Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on the Modern Development of Humanities and Social Science

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The Influence of Financial Information of Charity Foundations on Donations: An Empirical Test

Xiaoxia Xie, Yonghong Ding
Public officials have recently sought increased regulations of financial disclosure of charitable organizations as a means of improving charity transparency .One subject of this study is to examine whether it exists some important financial information affecting donations to charitable foundations. Further,...
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Constraints of External Sources of Financing for Domestic Private Enterprises in China

Fang Yang
Private enterprises have been playing an increasingly important role in the development of Chinese economy, but they are having difficulties in accessing external sources of financing which mainly include bank loans, stock market and informal finance. This paper has analyzed the reasons why they face...
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Research on Features of Return in Chinese Stock Market Based on GARCH Model

Xinyi Dang, Qiang Zhang
The main purpose of the research is to test some features in Chinese market with GARCH family. GARCH can capture volatility clustering in stock market. GARCH-M is applied here to verify that stocks with high risk tend to pay high return. TGARCH and EGARCH illustrate the existence of asymmetries. These...
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Cycle Analysis of Profits to the Majority and Minority Shareholders of Listed Companies based on the Symbiosis Theory

Hongwu Wang, Songling Yang, Xin Li, Jing Li, Jiayi Fu
Symbiosis is not only a biometric identification mechanism, but also a method of social science management. Symbiosis theory and other biometric theories are widely applied in social and economic researches. The paper research cycle of profits to the majority and minority shareholders in publicly listed...
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Study on the Valuation of Livestock Production in the Typical Farming-Pastroral Area on the Tibetan Plateau

Weiwei Yang, Zhandui Luorong
The authors selected a typical farming-pastoral village. They interviewed herders and farmers who engage in range-based animal husbandry to gain an understanding and formulate an analysis of the market and non-market value of livestock products, and evaluated the contribution of the livestock products...
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Reversal of Fortune Solving the Puzzle of Emerging Economy ODI

Philip C. Chang, Juanjuan Xie
Since the surge of the outbound direct investment (ODI) of the emerging economies, the limitations of the traditional Ownership-Location-Internalization (OLI) paradigm of foreign direct investment were exposed. The main puzzle is how to interpret emerging economy ODI when the fundamental buildingblock...
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Human Resources Management Research from the Perspective of Cost Control in High Star Hotel

Lingmin Fan, Ying Zhang
Influenced by the government policy of anti-public corruption, high star-rated hotel industry in our country ran into huge impact, large amount of high star hotels try to control and prevent spreading the negative effects. This paper is going to help high star-rated hotels seek new ways on cost control...
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Al-Maqrizi (d.1442) and Abd Al-Basit (d.1514) and Their Accounts on the Economy of Egypt

Wan Kamal Mujani, Noor Inayah Yaakub
The aim of this article is to discuss about the life of Al-Maqrizi (d.1442) and Abd Al-Basit (d.1514) and their accounts on the economy of Egypt. In order to elaborate these matters, a sketch of their biographies will be given, and this is then followed by a discussion of the economic data conveyed by...
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Research on the Construction of the Integrated Marketing Communications based on the Brand Value

Bo Sun, Zijing Zeng
When the product homogeneity is increasingly serious and consumer spending habits have been changing constantly today, the brand has become the main source of enterprise competitive advantage, and integrated marketing communications based on the brand value will bring more lasting development for the...
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The Research on the Improvement of Internal Control Quality Through the Enterprise Informatization

Zheng Hao, Zheng Li, Xianglong Yang, Shi Dai
The improvement of internal control quality is the key to the promotion of enterprises’management effectiveness. There are large amounts of related literatures about the relationship between the enterprises’ informatization and internal control. Regrettably, the empirical study of this relationship is...
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Assessment of Land Use Functions of Northeast China

Shuyan Cao, Wei Zhang
The ability of land uses providing multiple services is defined as Land Use Functions (LUFs). We divided multifunction of land use into 10 LUFs among the three dimensions of sustainability-social, economic and environmental and assessed the sustainability of land use in Northeast China based on Spatial...
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The Research on Financing Problems and Countermeasures of SMEs

Miaomiao Xu, Xuan Li
The small and micro enterprises (Below we call it SMEs) are playing important roles increasingly in Chinese national economy, especially in increasing revenue, expanding employment and the other aspects. However, due to the own conditions of SMEs and other external factors, resulted in "financing difficulties"...
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Research on the Construction of Government Investment and Financing Platform for Small and Medium-Sized Cities in the Process of Urbanization——A Case Study on XX City

Lin Liu, Yun Jing, Yanqin Huang, Lanyu Li, Minxia Geng
The main purpose of this paper is to solve the current problem of urban construction fund shortage in small and medium-sized cities of China, namely the government's investment and financing platform construction problems. The main process of this study is: it firstly analyzes the status of the financing...
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A Study on Bank Risk-Taking Behaviors under the Capital Regulation and Constraints of Bank Asset Allocation Strategies

Zhiheng Xue, Kui Yin, Ying Zhang
It is controversial that whether capital regulation can really reduce the risk of banks. This paper studied the assets allocation behaviors of banks under supervision and explores the effectiveness of capital regulation based on bank asset allocation strategies. We built a linear programming model to...
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A Probe into the Index System of Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation based on the Corporate Strategy

Dan Wang
The Index System of Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation (ISOEE) makes a comprehensive evaluation of the organizational effectiveness of the corporate units of different functional orientation and different natures, with a view to reaching an overall assessment of the operating conditions of the conglomerate...
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Common Credit Risk Factors in the Derivatives Option Pricing

Zhaohai Wang
Credit risk is the most important function of derivatives market, and is also the basic reason of the developing of stock market. As one of the most important species of financial derivatives, derivatives option pricing is important to avoid the systemic risk of stock markets. As the main method of risk...
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Alternative Approaches to the Modelling of Volatility in European Option Valuation

Yun Yin
This chapter uses four different models to value the option price: Random Walk (RW), ARCH, GARCH and TARCH. Each model is applied within a Monte-Carlo framework. I attempt to identify the best model in terms of their ability to predict the market price of the option
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Study on Policy System about the Collaborative Innovation:Of Medium-Sized and Small Enterprises in Beijing

Yujuan Zhang, Wei Zhang
Policy implement as a kind of government behavior, affects the development of medium-sized and small enterprises and become one of the important factors for the medium-sized and small enterprises collaborative innovation. Through the analysis of policies status, innovative features, put forward the related...
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Research on Patent Infringement of Remanufacturing Industry

Deli Cheng, Chenjun Jia
The development of remanufacturing industry is a important part of circular economy, and also it is the demand for saving resources and protecting environment. If we want to develop remanufacturing industry, we should solve these problems: the ownership of intellectual property (especially patents) and...
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Disparities in Economic Development:In South Sumatera, Indonesia

Maya Panorama
The purpose of the paper is to examine the economic development disparities between regional in the South Sumatera. The important things in economic development are the human resources and the productive capital with colaboration of the policy from government. This paper compares the condition of seven...
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The Research and Countermeasures for Ecological Economic Sustainable Development for Zhejiang Province

Tian Tian, Yin Lu
Development of ecological economy is the inevitable requirement to achieve sustainable economic development, but also the development trend of the global economy. This paper introduced the basic concept of the ecological economy and the need for the development of eco-economy. Taking Zhejiang Province...
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An Empirical Study of the Housing-Price-to-Income Ratio of Some Typical Cities on the Basis of Purchase Installment Payment Model

Yi Zhang, Jun Tan
In recent years housing price has fluctuated violently, which aroused great social concern. The government introduces some regulatory measures to inhibit the growth of housing price. This paper try to discuss the housing affordability of residents, which is based on Housing-price-to-income Ratio(HPIR)...
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Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Asia: DEA based Efficiency Analysis

Farhana Ferdousi
The paper attempted to investigate the comparative performance of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in three Asian countries namely Bangladesh, India and China. Based on data envelopment analysis, best practice MFIs have been identified and their efficiency determinants also have been investigated by...
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Review of Supply Chain Partnership Process in Joint Ventures Example as Chinese Automotive Industry

Weixi Han
Under the environment of economic globalization, there has seen a global transfer of manufacturing into China and China’s automotive industry engage in global trade. China faces unprecedented opportunities for development although there are many challenges that it must face. It has become a strategic...
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The Impact of Sino-US Relations in 1980s on China’s Economic Development

Haihua Niu, Xue Zhang
1980s witnessed the rapid development of Sino-US relations. At that time, high-level exchanges of visits and the agreements the two sides signed greatly promoted bilateral relations. This thesis focuses on the Sino-US relations in 1980s and its impact on China’s economic development. Following the time...
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Path Dependence and Path Breaking in Chinese State-Owned Enterprise

Kun Liu, Hanmin Liu
Based on the theory of path dependence, this paper first reviews the reform process of Chinese enterprise and testifies that the evolution of Chinese State-owned Enterprise is path dependent, and then proposes some solutions for breaking up the path dependence in Chinese SOEs.
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The Performance Appraisal Research on Higher School Teachers’ Working Behavior

Xiaobai Lv, Yifei Yu
Nowadays, for the prevalent higher school teachers’ performance appraisal, using result-oriented appraisal metrics and methods has produced a series of problems. The author suggests that performance appraisal should focus on the process of teaching and education at the same time. We need to attach importance...
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Academic and Industrial Research on Islamic Finance: Why it Matters

Noor Inayah Yaakub, Wan Kamal Mujani
This paper explores the significance of the findings of academic research on Islamic finance and its suitability to serve the needs of the industry. The study recommends strategic directions for developing a plausible link and connection between industries and academic research.
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New Impetus to Globalization: Development of Virtual Economic Zones

Karoly Nagy
Globalization is a response of mankind to a decrease in the functions of nation states. The result of this response is the development of a global information society. Following the security measures implemented after 11 September 2011, globalization came to a halt. Although globalization is a turbulent...
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Developing Your Classroom as a Learning Community — To Refresh Our Motivation for Students

Zhuoya Wu
Teaching theory and methodology has being studied through College English teaching for years in China. With the further reform of education, there are a variety of new English courses given to newly –equipped students on campus. Which teaching method should be well used in class is challenging in order...
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Research on the Reform of College Computer Education

Xuan Li, Miaomiao Xu
With the development of information technology, the computers havebeen benefit to all aspects of social life. Computer education has been largely improved,however, the current university computer teachingeffect is not optimistic. This paper proposes some corresponding reform strategies for current problem...
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The Characteristics of Social Adaptation of College Freshmen and Educational Strategy

Liqiao Xu, Chuanhua Gu, Dongjing Zhang, Zhi Jing
This study investigated 680 freshmen in Wuhan to analyze the characteristics of their social adaptation with the Scale of College Students’ Social Adaptation. The result indicated that, the freshmen from urban areas scored higher significantly on interpersonal adaptation and role adaptation than those...
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The Questionnaire Analysis Research on the Causes of College Students’ Reticence in the English Classroom

Xuehua Wang, Meihua Chen
The research efforts aiming at changing the phenomenon of Chinese students’ reticence should be based on a full understanding of the various causes behind it. It has been revealed in this paper through questionnaire study that the seeming reticence is more likely to be the performance of learners’ habitual...
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Progress of Bibliotherapy Theory and Practice in China

Liting Su, Xiaoli Huang
As an ancient metal therapy measure, bibliotherapy has been recognized worldwide gradually. In China it has been studied systematically for over twenty years. In this paper, the study situation of bibliotherapy in China was summarized from the aspects of theory and practice, and some suggestions were...
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Teaching Mode to Promote Autonomy Learning in Multimedia and Network Environment

Ying Zhan, Hong Li, Yuanyuan Xing
For the last few decades, the dominated learning theory had transmitted from Behaviorism to constructivism. As a result, a large number of language scholars and educators have paid much emphasis on learners, aiming at cultivating them autonomous learners. The traditional “chalk and talk” teaching mode...
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The Relationship among Learning Psychological Process, Learning Behavior and Learning Outcome

Fei Li
We develop and test a theoretical model to investigate the relationship among learning psychology process, learning behavior and learning outcome. Structural Equation Model was used to estimate the relationship. Results by analyzing self-cognitive data of undergraduates’ from one university in China...
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Design of Mobile-based Personality Education Application for Young Children

Tae In Han, Min Young Kim
In this paper, we study the design of the mobile learning system for personality education of young children. To this end, we survey the necessity and the requirements of personality education for young children. Then, we analyze the restrictions and the limitations of the current mobile-based personality...
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Student Teachers’ Attitudes Toward the Interaction on Facebook During Practicum

Yuehchiu Fang, Hui-Lin Hsieh
Student teachers are frequently frustrated by a perceived conflict between the teaching of literacy learned in teaching/learning method courses or practice courses where they see in classrooms and the reality of practicum. The purpose of this study is to investigate student teachers’ attitudes toward...
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The Interpretative Meaning of Stigma Experience in Adolescent Living with CLP

Ruohlih Lei, Chichun Chin, Ptlene Minick, Huiching Liu, Shihching Fang
Cleft lip and palate is one of the common congenital defects. Significant advances have been made in our understanding of Cleft Lip and Plate (CLP) specific physical and psychosocial problems. However, studies of subjective stigma experience in adolescents with cleft lip and palate is limited. From humanistic...
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Emotional Intelligence and Burnout in Managers

Sobia Aftab, Kanwal Qadeer
The objective of the present study was to investigate the predictive association between emotional intelligence and burnout in people working at managerial level. A purposive sample of 100 managers was recruited from different organizations in Karachi, Pakistan. Their ages ranged from 23 to 62 years...
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Analysis of Learning Motivation in Foreign Language Acquisiton: How do non-English majors’ Motivation Impacts Learning Outcome

Fang Huang, Yuhuan Wang
Learning motivation has been a hot issue in the sphere of foreign language acquisition for years. Studies proved that motivational factors are critical to the achievement of language learning. In order to have a better understanding of students’ English learning motivation and how their motivation impact...
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Teacher Self-Efficacy: Implication for Chinese College English Teachers’ Development

Xiyan Wang
With the advancement of research on teacher’s development, researchers have paid much attention to teachers’ sense of self-efficacy which directly affects teachers’ self-development and teaching effect. The previous researches have shown that teachers with high self-efficacy probably will have a positive...
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Learning from the Landscape: Toward Socially Responsible Architectural Education

Vladan Djokic, Ana Nikezic, Nataša Jankovic
This article presents education strategies and results of the research conducted at the University in Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture in the period between 2009th and 2012th by Master’s degree students. The main scope of the research was on situating an architectural intervention in different landscapes....
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Shaping the Future of Undergraduate Environmental Science Education Innovation and Change From the Perspective of Ecological Civilization

Xiangping Li, Zongqiang Zhu, Yinian Zhu, Huili Liu
The College with environmental specialty is the main force in the construction of campus ecological civilization. As a leading indicator of future trends of ecological civilization, it should play a distinctive role and bear the historical pioneer responsibility for the environmental education under...
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Effects of Perceptual Learning Styles and Learning Strategies on College Students’ Spoken English Proficiency

Shenghua Chu
With the advancements of the studies of second language acquisition, learning styles have been put as the center of relevant studies. However, studies on the mechanism of how perceptual learning styles influence non-English major students’ spoken English proficiency have been unsubstantial, needing further...
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Research on Teaching and Organization Change in the Perspective of Creative Talents Cultivation

Yushu Shi, Yuhai Li, Jingtang Jia
College teaching and research organizations are university's fundamental part of the constituent elements, and they determine the strength and level of universities, show the body's health and vitality of universities and shoulder the task of cultivating innovative talents. After a long term of reform,...
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Elements Influencing Students’ Prejudice Towards Non-native English Teacher

Jie Fan
There have been instance of prejudice and discrimination against non-native teachers. This research is designed to test whether prejudice towards non-native English-speaking teachers still exist now. If so, which elements influence the students’ attitude towards the non-native English-speaking teachers...
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A Model for Pain Self-Management of Patients with Haemophilia: Peer Education

Hua Zhao, Yulin Guo, Airong Zhang, Ruihong Wu, Ruijuan Zhang, Linhua Yang, Zhi-Guang Duan
Hemophilia is a lifelong bleeding disorder with no cure. The pain, discomfort and risks that accompany hemophilia can be physically and emotionally stressful. Effective pain management is extremely important for improvement quality of life among patients with haemophi¬lia. While some observational studies...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of Teaching Management in Colleges and Universities

Yuhai Li, Jingtang Jia, Yushu Shi
With the continuous development of our economic and social, the macro and micro environment of the higher education in China have undergone significant changes. The innovation of teaching management in colleges and universities has become an inevitable. There are two main defects of the system of teaching...
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An Empirical Study of the Tourism Management Undergraduates’ Learning Burnout

Jing Fu, Huiliang Yang
Purpose To study the learning burnout of the tourism management undergraduates. Method Take the “Learning Burnout Scale” established by Lian Rong ,etc. as the measure tool, choose Heibei University and Industrial and Commercial College of Hebei University’s Tourism Management undergraduates as subjects,...
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Research on the Training Model of Double-Qualified Teachers

Zhixiong Xiao, Bei Qin
With the rapid development of China’s higher vocational education, it is imperative for higher vocational colleges to raise high-quality double-qualified teachers. Above all, this paper introduced four kinds of foreign training models of double-qualified teachers. They are American model, German model,...
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The Influence of Zhu Xi’s Self-Education on China’s Contemporary Self-Education

Hong Li, Ying Zhan, Fang Zhang
This paper mainly deals with Zhu Xi’s self-education impact on modern education. Through the introduction to Zhu Xi’s self-education processes and methods, the paper then comes to the development of self-education in modern education, and the impact by Zhu’s theory in modern self- education.
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An Empirical Study of Relationship Between University Innovation Team Members' Psychological Contract and Organizational Commitment

Lili Wang, Xiaojun Lu, Jia Li
This paper discusses about the influence mechanism of university innovation team member’s psychological contract on organizational commitment under the micro environment of teamwork. Using data from 514 university innovation team members, the results show that (1)the three dimensions of team’s responsibility...
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Reflection on Scientific Chinese Education from Modern Humanity Perspective

Jun Lei
With the influences of popular culture technological culture, Chinese language education has been distorted by cultural nihilism and utilitarian conceptions, which generated such problems as value uncertainty and lack of systematic approach in teaching Chinese language. Suggestion in this paper is that...
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Exploration of and Research into Implementation of Modern University Governance Model in Universities and Colleges of China

Xiaoming Ma
It is necessary to follow the law of development of universities and colleges, push the reform of the management system of universities and colleges, eliminate the hindrance from system or mechanism, reinforce and innovate the management of universities and colleges, establish a scientific and democratic...
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Relationship Between Creativity and the Tendency of Choosing Entrepreneurship as a Career among The Polytechnic Students in Malaysia

Sri Sumarwati, Jailani Md. Yunos, Tee Tze Kiong
The purpose of this research is to analyze the relationship between creativity and the tendency of choosing entrepreneurship as a career among the polytechnic students in Malaysia. A total of 425 third semester polytechnic diploma students (PMKL, PMJB, PUO, PMJ, PMK, PSMZA, PMM, PBS and PPD) were selected...
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Analysis on Connotations and Features of Occupational Risks

Wei Huang, Ying Wen, Caichun Zhang
Under the social background where risks have become normal, it is of practical significance to study occupational risks for stable social development, sound organization growth and individual self-improvement. This article analyzes connotations and puts forward features of occupational risks by researching...
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Internship Evaluation from the Perspective of Technological University Students in Taiwan

Yi Hui Chiang, Tan Fen Huang
Recently senior technological university students are asked whether they are going to choose an internship course or not. What is the key determinant considered by them Do the incentives provided by the enterprise and school work The aim of the paper is to propose an internship evaluation model by Analytic...
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Facing Petroleum and Local Markets, Establishing Teaching & Research School

Guihong Pei, Lili Liu
Taken the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Southwest Petroleum University as an example, elaborated how to teaching staff construction as the breakthrough, around the university characteristics, positive for petroleum and local market to carry out the teaching and scientific research work,...
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The Analysis and Visualization of Interdisciplinary Characteristics A Case Study of the International Epigenetics

Hongfang Shao, Zhiguang Duan
In order to demonstrate the interdisciplinary features, the authors retrieved ‘epigenetic*’ in their title, abstract or keywords from Web of Science between 1970 and 2012 to be the dataset of a case study, and used scientific metrology methods and information visualization tools to perform the discipline...
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The Optimal Reaction Condition for Class Demonstrated Experiment of Methane and Chlorine Substitution Reaction

Yufei Wu, Yu Zhang, Zhongqiang Zhang
The success rate for class demonstrated experiment of methane and chlorine substitution reaction (MCSR) is very low during the practical teaching process because the conditions for the experiment of MCSR are difficult to control. So the teaching effects were always poor when the experiment was failure....
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Yong Culture’s Enlightenment on Human’s Civilization

Linlong Zhao, Qingsong Hu
Seen from the country YONG’s beginning to its end, YONG culture ‘s enlightenment on human’s civilization are: 1.Material and spiritual civilization is the base of a country’s development ; 2.Strength ,together with science and technology, is the source of productive forces’ liberation; 3.Labour and amusement...
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Can One Get Fish and Bear's Paws at the Same Time Ethical Dilemma of Qualitative Health Research in Chinese Culture

Wanping Yang, Peihsin Yang, Yuehjung Chen
Ethical considerations of qualitative research are often likely to be ignored or downplayed. This article will follow bioethics principles to explore the dilemmas expressed in the Chinese proverb: One cannot get both fish and bear’s paws simultaneously. This succinct expression relates to so many phases...
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Culture Problems in English Teaching of Non-English Majors

Liyan He
The article discusses cultural differences between different ethnic groups, as well as the importance of cultural education in college English teaching and communicative competence. The article starts from teaching practice. It points out some cultural and educational countermeasures for students.
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A Metaphoric Study of Chinese Sun Myths

Hao Dong
This paper is a cognitive metaphoric study of Chinese Sun myths. Analysis of related myths reveals that in Chinese Sun myths descriptions of Sun are full of metaphors, and all these metaphors are based on bodily experiences of primeval human beings.
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Ethical Aspects of Work of Knowledge Workers in Social Services

Ludmila Mládková
Knowledge workers in social services represent specific group of knowledge workers. As other knowledge workers, they posses and work with high portion of tacit knowledge, and they are difficult to manage. Up to this, they work in responsible positions, on shifts, under the stress. Important aspect of...
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Technology Versus Religion The Religious-Tech Adaptation

Josep Maria Carbonell Abelló, Miriam Díez Bosch, Josep Lluís Micó Sanz
This papers aims to reflect on the relationship between Religious institutions and new technologies. It seeks to deepen on the idea of the complex 2.0 conversion that most religions experience in today’s digital context around the globe.
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Persistence in “Hard Core” and Adjustment of “Protective Belt” Text Analysis on Governance Programme of Chinese Communist Party

Zhi Li
By referring to Lakatos’ The Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes, the governance programme of Chinese Communist Party can be divided into hard core and protective belt. The four cardinal principles are the “hard core” in the governance programme of Chinese Communist Party, and they ran through...
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The Concept of “Gray Zones” of World Politics Theoretical Introduction and Possible Use in Applied Policy Analisys and Foreign and Security Policy Formulation and Implementation

Dmitry Baluev
This paper introduces a concept of Gray Zones of world politics as a useful analytical instrument for understanding new trends in contemporary world politics. It has also applied significance. It could be used for formulation and implementation of foreign and security policy in areas and in dimensions...
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The Concept of Happiness of the Malay Hero Hang Tuah

R. Hamdan, S.B.Md. Radzi
Hang Tuah is a Malay hero who is traditionally portrayed as someone who pledges his loyalty solely to his king. When Malacca was defeated by the Portuguese in the 1511, the fall of their great empire sent the heart, mind and soul of the Malays into disarray to such an extent that it had enthused the...
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Application of Computational Geometry on Multi-region Electoral Districting

Mawkae Hor, Tzusui Hung, Yingche Hung, Chengyuan Tang, Yifan Peng, Hungmin Hsu
Different electoral districting affects the election results. The spirit of democracy is worthwhile that the election system must be fair and square and legitimately practices without the occurrence of that the political party and candidate taking advantages on the electoral districting inducing controversy...
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The Islamic Education’s Development among the Malay’s Society in the Early of 20th Century and the Contribution of Kaum Muda

Ermy Azziaty Rozali
Aspects of education are the central of development for the community, race and nation. Islamic education for the Malay started as early as the arrival of the Islam itself. The institutions of pondok and madrasah are the pulse of the intellectual and scientific development for the Malay community. The...
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The Doctrinal Significance of General Prevention in Criminal Law

Cong Ma
The penal purpose of general prevention is a new doctrine in criminal law theory. The modern concept of general prevention includes four aspects: pursuit of such effects of general deterrence, social learning, loyalty to law and satisfaction. General prevention can be justified criminal legislation except...
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Self-Esteem as the Mediator Between Marital Satisfaction and Depression

Farah Khan, Sobia Aftab
The present study investigated whether self-esteem mediates the relationship of marital satisfaction with depression in married couples. Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale (KMSS; Schumm, Scanlon, Crow, Green, & Buckler, 1983), Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES; Rosenberg, 1965), and Center for Epidemiologic...
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Concealment in Thomas Hardy's Novel The Return of the Native

Guijun Dong
Throughout the Return of the Native, the author uses concealment as both a plot device and a theme which has tragic results. Concealment creates tension and leads to misunderstandings that cause people to take destructive actions. It also reflects an absence of deep and lasting love, which requires openness...
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“We” Human-and-Technology: When Technology Does the Arts

Hyunkyoung Cho
This essay proposes “We” human-and-technology as the new human identity performed by the collaborative action of human and technology. Its aim is to open a new way for intersections of art, technology and humanities, through the political and aesthetic intimacy of human and technology in the collaborative...
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The Prosperity of Modern Chinese Detective Novels and Reasons Behind

Dan Yi
In the late Qing and the early Republic period, detective novels came on the stage of literature and stood high in the public’s favor. Zhili jingcha zazhi (Chihli Police Magazine) cast positive influence on the dissemination of western police theory and the creation of detective novels in China. The...
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Analysis of the Value Dimension of the Culture of “Harmony-Integrity”

Junli Yu
The culture of “harmony-integrity” has come into shape in early Qin Dynasty and been valued as a spirit of the time. In the traditional philosophical schools, such as the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, the idea of harmony and integrity is very important. In essence, this means a unification of different...
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Biopolitics & the Gezi Protests

Itir Erhart
Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, AKP, has been using women’s body in implementing social and economic policies since they came into power in 2002. Male rooted political power within the party has been creating regulations concerning sex and reproduction. This paper aims to explain women’s...
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A Comparison of the Use of Painted Faces in the Peking Opera with the Use of Masks in Western Theater

Jao Hsun Tseng, Po Hsien Lin
One of the most typical features of the Peking opera is its use of vivid makeup, especially in its variety of painted faces. The idea of the painted face was derived from the mask. Like masks in the western theater, painted faces generate the effect of facial transformation. Painted faces and masks share...
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Application and Expressiveness of Corrugated Paper in Fiber Art Perspective

Gongwei Li, Ying Ying
This paper aims to analyze the art expressiveness of corrugated paper as a type of fiber art material. It explains the possibility and real achievements of this industry-usage material in the art creation domain. From the perspective of fiber art aesthetic, the beauty of colour and texture of corrugated...
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The Narcissism of Sue Bridehead in Jude the Obscure

Nan Zhao, Zhiyi Ren
In Jude the Obscure, Sue Bridehead is an image of complex, puzzling unstateable and knowledgeable Victorian woman. She has a particular narcissistic psyche which Hardy deliberately depicts. By the comparison between his vivid and acute depiction and Freud’s analysis on the narcissism, we can probe into...
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An Analysis of Classical Chinese Four-Lined and Five-Charactered Poem Translation A Comparative Study of the English Versions of Meng Haoran’s Chun Xiao

Hui Huang
Through the comparative study of several English versions of the classical Chinese poem, Chun Xiao by Meng Haoran from the Tang Dynasty, an issue concerning diction and rhyme in ancient Chinese four-lined and five-charactered poem translation is delved into so that an understanding of the translation...
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An Ethical Analysis of the Supply Chain Management in China

Degui Zhu, Liqiongyu Zhu
This paper argues that we should establish a set of rules and credit management system to enforce the rigid discipline of moral rules. We also should create a fair and sound environment of market competition for supply chain enterprises. On the other hand, the self-regulatory mechanism of market players...
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An Analysis on Correlation Between Intercultural Sensitivity and English Proficiency of English Majors in China

Yuhuan Wang, Fang Huang
The study investigated the correlation between intercultural sensitivity and English proficiency of 258 English-major juniors from three universities in China. The study employed the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale explored by Chen and Starosta (2000) to measure participants’ intercultural sensitivity...
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A Study of the Visual Language Reconstructive Method based on Extractive Concept from Deconstruction

Xiaoping Hu, Gengsheng Chen, Delai Men
Visual language is rich and varied and it makes our imagination more flexible. The purpose of this paper was to find a new kind of design research method which was aimed to obtain the perfect redesigned result by means of deconstructive and reconstructive method. These different types of methods which...
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Musicality Profile of Hong Kong Children

Esther Mang
Musicality is a quality possessed by someone often depicted with a sensitivity to, knowledge of, or talent for music. One prevalent contention related to musicality is the issue of nature versus nurture. Like most other forms of human competence, musicality may be viewed as a combined product of innate...
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Social Commentary Through Photographic Representation in Malaysia

Husaini Yaacob, Mustaffa Halabi Hj. Azahari, Adzrool Idzwan Hj. Ismail
Up to this modern and advanced era of technology, photograph is considered as a medium to record moments and events. Through social commentary photography artists produced photography artworks to represent their ideas through expressing their opinion, emotions, and sentiments for the viewers. However,...
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On the Interactive Relationship Between Internet Media and Conventional Media A View of the Formation and Development of the Public Opinion

Xiaoxiao Zhang, Jing Chen
Internet liberated the public voice, and enjoys the opinion privilege that conventional media lacks. But the internet public opinion which is characterized in its grassroot features needs to be promoted and guided by the authority and credibility of the conventional media. Based on the formation and...
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The Lexical Features of English Advertisement

Yanping Fan
With the rapid development of economy, the world is thick with commercials and advertisements. The aim of advertisements is to persuade the potential customers to buy their product by means of impressive words, so advertisers are very careful about the choice of words. In order to compete with many other...
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To Cope with the Spreading of Internet News Information which Damages the Image of Public Security Organization

Jianwen Ma, Dan Yi
As the subject of law enforcement, the public security organization possesses the right of reputation. The situation of damaging the reputation of public security organization by Internet news information is as follows: fabricating, spreading and disseminating rumors, depreciating, insulting the reputation...
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Features of Political News English in China Daily

Daan Fu, Ying Men
China Daily is the most influential English newspaper in China. With the deepening of China’s opening up, China Daily has become the authoritative medium for foreigners to know more about China and its policies. The corpus material of this study is the news from China Daily related to the NPC, the CPPCC,...
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Study of Colors Cognitive Preference in Grotesque Advertising with Influence Factors of Consumers’ Gender, Age and Living Areas

Delai Men, Yitao Huang, Xiaoping Hu
With its strange, exciting visual elements, grotesque commercial advertising challenges consumers’ eyes, stimulating the curiosity of them. People generally form of cognitive by graphic style in grotesque advertisements, but the colors of them are also the important factors that influence consumers’...
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Gender Difference in Learning Interest and Satisfaction with Social Media Applicability

Jon-Chao Hong, Yi-Ling Chen, Wei-Yeh Hsu, Chin-Hao Hsu, Lianh-Ping Ma
The difference in gender is often affected by the politics and the environment. A number of recent researches try to explore the impact of gender difference. As the internet becomes popularized, the way people learn is changed; many now learn through the internet. The present study unveiled the different...
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A Cognitive Study of News Reports of China Daily and Washington Post on Diaoyu Island Issues

Na Wang, Wenrui Lian
Diaoyu islands issue has become the hot topic since 2012. China Daily and Washington Post are chosen as research subject, who are representative news agencies with great authority of two countries representing their countries’ and people’s attitude. The author chose 8 news reports respectively from the...
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Diabetes Healthcare Awareness in Malaysia:Communication Medium Through Poster in Socioeconomic Patterns

Salinatin Mohamad Saleh, Mustaffa Halabi Hj. Azahari, Adzrool Idzwan Hj. Ismail, Husaini Yaacob
Poster has been a medium of communication in public healthcare since World War I and II. It was used to channel the minds of the public towards one common insight and from this iconic milieu, poster propaganda has emerged globally. To date, health posters have been produced and distributed by the Ministry...
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Research on How Public Facilities' Integrity Effects Farmers’ Intention of Living in Centralized Communities--Based on a Study of Six Counties in Shaanxi Province of China

Yuanliang Song, Liuxiao Dong, Guangyang Song
he lack of public facilities constrained farmers to new communities to live together, the construction of public facilities has been producing a significant influence of farmers’ intention of living in centralized communities. In this article, based on date of 1800 questionnaires, we use gray relational...
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Illustrated by the Case of Xi’an: Job Competition Between “Urban Loser” and “Rural Winner” in Second-Tier Cities of China

Qinglin Luan
Accompanied by population saturation and social segregation in first-tier cities, together with living burden increasing in rural areas, today’s new generations from both rural and urban areas tend to choose second-tier cities as their future settlements. In this paper, I have examined how one’s career...
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The Influence of Interactions Between Offspring Successors and Other Factors Have on Their Succession Intention in Family Business

Xuefang Liu, Yuewen Wang, Fenglian Li, Lili Pan, Ningyu Tang
The offspring’s positive feelings to family business and the ability or confidence to manage family business are usually cultivated through the interaction of several factors, especially interaction among the individual, the family and the enterprise. These positive feelings, the ability and confidence...
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Improvement for the Employability of College Students by the Second Class

Ying Liu, Xiaohong Yang
This paper analysed the current employment status and the reasons for college students, described the second class produced by the combination of theory knowledge and practice activities, which had the character with theoretical basis and operation efficiency. Finally some countermeasures, how to use...