Proceedings of the 2015 International Power, Electronics and Materials Engineering Conference

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Research and Development on the MPPT Intelligent Control Device for WPVC Power Generation System

Zhongnian Li, Lei Zhou
A new type of  WPVC(Wind PhotoVoltaic Complementary) power generation system is researched & developed, the system performance-cost ratio is high, the"D/D/D"(Direct-current/Direct-current/Duty-ratio)-"D/D/ D"(Direct-current /Direct-current/ Duty-ratio) MPPT (Maximm Power Poin Tracking) intelligent control...
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Optimal Design of Adaptive Eigen-beam Beamforming in Electronic Sentinel System

Tielin Liu, Cheng Zhang, Lizhen Zheng
Eigen-beam beamforming technology is a kind of theory to achieve the demanding beam pattern using the linear combination of soundfield decomposition based on plane wave decomposition theory. The eigen-beam beamforming technology is analyzed and the array optimization is reformulated as the beamforming...
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The Exploitation of Microcomputer Processing System to the Meteorological Satellite Images Based on the Remote Sensing Physical Technology

Gaofeng Pan, Chuyan Li, Ying Zheng
Meteorological satellite images are very important in meteorology, and they have a clear reflection to the process of the weather’s dynamic changes. Remote sensing technology can give the detection and identification to the objective, and it has the effective identification to the weather pictures. In...
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Applied Research on Combination of Real-time Farmland Data Acquisition System and Crop Model

Sun Kaimeng
According to the study of the practice, description has been given to the crop simulation model and its data acquisition situation, the composition of real-time farmland data acquisition system, as well as the combining point of using both, focusing on the impact of real-time farmland data acquisition...
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Influence on Sales Channels of Supply Chain Structure under Power Balance

Dapeng Yang, Meidan Xiao, Mingyang Chen
This paper considered a supply chain system with two manufacturers, each producing a single substitutable product. The products are sold through the common retailer or the manufacturer’s online sales channel. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the equilibrium pricing strategy and profits under different...
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Rejection Of Direct Blast Interference Based on Vector Sensor adaptive Array Processing

Yunfei Chen, Bing Jia, Zhenshan Wang, Feng Gao, Sheng Li, Guijuan Li
In bistatic acoustic scattering wave testing, there will be strong direct blast interference , An algorithm based on vector sensor adaptive signal processing that rejecting of direct blast interference in bistatic sonar has been studied, through computer simulation the effectiveness of this algorithm...
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Analysis of Ocean Reverberation Characteristics Based on the Vector Hydrophones

Bing Jia, Yunfei Chen, Yang Zhang, Feng Gao
Focusing on the disturbance of ocean reverberation in active sonar detection, this article researched the characteristics of vector ocean reverberation when vector hydrophones were the receivers. By experiments and theoretic analyses, scalar and vector ocean reverberation was gained when transmitting...
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Research and Application of Image De-noising in military

Yu Feng, Jiawei Feng, Lin Deng
In order to hit the target accurately for military missile, its target image must be accurate. However, in practice the target image often encounter noise. Therefore, it is very important of image de-noising, and it has become a key step of the digital image pre-process. In this paper firstly we discuss...
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Research on Complex Network Algorithm Optimization Community Detection Problem

Zhiqing Zheng
The community structure is one of the most universal and important attributes of complex network, and the community division research of complex network is to reasonably divide the community structure practically existed in the complex network. Apply the thought and theoretical method of supernetwork...
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The Sentiment Analysis in Opinion Mining of Web News Comments

Qing Du, Fen Guo, Jiangxing Wang
Opinions’ analysis on web news comments is a great significance for the construction of the government's democratic politics, public opinion monitoring and decision support, etc. In this paper we analyze user’s opinion from emotional word, emotional word qualifier, and emotional tendency. We proposed...
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Application of IEC61850 Protocol in Smart Substation

Huiqing Zhu
This paper introduces the content and characteristics of IEC61850 standard, and the basic knowledge about the model of layered structure and the configuration files. In addition, the application skills of IEC61850 standard in a project are presented via the example of the SCD documenting and configuration....
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The design of LED fish gathering lamp PC free multipoint photometer

Xianghong Kong, Kexiang Lu, Xinlei Ji, Xiang Pan, Weiguo Qian
Given the problems of testing work-load is great, data is inaccuracy and etc in the process of fish gathering lamp light illuminance testing, this article designs and proposes a efficient and fast testing way to fish gathering lamp light illuminance—LED fish gathering lamp wireless synchronous multipoint...
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A Design and Application of RFID Gantry

Quan Gang Wen, Yongbing Xu
The warehouse management mainly consists of the processes of warehouse entry, warehouse delivery, storage moving and inventory verification. In traditional warehouse management, bar-code technology is widely used while the RFID becomes more and more popular in the modern warehouse management. By contrast,...
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The Efficiency Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine DTC for Electric Vehicles Applications Based on Loss Model

Like Zhao, Xiaomin Zhou, Dawei Gao
An efficiency optimization method of permanent magnet synchronous machine for electric vehicles applications is researched. Considering iron loss equivalent resistance and direct torque control scheme, the relationship of stator flux and power loss is derived based on loss model. And then the real-time...
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The MMI design based on the Nucleus System

Chen Song, Ligang Hou
With the rapid development of computer science and technology, embedded system as a new area of computer application, with its simple, efficient and so more and more people pay attention, Nucleus as a typical embedded operating system, with small, powerful, easy to customize and other characteristics,...
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Design of high-accuracy decimal frequency divider with Verilog-HDL

Shaowei Ma, Baolu Guan, Ligang Hou
This paper presents a more complex algorithm with Verilog-HDL, which based on the dual-modulus preseted decimal frequency divider. This algorithm can not only increase the accuracy of decimal frequency divider. , but also can be used to divide a clock. Simulations are conducted to analyze the characteristics...
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Dynamic Voltage/Var Sensitivity Approach for Improving Fault-induced Voltage Delayed Recovery Problems

Yue Zhang, Xiaoming Li
A dynamic sensitivity method is proposed to evaluate the impact of generators’ reactive power on the recovery of key bus voltage in a system post-fault dynamic duration to improve the problem of delayed recovery voltage. Voltage delayed recovery existed in actual power grid is simulated on Guangdong...
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Current Direct Control Simulation of Tri-level SVG Based on the Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory

Zhengrong Jiang, Hesong Liu
In the design and operation in the field of ac power, reactive power is an important factor to consider. Reactive power in the power generation, transmission and distribution of three parties is extremely important, and it is also very important for the normal operation of the load. Based on SVG basic...
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The study of dynamic capacity-increase online monitoring device of transmission lines based on the beidou satellite accurate time service technology

Yuehua Huang, Denghao Fu, Yu Zheng, Yu Liu, Chuang Li
Because the static heat capacity is set up on the low probability of occurrence of adverse conditions,this results in the waste of line transmission capacity.This article describes the technique of dynamic Capacity,beidou satellite accurate timing Technology is added to the dynamic capacity-line monitoring...
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The Design of a New Photonic Crystal Splitter

Kun Yang, Xin Sui, Dawei Wang, Zhou Qu
This paper designs a new kind of photonic crystal splitter. This kind of beam splitter is designed on the basis of the radiant photonic crystals. For improvement points beam splitter transmissivity and joined the tetragonal autocollimation photonic crystal structure. By increasing the autocollimation...
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Cloud Adaptive Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch of Power System

Zhucai Qin
A cloud adaptive chaos particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed for economic load dispatch problems of power system, which has the characteristics of nonlinear, non-convex and discontinuous. Normal cloud generator was used to adaptively adjust the inertia weight of each particles, so as to optimize...
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A track and hold circuit

Rongbin Hu, Yonglu Wang, Xiaoying Zhang
A track and hold circuit is introduced, which includes a input buffer, a unit gain amplifier, a sampling switch, a current source, a driving NPN transistor and a over-driven protecting circuit. The over-driven protecting circuit is introduced to prevent the transistor of sampling switch from getting...
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An amplifier-sharing technique for pipeline ADCs

Rongbin Hu, Yonglu Wang, Zhenpin Zhang, Xiaoying Zhang
An amplifier-sharing technique for pipeline ADC is introduced, which share a common residual amplifier between two adjacent MDACs. The circuit and work principle are given in detail. Besides the amplifier-sharing, the comparators are also shared by proper clock schedule. The measurement shows that the...
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The Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Low Carbon Benefits of the Power Planning and Its Application

Xiaohui Zhang, Xuewei Ren, Jiaqing Zhong
Analyze the formation mechanism of low carbon benefits of the low carbon power, and combine the economic and low carbon characteristics of a low carbon power by using the low carbon economic factors, redefine low carbon benefits of the power planning and form a comprehensive evaluation model of low carbon...
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Reverberation chamber simulation system research on radar battlefield electromagnetic environment

Yuying Liang, Peng Tu, Zhuangzhi Han, Hao Wang
In order to realize the radar electromagnetic environment simulation, improve radar system combat effectiveness. A simulation system based on reverberation chamber concentrating on radar electromagnetic environment was proposed. The system was made by three processing center. According to the measured...
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Method for Realization of Number Estimation Subsystem of Netted Radar Emitter Signals

Xu-de Cheng, Bing Xu, Hong-li Wang, Wei Liu
Based on the modern battlefield electronic reconnaissance, a realization method of netted radar signal sources number estimation subsystem is presented. The cyclic correlation function of linear FM signal is deduced in this paper, and the function is used to estimate the number of signal sources. This...
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The Method for Fault Diagnosis of Electric Actuator for a Type of Self-propelled Rocket Launcher Based on the Fuzzy Clustering

Bing Xu, Hong-li Wang, Han- Bing Wang, Fu-Li Liu
Fuzzy theory is a forceful analytic tool to the faulty diagnosis of complicated system. A fuzzy clustering method is introduced on the basis of original fault diagnosis. The initial sort is acquired by fuzzy equivalent matrix and F-statistic, and the initial iterative matrix for the fuzzy c-means is...
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Application of Modified ART1 Neural Network in Aero-engine Fault Diagnosis

Hong-li Wang, Bing Xu, Yuan Zheng, Xue-dong Xue, Kan Cheng
According to principles of aero-engine fault diagnosis and flight data,this paper introduces a fault diagnosis method based on reformative ART1 neural network.After data pretreatment,it uses four-circumscription and quadratic-estimation to build fault codes and eliminate inveracious fault,and also ameliorate...
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PCA-PSO-BP Neural Network Application in IDS

Lan Shi, YanLong Yang, JanHui Lv
BP neural network has two disadvantages, one is to fall into local minimum value easily; the other is the slow convergence. We propose in this paper an approach, including three main operations. Firstly, the algorithm of particle swarm optimization (PSO) is applied to improve back propagation (BP) neural...
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Theoretical Study on the Potential Energy Surface of Decarbonylation of the Acetaldehyde by Ni2+

Haixia Yang
Density functional theory (B3LYP) calculations has been carried out to explore the potential energy surface (PES) associated with the decarbonylation of acetaldehyde by Ni+2. The mechanism leading to the loss of CH4 and CO is analyzed in terms of the topology of PES. The structures and energies of the...
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Microwave reflection and transmission characteristics through plasma slab based on PLRC

Jinzu Ji, Yunpeng Ma
he piecewise linear recursive convolution (PLRC)is proposed for cold plasma medium using finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. In PLRC algorithm, the electric field with time is piecewise interpolated and the recursive convolution was introduced. The reflection and transmission coefficients were...
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Study on Corrosion Behavior of Rebar HRB335 in NaCl Solution

Ping Li
The corrosion behavior of rebar HRB335 in 0.5 wt.%, 1.5 wt.% and 3.5 wt.% NaCl solutions was investigated by corrosion rate calculation and corrosion morphology observation. The results showed that, with the increase of corrosion time from 240h to 720h, the corrosion rate of rebar HRB335 in each NaCl...
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A Novel Photovoltaic Off-grid Inverter Based on Boost Converter

Ling Mao, Jing Chen, Yi Deng, Cong Wang
Isolated DC/DC converters have the disadvantage of inefficiency, instability, magnetic bias and shoot-through problems, etc. They also influence the other electrical devices severely in the same power network. Therefore, a novel photovoltaic off-grid inverter based on the boost converter is designed...
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A Three-stage Charging Method for Battery in Photovoltaic Power System

Zixin Xiang, Jing Chen, Yi Deng, Youxin Yuan
The battery is important storage device in the photovoltaic power system. To reduce the investment cost and to prolong the service life of battery, a three-stage charging methord for battery in photovoltaic power system is presented in this paper. The simulation model of the battery charging system has...
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Hardware Design of Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Control System

Yi Tu, Jing Chen, Youxin Yuan, Xuesong Zhou
The composite power loads largely need the reactive power. It leads to the decrease of power factor in power grid. The traditional static reactive power compensator is difficult to provide the reactive power compensation for the composite load reactive. Therefore, a dynamic reactive power compensation...
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Monitoring Software Design of Passive Dynamic Filter

Yuanhu Xia, Jing Chen, Youxin Yuan, Ruiwuan Li
The objective of this work is to design the passive dynamic filter monitoring software. Recently, more and more non-linear loads are connected to the power grid, the distortion of the voltage or current waveform is caused by the serious harmonic pollution. The power harmonic not only does harm to the...
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Simulation of Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Device Based on Variable Reactance Converter

Mengjie Tu, Youxin Yuan, Jing Chen, Ying Tan
In the power system, the reactive power causes low power factor and power loss. The reactive power compensation device can ensure normal and stable operation of the power system. The traditional reactive power compensation device is difficult to meet the needs of high power factor and low power loss....
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Research on Inductance Converter Based on IGBT for Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Device

Ziwei Wang, Youxin Yuan, Jing Chen
In power system, a large number of the inductive loads need the reactive power. These loads always make dramatic voltage fluctuation in power system. The traditional static reactive power compensator is difficult to meet the needs of the adjustable reactive power capacity .Therefore, a dynamic reactive...
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Simulation of Improved Autotransformer Step-down Starter

Wei Wang, Youxin Yuan, Jing Chen, Yaokun Li
The autotransformer step-down starting is characterized by the large impact current and the small short-circuit impedance of autotransformer. Therefore, the improved autotransformer step-down starter is presented in this paper. The following works have been done in the study: topology structure of the...
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Numerical simulations of hydropower station plane steel gate

Jinbo Liu, Hongming Zhang
Plane steel gate is widely used in hydropower station. In this paper,by using the large-scale general software UGNX and ABAQUS, the ecological plugging gate model of a hydropower project and the model without hole for finite element is established. Considering the gate gravity, hydrostatic pressure,...
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Numerical investigation of thermomagnetic convection of electrically conducting fluids under an inclined magnetic field using lattice Boltzmann method

Nan Xie, Changwei Jiang, Yihai He, Ming Yao
In the present work, natural convection in a square cavity filled with an electrically conducting fluid has been numerically investigated in the presence of an inclined magnetic field using lattice Boltzmann method. The vertical walls of this two-dimensional cavity are heated differentially while the...
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A Novel Passive Dynamic Filtering Method of Composite Electrical Load

Weiping Fu, Youxin Yuan, Jing Chen, Qijian Chen
The use of non-linear and time-varying electronic devices, such as rectifiers and inverters, makes the current waveform of the grid seriously distorted. The harmonics generated by those devices have bad effects on the generation and transmission of electric energy. To deal with these problems, a novel...
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Study on Microstructure and mechanical properties of Cold Spraying Al coating on Magnesium Alloy

Yuliang Liu, Xiangli Li, Qing Zhang, Chunhua Xu
Al coating is formed on AZ31 magnesium alloy by Cold spraying. plane and cross-sectional microstructure of cold spraying Al coating are investigated. The results show that Al particles are deformed significantly compared with original particles and Al coating is well bonded with the substrate. The microhardness...
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Timing for an Integrated Accelerograph EDAS-AS with GPS and NTP

Chaoyong Peng, Bing Xue, Jiansi Yang
In order to solve problems of “jump second” when using only GPS for timing service and inconvenience of installing GPS antennas in some places, we propose a new algorithm combining GPS and NTP to adjust the local clock of an integrated accelerograph. The process flow of the method was described in detail,...
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Adhesion of diamond film on functionally gradient WC-10wt. %Co hardmetal

Yigao Yuan, Jianpeng Li, Weiquan Sun
Diamond coated tools of cemented carbide substrate with high Co content are extremely useful for machining difficult-to-cut materials. However, it is very difficult to deposit a well-adherent diamond coating on WC-Co with high Co content because of the strong catalytic effect of Co. In this work, a new...
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Experimental study of the mixed mode notched crack transformation propagation in 06Cr19Ni10 austenitic stainless steel with consideration of the material orientation

Huifang Li, Zhenbei Wang, Lanqing Tang, Caifu Qian
In this paper, experimental study is carried out for the mixed mode notch-crack transformation propagation in 06Cr19Ni10 austenitic stainless steel with consideration of the material orientation. It is found that after initiation, the new formed crack grows in a direction perpendicular to the applied...
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Research on Electric Field Optimization of 750kV Double-joint Strain Insulator String Fittings

Yan Xie, Mu Li, Changzheng Zheng, Zhe Mao
Double-joint strain insulator fittings are the main equipment substations. It is great significance for reducing its maximum electric field strength to avoid corona noise and to improve substation electromagnetic environment. Firstly double-joint strain insulator string fittings simulation model is given...
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Dynamic Characteristics of Overhead Transmission Lines following Ice Shedding Based on Lagrange Equation

Fan Peng
Transmission line icing coating will lead to ice shedding when ambient temperature rises or the wind increases. It can cause serious security threat to the structure of the transmission line system. In the paper, based on the Lagrange Equation, the analytical dynamics equations of transmission lines...
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Design of Intelligent Car Based on Single Chip Processor STC89C52

Xin Li, Qiang Xiang
Smart car is a kind of system which can precisely along the path of automatic driving mazes to the end point and return to the starting point accurately according to the optimal path, Under the effect of control system. In this paper, the hardware/software design and implementation of the intelligent...
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Selecting and Setting of Protection Appliance for Factory Low-Voltage Power Distribution

Xiaoyan Huang
This paper discusses the features and applications of the low voltage circuit breakers and fuses, the correct selection and setting of protection appliance for plant power distribution system are analyzed, effectively avoid of the accident and the loss caused by improper selection and setting of low-voltage...