Proceedings of the 2020 5th International Conference on Modern Management and Education Technology (MMET 2020)

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The Links Between Imposter Phenomenon and Implicit Theory of Intelligence Among Chinese Adolescents

Xinyi Xu
Both imposter phenomenon and implicit theory of intelligence have an impact on adolescents’ development, especially affecting their academic progress and mental health. Therefore, these two constructs are well worth investigating, especially in the previously unexplored Chinese adolescent sample. In...
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Relationship Between Career Planning and Major Identity of Preschool Education Major Undergraduates–Based on Investigation in H University

Wanyan Sun
Career planning and major identity of preschool education major undergraduates play an indispensable role in the development of national preschool education system. This study explores the relationship between career planning and major identity. A sample of 105 preschool education major undergraduates...
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An Analysis of Chinese Traditional Legitimacy Theory

Kaiyang Mo
Although the concept of legitimacy comes from the west, in fact, China also has the legitimacy theory of localization. China’s legitimacy thought appears in the form of political legitimacy. Since the Yin and Zhou dynasties, around the core proposition of “consolidating the ruling power”, a large number...
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Implicit Learning and Its Application in Foreign Language Learning

Fan Wang
In recent years, implicit learning theory has been one of the focuses of cognitive psychology research, and foreign language learning has important enlightening significance. This article aims to introduce implicit learning and its characteristics, and on this basis, discuss the application of implicit...
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Discussion and Analysis on the International Education in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province

Guangbo Chen
Education is highly emphasized by people in the modern society. With the growing international communication, studying abroad has become a choice for many prospective students. With this need, receiving international education in high schools is highly suggested. In this paper, types of high school international...
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Causes and Countermeasures of the Declining Quality of Public Physical Education Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Ying Mao
It is found that there are still some problems in the current teaching of public physical education in colleges and universities, which restrict the development of public physical education in colleges and universities, and make the teaching quality of public physical education in colleges and universities...
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On the Influence of Chinese Traditional Etiquette Culture on Tourism Management

Xixi Zeng
Since the reform and opening up, our country has embarked on the rapid development road. In today’s rapidly developing society, excellent Chinese traditional culture can still emit bright glow. China can play the advantage of Chinese excellent traditional culture in tourism management industry — Chinese...
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Reflections on China Triggered by the Forest Kindergarten in Kassel, Germany

Yuanqi Wang
Globalization has penetrated into all fields with the passage of time. The education industry is no exception. Since, the preschool education is the beginning of children’s education, the suitable and reasonable preschool education can provide a good start for children’s future development. Under the...
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Quantitative Differences of Visual Imagery, Vividness, and Coherence in Memory Between Native English and Mandarin Speakers

Wanxin Zhong
The encoding and retrieval of autobiographical memory rely extensively on linguistic cues. Previous researches suggested the critical relationship between memory and language. This study with three experiments seeks to compare the quantitative differences in visual imagery, vividness, and coherence between...
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Analysis on Relationship Between the Number of Children and Working Hour of Chinese Entrepreneurs: The Mediating Effect of Efficiency

Jiacheng Huang
Working at home is pervasive during Covid-19. Children, as an indispensable part of the family, influence the working of parents. Therefore, this paper was conducted to investigate the influence of the number of children on the Chinese entrepreneurs’ working hours when working at home with the mediator...
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Study on Education Policy Transfer of China in the Context of Globalization

Yunke Cai
With the development of economic globalization since the 1980s, knowledge started to flow rapidly in the international market competition. In the field of education, all types of forms of educational knowledge also begin to transfer from one country or region to another, mainly reflected in the fact...
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Financial Logic to Social Logic: Curriculum Reform of Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges Provides Talents for Charity Education in China

Drake Keyang Zhou
In the financial market, the most dominant logic leads to individualism and the principle of maximizing profits, these set of principles constitute financial logic. The content of social logic emphasizes the concepts of environmental protection and social welfare, and this logic should be mutually exclusive...
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Thinking and Practice of Strengthening the Construction of Ideological and Political Education Team of College Students

Shi Ruibao
With the development of network information technology, it is more and more convenient for students to obtain information, but because the information received is mixed, students’ values will also be affected to a certain extent. As builders and successors of socialist cause in China, college students...
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Analysis of Employment and Entrepreneurship Prospects of College Students in the Context of Big Data

Zhao Xinyan
With the continuous progress of social economy and science and technology, big data brings new opportunities for our daily life and production, and expands a broader development space. In education, big data plays an extremely important role. Under the influence of big data, college students have new...
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Children’s Early Reading in Information Age

JW (Yuan Jia-wei) Yuan
Many media and information channels have brought us new ideas and new understandings in the information age. However what information is useful to us, which requires us to have efficient reading ability. Can children read before 6 years old? Perhaps we still have a lot of doubts about it.
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Reflection on the Development of Chinese University Entrance Examination: Key Factors for the Educational Reform

Mingyu Jiang
Under the environment of the Chinese University Examination, also known as Gaokao, there are many discussions about the reform that will take place in the future or even now. This article included an interview that interviewed six people to see their thoughts towards the reform of the Chinese University...
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Practical Situation and Application Suggestions of Orff Music Education in Enlightenment Music Education in China

Chang Liu
Music education is an important part of early childhood education and an important content of art education. Good music education is conducive to the cultivation of children creativity, imagination and thinking ability, promoting coordinated development of children’s body and mind. Orff music teaching...
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Financial Sustainability of Educational Social Enterprises in China: An Interview Analysis of Two Cases

Taorong Lian
Over the last few years, there has been a surging academic interest in newly-emerged social enterprises in Mainland China. Social enterprises are becoming increasingly important to China’s civil society as they have been addressing a variety of social issues. While the majority of research focused on...
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A Research on the Influence of College Student Time Management on Their Academic Development

Wenxin Xu
Time management is of great significance to the learning of college students. As a personality trait, time management has huge differences among individuals. This study surveyed 74 students from different universities, including 16 men and 58 women, and collected relevant data by issuing questionnaires....
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Discuss the Impact of Exposure to Domestic Violence on Children’s Attachment Relationships

Boyu Hou
There is a major impact on children who have to experience the terrifying nature of domestic violence. These are only, of course, negative results and alters the affects children’s attachment relationships. “Domestic violence can be defined as the systematic pattern of abusive behaviors in a relationship...
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Research on the Translation Strategies of Onomatopoetic and Hieroglyphic Characters in Literary Works

Yao Jing
Onomatopoetic and hieroglyphic characters are important features of Japanese used in literary works. When analyzing the translation of Japanese onomatopoetic and hieroglyphic characters, it is necessary to follow the basic principles of dynamic reciprocity, sort out the “variable translation characteristics”...
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Analysis on Audi’s Marketing Strategy in China

Zhu Yingze
The purpose of this research is to study how did Audi make a marketing strategy suitable for China’s national conditions. This study compared Audi’s strategy in Germany with its strategy in China, through extensive literature review. The author understands the position and marketing strategy environment...
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The Analysis on the Factors That Attract Investors to Form a Successful Case

Jianyao Gao
Thanks to the development of business nowadays, investment becomes quite significant. Indeed, there exists a number of entrepreneurs looking for a chance to make their innovative business idea realized accompany with much competition. Hence, entrepreneurs have to pick up the most valuable investment...
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Social Impact of Empathy in Childhood—Based on a Survey

Xingjian Hua
Social skills are extremely important in today’s society, and the study of it is one of the most famous subject in psychology. However, because the lack of knowledge in early age of human, there are only few papers discuss the social skills in childhood time. Therefore, this survey is set up. Among all...
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Analysis on the Educational Differences Between International School and Public School in China

Xinxin Wang
With the development of globalization and diversification in the world, studying abroad has become an alternative to college entrance examination for more and more Chinese students. Therefore, more and more international schools have been established in China. The way of education in international schools...
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Difficulties in the Application of TESOL Teaching Model in China

Ming Liu
This paper attempts to explore how Chinese TESOL students who trained in the United Kingdom and the United States adapt to Chinese classrooms under the background of the rise of language teaching and the expanding demand for English teachers in China. This paper argues that under the trend of globalization,...
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Foreign Exchange Risk Management of Multinational Companies

Yuxin WANG
After the 811 exchange rate reform in China, for one thing, the exchange rate formation mechanism has caused the RMB exchange rate to break through the ten-year appreciation against the dollar. For another, RMB began to fluctuate significantly. As a result of this change, Chinese foreign-related companies...
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Creative Writing Course and Practical Exploration of Ideological and Political Education

Yang Xiao ci
Writing ability is requires repeated training and practice to achieve, vigorously promote practice teaching creative writing course, implement “constructivism” education idea, the principal role of students into full play, actively develop in-class practice teaching and set up the second classroom activities,...
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Anti-Black Racism and Educational Equity Policies in America

Ruoxi Wang
At this stage, the novel coronavirus has destabilized the American social order.At the same time, the deep-rooted racism made the black people’s situation worse, led to a series of destructive demonstrations, and intensified the social unrest. In this article, the author will discuss the main contents...
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On the Function of Enterprise Business Administration Under the New Situation

Lingli Lv
In the past few decades, China’s economy has been developing continuously, and the speed of development is very fast, so China has become the second largest economy in the world. It is also because of the rapid development of China’s economy that more and more enterprises have emerged in the market,...
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Situation and Free Choice—An Interpretation of Animal Farm With the Perspective of Sartre’s Existentialism

Ruilin Yang
Animal Farm, a political allegorical novel written by George Orwell three years after his conception, was a huge sensation when published. Orwell from his unique perspective reveals the alienation of revolutionaries by power and presents the establishment process of totalitarian rule, showing that even...
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The Trend of PepsiCo by Comparing PepsiCo’s Financial Reports in 2018 to 2019 Based on Harvard Analytical Framework

Jiabao Quan
The proposal of Harvard analytical framework makes non-financial information gradually attract people’s attention. Besides, as a statement reflecting the financial status and operating results of an enterprise, financial reports can always accurately reflect the operating status and annual strategy of...
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The Design and Practice Research of Integrating Socialist Core Values Into Higher Vocational English Teaching Based on the Background of Strengthening Moral Education

Qinghua Fan
In today’s age of talent shortage and talent competition, long-term cooperation from all sectors of society is needed. The school is the key carrier of talent transportation. It is the mission of the school to focus on training talents.Under the educational background of strengthening moral education,...
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The Wage Effects of Foreign Acquisition of Chinese Privately-Owned Enterprises

Han Zhong
This paper focuses on magnitude of the short-run effect of foreign takeover of Chinese privately-owned enterprises in the manufacturing industry and assesses its effect on the average wage based on the firm-level data in the period 2005-07. Using a combination of propensity score matching and difference-in-difference...
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The Development and Influence of Montessori in the United States and China

Ruochen Liao
As an influential educational system all over the world, Montessori education method provides a feasible choice for traditional education. When it enters different countries, it should be changed to adapt to local conditions. Montessori’s adaptation method and situation in American society as a reference...
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Analysis on the Italian English Education Policy Under the Trend of Globalization

Xinyu Yan
This paper investigates the development of English learning and education in Italy for a long time through the research on Italian education policy. The influence of globalization makes the exchanges and cooperation between countries gradually increase. As a member of developed countries, Italy has the...
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Investigation and Reflection on the Support of Online Course Construction for Teaching During the COVID-19 Epidemic in Primary and Secondary Schools

Sun Yang
In early 2020, COVID-19 occurred in China and had a wide impact on education. Schools at all levels were forced to delay the start of school, and actively carry out the online education work of “suspended class but ongoing learning”. However, in the process of promoting this work, many primary and secondary...
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Thinking on the Practice-Oriented Reform of Computer Teaching

Jian Peng
The importance of computer technology is constantly highlighted in the process of social modernization, and computer technology also provides a lot of convenience for people’s life to some extent, and computer technology also brings different degree of influence in different industries. Therefore, in...
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Study on the Talent Training Mode of Visual Communication Design in the Field of Vision of the Digital Age

Liang Lu
In the digital age, the market demand is gradually changing, the specific positioning of talent and the goal of training have appeared some systematic requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to have more awareness of the model of talent training, in order to let the professional advantages...
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Japanese Teaching From the Perspective of Curriculum Thought and Politics

Dan Wang, YiYue Sun, AiAi Wang
In contrast of spoken and written language, enhance national pride; In the contrast of social phenomena, carry out socialist core values; In the contrast between Chinese and Japanese culture, the author tries to establish the feelings of home and country, and to explore the curriculum ideological and...
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Practical Exploration of Ideological and Political Teaching Reform of Japanese Course

Dan Wang
The primary task of talent cultivation in colleges and universities is ideological and political education. Teachers need to integrate ideological and political elements with curriculum content organically, so as to achieve the teaching purpose of quietly cultivating students’ correct values, moral education...
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On Risk Management of Weapon Equipment Research and Manufacturing Investment Based on Incentive Mechanism

Huibin Yu
The particularity of the military activities determines the high risk of the equipment research and manufacturing investment. The risk comes from two aspects: the research and manufacturing cycle of high-tech weapons and equipment is getting longer and longer and the investment, including the cost risk,...
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Research on Data-Driven Business Model Innovation

Zhang Yuxi, Shi Mengjie
Why is Ping An able to cultivate a number of unicorn companies through the implementation of digital strategy? In the past, enterprises’ data-driven business model innovation only upgraded related businesses on the basis of existing businesses. This study analyzed the case of Ping An Group and concluded...
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Research on Online and Offline Mixed Golden Course Based on Flipped Classroom

Zhang Wen, Su Li, Xu Bo, Zhang Qiang, Yang Zhen
Combined with the characteristics of engineering undergraduate courses, this paper studies the construction scheme of golden course, which is a combination of online and offline courses, based on the flipped classroom teaching mode and around the connotation of golden course. The scheme includes teaching...
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Research and Practice of the “Student-Centered” Innovative Talent Training Model

Su Li, Zhang Wen, Sun Rong, Lv Shu-ping, Wang Hui
A large number of innovative talents are needed to build an innovative country. The cultivation of innovative talents requires colleges and universities to transform the teacher-centered teaching mode to the student-centered teaching mode. On the basis of analyzing the core connotation of “student-centered”...
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The Construction Path of Off-Campus Practice Base Based on the Cultivation of College Students’ Innovative Practice Ability

Qiang Liu, Guoyan Yu, Duan Mei
In the view of some problems in the construction of off-campus practice bases, such as low enthusiasm of enterprises to establish off-campus practice bases, low degree of integration between production and learning, and unclear implementation plan of practical teaching, this paper takes the Guangdong...
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Research on the Structural Elements of Teacher Practical Knowledge Based on Cloud Education

Guangjiu Chen, Qunying Zhou
There is a big difference between online teaching and traditional teaching. In the aspect of subject knowledge, distance education teachers should grasp professional and subject-related knowledge more comprehensively than normal university teachers and structure it, in this way, we can better transform...
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An Analysis of the R&D Investment of High-Tech Industry in Jiangxi Province

Li Xu, Honghong Deng
R&D investment is an important part of technological progress and social development. Based on the vertical comparison of Jiangxi Province’s R&D investment since 2014, this article puts emphasis on the current status of Jiangxi’s high-tech industry R&D investment. At the same time, it compares...
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Construction and Teaching Practice of Online Course of Basic Japanese in the Period of Epidemic Condition

Sun Hui, Wang Yue
A sudden epidemic in the year 2020 has made the entire education sector realize the necessity of popularizing “Internet + Education”. In this sense, constructing online courses has become an urgent task. Based on this need for exploration, this article takes Basic Japanese Course as an example to give...
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Strategies for Application of POA to College English Teaching

Jianing Niu
Under the background of deepening educational reforms, college English teachers must have awareness updating their teaching concept. POA is a Chinese foreign language teaching theory that combines both local characteristics and international perspectives. This paper introduces the principles of POA,...
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Analysis on the Demand of College Students’ Employability Under the Background of Integration of Industry and Education

Xin Jin, Yu Chen
This paper combines the current situation of vocational college students’ employability training in my country, takes students from order classes and industrial colleges to the research objects, and according to the vocational talent training plan under the background of the integration of industry and...
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Construction and Design of All-Media Digital Textbook

Jirong SUN
All-media digital textbook reconstructs traditional materials and online courses with the support of information technology in Internet plus era. It redefines the traditional teaching and learning, and also reforms the way of reading and the habit of learning. All-media digital textbook integrates three...
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Research on Interface Design of Youth Education Platform From the Perspective of New Media

Wang Yixiang, Han Lei
Purpose: To explore the design methods and principles of the online education platform interface design for the youth stage in terms of visual communication and interface interaction. Method: Based on the law of formal beauty in visual design, a classification study was carried out by setting the growth...
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Teaching Research of “Curriculum Ideology and Politics” Into the Course of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Song Juanjuan, Wu Yanhong
With the deepening of the “curriculum ideology and politics” research, the educational function of the curriculum is gradually revealed. In order to integrate ideological and political theory into the course of probability theory and mathematical statistics and combine it with the online and offline...
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A Research Summary and Prospect on the Cultivation of Top-Notch Innovative Talents in the Last 10 Years

Xueyang Qi, Jun Feng, Qiao Yin
In the past ten years, the theoretical research and practical exploration of the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents have been paid more and more attention. The content involves the selection criteria and mechanisms of top-notch innovative talents, talent characteristics and growth laws, and...
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The Influences From Montessori to the Early Years Children

Chenhua Gu
This article will review the theory of Maria Montessori (1870-1952) and her key ideas regarding the holistic development of children in the early years (0-5 years). It will identify some of Montessori’s key ideas – holistic development, learning through play, the prepared environment, observation and...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of the Effectiveness of WeChat Community Management

Sheng Yongxiang, Zhou Yuanyuan, Wu Jie
In order to achieve the effectiveness of WeChat community management, based on the perspective of members, select community goals, community positioning, community trust, community belonging, community reciprocity, community rules, etc. that affect WeChat community management 6 factors, establish a six-dimensional...
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Research of the Teacher-Student Interaction Evaluation Based on Learning Community

Liang Weitao
The effective evaluation of teacher-student interaction is an important composition of tutorial system and plays very important role in tutor education. There are some serious problems in theory, methods and effects of teacher-student interaction evaluation in our country. In this paper, an effective...
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Application of the Online Judge Technology in Programming Experimental Teaching

Hua Zhang, Miao Zhang, Fan-chao Meng, Xue-quan Zhou, Dian-hui Chu
Code validation is a complicated and overloaded task to the Experimental instructor of Programming courses. In order to solve this problem, an online judging based experimental teaching platform is developed which has the functions of online arrangement experiment for the teachers, online coding and...
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Research on the Form of Teaching Materials for Children Based on Experience Design

Wang Yi Xiang, Dong Zhi Ye
At present, the design quality of children’s picture books and children’s books in China is gradually improving. Some children’s picture books have won international awards. However, the teaching materials used in early childhood have not changed much, and they are still selected and designed from the...
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Discussion on How to Improve the Teaching Research Ability of Civilian Staff in Professional Technical Posts in Military Colleges

Wang Xin, Li Guo, Qi Xinshe, Gao Cuicui, Wang Na
On the basis of theoretical research, combined with the personal practice of civilian teachers’ work in the teaching and research section for more than ten years, this paper makes a systematic study from the aspects of training, use and development, and summarizes and sorts out many effective ways to...
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Combining STEAM Concept With Virtual Reality—Taking Virtual Electronic Blocks Construction as an Example

Yulong Bai, Xiang WU, Xiaoyao Chen
The kernel of STEAM education is to achieve cross-disciplinary knowledge integration and use interdisciplinary knowledge to solve problems. STEAM education emphasizes practice, but in the process of practice, it is often limited by realistic conditions, and it is difficult to achieve the effect. Virtual...
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The Exploration and Practice on Mathematical Modeling Teaching Team Construction

Cuicui Gao, Xinshe Qi, Guo Li, Na Wang, Xin Wang, Ruiping Huang
In this paper, the current situation of mathematical modeling teaching team was expounded, the specific construction ideas of optimizing the team structure, strengthening the teaching reform, enhancing the scientific research ability and improving the guarantee measures were put forward, and the practical...
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Research on the Evaluation and Improvement of College Online Teaching Quality During COVID-19 Period—Based on the Perspective of PDCA Theory

Hai-bo Yan, Wei Li
Due to the influence of COVID-19, most colleges carried out online teaching. The evaluation of online teaching quality was the focus and difficulty of the sustainable development of online teaching. This research was based on the PDCA theory (Continuous Improvement Spiral), taking M University’s online...
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A Study on the Application of Case Teaching in the Guidance Course of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ke Liang, Liu Shu-Zhen
This paper introduces the case teaching method “the guidance of college students’ innovative undertaking” course teaching, case teaching process, including the arrangement of learning tasks, prepares for his lectures, and consolidate to ascend, the whole process of evaluation and so on, fully used the...
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Study on the Action Mechanism of Risk Factors of Offline Catering Enterprises in the Context of Major Epidemic Situations

Liao Xianyi
Based on the major outbreaks environment under this big background, from the literature to explore food industry known risk factors, and the analysis of the inherent mechanism of them, get food industry three risk factors: operating income and cash flow, labor costs, as well as their mechanism of action...
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The Research on Optimization of Risk Control Scheme of Offline Catering Enterprises Based on the Major Epidemic Environment

Wu Zechao, Wang Ruyi
The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia make the economy of our country and even the whole world has suffered great losses,however, due to the limited travel of consumers during the epidemic period, the catering industry under the midline of various industries is the first to be hit, many large-scale...
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The Influence of Equity Incentive on the Performance of Gem Listed Companies

Hong Ji, Ting Liang
In order to better solve the problem of separation of production and operation, gem listed companies adopt equity incentive measures to make employees work better for the company by giving them certain shares. As most gem listed companies are innovative and high-tech, their development potential is greater...
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Integrated Military and Civilian Education Training of Military Talents

Fei Cai, Pengfei Zhang, Yanxiang Ling
The education level of military talents is directly related to the quality of our army’s talent team, and affects the military construction and the generating capacity of combat effectiveness, thus determining the modernization of our national defense. With the continuous development and recommendation...
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Exploring the University History’s Important Role on Construction of Campus Culture and Students’ Ideological and Political Construction

Tong Jie, Zhang Lu, Zhao Yina
As a part of campus’ culture, university history plays a very important role in campus culture construction. The history of university reflects the development of campus, shows the changes of campus from construction to the development. The history of university also can embody the idea, the cultural...
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An Analysis of the Research Status of Teachers Professional Learning Community in the Past Decade – Bibliometric Analysis Based on CNKI

Wei You, Guoxiong Xiang
This study uses bibliometric analysis and scientific knowledge map, mainly with the help of CiteSpace 5.0 analysis software, with CNKI as the data source, to analyze the literature in the past ten years.This paper discusses the current situation of the research on teachers professional learning community...
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Research on Multi-Integrated Online and Offline Teaching Model in the Post-Epidemic Era —Taking Numerical Analysis Course as an Example

Duan Mei
In the post-epidemic era, online teaching has reached unprecedented heights, and “Internet + Education” has also become a feature of the current new stage of education informationization. Because of the problems existing in the traditional numerical analysis course teaching, such as fewer class hours,...
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Discussions on Three Methods of Formulating the Business Strategy

Hailan Wang, Haitao Zhang
Nowadays the product supply of similar enterprises is greater than the demand, and the whole society has entered the stage of marketing concept. Enterprises must be customer-oriented and understand the needs of customers for survival, this is also an important issue to be considered in strategic management....
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Research on the Influence of Urban Public Real Estate on Innovation Agglomeration

Zhao Jian
Innovation is the primary driving force for development, and innovation agglomeration plays a key role in improving the competitiveness of cities. By constructing a theory model of public real estate impact on innovation agglomeration, based on panel data of 31 cities from 2009 to 2016.The empirical...
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A Study on the Application of the “Residential Interior Design” Course Based on Flipped Classroom With the Joint Efforts of Schools and Enterprises

Senyu Lou
This paper systematically scrutinizes difficulties confronted with reforming the course, “Residential Interior Design”, in the integration between industry and education, after which the flipped classroom approach is introduced. Leveraging “cloud classroom” platforms and 3D visualization technology for...
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The Significance and Path of Mass Line Practice for the Construction of Civil Society in the Network Era

Zhan Aixia
It is the general trend to construct a mature civil society in today’s society. Through the innovative practice of mass line in the network era, it helps to guide citizens’ rational participation and build mature modern citizens; it helps to protect citizens’ democratic rights and interests and further...
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Research on Mid- and Long-Term Incentive Design Path of Conventional Science and Technology Enterprises

Wang Han, Xu Yunfei
Mid- and long-term incentives are an important means for scientific and technological enterprises to stimulate the vitality of scientific researchers and promote scientific research innovation. This article summarizes and refines the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of different incentive...
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Constructing ESAP Corpus Platform and Implementing Project in Local University

Zhao Yunxuan
The academic English teaching in new era has been put on the agenda of serving national strategic development. However, facing the coming transition from English for General Purposes (EGP) teaching to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) teaching, most local universities have shown uncertainty and confusion...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Industrial Catalysis Course Based on Ability Training

Ranran Chu, Hui Wang, Xinxin Wang, Li Han, Weijuan Gong
Industrial Catalysis is a discipline based on the intersection of science and engineering, which is of great significance for cultivating the practical innovation ability of the students. According to the actual teaching experience, in this paper, the present situation and problems of the Industrial...
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Research on the Content Construction and Teaching Strategy of Equipment Technical Support Comprehensive Training Course

Yan Ouyang, PeiQi Deng, BinBin Shi, JinJian Lv, XiaoBin Huang, Li Lu
For the purpose of improving the ability of students posts competencies and the creativity, it is very important to build content architectures and select reasonable teaching strategies when organizing the equipment technical support comprehensive training course. So this paper sets up an ability-oriented...
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Practice and Experience of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Online Teaching—Taking Real Estate Project Planning Based on Dingtalk and Rain Class as an Example

Zhongxiu Liu
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was attacked in the end of 2019, and online teaching became the norm. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the key to the development of real estate project. Based on the results of the previous teaching reform, the paper adjusts the time and content of the project according to...
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Design of Classroom Intelligent Feedback System Based on Deep Learning

Gong Yayun, Tang Xiaoyu
With the advancement of education informatization, artificial intelligence technology has injected new vitality to improve teaching quality. Under the current traditional classroom pattern, teachers pay more attention to students’ knowledge mastery level, academic performance and other cognitive achievements...
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Research on Environmental Policy Tools in China

Wanlin Qiu
At present, environmental pollution and destruction are major problems of human existence. We need to understand and grasp the root causes of China’s environmental policies and the historical development process of environmental policies. The Chinese government needs to take some measures and actions...
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Private Equity Investment, Executive Motivation and Corporate Research and Development

Xinsheng DUAN, Xue LI
By studying the data of companies listed on gem from 2009 to 2019, this paper empirically tested the relationship between private equity investment, executive incentive and enterprise R&D using regression analysis method. The results show that: executive compensation incentive and executive equity...
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A Study on the Job Preference of Tourism College Students in Hotel Industry: The Application of Social Cognitive Career Theory

Chao Chia-Wei
The situation of the low employment in tourism college student and hotel high staff turnover rate are growing problem, previous studies have shown that self-efficacy and job preference are important determinants affecting the career choice. This study takes the tourism related majors who have internships...
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A Study on Earnings Quality Evaluation of Listed Hotel Companies

Meng XU, Jing ZHONG, Lang-Lang QIN
The evaluation index system for the earnings quality of listed hotel companies were constructed in this paper. And the indicators included the indices of income quality, profit quality and gross profit margin. Based on two dimensions of growth and volatility, the indices of income quality and profit...
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Coupling Vulnerability of Ecosystem and Poverty Occurrence—A Case Study of Poverty-Stricken Areas of Longnan in Qinba Mountain

Li Jie, Song Xiaoyu, Wu Na
Our study was based on the division of the contiguously poverty-stricken areas of Qinba Mountain in China. To find the sustainable path of regional development, we used INVEST model to calculate the amount of ecosystem services in 27 areas of Longnan, to structure an index evaluation system, and to simulate...
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The Research on the Practice of the Corporate Health Index

Li Youhua, Li Yang, Bi Yanbing, Su Bing, Li Zhichang, Zhang Ran
Risk control has always been one of the core objectives of corporate internal control. In the design and implementation of internal control in state-owned corporates, there are still unclear goals, and risk control awareness and goals are not always implemented. In order to change this situation, based...
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Application of Modern Management Technology in the Organization and Implementation of U.S. Aircraft Carrier Logistics Support

Wu Qin, Sun Yunzhou, Wu Min
In this paper, the scientific allocation and implementation procedures of the US aircraft carrier logistics support are discussed and analyzed in detail. Through specific examples, the application of modern management technology in aircraft carrier logistics support system is discussed. The characteristics...
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Research on the Path of University Science and Technology Innovation Serving Regional Economic Development

Jing Liu, Lijia Zheng, Peiying Zhu
Competition between regions is increasingly dependent on innovation and the application of innovative technologies. All regions are actively improving the competitiveness of regional science and technology to change the way of regional economic growth, improve the quality of provincial economic development,...
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Data Mining and Coupling Model of Coordinated Development Between Poverty Alleviation Effect and Residents’ Participation in Minority Areas

Yi Yuanpeng, Chen Danhong, Meng Yu, Sun Hewei
How to improve the effect of poverty alleviation through tourism is an important task faced by minority areas. There is a coupling phenomenon between residents’ participation in tourism and the effect of tourism poverty alleviation. Data mining is a decision support process that reveals hidden, unknown...
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Research on Integration of College Ideological and Political Education and “Second Classroom”

Xiaorui Li, Hua Zhang
When education is prosperous, the country is prosperous, and when education is strong, the country is strong. The younger generation is the builder and successor of China’s socialist cause, and shoulders the important task of realizing the great “Chinese Dream.” As an important base for educating the...
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Research on the Characteristics of the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Network Structure of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry in China’s Four Economic Zones

Jiang Su Wan, Sheng Yong Xiang
With the strategic emerging industry-the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as the background, provide relevant information for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry based on the characteristics and development trends of the industry-university-research patent cooperation network in the four major...
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Measurement of Coupling Coordination Degree Between Cultural Industry and Tourism Industry Under Big Data

Meng Yu, Chen Danhong, Yi Yuanpeng, Zhang Xuming
The coupling and coordinated development of cultural industry and tourism industry can effectively promote the deep integration of culture and tourism, make cultural resources become the tourism capital to enrich tourism connotation, optimize tourism experience and expand tourism realm, and realize the...
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Cultural Teaching in College English Course

Cong Li
The paper illustrates the significance of cultural teaching in teaching College English Course with discussing the ultimate purposes of education and goal of College English Course. The current situation and prevalent problems in cultural teaching of College English Course are analyzed and to improve...
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Research on New Strategies of Network Teaching in Special Period

Liang Min, Yi Xiang, Xianglin Miao, Xinyan Gu
Affected by the spread of the epidemic during the special period at the beginning of the year, in order to ensure that the teaching progress is not affected, the Ministry of Education requires all primary and secondary schools and universities to “suspend classes without suspension”, and teachers from...
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“Trinity” - A New Economic Model for Chinese Medicine Health Management Services

Bing Lu, Xi Zhao
The development of Chinese medicine health management in China is still at an embryonic stage, with government-managed public hospitals providing health check-up services as the leading provider, and health consultation, medical guidance and health education seminars as supplementary support, and the...
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Research on the Influence of Social Expectation on College Students’ Role Responsibility in Major Public Health Emergencies: The Mediating Role of Role Identity

Du Yiling, Wu Shuang
In order to investigate whether social expectation will have an important impact on the role responsibility of college students in major public health emergencies and its mechanism. The social expectation scale, role identity scale and role responsibility scale of college students in major public health...
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Probe on Professional English Teaching on Agricultural Resources and Environment

Hua He
Professional English teaching on agricultural resources and environment contains the same teaching procedures as other courses, but almost every procedure has the problems that other courses basically do not exist, such as the allocation of teachers, teaching materials, teaching focus, teaching methods...
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Impact Analysis of VUCA Environment on Quality Management System

Gu Ping, Sun MengMeng
This article analyzes the quality management system based on the VUCA environment. The article first introduces the origin and meaning of VUCA, and clarifies the real differences between each VUCA elements.On the basis of fully analyzing the characteristics of VUCA environment and taking iso9001:2015...