Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Management and Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (MEHSS 2018)

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Research on Accounting Talent Cultivation Model Based on Modern Apprenticeship -- Taking Hainan Vocational and Technical College as an Example

Chunchao Liu, Yinzhen Huang, Linna Li
At present, there is a big gap between the training quality of the accounting profession and the market demand in China's higher vocational colleges. The modern apprenticeship system is a new talent cultivation model that adapts to the requirements of economic development and industrial structure adjustment....
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Research on Countermeasures to the Reform and Development of Physical Education in Ordinary Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Scientific Fitness

Hao Wang
With the continuous progress and development of social economy, people's living standards and quality of life have been greatly improved and progressed, and people have become more and more concerned about health. The traditional fitness methods no longer meet people's needs. Scientific fitness has emerged....
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Research on Supply Chain Inventory Management Strategy under Uncertain Demand

Xia Yu
The era of new knowledge economy came into being. Under the condition of uncertainty of demand, the control of supply chain inventory has become a major trend in the development of inventory management. However, our country started late in this regard, and there are few studies. Most of them only stay...
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On the Influence of Literary Works on Reading Motivation of British and American Literature

Bingfa Wu
British literature in the U.S. occupies an important proportion of the entire literary market in the West and plays a key role in the development of the world. The ideas and aesthetics embodied in the works are all elements that we need to appreciate and analyze. When we read English literary works,...
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Management Service of University Library Based on Modern Management Science Theory

Dongqing Cai
To make the library more adapt to the development of modern society, the management of university library in China was taken as the object. According to the current characteristics of library management and combined with the actual situation of the management of university library in China, the theory...
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Study on the Application of Microteaching Method in the Popularization of Sports Table Tennis in Colleges and Universities in Southwest China

Jun He, Jiajia Li
Along with the rapid development of science and technology, teaching methods and teaching methods are also progressing and developing. Microteaching is a combination of modern communication technology and people's education concept. The micro-teaching method, as the name suggests, is a new kind of micro-teaching...
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Analysis on the Compensation System of Marketing Personnel of Building Material Enterprises under the Background of the Sponge City

Yihang Lv
With the reform and opening of our country and the leadership of the Party Central Committee with general secretary Xi as the core, China's economy has achieved rapid development, which has attracted the attention of the world. Under the background of the sponge city, this paper takes one building material...
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The Reason Analysis and Countermeasures of Civil Engineering Costs out of Control

Wei Zhou
The rapid growth of social economy has brought the fast development of construction field that will refer to lots of civil constructions. While the cost management is the vital part and it will directly affect the whole benefit of the project. However, affected by various factors, the construction costs...
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Consideration of Higher Vocational Colleges English Teaching Against the Background of “the Belt and Road” Initiative

Yun Zhou
The Belt and Road Initiative is the top national strategy under new economy, its implementation contributing to build and improve regional economic cooperation platforms and creating the dual multilateral mechanism among China and the countries along the Belt and Road. Meanwhile, the Belt and Road initiative,...
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New Characteristics of Crisis Communication in the Sports Events under the Era of Media Convergence

Jiabin Zhang
We have entered the era of media convergence with the rapid development of information technology, and as for the crisis communication of sports events, the new characteristics are constantly prominent and have brought new challenges. In the era, information has its own distinct characteristics, mainly...
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Research on the Green Marketing Strategy of Enterprises in the Context of Circular Economy

Peng Ji
Circular economy is a new development model combining economic development with resource utilization and environmental protection. With the continuous expansion of circular economy market in China, many enterprises have begun to develop the circular economy and achieved a win-win situation in terms of...
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Research on the Teaching Reform Methods of College Students’ Mental Health Education from the Perspective of New Media

Yifan Wang
Colleges and universities are the bases that cultivate talents, which train students’ learning skills on the basis of emphasizing the promotion of students’ professional knowledge and launch the corresponding scientific mental health education combining with their real demands. So the corresponding talent...
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Probe into Standardization Development Strategy of Underdeveloped Regions in China

Linfeng Wu
The contradiction between people’s growing demand for a better life and the inadequate, imbalance development of China has become the principal contradiction in our society, from the perspective of standardization, the paper discusses the development strategy planning and design in less developed areas...
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Discussion on Library Management in Academic Teaching and Research from the Industrial Engineering Perspective

Dongqing Cai
To find out a more effective library management system, academic research library management is chosen as the target for the discussion. In the process of carrying out the study, the characteristics of the status of library management and the drive behind the optimization of library management in academic...
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The Artistic Innovation of Chinese Zodiac Culture in Jingdezhen Ceramic

Han Wei
Our ancestors believed that humans and animals were related by blood from the primitive society, and Chinese zodiac culture originated from the ancient Chinese animal worship, totem worship and early astronomy. The Chinese zodiac appeared on the ceramic, the earliest can be traced back to the Banpo ancient...
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Family Firms’ Governance Structure: Family Involvement, SEW and Innovation Strategy Framework

Min Zhao, Xin Yao
The influence of family firms’ organizational governance structure on innovation is complex and affected by multiple factors. This paper selects the representative factors of family firm governance structure--family involvement, and introduces the unique factors of family firm--social emotional wealth...
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Knowledge and Meta-knowledge: From the Generating of Knowledge to the Management of Knowledge

Peilun Li
The multiple coexistence of knowledge management model can be a reasonable explanation from the perspective of knowledge development. From knowledge generation, meta-knowledge emerges. It is about the science and theory of knowledge. It is based on knowledge as the object of study and the process of...
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The Development and Inheritance of National Music in College Music Education in the Multiculturalism Background

Jiayin Li
China is composed of fifty-six different nationalities. The development and inheritance of minority traditional music cultures play an important role in the composition of the music of the Chinese nation. For thousands of years, various ethnic cultures have been created. The development of diverse ethnic...
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University Experiment Research on the Development Based on Web of Experimental Teaching Platform

Zhigang Zhu, Wei Sun
The "network-based practice teaching resources platform" integrates practical teaching, management, and online self-directed learning. Its establishment has fundamentally changed the way of past practice teaching. Students can independently study experimental content and related resources, perform experimental...
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Research on Educational Technology System Based on Multimedia and Computer Aided Design

Yongsheng Xie
With the rapid development of computer technology, multimedia computer-assisted teaching has attracted more and more attention from people, and it has also begun to be applied to the teaching of educational technology system. Educational technology based on computer-based aids not only enables students...
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Thinking on the Countermeasures of Ecological Tourism Management in Nature Reserve

Jinyin Xiong
Ecotourism contributes to the coordinated development of economy and environment. Nature reserve is an important site to the develop ecological tourism, because the original, natural and protective features of its resources. In China, some state-owned nature reserves have been developed for ecological...
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Exploration and Practice of Laser Processing Practice Teaching

Yang Yang, Jinliang Li
In order to comply with the development of the new situation, the quality of engineering practice teaching will be improved. In-depth study for the construction of the laser processing practice teaching, respectively from the construction ideas, construction content and implementation process of three...
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Application of Chinese Traditional Auspicious Patterns in Logo Design

Xue Dong
As an important carrier of Chinese traditional culture, traditional auspicious patterns reflect Chinese culture tradition, social customs, national psychology, aesthetics and her special cosmic view and moral value, and also show the long history and particular charm of Chinese traditional culture. As...
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How Do Different Self-Presentation Strategies Affect Bridging and Bonding Social Capital on SSNs? An Empirical Study of the WeChat Users in China

Yang Pan, Zhichao Cheng, Yuan Ni, Yiwen Xu
The goal of this study is to examine the relationship between online self-presentation strategies and social capital (bonding and bridging) on social networking sites (SNSs). An online survey was conducted using a WeChat user sample (aged 18-22 years; 202 males, 216 females). The results showed that,...
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Research on the Strategies of Mobile Communication

Yu Wang
This paper starts from the characteristics of mobile phone animation in China at the present stage and systematically analyzes it in theory. In the research process, the traditional animation communication characteristics were used as a control, and the impact of mobile communication methods on animation...
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Resource Allocation Mechanism of Students' Political Education in Major Universities in China

Xuejun Zhang
To explore students' political education in major universities in China, starting with the actual situation of the allocation of ideological and political education resources in colleges and universities, combined with relevant theories, the allocation evaluation index system of ideological and political...
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Analysis of the Development of Logistics Market in Beijing

Hongming Fu
Logistics is an indispensable part of today's life, and its development is of great significance for social and economic development. Beijing, as the capital of China, is one of the four first-tier cities. The development characteristics of the logistics market have certain typical characteristics. This...
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The Study on Development and Application of Micro Lecture & MOOC in Applied Undergraduate--A Case Study of ‘Horse Anatomy and Physiology’

Yong Tang, Shuang Zhang
Study on how to develop and apply micro lecture & MOOC of ‘horse anatomy and physiology’ from students of horse equestrian of Wuhan business college through the methods of literature, interviews, observation and etc.; it was found that development and application of micro lecture & MOOC of this course...
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Multi-angle Quantitative Analysis of Constraints of Sports Economic Development

Lihong Sun
Economic education in our country more and more attention by government departments, government departments will sports economy planning for our country in the future economic growth point of growth. In this article, we analyze the constraints that the sports economy faces in the current situation. Combined...
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Trajectory of Undergraduates' Ideological and Political Education Against the Background of Entrepreneurship and Chinese Dreams

Caiqin Liang
Currently, education is faced with serious challenges and rare development opportunities. The education workers of ideological and political institutions in colleges and universities need to actively explore the new path of ideological and political education in the new situation. All of us have made...
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Quantitative Analysis and Tendency of the Causes of the Decline in the PE Teaching Quality

Xiaoli Gong
There are many influencing factors in public PE teaching. With the enrollment expansion of universities in our country, there are obvious deficiencies in teaching resources. And with this, the update of teaching methods is slow, affecting the quality of public physical education. There is no reliable...
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Research on Business Risk Management for Small and Medium Commercial Banks

Dan Cui
With the continuous deepening of financial reform and financial innovation, the mode of China's financial industry as a separate operation has been challenged. Under this background, on the one hand, the competition between commercial banks is becoming increasingly fierce. On the other hand, regulatory...
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Research on the Training of College Students' Entrepreneurial Ability in Private Colleges and Universities Based on the School-enterprise Cooperation Mode

Shucui Shi, Chunlei Han, Qiang Han
In recent years, in order to change the current situation of college students' difficulties in entrepreneurship, China has introduced the talent training mode of school-enterprise cooperation. However, how private colleges and universities to train college students' entrepreneurial ability still a serious...
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FDI Inflows, Foreign Trade and Conversion of Government Functions

Huiai Yuan, Lihong Zhao, Xiaona Zhong
This paper empirically analyze relation of FDI inflows, foreign trade and government final consumption, using Johansen cointegration test, VEC model and Granger causality model by using the Chinese data from 1980 to 2016 . The results shows that there is an equilibrium relationship that is negative effects...
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Research on Reconstructing the Old Building Space in Inheritance of City Culture-Taking the Architecture of the Taoxichuan in Jingdezhen as an Example

Han Wei
There are many state-owned porcelain factories in Jingdezhen, which have made great contributions to the development and promotion of the ceramic culture. However, due to the influence of the market economy, and its own poor management, Jingdezhen porcelain factories gradually closed down to fall into...
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Research on the Optimization of Scientific and Technological Financial Service Platform in Big Data Environment

Ying Wang
At present, China's scientific and technological financial service platform has developed rapidly, but it is still far from meeting the needs of all aspects. This paper first discusses the current situation of the technology financial service platform, analyzes the impact of the big data technology financial...
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Analysis of gender differences in Chinese family education

Weifeng Li, Yifang Qu, Lixia Liang
China has always attached importance to the important role of family education in children's development. There are obvious gender differences in parents' participation in education, which has its complicated systemic reasons. The bisexualization family education model is more conducive to the children's...
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Research on the Guarantee Mechanism of Modern ApprenticeshipFrom the Perspectives of Stakeholder Theory

Qiying Zhang
Modern Apprenticeship is going to adapt to the changes of technological and environmental situation, promoting the reform of highly skilled talents. And the key step is to establish and develop the guarantee mechanism of Modern Apprenticeship. This article starts with the connotation of modernity of...
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Statistical Analysis of Literature Research on Preschool Education Informatization

Yutong Fang, Xin Wang, Meng-qiu Cai
The method of document metrology and content analysis are applied in preschool education informatization research. The study shows that, from the publication of the age distribution, authors backgrounds, publishing institutions and research content, the overall level in preschool education informatization...
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Application of Goal-oriented Approach in College English Vocabulary Teaching

Ting Xiao, Qian Yang
Goal-oriented college English teaching mode consists of three parts: formulation, actualization and evaluation of the teaching goal. Vocabulary teaching is the main content in college English education, so it is significant for English education. Under the direction of goal-oriented approach, college...
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Enlightenment of Pragmatic Negative Transfer to College English Language Teaching

Qian Yang, Ting Xiao
In order to avoid pragmatic failures which are caused by different cultural values, social norms, thought patterns and communication styles and so on, it is useful not only to teach students’ language aptitude, but also to give students more exposure to the target cultural environment. With analysis...
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Study on the Model of Home Delivery of Fresh Food under New Retail

Zhuo Chen, Mengya Zhang, Zijia Du, Yong Cheng
In this paper, the home delivery mode of fresh food in chain supermarket under new retail was studied, including its operation model, organizational structure, business process, to find the best implementation model of the "last kilometer". At the same time, the cold chain logistics information system...
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The Ability of Top Management Team on Enterprise Innovation Development

Yuqi Zhang, Lu Ma
Top management team is the main enterprise strategic decision makers, the constitution of the team decided to its highest in the enterprise strategy formulation and execution layer, is responsible for the entire enterprise's organization and coordination, there is a big decision for enterprise management...
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Participation in Leisure Activities and Social Integration of Migrant Workers

Xiaobing Huang, Xiaolian Liu
This paper analyzes the situation and impact of participation of leisure activities on social integration of migrant workers from group heterogeneity perspective. The study indicates that participation of leisure activities can promote social integration of migrant workers significantly. Moreover, Social-type...
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Research on the Relationship among Intelligence Capital, Corporate Diversification Strategy and Corporate Performance of Top Management Teams

Chuang Liu, Lu Ma
Good executive teams can develop the right strategies in the "weak context" of complex mutations to improve the company's dynamic adaptability. In this paper, the intellectual capital of senior management team will be defined based on the theory of echelon. Based on the perspective of enterprise diversification...
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Foreign Dissemination Modes of Chinese Culture Based on the Confucius Institute

Yao Hong
In order to explore the effect of Chinese culture on the cultural communication of the Confucius Institute at the Eotvos Lorand University and provide targeted development suggestions for the development of the Confucius Institute at the Eotvos Lorand University on the basis of this research, a combination...
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The Application of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in College Students' Ideological and Political Education

Lisheng Liao
In order to improve the level of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, Chinese excellent traditional culture was applied in the education. First of all, the connotation of Chinese excellent traditional culture was elaborated. On this basis, the significance of Chinese excellent...
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Research on Herding effect of Chinese Stock Market under Heterogenous Investment Structure

Tingting Jiang, Yi Shu
The stock market is an important component of China's financial industry, and it is also an important investor in China's investors. Studying the performance of Chinese investors in the financial market is of great significance to the healthy development of China's securities investment industry.After...
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Research on improving the salary system of the people’s police in China

Shumian He
At present, the salary system of the People’s police is not adapted to the social requirement. There are some problems, such as lack of pertinence, unreasonable structure, low overall level, and the difficulty to implement economic compensation for work on vacations, etc. So we should reform and improve...
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A Study of College English Teaching Mode in the Context of Micro-learning

Qiong Fang
The development of mobile devices and the Internet has caused a dramatic change of humans learning mode. Along with the popularity and perfection of mobile handheld devices, a new learning mode, micro-learning has sprouted up among college students, which has become a challenge of college English teaching....