Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Sciences and Teacher Profession (ICETeP 2020)

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The Student Management System Applied by Aisyiyah Rejang Lebong Creative Middle School to Improve Students’ Non-Academic Achievement

Abdul Sahib, Sandya Sucilarasati
This study aims to determine how the management of students carried out at Aisyiyah Rejang Lebong Creative Middle School, the efforts of student management to improve non-academic achievement, the supporting and inhibiting factors of the implementation of student management. This qualitative research...
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Development of Online Learning Quality Assurance Management Model

S. Adelina Mariani
Bina Insani University is a university located in West Java that has been carrying out blended learning system courses for the last 3 years, including entrepreneurship courses. Online lectures are conducted after alternating face-to-face lectures. The existing learning materials with the blended learning...
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Learning Effectiveness of Equilibrium Concept of Objects Through the Walking Stability Bipedal Robots

Afrizal Mayub, Fahmizal
This research aims to; (1) Producing a Physics Learning Program Package Based on Center Feedback Simulation Push Bipedal Robot Stability Controller, (2) Describing the effectiveness of Physics Learning using a Physics Learning Program Based on Center Feedback Simulation Simulated Walking Bipedal Robot...
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The Development of Mathematics Teaching Material Based on Problem Solving to Support the Goal Achievement of Primary Education Mathematics Courses

Agus Susanta, Irwan Koto
Mathematics teaching materials have an important role in supporting the achievement of the teaching goals of elementary school teacher education. One of the goals is to develop problem solving skills, but the existing teaching materials were not sufficient to facilitate problem solving. Therefore, problem...
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Program Evaluation of School Literacy Movement at Primary Schools in Bengkulu City

Agus Trianto, Ria Ariesta
The purpose of this study was to obtain an adequate description of the implementation profile of the School Literacy Movement (SLM) program. This goal is achieved through program evaluation research. In particular, the aim of this study is to obtain data or results in the practice of literacy programs...
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The Effect of Implementation English Material Technical Contained on Vocational Schools

Ahmad Nasihin
Learning English at vocational high schools has been provided, but the motivation and skills of students are still very low so they are rejected for international scale industry. Therefore, it is necessary to practice English Learning Teaching (ELT) by innovative materials designed based job demands...
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Teacher Perception on the Implementation of Academic Supervision of Middle School Supervisors in Bengkulu

Akmaludin, Rambat Nur Sasongko, Nirwana, Sumarsih
This research aims to determine the teachers’ perceptions of the implementation of the academic supervision of Middle School supervisors in Bengkulu city covering three aspects: attitude, cognitive, and psychomotor aspects. This research is descriptive qualitative research using interview, observation,...
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Education for Sustainable Development in Indonesia: Developing Online Sustainable Development Learning Model Based on Indonesian Typical Case Studies

Ali Murtopo Simbolon
People need Education for Sustainable Development to support their productivity and creativity in facing global challenges. This helps making a more versatile and sustainable society. It also empowers each person to develop their intelligence, competence, character, and attitude needed in forming an...
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The Effectiveness of Training Defense Model for U-13 Players

Ardo Okilanda, Firmansyah Dlis, Hidayat Humaid, Widiastuti, Dede Dwiansyah Putra, Desy Tya Maya Ningrum
Defense training model generally implemented in football player since 13 years old. Defense training model phase applied tactic. This paper aims at the effectiveness of coaching defense toward football players in defense strategy U-13. The sample in this paper consisted of 60 samples of U-13 players....
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Teachers Sustainable Professional Development (SPD) in Indonesia

Aris Munandar, Ucu Cahyana, Budiaman, Suhardjo, Darsep, Nandi Kurniawan
This study aims to find out Sustainable Professional Development (SPD) of the teachers after they are certified related to demographic factors which are analysed in two regions: Jakarta (capital city) and Lampung (province). A survey is conducted as the method. The population is the certified teachers...
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The Differences in Learning Activities by Using “RPP Merdeka”and “RPP K-13” for Elementary School Teachers in Jakarta

Aris Munandar, Ode Sofyan Hardi, L. Dwi Sukanti
This study aims to find out the learning activities carried out by elementary school teachers who use the previous version of lesson plans (RPP) or called as RPP K 13 and the new - simpler one or called as RPP Merdeka. The longer version was regulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2016...
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A Learning Quality in Master Program of Educational Administration

Asti Putri Kartiwi, Aris Nupan, Romlan
The quality of learning has always been an important issue in an educational institution. The quality of learning can be seen from a variety of different points of view because it is a dynamic concept according to the development of the times. In the future, the quality of learning, especially in higher...
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Towards a Model of Attitudes and Character Learning Training Needed by Teachers

A lot of training models of attitude and character learning have been applied for the training of Indonesian teachers; however, the majority of them still feel confused about how instill values in their students and shape children’s attitudes and characters. Research and development method was applied...
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Why Do Educational People Commit Corruption in Communicating Their Personal Brands?

Bambang Sukma Wijaya, Muhammad Taufiq Amir, Jurica Lucyanda
Amid the increasingly fierce competition, personal branding has become necessary for modern workers today, including professionals in education. This article explores why people in the educational milieu, especially higher education, commit corruption in communicating their brands. We conducted interviews...
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The Development of Lecturer Competency in Improving the Quality of Learning and Teaching at IAIN Curup

The Curup State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) as a sub-system of national education has contributed for improving the quality of life of the Indonesian people. This study aims to describe how the management and strategy of lecturer competence advancement in enhancing the learning and instructing...
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Influence of Communication and Teaching Lecturers Competencies Towards Students Online Learning Satisfaction in the Time of Covid-19

Betty Leindarita
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of communication and the competence of teaching lecturers on student online learning satisfaction during the Covid-19 period. Type of associative research study was used to search for a correlation causal relationship. As many as 613 samples and 242...
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The Heosemys Spinosa Monitoring Model in Conservation Areas as the Conservation Practicum for Postgraduate Science Education in Bengkulu University

Bhakti Karyadi, Aceng Ruyani, Agus Sundaryono, Deni Parlidungan, Pani Aswin
This study aims to develop a Heosemys Spinosa monitoring model to assist practicum activities on Conservation Education material. This type of research is a development to produce a turtle monitoring model in practical activities. The research location was conducted in the turtle conservation area of...
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Development of Online-Based Learning Using Moodle E-learning System in New Innovation and Paradigm of Education Course

Connie, Eko Risdianto, Meizul Zuki
This study aims to develop online-based learning to improve learning outcomes and student motivation in the Innovation and New Education Paradigm courses. The Moodle-based e-learning system at Bengkulu University, which is provided to facilitate online lectures, has not been maximally utilized by lecturers....
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The Effectiveness of Herbarium as a Learning Medium on Compound Leaf Material for Students’ Achievement in Biology

Dahlia, Masdi Janiarli
This research aims to find out the effectiveness of herbarium used as a medium of learning on compound leaf material toward the learning achievement for the third semester of Biology students at University of Pasir Pengaraian. This type of research is Quasi experiment. The design used is pretest-posttest...
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The Flood Disaster Preparedness for Lembak Ethnic Children in Bengkulu City Watershed

Dalifa, Neza Agusdianita, V. Karjiyati, Wurjinem, Inzoni
This study aimed to determine the attitude of flood disaster preparedness for children who were in the watershed of the city of Bengkulu. This study provided an understanding of the steps to be prepared for flood disasters that could be done by children through simulations and videos about flood disasters....
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Understanding the Concept of Geometry Through the Connected Mathematics Project Learning by Using Online Media and Local Culture

Desi Andriani
Mathematics learning is very important but it is felt very difficult for the students. Geometry is a part of mathematics learning. The connected mathematics project-based learning (CMP) is mathematics learning that raised everyday problems in life to explore mathematical ideas so that to foster the student-centered...
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Overcoming Difficulties in Understanding the Linear Equation System Through the Ethnomathematics Approach in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dewi Herawaty, Wahyu Widada, Abdurrobbil Falaq Dwi Anggoro, Shadaqnas Dewarif Tri Anggoro
The purposes of this study were to detect students’ errors in understanding the two-variable system of linear equations during the Covid-19 Pandemic; and produce mathematics learning techniques to overcome student errors in understanding the system of two-variable linear equations through virtual learning...
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Physical Education in Bengkulu: Learning System in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Dian Pujianto, Bayu Insanistyo, Sugiyanto, Santun Sihombing, Arwin
Covid-19 has changed the order of life in various sectors, including the educational sector. Covid-19 changes the education system, both general education and physical education. Physical education is education that prioritizes the psychomotor domain. This study aims to determine the implementation learning...
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The Role of Interactive Videos in Mathematics Learning Activities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dina Karmila, Della Marliza Putri, Meta Berlian, Deden Oka Pratama, Fatrima
The purpose of this study was to determine the role of interactive learning videos in mathematics learning activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research method used in this study was literature review, which collects data from various literatures, books, and journals. From the research that has...
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Learning Training Model to Remote Elementary School Teachers in Seluma Regency, Bengkulu, Indonesia

Dodo Sutardi, Edwar, Haimah
Learning training is one of the alternatives to improve teachers’ competency. However, the training is not adaptive to the condition and situation of teachers in remote areas. This study is aimed at resulting in a learning training model for remote elementary school teachers. The method used is a Quasi-experimental...
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Internet-Based Learning in Increasing Student Learning Activities in Learning the Basic Concepts of Dance

Dwi Anggraini, Hasnawati
This study aims to describe the increase in student activity by utilizing the internet in learning the Basic Concepts of Dance Material of Tari Nusantara for VB semester students of PGSD Study Program, University of Bengkulu. The research method used is action research by Kemmis-Mc Taggart Model which...
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Ethno Science Module: A New Direction of Environmental Education on Student Problem Solving

Edi Ansyah, Ahmad Walid
Indonesia is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of plants in the world. Most of the plants in Indonesia can be used as medicinal ingredients. This researcher aims to develop ethnics-based science learning modules that have the feasibility to be used after validation. Identify the types...
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Developing Reading Materials Based on Local Wisdom

Elva Utami, Lisa Rakhmanina
This study explored local wisdom and culture in Bengkulu that are implemented in reading materials. The objective of this investigation was to create materials of reading that depend on the local wisdom of Bengkulu. In this study, the research design used was a Research and Development (R&D). The...
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Optimization of Learning in General Chemistry II Through the Implementation of the PAIKEM Model to Increase Students’ Motivation

Emilia Candrawati, Nurlia Latipah, Mellyta Uliyandari
This study aims to determine the increase in student motivation after applying the PAIKEM (Creative, Effective, and Fun Innovative Active Learning) model to the General Chemistry II course in the S1 Science Education study program, Bengkulu University. This study used a quasi-experimental method with...
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Guided Inquiry Learning in the Concept of Carbon Compounds to Enhance Students’ Science Process Skills

Euis Nursa’adah, Sanjaya, Irah Namirah, Agus Sundaryono
Science process skills are very important for every student as a provision to use the scientific method in developing science. Through a quasi-experimental research method with a non-equivalent control group design, this study aims to implement guided inquiry learning on the concept of carbon compounds...
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Comparative Analysis of Learning Outcomes of Implementing PowerPoint and Pictures as the Learning Media

Eva Istapra, Purdiyanto, Ahmad Walid, Raden Gamal Tamrin Kusumah
Student’s learning outcomes can be varied based on different factors. One of these factors is the learning media. This study aims to determine the differences in student learning outcomes by using Powerpoint and picture media in 4th grade Public Elementary School 40 Bengkulu City. The method used is...
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The Effect of Playing Dol Musical Instruments to the Musical Intelligence of Children Aged 4-5 Years in PAUD Haqiqi, Bengkulu City

Fatrica Syafri, Wira Hadi Kusuma, Fatrida Anugrah Syafri
The issue that arises is the lack of interest in playing the Dol. The child still does not understand the Dol’s beat, sound, and rhythm, lack of compactness when a Dol is played in children, and lack of excitement for children while playing a Dol in following the movements. The goal of this study was...
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The Relationship Between Mathematical Problem-Solving Ability, Mathematical Connection Ability, and Ability to Read the Qur’an

Fatrima Santri Syafri, Dodi Isran, Nurhikma
Problem solving skills and mathematical connection skills are mathematical abilities that must be possessed by students. In addition this ability can also hone the ability of students to solve everyday problems. Therefore, as a prospective teacher, students must have reliable mathematical abilities....
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The Effectiveness of Students of Vocational High School (SMKN) 2 North Bengkulu in the Middle of the COVID-19 Outbreak Using Online Media

Firdaus Akif
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of students of vocational high school (SMKN) 2 Bengkulu Utara (North Bengkulu) in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak using online media. This research is a descriptive quantitative study that focuses on evaluating learning using online media. The study...
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The Effect of Independent Learning Implementation in Integral Calculus Learning for the Topic Riemann Sums on Students Learning Outcomes

Hanifah, Ahbi Mahdianing Rum
The purpose of this research is to find the effect of the implementation of independent learning in integral calculus for the subject Riemann Sums on student learning outcomes in Academic Year 2020/2021. Independent Learning consists of the following stages: 1) Students access the material; 2) Discussion;...
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Problem Solving Ability of Integration Technique in Integral Calculus Learning Based on APOS Model of Mathematics Education Students

This study aimed to determine the results of the posttest, and the students’ problem-solving abilities in solving integration technical questions in learning Integral Calculus based on the APOS Model. The integration technique consists of: a) Substitution Method, b) Trigonometric Substitution, c) Substitution...
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Student Spiritual Value Through Environmental Science Learning

Henny Johan, Afrizal Mayub, Sipriyadi
The aim of this research was to explore spiritual awareness on physic environmental learning activity. This research used pre-experimental, experimental, and experimental data analysis. In the pre-experimental stage, the analysis of environmental physics concepts and spiritual attitudes was carried out,...
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Development of a Physics Practicum Model Using Augmented Reality Technology: A Preliminary Analysis

Widiasih, Henny Johan, Paken Pandiangan
One of the uses of technology in the education sector is the use of Augmented Reality technology in learning. This study aims to analyse the use of augmented reality in learning activities especially at practicum activities. The potential use of augmented reality in practicum activities through literature...
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The Preliminary Analysis for Developing Material Teaching Using Augmented Reality for Blended Learning at Fundamental Physics Course

Widiasih, Henny Johan, Sipriyadi, Prayekti
One of the uses of technology in the education sector is the implementing of Augmented Reality (AR) technology at learning activity. This study aims to analyze the implementing of AR technology in course materials of fundamental physics teaching. The implementing of AR technology in physics teaching...
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Instilling the Awareness of Environmental Conservation Through Unobserved Environmental Physics Concepts

Henny Johan, Bhakti Karyadi, Agus Sundaryono, Sipriyadi
The science concepts are related to our daily lives and to the environment around us. This research aimed to instill the awareness of environmental conservation through unobserved environmental physics concepts. This research used experimental research with one group only post-test design. 15 postgraduate...
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The Creation of Science Learning Models Based on Islamic Characters Deterrent Effects to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Iip Aripin, Johanes Sapri, Riyanto, Alexon
Creation of Islamic Character-Based Science Learning Model (KMPIBKI) and the impact of accompanying models to improve student learning outcomes in Integrated Islamic Elementary Schools (SDIT) in Bengkulu City. This study aims to determine how the creation of a science learning model based on Islamic...
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The School Principals’ Role in Education Management at the Regional Level: An Analysis of Educational Policy in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Irwan Fathurrochman, Sudarwan Danim, AB Syaiful Anwar, Nina Kurniah
The present study aimed to analyze the education policies in the era of educational reform. This policy is very monumental in the history of education in Indonesia, where enormous authority is given directly to schools. The schools can develop their respective innovations in developing a treatment for...
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The Investigation of in-Service Elementary School Teachers’ Understandings of Inquiry-Based Learning by Using Indonesian Version of Understanding Learning Cycle Test

Irwan Koto, Agus Susanta
Many scholars have published research studies related to teacher misconceptions about science concepts but a few investigations report teachers’ understandings of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL). To achieve the main concern, Indonesian version of the Understanding of Learning Cycle (ULC) test was developed...
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Code Transfer in the Domain of Buying and Selling at Traditional Market

Joni Helandri
One of the most frequent phenomena discussed in a speech event is code switching. Code switching is the transition from one code to another. The phenomenon of code switching occurs minimally in bilingual or even multilingual speech communities; otherwise this phenomenon will not occur in monolingual...
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The Effects of Relaxation Technique and Warm Compress on Decreasing Dysmenorrhea Scale

Jumita, Muhammad Kristiawan
The purpose of this study was to determine and analyse the effect of deep breathing relaxation technique and warm compress on decreasing the dysmenorrhea scale of students of SMPN 17 in Bengkulu city in 2014. This research is an experimental research that the quantitative approach used is the Queasy...
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Perspectives of Online Learners: Demographic Characteristics on Synchronous Learning Environment in Taiwan

Junedi, Chih-Ming Hsu, Hidir Efendi
This study addressed the differences of distance learners’ perspectives of synchronous e-learning environment based on their demographic characteristics. The participants in this study are 120 Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan who takes undergraduate program with blended learning environment in Indonesia...
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Inquiry Learning Models to Improve Students’ Science Process Skills in Plant Anatomy Courses

Kasmiruddin, Nopriyeni
This study aims to determine the improvement of students’ science process skills in the plant anatomy course by using an inquiry learning model. The method used in this research is a quasi experiment. The research design used was the pre-test post test control group design. The sample in this study were...
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Medicinal Plants Diversity in Traditional Treatment of Rejang Ethnic Communities in Rejang Lebong Regency as a Resource for Learning Plant Taxonomy

Kasrina Kasrina, Alif Yanuar Zukmadini, Febri Ade Bunga Laily, Selvia Rahmi
The Rejang ethnic is one of the largest ethnics in Bengkulu Province, generally domiciled in Rejang Lebong Regency, Lebong. One of the local wisdoms of this tribal community until now is to practice traditional medicine as a cultural heritage, but most of it is passed on to the next generation by oral...
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Mother Tongue Interference Towards Students’ English Pronunciation: A Case Study in IAIN Curup

Leffi Noviyenty, Mesi Irene Putri
Mother tongue interference can affect students’ English speaking skill especially in pronouncing the words intrinsically. Considering Rejang language is the dominant mother language used by students at IAIN Curup, the students as EFL learners often use their mother tongue in daily communication and at...
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Development of Learning Module on Oil and Beef Adulteration to Improve Students’ Understanding in Analytical Chemistry Course

Yopita Diana, Nina Gusti, Rina Elvia, Hartsa Arroka, M. Lutfi Firdaus
The use of teaching material developed from laboratory research is one way that can be done to improve students’ scientific literacy in accordance to the challenges of 21st century learning. This research aimed to resolve the feasibility of the developed analytical chemistry module, to improve students’...
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Toulmin Model: A Strategy for Critical Thinking in Analytical Reading

Maria Niayu Risma Novianti
Critical thinking skill is an important skill needed at the college or university level to read and write critically. The skill enhances students to analyze and evaluate the information as a response to the text. This research aims to reveal their abilities to read critically by using Kurland theory...
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Sparkol VideoScribe Application for Instruction

Muhammad Kristiawan, Nur Aminudin
Different types of technical applications were not included in the instruction at the Faculty of Education, University of Bengkulu. Every teaching activity is just making a paper and a daily presentation of PowerPoint, then discussing it together. This activity appears to be monotonous. This research...
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Integrated Islamic Elementary School Characteristics as Encouragement for Parents in Choosing Education for Children

Muhammad Ridho Nugroho, Muhammad Kristiawan
The parents will then be faced with multiple primary school options after their children finished the education at the pre-school level, which will be taken as a continuation of the next level of education. One of the options for parents to continue their children’s education is Integrated Islamic Elementary...
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The Use of Ethnomathematics Learning Devices Based on Realistic Mathematics Education Models on Mathematics Literacy Mastery

Neza Agusdianita, Victoria Karjiyati, Sufiyandi
The main objective of this study was to develop learning ethnomathematics learning device based on Realistic Mathematics Education models on skill mastery in mathematics learning activities. The quasi-experimental technique was done by matching the pre-test and post-test control group. The study involves...
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Education Management Approach for Information Processing Ability in Cognitive Psychology Subject for Magister Students

The thought process is complex and it cannot be seen directly how the brain works and information is processed. Information received through the senses will be felt by the parts that function specifically. On the other hand, activities in collecting or receiving stimuli from the setting, organizing data,...
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Implementation of the Cooperative Model of Think Pair Share on Writing Exposition Text

Novelti, Erpidawati
Based on the results of the pre-research conducted at SMP Negeri 1 Padang Panjang, it was found that the method and results of student exposure to text writing skills were not optimal. Therefore, this study aimed at improving the writing skills of exposition text, reading habits, and student activeness...
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The Method to Solve Problems About Fraction by Using the Manipulative Media

Nurul Astuty Yensy
Mathematics has an important role in the world of education because it supports science in other fields, such as physics, chemistry, biology and science. Mathematics learning is abstract, so mathematics learning should be carried out in a fun, interesting manner and easily understood by students. One...
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The Small Area Estimation by Using Empirical Bayes Method

Nurul Astuty Yensy
The Small Area Estimation (SAE) is useful for estimating subpopulation parameters with small sample size. Various methods have been developed to estimate the area parameters, especially model-based methods. The Empirical Bayes is a method that can be used to estimate small area parameters. A small area...
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Analysis of the Application of National Standards of Education in Elementary Schools

Osa Juarsa, Rambat Nur Sasongko, Novian Mashuri
Elementary School (ES) is held based on the National Education Standard (NES). This national standard is a reference for every school. The problem is that there are schools that have not implemented these national standards thoroughly. It also includes elementary school levels that have not implemented...
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Improving Students Speaking Motivation by Using Role Play Technique at Institute Islamic in Indonesia

Paidi Gusmuliana, Eka Apriani, Syafryadin
The purpose of this paper was to investigate the problems that the students faced, because they were not willing to speak in particular English. Role play is known for being one of the best teaching techniques and can motivate students to talk. The aim of this paper was then to find out if there was...
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Teacher-Equalization-Policy Implementations in Maluku Province

Patris Rahabav, Insun Sangaji, Paula Tahapary, Ervana Nelawaty Aponno
Analysis of the ratio of teachers to students, there has been an excess of teachers in all districts. Meanwhile, the analysis of the ratio of students to teachers based on the subject areas they are teaching is still a mismatch. The problem of teacher shortages is due to lower regulations as the elaboration...
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Improving the Ability of Teachers in Developing Student Character Based on Local Culture

Pebrian Tarmizi, Osa Juarsa
The problem of community service that is carried out is “How to increase the ability of teachers to develop national character based on local culture? The aim is to develop the teacher’s ability to explore and instill local cultural character values, so that it is expected to reduce the degradation of...
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Increasing Students’ Learning Outcomes Through the Implementation of Outing Class Strategy in Natural Science Subject

Purdiyanto, Eva Istapra, Raden Gamal Tamrin Kusumah, Ahmad Walid
This study aims to describe the implementation of the outing class learning strategy and to find out its effects on students’ learning outcomes in science subject. This qualitative study uses students in 5th grade as the primary data, and the class teachers who teach science subjects as the secondary...
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Scaffolding Oriented Cognitive Perturbation as an Alternative Solution on Covid-19 Learning Era

Rendy Wikrama Wardana, Afrizal Mayub
The Covid-19 pandemic has impact on education and learning aspects. Learning evolves into less effective because the student demanded to self-regulate learning with all the obstacles. Appropriate learning method is needed as an alternative solution in learning processes. One of them is Scaffolding and...
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The Need for the Development of Indonesian Language Syntax Teaching Materials Based on STEAM Approach

Reni Kusmiarti, Johanes Sapri, Ria Ariesta
The purpose of this research is to analyze the need for the development of Indonesian syntactic teaching materials based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematic (STEAM) approach. This qualitative descriptive research has 105 Indonesian Literature and Language Education students as research...
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Clusterizations, Mergers and Acquisitions of Higher Education in Indonesia

Rifda Arafah, Muhammad Kristiawan, Sudarwan Danim
Clusterizations, mergers, and acquisitions of university institutions are carried out to provide a framework for the development of development policies, the development of higher education, and to enable universities to enhance their competencies, their higher education standards, and also the quality...
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PAIKEM Learning Application for Students Self-Development Course

Rita Sinthia, Yessy Elita
This study aims to improve skills in designing guidance and counselling services through participatory, active, innovative, creative, effective and fun learning. Classroom action research methods are used in this study. The population of research subjects was 65 students in semester 5 of the Guidance...
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The Utilization of Learning Device Information System (SIPP) as a Child Development Report Preparation Tool (RAPOT) in Kindergarten

Rohita, Nila Fitria, Dody Haryadi, Radhiya Bustan
The learning device information system (SIPP) is a system designed to compile a child development report by entering the input menu for daily and weekly assessment reports, anecdotal notes and child development reports in tables and narrative forms. The purpose of this study is to find out whether the...
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Improving the Quality of Non-Fictional Writing Skills Through Writing Information on Social Media

Rokhmat Basuki
This study aims to describe the learning process of Non-fictional Writing and to determine the improvement of non-fictional writing lecture achievement by using the method for non-fictional students of the Indonesian Language Education Study Program, University of Bengkulu. The research method uses classroom...
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Development of a Behavioral Counseling Services Model Using Assertive Training Techniques Through Role-Playing Game to Improve Assertive Behavior of Bullying Victims

Romika Rahayu, Masdi Janiarli, Mi’rajul Rifqi
Indonesian children have been being victims of bullying in schools; they have physical and mental health problems. Being a victim of bullying starts from often displaying low assertive behavior. This is one of the many causes of bullying. The research objective is to develop a counseling model that is...
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The Impact of an Exploratory Approach in Teaching Mathematics to the Critical Thinking Skills of Junior High School Students

Saleh Haji, Widya Paramita Sari, Zamzaili, Yumiati
The goal of this study is to evaluate the impact of an exploratory approach on the ability of Bengkulu City junior high school students to think. Experimental research with Posttest-Only Control Group Design is this type of research. The study sample includes 87 8th grade students in the second semester...
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The Relationship Between the Ability of Understanding Mathematical Concepts With Language Ability During Contextual Learning

S. Salmaini, Ahmad Fauzan, I Made Arnawa, Darmansyah, Wahyu Widada
Increasing the ability of the left brain can have a positive effect on the understanding of mathematical concepts. The purpose was to test whether there was a positive direct effect on students’ language skills through contextual learning based on Padang (Pariaman) Tabuik Culture on their ability to...
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Determination of Gd (III) Concentration by Voltammetry and Its Usage as a Learning Module for Chemistry Student

Santhy Wyantuti, Wina R. Oktaviani, Diana Hendrati, Yeni Wahyuni Hartati, Lena Rahmidar
Gadolinium is a rare earth metal that has similar properties as other rare earth metals, making it difficult to separate Gadolinium from the others. Gadolinium has been extracted from Erath’s crust in the form of their minerals, such as monazite and gadolinite. Gadolinium is widely used for applications...
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Critical Thinking Ability With Guided Inquiry Model on Science Learning

Santoso, Tomi Hidayat
This study aims to determine how guided inquiry models could improve students’ critical thinking ability. This study is such a kind of qualitative content analysis. The study was done by analyzing articles from different journals. Each journal was nationally accredited. The author of each article focused...
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The Challenges in Constructing and Administering an Objective Test for Beginners’ Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shella Monica
A test or an exam plays important role in education since it is used as a consideration in determining the success of instruction and sorting student’s grades. However, constructing and administering a good test for young learners especially during the COVID-19 pandemic is not simple. Therefore, it becomes...
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The Role of Father in Instilling Moral Values in Children Aged 4 – 5 Years in Kampung Bonjol Selatan, South Tangerang

Sinta Krisnawati, Rohita
The role of the father, which is generally known, is only as a head of the household in charge of earning a living. Whereas in fact, the role of the father is not enough to only earn a living but is also necessary to instill religious values. One of which is instilling moral values in children. Based...
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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Implications to Learning Strategies

Sudarwan Danim
The goal of this study was to determine: (1) the critical phenomena faced by several nations when the COVID-19 Pandemic reached the globe; (2) the effects of the learning process in schools and colleges when it is appropriate to stop face-to-face learning; and (3) the readiness of the government, educators,...
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The Organizational Culture and Competence of School Principals in Coping With the Spread of Covid-19 in Schools

Suherman, Suparno
Organizational culture and competence are two phenomena that the Principal needs to understand in coping with Covid-19 in the school environment. This research aimed to determine the relationship between organizational culture and the competence of school principals in overcoming the Covid-19 in schools.The...
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Benchmarking Strategy of Vocational High School in North Bengkulu

Sumarsih, Zakaria
The goal of this study was to identify strategies for improving the quality of vocational high schools in a competitive way. A qualitative definition was used in the research approach. Principals, instructors, and students were treated as data sources. Data collection was using the observation process,...
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Dropped Out of School Prevention Through the Smart Indonesia Program

Syaiful Bahri
The Smart Indonesia Program is one of the efforts of the Indonesia government in educating the nation’s life, which is the preamble on 1945 Constitution and The National Education System Law in Indonesia. There are 4 objectives of the Smart Indonesia Program, consist; Overcoming financial difficulties...
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The Implementation of Batik Besurek Motif for Geometric Transformation Learning

Syalendra Putra
With a combination of Arabic calligraphy motifs, Batik Besurek is a traditional Bengkulu’s patterned cloth with Rafflesia flowers as a symbol of the Bengkulu region. This study will investigate Batik Besurek motif implementation, specifically geometric transformation content, for mathematics learning....
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Abstraction Ability of Students About Fractions Through Local Cultural Approaches

Khathibul Umam Zaid Nugroho, Wahyu Widada, Dewi Herawaty, Raudya Tuzzahra, Berta Panduwinata, Nadya Sospolita
Fractions are concepts in mathematics which difficult for students to understand. Mathematical concepts are abstract. The purpose of this study was to describe students’ abstraction abilities about fractions through a local cultural approach. It is exploratory research. The subjects of this study were...
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Personality Competence Study Understanding the Expectations of Implementation 2013 Curriculum in Primary Schools

This study established the extent of comprehension of the competence of elementary school teachers in the implementation of the 2013 curriculum in Bengkulu. This research used methodological descriptive methods. This study clarified the extent of comprehension of the competence of elementary school teachers...
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Curse (Positive) in Traditional Language of Coel

Swearing as an emotive language is used to express someone’s feeling. This expression which is used to swear has many kinds of forms and references. This research aims to describe the positive expressions and their context in Coel (traditional) language. The method of this research is descriptive qualitative...
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Descriptive Evaluative Study on the Implementation of Online Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Courses of Guidance and Counseling Profession

I Wayan Dharmayana, Anna Ayu Herawati
In the future, online learning should be an essential part of integrating every education unit in Indonesia, especially in higher education, into the learning system. The COVID-19 pandemic’s new normal era has become an important momentum for the need for online learning using information and communication...
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EFL Teachers’ Perception of the Effectiveness of ICT-ELT Integration During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yeni Fitri, Nur Hidayanto Pancoro Setyo Putro
The transformation from face-to-face teaching to online teaching in this COVID-19 pandemic makes teachers have no excuse to integrate ICT in their teaching. Thus, ICT becomes the most important tool in educational setting currently. However, only 10% is known about how EFL teachers perceived the effectiveness...
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Knowledge Sharing Behavior Reviewed From a Social Exchange Perspective

Yessy Elita, Moordiningsih, Rita Sinthia
Knowledge sharing behavior is the act of exchanging knowledge that is carried out voluntarily and does not receive tangible rewards. This study aims to determine the relationship between trust, intrinsic reward, and knowledge sharing behavior. The subjects of this study were 244 civil servants in Bengkulu...
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The Influence of Blended Learning-Based English Learning Model on Students Activities and Learning Outcomes in University

Yosi Marita, Elva Utami
Rapid technological advances have an impact on the world of education, especially in learning. One of them is the blended learning-based learning model, which has now become part of efforts to improve university quality. This examination aims to investigate the distinctions in learning results between...
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Student Mistakes in “Algebraic Forms” and Their Relationship to the Ability of Teachers and Prospective Mathematics Teachers

Yumiati, Saleh Haji
This study aims to determine students’ mistakes in solving math problems on the topic ‘Algebraic Forms’ and their relation to the ability of teachers and prospective mathematics teachers. This type of research is descriptive quantitative. This research sample was 116 students of class 8 SMP in Pamulang...
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Learning From Home in Early Childhood Education Students

Yuni Herlina, Muhammad Kristiawan, Dwi Anggraini
The study aims to investigate the responses of parents who have early childhood while accompanying children to learn from home during the Covid-19 pandemic in accordance with the government policies regarding learning from home. The research method was carried out by a survey through Google form that...