Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Electronic, Mechanical, Information and Management Society

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Process Analysis of Condition Based Maintenance for Equipment

Chunjian Wang, Hongjun Fan, Tiao Wang
For a long time, the instruction of navy equip.’s detections and maintenance is the traditional theories, and the plan servicing is the main instruction thought and organized form. But with the development of electrification and digitization, the traditional method may cause disrepair and excessive repair....
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Study of Selection of Timing System External Clock Synchronization Methods Based on Matrix Switch Technology

Wei Wu, Haidong Zou, Yupeng Zhang
The clock synchronization signal source of timing system is not equivalent to the receiving antenna. By using of matrix switch in the down link, and selecting the mean and variance characteristic parameters of the received signal, the performance of the work is evaluated. Using the corresponding software...
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Development and Application of English Listening and Speaking Teaching Materials

Xiaoyan Feng
All along, there is a misunderstanding of English teaching in China, which ignores the basis that listing and speaking should be the foundation of English learning. How to improve English listening and speaking ability is an important topic in English education field, which has caught the attention of...
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Research on Core Knowledge Teaching in Higher Education

Yongjian Huang
The special contradiction of higher education, namely the contradiction between the cultivation requirement of senior specialized talents and the actual status of those who accomplishes the complete secondary education. It’s the fundamental contradiction throughout the process of higher education. In...
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Application of Firewall Technology and Research

Xiaoping Feng, Qi Zeng
Our society will enter a comprehensive network era, which is mainly featured with electronic commerce. Our life will be more closely with the computer network. We can say that our life cannot go without computer network. So there is no doubt that network security is very important for us. We can't imagine...
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A Design of Network Office System Based on ASP

Enhai Qiu, Jing Rao
As the widespread using of Internet and the development of Internet technology, Network office automation system has been applied in more and more companies. Network office automation system can not only improve the efficiency, it can also maximize and simplify resource sharing process at the same time....
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Language Anxiety in Teaching English and Its Solutions

Liwen Luo, Shufei Xu
As the focus of research into a second language acquisition has been transferred from teachers to learners, more and more people begin to realize the important role of emotional factors on the success of a second language acquisition in the process of teaching foreign languages. During the teaching process,...
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Study on the Development and Current Condition of English Language Arts Education in Internet Age

Weixiang Liu, Li Li
Contemporary information technologies with multimedia and internet as representatives are changing people’s lifestyle and learning style at breakneck speed, which also lead to the networking-orientation, virtualization, internationalization and individuation of higher education in developed countries...
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The Improvement of Quality Management Economics

Xiaojiao Yin
With the implementation of ISO quality management system in enterprise, the quality economic is fully reflected. As one of the important concepts of quality management system quality cost provides theoretical basis for the enterprise from accounting measurement and number accounting. In addition to the...
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Research on the Translation of Ancient Books

Siyu Zou
Modern Chinese English translation catalyzed by Robert Morrison early Anglo American Protestant missionaries, early Protestant Missionaries Westerners to Chinese penetration and highlight the advantages of Western Christian culture of the main media. Due to the English translation involves both in English...
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Study on the Application of Power Marketing Inspection in Marketing Management Information System

Yichao Zheng
With the development of social economy as well as science technology, power enterprises are paying more attention to power marketing management so as to raise enterprises’ core competitiveness. At present, marketing inspection has been widely applied to power management, which is good for conducting...
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Application of Accounting in Human Resource Management

Xiaoping Ruan, Shijun Liu
With the continuous development of economy, the function of human resources in terms of business management has been highlighted. Nowadays, enterprises have paid much attention to talents while the proportion of human resources cost is higher and higher. However, how to adopt accounting to manage human...
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Design of Digital Barometer Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer Control

Weisheng Zheng, Yimei Liu
The core component of barometer is the pressure sensor, which plays a very important role in monitoring pressure, controlling pressure changes and measuring other physical quantities. Barometer obtains the air pressure data through changes of air pressure at different heights. According to the meteorological...
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Research on Creative Clothing Design Based on 3D printing technology

Zhang Li
A series of new technologies emerge unceasingly with the progressive development of human society. Novel manufacturing technology represented by 3D has begun to change the mode of traditional manufacturing industry. Auxiliary function at certain degree is also available especially in the aspect of clothing...
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The Current Situation and Countermeasures Analysis of Cooperation between Private Universities and Enterprises

Shui'e Wang, Qingjun Liang, Wenzhun Huang
In the context of private colleges running to application-oriented universities, in order to full play a role of school enterprise cooperation in training applied technology talents, the author analyse the situation and countermeasures of school enterprise cooperation with the documentation analysis...
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“Three Levels” Training Mode for Normal Students Teaching Practice Ability

Jingfang Li
Normal teaching practice ability training in normal colleges is the focus on important issues, this paper revolves around students teaching practice of “basic skills, professional skills and comprehensive skills” and also on discussing the cultivation of thinking, and expounds the implementation of the...
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Internationalizing Instructional Methodology for Postgraduates in Green Manufacturing

Dianlei Geng, Yan Gan
In order to further internationalize the postgraduate education in China, this article proposes that some advanced educational strategies and teaching approaches to the major courses in machinery manufacturing be adopted for training interdisciplinary experts in green manufacturing with a global vision....
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The Perlocutionary Act of Advertising Slogans

Dongyan Li, Qingfeng Guo
Advertising slogans are short and impressive clauses constantly used by companies or enterprises to establish the good image or characteristics of their products with the aim of influencing or persuading a large audience of potential consumers to purchase the advertised products and /or services via...
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The Study of Business English Teaching Based on the Theory of Nida

Lihua Chen
Functional translation theory translation lively, without limitations, allowing translators for a purpose, the source language text to make necessary adjustments, deletion or even rewrite, but the Style of business English and practical factors, determines the business English translate does not allow...
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Research of Tourism and Cultural Marketing Operation Model

Jinghui Qu
In modern society, the rapid development of materials, people pay attention to the material from the previous life now began to pursue the spirit of enjoyment and personal experience. In recent years, the tourism industry we have the emergence of new competitive situation, formed a product personal,...
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New Media Affecting College Students Consumption Behavior

Xinxin Liu
With the development of information technology, digital television, digital magazines, digital newspapers, digital broadcasting, SMS, mobile TV, network, desktop windows, digital movies, touch the media. Such computer information processing technology, to telecommunications networks as operation platform...
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Research on the Driving Factors of Corporate and Loyalty Program Partnerships

Min Tian, Ying Qin
With increased liberalization in markets, the intensity of competition has increased amongst all of companies, such as bank industry and air carriers. These companies have responded to the competitive pressure in many ways, one of which has been the formation of Loyalty Program Partnerships. The main...
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The Research on Exploitation of Spot Statistic Data Visualization Software in Volleyball Match by Utilizing Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Xin Tan
The characteristics of computer software are objective, detailed, accurate and synchronization. Microsoft Visual VC + + 6.0 is a strong compatibility, visualization and object-oriented process oriented development tools which could be utilized in exploitation on-the-spot Statistic data visualization...
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Problems and Countermeasures on the Early Stage Property Management in Urban Residential District

Zhongxiang Yuan
It is special in early stage property management in urban residential district. Many disputes in real life are concentrated in the early stage of the property management. So the problems in the management of property management should be carefully studied. It is very important to enhance the early stage...
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Complex System Fault Diagnosis Method Based on CFFPN

Yan Su, Yiqing Ling, Hui Wang
Considering the complexity of system structure and fault mechanism of complex system, a fault diagnosis method based on extended color fuzzy fault Petri net model is proposed (CFFPN) for civil aircraft. In order to increase the fault diagnosis efficiency, the CFFPN is modeled based on fuzzy mathematics...
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The Review of Big Data

Chunhe Shi, Chengdong Wu, Xiaowei Han, Zhen Li, Yinghong Xie
Big Data is becoming the attentive focus in the current world. With the rapid integration and development of the next generation of information technology, such as Cloud computing, mobile Internet and Internet of Things, data present an exponential growth. This paper illustrates the concept of big data,...
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Study on Present Situation of Discretion in Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement

Jiang Nan
This paper is based on analyzing the meaning of discretion and then analyzes three points of discretion’s legal basis of urban management personnel, the manifestation of discretion and right relief, and then we can conclude three conclusions that legal system which regulates urban management personnel...
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A Joint Distribution of Extreme Value for a Renewal Risk Model with Interest Force

Guojin Xu, Huibing Hao
In this paper, we consider a renewal risk model with interest force, derive the joint distribution of the minimum surplus and maximum surplus before the ruin, and the integral equation of the joint distribution is also obtained.
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Study on Teachers Pressure of National Model Higher Vocational College

Jian Yong
At present, there are a total of 77 types of vocational colleges in Shandong Province, how is occupational stress of the National Model Higher Vocational College Teachers? Are they generally under higher occupational stress and how do they relieve occupational stress? Society, schools, teachers themselves...
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Frequency Bandwidth Management of Satellite Communication Network

Zhengqun Hu
Satellite communication network has a wide application prospect based on its unique advantages. Satellite frequency bandwidth is an important component of satellite communication network. However satellite bandwidth resources are high cost and relatively limited, it is essential to optimally use frequency...
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The Applied Research on BOT Mode about Urban Rail Transit Project

Weifang Li
The urban rail transit project has become one of the main infrastructure projects in China. As an important construction management mode, BOT mode has been used for the urban rail transit projects in China. There are some problems which bother BOT mode about urban rail transit project in recent years,...
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Problem Analysis and Countermeasures in the Development of Red Tourism

Yunli Shi
The development of red tourism of the city should be promoted to a higher level of shaping the brand image and marketing the concept of red culture form in the ordinary level of advertising tourism resources and selling tourism products. The paper puts forward some countermeasures to the subsequent development...
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Studies on the Renewal Problems and Countermeasures of Shengli District in Yantai

Chenghua Fu
With the city expanding, increasing population, function facilities of the Old town can not meet the current economic development and improving living standard requirements of people. The transformation of the old city aims to make urban functions more perfect, more suitable for needs of the people's...
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Synthesis of Anion Starch Polymer Microsphere and Its Adsorption Properties for Metal Ions

Yang Zhao, Yongming Zhang, Xiaoping Huo
The anion starch polymer microspheres were made of neutral starch microsphere by the secondary polymerization and anionization using Na3P3O9 as the anion reagent. The anion starch polymer microsphere was characterized by Laser Particle Analyzer and FT–IR spectroscopy. Adsorption behavior of anion starch...
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The Impacts of Arctic Passages Opening on China's International Shipping

Yiying Liu, Qiqi Zhao, Houming Fan, Xi Yao
Aiming at the natural features and assisting navigation status on the Arctic routes, the impacts of Arctic shipping on China's container shipping, crude oil import shipping and bulk cargo shipping are analyzed. It is concluded that the Arctic navigation will reduce the shipping cost. The economic potential...
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An Analysis on the Development of Dong Nationality Settlement from Ecological Perspective

Yanmin Liang, Zhimeng Huang
The traditional concept about original ecological culture can be reflected largely by the unique settlement culture of Dong nationality and their behavioral habits. Actually in Dong nationality villages, the site selection and the spatial construction have also shown their unique cultural and ecological...
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Impacts of the Monetary Policy on the Stock Markets: Case Studies in Vietnam and Shenzhen China

Nguyen Trung Thanh, Do Thi Linh
The sensitivity of the stock market to the monetary policy leading to the study of the impact of monetary policy on stock market is extremely important (For each different market, reactions of stock index also differ. Therefore, this paper is conducted to assess the impact of monetary policy on the stock...
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Research on the College Students' Competition Credit-Assisted Management System for Practical Universities

Yucheng Zhang, Lidong Song, Wenzhun Huang
In this paper, we conduct the research on the college students' competition credit-assisted management system for practical universities. Due to talents training goal of colleges and universities there is a progressive transformation relation, therefore, in the process of the talents training target...
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Inquiry into the Permeation of Moral Education in Primary English Teaching

Yong Wang
Moral education in English teaching refers to the moral education infusing in the process of the instruction of English language knowledge, the cultivation of English language and communicative ability in the way of permeation; it also refers that English teachers interpret and expound English teaching...
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Study on the Influential Factors of Village Cadres' Work Enthusiasm in Supply of Village-level Public Goods: Based on Survey Data in Fujian Province

Xiuyi Li, Weiping Liu, Xiaoyan Xing
“One Case, One Meeting” has become the basic mechanism in the supply of village-level public goods.After the mechanism innovation in 2008, many villages were witnessed to breakthrough the collaborative dilemma in“One Case, One Meeting”.The existing research put more emphasis on financial reward in villagers’...
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Colored Pencil Drawing Method Based on HSV Color Space

Feiyue Chen, Congli Lu, Jingang Liu
In this paper, we propose a new colored pencil drawing generation framework which aims at simulating pencil drawing by computer at this stage. It can generate a colored pencil drawing from a 2D image automatically. The framwork is built based on a generation of gray pencil drawing. Firstly, in order...
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Research on the Long-term Mechanism of Energy Reduction

Ronglan He
Since the foundation of energy reduction’s long-term mechanism has already been made. This thesis mainly focus on energy reduction’s long-term mechanism’s contents and its inside relationships, and proposes some operable strategies on energy reduction area.
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Research on Mapping Petri-Net to UML in System Modeling

Chunjian Wang, Wei Yue, Dongju Du
The paper analyzes the need of complex system modeling. According to the advantage and shortage of UML and Petri net, comprehensive usage of Petri net and UML can efficiently improve the comprehensiveness, consistency, accuracy and completeness of the model describing. The translation rules from Petri...
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Study on the Optimization of Selection from Primary-Standby Digital Tracking Receivers

Haidong Zou, Jiarui Xu, Ning Dong
The selection of the primary-standby DTR(digital tracking receivers), usually depends on the indicators of the system. But this cannot avoid instability of the whole tracking system in satellite communication. For this, new method of quantitative analysis is used in this paper. By using the principle...
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Speaking Application of A Foreign Language-French

Qinning Wu
Language is a main way for people to conduct communication and the ultimate goal is to cultivate students’ communicative competence with target language. Therefore, teachers have to carry out a variety of communication trainings and scientifically choose teaching contents based on the real situation...
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Research into Diversified Construction of College Students’ Innovation Practical Projects in Independent Colleges

Xiaojun Wang, Yongjian Huang
College students are the backbone of the current and future social development, so it is the bounden duty of colleges and universities to cultivate college students’ innovation spirit and innovation capacity. As an important part of colleges and universities, independent colleges bear the responsibility...
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Small Supermarket Management System Based on VFP

Qi Zeng, Feng Zhou
With the development of science and technology and popularity of computer, people have deeply realized computers bring convenience to our work and life. Computer has entered the human society and is playing an important role increasingly. Therefore, for a small supermarket, also it is necessary to develop...
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The Influence of Electronic Commerce on the Traditional Trade of Our Country

Kang Liu
In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology, to further promote the maturity and improvement of E-Commerce, but also greatly expanded the scope of E-Commerce services and applications. The rapid development of the electronic commerce industry has greatly changed the economic and...
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How to Stop Chinglish

Weixiang Liu, Li Li
Chinglish is a pragmalinguistic failure caused by the interference of Chinese, culture and thinking mode and the similar condition is that English students use the wrong in Chinese writing. The research finds out that Chinglish is common in English writing. This paper combines language transfer, comparison,...
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Mechanism Design of Surmounting Obstacles Walking Machine

Min Zeng
Ice covering high voltage transmission lines caused by the frozen snow disaster brought great harm to our power system and great loss to people's production and life, so the study of high-voltage transmission line deicing robot is of great practical significance. This paper puts forward a new type of...
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The Construction of Local Cultural Publicity Translation System

Siyu Zou
Publicity translation is a kind of transformation and communication of external discourse, which aims to promote the understanding of Chinese history, culture, politics, economy, society, value system and internal and external policies. In the background of the transformation of the international image...
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Study on Differentiated Service Scheme in Power Supply Enterprises

Hao Huang
Competition among power enterprises has become increasingly fiercer with the break of national monopoly, industrial monopoly and resource monopoly. Under such economic environment, it can’t adapt to customers’ demands only by relying on qualified power service; instead, it has become a key means to win...
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Study on the Morphological Evolution and Boundary Spanning Role Generative Mechanism of Human Resource Management from the Perspective of Organization

Shijun Liu, Xiaoping Ruan
With the development of economy, the human resource environment in China has been greatly optimized and improved, especially in terms of the management level.The human resource management adjustment as well as the boundary spanning role generative mechanism transformation have been fundamentally changed....
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Technical Teaching and Training of Volleyball

He Li
Volleyball is a kind of adversarial, collective and technical sports. There are various factors promoting the development of volleyball, including economic development, technical advancement, changes of rules and emergence of new tactics, etc. Economic development has provided material basis for the...
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Evaluation of Straw Resources in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area

Jiaqi Li
Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area is one of the economic centers of China. With the development of economy, its demand to electricity has become larger and larger, which results in large consumption of fossil fuel and causes serious air pollution. At the same time, many villages in this area burn countless...
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Comparison Research on the Communication Technology Complex Talent Training Mode at Home and Abroad

Hui Zhang, Wenzhun Huang, Wei Bian
In this paper, we conduct research on communication technology complex talent training mode at home and abroad. In order to adapt to the development of modern science and technology, training to adapt to the production, construction, management and service first line need to moral, intellectual, physical,...
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Local Revolutionary Tradition Culture in Higher Vocational Education Courses

Yanhua Xu
The traditional culture is the Chinese people’s revolutional struggle for national independence and liberation of the revolution in the practice of the sum total of the created material wealth and spiritual wealth, revolutionary tradition culture in higher vocational education courses should play an...
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Research on the Green Manufacturing System and Its Structure

Ping Tao, Gang Zhao
Supported by the theory of comprehensive integration system, the integrated model of systemic engineering of green manufacturing is built in the perspective of systemic engineering with the concept and connotation of green manufacturing, fully describe the structure and composition of green manufacturing...
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The Effects of Conceptual Metaphor in Advertising Discourse between Chinese and Western Cultures

Dongyan Li, Qingfeng Guo
As a mode of cognition, conceptual metaphor builds a cognitive relation between two cognized fields or concepts through the thinking of the cognitive body. Different conceptions are caused by different cultural variations in which Chinese and English conceptual metaphor systems are generated. The paper...
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Layered Teaching method of English in Vocational Colleges

Shan Gu
With enrollment in higher vocational colleges, the average English level of the students significantly lower level jagged and traditional unified teaching objectives, teaching methods, teaching evaluation can not effectively promote students of English to improve their English proficiency. Therefore,...
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Automotive Mechanical Braking and Stability Control Based on the Secondary Braking System

Zongqi Yuan
In this paper, the auxiliary brake system vehicle stability control experiments using Matlab/Simulink to build the simulation system dynamics associated auxiliary braking system and the actual vehicle system. In the trajectory of the vehicle and the vehicle sideslip angle characterizing the vehicle condition,...
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Investigation on Practice Teaching Mode of Business Administration

Yan Jiang
With the rapid development of our social and economy, it puts forward higher requirement to the quality of business administration talents .However, due to the deficiency of traditional teaching method, there is a common problem existing in undergraduates that they attach great importance on theory and...
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Study on Profit of Participation Corporate in Loyalty Program Partnerships

Min Tian, Xiaoting He
In recent years, the Loyalty Program Partnerships has got a lot of achievement, but what kind of benefit can get from the alliance need in-depth research. It is a very important topic to company whether they should join the Loyalty Program Partnerships, when should they practice join the alliance. How...
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Design and Analysis of Network Disk System Based on Web

Bin Liu, Yan Zhang, Mian Yi
There is extensive demand for mobile office and storage network disk system for enterprise network and campus network on the market because traditional network disk technology has various defects in performance, sharing between users, safety and scalability. Targeting at these defects, this paper proposes...
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Study on the Construction of Urban Ecological Residential Area in Linyi City

Zhongxiang Yuan
With the improvement of living standards, citizens gradually require the improvement of residential standards. People Not only intend to enhance the residential environment, at the same time, also pay more attention to ecological and environmental protection. In this paper, it is to study the ecological...
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Machine Learning under Big Data

Chunhe Shi, Chengdong Wu, Xiaowei Han, Yinghong Xie, Zhen Li
Currently big data is becoming the worldwide focus of attention, and using machine learning techniques to obtain valuable information from the massive data of complex structures has become a common concern yet an urgent problem. This paper analyzes and summarizes the present machine learning evaluation...
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A New Biased Estimator in Linear Regression Model

Huibing Hao, Chunping Li
In this paper, we propose a new ridge type estimator to overcome the multicollinearity problem, and we call the new biased estimator as the stochastic restricted ridge estimator (SRRE). In the mean squared errors matrix sense SRRE will be compared with several other biased estimators. The necessary and...
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Study on the Evaluation of Higher Vocational College Freshmen's Adaptability Factor Based on AHP

Jian Yong
In recent years, with the national attention to the vocational education, vocational education enrollment scale is getting more and more large, quantity of students in high vocational college is getting more and more, the problems in student management emerge endlessly, the development of students in...
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Design and Implementation of Control System in a Satellite Voice Communication Terminal

Lirong Zhang, Zhengqun Hu
A control system in satellite communication terminal of low information rate is designed via program based on ATmega128 system controller, which has realized the function of operation control in the satellite communication terminal of low information rate. The synchronization signal of clock is simulated...
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Study on the Ways of Training on Engineering Talent Vocational Ability for New-type Industrialization

Weifang Li
For the new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics, it is imperative to cultivate a large number of engineering talents which can adapt to and support Chinese industry development, in higher education of engineering. For new-type industrialization, inquiring the effective ways of training...
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Strategy Study on Primary School English Game Teaching

Feng He
English games teaching in Primary School integrates teacher’s morals, education notions and teaching skills into students’ activities. In game teaching, students and teachers are dual subjects in the process of interaction and mutual promotion. In preparing lessons, teachers should consider students’...
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Construction of Talents Training System Based on Application Ability

Chenghua Fu
This article takes the real estate profession as an example to construct the talents training system, from the talent training goal, the curriculum system establishment, the practice teaching system construction, the practice base construction and the academic ability appraisal system and so on.
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The Application of Applied Mathematics in Inventory Control

Guannan Lin, Cuihong Zhai
Facing the increasingly intense competition, we can adopt various policies to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness. The company in this paper is encountered with big pressure of customer cost passthrough. How to properly organize the manufacturing, control stock, and reduce the production cost...
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Communications and Arts

Minh Quang Nguyen
Science and information technology today has been developing very fast, especially social networking applications such as Facebook, YouTube, WeChat... That has created a huge impact changing political, cultural, social and artistic life in Vietnam today. In this article, I just mention one issue that...
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Importance of Training Students' Workforce in the Applied Technology Universities

Zongcheng Miao, Yongming Zhang
With the development of market economy of China, the workforce of employee has been required more strictly. For this reason, the primary mission of university should be combined with the actual situation of social development, talent market and employing unit to improve the professional ability of students....
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Research of the Erhu Teaching at Comprehensive Universities

Saijun Chen
This article takes the Erhu performance professional teaching as its research object and the music department of School of Arts, Yangtze University as its research background. By tackling with two aspects, the transformation of the Erhu teaching concepts and the reform of Erhu teaching method, this article...
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Research and Design of the Web Service Application

Feng Zhou, Xiaoping Feng
Along with the rapid development of information technology, the integration of enterprise application systems gets more and more attentions, and the main integration technology (RMI, CORBA, and DCOM) relies too heavily on its own protocol due to the inherent model, so the system exists the defect of...
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Design and Analysis of Object-Oriented Embedded Device Detection Method

Lei Liu, Ting Cai
With the constant development of high-performance embedded processors, embedded equipment is widely used in various fields, such as military or civilian sector. It has become an urgent problem for manufacturers to guarantee the passing rate of various embedded equipment, but the existing ways to monitor...
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Study on the Vibration Characteristics of a complex Multiple launch rocket system

Wenbing Tang, Xiaoting Rui, Fufeng Yang, Feifei Liu
Transfer matrix method for multibody system (MSTMM) is a new and efficient method for multibody system dynamics (MSD) developed in recent 20 years. Based on many advantages of MSTMM in studying MSD, the rapid and accurate computation problem of vibration characteristics of a complex multiple launch rocket...
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Countermeasures Research on the Participation of Chinese Port in the "One Belt and One Road" Construction

Xi Yao, Yuan Gao, Houming Fan
Ocean shipping plays an important role in promoting the economic development of China. This paper systematically analyzes the development opportunities that the "One Belt and One Road" strategy brings to the three major port groups of China, and points out that the port groups should incorporate their...
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Protection and Development of Dong Nationality Settlement Pattern in Guangxi from the Perspective of Ecology

Wenshuang Zhu
The Dong nationality settlement in Guangxi is a human settlement paradigm that is shaped by the Dong people in the natural system with the rule of protecting and making use of land and natural resources and that integrates natural ecology and humanity ecology. It conforms to nature, is a part of nature...
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The Role of English Language and Literature in Enhancing Students' Language Application Ability

Li Li, Peng Yang
The application of language is the key of language learning, and English language and literature can largely improve the students' language application ability. The cognition of students is mainly developed in practice activity. Therefore, teachers must make students be active in the process of teaching,...
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Novel Inter-Disciplinary Talent Cultivation Model for Information and Communication Technologies under the One Belt and One Road Background

Yucheng Zhang, Wenzhun Huang
In this paper, we propose the n ovel inter-disciplinary talent cultivation model for modern information and the communication technologies under the One Belt and One Road background. The communication engineering is a cross a comprehensive strong discipline, electronics and computer is also a physical,...
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Problems and Exploration of Task-based Teaching in Primary School English Teaching

Qiutan Yu
As a new trend of communicative teaching methods, task-based language teaching method appeared in 1980s. The New English Curriculum Standard highly advocates the use of task-based language teaching (TBLT), in which teachers should try their best to avoid using traditional teaching method of inputting...
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Transition of the Administrative Mode of Electricity Account in Power Supply Enterprises

Ying Feng
In the power marketing, electricity management is a very important section. In recent years, with the constant deepening of national power system reform, higher requirements have been proposed for the management of electricity bill since the traditional mode is unsuitable for the power system reform....
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Microblogging Short Text Classification Based on Word2Vec

Yonghui Zhang, Jingang Liu
For the sparse features of the microblogging text, the author proposes a method of microblogging text classification based on the features extension by Word2Vec. We train the text by using Word2Vec tool and find the words which are similar to original features semantic as the features of short text....
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The Evaluation of City’s Low-carbon Development Based on the Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process

Jinzhao An
First, we analyze the low carbon city’s evaluation index systems in the relative researches, and utilize the analytical hierarchy process to study the factors of low carbon city development. The evaluation index system’s first grade indicator is composed of five indicators. They are energy saving, emission...
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A Method Achieving 860 Radar Angle Digital Conversion

Xing Huo, Yundou Hu
This work explains the principle of 860 radar angle digital conversion and introduces its hardware setup and software workflow based on MSC-8051 MCU. This conversion method using single-chip has the advantage of high accuracy, high speed, coarse environment tolerance, seismic reliability and resistant...
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Rectenna Design with Space Mapping Optimization

Fang Zhang, Xin Liu
This paper presents a compact planar rectenna with high conversion efficiency design. To reach the conjugate matching between the antenna and the diode, a space-mapping technology was used to accelerate electromagnetic (EM) optimization process. The system design circle time was much reduced. A 2.45...
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Study on the Improvement of Students’ Grammar Ability in the College English Teaching

Peng Cui
It’s necessary to find a good way to improve college students’ grammar ability. Portfolio assessment is a qualitative evaluation which was formed and developed in the movement of Western education evaluation reform. Teachers can use this kind of evaluation method to guide students to collect and record...
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Review of Innovation Theory Research on Low and Medium Technology Industry

Shouyu Chen
In the age of “knowledge economy”, the innovations in high-tech industries, especially in information and communications technologies (ICT), and biotechnology industries are regarded as the hot topics among academic and policy makers. However, the traditional (mature) industries still account for large...
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The Ability of Sustainable Development Research Based on Statistics Synthetic Appraisal Theory

Haiyi Sun, Ning Li, Jinbao Wang, Hongmei Yan
In this paper, we make mathematical modeling and analysis on the sustainable development. In order to assess countries with different degree of sustainable development, we adapt the Principal Component Analysis(PCA) to collect a dozen factors which may affect the sustainable development for data analysis....
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Research on the File Date Transportation Based on ZigBee Protocol

Jiaqiong Gao, Zhongsheng Wang
This paper implements file transfer between two computers based on the characters of ZigBee that it works at low cost, low rate and short distance. It introduces the design of each hardware node and software module, moreover, the ZigBee wireless network, related protocols (such as ARQ) and technique...
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Controllability of Noncompact-semigroup Fractional Impulsive Neutral Functional Inclusions in Banach Spaces

Zhixin Tai
In this work, by employing the Hausdorff measure of noncompactness, controllability of fractional impulsive neutral functional inclusions with a noncompact semigroup in a Banach space has been addressed where a multifunction is of Caratheodory type. Sufficient conditions for the controllability are established...
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Research on the Curent Situation of the Implementation of Extracurricular Sports Activities in Rural Middle Schools in Jiangxi Province

Renzhuo Zhang
Through research methods such as document literature, questionnaire survey and data statistics, this article carried out researches on the current situation of extracurricular sports activities in rural middle schools of Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province, also, analysis on factors which would influence...
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Performance Analysis of Coding Scheme for Wireless Relaying Network

Jing An
This cooperative communication can achieve the additional benefits of cooperative coding in providing diversity and coding gains, and relay has been identified as a fundamental feature in LTE-Advanced in order to achieve LTE-A requirements. In this paper, we introduced a new framework, called hierarchical...
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Road, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Construction Strengthening Technology of Grouting Method in Application

Pengtao Jin
Along with the advance of China's economic construction, highway Bridges, and other infrastructure is also more and more perfect, has the very big development potential. Highway, bridge and tunnel construction of major projects, such as the requirement of technology is very high, and has more stringent...
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BCH Coding Watermarking Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform

Jinyu Lu, Tao Qu
The traditional watermark is replaced with a novel coding watermarking scheme, which is focusing on BCH error control coding for increasing the security of the digital products. The pretreatment of watermark image is to be done first of all, iris image is transferred into the binary sequence. And then...
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Research on Electronic Educational Administration Platform

Tao Qu, Jinyu Lu
In this paper, the author analyzes the current situation of electronic educational platform, introduces the systematic structure of the Web service and the service agreement. And the author from two aspects of special interfaces and expansion SOAP, put forward design scheme of electronic educational...
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Bundling and Cooperation of Complementary Product

Lingzhi Shao
We investigate product bundling strategy in a distribution channel with a common retailer and two complementary products suppliers. We get the thresholds of bundling effect for bundling strategy in different channel structures, and show that the cooperation of suppliers and retailer will improve the...