Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Statistics Application (AMMSA 2017)

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Information Modeling for Thermal Fatigue Evaluation of Power Plant Pipelines

Te-Wei Fan, Chao-Jen Li, Ming-Sung Huang
Thermal fatigue and cracking of un-isolable pipelines caused by mixing of cold and hot water in pipelines have been reported. This is because the builder's system designs are all based on foreign technology, and assessments are needed to prevent similar thermal fatigue problems from occurring to power...
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Modelling and Simulation of Air Entrainment Period Effect on Prediction of Quasi-dimensional Model for Diesel Engine

Kunpeng Qi, Wuqiang Long, Xiaoping Guo
In order to improve the precision of quasi-dimensional model for predicting diesel engine performance, three kinds of air entrainment period in quasi-dimensional model for diesel engine working process is developed in this research. The software MATLAB/Simulink is utilized to build the quasi-dimensional...
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Standardization Efficiency Variability Index Model of Supply Logistics Systems for Automobile Parts

Huishu Piao, Jing Wang, Xia Li, Jinfeng Chen
For effectively measuring logistics standardization effect to promote the logistics standardization, it was proposed that logistics standards system and two kinds of "push" and "pull" logistics standardization modes based on supply logistics system architecture of automobile parts. Based on defining...
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Research on Energy Consumption Modeling Method for Multi-Type Hybrid Applications

Fengyu Guo, Xiaoying Wang
With the rapid development of cloud computing, a large number of datacenters were built. These datacenters provide excellent computing resource and service to people. However, they also bring huge energy consumption at the same time. Scientists all around the world try to solve this problem, for which...
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Multiscale Simulation of Gas-Liquid Flows with Droplets

Jimin Wang, Feng Zhu, Xiaofang Liu, Wenke Li
Multiscale phenomena represent a common challenge in many areas, including chemical engineering. Multiscale problems in gas-liquid flows, accompanied with highly turbulent flow and complex geometry of internals, make it difficult to achieve the fast and accurate simulation. In this report, special emphasis...
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A Super-Efficiency DEA Model with Preference to Evaluate Train Service Plan for High-Speed Railway

Zhenhuan He, Liwei Zhang, Lei Nie, Jianan Tong
We have developed and implemented a new method for evaluating train service plans. The basic idea of this super-efficiency DEA model with preference (SEP DEA) is to simultaneously consider the evaluation with selection of indicators, classification of indicators and indicator weight determination. The...
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Simulation on the Rollover System of Corn Harvester Based on the ADAMS

Shizhuang Li, Shukun Cao
The structural characteristics of our country's corn harvester are narrow-track, high centroid and existence of eccentric distance, so rollover accident is easily to occur when going up and down the hills mountainous and hilly regions for complex terrain. In the previous paper, we introduced the Hydro-Pneumatic...
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VISSIM Simulation Parameter Correction of Expressway Capacity under Traffic Accident

Yonggang Song, Xingqiang Zhang, Ying Wang, Shan Zhu, Xin Wang, Xueyuan Wang
Traffic accident on expressway is one of main reasons of traffic congestion on the road section and the road network. In order to accurately estimate expressway capacity under traffic accident and upstream direct traffic diversion, a parking model of traffic accident section is presented with VISSIM...
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Study on Power Supply Service Satisfaction Evaluation Based on Fornell Model

Lei Ye, Hongbo Wu, Hanbing Yue, Tiantian Sun, Wei Li, Furong Liu
To improve customer Satisfaction, Henan branch of China State Grid build power supply service Satisfaction evaluation system to analysis service quality based on data from 95598 telephone hotline and questionnaire survey considering the psychological need of customers. Only by this could standardize...
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Nonlinear Model Reduction for Truss Frame Based on POD-DEIM

Chunchun Cui, Youping Gong, Jiatian Yu, Jiang Ke, Longbiao Gao, Huipeng Chen
Nonlinear model simplification is an important part of many applications, such as flow control, optimization and statistical analysis. In this article, we summarize the POD-DEIM method to solve the nonlinear system of the truss frame .And use an example of a clamped beam to illustrate the DEIM specific...
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A New Mathematical Model Concept and Challenges in relation to the Layout of Cluster Manifolds

Conglei Chen, Yang Du, Hui Huang, Yu Zhao, Yingying Wang, Menglan Duan
The cluster manifold becomes an essential part in a subsea production system, which can gather the production fluid from subsea wells and distribute water, gas and chemical agents from the floating production system to each subsea well. On account of its advantages such as a small initial investment,...
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Use Big Data Thinking in the Cultivation of Police Intelligence Ability

Jianying Xiong
The public security personnel need a higher ability for the intelligence analysis due to application of big data policing. Combined with the application environment of big data policing, it analyzes the problems existing in the cultivation of students' information literacy in Police Colleges and universities,...
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Stability of a Paddy Ecosystem with Time Delay

Yi Wang, Xiaoli Zhou, Zhaohua Wu, Tiejun Zhou
A delay differential equation model of paddy ecosystem was put forward to reveal the interaction among rice, weeds and inorganic fertilizer on the system. The results show that, the system exists a rice and weed extinction equilibrium, and it also exists a rice extinction or weed extinction equilibrium....
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Modelling the Information Structure of the Document Based on Specialised Markup Language

Tatiana Penkova
The paper presents an approach to modelling the document information structure to provide the operational document formation based on database information. The method of document structuring by highlighting the specific elements of variable information and applying a specialised markup language is proposed...
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Reasearch on Camouflage Performance of Hanging Plants

Xianhui Rong, Yue Ma, Qi Jia, Weidong Xu, Xuliang Lv
In the engineering practice of camouflage, which is located under the background of mountain forest land national defense engineering needs to disguise. A kind of effective method to deal with the optical band infrared and radar reconnaissance is needed. In the forest background, vegetation is a common...
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Study of the Nonlinear Relationship between R&D Investment and Regional Innovation Capacity: Evidence from Panel Threshold Model

Kai Sun, Yanchun Liu
Choosing panel data of 30 provinces (except Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) within years of 2007-2015 as research samples in China, and use the financial development level as threshold variable. By using the panel threshold model we investigate the nonlinear relationship between R&D investment and...
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A Numeral Simulation of Atomic Clock Noise

Hongwei Sun, Yuli Li
A numeral method for simulating three types of noise in atomic clock is presented, and the specific recursive functions to produce the random processes are given. The simulation is simple by computer, and it is useful for designing atomic clock before committing the system to a hardware realization.
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Network Topological Modeling on Private Equity Investment

Tian Lv, Jinchuan Ke
A private equity investment network can be composed of nodes and edges which represent the regions and the private equity relationship between regions respectively. This paper analyzes the network's density, average path length, clustering coefficient degree, betweeness, closeness centrality and its...
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Analysis of an SERIV Epidemic Model of Human Influenza

Lijuan Zhang, Yibin Zhao, Fuchang Wang
In this present paper a model with media coverage and vaccination is proposed on the spread of H7N9 influenza. We worked out the disease-free equilibrium and basic reproductive number by mathematical method and analyzed the sensitivity and uncertainty of the basic reproductive number by random sampling....
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Research on Trust Degree Calculation Model Based on Interval Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets

Xiaolan Xie
Based on the analysis of the inter - interval intuitionistic fuzzy sets and the interval - valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets, the multi - attribute group decision - making is used to reconstruct the model and apply it to the trust degree calculation of the trust mechanism. By comparing the multiple attributes...
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The Genome Assembly Model for Next-Generation Sequencing Data

Yirong Wang, Chengdong Wei, Xiaodong Zhang, Tailin Cen
At present, next-generation sequencing technology are quickly applied to every field of life science research. Per base has higher coverage and lower cost. Shorter reads and higher error rates from these new instruments necessitate the development of new algorithm and software[1]. We describe an assembly...
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Dynamic Behavior of a Predator-prey Model under the Influence of Toxin and Optimal Foraging Strategy

Yue Ma, Ya Li
Prey toxicity and coexistence of multiple prey species are properties that exist wildly in predator-prey systems. Prey toxins might inhibit the food intake and maturity of predators. Optimal foraging theory predicts that predators prefer prey which can provide more energy and cost less energy to handling...
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A Simulation Method Focused on Electric-Heating Distillation of Ethanol in Solid-State Fermented Crushed Straw Material

Jingzhi Zhou, Junxiao Feng, Zhixing Zhou, Shizhong Li
In order to build the simulation method based on DEM, test orthogonal test and complete test was done. Based on electric heating test, the ethanol distillation mechanism of solid-state fermented crushed straw material was studied. The main factors influence the distillation speed are wet content, heating...
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Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Time Delay for First Order Linear System

Jie Su, Hui Lu, Xuguang Wang
In the field of industrial control, the dynamic mathematical model of the main equipment or process of the system is established by the field data, which has become the hot spot of system identification at present. Due to various reasons from the industrial production process and means of measuring,...
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Several Simple Mathematical Models for the Bending Actuation of a Single-Layer Polypyrrole Actuator

Shuai Zhang
Several simple mathematical models are developed in this paper, which are used to describe the bending actuation of a single layer polypyrrole actuator, especially for the tip deflection. All the results are compared with the experimental result which was gotten in previous research. The Comparison result...
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Problem-Oriented Integration of SMP-models in the Simulation Modeling Infrastructure

Ludmila Nozhenkova, Olga Isaeva, Evgeniy Gruzenko, Aleksey Markov
We suggest an original method of problem-oriented integration of SMP-models allowing to unite different manufacturer's models in one complex. The method consists in adding to the SMP-models structural-parametric and functional description creating a semantic level of presentation of a modeled object....
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Architecture of the Simulation Modeling Infrastructure Based on the Simulation Model Portability Standard

Ludmila Nozhenkova, Olga Isaeva, Evgeniy Gruzenko
The authors are developing a subject-oriented environment of the spacecraft onboard equipment simulation modeling. This environment is basing on the Simulation Model Portability Standard, which determines the technology for compatibility and transferability of simulation models within big simulation...
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Modelling Revenue Management Problem under Fare Class Interval Customer Choice

Baohua Wang
In order to explain customer choice conditioned on opened classes more realistically and efficiently, I assume a customer considers a discrete choice as a fare class interval and buys the lowest opened class with that interval. Unlike the traditional one-dimensioned, unstructured choice model, I model...
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Influence of Span Ratio on Modals and Mode Direction Factors of Curved Box-girder Bridges

Guohua Song, Dongwei Wang, Xiaofang Liu
The vibration mode of curved box-girder bridge was decomposed into 4 mode direction factors by energy ratios. 4 two-span curved box-girder bridge models were built taking span ratio as parameter. The modal characteristics and the mode direction factors were analyzed along with varying span ratio. It...
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The Effects of Heterogeneous Spatial Networks in Multi-agent Parrondo's Games

Junyong Shu, Keren Rui, Ye Ye, Lu Wang, Nenggang Xie
In the multi-agent Parrondo's games, if game A and game B both take certain network structures, then the heterogeneity of the network will produce impacts. By using the analytical approach based on the discrete Markov chain, we analyzed a one-dimensional case. Then, we deduced the transition probability...
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Using Satellite Data to Calculate DimethylSulfide in Greenland Sea

Li Zhao, Bo Qu
We use satellite data to calculate Dimethylsulfur (DMS) in Greenland Sea (20øW~10øE, 70øN~80øN) in year 2003~2006. At the same time, explore the correlations between DMS and sea-ice concentration (ICE). Among the huge global satellite data, the chlorophyll a (CHL) and sea-ice concentration data were...
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Mathematics in Tiwanaku-The gold number in the gate of the sun

Marco Antonio Cabero Z., Michael Carlos Gonzales V., J.Willam Ariel Muñoz F.
Man has tried to understand nature and represent it in mathematical ways since ancient times. Looking back to the past, instead of finding uncultured civilizations, we found that they understood the beauty of nature, and expressed it by numbers. The Tiwanaku Empire is an example that amused archeologist...
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Treatment of Material Discontinuity in the Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method

Xufei Yuan, Gendai Gu, Meiling Zhao
Meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method is presented to treat parabolic partial differential equations with discontinuous material coefficients. In this paper, we use MLPG method to solve fractional constant coefficient discontinuous media mixed boundary problem. The trial and test functions for...
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Fault Range Analysis of Information and Communications Assets in Power Grid: A Graph Data Perspective

Bo Chai, Siyan Liu, Jiangpeng Dai, Ting Zhao, Aihua Zhou, Kunlun Gao
In this paper, information and communication assets in the power grid are modeled as graph data. A graph database, Neo4j, is chosen to capturing the connections that could help to analyze fault ranges. Based on breadth-first search, recursion terminations are designed to obtain the fault range from the...
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Design of Camouflage Pattern Based on Mathematical Morphology

Qi Jia, Xitong Yang, Weidong Xu, Xuliang Lv, Jianghua Hu
Camouflage as one of the effective way that against modern detection and precision strike and improving the survival ability of military targets is important content 0f combat. The digital camouflage can break the boundary of a camouflaged target between different colors, and make it blurred and broken,...
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The Application of EF Analysis in Quantitative Assessment of Sustainable Development

Yang Chen, Yuxue Cao
Quantitative measures for sustainable development are important topics and frontier areas of sustainable development research. The core of this paper is to determine whether human beings live within the bearing capacity of ecosystems. This paper introduces the ecological footprint method, which is proposed...
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The Co-movement Analysis of A + H Stocks Based on CHMM

Shulan Hu, Xuan Zhang, Pengfei Tian
The implementation of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect program mark the gradual opening up of capital account in our financial markets and the relaxation of exchange rate and interest rate control. It makes the arbitrage mechanism of A+H stocks, trading...
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Non-linear Analysis on Optical Flow 9 ž 9 High-Contrast Patches

Qingli Yin, Wen Wang
We analyze the space of 9 ž 9 optical flow high-contrast patches by computational topological tools. The fact that there are subspaces of 9 ž 9 optical flow high-contrast patches with topology of a circle is experimentally shown. Subspaces of 9 ž 9 optical flow patches with homology of the Klein bottle...
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Kinematical Analysis on Xiangrong LIU Backward Sliding Shot Putting Technique

Ting Long, Jihe Zhou
Purposes: Analysis of the Chinese women's shot player Xiangrong LIU 2016 national track and field throwing group race (Xipu station) champion throwing action, revealing the law of shot put. Procedures: Application data engineering method - with two JVC GC-PX10AC cameras were placed in the direction of...
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The Value of European Option

Yunfeng Yang, Yingchun Zheng
In this paper we study the patterns of behavior of the stock price and the results of Merton on European option pricing spread by stochastic analysis method. Assume that the stock price jump process is special class of compound Poisson process and the volatility without jump is the function of time....
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Highway Costruction Cost Estimation Based on Kalman Filter

Xiaodong Zang, Feng Ouyang, Feng Tian
In order to analyze the highway construction cost trend, and improve cost management level, putting forward using the Kalman filter to estimate the construction cost. Regarding the ratio between actual cost and responsibility cost as the system variable, and demonstrating the feasibility of Kalman filter...
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A Note on the Correspondence Pattern for Ordinary People

Feng Wang, Xianyuan Wu
This paper focuses on the problem of modeling the correspondence pattern for ordinary people. Suppose that letters arrive at a rate and answered at a rate . Furthermore, we assume that, for a constant T, and the remains are answered in last in first out order. Let W_n be the waiting time of the n-th...
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Research on Direction of Principal Stress Based on Monte-Carlo Method

Li Chen, Yanpeng Feng, Min Xiong, Keqin Ding
Crack initiation and propagation induced by fatigue damage under the action of complex random stress spectrum is the main form of structural failure. The direction of crack initiation is closely related with the maximum principal stress direction, but the maximum principal stress direction of complex...
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A Case of Empirical Study in the History of Statistics: Yule's Analysis of Pauperism

Shuyuan Nie
The relationship of Yule's analysis about pauperism with empirical study has been less recognized. The article explores the historical trace of research pauperism by Yule, which could be summarized as follows: (1) value the social problem from the innovative view of statistics; (2) arrange the available...
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Stock Market Trend Prediction Using Support Vector Machines and Variable Selection Methods

Hakob Grigoryan
In this paper, a prediction model integrating machine learning and statistical analysis tools is presented to predict the trend of stock market. The proposed approach consists of three stages, as follows. In the first stage, the system uses technical analysis to calculate useful indicators based on historical...
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Cross-border Consumer Research Based on Cluster Analysis of Aliexpress Behavioral Data

Yilun Wu, Lei Yao
This article selects the search data of Aliexpress cross-border e-commerce platform in wedding dress industry. The behavior of consumers will leave traces on the platform. Usually expressed as search index, purchase index and the number of compared products. Through the analysis of correlation, regression...
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Statistic Characteristics Analysis of Railway Hazard Causation based on Complex Network

Jintao Liu, Keping Li, Wei Zheng, Chenling Li
Quantitative analysis of the potential causes of railway accidents is essential for ensuring the safety of railway. In this context, this paper proposes a directed railway hazard causation network (DRHCN) based on the complex network theory. According to the characteristic of the DRHCN, four statistical...
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Observation and Analysis of Characteristics of Wind and Air Temperature in Low Altitude Level in Panjin Wetland in Autumn and Winter

Yunhai Zhang, Yangfeng Wang, Hongbin Yang, Jiwei Xu, Qiang Gong
Based on the low altitude observation data of Panjin wetland during the typical period from November 10 to 20, 2015, the characteristics of wind speed, wind direction and air temperature at low altitude, and the variation laws of altitude and stability of the atmospheric mixed layer were analyzed. By...
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Mapping Control Survey in Urban Complex Environment Based on Multi-GNSS RTK Technology

Qiuying Guo, Guangrong Hao, Wengang Sang
Mapping control survey for 13 control reference points were carried out based on RTK technology using GPS/BEIDOU/GLONASS multi-constellation compatible GNSS receivers in various urban environment (open, building shelter, tree shading, etc.). Operation scheme and technique flow were discussed. Operation...
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Decision-making Evolution of Remanufacturing Supply Chain Considering Retailer's Sales Efforts

Suxia Liu, Yuqing Zhu, Wei Zheng
In this study, a remanufacturing supply chain consisting of a single manufacturer and a single retailer is considered, and a Stackelberg game model with the manufacturer as the leader and the retailer as the follower is built. The changes of decision-making in two different cases have been compared and...