Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Vocational Education and Training (ICOVET 2018)

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The Influence of Principal’s Transformational Leadership towards Teachers’ Collective Efficacy in Rural Secondary Schools of Kanowit, Malaysia

Ying-Leh Ling, Gary Tay Soon Joo
The purpose of this quantitative research is to investigate the significant influence of the principal’s transformational leadership towards teachers’ collective efficacy. Data from 86 teachers were collected from two secondary schools located in the rural area of Kanowit, Sarawak, Malaysia. Multiple...
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Non-Verbal Communication Behavior of Learners on Online-based Learning

Dila Umnia Soraya, Kartika Candra Kirana, Slamet Wibawanto, Heru Wahyu Herwanto, Chandra Wijaya Kristanto
In online-based learning, there is limited interaction between teachers and learners who do not meet directly. However non-verbal communication indicates the emotion that is often called as a driver of learning success. Therefore, in this study, we are encoding the non-verbal behavior of learners during...
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Study of Antioxidant Activity in Sinom Drinks From Breadfruit (Artocarpus Altilis) Leaves

Mazarina Devi, Budi Wibowotomo, Soenar Soekopitojo, Desiana Merawati
Breadfruit leaves contain antioxidant including flavonoids and phenolics compound. This study aims to analyze the chemical characteristics (antioxidant capacity, phenolic and flavonoid content) of sinom drinks sourced from breadfruit leaves. The experimental design was employed by treatment of ratio...
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Automated Lobster Cultivation Monitoring System Based on Embedded System and Internet of Things: TALOPIN

Hakkun Elmunsyah, Feri Kurniawan, Prima yams Fathurrachman, Putri Ayu Anggreini, Yogi Dwi Mahandi
Sea water lobster is a commodity from the sea resources that have high selling price and already encroaches international market. However, the cultivators of marine fisheries have less incentive to cultivate the sea water lobster because it is very sensitive to the environmental changes in its habitat....
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Project Planning Characteristics In Project-Based Learning On Mechanical Engineering Study Program

Dwi Agus Sudjimat, Amat Nyoto, Maftuchin Romlie
Project planning is one of the key stages in project-based learning. This study aims to describe the characteristics of project planning undertaken by mechanical engineering teachers for the implementation of project-based learning. The samples of the research were mechanical engineering teachers of...
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Contributions of Understanding of Entrepreneurship, Interest in Entrepreneurship, and Self Efficacy to Entrepreneurial Readiness in the Age of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Ahmad Dardiri, Rahmat Irsyada, Mahmud Sugandi
The purpose of this study was to determine the contributions of understanding of entrepreneurship, interest in entrepreneurship, and self efficacy to entrepreneurial readiness in the age of industrial revolution 4.0. The study was designed using a quantitative descriptive approach. The samples of the...
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Digital Knowledge Sharing in TVET

Abbes Sebihi
Digital technologies are reaching ever further into remote parts of the world, changing how people access, use, and create information and knowledge. Knowledge sharing is important in improving the quality of training and skills development in the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions....
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The effectiveness of Activity-Based Learning to Improve Students’ Self-Directedness in Learning

Suparno Suparno, Made Wena, Mahmud Sugandi, Pribadi Pribadi
The purpose of this study is to find out the differences between the implementation of ABL model and the conventional model in improving students’ self-directedness in learning. This quantitative research used the quasi-experimental design. The research population consisted of 122 undergraduate students...
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Development of Life-Based Teaching Material on Welding Fields to form Entrepreneurial Characters

Yoto Yoto, Widiyanti Widiyanti, Solichin Solichin, Tuwoso Tuwoso
Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Education Study Program are expected to work as educational staff, instructors, and able to work in the industry. However, in fact, many graduates want to do entrepreneurship in the field of mechanical engineering. So, it is necessary to make changes through the...
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The Determinant Factors in the Selection of Specialization on Building Engineering Program Expertise for New Students at Vocational High School in Malang on Readiness Work in Construction Services Industry

Chess Widho Wati, Mohammad Rizza, Mahmud Sugandi
Selection of specialization or who is often called in vocational majors at the start of class X. Junior High Graduates who choose to continue to vocational school, will be faced with several choices of specialization in vocational school. The package selection expertise on Building Engineering program...
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Perception and Practice of Vocational Education Revitalization by Vocational High School Teacher

Gede Widayana, Djoko Kustono
The majority of normative and adaptive vocational school teachers when compared to productive ones causes a lack of teachers who have the competence to teach expertise. Teachers who have been provided with vocational revitalization education will develop their abilities so they can carry out learning...
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Multimedia Development using Adobe Flash on Grading Course in Fashion Design Education Program

Nurul Aini, Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti, Idah Hadijah
This research is a continuation of previous research, where this study produces multimedia of learning on grading course. In this second study, it still aims to develop multimedia because there is no media for advanced grading courses. The second research is still using adobe flash for its multimedia...
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21st Century Based E-Learning in Mechatronics Course

Puteri Ardista Nursisda Mawangi, Djoko Kustono, Widiyanti Widiyanti
In the 21st century which everything is digitized, learning has also been using the internet. many colleges use the e-learning system to create their own portal, but it is not adequate and many features that are not active yet. The mechatronic lecture that is needed in the 21st century but still many...
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VHS Competency Test, Implementation of Industry Demands, and Graduates’ Competence in Indonesia

Hary Suswanto, Juwita Annisa Fauzi, Aji Prasetya Wibawa
Differences of competency test model cause different standards of graduate competency. The differences of the competency test in Vocational High School (VHS) have not had significant positive impacts. The low graduates’ competence of the VHS is equal to the productivity of skilled labors in industry....
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Preferences Analysis of Engineering Students on Choosing Learning Media using Support Vector Machine (SVM) Model

Aisyah Larasati, Apif Miftahul Hajji, Anik Nur Handayani
This research aims to perform preferences analysis of engineering students on choosing learning media using Support Vector Machine (SVM) model. Data is collected using questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of four items related to students profile and 17 items related to students preferences on learning...
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The Identification of Female Workers in Handcraft Embroidery Industry Based on The Factors Shaping Their Work Behavior

Nurul Hidayati, Anggaunita Kiranantika, Sri Eko Pujirahayu
Female workers are important assets of an industry. Every female worker has a different work behavior, and good work behavior can positively impact on the productivity and performance of the workers. Hence, companies must be able to identify how certain behavior can affect the performance of the female...
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Fashion Recycle as Learning Method to Enhance Students’ Creativity in Indonesia

Esin Sintawati, Siti Zahro, Nur Endah Purwaningsih
Currently, many countries face problems of solid waste such as fashion waste. To reduce it, researchers were inspired to use fashion recycle on learning in fashion students. To continue it, this study was conducted to implement fashion recycle as learning media to enhance students' creativity and to...
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Creating Entrepreneurship Mindset Based on Culture and Creative Industry in Challenges of The 21st Century Vocational Education

Desy Putriana Dewi, Ahmad Andi Nurfajar, Ahmad Dardiri
Vocational education in the 21st century are required to think higher and they need to prepare their students to live in work structures that may change anytime. Today entrepreneurship can be a key in career choice with the potential Indonesian culture it can be a great business opportunity through the...
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Job Shadowing as Learning Method of Men Clothes’ Pattern in the Fashion Department, Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia

Hapsari Kusumawardani, Siti Zahro
To comprehend how to make men clothes’ pattern, students not only learn from school but also they can learn somethings new from expert directly. Through job shadowing program that provided by fashion department in Universitas Negeri Malang, a student jumped into fashion industries to learn how to make...
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Intelligent Tutoring System Design for Computer Network Learning

Aris Budianto, Rosihan Ariyuana, Asti Amalina Puspitaningrum
There is a gap in the learning process of Computer Network in Informatics Education, Sebelas Maret University between Students from High School and Vocational High School. Some students with high school backgrounds do not have the basic concepts of Computer Networking, while students from SMK are already...
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Enhancing Students’ Creativity and Innovation in Designing Car through the Implementation of Problem-Based Blended Learning Model

Imam Muda Nauri, Dwi Agus Sudjimat, Sumarli Sumarli, Fuad Indra Kusuma
Selecting appropriate learning strategy to develop students’ creativity and innovation in designing exterior design of a car is essential. Relying on face-to-face meetings was not sufficient. Therefore, the learning process did not run optimally. Problem-based blended learning model was expected to be...
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Analysis of Dress Pattern of Body Fitting Without Waist Dart on Chiffon Fabrics

Idah Hadijah, Endang Prahastuti, Anik Dwi Astuti
The type of research used is descriptive by using qualitative approach with observation technique, interview, and documentation method. Objects in this study were the forms of dresses. They consisted of 3 models, each model consisted of 8 dresses. The total objects were 24 dresses. The results of the...
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Metacognitive Improvement of Project-Based Learning Students with E-Portfolio Assessment

Duwi Leksono Edy, Suwarno Suwarno, Sunomo Sunomo, Basuki Basuki
Education is the main development in student psychology. The learning process has an important meaning in character formation. The continuous development of the character of students regarding thinking and developing mindset is the result of economic development. This research method uses Quasi-experiment....
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The Effectiveness of Industrial Work Practice in Preparing the Capabilities of Students to Enter the Business, Industrial World (DUDI) and Industrial Revolution 4.0

Waras Kamdi, Diana Mulya Dewi
Industrial Work Practice or Field Practice is a school project which combines systematically and synchronously between education programs implemented in the school and in companies through work experiences in the workplace to achieve a professional skill level. A problem which likely occurs in the implementation...
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Extraction Efficiency for the Analysis of Non-Nutritive Sweeteners, Stevioside and Sucralose in Different Types of Food Models

Jong Bang Eun, Budi Wibowotomo
Extraction efficiency (%R) of stevioside and sucralose in food models spiked by different addition levels were observed. The measurement of %R value was finalized by spectrophotometry after a solvent extraction procedures. Results showed that extraction efficiency of stevioside in soft drink was significantly...
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Natural Behavior Learning for Developing an Innovation of Computational Intelligence Applied to a Technical Quadratic Problem

Arif Nur Afandi, Anik Nur Handayani, Dyah Lestari, I Made Wirawan, F. C. W. Afandi F. C. W. Afandi, M. R. S. Afandi M. R. S. Afandi
Recently, many algorithms have been presented for new approaches based on natural inspirations as introduced in this paper is explored from the migrating Salmon mechanism. This approach is Artificial Salmon Tracking Algorithm (ASTA) which is tested on a standard system model for carrying out a dynamic...
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Self Acceptance : a Study in the Elderly Age in Family Cempaka, Kabupaten Ngawi

Diana Arisnawati Triningtyas, Siti Muhayati
Aging is a closing period in the span of human life. A period that must be passed when receiving a long life gift. Living this period, the elderly have the opportunity to develop more mature, by doing something meaningful for themselves and others. In old age, the problem faced is one of which is a decrease...
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Effect of Jackfruit Seed Flour Substitution on Tambang Cookies’ Calsium, Phosphor and Hedonic Rating

Laili Hidayati, Soenar Soekopitojo, Lismi Animatul Chisbiyah, Velina Mareta
Jackfruit seed flour is flour produced from jackfruit seeds that are dried and mashed. Jackfruit seed flour can be used as an alternative substance for flour or wheat substitution. Tambang cookie is a light meal or snack shaped like a rope with a small size (± 3cm). Tambang cookieis made fromthe dough...
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A Numerical Analysis of The Modulus of Elasticity of The Graded Concrete

M. Mirza Abdillah Pratama, Buntara Sthenly Gan, Han Ay Lie Han Ay Lie, Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra
Graded concrete is one of the functionally graded materials in civil engineering that can reduce the use of cement to create a high-performance structural element. The graded concrete is formed by combining two distinguish concrete mixes or more which have different strength so that the elements with...
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The Effect of Teaching Factory Learning Implementation on Student Entrepreneurial Readiness Wood Construction Engineering Expertise Competencies State Vocational High School 1 Sidoarjo

Dody Surya Laksana, Isnandar Isnandar, Priyono Priyono
Entrepreneurship is one of the solutions to reduce the number of unemployed graduates of vocational level. One way to establish entrepreneurial readiness of students with learning teaching factory. Collecting data using questionnaire in which the respondents is students of class XII Wood Construction...
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Advancing Vocational Student’s Self-Efficacy Through Integration STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Education

Ming-Chang Wu, Marsono Marsono, Fitria Khasanah
The existence of the 4th industrial revolution will force schools to be more creative in presenting the skills that will be faced by job seekers along with the rapid competition in the world of work. This study aims to gain several ways of advancing students’ self-efficacy through STEM education based...
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Sharpening 4C for Students in Vocational Higher Education Program Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 Through Summer Camp

Layta Dinira
There are four soft skills of higher education graduates needed to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, namely critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration (4C). To compete with other human resources globally and achieve success in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, the...
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Impact of Vocational Curriculum 2013 on the Role of Vocational School Graduates in Industrial Construction Services

Andi Ahmad Nurfajar, Rina Puspita Wahyuningaji, Ahmad Dardiri
Competing the curriculum of learning undertaken at vocational level is a step that is being undertaken today in its Efforts to respond to global challenges both internally and externally. The impact of the competence of graduates to be more in line with the needs of the industry, especially services...
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Evaluation Framework for the Implementation of the Dual Expertise Program and its Results

Agung Panji Sasmito, Djoko Kustono, Purnomo Purnomo, Hakkun Elmunsyah
Indonesian vocational school must increasingly be able to prepare students to enter the workforce to be able to print work-ready graduates along momentum of the ASEAN Economic Community and APEC. However, today Indonesia lack of vocational school productive teachers. One of any effort to deal with it...
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Implementing Three-Phase Trainer to Improve System Programming Learning at Vocational High School (VHS)

Anik Nur Handayani, Nanda Bagus Haditama, Dyah Lestari, Ilham Ari Elbaith Zaeni, Arif Nur Affandi
The use of programming languages in microcontroller programming is very influential on student learning outcomes. The use of C language, which is easier to understand, should be taught to the students to improve their programming skills. This study aimed at improving student learning outcomes, especially...
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Becoming Vocational Teachers for 21st Century in Indonesia

Didik Nurhadi, Siti Zahro
Various efforts have been made by the government in improving the quality of vocational education in Indonesia. However, some research has been conducted by overseas institutions shows that the quality of teachers and graduates of vocational education still low performance. In order to address this issue,...
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Labor Market Outcomes for Senior Secondary School Graduates in Indonesia

Nyan-Myau Lyau, Siti Zahro, Didik Nurhadi
The problem of increasing unemployment in current Indonesia arises from high school graduates of both vocational high schools (VHS) and general high schools (Non-VHS). VHS have a greater number of graduates than Non-VHS. Non-VHS graduates have the ability to survive and get better position for a long...
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Role of the Boutique Industry in Apprenticeship Implementation and Assessment for Supporting the Diploma Supplement Issuance

Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti, Nurul Hidayati, Annisa Rafida
This study aimed at investigating the role of the boutique industry (1) in the implementation of apprenticeship in compliance with the IQF standards and (2) in the apprenticeship assessment for supporting the Diploma Supplement issuance. The study was descriptive quantitative research. The research population...
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Development of Open Education Resources (OER) Learning in Vocational Education

Duwi Leksono Edy, Tuwoso Tuwoso, Solichin Solichin, Erwin Komarata Mindarta
The learning process has an important role in improving student character. The process of character building can result from a fun learning process. Open learning has an important role in the formation of student character. Open learning leads students to learn more creatively, by giving students the...
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Promoting Integrated Authentic Learning: An Anticipation of ASEAN Mutual Recognition Agreement on Vocational-Education Graduates’ Skills

Isnandar Isnandar, Didik Nurhadi
The purpose of vocational education is to provide for human resources with competencies trade organizations and industry need in their struggle to compete and work productively and professionally. To make their graduates qualified and competitive at ASEAN level, not only must vocational education improve...
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Implementation of STAD on Practical Course Activity in Fashion Department Universitas Negeri Malang

Nur Endah Purwaningsih, Agus Hery Supatmi Irianti, Esin Sintawati, Riska Marianti, Dwi Ratnasari
Learning strategy in the learning process is one of indicator to achieve learning goals. One of the learning strategy is Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD). It used in fashion department in UniversitasNegeri Malang, especially in the practical course activity. On the other hand, the other learning...
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A Study on The Learning Facilities Readiness and The Independence Learning Relates to The Skill Competence of Student at The Industrial Automation Department in Vocational High School

Muladi Muladi, Hari Putranto, Maya Maulida
Achievement of the skills competency of students in vocational secondary schools is influenced by school and student factors. Learning practices aimed at improving skills competence are determined by the availability of adequate learning facilities. The independence of learning in practical activities...
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Integrating STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Education on Advancing Vocational Student’s Creative Thinking Skills

Marsono Marsono, Fitria Khasanah, Yoto Yoto
STEM is integrating four specific disciplines area (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) into interconnected learning process based on practical applications. This study aims to gain several ways of advancing students’ creative thinking skills through STEM education based on the learning...
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Industrial Class With Work Based Learning Approach As Alternative To Increase Educational Quality In Vocational High School

Yoto Yoto, Marsono Marsono, Windra Irdianto, Basuki Basuki
In order for the learning process in the vocational high school (VHS) match with the real world working situation, and can achieve optimal results, then the implementation of learning should be supported by industry work practices. The Experience of working practices in the industry makes the learners...
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Community Awareness at Vocational High School Facilities in Central Java, East Java and South Sulawesi

Haris Anwar Syafrudie
The purpose of this research is to get discription awareness vocational high school parents; the community awareness in provision and improvement of school infrastructure; and the choice of community donation to school; Data were collected using questionnaires and interview guide to vocational school...
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Proportion of Examinations and Assignments for Assessment in the Department of Civil Engineering, State University of Malang, Indonesia

Sutrisno Sutrisno, Antelas Eka Winahyo, Eko Suwarno, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto
This research aimed to describe the proportion of examinations and assignments for assessment in the Department of Civil Engineering. The study was descriptive ex-post facto research. The research samples consisted of 36 lecturers in charge of constructing exam questions and assignments for theory courses...
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Identify Flood Disaster and Mitigation Using Neural Network Learning Vector Quantization in Malang City

Muhammad Ashar, Kartika Devi Suraningtyas, I Made Wirawan, Farhan Afzal
Flood is the most common disaster in Indonesia and certainly harmful to society in the form of material or psychical. Therefore, it’s necessary to identify the potential and flood mitigation earlier to reduce the potential losses suffered by the society after the occurrence of disaster. This is difficult...
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Biomass Dry Storage for Capture and Storage of CO2 and Energy

S. Amara S. Amara, B. Nordell B. Nordell, Z. Mostefaoui Z. Mostefaoui
Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHG) are considered the main cause of many environmental issues that lead to climate change and global warming. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a promising sustainable method used for decreasing CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, for the CCS technology to...
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Study on The Implementation of Industrial Class Based on School with Electric’s Industry Cooperation of PJB Class Students (Jawa-Bali Power Generation) in SMK PGRI 3 Malang

Tri Dianita Rully, Yuni Rahmawati, Hari Putranto
Study on The Implementation of Industrial Class based on School with Electric’s Industry Cooperation of PJB Class Students (Jawa-Bali Power Generation) in SMK PGRI 3 Malang. The Vocational High School (VHS) as the secondary education institute is expected to prepare the competent graduates accordance...
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Organising The Distribution of Thinking Levels at Different Education Levels in Indonesia

Sutrisno Sutrisno, Antelas Eka Winahyo, Ahmad Dardiri
This paper discusses the distribution of thinking levels at different education levels in Indonesia. The research method involved discussion and formulation supported by literature review. The results showed the distribution of thinking levels at various educational levels. The distribution of thinking...
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The Application of a Star (A*) Algorithm on the Android-Based Pacman Adaptation Educational Game as a Learning Media for SMK

Ahfaz Bactiar Febliama, Nimas Dian Fitria, Anik Nur Handayani
Playing game constitutes an activity which stimulates children to achieve integrated development, in physical, intellectual, social, moral, and emotional terms. Referring to the definition, it can be concluded that game is a medium which can be used as a stimuli to child development. Numerous types and...
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IOT Cloud Data Logger for Heart Rate Monitoring Device

Mokh. Sholihul Hadi, Ilham Ari Elbaith Zaeni, Mohamad Dana Maulana, Aji Prasetya Wibawa, Arif Nur Afandi
Health maintenance is an important thing in human life and needs of more attention, in particular, heart health. The heart is a vital organ for us. Even the slightest abnormality could make a big influence on our body performance. The heart rate, expressed in rates per minute (bpm), is a parameter to...
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Measurement of Student’s Learning Interests in Fluid Mechanics Subject through Project Based Learning Model Using SCAMPER Strategies

Retno Wulandari, Rangga Ega Santoso
Fluid mechanics is a course that focuses on observing and understanding natural phenomena that occur in the environment. This makes learning must be carried out actively and use strategy modifications in learning. There are several previous studies that tried to modify the learning strategy to create...
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Colour-based PBEJCT Sorting in a Wide Range and Dense Target Points using Arm Robot

Muladi Muladi, Siti Sendari, Ilham Ari Elbaith Zaini
The sorting system using arm robot is very complex as it involves pick and place mechanism. The complex parts of the system come from the mechanical parts and also the electronic-based control. The complexity will increase as higher the degree of freedom (DOF). This paper report the development of the...
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Application Of DIJKSTRA Algorithm For Network Troubleshooting In SMK Telkom Malang

Triwulan Sari, Achmad Syafi Zain, Anik Nur Handayani
The internet network has become a daily life in the lives of modern people, but it is also very significant in the world of internet network education as in Telkom of Vocational High Sc­­hool (SMK) Malang. In accessing a network, there are unfortunately often obstacles or commonly called network troubleshooting....
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Implementation of Breadth First Search Algorithm for Verification in the Informatics Engineering Education (PTI) UM

Syaichul Fitrian Akbar, Tito Tri Prabowo, Rita Purniawati, Anik Nur Handayani
Courses are the requirement in completing a study; students are considered to have completed their learning process if they have passed all courses determined by the competence of the study program. Students who are yet to pass their credit (SKS) mean that they have not completed their study. Thus, a...
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The Implementation of A Star Algorithm (A*) In the Game Education About Numbers Introduction

Muhammad Muchson Attoyibi, Faradila Emma Fikrisa, Anik Nur Handayani
The concept of number introduction is a basic learning for preschool. Playing while learning is the right method to be applied in introducing the concept of numbers for children, considering that preschool is a time when they play and get to know the environment. Educational games are one of the medias...
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The Implementation of Decision Support System in Recruiting Prospectives Employees at SMK Telkom Malang Using Fuzzy Tsukamoto Method

Bias Damiasa, Pashatania Fitri Indah Lestari, Anik Nur Handayani
Vocational graduates are expected to fill job vacancies according to the needs of the business / industry. With the increasingly fierce labor market competition, graduates from Vocational High Schools are expected to not only have competency but also excellent soft skills in order to have a great chance...
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Robot Arm Kinematics Learning Using Point Plotter

Ahsan Muzakki, Arif Widodo, Nur Kholis
Learning kinematics of the robot arm can be very challenging for engineering students, especially when delivered in equations only. Students are expected to understand the basic theory while knowing where the theory should be applied. The aim of this research is to develop visual media for learning kinematic...
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A 2-DoF Robot Arm Simulation for Kinematics Learning

Arif Widodo, Ahsan Muzakki, Farid Baskoro
Most of the robotics research papers are focused on robot competition and only a few papers discuss on robot education and robot teaching. This research is focused on robot education with the help of simulation to give students more freedom to determine the robot movement so that the trial and error...
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The Effectiveness of Implementation of Character-Based Problem Solving Open-Ended Learning Method Towards Students’ Learning Outcomes

Sugiyanto Sugiyanto, Made Wena
the purpose of the study is to find out the differences in the students’ learning outcomes between the use of Character-based Problem Solving Open-Ended learning method and Conventional learning method. This research is quasi-experimental study. The subject of the study is the students who take the Transportation...
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The Relationship of Cognitive Social Ability to Readiness Prospective Teacher Directs Vocational Students to The World of Work

Setiadi Cahyono Putro, Ahmad Mursyidun Nidhom, Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Azhar Ahmad Smaragdina, Dila Umnia Soraya
This study aims to examine the social cognitive abilities of the readiness of prospective teachers to direct students to the world of work revealed in the correlational study between these two variables, social cognitive abilities are the main variables in this study because prior research was able to...
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Development of Learning Games "Finding Animal" to Support Learning Activities of Animal Recognition in Early Childhood Education

Hary Suswanto, Ahmad Mursyidun Nidhom, Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra
The development of computer graphics today requires developers of computer graphics application systems to be able to develop information that is equipped with visualization and animation, so that it can be more easily understood by those who use the system. This causes many IT-based products to emerge,...
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The Innovation of Hybrid Learning through Live 24-Hour Streaming Personal in the Learning Process in Higher Education of Vocational in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Amat Mukhadis, Dila Umnia Soraya, Nurul Dzakiya, M. Mirza Abdillah Pratama, Ahmad Mursyidum Nidhom
The purpose of this research is to reveal and describe the concepts and/or concepts of motorcycle technology courses that are considered difficult, as well as the factors causing the low competency and mindset of students in the subject of motorcycle technology. The design of the research with the mixed...
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Transforming Digital Learning in Vocational High School 21st Century

Mohammad Rizza, Catur Widho Wati, Ahmad Dardiri
21st century skills changes all aspects of the learning process in the classroom, resulting in a lesson in the classroom using presentation is not a solution in the current learning process, it is better to use a more effective instruction design that can create different learning styles and required...
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Developing Gamified Learning Models for Vocational Schools to Enhance Programming Skills and Motivation

Dila Umnia Soraya, Azhar Ahmad Smaragdina, Ahmad Mursyidun Nidhom, Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Gres Dyah Kusuma Ningrum
This study aims to develop gamified learning models for vocational students, especially in web programming subjects. The overall projected result of this research will be an innovative learning method that aims to facilitate learners in learning web programming more effectively and to promote deeper...