Linguistic Meanings

Alexey Chernyak
As any tool, language is created by people. Since any language which we know could be different (have different grammars, consist in different words and sounds etc.), it may be said to be designed in a certain way. Since meanings of linguistic expressions also might be different, they may be said to...
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Novel of Evil Another Interpretation of Armed Alley

Guangzhen Li, Huoren Li
Kuroshima Denji revealed numerous inside stories in Armed Alley, describing various "evils" existing in Jinan incisively and vividly. According to Georges Bataille's literature theory, Kuroshima Denji rebelled against the then Japanese militarism by virtue of the advocacy of the Proletarian Cultural...
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Augustine and Wittgenstein: an Alleged Disagreement on Signs

Ivan Lapshin
Ludwig Wittgenstein is often described as one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century and the author of the first comprehensive theory of linguistic reference. Since Wittgenstein is often perceived this way, his theses are usually compared with other philosophers' ideas concerning language as...
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Biblical Themes and Images in Faulkner's Novels

Xiamei Peng
It is no exaggeration to say that religion exerts great influence on Faulkner and a lot of his fictions, which may be the key to the interpretation of his novels. This paper tries to exemplify the influence of Bible on Faulkner through the discussion of his narrative structure, theme, Christian characters,...
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Analysis on Language Development Stages of Infants

Wenling Jia
Children need a long time to adapt to the process of growing from newborns to independent individuals and from natural persons to social persons. The healthy growth of children depends on innate factors and acquired factors. Educators should have systematic and deep understanding for the occurrence and...
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Research Based on Multi-modal Perspective College Oral English Class Model

Yi Liu
This paper discusses the Multimodal Discourse Theory in College English Class. Multimodal Discourse Theory is based on the current college English teaching methods and strategies to integrate multi-modal Construction of Oral English Classroom Teaching Model. Study Multimodal Approach and College English...
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A Narrative Study on Jennifer Egan's Early Fiction

Baoyu Nie
The Invisible Circus, Jennifer Egan's first novel published in 1995, has started her novel-writing career. It focuses on an eighteen-year-old girl Phoebe who has always been haunted by the mysterious death of her hippie older sister and was attracted by the 1960s generation, searching for her own identity....
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The Evolution of "Three-dimensional Culture" and Its Enlightenment

Xinyi Zhang
The "three-dimensional culture" takes Taibo's "spirit of supreme virtue" as the core, and Confucius's "Lujia theory" and Sun Zi's "Art of War" all generalized and reflected the "three-dimensional culture" with typical Chinese elements was the essence of the oriental culture for thousands of years, the...
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Linguistic and Cultural haracteristics of Russian Political Blogosphere

Olga Maximova, Maia Egorova
The article provides an analysis of linguistic and cultural specificity of the Internet political discourse. The significant characteristics of the Russian blogosphere are highlighted. An attempt is made to reveal the semantic dominants of bloggers' discourse. The authors come to the conclusion that...
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Logical-Philosophical Approach to the Interpretation of the Concept of Knowledge

Mikhail Oseledchik, Vladimir Inozemtsev, Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev
The article analyzes the existing approaches to the analysis of the concept of "knowledge" and proposes a set of attributes characterizing the essence of knowledge as a phenomenon. There are different classifications and typologies of knowledge on the basis of the practical approaches which are important...
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Language Deformation and the Rebirth of Myth

Olga Strelnik
The re-mythologizing of modern culture, that is the return of archaic myths and professional mythmaking to arts, politics, advertising and mass communications, transferred the academic problem of myth to the category of topical issues. To study this "new" mythological consciousness, it is essential to...
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An Ass Struggling between Idealism and Naturalism A New Interpretation of "The Ass" by D. H. Lawrence

Yongxue Li, Chengxu Ye
As a modernist poet in English literature, David Herbert Lawrence is widely known for his collection of Birds, Beasts and Flowers. "The Snake", "The Tortoises" and "The Ship of Death" are probably the poems that most attract worldwide scholars and readers. However, due to Lawrence's discursive and ambivalent...
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English Needs Analysis of Non-English Major Undergraduates in Private Universities A Case Study

Zhili Hou
Learners' needs analysis plays an important role in the teaching of college English. If intensive needs analysis is undone in foreign language education, it is impossible to raise the talents truly required by the society. Researches on needs analysis are on the rise in recent years in foreign language...
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Study on Choice of Translation Strategies for Character Name with Pun Meaning from Delabastita's Theory Taking English Version of A Dream of Red Mansions as an Example

Jing Wang, Jiafeng Liu
The translation of pun has been a difficult problem. In this paper, the writer will compare the third chapter of the two English versions of Hong Lou Meng on the basis of Delabastita's theories on translation strategies of puns. According to the analysis of the data, it is believed Hawkes is reader-oriented...
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A Brief Analysis on the Changes of Princess Image in Disney Movies

Yu Zhang
This paper aims at summarizing and generalizing the images of Disney princesses and analyzes the reasons for their changes, from the development of feminism, the increasing status of the black and so on. Through these analyses, readers can see some parts of American social development. This paper first...
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Necessity of Getting Involved in Learning Special English of Civil Engineering

Zhijia Pan, Haiqing Yuan, Shouzeng Zhu
Fourteen classes majored in civil engineering were given lectures of Special English in Wuchang shouyi University. They were grouped in two, one was taught in interruption method by giving an assignment of preparing PPT for the lecture to see how they perform before and after that. The other eight were...
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An Analysis of Essentialism and Anti-essentialism in Literature

Yanqing Zheng
Today, more and more experts and scholars think that the concept essentialism and anti-essentialism are very complex and difficult to understand. In the second half of the 20th century, anti-essentialist post-modernism arose. And the impact of its cultural studies there still can't be ignored today....
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Analysis on the Semantic Feature of New Acronym in Russian after the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Guojiang Qi
The collapse of the Soviet Union has had a history of more than twenty years. In the contemporary era, the Russian society is changing sharply. The new acronyms are used more extensively in scientific language, political comment and official documents. The paper has discussed the semantic features of...
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Self-translation Not Answerable to Faithfulness in Translation

Changyong Zou
To be absolutely faithful in translation has long been the ultimate goal for many translators. Due to semantic, stylistic and cultural reasons, it seems an impossible mission. Some suggest that self-translation may be the only possible answer toward faithfulness in translation. With the writer and translator...
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A Study of the Boom of Open Course Translation From the Perspective of Translator's Subjectivity

Xuyan Ma
The paper presents a general introduction to the global open educational resources movement and then studies its translation activity from the perspective of translator's subjectivity. Translator's subjectivity bears three characteristics of initiative, restrictiveness and purposiveness. Translators...
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A Study on the Characteristics and Indicators of Meta-pragmatic Awareness

Shuang Lv
Three characteristics of meta-pragmatic awareness are discussed in the thesis—salience, reflexivity and self-monitoring. The latter two are more prominent in the generation and choices of language. One is the reflexive comments of language on itself, the other is the observation and monitoring of consciousness...
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Pronouns Study in China Taking a Research on Pronouns in Excavated Materials of Pre-Qin Dynasty as an Example

Yanmei Zhang, Han Ding
Nowadays, with large number of underground materials discovered, the grammatical study in excavated materials has attracted more attention of scholars. This article, based on the differences of time periods and literatures, reviews the studies in China according to pronouns in excavated materials of...
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The Relevance of the English Antonyms

Rui Li
Antonym has been a hot issue in semantic study. There are three types of English antonyms: contrary antonym, complementary antonym and converse antonym. According to the traditional linguistics, antonyms are totally opposite in meaning. This paper will challenge this traditional view and explore the...
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Applied Research on Drama in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Hongling Luo
Second language teaching and learning with the medium of drama playing is an innovative pedagogy, which is helpful to develop learners' intercultural communicative competence, and stimulate learners' sense of cooperation and learning motivation by affording a simulated real social context, authentic...
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A Study of English Writing Center in Canadian Higher Education and Its Implications on College English Writing Teaching

Shunling Wang
College English writing, as one of the important means of acquiring knowledge and communicating ideas, is the necessary learning skill in the college study. The English writing center in Canada has been flourishing in the recent years and has become one of the key parts in writing instruction systems...
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Study on Cultivation of Interpreters' Cross-cultural Awareness

Mingzhu Xu
Interpretation is a cross-cultural communicative activity involving high-quality understanding, analysis and processing of language information. This paper introduces the definitions of cross-cultural awareness and interpreting, and analyses the relationship between them, discussing the strategies of...
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Study on the Improvement of English Writing Abilities through Online Interactive Activities From a Constructive Perspective

Chunli Zhang
The fast development of economy and technology in recent years presents new opportunities as well as challenges for English teaching in China. On one hand, there are higher demands on college English learners' mastery of English. After years of being passive learners and fed with chunks of bite-sized...
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The Fundamental Role of Drawing as a Method of Cognition and Creative Development of Reality

Oleg Filippov
The author of the article refers to the developmental function of drawing in historical, technical, and educational curricula. The author reviews the history of drawing, and its possibilities for the cognitional and creative development of an individual.
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Genre Specificity of S. I. Taneyev's "Oresteia" Trilogy

Galima Lukina
The article reveals the originality of Sergei Taneyev's approach to tragedy. S. Taneyev treats opera as an oratorical performance with the features of mystery. The author of the article shows the organic fitting of an oratorical component with both the choral component of the Aeschylus' source work and...
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Research on the Marketing Communication Activities of Advertisers in China at Current Stage

Gong Cheng
Advertisers are the sponsor and investor of advertising campaigns. Advertisers' investment in marketing communication directly affects the operation and income of media and advertising companies. Therefore, the changes of advertisers' marketing communication activities are closely related to the development...
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Self-guided Tour APP Interface Design Based on User Experience

Hairong Long, Wanyu Zhang
With the expansion of Internet market and the advocacy of national policy, the factors influencing interface design are analyzed from the perspective of user experience in order to meet people's demand for tourism products in the rapidly growing Internet market as well as people's aesthetic and travel...
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Interactive Interface Design Based on Memory Thinking

Chong Lan
Objective: To study the interaction design experience in the form of the memory interface and the use of innovative methods in the design task. Methods: First, the method of the basic framework and extraction using the analysis of the memory of thinking, provide a theoretical basis for the design frame...
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Study on Water Landscape Sculpture in City Square

Lili Zhang
Nowadays, urban construction develops increasingly. The city square has become an important place for people to entertain, so the landscape design of city square is very important, especially related design of water landscape sculpture. The water sculpture design is more important. The water landscape...
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Analysis and Research on Specialty Packaging Design under Central Plain Culture

Zhenpeng Zhao
The land of China is rich in natural resources with each region having a variety of local specialties. Taking the specialties of Henan, which is located in the Central Plains, as an example, they are really good, but haven't received corresponding market position, and specialty packaging design does...
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Discussion on Origin of Birch Bark Art of Oroqen Nationality in Heilongjiang Province and Its Production Inheritance

Xiaoli Zhang
Birch bark culture of Oroqen Nationality in Heilongjiang Province has a long history, and birch bark culture products also play an important role in production and daily life. Birch bark technique is the development of innovation of traditional technique, which is the recreation of new technique using...
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The Elimination of Violence and Evil Analysis of the Film Adaptation of the Novel "Cracks"

Qian Zhao, Li Ding
The paper aims to study the tendency of planarizartion and over dramatization in the film adaption of "Cracks", a novel of South African writer Sheila Kohler. The paper analyzes the pros and cons of film adaptation from the aspects of characters, plots and structures.