Proceedings of the 2021 2nd International Conference on Mental Health and Humanities Education (ICMHHE 2021)

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Money Attitudes in Monetary and Non-Monetary Criminals in China

Yuxuan Chen
The current investigation examined the difference in money attitudes between inmates who committed monetary crimes and those who committed non-monetary crimes. Monetary inmates (N = 219) and non-monetary inmates (N = 174) responded to a questionnaire that included the Money Attitude Scale (MAS). Results...
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Aristotle’s “De Anima” - Theoretical Significance in Contemporary Cognitive Psychology

Zairong Huang
As an independent subject, modern cognitive science has completed a systematic experimental research on human perception and cognition system, and has given a scientific definition and process. At the same time, cognitive psychology has made an experimental summary on human’s specific psychological state...
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The Influence of Teacher’s Attitude in Resource Allocation

Yushu Chen
With the guidance of the state to the main body in the planned economy era, the allocation policy has been changed, and the teaching team has been well implemented. According to the market demand, many regions have adopted emergency policies such as the use of teaching industry, recruitment of teaching...
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Attachment Patterns of Adolescent Patients with Mood Disorders and Their Parents

Bin Hu
During the growth of adolescents, adolescents are prone to mood disorders. The clinical symptoms of psychological disorders include recurrence, alternating or mixed emotions, and other related psychiatric symptoms. The most common is depressive episodes. Through the research and application of attachment...
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Application Analysis of Palliative Nursing Intervention in Nursing Care of Elderly Cancer Patients

Shuhua Li
With the trend of population aging, palliative care interventions are becoming more and more essential in the treatment of senile cancer diseases. This paper mainly researches palliative care intervention in elderly cancer patients by comparing the psychological、pain and death education of the three...
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Analysis and Suggestions on the Current Situation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students

A Case Study of Guangdong Ocean University Undergraduates

Zuo Li Hua, Yang Zhen, Pan Sihua, Sun Gaoang
Innovation is the driving force for development, and innovation is very important for individuals and even the whole nation. Training the innovative and entrepreneurial ability of university students plays a key role in cultivating talents for the country and improving the development ability of the...
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A Discussion of the Realistic Significance and Paths of Rural Revitalization Promoted by Soul-Nurturing Culture

Kang Zhao, Long Dan, Deng Ting
Soul-nurturing culture is not only an important task of the current Chinese ideological construction, but also a functional manifestation of social practice activities carried by culture itself. The function of soul-nurturing and people-cultivating of culture itself has promoted cultural revitalization...
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Material-Exploration of Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in Comprehensive English Curriculum Teaching—Taking a Certain Passage as an Example

Wei Chen
English majors have to integrate English language knowledge, communicative ability, cultural background information and knowledge in business-related fields. Students have to get familiar with English expression habits, cultivate English critical and creative thinking, have basic spoken-English ability....
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Do Socioeconomic Status (SES) Affect Students’ Higher Education Attendance and Education Expectation: A Survey Based on Cross-Cultural Comparison

Jiarui Gao, Qianqian Chen, Qing Wang, Mengfan Guo
Generally, socioeconomic status (SES) is associate with family income, parental education and parental occupation, which affects students’ academic development. In this paper, we investigate the effects of SES on education expectation from the perspective of cultural background. Specifically, the cultural...
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A Study on the Cause Analysis and Intervention Measures of Campus Loan Among College Students

Shixinxin, lishengji
In recent years, the rise of excessive consuming makes campus loan become more and more common. The emergence of installment software brings convenience to excessive consuming, but also brings many abuses. College students, as a major population to contact with the campus loan, their loan behaviors have...
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A Study on the Pluralistic Teaching System of College English Extracurricular Activities

Tong Lili
With the deepening of College English teaching reform, the role of extracurricular activities is becoming increasingly important. Based on computer, network and other modern media, the establishment of a systematic teaching system of College English extracurricular activities has become an essential...
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How Age and Gender Influence the Performance of Mach Bands

Hongxuan Chen, Jingsheng Huang, Jing Zhang
The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of gender and age on the Mach band effect. 130 volunteers are recruited as volunteers to participate in our Mach Belt experiment. The results show that there is no significant difference between male and female students in the performance of Mach...
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The Neural Mechanism of Memory Encoding

Qiwen Zhang, Yahua Huang, Min Yan
Memory encoding is a part of the process of memory. It is the initial stage of learning information and encoding them from different sensory inputs into the brain. Much previous research has demonstrated the crucial role of memory encoding for Alzheimer’s patients and schizophrenia patients in cognition....
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The Particularity of Aesthetic Education Practice in Higher Education Stage

Du Ren
The publication of the opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and improving the aesthetic education in schools in the new era has promoted the implementation of aesthetic education in China in the new era. Schools at various stages have different aesthetic education practice methods. The higher education...
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Research on Effective Strategies of Scientific Methods in Junior High School Physics Teaching Based on the Concept of Three-Dimensional Objectives

Qi Zhang, Minghui Shao, Xue Wang
As an important link between the Three-Dimensional Objectives, the scientific methods have important methodological significance for cultivating students’ ability of scientific inquiry and improving students’ scientific literacy. According to the requirements of the curriculum standard, combined with...
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John Dewey’s Concept of Youth Education and Its Modernity

Ren Meihui
Dewey studies the philosophy of education from the perspective of human sociology. He thinks that the relationship between human and society is the adaptation of life, and youth education is the necessary means for subjective people to get to society. Value is the relationship between satisfaction and...
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On the Path of Ideological and Political Construction of College Curriculum

Xiaoling Wu
After sorting out and analyzing the importance, practicability and current situation of the construction of “curriculum ideological and political” in Colleges and universities in the new era, we find that the following five aspects are good entry points for the construction of “curriculum ideological...
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The Role of Attention Control Deficit in ADHD and Relevant Interventions

Xiangquan Luo, Rui Duan, Yijin Wang
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that can cause several cognition impairments, including inattention and overly active. Based on Dual-Process Theory, scientists suggest that ADHD is associated with poor impulsive inhibition and reward dysfunction....
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Research on the Construction of Top-quality Curriculum Resources in Private Applied Undergraduate Universities in the New Era

Baojun Liu
With the rapid development of Internet technology, network technology has been applied to various industries and fields. In the “Internet +” era, how to use the rich virtual resources of the Internet to effectively construct quality courses is an important topic for private applied undergraduate colleges...
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Study on Cultivation of Core Literacy of Nursing Students in Traditional Chinese Medicine Colleges Under the Background of Healthy China

Jun Li, Zhenyu Hu, Sijia Luo, Quan Xia
With the rapid development of social economy, people’s pursuit of the standard of their own health has changed from simply “eating well and wearing warm clothing” to having a high -quality life and a healthy and strong body. Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has...
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Review of Dejian Mind-Body Intervention Used to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ming-Yuan Zhao, Chen Li, Na Zhao, Si-Min Huang
The purpose of this study is to summarize research investigating the potential benefits of the Dejian Mind-Body Intervention (DMBI) in enhancing the functioning of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well as further explore its potential mechanisms. The DMBI is the organic integration of...
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Evolution and Prospect of Educational Informatization Development

Xiujun Wu, Xinyu Sun, Mengyuan Guo
This paper explores the historical evolution of the development of education informatization, and taking the east-west Lake District of Wuhan as an example, discusses in detail the existing problems in the development of education informatization, and further probes into the future development path.
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The Influence of Self-talk on Children: An Analysis in Academic and Language Performance

Kexin Liu, Yujue Miao, Yuchen Yang
Children often construct their minds by observing and learning from their parents. Those messages from parents can change their beliefs and from their personalities by self-talks. These influences can often be demonstrated in the performances on tasks. In this study, it is hypothesis effected that different...
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Constructing New Strategies for Combining University Physical Education and Health Education

Xinyu Lian, Xiadi Lyu
High education is an important period for college students to mature physically and mentally and form healthy habits. In recent years, colleges and universities around the country have been promoting health education and improving students’ knowledge of health. Such efforts have made notable progress....
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The Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Over Prefrontal Cortex, Temporal Lobe and Cerebellar on Verbal Working Memory: A Systematic Review

Weiqi Li
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a safe and non-invasive brain stimulation technique, which has been widely used to draw causal links between brain regions and specific behaviours during the past decades. By using TMS, recent studies have demonstrated that prefrontal cortex, temporal lobe and...
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The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Interventions as Therapy from Buddhist Perspective on Clinical Psychotherapy of Depression

Han Yang
The incidence of depression is increasing rapidly, and clinicians and psychologists are constantly searching for effective clinical interventions. Although mindfulness originated in eastern Buddhism traditions, previous clinical studies suggested that mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) could be effectively...
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Does Teacher and Student-Student Support Influence Students’ Engagement in an Online Course?

Guanliang Liu, Jiahao Yao, Yicheng Zhou
Past studies have shown that student engagement can be positively predicted by the teacher and student-student support, but it remains unclear whether the teacher and student-student support of online courses are beneficial or not. Currently, many students are required to take online courses because...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Meaning in Life on Subjective Well-being of Military College Students

Tian Yanhui, Wang Haishan, Bai Shengjun, Wei Ting
The purpose of this study was to explore the influence factors and mechanism of subjective well-being among military college students, and providing effective evidence for psychological intervention. A total of 413 military college students were investigated with meaning in life questionnaire, mindful...
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Study on the Relationship Between Hypertension and Psycho-social Factors in Children and Adolescents

Chen Yun
Research Objective:This study aims at exploring the psycho-social factors inducing hypertension in children and adolescents, so as to provide reference for the intervention and treatment of hypertension in the young generation. Method: This article measures the blood pressure level, mental health status...
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The Relationship Between Home Literacy Environment and Teenagers’ Reading Habits

Deng Qiuchi, Xin Yuxin
Reading is a kind of significantly positive behaviour for teenagers, especially since it may improve their academic intelligence and emotional intelligence. The home literacy environment is related to the reading habits, while the study about the reading habits of teenagers is still limited. This paper...
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The Predicament and Improvement Strategy of Primary and Middle School Educational Punishment in China

Li PuHua
The Educational Punishment Rules for Primary and Secondary Education (Trial Implementation) promulgated in 2020 has played a vital role in standardizing and improving the educational punishment behavior of primary and secondary education. As the main body of educational punishment, teachers bear the...
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Educational Belief and Management Dilemma of Middle Managers in Local Normal Universities

Li Xuejiao, Zhang Yaqi
Belief can guide, maintain and predict the occurrence and development of behavior. Educational belief not only has an impact on Teachers’ education and teaching, but also can regulate the work of normal university administrators. After interviewing two vice presidents of secondary colleges in local normal...
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Sunshine Always After the Rain, the Domestic Post-traumatic Growth Literature Review

Zhe Wang, Jiaxin Chen, Ge Zou
Post-traumatic growth (PTG) refers to the positive psychological changes experienced by individuals in the process of struggling with traumatic events. This paper discusses from the two dimensions of bibliometrics analysis and research content, and summarizes the research status of post-traumatic growth...
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Thoughts on Implicit Strategies Used to Infuse Moral Education Into College English Teaching

Ren Jiuju
In recent years, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the importance of ideological and political education in Colleges and Universities and teachers are the key in this process. This paper discusses how College English teachers can make use of the features of this course to carry out...
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Binge Eating Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder

Potential Overlaps in Mechanisms and Treatment

Kexin Fu
Many patients with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) also suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). This paper discusses potential relationships and overlaps between binge eating disorders and depression. It is interesting to find that patients with these two kinds of disorders share distorted thoughts,...
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Storage Structure and Searching Process of Semantic Network

Xiyan Ji, Yiqiao Wang
The present study explored the spreading activation model of semantic networks in Chinese context to know how people research information from long-term memory and what influences the time of research mostly. Based on the three-level semantic networks of Collins and Qullian’ s theory and the conclusion,...
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Alcohol Use Patterns and Acculturation Among Chinese Students in American Universities

Shuangshuang Cai
This research explores the relationship between alcohol use patterns and acculturation among Chinese students who studied at American Universities. A sample of 91 students participated in the study. This study used measures that included the General Ethnicity Questionnaire (GEQ) and the Alcohol Use Questionnaire....
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Research on the Layered Risk Control of “Blockchain + Digital Copyright” from the Perspective of Game Theory

Chen Hongying
The governance model of “blockchain + digital rights” has attracted wide attention due to its characteristics of decentralization and high efficiency. However, the problems of potential risk under the new technology governance model should also be paid attention to. Based on the technology model of blockchain,...
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Classic Reading and Experience of Chinese Language and Literature in Computer Network Environment

Qingyun Chen
With the rapid development of network technology, electronic reading has become the main way for modern people to read. Electronic reading is also imperceptibly entering people’s lives, affecting all aspects of people’s lives and work. With the development of computer network information technology,...
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Supply Side Reform of “Ideological and Political Course” in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Jing Yin
In order to better improve the development and reform of Ideological and political course in Colleges and universities, and promote the reform of Ideological and political course in the context of supply side, this paper expounds the problems in the supply side reform of “Ideological and political course”...
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Influence of Confucianism on Gender Inequality in Chinese Education and Employment

Xiran Fang
Gender inequality exists in many fields of society and makes people hard to grasp the point. But one particular approach to look at this issue is the education system and its relation to employment. For this purpose, it is necessary to understand the role of Confucianism on the mechanism in education...
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Policy Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Service in China Based on Policy Tools

Jin Jiaqi, Wang Junyong, Jian Wu, Luo Renwen Ya, Ding Lan
Purpose: In order to combine the current selection and application of medical health service policy tools in China, through the results of data analysis, it provides relevant basis for the formulation and implementation of Chinese medicine health service policies in China. Methods: Based on Rothwell...
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Coronavirus Pandemic During the period of University Student Physical Education Satisfaction Investigation and Research on Sports Consciousness

Ming Zhang, Jianrong Mai, Zicen Liao
Purpose: To investigate and understand the satisfaction and awareness of physical education among college students in Guangzhou during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia. Methods: Using mathematical statistics, a survey of 1,056 students in some universities in Guangzhou was conducted. Results:...
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The Combination of Microcourse and Primary School Mathematics Teaching

Xiangling Wang
under the background that micro class is gradually introduced into primary school classroom, this paper mainly discusses the combination of primary school mathematics and micro class from two aspects: one is to demonstrate the significance of micro class to improve the quality of primary school mathematics...
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A Review of Child Sexual Abuse

Jiayi Feng, Yingliang Hao, Zhihao Deng
This paper aims to define child sexual abuse and look for relationships between child sexual abuse and other diseases. We first analyzed the influence factors of family, gender, and age on child sexual abuse victims. We found that this kind of sexual behavior causes physical harm to the person involved...
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Research on the Correlation and Communication Effect Between Media Agenda and Public Agenda from the Perspective of Network Agenda Setting

Take Weibo of the Mainstream Media Related to “Ding Zhen” as an Example

Yaqing Zhong
In November 2020, Ding Zhen unexpectedly went viral online because of a video clip, which sparked heated discussion among netizens and attracted the attention of the mainstream media. Through “Ding Zhen”, the mainstream media has made a series of agenda setting, and then constructed the characteristics...
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The Effect of Visual Stimulus Characteristics on Adolescents’ Short-Term Memory

Yixuan Jin, Yingying Liu
In the past, many studies suggested the importance of short-term memory and memory associated with age, but not many researches have specifically targeted to the short-term memory related to teenagers. Therefore, this research will focus on testing whether the use of visual stimulus in learning process...
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An Archetypal Interpretation of Power Figure in Irish Murdoch’s The Flight from the Enchanter

Lei Zhang
When many other 20th century English novels focus on social documentary, Iris Murdoch attaches more concerns with an extraordinary reality: modern industry corrupts human beings’ moral sensibility. This paper adopts myth and archetypal criticism as the base of research and probes into archetypal characters...
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Reason and Nature-- The Landscape Painting Embodiment of Taoist Morality

Jiang Runyu
Chinese landscape painting takes pen-and-ink texturing method as the main formal language, uses different landscape symbols as the way and carrier to express its unique aesthetic interest, and often resides in the unique moral idea of Taoism in the process of painting creation. it makes landscape painting...
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Analysis on Teen Anxiety with Regard to COVID-19 Pandemic

Tianchu Han
With the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic becoming a normality, adolescent anxiety and mental illnesses increasingly emerge on a global scale. This thesis focuses on teenagers who are raised in a fairly favourable background but are suffering from mental problems relating to the changes of the environment...
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“Hollow Heart Disease” Among Contemporary Art Students in College and Ways to Tackle it

Xiao Mengyi, Zeng Sicheng, Yang Ming
As time rapidly advances, the mental features of college art students are also under constant changes. A variety of mental diseases emerge one after another, which has become an urgent concern for colleges and universities. Strengthening mental health education for art students is an important measure...
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The Effect of Attachment Style on Academic Burnout: The Mediating Role of Self-esteem and Self-efficacy

Meiyan Chen, Rui Li, Yiwei Feng
With the increasing academic competition, the problem of academic burnout, which has serious negative effects on students’ physical and mental health, has become more prominent. Previous studies have proved that the attachment relationship, as a factor that can affect people’s internal working mode,...
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The Relationship Between Inhibitory Control and Working Memory and Its Underlying Neural Mechanism

Yibo Peng, Yuhan Lu, Jingwen Qin
Both working memory (WM) and inhibitory control (IC) are the cognitive abilities required for information processing, which have been explored frequently by predecessors. In the classic multicomponent working memory model, the phonological loop, visuospatial sketchpad, and the central executive are three...
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The Research on Physics Generative Teaching Class of Middle School Based on Core Literacy

Xue Wang, Minghui Shao, Qi Zhang
Under the background of the new curriculum reform, the traditional presupposition middle school physics class can hardly meet the requirements of cultivating the core literacy of students in physics. In order to change this situation, on the basis of studying the relevant knowledge of generative teaching,...
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On the Implementation of College English Ideological and Political Education

Li Zhao
College English, as one of the main general courses in Chinese higher education, takes on an important responsibility of ideological and political work. College English teachers should actively explore effective ways to integrate ideological and political content into language teaching. Flexible and...
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Path of Constructing Ecological Innovation and Entrepreneurship College in Universities

Zuo Lihua, Sun Gaoang, Yan Lan, Liu Rongshan
The construction of ecological innovation and entrepreneurship education system is an important measure in response to the national “encourage youth growth, support youth entrepreneurship”. At present, the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship colleges in China is in full swing. But there are...
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Analysis on Depression Among LGBTQ Population

Wei Huang
This study explores the current status and tendency of the LGBTQ population, who are suffering from depression, as well as measures to release their stress. Public opinion gives homosexuals more pressure and they are prone to suffer from depression. There is insufficient research on depression in marginalized...
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A Study on Criminal Psychology of Juvenile Violent Murderers

Yanzhe Wang
Based on Freud’s psychoanalysis theory, this paper first explains the origin of the hidden criminal psychological problems in the interpretation of early experience, and draws the theoretical map of personality structure and the logic diagram of consciousness level. Then, the author further analyzes...
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Self-efficacy, Autonomy and the Relationships Towards to English Achievement

Shuya Xiao
Self-efficacy is an influential variable on learner’s autonomy, this study reviewed Self-efficacy, autonomy and the relationship about these two important concepts in the area of English learning. The study would explore whether students’ beliefs in their potential strongly related to their responsibilities...
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Case Study of Mental Health Education Teacher Preparation from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Theory Education in China

Jilin Zou, Chengyan Yang
Department of Psychology, School of Education at Linyi University trained mental health education teacher of primary and secondary schools whose major is Applied Psychology. After years of practice and exploration, we summed up a new model of mental health education teacher preparation, aiming to strengthen...
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Optimization Management System Simulation Teaching by Task-Driven

Chen Yalin, Qiu Xiaofang, Jin Cancan, Zhu Yao, He Qifei
Management system simulation is one of the professional skills is required for the students majoring in management science. This article analyzes the problems existing in teaching process and introduces task-driven into the course “Management System Simulation” for the better performance. The course...
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Benevolent Leadership and Interpersonal Citizenship Behavior: The Role of Leader-member Exchange and Extraversion

Lin Guo, Wenqi Wei
The influence of benevolent leaders on their followers’ interaction within their surroundings during work is less addressed by scholars. As such, we proposed a positive relationship between benevolent leadership and person- and task-focused interpersonal citizenship behavior, through the mediation of...
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Sleep Deprivation Affects Memory and Attention

Ruiqi Feng, Lin Zhang, Qiongwei Ye, Yashi Cai
Numerous researches suggest that sleep and memory have been an important part of people’s lives and are positively correlated. The present study aims to explore this topic further by providing short-term memory experiments and a discussion of sleep of memory and attention. Two different age groups were...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Online Learning Satisfaction and Independent Learning of College Students

Zhang Le, Xi Yang, Zhang Ying
In the period of online teaching in 2020, it is found that the platform use, course participation, teachers’ teaching has a significant positive influence and correlation on college students’ online learning satisfaction and independent learning from data analysis of 2235 student questionnaires. Multiple...
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Research on the Present Situation and Development Path of Youth Sports Training Market in Heyuan City

Ye Huabing
In the face of the vigorous development of sports in China today, the task of the youth sports training market has become more and more difficult, which also brings unprecedented opportunities for the development of the market. Based on this, this article through the literature research to heyuan city,...
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Exploration on the Effective Integration of Craftsman Spirit and Curriculum Ideology and Politics Education

Li Li, Sun Weiqi, Zhou Bin, Guo Feng, Zhang Suqin, Guo Xingxiang, Li Kun
The fundamental task of education is to cultivate morality and cultivate people. The ideological and political education of curriculum is a research hotspot in the current curriculum reform in China. Craftsman spirit is a kind of professional quality, its connotation includes dedication, lean, focus,...
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Exploration of College English Ecological Teaching Under the Multimedia Network Environment

Ruihong Dang
Ecological teaching model, derived from the concept of ecological development, attracts more and more educators attention. To promote the ecological teaching of college English and establish an ecological teaching system, it is of great significance to optimize English teaching resources, create English...
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A Review and Conjectures of Therapies for Depression

Jiang Aiyang
In this review, various treatment methods of depression, corresponding to their different symptoms and conditions have been reviewed. Also, study for the inflammatory mechanism, through stem cell therapy, MECT treatment (severe ones), and conventional drug treatment, analysis for the targets and variation...
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A Comparative Study of Long-term Care Insurance Systems in Japan and Korea

Li Sheng ji, Shi Xinxin
The paper discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the long-term care insurance system in Japan and South Korea, and propose how to improve the long-term care insurance system in China based on the horizontal comparison of the long-term care insurance system in Japan and South Korea from the aspects...
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Visual Search for Emotional Facial Expression: Effect of Space Density on Visual Crowd Effect

Siqi Huang, Xinqian Li, Jiaqin Lu
Visual search studies have found that positive facial expressions are more efficiently detected among a crowd of distractor faces than other expressions, known as the happy superiority effect (HSE). Moreover, the density of peripheral items in clutter can also impact our process of visual search. The...
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Research on the Reform of Experimental Teaching of Mechatronics Specialty Based on Social Demand

Guigen Pan
In the process of applying mechatronics technology, the social demand puts forward more requirements for Mechatronics talents. In view of this phenomenon, this study focuses on the social needs of mechatronics, discusses and studies the problems existing in the experimental teaching process of Mechatronics...
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Research on the Application of Modern Apprenticeship System in Mechanical and Electrical Integration Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yin Li
The application of modern apprenticeship in higher vocational colleges can not only enable students to obtain internship positions in enterprises, but also enrich their own practical experience and practical operation process. Therefore, in higher vocational colleges, proper reform and development of...
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The Test of Attenuation Effect of Consensus Information on In-group Attributional Favoritsm

Zhaoyuan Liu, Weijun Ma, Yating Zhang
Intergroup Attributional Bias is an in-group-favoring and outgroup-derogating phenomenon existing in attribution. It is one kind of representation of irrational attribution arisen from the self-enhancement motivation in group level. This study discussed the influence of consensus information on Intergroup...
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IT-Based Teaching Action Research on Non-commissioned Officers’ Learning Strategy

Zhou Yucheng, Song Mei, Hao Wenhui
Advanced information technology has been substantially integrated with higher education, which provides greater opportunities for the cultivation of non-commissioned officers’ learning strategy. A teaching action research on non-commissioned officers’ learning strategy may promote a teaching-learning...
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The Value Sublimation of Study Tour Based on the Background of the New Era

Yao Liyan, Shi Mengqi, Fang Jiajue
Under the background of the new era, the study tour is a new type of open course, which is guided and encouraged by the research institutions and tutors. The aim is to encourage the young students to learn and practice, and to meet the needs that seeking knowledge. In the modern context, we should give...
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Digital Game-Based Tools for EFL Learners in Asian Countries

Zhuoxi Wang, Yilin Cai
With the popularity of the Internet, digital game-based tools have been dramatically used in nowadays language learning process. Its great value of applying in EFL learners’ study has also become significant. Most researchers discovered that game studies are more effective in learning and student achievements...
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Research on the Construction and Application of MOOC Under the Background of Informatization

Li Li, Shi Yumin, Zhou Wei, Wang Jiongkun, Li Kun, Wang Xiaoyan
As a product of the integration of information technology and modern education, MOOC plays an important role in the teaching reform of colleges and universities. Taking the course of aviation equipment storage business as an example, this paper introduces the achievements and experience of course construction...
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Exploration on the Application of Modern Apprenticeship in Mechanical and Electrical Integration Technology Specialty Vocational College

Xiaoli Hu
Mechatronics technology is a comprehensive system technology, combined with automatic control, servo drive technology, the technology for students’ professional application skills requirements are very high, so it is urgent to find a teaching mode to help students to carry out professional skills training....
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A Study on the Application of the Construction of College English With Ideological and Political Education

Liao Qinsi, Zhang Dan
College English is a very important course for college students in their study and life. With the continuous development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the effective integration of ideological and political education and college English curriculum has become an inevitable choice for educational...
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Symptoms and Risk Factors of Different Types of PTSD

Ruoxi Liu
This paper presents psychological symptom and examples of the patient with PTSD. Different types of PTSD correspond to different risk factors including gender, age, social support and etc. This article presents four common types of PTSD and their symptoms and analyzes overlapping risk factors of examples....
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Practice of Production-Oriented Approach on the Cultivation of Critical Thinking Ability of College English Learners

Pu Zhao
The development of critical thinking is an essential task of the education system. However, it turns out that a number of teachers are not competent enough in this area. The purpose of this study was to identify the impact of the practice of Product-Oriented Approach (POA) on cultivating college English...
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Shared Sense of Ownership——Discussion on the Antecedents and Effectiveness of Collective Psychological Ownership

Yuchun Xiao, Jiale Xue
In the past two decades, employees’ sense of ownership of the organization and work has attracted the attention of the academic circles. With the deepening of research, scholars have found that psychological ownership exists not only at the individual level, but also at the group level. This sense of...
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The Impact of a Good Family Sports Climate on Children’s Character Building

Xiadi Lyu, Xinyu Lian
Family education is the foundation of all education. With the development and progress of today’s society, parents are paying more and more attention to the family education of their children. As an important part of family education, physical education has become an important part of family education....
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The Flowing Power in the Classroom and How Can Teachers Utilize Power Techniques to Improve Teaching

Jiale Song
In the documentary film Are our Children Tough Enough? Chinese School, the phenomenon of blocked power flow in the classroom was exposed. This paper focuses on the flow of power in the classroom and emphasizes Foucault’s understanding of power relations. “Power is everywhere”. “Power comes from everywhere”...
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The Model of College English Teachers’ Transitional Development in Local Undergraduate Colleges for New Liberal Arts

Haiyan Wang
Based on the study of the teachers’ development and the problems of College English teachers from English for general purpose to English for academic purpose in local undergraduate colleges under the background of new liberal arts education, this paper introduced the EAP teacher certification standard...
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Transdiagnostic Factors Across Eating Disorders: A Clinical Review

Kexin Fu
The symptoms of maladaptive eating behaviour are different across eating disorders due to varying degrees of transdiagnostic factors, such as emotional regulation abilities, impulsiveness, perfectionism, and cognitive control. This paper shows that patients who failed to control their eating behaviours...
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The Path of College Students’ Mental Health Education Under the New Media

Ping Wang
At present, with the rapid development of new media technology in China, the network information environment has been greatly improved. College students can quickly and conveniently search and obtain the information resources they need. The arrival of the new media era has a great impact on the psychology...
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The Influence of Family Education Mode on Personality Development of Pre-school Children in China

Xintong Cai
Family education has always been the focus of educator in China. It is the basis of development of individual personality. Parents are the first teachers of children, diverse family education modes will have different impacts on the personality of children. But the majority of literature in this area...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Strengthening Ways of University Students’ Political Identity in the Post-pandemic Era

Li Jianping
In the post-pandemic era, the Chinese government’s powerful governance efficiency makes university students generally enhance national self-confidence. However, at present, the global epidemic will continue to spread, the reality of racial discrimination, xenophobia and other often leads to cyber violence....
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A Brief Discourse on the Comparison Between Class Group Counseling and Thematic Oral Chinese Teaching

Lu Ying-yi
Although pedagogy and psychology are two disciplines with different research directions, yet they are very closely related, and both study on people and their development. Group psychological counseling is designed to help people who have common development problems and encounter similar psychological...
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Study on Private Kindergarten Teachers’ Sense of Professional Belonging

Luo Lamei, Ran Xueya
Sense of belonging refers to a person’s identification and acceptance of a group or an environment. It is a person’s physiological and psychological needs. Teachers’ sense of professional belonging is closely related to teaching quality and students’ growth, and it is also an important factor to stabilize...
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Customer Aggression and Knowledge Hiding Among Service Employees: The Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustion

Fengzhiwen Cao
The purpose of this research was to explore how customer aggression affects employees’ emotional exhaustion and knowledge hiding, and whether employees’ emotional regulation capability can moderate the relationship between customer aggression and emotional exhaustion. A questionnaire survey finally produced...
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Research on Teaching Reform of NC Technology Application Course

Chunfen Gong
in recent years, with the rapid development of all aspects of our country, the demand for talents in various industries is growing, but also put forward certain requirements for the quality of talents. In recent years, China’s manufacturing level has been continuously improved, and numerical control...
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On the Construction of Positive Psychology in Higher Vocational College Students’ Mental Health Education

Ting Long
Higher vocational students’ psychological education in the higher vocational students’ learning career is very important to explore the application of positive psychology in the process of higher vocational education psychology, conduce to improving the quality of higher vocational student’s psychological...
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Research on BL Teaching Mode in College English Visual-audio-oral Course Based on POA

Li Naiqian, Wu Yafei
This research is an exploration of applicability of POA and BL in College English Visual-audio-oral Course to testify the effectiveness of this new teaching mode. Forty eight freshmen who major in English from two parallel classes were selected in this study. Two teachers of the two parallel classes...
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Analysis on Chinese Multicultural Education System Modelling After American Multicultural Education and Suggestions

Jiatong Hu
In the past few decades, the development of marketization, modernization and globalization in the People’s Republic of China has led to conflicts between economic prosperity and the protection of ethnic minorities’ cultures. The main issues studied in this paper are the problems and suggestions for implementing...
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Application of Positive Psychology Group Activity Course in Mental Health Education in Technical Colleges

Bingmei Cao, Jianrong Huang, Xinlan Shen, Lei Shi
The positive psychology group activity class is based on the concept of positive psychology, with student experience as the core, creating some experiential, interactive and educational group activities, focusing on cultivating students’ positive psychological qualities, and tapping students’ character...
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The Influence of Language on False Memory

Beiyi Cai, Yu Zheng
False memory is often happened in life and has attracted lots of attention from researchers. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of different languages (i.e., mother language and other languages) on false memories. Different word cards were prepared to test which language caused the most...
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Analysis on Cultivation of Cross-Cultural Communication Competence in College English Teaching

Mo Zhang
In the new era of diverse and interconnected civilizations, the high-level personnel training and knowledge innovation of higher education make it an important component of national strength and of great significance to the national competitiveness. As important places to cultivate talents, universities...
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An Analysis of the Relationship Between Teacher’s Practical Knowledge and Teacher’s action

Yang Li, Xiangli Guan
The practical knowledge of teachers comes from the educational practice and guides the educational practice, which is the practical wisdom to solve the problems in the actual educational situation. The practical knowledge possessed by a teacher can also promote him/her to better apply his/her theory...