Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Education and Technology 2018 (ISET 2018)

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Putative non-stereo specific dehalogenase from Antarctic of Psychotropic Bacillus sp IH01

Ismail Haruna, Hassana Abubakar, Roswanira Ab Wahab, Fahrul Huyop
The main aim of the study was to isolate and identify any organism that can degrade 2,2-dichloropropionic acids (2,2DCP) from Antarctica soil and water environment. ntarctica is well known of its extreme cold temperature. In this study we successfully isolated at least six colonies (AA1, AA2, AB1, AB2,...
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Unravel Entrepreneurial Mindset in Indonesian Higher Education Institutions

Dorojatun Prihandono, Sri Utami
The word of Entrepreneurial in higher education institution relates to characteristics of social system involving elements in universities such as departments, research centres, faculties and any collaboration with other parties. Entrepreneurial is a concept in which it is highly related to institution-building...
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Putative Dehalogenase uptake gene from Rhizobium sp. RC1

Adam Izzuddin Nasir, Aliyu Adamu, Yilmaz Kaya, Mohamed Faraj Edbeib, Fahrul Huyop
Halogenated compounds that are polluting the environment is becoming a huge concern that demands an efficient solution. The rising priority in the use of microorganisms that have the potential to be the most environmental-friendly way to degrade and dispose of halogenated compounds is crucial in solving...
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The advantages of Information and Communications and Technology (ICT) in Science Education

Kulthida Nugultham
Nowadays, the digital technology is a wildly use in education. There are many educational proposes from ICT such as teaching, learning, assessment and evaluating. Science is one of the problematic knowledge about nature, phenomena, substance, theory, and law. Also, it concerns in science process skill...
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Storytelling Learning with Character Content Using Stimulus-Response Method

A Anindyarini, F Rokhman, M Mulyani, Ms Andayani
This article aimed to describe (1) the problem the students encounter in storytelling learning, (2) the teachers’ way of motivating students in storytelling. This study was a descriptive study. Data of research was collected through interview and distributing questionnaire to teachers and students in...
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The Study of Chemistry Learning on The Material of Buffer Solution Supported by Teaching Material of Multiple Representation-Chemoentrepreneurship Viewed From Student Entrepreneurship Interest

A Drastisianti, E Susilaningsih, Mr Supartono, N Wijayati
Teaching and learning activities in the classroom are part of the educational process aimed at bringing to a better state. These activities will be more meaningful if the needs and experiences of students are considered. Thus, this can improve the learning objectives which is connecting the subject matter...
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Learning Similarity Lawang Sewu using Context for Third Grade Lower Secondary School Students

Achmad Fahrurozi, Suci Maesaroh, Imam Suwanto, Farida Nursyahidah
This study aims to produce a learning trajectory by using the context of Lawang Sewu in helping students to understand the concept of similarity. The approach used in this research was Realistic Mathematics Education, in Indonesian version is called by PMRI. Subject of the study is the third-grade students...
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The Analysis of Students’ Critical Thinking Weakness in Senior High School on Physics Learning

Ahmad Fatih Musyarrof, Sunyoto Eko Nugroho, Mr Masturi
The 21st century skills to be the attention of education especially in Indonesia nowadays. One of the 21st century skills that student must possessed is the critical thinking ability. In physics learning, students should be able to think critically in analyzing a problem. Unfortunately, the attention...
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Digital Technology on Millenial Generation : Potere Mobile Devices on Primary Students for Supporting Learning

Ahmad Saiful Mirza, Farid Ahmadi, Lysa Amorita Rachmawati, Nashihah Laila Masruroh
The revolution of digital technology has major change on lifestyle, economics, entertainment, and education. In education sector, digital technology assists learners to learn something new rapidly. This paper purposes to potere digital technology in the form of mobile learning for primary students. This...
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Empowering School Committees Through Local Wisdom-Based Training Model At Jepara, Indonesia

Akhirin Akhirin, Mr Maman, Sumaryanto Sumaryanto, Mr Rustono
This research aims at obtaining proper model of empowerment training for Junior High School committees through local wisdom-based training model. The research applies Research and Development (R & D) approach by conducting preliminary study, determining factual models, drafting hypothetical model based...
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Scientific Creativity Profile of Mathematics and Science Students

Andi Fadllan, Mr Hartono, Mr Susilo, Sigit Saptono
Creativity is an important ability for students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The aims of this study were to find out the profile of students’ scientific creativity of Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Walisongo based on study programs and gender differences. It was a descriptive research...
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Development of Diagnostic Tests to Identify Deaf Student’s Multiple Representations Ability of Physics in SMPLB

Aninditya Dwi Perwitasari, Ani Rusilowati, Mr Sujarwata, Susi Agung Purwaningtyas
The purpose of this research is to get the results of deaf students’ multi representation capabilities profile analysis in SMPLBN Ungaran. The use of multiple representations is expected to facilitate deaf students to remember and understand the subject matter. The way students understand the material...
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The Profile of Concept Mastery and Scientific Literacy Skills for Senior High School Students in Force Theme

Anisa Aulia Marantika, Mr Sarwi, Ms Ellianawati, Tina Anggraini, Aninditya Dwi Perwitasari, Herwidhi Tri Prabowo
The purpose of this study is to identify concept mastery and scientific literacy skills for senior high school students. This study used quantitative-qualitative mix method. The subjects of this study are 12th grade student in Boyolali Regency. The instruments of this study are concept-based and scientific...
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Revitalization of Left Hands by Using Drill Method to Improve The Accuracy of Frisbee Throw Through to The Target

Arwinsyah Arwinsyah, Tandiyo Rahayu, Mr Soegiyanto, Setya Rahayu
The purpose of this study is to analyze the training method of drill 1 and drill 2, endurance as well as male and female on the success of throwing fresbee to the target. The method of the study was quasi-experimental. The sample were 80 people consists of 40 elementary school students and 40 students...
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Environment-Based Education Integrated Islamic Values to Cultivate Environmental Literacy and Attitudes

Atik Rahmawati, Kasmadi Imam Supardi, Sri Mulyani ES, Sri Haryani
The development of science and technology that not observe to environmental balance has caused environmental change and become a global problem almost in all countries in the world. This phenomenon motivated environmental education to educate not only in the cognitive and psychomotor domain but also...
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Increasing Technical Performance through Style Improvement Exercise on Swimming Athlete

Bambang Sutiyono, Hari Setijono, Tandiyo Rahayu, Hari A. Rachman
The purpose of this study is to produce a design process improvement training stroke that can be used to enhance and improve the technical problems in swimmer Nasional Training Camp the 27th Southeast Asian Games 2013. Samples are 2 swimmer Nasional Training Camp the 27th Southeast Asian Games 2013....
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The Educational Values of Oral Tradition as an Attempt to Preserve Customary Land in Ketapang District West Kalimantan

Basuki Wibowo, Dewi Liesnoor S, Mr Wasino, Hermanu Joebagio
The high risk of forest fires in Ketapang Regency West Kalimantan is caused by many factors. One of them is the opening of a new farm by using fires of the forest. In line with this, educating people to care and to preserve the forest is a part of inseparable efforts from forest fire preservation. The...
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The Effectiveness of Power of Leg Muscles and Flexibility of Leg Muscles to Improve Lofted Kick Method

Budiharjo Budiharjo, Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Mr Sugiharto, Soegiyanto K. S
The purposes of this research are to know: (1) the significant different methods between lofted kick method (ball is passed from the front), and lofted kick method (ball is passed from the back); (2) the different effects between upper flexibility of leg muscles and flexibility of lower leg muscles;...
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The Model Development of Frisbee Game as an Alternative Learning of Physical Education Sport and Health of Senior High School Students

Alief Dedi Kenedi, Mr Soegiyanto, Sulaiman Sulaiman
The problem of this research is Frisbee game model as a sport that introduced and practiced in learning activity needs to be developed as an alternative learning. The aim of this research is to know the model product of using frisbee game as an alternative learning and to produce the a cceptance of Frisbee...
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Reducing Java's Transmigrant Conflict With Indigenous People through Multicultural Education

Deki Wibowo, Mr Suyahmo, Dew Liesnoor Setyowati, Hamdan Tri Atmaja
Melawi Regency is colored by various tribes, characterized by various cultures, languages, and religions embraced, and diverse cultural value system contained in the community. Dayak tribe is one of indigenous tribes located in Melawi, besides there are also the descendants of Malayu migrants such as...
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The Traditional Games As A Means of Learning Resources Two Dimensional Figures In Primary School

Desi Setiyadi, Zaenuri Zaenuri, Mr Mulyono, Nur Karomah Dwidayati
The purpose of this research was to explore the traditional games as a means of learning resource two dimensional figures materials in primary school. The research was conducted in the area of Banyumas by observing a wide variety of traditional games that have relevance to mathematical concepts. The...
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Characteristic Analysis of Essay Test Instruments for Measuring Higher-Order Thinking Skills

E Susilaningsih, D L Setyowati, A M Diputera
This study aims to test the reliability and items characteristics of the essay test instrument to measure the higher-order thinking skills of social science lessons of junior high school grade 8. This research is useful to know the characteristics of the instrument items used directly by teachers for...
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The Analysis of Collaboration Needs between Vocational Schools and Industry in Internship Based on the Alignment of Graduates' Competence

Eko Supraptono, Mr Samsudi, I Made Sudana, M Burhan RW
The increasing number of job seekers of vocational school graduates in the last three years is caused by the mismatch between graduates' competencies and the needs of the industry. This study analyzed the collaboration needs of vocational schools and industries in the implementation of internship program...
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Economic and Political Diplomacy in Disruption Era Through Indonesian for Speakers of Other Language (BIPA) Teacher Assignment Overseas

Eko Widianto, Sofi Aulia Rahmania
This study represented about the benefit of learning of Indonesian for Speakers of Other Language (BIPA) in disruption era, particularly for Indonesian economic and politics. However, one of the purposes of BIPA Learning was diplomacy such as cultural, tourism, or political diplomacy. Thus, Indonesian...
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Cooperatif Learning Model to Reduce Mathematics Anxiety in High School Physics Learning

Ellianawati Ellianawati, Mr Supriyadi, Ms Istikomah
Physics is one field of study that requires adequate mathematical skills in analyzing and solving problems in physics. However, based on research reports, there are still many high school students who experience anviety in solving mathematical problems which are called mathematical anxiety. This research...
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Social Studies Learning Based on Ethnopedagogic through Social Relations of Dayak and Chinese Ethnics in Making Integration: A Study in Pontianak West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Emi Tipuk Lestari, Tri Marheni Pudji Astuti, Cahyo Budi Utomo, Agustinus Sugeng Priyanto
The learning of ethnopedagogic based social studies done by integrating the values contained in social relations between ethnic Dayak and Chinese serve as a source of learning social studies. The purpose of this research is to describe the learning strategy based on ethnopedagogic social studies through...
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Structure and Contextual Meaning Analysis of Anecdote Text with Character and Local Wisdom as an Alternative to Selection of Teaching Materials for Indonesian in Senior High School

Endah Dyah Wardani, Mr Rustono, Agus Nuryatin
This study aims to describe (1) the structure and contextual meaning of anecdot texts containing local characters and wisdom; (2) anecdot as a medium of conveyance of character-filled thoughts and local wisdom; and (3) anecdotes text characters with local characters and wisdom into bahasa Indonesia materials...
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Differences between Flexible and Conventional Remedial Learning Models towards Food and Beverage Analysis Course Learning Outcome

Endang Tri Wahyuni Maharani, Rasdi Ekosiswoyo, Mr Supartono, Mr Kardoyo
Remedial learning is a learning system in which the lessons are divided into small portions to be put together in a sequence to reach better outcome. The aims of this research were: (1) to know the influence of using flexible and conventional remedial study towards students’ learning outcome, (2) to...
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Erik Aditia Ismaya, Mr Wasino, Tri Marhaeni P. Astuti, Etty Soesilowati
The purpose of this research is to find and analyze the meaning variation of Kudus society to kretek culture in the framework of healthy and sick concept. Research data were analyzed using social construction theory from Berger and Luckmann. This research uses qualitative approach with case study method...
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Local Literature in Coastal Pesantren as an Alternative on Literary Reading Subject for Students of PBSI Unissula

Evi Chamalah, Agus Nuryatin, Suminto A. Sayuti, Ida Zulaeha
Pesantren is a very influential islamization network in Java Island. Pesantren has become a good place to grow for literature and traditions which have unique characteristics. Pesantren literature as one of uniqueness of Javanese coastal literature has never been abandoned as one of coastal pesantren...
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Development of Physics Learning Model Based of Islamic Boarding School’s Learning Model to Improve Students' Problem Solving Skill

F Mudhofir, S Suharto, Mr Sulhadi
Islamic boarding school (pondok pesantren) is an educational institution that has special characteristics. Developing a model based on boarding school of Tahfidz Yanbu'ul Qur'an Kawan Kudus is applied in physics learning. Learning model includes tahfidz learning, foreign language habitation, and classical...
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The Development of Simple Harmonic Vibration Student Learning Worksheet (LKPD) based on Curious Note Program (CNP) Learning Model in Improving Students’ Creative Thinking Ability

F P Farumananda, Mr Wiyanto, N M D Putra
This research aims to analyze the feasibility, praticality, and effectiveness of Simple Harmonic Vibration student learning worksheet (LKPD) based on Curious Note Program (CNP) learning model which can improve the students’ creative thinking ability. The research was categorized as Reasearch and Development...
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Communication Therapy Model for People with Asperger Syndrome

F P Kusuma, Mr Subyantoro, A Su’udi, H B Mardikantoro
Cultural transformation in the industry 4.0 era has become an inevitable phenomenon. One of its impacts can be found in the form of human interaction revolution. Individuals who are unable to manage this wind of change shall be left behind in the current competition. People with Asperger Syndrome (PAS)...
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The Implementation of Benchmarking in the Preparation of School Work Plan in Vocational High School

F Ponco Sudaryanto, Mr Haryono, Maman Rachman, Titi Prihatin
Benchmarking implementation of school work plan is a form of andragogy learning, problem solving, continuous quality improvement, participated of school community in the school self-development, and task of quality assurance in the school. The aim of using performance benchmarking is that school needs...
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The Characteristic of Rhetoric Discourse in Pilkada Political Advertisement

Fahrudin Eko Hardiyanto, Fathur Rokhman, Ida Zulaeha, Haribakti Mardikantoro
Political advertisements have been inseparable from The Regional Head Election 2015 in Central Java. There were many political advertisements presented by the candidates of regional head in diverse, likewise the varied in chracteristics. The objectives of this research is to analyze the characteristic...
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Blended Learning Analysis in Nature Basic Concept in Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program

Fine Reffiane, Mr Sudarmin, Mr Wiyanto, AP Budi Prasetyo
Blended learning is an appropriate lesson in today’s era of rupture and globalization. It is a kind of learning that combines face-to-face learning in the classroom and online learning through students’ smartphone / computers. The problem in this research was to know how far students’ understanding about...
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Analysis of Physical Ability, Technique and Mental Condition of Indonesian National Karateka

Fransiskus Nurseto Subekti, Mr Soegiyanto, Sulaiman Sulaiman, Hari Setijono
Training practices with complex skills in body movements cannot rely only on the skills by themselves but also need relevant and perfect preparation, since good movements of the body are always supported by physical and mental conditions of the performers. This research was intended to analyze the physical...
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Stability Analysis of Predator-Prey Model Using Holling Type II with Time Delay in Stabilization Pond

Gesti Essa Waldhani, Ms Sunarsih, Titi Udjani
In this paper, we discuss the predator-prey model using Holling type II functional response with the time delay in facultative stabilization pond. In this research, we discuss the predator-prey model using Holling type II functional response with the time delay, determining the equilibrium point, the...
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Leadership of Society-Based Education in Improving the Acceleration of Educational Organization in the Disruption Era

Gres Jekstman Kaipatty, Ari Tri Soegito, Mr Wahyono, Mr Kardoyo
In improving the acceleration of educational organization in the disruption era, leadership played very important role, especially by observing education as one of the fundamental needs of human’s life. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how leadership works in creating changes through educational...
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Effectiveness of Free Weight Exercise And Super Set Machine System on Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy

Mr Hadi, Mr Soegiyanto, Setyo Rahayu, Hari Setiono
Muscle hyperthropy is an indicator of muscle strength . Super set system as media in maximizing on weight training. Free burden is generally preferred over machines by athletes for strength training because they involve the incorporation of muscle mass and require greater stabilization. The use of free...
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Model Development of Management Information System of Internship

Wahyu Hardyanto, Aji Purwinarko, I Made Sudana, Eko Supraptono
The management of internship is generally done by working groups where management still uses management manually, data collection of students and companies or institutions of the industrial world has not been arranged systematically. : (1) bringing students to be placed in the industrialized world, (2)...
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Corruption in Media Construction: Superstructure Analysis of Corruption News Texts in Indonesian National Private Television

Hari Bakti Mardikantoro, Mr Haryadi
One of the topics that always appear and attract attention is the news of corruption on television. This topic alwaysappears to be headline news. This happens because corruption almost always occurs in Indonesia even it has been entrenched. Corruption has become the lifestyle of our officials. This research...
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The Need of Analysis on the Assessment Model of Speaking Ability Based on Information Technology

Hari Wahyono, Mr Rustono, Mr Sukarno, Mimi Mulyani
The method used in this research was Research and Development (R&D) method. R&D research is conducted through three main stages: (1) preliminary study, (2) model development, and (3) model effectiveness test. Preliminary study of assessment model development of students’ speaking ability based on information...
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Identification of Students’ Interest of Literacy At College As A Form Of Cultural Conservation

Haryadi Haryadi, Riza Arifudin, Asep Purwo Yudi Utomo, Uki Hares Yulianti
Many problems regarding literacy need to be explored and examined in depth. An alarming fact is recognized from the ranking of international literacy, which reveals the fact that the ability to read and write Indonesian people is very left behind. Indonesia is ranked 60th out of a total of 61 countries....
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Phosphorus Dosage and Cow Urine to Chlorophyll and proline Content on Binucleate Rhizoctonia by induced resistance of vanilla

Ms Haryuni, Endang Suprapti, Tyas Soemarah Kurnia Dewi, Teguh Supriyadi, Azis Andyan Nugroho, Achmadi Priyatmojo, Misri Gozan
Indonesian Vanilla (Vanilla Planifolia) has been export in many countries. The decrease production is caused by decreased plant resistance and increased environmental temperature. This research is to know the effect of phosphorus dosage and cow urin on chlorophyll content and proline of induced resistance...
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The Performance of Teachers in the Digital Era in Improving Learning Quality

Hendrik A.E. Lao, Rasdi Ekosiswoyo, Joko Sutarto, Suwito Ek Pramono
The development of the digital world today has become a lifestyle that cannot be separated from technology. Hence, teachers are required to follow the development of existing technology in order to make learning process go well. The purpose of this research is to determine the performance of teachers...
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Improving The Quality of Science Learning Through Mind Mapping Model with Flashcard

Herwinta Inggil Rejeki, Rosti Hidayah, Lena Cendrawati, Ms Juwarti
The results indicate that teachers have not developed creative thinking skills of students in science learning so that the average daily students’ test scores could not achieve the specified passing standard. To overcome the problems appli cation of mind-mapping model with flashcard was applied. The...
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Alternative Technique for Assessing Mathematical Creative Thinking in Geometry based on Information Processing Taxonomy Model

Hevy Risqi Maharani, YL Sukestiyarno, St. Budi Waluya, Mr Mulyono
The main characteristics of information processing taxonomy model consist of retrieving information from external memory and primary and secondary productions of Type A and Type B information. This characteristic becomes the components of different levels of thinking which could be used to confirm and...
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Development of Comic Based on Local Wisdom as Learning Media for Primary School

Hidar Amaruddin, Mr Haryadi, Eka Sari Setianingsih
The background of this study is the need for learning media in Indonesian language subject text conversation on the kids’ grade primary school. The problem is how the development of media KORIKA as a media learning of the Indonesian language students grade primary school? The aim of this study is to...
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Impact of smartphones on the achievement of sepak takraw learners

I Ketut Semarayasa, Soegiyanto KS, Setya Rahayu, Taufiq Hidayah
This paper aims at explaining impact of smartphones on the achievement of sepak takraw learners. The study used an ethnographic research design. The participants of the study were four learners of sepak takraw (ages 12 to 15). The data were collected by administering an in-depth interview and a non-participant...