Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2020)

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Study of the Characteristics of Chinese Guanxi and Its Influence on Business Development

Zhu Ding, Haoqiang Wei
In Chinese society, Guanxi is an important part between people’s interaction. In Chinese business, Guanxi also plays an important role and in many aspects, Guanxi has influenced the way how business in China operates. In order to understand the characteristics of Chinese guanxi and its influence on business...
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A Balanced Embedded Elder Care Model: A Case Study on the Family Elderly Care Beds in T Community of Nanjing

Family Elderly Care Beds is an innovative elder care service to cope with the aging population in Nanjing, China. It directly embeds the various modern aging equipment and kinds of service resources into the house, so that the elderly can enjoy professional, personalized and convenient services without...
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The Comparative Study of Teachers as Reform Leaders in Middle School Between Hong Kong and Mainland

Jiayi Lin
This proposal compares and analyzes the development trends of middle school teacher education reforms in the Mainland and Hong Kong. The common problems and countermeasures in the reform of teacher education in the two places under the new situation are explored. In the development prospects of the new...
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Research on the Strategies for Improving the Ideological Guidance Ability of College Counselors from the Perspective of Multiple Social Thoughts

Yufei Li, Chanjuan Li
Under the background of multiple social thoughts, it is an important content of ideological and political education in college to enhance the ideological guidance ability of counselors. This paper analyzes the practical significance of strengthening the ideological guidance ability of college counselors,...
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A Study of College Students’ Autonomous Learning Under the Mode of Distance Education

Liao Yidong, Wei Youqiang
In today’s social background, distance education provides rich learning resources and convenient learning methods for college students’ autonomous learning. Under the mode of distance education, there are many problems in college students’ autonomous learning, such as college students’ strong dependence...
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Why is Luxun’s “Nora” Different: The Cultural Account for the Divergent Heroines Between A Doll’s House and Lament Over the Dead

Fangming Gong
“Nora” is originally the heroine in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House who seeks for her dignity and independence by way of leaving her family. In 1925, Chinese leading writer Luxun imitated Nora’s runaway and composed a novel Lament over the Dead. However, this work’s heroine Zijun sinks to a miserable anti-hero...
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Modern Interpretation of Traditional “Benevolence” Culture in Ideological and Political Education

Zhang Li, Wu Lang
The traditional “benevolence” culture is the essence of Chinese culture and the theoretical basis for the formation of Chinese national values. This paper analyzes the basic connotation of Chinese traditional “benevolence” culture, probes into the modern value of traditional “benevolence” culture in...
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A Study on Corruption and Auditing Strategies of Related Party Transactions of Listed Companies

Liu Bo, Wang Yilin, Guo Chenyu
Related party transactions, as an important part of the trading model of listed companies, have an important impact on corporate stakeholders. Related party transactions can reduce the transaction costs of enterprises and continuously promote the development of a market economy. However, most of the...
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Reasons and Solutions for Female Employment Discrimination in the Background of the “Universal Two-Child Policy”

Qiwen Tang
The implementation of the “universal two-child policy” has intensified the conflict between women’s work and family, and further aggravated occupational gender discrimination. This article summarizes and analyzes the reasons for female employment discrimination from four aspects, which are as follows,...
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Study on College Counsellors’ Ideological and Political Education Work on Post-00 College Students in the Internet + Era

Dongyu Wang
Youth is the future of the country and the hope of the nation. Nowadays, post-00 college students have become the protagonists of university campuses. Their new ideas, characteristics, and behaviors have brought new opportunities and challenges to their counselors. Based on the belief of not forgetting...
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A Research on Scaffolding Instruction of College English Writing Teaching

Xi Li, Ping Yi
Writing ability is viewed as an important competence of language output. With the college English teaching reform, writing in some English examinations takes a greater part compared with other abilities; however, students’ writing skills are not satisfactory. As far as writing teaching is concerned,...
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Study on the Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Teaching Reform

Li Hong Bin
In the new era, it is necessary to strengthen the reform of ideological and political teaching in the curriculum to cultivate students’ deep feelings of loving the party, loving the country and loving the people. This paper summarizes the current situation and experience of ideological and political...
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Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Marathons in Third and Fourth-Tier Cities

Chen Ran, Chen XueFeng
Marathon races have been developing fast in third and fourd - tier cities for nearly a decade. They not only increased the quantities of the marathon races in China, but also gained more diversity because of the different courses. However, these races revealed issues such as financial scandals, vanity...
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Research on the Credit Index System of Small and Micro Enterprises Based on Inclusive Finance

Qian Shi
As the main service object of inclusive finance, the financing problem of small and micro enterprises has not been effectively solved although it has been widely concerned. In the current situation of imperfect development of the credit industry in China, the construction of the credit index system of...
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Cost and Value: Based on the “Theory of Practice” Design Criticism Behavior

Wang xiaodong
The existence of anything has its two sides, and design not only pays a price but also creates value. In order to achieve the maximum effect of value, it is necessary to carry out deep reflection and criticism in the practical experience. The article takes design practice as the ontology. Through a single...
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Thoughts on Skill Transmission and Cultural Inheritance of Wushu Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Hongjun An
This paper discusses the specific strategies of the integration in wushu teaching skills and the cultural heritage. Wushu teaching is not only the process of skill transfer, but also the process of chinese traditional culture spreading in colleges and universities. In the current teaching of wushu in...
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Policy Research on Special Posts of National Rural Compulsory Education Teachers

Xiaoning Zhu, Jiale Han
As a specific policy for supplementing rural compulsory education teachers in China, the Special Post Program involves multiple interest groups, and they play an important role in policy formulation and implementation. Based on the analysis model of interest groups, this paper analyzes the current policy...
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Legal Regulation of Religious Organizations’ International Relations – An Analysis in Vietnam

Truong Xuan Phuc, Nguyen Son Nam
The article demonstrates an analysis of the Vietnamese practice and legislation in regulating international relations of religious organizations. These analyses are increasingly important in the context of extensive international Vietnam’s integration in many areas, where the religious field is not an...
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China’s Peaceful Rise: A Necessary Path with Challenges

Xuanyi Zhu
In this paper, necessities as well as challenges of China’s peaceful rise will be demonstrated in four sections: leading national strategies in different historical periods; current domestic and international circumstances; barriers facing in implementing a soft rise; suggested ways to ameliorate main...
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Research on the Practical Path of “Internet + Social Work” in Spiritual Comfort of Lonely Old People

Yang Qian, Wang Zhen
The increasing number of the elderly population has made the issue of old age a hot spot of social concern. The issues of old age care, employment, daily care and survival are frequently discussed, but the spiritual aspects are often neglected by people, however, due to their weak position, the problem...
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The Study on the Protection of Rights and Legal Regulation of Supervisory Detention

Wang Yiwen
In order to integrate anti-corruption resources and build an authoritative and efficient anti-corruption system, the Supervision Law of the People’s Republic of China authorizes supervisory organs to take measures of detention in the process of exercising the power of investigation, and at the same time...
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Comparative Study on Language Features of Disastrous News Items in China and the West-Taking the Crash of Boeing 737 MAX as an Example

Yue Chen
Catastrophic news has always played an important role in news reports, and the frequently crashed Boeing 737 MAX has become a hot spot of disastrous events around the world. This article takes reports from BBC, New York Times and China Daily on the crash of Boeing 737 MAX on March 10, 2019 as examples....
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Exploration of College English Teaching Model in the Era of Internet Plus

Xue Li
With the advent of the Internet plus era, internet has become an important means for college students to acquire knowledge and exchange information, which has prompted a large-scale reform of the traditional teaching model. It is an inevitable trend in keeping with the trend of the times. As a basic...
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Research on Integrating Ideological and Political Education into College English Teaching

Xue Li
With the continuous strengthening of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, besides ideological and political courses in universities, other courses also take the important responsibility and mission of ideological and political education for students. College English is a...
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Research on Digital Humanities Education Practice and Library Support Strategies in Universities

Hongqiu Liu
With the rise of digital humanities in the world, libraries are not only an important institution supporting digital humanities research, but also an important part of participating in digital humanities education. This article reviews the digital humanities education practices in some foreign universities...
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An Interpretation of an Interactive Model: Urban Culture Coordinating Rural Culture or Rural Culture Combining Urban Culture

Gu Jijian
The division of cultures between urban and rural areas is a concept that explores the inevitability of cultural development. The relationship between the two, namely whether one co-ordinates the other or the two intersect, merge and interact in the process of co-ordination is the question that we explore....
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Study of Urban Settlements Environment from a Health Perspective

Yu Qin
With the rapid development of urbanization, the problem of urban living environment is becoming more and more prominent, and the health of urban population is facing serious threat. Improving the environmental quality of urban settlements, changing the management model of settlements and guiding healthy...
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The Analysis of New Weapon Equipment Training and the Research of Teaching System

Yue Chun-guo, He Hua-feng, Zhang Xin, Guan Wen-liang, Zhou Tao
The world military has entered the era of information war. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more new missile weapons with complex technology, principle and highly integrated products have been installed in the combat forces. At the same time, the military academies have...
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Research on the Application of Physical Fitness Monitoring Data Intelligent Management to Guide Physical Education Teaching

Dongxu LIU, Jiayi LI
This paper aims at the problems that need to be solved urgently in physical education teaching. With the help of artificial intelligence technology and the rapid development of 5G era, wearable devices are used to monitor students’ classroom status in real time and to statistically process the monitoring...
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Study on Service Quality of Chain Pharmacy–a Case Study of Chain Pharmacy in Guangdong Province

Zhang Yu
In the new medical reform plan, it is proposed to establish and improve the drug supply security system, which makes the people’s demand for medicine gradually expand, bringing huge development opportunities to the drug chain enterprises. Therefore, the improvement of service quality of chain pharmacies...
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Research on Self-Regulated Learning by Using Network Learning Space for Cross-Disciplinary MPAcc Postgraduate Freshmen Based on HeXie Management Theory

Xiaozhuo Wei, Yunpeng Li, Wenjun Shao, Xing Dong
The cross-disciplinary postgraduates are a special group with a large proportion for MPAcc. Compared with students of accounting background, their accounting knowledge and skills at the time of admission are far from satisfactory. The use of network learning space by cross-disciplinary MPAcc postgraduate...
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To Understand Everything, to Let Life Be Free and Harmonious: The Revelation of the Expression and Characteristics of the Gantong Thinking to Modern Education

Jiang Wen
Under the examination of the Gantong Thinking, which has the characteristics of opening wide, taking care of life, observing the inner mind and so on, the modern education dominated by scientific epistemology and conceptual thinking, the idea of knowledge and ability standard, the teaching mode of the...
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Grey Correlation Analysis of Sports Industry in Xiamen

Wen Huiyun
Regional economy, as a relatively independent and closely interconnected organic system, has a complex relationship between industrial development and economic development. Exploring the law of regional economic development is helpful to provide reference for regional industrial development. The author...
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Loss and Rebuilding of Local Government’s Credibility in Public Emergencies — Take the COVID-19 Epidemic as an Example

Xiaoning Zhu, Haimei Zhou
Public emergencies and the credibility of local governments promote and restrict each other. Local government will gain greater credibility if it handles emergencies well, and local government credibility is the main barrier when facing public emergencies. Good credibility can enable local governments...
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An Empirical Study of E-Commerce Users’ Positive Behavioural Intention to Personalized Recommendation System

Guangming Zhang, Qi Cao
This paper builds a model of influencing factors of users’ positive behavior intention to e-commerce personalized recommendation system, we conduct empirical research by collecting questionnaires and draw relevant conclusions: system quality, information quality and service quality have significant positive...
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Research on the Relationship Between the Volume of Shenzhen Stock Market and Economic Growth

Guanglu Li, Susheng Wang
In 2019, the trading volume of Shenzhen stock market increased by 46.38%,which contributing 0.1% to China’s GDP growth, 0.41% to Guangdong’s GDP growth and 0.30% to Shenzhen’s GDP growth. The impact of the turnover of stock market on economic growth is different in different stages of the development...
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Impression Management in Social Networking Sites and Its Motivation

Xinyu Liang
Nowadays, social networking sites (SNS) have gradually become an important field for interpersonal interaction and communication. Due to the uniqueness of social networks, users’ online interaction and offline face-to-face communication in social networks are different, but there is a certain correlation...
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Study on the Culture and Tourism Spatial Production of Yi Residence Inns

Ping Zhao
The residence inns play an important role in the tourism in Yi ethnic villages nowadays, which have become an important platform of the transformation and upgrading of rural tourism in China. While bringing tourism economic benefits to villages, the Yi residence inns have also become a stage for Yi cultural...
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Opportunistic Solvers Identification of a Crowdsourcing Innovation Platform

Jintong Hua, Qingliang Meng
Crowdsourcing innovation is characterized by loose organizational structures, free will of participants, strong innovation goals and information asymmetry, which can easily induce solvers’ opportunistic behaviors, such as fraud, intellectual property theft, free-riding and so on. In order to create an...
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Poverty Groups Identification and Assessment of Poverty Alleviation Programs in Rural China

Zeng Zhen, Zhu Mengxian
This study analyzed the outcomes of 194 individuals living in rural poverty in Guizhou Province using data obtained from a poverty alleviation information system together with several machine-learning tools. First, four dimensions were abstracted from a multiple factor analysis: family background and...
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Cultural Discount of Wushu in Cross-Cultural Communication

Zhang Kun
Based on literature study and other methods such as interview and logical analysis, a new concept and perspective which named “cultural discount” is used to interpretation the phenomena such as cultural distortion and cultural misreading of Wushu in cross-cultural communication. The cultural discount...
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Research on Cross-Cultural Communication and Management of Multinational Enterprises Under the Belt and Road Initiative — Taking WS Company’s China-Kazakhstan Project Cooperation as an Example

Modanov Bashir, Hongyan Gao
With China’s “New Silk Road Economic Belt” and “Belt and Road” initiatives, China has gradually strengthened cooperation with Central Asia, and this cooperation has also brought more development opportunities for both sides. Of the five Central Asian countries, Kazakhstan is the largest of them, and...
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Business Capital Going to the Countryside Practice, Problems and Countermeasures—Based on the Perspective of Cooperatives

Gan Yi, Jiao Yinghui
Rural capital and peasant cooperatives are two major forces in the development of rural economy and industry. The state attaches great importance to the healthy development of the two. The rush of industrial and commercial capital to the countryside, on the one hand, revitalized the living capital of...
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An Investigation on the Connection of English Phonetic Teaching in Primary and Middle Schools in the Context of Curriculum Reform

Wei Zheng, Jingjing Lu
Phonetic teaching is one of the important contents of English teaching, and it is the basic level of the whole English teaching. In recent years, English phonetic teaching at the elementary level does not pay attention to students’ grasp of phonetic knowledge. After entering junior high school, the teaching...
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Research on the Teaching Method of the Integration of Curriculum Ideology and Professional Courses

Hao Guo, Jun Sun, YuShi Zhang
The teaching of professional courses is the core link in the process of talent training in universities. It integrates ideological and political courses with professional courses, and follows the “Leadership of People” put forward by General Secretary Xi, integrating the cultivation and practice of the...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of the Course of Commodity Science of the Chain Management Group

Song Chuanzhen
“Commodity Studies” is an important basic course for the chain operation and management professional group. It has strong applicability and practicality. The teaching content of this course is complex, but the number of hours for the basic basic course is less, plus some experimental training equipment...
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A Study on the Phased Objectives and Major Measures of the Coordinated Development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Wang Jianfeng, Lu Yan, Zhao Tiantian
In 2014, the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei has become a national strategy and entered a new stage. In 2015, the outline of Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development plan was released, marking the preliminary completion of the top-level design of coordinated development. In...
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Current Situation, Problems, and Strategy of Basic Public Education Service System in Kunming, China

Ying Yang, Yaling Sun
Private education is an important supplement to public education in China. The main form of private schools in Kunming is cooperative schools. In the current development of compulsory education, the trend of “government and public retreat” has gradually formed, which has brought great impact on the balance...
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General Risks Faced By China’s Foreign Cultural Trade

Tang Lijing
Under the strong promotion of the “cultural power” policy, with the continuous development of China’s cultural industry, foreign cultural trade has developed rapidly, but the risk management awareness of the entire industry is relatively weak, and the risk management system has not yet been established....
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An Empirical Study on the Influence of Media Attention on Real Earnings Management

Yang Meng
Based on the rapid development of social media in today’s era, this paper take the data of Shenzhen Stock A manufacturing listed companies from 2013 to 2018 as samples, and examine the impact of media attention on the company’s real earnings management through OLS regression analysis. This paper find...