Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Intelligent Materials (ICMEIM 2017)

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Resonance of Open Ring Frequency Selective Surface Arrays

Xiao-kun Chen, Jia-ao Yu
In this paper, the resonance of open ring frequency selective surface arrays is studied in particular. The new resonant cells are greatly reduced in dimensions and very compact in structures, so it is possible to realize the lower frequency selective surface. Simulation and measurement are basically...
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Influence of Upsetting Process on Continues Electric Heating by Coupled Electro-thermal-mechnical Simulation

Zheng-xing Men, Ya-xin Ma, Tai-wen Yue, Rui-lin Liu, Yue Tang
In the present study, an axis-symmetric electro-thermo-mechanical model has been developed to analyze a deformation process by continuous resistance heating. The influences of the contact resistance, the current intensity and the die geometry on the temperature distribution were investigated, and the...
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Influence of Voltage on Electrolysis and Plasma Polishing

Ji Wang, Xue-mei Zong, Jian-fei Liu, Sen Feng
Influence of voltage on material removal rate, surface roughness and power consumption were experimentally studied in this paper. Different polishing states were analyzed from standpoint of electricity transition on the basis of the polishing mechanism. The reason that material removal rate, surface...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Cross-linked Polysiloxane Microspheres for Light-scattering

Peng-wei Yin, Ming-shan Yang, Hong-liang Tong
The narrow particle size distribution of poly (vinyl silicone) microspheres were prepared by the hydrolysis-polycondensation method with vinyl silane (VTMS) as raw materials. And the influences of pH value, oil/water ratio on the morphology, particle size and distribution of the microspheres were studied....
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An Improved Design of Pressure Relay Based on Mechanical Pressure Gauge

Shan Chen, Junchun Ma, Yongbao Feng, Changlin Ma, Guanglei Fu
In order to involve problems of the pressure relay when using, this paper proposed an improved design of pressure relay based on mechanical pressure gauge. Firstly, the structure of the pressure relay and the existed problems when using were analyzed. Secondly, based on the mechanical pressure gauge's...
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Power Flow Analysis Of Nonlinear Finite Difference Model Of Bionic Acoustic Sensing Device

Qingsheng Wang, Li Cui, Xin Jiang
Parasitoid fly Ormia Ochracea has a remarkable ability to detect the direction of incident sound stimulus via its unique acoustic sensory organs. Based on the anatomy of them, a bionics acoustic sensing device is designed to mimic the localization function of the ears of the parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea....
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Computation Model Study on Hot Blast System and Raceway of Blast Furnace

Jun-jun Zhu, Yan Jin, Hui Yuan, Xiao Luo, Chen Ye, Fan Ai
Based on the actual production data from 3200m3(the effective furnace volume) blast furnace ;a model of blast furnace blast system was established with the software FLUENT. According to improve of blast furnace operation, the influence of the operation at the tuyere level to the distribution of blast...
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The Design and Research of the Control System of Automatic Intelligent Rice Cooker, based on STM32

Hai-qiang Zhao, Han Zhao
This automatic intelligent rice cooker is designed on the base of STM32.It consists of automatic rice supply, rice washing and cooking functions, which can be realized, in the long distance, by sending messages, using smart phone apps, Bluetooth or other remote control devices.[1]In the meantime, the...
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Fuzzy Multi-object Optimization Design of Helical Gear Drive

Xiao-xing Liu, Qi-ying Pan
Fuzzy factors in the helical gear reducer design are analyzed, and a multi-objective optimization model with minimum volume and maximum bearing capacity is established in this paper. For multi-objectives, single-objective optimal solutions are fuzzified to form fuzzy sets to establish the membership...
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Research on Automatic Generation of Robotic Pathway in Typed Steel Processing

Hua Guo, Jian-jun Wei
In order for the robot to adapt to deformations in typed steel processing, an off-line compensation method for programming and control of robotic pathway is introduced. By installing a laser sensor on the end of robot manipulator, the geometric shapes and positions of work-piece are measured prior to...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Loader Boom Based on ABAQUS

Yu-jing He, Ya-dong Tang, Jing-zhao Shi, He Li
Loader Boom Frame is a welding part welded by two long boom plates and cylindroid beam. As condition of loading changes frequently, the beam is the most seriously destructed. Up to now, the analysis of the failure for loader operating device is mainly aimed at the weld fatigue. This paper verified the...
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The Design and Finite Element Analysis of Emergency Escape Ladder for High-Rise Building

Yu-jing He, Ya-dong Tang, He Li
An emergency escape ladder which is applied in emergency, for rescue and escaping is designed in this paper to meet the urge needs in modern society. As the major bearing part of the whole ladder, the ladder assembly's rigidity and strength determines the safety and reliable running of the ladder. This...
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The Influence of the Carbon Dioxide-steam Alternate Ratio and the Permeability Difference Affect Oil Recovery of Steam Composite Flooding

Tao-Ping Chen, Shuang Liu, Rui-Jie Cui
By means of 4 groups 10 m single-filled sand pipe models with the same permeability and 5 groups of double-filling sand pipe models with 10 m average 5 permeability difference of 1.00, 1.85, 2.80, 3.65 and 4.29, The optimal alternation ratio of carbon dioxide-steam flooding after steam flooding and the...
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Using the Point Cloud Data to Reconstructing CAD Model by 3D Geometric Modeling Method in Reverse Engineering

Yan-qin Li, Gui-zhong Xie, Fan-nian Meng, De-hai Zhang
Reverse engineering (RE) is widely used on the aspects about designing of advanced products, software or images. The 3D Geometric modeling method is composed of measurement equipment and RE software. The three-dimensional digital measurement equipment is used to collect the model's point cloud data and...
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Hydrodynamic Analysis and Modeling of Nozzle for Particle Jet Impact on Rock Broken

Xiao-ze Cheng, Fu-shen Ren, Tian-cheng Fang
Particle impact drilling is a kind of rock breaking method, that high speed metal particles and fluid were given priority to be used to jointly break rock, and mechanical drill bits were supplemented. It is an effective means to solve the hard and abrasion-resistant drilling problems in deep and ultra-deep...
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Trial Research on Influence of Steering Stiffness on Steering Wheel Jitter with Engine Idling

Xian Yu, Huizhen Duan, Xing Li, Huashan Lin
Driving fatigue and even arm numbness can be caused by steering wheel jitters with engine idling. Objective measurement and subjective evaluation are applied of the analysis on the influencing factor of steering wheel jitter in two conditions, engine idling with air conditioning on and off. The prior...
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Study on Electroscope of UHV Equipment based on ZnS Material

Kang Chen, Bin Song, En-wen Li, Li-nong Wang, Zheng Cheng
UHV equipment charged instructions plays a very important role for the maintenance of workers' personal safety. Low-voltage side usually use the electroscope, but there is no appropriate electroscope for the high-voltage side. As the voltage increases, the greater the safety distance is required, the...
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Preparation and Properties of Starch-g-PLA with High Grafting Degree Catalyzed by Hydrochloric Acid

Xue Wang, Yingmo Hu, Quan Liu, Mengcan Li, Chunyan Hou, Chao Zeng
Starch/lactic acid graft copolymer was attempted in situ grafting reaction of lactic grafting starch via the catalysis of hydrochloric acid. The graft copolymers of Starch and PLA had been synthesized and characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), X-ray diffraction(XRD), and scanning...
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Research on The Drive System of Piezoelectric Injector

Shang Hao, Ying Huang, Shuang-dong Zhang
The paper analyzes two kinds of driving mode of piezoelectric injectors ccording to the characteristics of the piezoelectric actuator, then compares the advantages and disadvantages of the fixed duty cycle PWM switching type, variable duty cycle PWM switching and driver-based adaptive current PWM switching...
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Gradually Changing Surface Microstructure and Impact Resistance of Hot Formed 10CrNi3MoV Marine Steel

You-dan Guo, Yucheng Liang, Jun Cheng, Jianfeng Lan, Huafeng Wu
Microstructural changes of 10CrNi3MoV marine steel before and after hot forming were detected by testing devices such as X-ray diffractometer, the formation causes and law of gradually changing surface microstructure of hot-formed material and those of the interior martensite structure were analyzed....
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The Water Stability Prediction Model of AC-25 Asphalt Mixture

Zhao-hui Sun, De-ying Yu, Tie-bin Wang, Guang-qiang Zhu
AC-25 asphalt mixture are designed by referencing the orthogonal design method, the freeze-thaw cycle rutting test are carried out, the related model of the fractal dimension and the water stability evaluation index including freeze-thaw cycle dynamic stability ratio is established by using fractal theory....
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Design and Test with a Tomato Identification System based on Visual Technologies

Ya-dong Tang, Jing-zhao Shi, Yong-chang Yu, Yu-jing He, He Li, Shuai-jun Zhang
In this paper, a boundary control-based algorithm Binary Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization (BQPSO) that considers quantum particle swarm with Delta potential well was used to determine otsu threshold. In the optimization, particles moved in the Delta potential well with the best position POPSIZE as...
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Reanalysis of Classification Algorithms on Different Datasets

Peng-fei Yue, Qin-ge Wu, Jian-gang Zhu, Wen-fang Cheng, Xiao-liang Qian
In this paper, we use four classification algorithms like C4.5, naive bayes, logistic regression and K nearest neighbor. It outlines basic principles of classification algorithms and we analysis and summary each algorithm has its advantages, disadvantages through performance comparison on different datasets.
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Crack Resistance Evaluation on Submarine Pipeline Laying

Chun-run Li, Ya-zhang He, Hua-qing Yang
Submerged arc welding and double torch automatic welding were used in the girth welding of X65 pipeline steel for two-joint-one prefabrication and principal line welding, respectively. The crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) tests of the welded joints were conducted at minus 10 degrees Celsius. The...
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Experimental Study of Flow Division in a Smooth Circular Culvert

Yu Han, Liu-chao Qiu, Xiao-dong Liu, Shu-qing Yang
The idea of partitioning the flow has been widely used by hydraulic researchers and engineers. Currently, researchers claim that their models for the division lines are valid and yield good agreement with the experimental data from a channel flow that has a flat bed. It is not clear whether their models...
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Thermal Magnetic Behavior of Nanocrystalline Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 Ribbons

Ang Ding, Jie Hao, Jing-Hui Huang, Kun-Ming Qian, Song Ji, Yan-Song Zhang, MingLi Li, Xing-Long Dong
Thermal magnetic behavior and microstructure of Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 ribbon annealed at different temperatures were investigated. It was indicated that the onset crystallization temperature of the ribbon was around at 530 oC and its Curie temperature can be enhanced from 320 oC to 385 oC by annealing....
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Theoretical Calculation of Polymeric Nano-Composite Interface: A Review

Wei Huang, Jia-qi Lin, Wen-long Yang, Yu Wang
The theoretical studies on the relationship between the structure and properties of polymeric nano-composite (PNC) were reviewed in this paper. Some mechanical properties of the PNC by calculation and simulation technology in recent years were also analyzed. The theoretical study results showed the efficiency...
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Study on Error Analysis Method of Mine Nuclear Belt

Xiu-cai Guo, Yang Li
In this paper, the working principle, basic composition and key technologies of mining nuclear belt scale are briefly introduced. The error of measurement is analyzed emphatically, moreover, propose measures to solve or reduce the error. Through the establishment of mining nuclear belt scale error expression...
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Low Sintering Temperature and High Piezoelectric Properties of Tb-doped (Ba0.859 Ca0.141) (Zr0.106 Ti0.894) O3 Using CaCl2 as Sintering Aid

Hao-wei Lu, Jia-qi Lin, Li-zhu Liu
Using CaCl2 as sintering aid, the Tb-doped (Ba0.859 Ca0.141) (Zr0.106 Ti0.894) O3 (BCZT) ceramics were fabricated by conventional solid-state reaction method. The sintering temperature of ceramics decreases from about 1450 down to about 1300 . The SEM micrographs show that all ceramics sintered above...
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Seismic Response Analysis of Crossing Pipeline in High-intensity Region

Zhen-chao Teng, Jia Zhao, Xiao-yan Liu, Tian-jia Zhao
In order to improve the seismic performance of structures, a crossing-pipeline model is established and the dynamic characteristics and seismic response are analyzed as well by adopting ANSYS finite element analysis and taking the practical pipeline project as an example. All of the research is based...
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Research on Production and Use of Silk Materialfor Mounting Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Chun-hua Gu, Qin-ru Huang
There is a long history of mounting traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting. The mounting technology became more and more skilled and impeccable after the developed in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty. The production of silk material--brocade, kesi, damask silk and silk tabby mounting for Chinese...
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Optimal Error Bound and A Semi-discrete Difference Scheme for the Cauchy Problem of the Modified Helmholtz Equation

Ai-lin Qian, Zi-min Chen
The Cauchy problem of Helmholtz equation is severely ill-posed problem. In this paper, we consider the Cauchy problem for the Helmholtz equation where the Cauchy data is given at and the solution is sought in the interval . A semi-discrete difference schemes together with a choice of regularization parameter...
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Research on Deformation Behaviors and Surface Quality Model at High-speed Cutting

H.P. An, Z.Y. Rui, J.F. Guo
The cemented carbide cutting tools were experimentally performed to dry cut high manganese steel (ZG Mn13) at high speed, and the high-speed cutting behaviors and the effect of cutting parameters on cutting quality were investigated, and predict model of surface roughness for high-speed cutting was established....
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Study on Prediction of Rotary-Impact Drilling Speed of Rock Drill

Hong-li Wang, Wei Bao, Xian-tang Zhang, Tai-hui Xu
Based on the rock properties and performance parameters of given rock driller, the drilling speed predicted by the theoretical analysis, to establish the direct relationship between drilling speed and the former, the calculation results of drilling speed are given. Accordingly, the manufacturer may be...
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The Influence of Curing Agent Content on the Property of Stainless Steel Flakes Epoxy Intermediate Nano-coating

Sha-sha Li, Miao Lou, Ben-ben Yang, Ying Xu, Yu-feng Lu, Chun-miao Shen, Li-rong Deng
To provide reference and according for further coating optimization, shorting process cycle and raising project benefit , the influence of curing agent content on the viscosity, applied time, hardness, combining power, drying time and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel flakes epoxy intermediate...
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Study on the Post Evaluation of the Chengshan Jiao Routeing system Based on Entropy Method

Ze-ning Meng, Zhong-zhou Fan, Xue-dong Yang
In order to do further study of newly amended Chengshan Jiao Routeing system, it's necessary to conduct a post evaluation. Based on the result of questionnaires, this paper collected and quantified crew's and maritime experts' assessments on the Chengshan Jiao Routeing system's safety indexes and then...
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Shenzhen University City Sports Center Structure Analysis

Xiang-hong Zhu, Zeng-bin Jiang, Han-yun Liu, Ye-lin Liang, Yi Li
Shenzhen University City Sports Center was composed of three parts: stadium, gymnasium, and natatorium. It took advantage of new technology and modern structure, such as reticulated shell and cable-stayed grid structure. It created light and characteristic architecture profile, and showed beauty of structure....
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Multi-focus Image Fusion Algorithm Based On Prewitt Edge Detect Information Motivated PCNN

Chao-ben Du, She-sheng Gao
In this paper, a novel prewitt edges operator information in spatial domain is employed as one type of feature to motivate pulse coupled neural networks (PCNN) is proposed, according to humans are often sensitive to edges and directional features. Furthermore, blocked edges information measurement is...
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The Experimental Study on Improving the Late Properties of Sulphoaluminate Cement Products

Hong-zhen Wang, Fang-jie Shao, Yan-zhi Tian, Liang-liang Ma
This paper adopts rapid hardening sulphoaluminate cement compound Portland cement, silica fume and method of adding additives such as boric acid, through the experimental study of late properties of sulphoaluminate cement based composite cementitious material, the hydration product analysis and analysis...
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The Research and Analysis of the Influence of Nano-materials on the Performance of Cement Concrete

Wei Li, Yi Ran, Xiao-chu Wang, Lin-kai Xiao
With the rapid development of nano materials, it becomes a new material science. Aiming at the application of nano materials in concrete, this paper briefly introduces the nano material and analysis the mechanism of the effects of nano materials on the properties of concrete. Meanwhile, the research...
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Measurement of Diesel Cetane Number Using Near Infrared Spectra and Multivariate Calibration

Bai-shao Zhan, Jian-guo Yang
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was investigated for measurement of diesel cetane. Three types of pretreatments including standard normal variate (SNV), multiplicative scattering correction (MSC) and Savitzky-Golay smoothing combining first derivative were adopted to eliminate the system noises and...
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Study on the Killing Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite and Benzalkonium Bromide and the Compatibility of Them with the Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Xue-jun Xie, Yuan-lin Zhang, Yu Zhang, Hao Fu, Mao-cai Gong, Lin Tian, Qiang Fu
The killing effect of sodium hypochlorite and benzalkonium bromide and the compatibility of them with the scale and corrosion inhibitor in the seawater is studied in the paper. The research result shows that sodium hypochlorite and benzalkonium bromide have good killing effect, sodium hypochlorite or...
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Study on the Application of Biocides in the Seawater Cooling System and Their killing Effect in the Laboratory

Xue-jun Xie, Yuan-lin Zhang, Yu Zhang, Hao Fu, Mao-cai Gong, Lin Tian, Qiang Fu
The application of biocides in the seawater cooling system and their killing effect in the laboratory is studied in the paper. The research result shows that sodium hypochlorite and benzalkonium bromide have good killing effect, the killing effect of sodium hypochlorite with 4mg/L and benzalkonium bromide...
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The Effect Of Cation Vacancy On The Properties Of CsSnI3 Perovskite Based On The First Principle

Deng-hui Ji, Cong-min Zhang, Xing-ze Ge, Xiu-ling Li, Zhi-wei Zeng, Ming-zhe Hu
We used the CASTEP program to build seven configurations of cubic CsSnI3 with cation vacancy at the A or B sites. The physical properties including geometric structure, electronic structure, states density and optical absorption properties has been calculated successfully by the generalized gradient...
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Effect of Y2O3Doping on the Structure and Piezoelectric Properties of BCZT Ceramics

Lan-di Li, Jia-qi Lin, Wei Huang, Lei Wang
The [50(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3]-50[Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3] + xmol% Y2O3 lead-free ceramics(x=0,0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8 and 1.0) were fabricated successfully by the traditional solid-state reaction. And the microstructures, phase structure, ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties were investigated for the Y2O3-modified...
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Hidden Danger and Protection Strategy of Cyber Security

Guan-ying Yang
With the Internet emergence in the recent decade, not only is the E-commerce promoted, but also cyber crime is posed accordingly. Due to the properties of anonymity, no boundary, and fast propagation on Internet world, it is more difficult for the law enforcement members to seize the suspects who engage...
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Synthesis of Patterned AlN Nanoarray and its Photoluminance Property Investigation

Ming-zhe Hu, Zhi-wei Zeng, Yue Yin, Deng-hui Ji
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method is employed in the present paper to grow patterned Aluminium nitride (AlN) nanowire array. The AlN nanoarray is grown on Si substrate through patterned polystyrene spheres (PS) colloid template. The microstructure of AlN nanoarray is investigated by SEM, XRD and...
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Numerical Analysis of Parameters of Vehicle-bridge Coupling Vibration

Rui Liao, Tong-fa Deng, Huang Lin
For the irregularity of the road caused by vehicle bridge coupling vibration has always been a research focus in the engineering, and simulated bridge deck roughness of many kinds of methods. The introduction of white noise, the concept of reproduction of bridge deck roughness, based on vehicle bridge...
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A study on Tea Dyeing Materials Technical Innovation and the Trend of Its Application

Qin-ru Huang, Chun-hua Gu
In hope that the ancient traditional tea dyeing which borders on dyeing away could thrive again with the revival of traditional Chinese culture and handicraft, the writer has done a lot of researches into and experiments on tea dyeing and the application of the theories concerned. A rational exploitation...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of Modal and Harmonic Response of Chained Deep-ploughing Device

Fu-gui Zhang, Wei Wei, Xue-mei Wu, Yao Nie, Gui-fu Xu, De-Long Fu
In light of complex topography in southern mountain area, a small chained deep-ploughing machine with crawler was developed. Its key part was a chained deep-ploughing device, whose service life could be impacted by vibration frequency as well as strength and rigidity of the material used. This paper...
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Design and Implementation of a Hydrological Safety Warning System Based on ZigBee

Sai Cen, Fei Xu, Meng Gui
In recent years, there are many reports about the flood disaster. These reports reflect the lag of the early warning system of hydrological safety in our country, and it is an urgent need to establish the flood disaster safety early warning system of hydrological in these areas . In order to quickly...
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Study on Silk/Carbamate Films

Hua Fu, Zhu-ping Yin, Feng Wu, Kai Liu, Shen-zhou Lu
In this work, silk fibroin/carbamate blend films are fabricated in different ratios to improve the appropriate properties required for corneal stroma cell regeneration on the films. The structure of the films, the moisture content, protein dissolution loss rate, mechanical properties and light transmittance...
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Study on Protection Effectiveness of Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection Systems

Yen-Hong A. Chen, KaiJan Lin, Yu-Chu M. Li
A new early streamer emission (ESE) lightning air terminal system is designed, fabricated. By comparing the arrested artificial lightning numbers of ESE and traditional Franklin terminals in laboratory, the effectiveness of ESE arrester is validated. A Tesla Coil with controlled triggering function generator...
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The Design of Informatization of Urology Education

Jin-guo Wang, Na Wang
Application of information technology in education is an inevitable trend of modern medical education. On the base of the characteristics and knowledge structure of urinary, we analyze information alization of urology education on the aspects of classroom teaching and network teaching. Through the application...
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The Implementation of Information Technology in the Clinical Practice Lesson

Jin-guo Wang, Na Wang
The effect of information technology for promotion of education reform is obvious. The application of modern education technology into clinical medical education has become an inevitable trend. On the base of an auxiliary digital teaching platform, information management of clinical practice course can...
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Experimental Research on Residual Stress in the Process of Cemented Carbide Coating Micro Groove Tool Cutting 40CrMnMo

Hong-wan Jiang, Lin He, Gang Zhan, Zhong-fei Zou, Jin-xing Wu
The cemented carbide coating micro groove turning tool and original turning tool are arranged to cut the same oil country tubular goods (OCTG) 40CrMnMo. By the combination of cutting experiment theoretical analysis, this paper focuses on the radial distribution of residual stress of machined surfaces...
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An Improved Method for Error Analysis of Intelligent Distribution Terminal

Wen-bo Fan, Si-ran Zuo, Jin-wei Fu, Zhong-yu Wang
An improved maximum entropy method is proposed to detect the error for intelligent distribution terminal. Firstly, a constraint maximum entropy function of the measurement error is established by introducing the uncertainty of the detected data in the intelligent distribution terminal. Besides, the Lagrange...
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Research of Highway on Water and Soil Conservation Facilities Acceptance Technology Assessment — Taking Fuzhou to Yinchuan Expressway of Jiujiang Changjiang River Highway Bridge as an Example

Lan Chen, Yi-feng Wang, Min Jiang
This paper Taking Fuzhou to Yinchuan expressway of Jiujiang Changjiang river highway bridge as an example, on the basis of the engineering general situation, the highway, water and soil conservation facilities acceptance technology assessment process was discussed, the content and methods of evaluation...
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Parametric Design and Motion Analysis of Geneva Wheel Mechanism Based on the UG NX8.5

En-guang Zhang, Li Wang
The movement characteristics and process cost of 4 intermittent motion mechanisms including ratchet mechanism, geneva wheel mechanism, cam mechanism and intermittent gear mechanism are comparatively analysed . According to the working principle of geneva, the parametric design and motion analysis are...
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Parameter Setting for Dynamic Milling of Aluminum Alloy

Wen-ju Shan
This paper introduces the application of dynamic milling technology in the mastercam software, and makes a further study on the processing technology of aluminum alloy workpiece. With the development of the industry, Aluminum alloy is in widely application in various fields, but due to its rigidity of...
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The 3D Arm Modeling and Position Control

Wei-fang Wang, Pao-Hwa Yang, Shiu-Ping Wang, Lan Xu
We employ two approaches to model a 3D arm. In nonlinear, a parameter-dependent structure has been derived. Due to an existing inverse inertia term in the motion equation, a proof of nonsingular inertia is given. In linear, the Simmechanic Visual plot is obtained. By implementing a position control law,...
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Research on Key Parameters of Boost Pressure Limiting Valve

Shang Hao, Guang-ming Li
In this paper, according to the internal structure of the boost pressure limiting valve, the actual working characteristics of the boost pressure limiting valve is analyzed, and the key factors affecting the work curve and cut-off point of the boost pressure limiting valve are summarized, then experiments...
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Study on Low-velocity Impact Resistance of Aluminum Sandwich Honeycomb Panel

Xiao-Kang Wang, Yong-Chun Yang, Xiu-Yi Nie, Guo-Xu Niu
This article had briefly introduced the structural characteristics of aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel and its application in some field firstly. The Low-velocity impact resistance of aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels under variable parameters was studied. The influence of structural parameters, such...
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The Influence of Surface Opening Crack on the Ultrasonic Waves Near the Surface in Concrete Members

Peng Wang, Qing-bang Han, Xue-ping Jiang, Hao Zheng, Zhou-chen Xu
Based on the velocities of waves near the surface in concrete, the propagation path and travel time of different waves were calculated, and the influence of crack on these waves was analyzed. Some theoretical conclusions were verified by FEM. The ultrasonic waves were received by array transducers and...
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Reliability Analysis of Key Parts of Ferris Wheel Based on ABAQUS

Xiang-dong Li, Su-qian Lian, Xin-dong Zhang, Wei Zhang, Min-yao Huang, Zhi-rong Wang
Ferris wheel structure with 36m diameter and 40 m tall is analyzed with Finite Element method by using ABAQUS software in different work conditions. The finite element analysis model of Ferris wheel supporting frame is established, and the force state of the ferrule supporting frame is analyzed. The...
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Risk Assessment of Ferris wheel Trusses Based on FMECA-Fuzzy Evaluation Method

Xiang-dong Li, Min-yao Huang, Xin-dong Zhang, Wei Zhang, Su-qian Lian, Zhi-rong Wang
The truss is a key part of a Ferris wheel system and affects the safety of the entire Ferris wheel system directly. This paper proposes an analytical method based on failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis (FMECA) and a fuzzy evaluation method for evaluating the risk level of the trusses of...
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A Numerical Analysis on the Wind-Resistance Strengthening with Guy Wires for Distribution Lines

Yi-feng He, Yi Huang, Jian-long Cai, Zhuo-feng Chen
Installing guy wire is an effective strengthening method to improve the wind resistance of distribution power lines. A numerical study on the guy-wire-strengthened method to 10kV distribution lines with finite element method (FEM) is presented in this paper. Firstly, a 3D FEM model of a standard section...
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Fuzzy Cascade Control Research of Superheated Temperature

Ying-hu Xie, Xiao-qiu Liu
To the characteristics of the large delay and uncertainty of superheated temperature, a new cascade control system is presented based on control's history. Based on the analysis of the control objects'dynamic characteristics, historical control information(substituting for the deviation change rate)is...
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Review of Carbon Reduction Theory and Calculation Methods of Carbon Emissions in China 's Iron and Steel Industry

Si-yu Liu, Jian-xun Fu, Juan Cheng, Hong-qiang Liu, Huai-bin Han
The paper reviews on the carbon reduction theory in Chinese steel industry and introduces three calculation methods of carbon footprint. Provincial Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Accounting Methods and Reporting Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Chinese Steel Producers are calculation...
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The Management System of Equipment Failuer Repair Service Based on HTML5 Standard

Xin Yu, Peng Liu, Zheng-Da Jian, Zhu-Wei Zhou, Tian-Wei Ye, Wei Wang, Xiang Zhang, Mei Le, Xin Chen
Using information to realize manual equipment repair service can improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance, and master the latest information of operating status of equipment timely, and be propitious to statistics and archive information. Therefore, this paper proposes an equipment failuer repair...
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Measurement and Characterization of Aggregate Surface Texture

Xin-li Gan
The surface texture of aggregates has an important influence on the amount of aggregate adsorbed asphalt and the adhesion properties between asphalt and aggregates . The purpose of this paper is to select appropriate methods to characterize and measure the surface characteristics of aggregates. To this...
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Research of the Snatch and Holding up Safety Automatic Control System for the Farm Grasping Grass Machine

Zhen-hang Cao, Guan-feng Li, Zhong-xu Dou
This paper introduced tilting accident phenomenon of the farm grasping grass machine in the practical application. Through to analyze overturn accident of instantaneous critical stress state at work, this paper put forward a basic idea that can control and prevent the overturn accident, designed the...
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Preparation Of WS2 Nanosheets By One-step Hydrothermal Method

De-qing Zhang, Yi-xuan Jia, Ji-xing Chai, Ze-xing Xu, Zhen-long Zhao, Mao-sheng Cao
In this work, a modified hydrothermal method has been developed and employed for synthesis of few layers Tungsten disulfide-nanosheets(WS2-NS). Using of sodium cholate as a surfactant and changing in raw materials were the main changes which were applied in the modified method with respect to the orginal...
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Facile Preparation of Few-layer MoS2-NS by Liquid-Phase Ultrasonic Exfoliation

De-qing Zhang, Ji-xing Chai, Yi-xuan Jia, Luo-jie Wang, Zhen-long Zhao, Mao-sheng Cao
In recent years, two-dimensional layered nanomaterials have attracted wide attention due to their unique physical, chemical, electronic and mechanical properties. Among them, ultrathin molybdenum disulfide nanosheets (MoS2-NS) are one of the important two-dimensional nano-functional materials. In this...
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Research on Stress and Strain of 304 Stainless Steel in Turning Process Based on Oxley - Welsh Theory

Gang Zhan, Lin He, Hong-wan Jiang, Zhong-fei Zou
Considering the size effect, temperature effect and hardening effect of the material in the shear zone, the shear strain and the shear strain rate of the material in the shear zone are studied by theoretical calculation and experimental study. Hydrostatic stress and shearing flow stress with the cutting...
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Experimental Investigation on Concealed Multi-ribbed Frame Thermal Insulation Wall under Eccentric Load

Ye-ke Luo
Four models of Concealed multi-ribbed frame thermal insulation walls are manufactured at 1 /2 scale and then tested under eccentric load. The wall's failure processes is described. Cooperative working action, failure modes and bearing capability are analyzed to obtain the bearing capability calculation...
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Impact of a Square Liquid Body on a Rigid Plate

Jian Hu, Li-chao Liu, Yu-hang Chen, Peng Li, Lei Guo, Shi-li Sun
Based on the Finite Volume Method (FVM), the impact on a rigid plate by a free falling liquid body is investigated in this paper. The Volume of Fluid (VOF) technique is used to track the free surface. Based on the proposed technique, the impact of a free falling liquid body is simulated, and the effects...
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Numerical Investigation of Collapsing Liquid Cylinder

Jian Hu, Lei Guo, Chong Geng, Ting Guo, Shi-li Sun
This paper presents an two-dimensional numerical model for incompressible multiphase flow. The Navier-Stokes equations are discretised by the finite volume method. IDEAL algorithm is implemented for solving the Navier-Stokes equations. PLIC-VOF method is used to track the free surface. The validity of...
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Study on Shear Angle Model for Superalloy GH4169

Zhong-fei Zou, Lin He, Yue-wei Chen
Shear angle is an important parameter to study cutting deformation. This paper uses orthogonal cutting force test to obtain the tangential force and normal force in order to investigate the average friction coefficient on the rake face in machining super alloy GH4169. With high temperature Split-Hopkinson...
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An Optimization Method on Task Distribution at Dynamic Enterprise Alliance

Tie-jiang Yang
This paper analyses the needs of task distribution for dynamic enterprise alliance, and then proposes a fuzzy algorithm which gathers the tasks from enterprise to subprojects in alliance It assigns values to the degrees of interactions of the task modules, and creates each adjacency matrix. It then performs...
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Study of X-cor Sandwich's Compression Modulus Based on Homogenization Theory

Xu-dan Dang, Shao-jie Shi, Jun Xiao, Bing-bing Fan, Wei-min Long, Rui Zhang, Lin-jun Li
As new structural composites, X-cor sandwich effectively improves the mechanical properties of the foam sandwich in thickness direction due to its high specific strength and specific stiffness. In this article, by introducing the correction coefficient, the modified calculation model of X-cor sandwich's...
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The Analysis of Bilateral Bidding Model of Electricity Market Based on Bayesian Nash Equilibrium

Yan-hong Li
This paper, based on the incomplete information game theory, analyzes the direct bilateral bidding transactions between electric power generator and electric power consumer. Then, we analyze the existence of the Bayesian Nash equilibrium solutions. The analysis result manifests that it is of obvious...
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Numerical Analysis of Annealing Process with Local Inductive Heating on A286 Alloy Tube

Zhi-guo Feng, Yang Li, Xiong-feng Liu
Based on the local annealing process with induction heating for the A286 alloy sleeve of the blind bolt, a mathematical model is built to analyze electromagnetic-thermal coupling. Influence factors, such as frequency and current, are investigated and analyzed using finite element method on temperature...
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Using Building Information Modeling as a Tool for Project Scheduling and Data Management

Ya-bo He, Tao Xu, Qing-da Li, Xin Zhao
Proponents of building information modeling (BIM) enthusiastically tout as one of its advantages its ability to work in conjunction with other software programs to predict the performance of buildings. Theoretically this would help in the scheduling process of buildings. This paper summarized the method...
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Study on the Effect of Chitosan Oligosaccharide in Relieving Constipation and Defecating Feces Excretion

Si-hui Wu, Lan-lan Huang, Yong-he Jiang, Yao Jiang, Zheng-quan Su
It was to explore the effect of chitosan oligosaccharide on relieving constipation and defecating feces excretion. Chitosan oligosaccharide were administered by oral 2.0 g/kg, 1.0 g/kg, 0.5 g/kg BW dose to mice for 7 d, then detected the propulsive rate of intestines, first defecation time, feces particle...
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The Evolution and Thermodynamic Analysis of Inclusions in Gear Steel after Magnesium Treatment

Jie Xu, Qian-Kun Yang, Juan Cheng, Zong-Ze Huang, Jin-Min An, Jian-Xun Fu
The influence of different magnesium content on the inclusions in steel was studied under the condition of the same molten steel at 1873 K. The results show that, after the magnesium treatment, the tiny MgO•Al2O3 inclusions could become the nucleus of MnS in solidification of liquid steel, which weakens...
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The Application of Intelligent Materials in Intelligent Product Design

Yuan Gao, Wei Xiao, Mei Gu
The products of intelligent design are rapidly growing in popularity around the world and are having increasing impact on humans' life styles. The application of intelligent materials, the basis of intelligent products in intelligent product design, is a current research hot spot. This paper, based on...
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Study on Design of Intelligent Furniture and Application of Smart Material

Wei Xiao, Yuan Gao, Xue-fang Bai
The exploration of intelligent furniture with its application is bound to cultivate a new economic growth point in China's furniture industry. When making possible a deep-level interaction between furniture and its users, intelligent furniture propels the innovation of furniture design. This allows furniture...
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Research on Electro-hydraulic Control System of the Special Section

Qiu-jun Huang, Jin-chun Song, Yan Cai, Tian-zhong Huang
Shield tunneling machine is a kind of large-scale high-tech construction equipment specialized for the underground tunneling. Traditional shield tunneling machine with the circular-section has problems such as low utilization ratio of cross-section, waste of space and so on. In this paper, we present...
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Stress Simulation Analysis and Study of Glass Capillary with Displacement Load

Bi-cheng Wu, Zhi-yuan Yao
In order to solve the problem that the tip of the capillary after stretch is blocked, we need to deal with the tip to make the fracture occurs on the tip. A model is established to analyze the Mises stress in the capillary under the displacement load. Two bodies are assembled to apply displacement load...
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Microstructures and Properties of Sintered Cu-MoS2/Cu Functional Gradient Materials

Ai-Qin Wang, Ting-Ting Liang, Dou-Qin Ma, Jing-Pei Xie
The Cu-MoS2/Cu functional gradient materials were prepared by powder metallurgy method. The effects of MoS2 content on the microstructure, phase composition and wear performance were analyzed comprehensively. Solid-solid phase reaction occurred between MoS2 and Cu in the sintering process. The products...
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Numerical Simulation of Cotra Rotating Propellers

Feng Feng, Chong Geng, Ting Guo, Qing-yuan Huang, Jian Hu
In this paper, numerical simulation based on Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equation and SST turbulence model is performed to investigate the hydrodynamic performance of Contra rotating propeller (CRP). The whole computation domain is divided into three sub-domains, which include the two rotating...
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The Discussion About the Application of Modern Automotive Electronics Technology

Yong-jie Zhang
Electronic and information technology's progress and promote inevitably cause related industries' technology innovation. To master and develop of advanced technology and methods is a powerful guarantee that enterprises can seize the initiative in an increasingly competitive global market. As one of the...
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Numerical Study on Flow Characteristics of A Micro Jet Actuator

Bo-fu Wu, Shi-wei Li
In order to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle exhaust emissions, it is necessary to develop new designs, such as flow control using jet actuators, to reduce vehicle aerodynamic drag. A numerical model was developed based on the process of airflow passed through a micro-jet actuator. Under different...
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Study on Lubrication Characteristics of Trapezoidal Groove for Planetary Gear Sliding Bearing

Hong-wei Wang, Kai Huang, Li-juan Sun
It has been proven to be an effective method for reducing the friction and wear of two contact surfaces by introducing a hydrodynamic lubrication mechanism. A linear trapezoidal groove was proposed to accommodate the bidirectional rotation of the planetary gear. Cavitation and fluid rotation centrifugal...
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Numerical Simulation for Crushing of Shell Material about 50SiMnVB Influenced by Brittle Zone

Ren-yi Wan, De-yuan Li
We use the finite element software ANSYS to verify the explosion experiment about whether the projectile shell contains brittle zone, and the brittle with different width and depth to improve the fragmentation rate and lethality of shell material about 50SiMnVB. The simulation results show that the shell...
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Causality between Real Estate Market and Stock Market: Evidence from REIT Index in Taiwan

Yih-Chang Wang, Ran Huang, Chien-Chung Nieh, Hong-Kou Ou
This paper investigates short-run dynamic interactions between real estate investment trust (REIT) index and stock market index in Taiwan over the 2006-2015 periods. In addition to traditional linear analysis, the recently developed models are applied to explore the possible short-run non-linear linkage...
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Fault Diagnosis of Aircraft Power Starting System Based on MTBF-SVM

Liang Qin, Zhen Wang, Xian-Jun Shi
In order to solve the fault diagnosis of aircraft power starting system, the fault diagnosis method through constructing binary tree SVM (support vector machines) is researched in this paper. Consider that the components which have high fault rate have priority to be isolated, the method trains the classifier...
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ConstrainedMPCfor Bilateral ControlofHydraulic Stewart Master-slave System

Jing-wei Hou, Yan-li Chen, Yu-xin Cui
A master-slave system consisting of a hydraulic Stewart mechanism is developed. This system can be used for grinding complex curved surfaces while keeping the operator away from the harmful dust produced. to prevent the upper platform from moving in the wrong direction because of the limitations of the...
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Hardware in loop Simulation for Hydraulic Stewart Master-Slave System

Jing-wei Hou, Yan-li Chen, Yong-ming Yao
A hardware in loop (HIL) simulation platform for a hydraulic Stewart master-slave system used for curved surface grinding work is developed. The communication between hydraulic Stewart force feedback joystick and the computer is realized by AD/DA card, which was used to improve and evaluate the performance...