Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Information Technologies in Science, Management, Social Sphere and Medicine

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An Intelligent Environment for Learning Techniques and Strategies of Solving Combinatorial Problems

Valeriy Kuchuganov, Denis Kasimov
An important direction of improving the process of algorithmization training is developing interactive declarative programming environments. The purpose of the study is to develop a tutoring system on programming, which allows describing and checking techniques and strategies of solving combinatorial...

Review and compare clustering algorithms for navigation data analysis tasks

Anna Ponomareva, Roman Meyta
This paper presents a study of the possibility of application of cluster analysis methods to the data sets from navigation receivers. The navigation data from the moving objects have a number of features, it makes the application to them of some class of clustering algorithms impossible. Such features...

Impact of Russian and Foreign Students' Personal Characteristics on Learning Outcomes

Olga Berestneva, Oksana Fisochenko, Olga Marukhina, Sergey Romanchukov
The article is devoted to studying interpersonal characteristics of Russian and foreign students training in the specialty of ®Linguistics¯ and the impact of these characteristics on students' performance results. The methods ®subjective control level¯, ®type of thinking¯, ®tendency to victim behavior¯...

Issues and Prospects of Cloud Technology Application in Electronic Archiving

Maria Musiychuk, Aleksandra Makarova, Sergey Musiychuk
This article looks at the issue of ever spreading cloud storage and computing technology as a global trend. The article describes efforts to regulate cloud computing both in Russia and abroad. It also describes how cloud was used for electronic archiving by a number of Russian, American, and French organizations....

Energy efficiency, low-carbon energy and economic growth in the Arctic countries - the exporters of hydrocarbons

Andrey Vazim, Konstantin Tretyakov, Dmitry Khloptsov, Elena Lemeshko
This article studies features of increase of energy efficiency of national economy and reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide for the subarctic countries such as Russia, Canada and Norway. For these countries we define the conditions to achieve sustainable development of indicators of energy intensity...

Informational Provision of the Assessment of the Potential of the Innovative Development of a Territory

Mikhail Belyaev, Svetlana Sokolova, Victoria Batmanova
The suggested methodology of the assessment of the potential of the innovative development of a territory is based on the research of qualitative and quantitative indices using the method of the hierarchies' analysis. The components of the potential of the innovative development of a territory are the...

Income and Consumption of Retirees: A Cross-Country Comparison

Marina Ryzhkova, Mikhail Chikov, Elmira Kashapova
This paper reports results of comparison of retirees' assets, incomes, and consumption expenditures among three countries (the UK, US and Russia). The analysis was conducted on the basis of official statistic reports and on the data of special government and public organizations. Our findings are the...

Well-being: From Not-being to Reality

Aleksey Baryshev, Fabio Casati, Galina Barysheva
The category of well-being is not a real abstraction of classical capitalist economy. Nascence Emergence of an interdisciplinarywell-being discoursegives testimony toformation of well-being as socially constructed object formation.

Plasma Channel Formation in Inert Gases He and Ar by Low-energy Electron Beam

Ilya Zvigintsev, Vladimir Grigoriev, Irina Kolmakova
To effective use of low-energy electron beams for technological purposes it is necessary to transport them to the target. For this a previously created plasma channel is used or the beam is injected in a neutral gas and creates independently the plasma channel. A longitudinal external magnetic field...

Text verification instruction manual using the ontologies

Anastasiya Orlova, Nikolay Borgest
The paper deals with the verification of manuals using ontologies built using ontological editor Fluent Editor. The ontological editor Fluent Editor creation of ontologies by using Controlled Natural Languages (CNL), which is close to a natural language that simplifies and facilitates the user's work....

To the question of the uniqueness of the reduction potential in the inverse problem of the Borg-Levinson

Larissa Smirnova, Olga Torshina, Ayman Kushkumbava
This paper reviews an inverse problem of spectral analysis of the Dirichlet's boundary value problem for Laplace operator with potential in a bounded domain .

Maximum Flow Finding in Fuzzy Dynamic Graph with the Given Vitality Degree

Alexander Bozhenyuk, Evgeniya Gerasimenko
The following paper describes the method of the maximum flow finding in fuzzy dynamic graph with the given vitality degree. The peculiarity of the problem is in fuzzy nature of the considered network and given vitality parameters assigned to arcs of the graph. Network’s parameters, such as arc capacities...

Development methodology of the automated networking linguistic resource for commercializing innovation products

Oxana V. Bleikher, Natalia V. Trubnikova, Vera V. Ageeva
The article describes the methodology for the development of an automated network linguistic resource for harmonizing thesauruses of scientific, business community and public authorities on the basis of the semantic analysis of communicative situations that arise in the process of development, manufacturing...

Formation of economically-effective model of tax gas producing enterprises in the Russian Federation

Anna Balandina, Kristina Bannova, Yulia Rumina
Article represents the dynamic approach for diversification effectiveness assessment of company town Berezovsky that modifies the structure of it economy towards the multisectoral one. The effectiveness concept is considered as comparison between stated goals and opportunities to reach them. The authors...

Promoting Urban Projects through Social Networks using Analysis of users Influence in Social Graph

Dmitry Donchenko, Natalia Sadovnikova, Danila Parygin, Olga Shabalina, Alla Kravets
In this paper we consider the problem of designing the instruments for promotion of urban projects in social networks and studying approaches to organization of "distributed control" of city development. We suggest a method for organizing synergy of urban communities based on the analysis of influence...

Representation of Management Processes in Socio-Economic Systems with Colored Petri Nets

Vladimir Tarasenko, Pavel Senchenko, Oleg Zhukovsky, Yury Gritsenko, Yury Ekhlakov
This paper analyzes the problems of management processes in socio-economic systems using colored Petri nets. The paper offers variants for formation of colored Petri nets. Relying on analysis of the properties of colored Petri nets, the paper offers net modeling algorithms based on direct and inverse...

Comparative Analysis of the Tax Burden on Innovative and Non-Innovative Sectors of Manufacturing in Russia

Vladislav Spitsin, Aleksandr Mikhalchuk, Kristina Bannova, Natalia Pokrovskaya, Darya Novoseltseva, Ilya Gumennikov, Lubov Spitsina
The purpose of this paper is a comparative analysis of the tax burden on innovative and non-innovative sectors of manufacturing industry in Russia. We analyze the differences between innovative subsection DL "Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment" and non-innovative section D "Manufacturing"...

A Note on the Gordon Growth Model with Earnings per Share

Olga Belomyttseva, Larisa Grinkevich
The paper analyzes the Gordon growth model and outlines advantages and disadvantages of the model. The authors present their justification of the Gordon growth model, different from Gordon's approach, by introducing the earnings per share indicator. The authors substantiate need for maximization of dividend...

Automated test system for evaluation of corporate and management staff competencies

Anastasia S. Shadskay, Elena S. Yudina, Andrey S. Latyshev, Viktor V. Malyshev, Valeriya V. Matsuta
The paper elaborates and extends the meaning of automated test system for the evaluation of corporate and management staff competencies. This is an experience of creating the system with such characteristics as: simple and reliable in operation, a low cost and broad functionality, installation of it...

Indicators of Environmental Performance and Energy Efficiency of Businesses under the Low-Carbon Economy Development

Tatiana V. Maiorova, Irine S. Belik
The long-established patterns of economic development and the associated nature of production and consumption can be no longer suggested as an example since wealthy countries and developed economies do not find these phenomena sustainable, while poor and hard developing countries cannot replicate them....

An Integrated ANN-GA Approach to Data Classification

Stanislav Alkhasov, Alexander Tselykh, Alexey Tselykh
In this paper, we present an advanced approach to data classification based on the integration of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and genetic algorithms (GAs). We modify neural network architecture in a two-stage process. During the first stage, GA finds a suboptimal neural network architecture: number...

Approaches for the Synthesis of Decision-Makings Review

Denis Oleynikov, Lyudmila Butenko
This paper describes author's approaches, intended to obtain new decision-making methods. Approaches reflect morphological aspects of the consideration of decision-makings affect system-wide trends of the development of systems and contain elements of the heuristic nature of the synthesis process. Common...

Modeling of Students' Competency Development in the Higher Education Distant Learning System

Ekaterina Karmanova, Irina Efimova, Elena Guseva, Natalia Kostina, Lyudmila Savelyeva, Inna Bobrova
The article considers a problem of monitoring of the well-formedness degree of students' competencies in the system of distant learning technologies. In particular, the article indicates the lack of commonly-accepted technologies of students' competency assessment. The authors demonstrate an activity...

Research Activities of Students as a Method to Support Interdisciplinary Teaching in Training Process of Technical University

Marina Grigoryeva, Ekaterina Gribanova, Tatiana Kust
The paper is focused on research activities of students seen as a method to implement interdisciplinary teaching in training process at a technical University, to develop professional competences of present-day graduates via group training. Outcomes of practical use of this approach are shown as activities...

Intelligent device for diagnosis of dam's condition

Fedor Savrasov, Alexey Shamin, Evgeniy Pershin, Roman Meyta, Alexander Moiseev
This paper describes the purpose of device for data collection and transmission to diagnose the condition of the dam. The structure of hardware and software components of the device called "Varyag" is depicted.

Qualimetric Model for Comprehensive Evaluation of E-BUSINESS EFFICIENCY

Alexander Starkov, Sergey Povituhin, Petr Staschuk, Maria Galliamova, Lily Ganeeva, Elena Storozheva, Marina Romanova
The article discusses the basics of the methodology for integrated evaluation of the effectiveness of e-businesses on the basis of qualimetry. Using of this methodology will identify the problems and prospects of e-business's evolution, develop evidence-based programs to improve its performance. It discusses...

Intellectual Game Application for Students' Knowledge Control

Marina Romanova, Evgeny Romanov, Tatiana Varfolomeeva, Yekaterina Lomakina, Elena Chernova, Konstantin Ruban
Innovative approach to teaching assumes the use of interactive methods and techniques not only for organizing the training process but also for controlling students' knowledge. Thus, the problem of finding and describing interactive, the most efficient students' knowledge control methods arises. The...

A Novel Stream Cipher Based on Nondeterministic Finite Automata

Ghassan Khaleel, Sherzod Turaev, Tamara Zhukabayeva
The modified D m si's cryptosystem [1] is a stream cipher based on deterministic finite automata without outputs for encoding and decoding. This cryptosystem uses an additional control system to improve the performance to a better linear time without backtracking. This paper, we propose a nondeterministic...

Analysis of the Reactive Components of the Plasma Gap Impedance in Thermionic Energy Converter

Viacheslav Zimin, Ekaterina Isakova
The contribution of the of voltage drop components to the impedance of the plasma gap was analyzed based on the non-stationary models of processes in low temperature cesium plasma. Depending on the phase of the plasma parameters and the properties of the thermionic energy converter the voltage drop components...

Analytical Solution of Differential Equation with Cubic Nonlinearity

Tatiana Inkhireeva, Alexander Kozlovskikh
This paper considers method of Cauchy problem solution for nonlinear differential equation. Source of solution error and way of eliminating it is studied. Solution obtained with suggested method is compared with solution obtained with built-in MATLAB functions.

Decision Trees based Fuzzy Rules

Mohammed Al-Gunaid, Maxim Shcherbakov, Valeriy Kamaev, Olga Gerget, Anton Tyukov
Decision trees have been recognized as interpretable, efficient, problem independent and scalable architectures. In case of fuzzy representation there is no procedure of automation tree building. In other words existing approaches of building decision trees and fuzzy decision trees cannot provide automatically...

Comprehensive Mega Network(CMN) Platform: Korea MTS Governance for CIS Case Study

Zamira Ashurova, Seunghwan Myeong, Alexei Tikhomirov, Andrey Trufanov, Nikolay Kinash, Olga Berestneva, Alessandra Rossodivita
Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors and has a serious economic potential for Korean economy through expansion of Korean medical tourism service (MTS) network for CIS region. Existing explorations are focusing on specific areas such as economic, medical, marketing and other aspects of...

Decision Support System for Bankruptcy Risk Assessment of the Enterprise

Elena Telipenko, Alexandra Zakharova, Svetlana Sopova, Sergey Min'kov, Nurbek Dzhamansariev
Often it is not enough to get only a quantitative assessment when evaluating the current financial status of the enterprise and identifying its bankruptcy risk level. It is important to know how each index involved into bankruptcy risk assessment varies from standard and how the risk level can change...

Estimation of economic wellbeing at falling price per barrel of oil

Nna B. Zhdanova, Irina Dolgikh, Kristina A. Bannova, Natalia Pokrovskaya, KseniyaYu.. Kamenskaya
Forecasts of economic growth in recent years are often revised for the worse. Not only in Russia but also in the global economy. Economic growth has stimulated the consumption of energy resources, including oil and therefore reduction in forecasts of economic growth have a negative impact on the oil...

Dynamic Approach for Diversification Effectiveness Evaluation of Berezovsky Company Town

Irine S. Antonova, Evgeny A. Pchelintsev, Danil D. Vavilov
Article represents the dynamic approach for diversification effectiveness assessment of company town Berezovsky that modifies the structure of it economy towards the multisectoral one. The effectiveness concept is considered as comparison between stated goals and opportunities to reach them. The authors...

Multi-agent model of ontology-based extraction of physical effects descriptions from natural language text

Dmitriy Korobkin, Sergey Fomenkov, Valeriy Kamaev, Marina Fomenkova
Authors developed a representation model of physical effects knowledge based on an ontological approach. Authors proposed a model of multi-agent system for updating a physical effects database, including a model of agents, the model of interaction between agents, the role of agents in interaction. The...

Problem-oriented knowledge processing on the basis of hybrid approach

Elmar Kuliev, Yury Kravchenko, Nina Kulieva, Vladimir Kureichik
The paper discusses a hybridization of adaptation mechanisms with self-organization in order to process problem-oriented knowledge. The core of the proposed method consists in sequential execution of bionic and genetic algorithms. To demonstrate the hybrid algorithm we gave an example of a solution search....

Cost management implementation based on the Balanced Scorecard

Tatyana Ryzhakina, Nataliya Koroleva, Evgeniya Kovalev
The problem of raising the value of the machine-building enterprises, as the basic industry of the national economy has become vital. The article discusses the implementation of the concept of cost management based on the Balanced Scorecard. Integrating value-based management concept with a balanced...

Decision-Making by Agents with Endogenous Aims Using Genetic Algorithm

Gennadiy Vinogradov, Nataliya Vinogradova
The problem of constructing a choice model of an agent endogenously shaping purposes of his evolution is under debate. It is demonstrated that its solution requires the development of well-known methods of decision-making while taking into account the relation of action mode motivation to an agent's...

Finance Planning In The University Using Information Methodology "Aris"

I.E. Nikulina, E.A. Ershova, A.A. Tarabanovsky, A.A. Zemtsov
To organize an effective system of financial planning of autonomous educational institution of higher education it is required to use special planning and control procedures which are drawn up using the author's techniques. These procedures allow to optimize the process of financial planning and the...

Formation of the organizational model for the implementation of low-rise housing investment project and evaluation of interaction effectiveness of its actors

Nikolay Minaev, Irina Sharf, Christina Filyushina, Natalia Gusakova, Olga Dobrynina, Ekaterina Zharova, Julia Merkulieva, Natalya Dmitrieva
Subject. The paper studied the regularities of the formation of interactions between participants of the investment project of low-rise housing construction in Russia and developed the method of effectiveness assessment. Goal. The development of basic organizational model of interaction in the implementation...

Methods and techniques to assess creditworthiness of individuals

Tatiana Chernysheva, Maria Milovanova, Sergei Min'kov
This article surveys methods and techniques used to assess creditworthiness of individuals. We pay particular attention to the scoring method. The classification of bank's customers is shown. The decision tree analysis is proposed for use, a decision tree example is shown using computer calculations.

Developing methodologies for predicting sensitization to formaldehyde in adolescents

Liudmila B. Masnavieva, Irina V. Kudaeva, Olga A. Dyakovich, Viktor S. Rukavishnikov, Salim F. Shajahmetov, Olga V. Popkova
The study included 153 adolescents from the industrial city of air pollution formaldehyde environment. On the basis of immunological and hematological parameters adolescents developed mathematical formulas to predict organism sensitization of adolescents to formaldehyde without applying test reaction...

Entropy Methods Application For Biosystems State Analysis

Olga Berestneva, Oxana Zharkova, Yakov Pekker, Olga Marukhina, Hatem Hassanin, Konstantin Sharopin
Adaptive possibilities biosystems appear only in real life conditions, namely in particular natural or artificial environment of an organism habitat. According to the authors, for the state of biosystems integrated assessment the promising approach is based on entropy methods for modeling complex systems.

Hardware and Software Complex for Researching Medical Nanoelectrodes

Valeriy Kim, Semen Andreev
In medical devices required in electrocardiography, electroencephalography, electromyography, electrooculography, etc. the most important element is the medical electrode intended for measuring biopotentials. The optimal selection of electrodes is possible only after testing them to confirm the claimed...

Information Support of Health-related Quality of Life of Patients with Occupational Diseases

Marina Diakovich, Ivan Finogenko, Arseniy Blokhin
The aim of this study is to develop information support of research of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of patients with occupational diseases in multicenter studies. The authors have developed an automated system, which facilitates to collect and process data in multicenter trials. The automated...

Investigation of Optimal Heuristical Parameters for Mixed ACO-k-means Segmentation Algorithm for MRI Images

Samer El-Khatib, Sergey Rodzin, Yuri Skobtsov
The parameters of the modified mixed Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) - k-means image segmentation algorithm are considered. There have been investigated such parameters as n - the number of ants; heuristic coefficients of ACO algorithm and their dependence on the image scale and number of iterations before...

Problems of Medical Confidentiality While Using Electronic Documents in Psychiatric Practice

Nazim Orudjev, Olga Poplavskaya, Lev. Lempert, Natalia Salnikova
The article discusses the benefits of information technology in the health sector, particularly in psychiatric practice. The necessity of regulating access to electronic medical record is closely related to the problem of medical confidentiality. A case from the practice of outpatient psychiatric services...

Homeostasis Properties of Dynamic Systems as Evaluation Method for the Functional State of Children

Olga Gerget, Yulia Cherkashina
The model, criteria and the trajectory of the equilibrium balanced functioning of dynamic biological systems re described in the paper. The concepts of system kinetic and potential energy for the description of the metabolic processes in biological systems are included. Metabolic processes in the biosystem...

Analysis of stationary means of measurement filters with optimum sensitivity

Andrei Kochetkov, Pavel Melnikov, Oleg Zakharov, Nikolaj Bobrovskij, Igor Bobrovskij, Vadim Kushnikov
When transmitting information and control signals to electrical, electromechanical and mechatronic systems are require reduction to the lowest possible levels of noise interference. For this is substantiated in the general formulation of the one-dimensional problem of determining the sensitivity of a...