Proceedings of the International Conference of Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2017)

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The Role of Families in Young Children's Mental Health

Lala Rubiyah
The major goal is to provide the understanding on how important the role of family in young children's mental health.The condition of family plays an important role in children's development, especially on their mental health development. Based on previous studies, mental health in early childhood is...
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The Importance of Early Childhood Mental Health as The Basis of Children's Development

Astri Nur Latifah
Mental health have role as an important element in the individualhealth, this thing that has been in the spotlight in recent years. This had an impact on the community to understand the importance of well-being and mental health at every level of relations (individual, family, community). Therefore this...
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The Effect of Traditional Games, Self-Confidence, and Learning Style on Mathematical Logic Intelligence

Anik Lestariningrum
The purpose of this research is to know the influence of traditional game, self-confidence and learning style to logical mathematical intelligence of children aged 5-6 years Kindergarten in Grogol District, Kediri Regency East Java Province. The method used in this research is experiment with 2 x 2 x...
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Internalization of Local Wisdom Values through Music Art as Stimulation of Strengthening Character Education in Early Childhood Education; A Hermeneutic Analysis and Ethnography Studies

Desyandri Desyandri
This article aims to describe the role of teachers of Early Childhood Education in the process of understanding and internalizing the values of local Minangkabau wisdom contained in the song "Kampuang nan Jauah di Mato" as stimulation in early childhood to strengthen the nation's character education....
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Development of Naturalist Intelligence of Children in Kindergarten

Nurhafizah Nurhafizah
This research aims to see the development of child naturalist intelligence in kindergarten, especially in Koto Tangah subdistrict, Padang. Because this area is an agro tourism and has a very good natural view to serve as a medium of learning. The research method used is a qualitative approach, which...
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Improving Early Childhood Teacher's Dance Ability in Traditional Dance through Sport Approach and Tutorial Video

Diah Andika Sari
The role of teacher in introducing and teaching traditional dance to early childhood is enormous. This study aimed to improve the early childhood teacher's dance ability in traditional dance through sport approach and tutorial video. This research used Classroom Action Research method. From the results,...
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Development of Moral and Religious Values for Children through Singing Themed Islamic Songs

Indra Yeni
The development of singing ability aims to make children able to create something based on their imagination. In addition, the development of singing ability can also sharpen the sensitivity and appreciate the creative work. Islamic songs are always close to the world of children and usually have started...
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Effectivity of Mastery Content Services in Counseling to Improved Creativity for Early Childhood Parents at BKB PAUD Al-Fath

Solihatun Solihatun, Sisca Folastri, Itsar Bolo Rangka, Evi Fitriyanti, Burju Ruth
Parent's creativity very necessary to support early-childhood development. This study aimed to determine the level creativity of early-childhood parents through mastery content services in counseling. Subject in this study involved 13 Early-Childhood Parents at BKB PAUD Al-Fath. Data analysis used a...
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Reinforcing Father's Role to Develop Generation with "Merit"

Wisroni Wisroni, Vevi Sunarti
Education is available anywhere and anytime for the whole life, so that the setting of this education happens in informal, formal and non-formal form. The education in family is a part of informal setting, it is the first and main education and plays a very big role in determining someone's life. The...
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Interactive Game Influences Based on Inquiry Learning Model Towards The Ability of Reading in Kindergarten in Padang

Rakimahwati Rakimahwati
The purpose of this research is to identify the influence of interactive games based on inquiry learning model towards the ability of reading. This research method is experimental design with quashi experimental. The result showed that students in experimental class using interactive games based on inquiry...
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Improvement of Students' Ability on Statistical Software Application (Public Service on Islamic Student for Early Childhood Education Program)

Reflianto Reflianto
The aim of this project is to improve are 1) Islamic Student for Early Childhood Education Program mastering in using statistical software program of SPSS. This study is Community-Based Research conducted in The College of Syekh Burhanuddin Pariaman and in Diniyah Putri Padang Panjang. It took four months...
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Improving Children's Ability in Knowing Numbers through Triangle Domino Media in PAUD Kenanga

Wirdatul Aini
This research was based on the low ability of children to recognize numbers in the Institute for Early Childhood Education (PAUD) Kenanga. This problem is allegedly related to the use of instructional media that is inconsistent with learning materials, as well as teachers have not used instructional...
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The Effect of Story Telling Method towards Kindergarten Teachers' English Speaking Skill and Motivation

Saridewi Saridewi
The objective of this study was to describe the effect of story telling method towards Kindergarten teachers' English speaking skill and motivation. Based on the objective above, the writer conducted quashy experiment research. The population was Kindergarten teachers in Padang city, west sumatera province-Indonesia....
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Selecting Reading Material for Teaching Children Literature

Nur Azmi, Irwandi Irwandi
Selecting an appropriate text is one of the important steps in teaching children literature. Thus, it is needed a scientific consideration especially based on the concept of educational psychology. As an applied psychology, educational psychology concerns on understanding of learning and teaching process...
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Sex Education for Early Childhood

Syahrul Ismet
The research is motivated by the rapid and open information technology development that has had a wide impact on children's culture and adult attitude toward children. Various cases of child sexual abuse appear and become a serious threat phenomenon for children. All parties involved in child rescue...
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Inclusive Education in Thailand

Kanokporn Vibulpatanavong
This paper discuses Thailand's policies on education for persons with disabilities, particularly inclusive education. It also explores challenges that the country is facing in promoting inclusive education and discusses how Thailand can promote inclusive education for students with disabilities.
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Current Research Issues of Japanese Visual Arts Education for Early childhood on Global Innovative Society

Ikuyo Wakayama
The purpose of this paper is to answer the two research questions showing that the states of Japanese researches of visual arts education for early childhood based on Winner, et al.'s research. Research Question 1: Are there the researches focused on innovative skills of Japanese visual arts education...
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Essentiality of Management of Facilities and Infrastructure toward a Number of Students of Early Years Institution

Hanif Alkadri, Tia Ayu Ningrum, Yulianto Santoso, Hade Afriansyah
This article aims to describe essenciality of management of facilities and infrastructure toward a number of student of early childhood education (ECE). This article examine one of the oldest Al-Quran ECE in Padang City, Amal Saleh ECE. This article is a qualitative research based on observation for...
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Scientific Literacy as Foundation in Character Building for Early Childhood and Elementary Grade School

Yanti Fitria
Children at an early age (early childhood) including the grades of elementary school is a human figure that has a lot of uniqueness and rich imagination. Therefore, they must be facilitated in order to develop their potential through by providing many experiences of interacting with the natural surroundings...
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Institute Role of Teachers' Education in Improving the Standard of Development Achievement Rate and Standard of Teacher and Education Personnels of Early Childhood Education

Syahrial Bakhtiar, Ruri Famelia
Understanding the importance of the education during the early age, the Indonesian government supports the Early Childhood Education (ECE) through Permendiknas 58 Year 2009 on Standards of ECE. This standard include a) The standard of development achievement rate, b) The standard of teachers and education...
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Europe's Twists and Turns in Teacher Education

Branislav Pupala
Teaching profession is experiencing a regression in places and it certainly suits the current economically oriented neoliberal education policies. Teacher tranning is accepted by academic model of teacher education, however this model shows that the notion of university teacher education is still a fragile...
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Early Childhood from a Developmental Perspective and Counseling Services

Yarmis Syukur
This article discusses the development of early childhood with the peculiarities that distinguish it from development in other life spans. Early childhood there are obstacles in its development so that disrupt the activities that followed. Conversely, there is an early childhood that shows the ability...
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Preliminary Research Description In Developing Tematics Learning Materials by Using Character Building and Discovery Learning to Establish Children aged 6-9 Years

Hendrizal Hendrizal, Chandra Chandra
The realization of character building in the learning process becomes the purpose of analysis in this research. The analysis of this study was conducted to overcome many attitude problems in the elementary school through the process of education in the schools. The research process was done by using...
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Suppressing the Hyperactivity Behaviour of Students with Autism Through A Time-Out Strategy

Damri Damri
This study is an attempt to reduce the behavior of hyperactivity indicated by the behavior of always moving and pacing back and forth through a time-out strategy and procedure the tenth grade students of SLB Autism YPPA Padang. The approach used in this study was a Single Subject Research (SSR) with...
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Utilization of TV-E in Education Character for Early Childhood

Eldarni Eldarni, Zuwirna Zuwirna, Fetri Yeni J
Technological developments are advancing rapidly facilitate us in accessing any kind of information. In various educational units early childhood need so much information, for example information in social, economic, political, science, and education. To get optimal results then all components are designed...
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Need Analysis of Media Video Development for Character Education at Early Childhood Education in Padang

Abna Hidayati, Winanda Amilia, Mutiara Felicita Amsal
This study aims to identify initial needs for video development for the implementation of character education in early childhood. Needs analysis includes context analysis, analysis of learning environment and needs analysis. The method used in this research is quantitative with random sampling technique....
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The Development of Story-Telling Ability For Early Childhood Through Wayang Game

Yulsyofriend Yulsyofriend
The ability of language in early childhood is very important to be developed because the language can help in shaping the mindset of children. In order to develop the language aspect the teacher can use the storytelling method to tell something about the actual, imaginary, action or events that are going...
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The Implementation of Scientific Approach in Natural Culture of Minangkabau Subject at SD Negeri 03 Alai Padang

Mafardi Mafardi
The subject of Minangkabau Nature Culture (BAM) is one of the elective subjects in the context of the local level curriculum at the State Elementary School in Padang City. One of the proper learning approaches for implementing BAM subjects is the Scientific Approach. The Scientific Approach is applied...
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Introducing Foreign Language in Early Childhood

Asdi Wirman
This research aimed to find the cause of the low achievement of early chilhood in introducing of foreign language. This was one of case study on instructional foreign language in early chilhood institution. The instrumentations of this study were observation, interview and documentation. This study based...
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Visual Sensory Stimulation for Toddlers in Hikari Kids Club Children Care Padang

Zulminiati Zulminiati
This study aims to find out how sensory stimulation of visual in the Children Care Hikari Kids Club Padang. The research was conducted at Hikari Kids Club Child Care Park in Padang City in July 2017. This research used descriptive research with qualitative approach. Data collection through observation,...
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The Use of "Psychological Tests" for Early Childhood

Daharnis Daharnis, Zadrian Ardi
It is natural that parents who have early childhood want to know more about their child's psychological condition. Presumably, early childhood teachers are the "most appropriate" to know the psychological condition of their students, as well as other experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors....
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Kindergarten Climate in Padang

Hadiyanto Hadiyanto, Rismareni Pransiska
This research aimed to find out whether there were differences in the climates of kindergartens in Padang. Specifically, this research would see whether there were differences in perceptions among the kindergartens' climate experienced (the actual climate) and the climate of the kindergartens that were...
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Evaluation Input of Early Childhood Teacher Education Curriculum Faculty of Education Universitas Negeri Padang

Alwen Bentri
The purpose of this article is to describe the evaluation input of early childhood teacher education study program curriculum. Input evaluation is intended to find alternative strategies for curriculum implementation. The quality and quantity of inputs as raw materials have a major effect on the transformation...
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Instructional Design using Blogs for Improving Learning Interactivity: A Design Case in Early Childhood Teacher Education Program

Ulfia Rahmi, Syafril Syafril, Azman Azman, Azrul Azrul
This manuscript is a design case in early childhood education program in using blogs to improve learning interactivity. The Optimize using of blogs in instructional design provides an extensive opportunity for early childhood education teachers to interact with lecturer, students and learning materials....
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Identification of Character Values Developed in Early Childhood Education

Alwen Bentri, Abna Hidayati, Ulfia Rahmi, Mutiara Felicita Amsal
Character education in early childhood needs to be developed and identified so that the development of these values is appropriate to the early childhood development stage. This study aims to identify the character values that will be developed in early childhood education. The formulation of the problem...
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The Implication of Authentic Assessment in Thematic Integrated Learning Process at Lower Level Elementary School Early Childhood Development

Taufina Taufina, Chandra Chandra
The assessment done focused on authentic assessment which is sought to assess the students' competence in terms of attitude, knowledge and skill. This research is classified into descriptive study. This research applied concurrent embedded models in which qualitative and quantitative models were applied...
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Increasing Character Education in Children with Learning Disabilities through Story Telling Method in Civic Education

Fatmawati Fatmawati, Nurhastuti Nurhastuti
Children with learning disabilities have limitations in capturing and understanding the lessons provided by the teacher. Therefore we need a special approach in providing educational materials to children's learning disabilities. One way that felt most suitable in providing character education materials...
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The Learning of Writing Experimental Reports by Using Scientific Approach of Early Class Students in Elementary School

Rizky Amelia
This research aimed to explain the implementation of experimental writing report by using scientific approach on the third grade students at SDN 15 Ulu Gadut, Pauh sub-district, Padang city. This research used qualitative approach. Data were collected by Primary Student Observation Sheet (PSOS). Data...
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Increasing Social Behavior through Self-Management Strategy with Children with Autism in the Inclusive Kindergarten

Marlina Marlina
This study aims to increase these social behaviors children with autism through self-management strategy (SMS) by peers. The participants of this study were three children with autism and three normal students in the Kindergarten School. The effectiveness of the intervention was measured in the learning...
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Children's Problem in Kindergarten and Services by Teacher (Studies in Kindergarten Dharmawanita UNP)

Rivda Yetti
The research is based on the findings of troubled children in Dharmawanita Laboratorium Kindergarten school. Therefore it is necessary to identify and describe the problems faced by the child and how the services can be provided by the teacher. The purpose of this study is to describe the problems that...
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The Influence of Traditional Games on The Development of Children's Basic Motor Skills

Ni Kadek Aris Rahmadani, Lita Latiana, R. Agustinus AEN
The problem is the lack of early childhood games in the school learning, conventional learning games in learning activity. Because development of the modern games have negative affect to motor activity for young children, particularly their movement skills. As a result, many children can't jump with...
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Development of a Procedural Model of Science Based on Multisensory-Ecology for Early Childhood Education

Yaswinda Yaswinda
This study aims to develop a procedural model for science based on multisensory-ecology (PSB Mugi) for early childhood education. The study has been conducted on April 2015 until 2017. The method has been used in this research is research and development, which was adapted from the model Borg, Gall and...
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Guidance and Counseling Services for Kindergarten Students

Alizamar Alizamar, Afdal Afdal, Ifdil Ifdil
The purpose of education in kindergarten in general is to help the growth and development of physical and spiritual to have readiness in entering further education, develop personality and self-potential in accordance with the stage of development of learners and help lay the groundwork toward the development...
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Speech Therapy: an Alternative Approach for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment in Early Childhood

Ifdil Ifdil, Rima Pratiwi Fadli, Lira Erwinda, Alfina Sari, Elfi Churnia, Nilma Zola, Refnadi Refnadi, Zadrian Ardi
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a new issue in neuropsychiatric syndrome experienced on Childhood Student. These symptoms interfere in the development of cognitive, social, and early-childhood communication. The background to this idea is in communicating a child with ADHD tends to difficulty...
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Improve Introducing the Concept of Space through Fantasy Gymnastics for Mentally Handicapped Children

Ardisal Ardisal, Pinna Patika Sari Almar
This research is inspired by the problem which found in SLB Muhammadiyah Pauh IX Padang, a child suffered mental retardation has problem on identifying the concept of space. It is seen during the research toward a child and the result showed that there is low ability on identifying the concept of space....
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"Gobak Sodor" in Group Counseling to Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills in Early Childhood

Devi Ratnasari, Sabrina Dachmiati, Itsar Bolo Rangka, Rezky Permata Sari, Wahyu Eka Prasetyaningtyas, Miskanik Miskanik
Interpersonal communication skill is needed to support the glorious success in life. Therefore, the development of interpersonal communication skill can be done as early as possible in early childhood. Refer to American School Counselor Association (ASCA) at the pre-school level of identifying the various...
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Project-Based Science to Increase Language Ability in Early Childhood

Christiani Endah Poerwati, Ni Luh Rimpiati
Indeed early childhood is ready to learn many things including science. Great curiosity in children is a potential that can be exploited to introduce various concepts of science through exploration, observation and experimentation in the context of play. Children love to explore the surroundings with...
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Parental Involvement in Improving Independence in Early Childhood

Mukti Amini
The purpose of this study is to see the involvement of parents of early childhood in familiarizing children to take care of themselves during at home. The method used in this research is explorative study with descriptive analysis. The research was conducted in February of 2016. The research place was...
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Diction on The Mother Tongue for Character Building in Early Childhood

Royan Nur Fahmi, Fijriani Fijriani, Itsar Bolo Rangka, Sisca Folastri, Anna Rufaidah, Miskanik Miskanik
Character is a distinguishing factor between individuals with one another. Positive characters reflect a positive person, and vice versa. Early childhood is the most important phase in character building efforts. Character formation has several influencing factors, including the parent factor. Parents...
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Promotion of Lifelong Education for Children in the Digital Era

Waiwoot Boonloy
Promoting lifelong education for preschool children in the digital era is very important because children are important human resources for future development in every country. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has organized and managed the education system...
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Counseling Playing Method with Boy-boyan Game for the Development of Self-Regulation in Children Aged 6-8 years

Yayah Haryawati, Cece Rakhmat, Rijal Assidiq Mulyana
The study was conducted to explain the counseling playing method through Boy-boyan game for self-regulation development in children aged 6-8 years. The counseling playing method is a derivation in guidance and counseling studies. The counseling playing method is based on theoretical construct of child...
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Assessment of Development of Early Childhood Based Between Plurality

Izzati Izzati
Early childhood assessment is a process undertaken to obtain accurate data on the overall progress of developmental dimensions and early childhood learning outcomes. This assessment is conducted with the aim of collecting data or evidence on the development and learning outcomes associated with early...
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The Impact of Maternal Depression on the Child and How to Prevent and Heal

Paulina Ping
Happiness, healthy life are valuable for society. It devout, academic achievement which is everybody's dreams. In fact, we find the opposite, the depression and unfortunate. The statement above is not easy to achieve. This article will discuss the cause why it is so difficult to achieve and it seems...
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Happy Emotions within Drawing In the kindergarten

Farida Mayar
Happy emotion is one of the emotions in the drawing which is favored by younger children. The research aims to see the responses of all the events experienced in the environment that occurs within the child, where this happy emotion needs to be maintained and developed.ÿ This study is a qualitativeÿdesign...
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The Importance of Playing for Developing Intelligence in Early Childhood

Nur Hazizah
The method used to carry out activities is crucial to achieve optimal results. In an effort to stimulate growth and development of early childhood intelligence, the method chosen should be appropriate to the character of early childhood. One of the characters early childhood was like to play. This article...
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The Effectiveness of Role Playing Method for Introducing English Words for Kids in Lignita Kindergarten in Sawahlunto

Indra Jaya
The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of role play in using English words for young learners in Lignita Kindergarten in Sawahlunto. The design of this research is quantitative, with the type of method is quasy experiment. The result of this research is children on experiment class used...
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The Effectiveness of Traditional Games on The Development of Social Ability of Children in Kindergarten of Baiturridha Padang Pariaman

Serli Marlina, Rismareni Pransiska
This study aims to find out how big the effectiveness of traditional games on the Development of Social Capabilities of Children in Baiturridha Kindergarten Padang Pariaman. Research type is Quantitative research with experiment method. The sample of this study was determined based on Cluster Sampling....
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Influence of Gadget Usage on Children's Social-Emotional Development

Mildayani Suhana
Gadget is part of ICT which is mostly used. One effect of gadget usage on children is self isolated from social life and lack of emotional management. It is resulted in lack of interaction and communication. Child become introvert and impatient, interpersonal problem and lack of interpersonal communication...
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Regular Habits and a Conducive Environment in The Treatment of Children with Delayed Speech Development

Suharti Suharti
Humans as social beings cannot be separated from language. Because with language, people can communicate with others. The development of this language becomes an integral part of cognitive development. The development of the identified language goes hand in hand with human growth. When humans express...
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Improving Early Childhood Language Ability Through Scrabble for Kids

Dwi Hastuti
Language is a very important aspect of early childhood language ability. By language, children may interact with their environment, find something new, and express their ideas. To improve their potential, especially in language, it is important to create a media of teaching which is suitable for kids....
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Traditional Game 'Engklek' and Young Children's Gross Motor Ability

Rachma Hasibuan, Miftakhul Jannah
This research aims to look at the influence of the traditional game 'Engklek' on the ability of the early children's gross motor. The hypothesis of this research is that there is an influence of the game to the children's gross motor ability. The method used in this research is the experimental method...
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The Philosophy of Helping (Consultation Model and Altruistic Behavior as An Important Part of The Counselor for Early Childhood)

Edy Legowo, Indriyana Rachmawati, Rezki Hariko
Helping Profession is the main concept underlying the role and function of counselor. Helping is a process of activities that people do against other individuals in their social environment. There are three models to help: professional information model, clinical model, and model of consultation process....
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Analysis of Holistic Environmental Approach to Health, Nutrition, and Safety in Early Childhood Education

Anita Chandra Dewi Sagala, Muniroh Munawar
This study aims to analyze the holistic environmental approach to health, nutrient and safety in early childhood in City of Semarang. Where children who are unhealthy or disturbed by their physical well-being, lack of nutrition will be at risk of having difficulties in performing cognitive tasks and...
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Improving Beginning Mathematical Skills Through Problem Solving Approach

Setiyo Utoyo, Ismaniar Ismaniar
The aim of this research is to improve the mathematical ability the young children through the problem solving approach. The subject of this research were kindergarten students of Graup B Al Hikmah Bintara Kindergarten of West Bekasi. The method used in this research was action research. In which, the...
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Improvement of Natural Intelligence for Kindergarten through Discovery Learning (Case Study by Using Artificial Environment)

Zelhendri Zen, Ahmad Johari bin Sihes
This study aims to know is there Increase of naturalistic intelligence owned kindergarten's students by using teaching methods of discovery learning supported by the use of learning resources that directly represent of intentionally natural environment to be set by investigators as a learning resource...
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Children with Disabilities: an Analysis of a Learning Process in the Early Years' Classroom Toward Inclusive Practice

Diana Diana, Edi Waluyo, Amirul Mukminin
Inclusive education services for early childhood are expected to provide opportunities for all children regardless of their conditions to be able to obtain equal rights in education and learning process. The number of early childhood students with special needs increases each year, but the education...
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Contribution of First Languages Acquisition of Children's Speaking Ability in Assyofa Kindergarten Padang

Rismareni Pransiska, Serli Marlina
This study aims to determine the contribution of first language acquisition of children's speaking ability in Assyofa Kindergarten Padang. The type of this research is descriptive correlation. The hypothesis in this study is that there is a significant contribution between the acquisitions of the first...
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The Use of a Video Camera in Learning Process of Polite Talk at Kindergarten in Padang

Nenny Mahyuddin
This research aimed to improve the quality of learning at kindergartens through observations by the video camera in the classroom activities. The subjects of the research were the teacher candidates studying the major of early childhood education. The method used was qualitative with the data collection...
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The Analysis of Using Introducing Number Media in the Kindergarten

Febritesna Nuraini, Dwi Hastuti, Dedi Wijayanti
Basic skills that are maximized into the curriculum of kindergartens one of them is to know the numbers. In the daily learning activities to know the numbers do not escape the use of media prepared by the teacher. This study aims to determine the use of media to introduce numbers in Kindergarten. This...
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The Establishment of Self Concept on Early Childhood Through The Interactive Fable Tale at Pertiwi 49 Kindergarten in Gunungpati

Henny Puji Astuti, Ni Kadek Aris Rahmadani, R Agustinus Arum Eko Nugroho
The self-concept of early childhood is the perspective or judgment of early childhood against them in a positive position on social life. Developing children with not confident, so they could not reach are sprouting optimally. Fable will give learning experience for them. Interactive fable tale is a...
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Development of Sex Education Module in Early Years

Mutiara Magta, Ni Gusti Ayu Made Yeni Lestari
The aim of this research is to develop the sex education module for early years which suitable for teachers in schools. Researchers used a development study and ADDIE model as the method of this research; it consists of five steps, which were (1) analyzing, (2) designing, (3) developing, (4) implementing,...
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The Implementation of Edutainment Method in Preschool Learning

Neneng Tasuah, Diana Diana
One method that can be used is the method of edutainment, which in this learning method is presented in the learning process of children is a learning process that is fun, comfortable and amazing, so the relationship between the teacher and the child can be established. Interactions between teachers...
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Emergent Literacy Based on Wordless Picture Book to Introduce Minangkabau Cultural Value and Identity for Early Childhood

Delfi Eliza
Emergent literacy by promoting wordless picture book is a great way for developing the literacy skill of children. The storybook using a good illustration of Minangkabau character is still not widely used in kindergarten to develop emergent literacy of the children. Through the book material that proposed...
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Create Class Climate Effectively in Kindergarten

Rusdinal Rusdinal, Hade Afriansyah
Classroom management for the kindergarten level needs to be done effectively. One of strategy for doing it by create climate class well. It is done to achieve the teaching objectives. Students will enjoy the learning process. All students difficulties are not buried alone. Students will feel free in...
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Self-Concept of Kindergarten Teachers about Implementation of Classroom Action Research

Sri Hartati
The purpose of this research is to identify the self-concept of kindergarten teachers about Classroom Action Research. The method of this research is descriptive which use quantitative. Approach data is collected through questionnaire, then analysed by using formula P = F/N. Result of this study showed...
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Strategy of Character Education for children within the family

Irnawita Irnawita
The child is a small person who is not yet empowered, but has the potential to be empowered through education by parents, community and teachers (pamong). Education provided by parents in the family can be done in the form of service, attention, affection and be role models for children. Besides, the...
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A Mathematical Learning Journey of Toddlers in a Multilingual Environment: The Case of Danesh

Zetra Hainul Putra
This paper aims to present how Danesh, a toddler who moved from Indonesia to Denmark at the age of one and a half years, learned rote counting in three different languages: Indonesian, English, and Danish. Her mathematical learning journey was observed from the first time she moved to Denmark until she...
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Al-Quran Based Learning Strategy in Teaching Mathematics at Primary Education

Mansur Mansur, Yullys Helsa, Ary Kiswanto Kenedi
The Qur'an is our sacred to the Muslims. The Qur'an is used as a guide of life for Muslims around the world. Many lessons are learned from the Alquran. Including elementary school learning is no exception to mathematics learning. This study aims to develop mathematics teaching materials that integrate...