Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Education and Social Science Research (ICESRE 2018)

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A Descriptive Study on the Students’ Attitude Toward English in a Multilingual Classroom

Astriyanti Diah
this study was a descriptive study on the students’ attitude toward English in a multilingual classroom. The subject of the research were 15 students of 8 C in SMPN 2 Singkawang. The research method used was quantitative descriptive analysis by administering simple statistics that describe central tendencies...
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Android-Based Game Puzzle Development as a Media for Introduction of Tourist Objects in Jepara Regency

Kusumodestoni R Hadapiningradja, Sucipto Adi
Jepara Regency is located in the northernmost end of Central Java Province. Jepara Regency also includes Karimunjawa Islands, which is located in Java Sea. The ground area is 1,004,189 km² with a coastline length of 72 km. Jepara Regency has many tourism places ranging from water tourism, cultural heritage,...
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Anti-Corruption Education Model for Millenial Generation in School

This article aims to (1) create anti-corruption education model for millennial generation in school; (2) design anti-corruption education application method for millennial generation in school (3) create particular strategies on the implementation of anti-corruption education for millennial generation...
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Characteristics of Bamboo Fiber as Environmentally Friendly Material for Soil Strengthening

Latifah Khoiriya, Supriyadi Bambang, Rochim Abdul
Indonesia is a bamboo producing country. Many benefits that can be taken from bamboo trees, one of them is as an alternative construction material that is environmentally friendly and economical. Bamboo can be used in construction because bamboo has high tensile strength, it can be for the reinforcement...
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Construct Validity on Teaching Materials of Language Assessment Based on Problem-Based Learning

Andriyani Santi, Saidah Nusrotus, Dian Yulistianti Hayu
This research is aimed at finding out the content and construct validity of teaching materials of language assesment course based problem-based learning (PBL) approach. The construct validity is conducted by using factor analysis and assessment persentage of teaching materials.The verification of content...
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Counseling Values in the Treasury of Javanese Ethics(an Observation Towards the Javanese in Implementing Javanese Ethics Education Which is Relevant to Counseling Values in Life)

Ratnawati Vivi
This article attempts to dissect as well as analyze the relationship between the Javanese ethics and counseling values which commonly referred to as Counseling Guidance. Javanese ethics have plenty of wisdom values, conception of life science and philosophies that are still relevant to the demands of...
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Expansion of Middle Small Micro Business Marketing for Creative Industry of Bags Towards Export Market Products Based on Web Services

Masluri, Setiaji Pratomo, Setiawan Arif
Bag industry is one of the creative industries that contribute greatly to the level of national economic growth. This is evident from the development of the bag craft sector in Kudus, which during the last five years the trade contract experienced a positive growth of 2.8%. This is in line with the increase...
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English Teaching Material Based on the Environmental Caring Character

Suwandi, Senowarsito, Sophia B Th. Cicik
This research aims at developing an English teaching material based on the environmental caring character. It is assumed that learning English using the teaching material integrated with environmental caring character concepts and activities will enable the students to subconsciously develop their awareness...
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Tax Morality Dimensional Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Ratna Wijayani Dianing, Andriyani Budiman Nita, Mulyani Sri
The amount of the micro small and medium in the Kudus growing every year. This study is an empirical research using quantitative methods, which aim to test hypotheses relating to the influence of demographic factors, factors tax evasion, the effectiveness of the tax system, the level of confidence in...
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Does Interactive Whiteboard Use in Public Policy Courses Improve Learning Outcomes?

Br Ginting Rosalina, Maryanto, Menarianti Ika
Interactive Whiteboard is a touch screen panel that functions as a computer projector screen that can control images on a computer by touching the panel surface without using a mouse or keyboard. Research using the Interactive Whiteboard aims to shape motivation and a good learning atmosphere.This research...
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Effectiveness of Inquiry Learning to Empowering Science Process Skills: Case Study of Junior School Pre-Service Teacher

Patonah Siti, Nuvitalia Duwi, Saptaningrum Ernawati, Wuryandini Endang
Mastery of science process skills through inquiry learning in students is needed as a provision in the future. The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of inquiry learning in empowering science process skills in junior high school students. This research method is Research and Development...
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Effectiveness of the Project Based Learning Model Integrated Ethno Technology to Actualize Superior Teacher Candidates

Nuroso Harto, Sarwi, Sudarmin, Supriyadi
The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of ethno technology integrated project-based learning models to improve the competency of superior physics teacher candidates. With the subject of physics education students at PGRI Semarang University who participated in environmental physics...
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English for Math-Learning Model Based on Local Wisdom with Constructivism Approach for Kindergarten Students

Ambarini Ririn, Setyaji Arso, Ayu Zahraini Dian
Abstract— Theory of learning model of English for Math based on local wisdom with constructivism approach in early childhood is expected to be used by teachers of PAUD (Early Childhood Education), as a reference in improving students' communication skills as a tool of thinking so as to boost all potentials...
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Entrepreneurship Development Program in Muria Kudus University

Setiawan Arif, Setiaji Pratomo, Masluri
Entrepreneurship Development Program (PPK) at Muria Kudus University (UMK) is programmed for three years starting from 2018 until 2020. The purpose of this activity is to produce new entrepreneur based on science and technology in production, marketing, finance and entrepreneurship. The method used in...
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Implementation of Gabidroid Media to Increase the Ability of Integers Count Operation

Murti Dewanto Febrian, Wakhyudin Husni, Mudzanatun, Noor Miyono
The purpose of this research is to improve students' counting ability. The research method used is One Group Pretest-Posttest Design. The subject of the research is the fourth grade students of Sendangmulyo 2 State Primary School in Semarang city. Data collection is done by test method that is the ability...
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Village Fund Transparency System in Kudus District Using the Information Retrieval System Algorithm Method

Setiaji Pratomo, Agus Triyanto Wiwit, Setiawan Arif
Kudus is a district in the province of Central Java. The capital of this district is the Kudus, located on the northeast coast line of Central Java between the City of Semarang and the City of Surabaya. Kudus, located 51 kilometers from the east of Semarang. Kudus, received a large allocation of village...
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Intonation Contour of Combination of Indonesian Words in Interrogative Sentence With Yes or No Answer Spoken by Autistic Children

Septiana Ika, Yulianto Bambang, Laksono Kisyani
Autistic children produce various utterances. Sometimes, they say sentence consisting of one word or more. This one word or more can be called sentence since it ends with final intonation. In Indonesian language, we have various final intonation such as (.), (!), and (?). One of sentences which is spoken...
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Language Development of Early Childhood Through The Implementation of 3Ps-Based Educative Game Tool

Senowarsito, Asropah, Musarokah Siti
This study investigates the language development of early child through the implementation of 3Ps (Provision, Protection, and Participation)-Based Educative Game Tool. The study was conducted in early childhood education in Semarang, Indonesia. The data were collected through the observation. The data...
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Analysis of the Need for Volcanic Material Teaching Materials in Primary Schools

Fita Asri Untari Mei, Prasetyawati Dwi, Sukamto
Specific teaching materials are needed in special areas, such as teaching materials on volcanic disasters needed to be taught in areas that are often affected by catastrophic volcanic eruptions. This study answers these problems. This is a survey research in which all the data obtained in this study...
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English Teaching Material Model Based on Nursery Rhymes for Elementary School Students

Riyana Putri Aprilia, Eka Farida Yushinta, Saidah Nusrotus
This study purposes to develop English language teaching materials based on nursery rhymes. The research method used development research with adopted the design of Borg and Gall and adjusted to the initial findings of the results of initial observations in the field. The results showed that the results...
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Perceptions of Factors Affecting Performance of Financing Returns on Baitulmaalwatamwil

Pebruary Silviana, Edward M. Yunies, Nur Fuad Eko, Adhiatma H. Ardian, Widiyanto
The rate of return of a BaitulMaalwaTamwil (BMT) is one of the survival of BMT, which willbe a contributing factor to the level of SHU. Sample of this research is 178 consisting of BMTwhich exists in North of Central Java. The method used is quantitative with Structural EquationModel (SEM) using Partial...
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Politics Identity and Electoral Contestation Among The Bakumpai Tribes (a Geopolitical Survey at Central Kalimantan) Subtitles: Politics Identity, Prespective Political Education on Beginner Voters

Liadi H.Fimeir, Anwar Khairil, Erawati Desi
Abstract-Bakumpai residents are active despite the fact of the presence and absence of legislative candidates and regional leaders from the Bakumpai tribe. This reflects that the Bakumpai Tribe is still not contaminated with Identity Politics (Setia Budi, oral interview). This research is a sub-title...
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Study of Javanese Ethnic Bullying Victims from Psychosocial Perspective

Widiharto Chr. Argo
Bullying is a long-lasting phenomenon and until now it is still a problem in the world. Bullying behavior does not only occur in children and adolescents but also occurs in adults such as bullying in the workplace. Some researchers in the world have been researching the bullying behaviour associated...
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Study of Conformity Behaviour and Self-Confidence From Self Control Perspective

Suhendri, Puji Sugiharto Dwi Yuwono, Eddy Wibowo Mungin, Mulawarman
Confromity behaviour and self-confidence are important in the lives of students, both among schools and communities. The tendency of individuals to experience high conformity when someone is in an emergency situation. Confromity behaviour and self-confidence can not be separated from the aspects of peer...
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Study on the Conservation of Forest Orchid and Community Perception Towards the Preservation of Ungaran Mountain Orchid in Ex Situ

Sulistya Dewi Endah Rita, Susatyo Nugroho Ary, Maria Ulfah
Forest Ungaran Mountain has a variety of plant diversity, one of which is a kind of forest orchids. Along with the wild hunting of Ungaran mountain orchid as well as the transfer of forest land and land for agriculture, productive plantation and community settlement land, the popuasi and natural habitat...
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Task-Based Learning; Learning Model for Improving Students Ability in English

Sofiana Nina, Mubarok Husni
This study was aimed at developing an English learning model which was in accordance with the needs of students and teachers and 2013 curriculum. The research design was research and development which was consisted of theoretical and practical studies, field observation, students and teachers need analysis,...
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The Village Fund Allocation : the Evaluation and Progression Program of Government

Aries Suprapto Hugo, Widiyarto Sigit, Rusdi Mohammad
— Indonesia is a country that has many villages that are spread from Sabang to Merauke. The amount is so much that it has great potential in the welfare of society. The government has issued various policies to accelerate development in the village. Government policy still needs to be supported by all...
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The Building Assessment of Accessibility for the Disabled People on 1st Campus UPGRIS

Arie Wibawa Baju, Widiastuti Kurnia
As a public building, the 1st campus of UPGRIS requires to comply with the accessibility for all (including the disabled people). Yet, the current condition causes the disabled people unable to access the facilities of the building, that means they are still not capable of doing their activities on their...
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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse for Early Childhood Trough Maternal and Child Health Services Empowerment

Yuliejantiningsih Yovitha, Rakhmawati Dini, Maulia Desi
Each children have their right to grow up optimally and get protection from violence and discrimination. Child sexual abuse can be prevented by empowering the maternal and child health service and the role of parents. The empowerment is given through sex education training for early children by: 1. giving...
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The Improvement of Teachers’ Knowledge About Mental Health as a Prevention to Mental Health Problem on Designing School Wellbeing Establishment of Early Childhood Education Level

Maulia Desi, Suhendri, Rakhmawati Ellya, Suharno Agus
The establishment of school atmosphere in which pays attention on both student and teacher’s wellbeing, has not been achieved sufficient attentions by educational stakeholders. Until recent days, when talking about education, then most of the focus by researchers are about pedagogical and professional...
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The Effect of Revised Bloom’S Taxonomy on Mathematical Problem-Solving Skill

Nengsih Retno, Nurrahmah Arfatin, Alamsyah Nur
The purpose of this research is to show the effect of teaching story problems using revised Bloom’s taxonomy on mathematical problem-solving skill. The research uses an experiment method with Randomized Post-Test Only Control Group Design. The sample includes 60 eight-grade students selected through...
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The Effect of Mobile Phone Application on Mathematics Learning: Students Critical Thinking Skills

Supandi,, Handayanto Agung, Nur Aini Aurora, Ariyanto Lilik, Kusumaningsih Widya
The development of information technology today has been widely used in school learning. One of them is the use of mobile phones as a supporter of learning activities. This research explores the information disposition of critical mathematical thinking through the development of APP Inventor Mobile Phone...
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The Implantation of Nationalism in Globalization Era Using Value Clarification Learning Models

Ferdy Nursita Rischa, Salim Abdul, Winarno
Education is building character, which implicitly means building behavior that related to moral dimension whether is it positive or good, not negative or bad. Now, the implantation of characters from the early age is an important concern, considering many moral declines in this era of globalization....
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Developing Colour Guide Flashcard Helping Song to Improve Speaking Skill

Revalita Candraloka Olyvia, Nor Laila Azzah
This paper aims to describe the media innovation song-based flashcard and analyze the improvement of speaking skill of students in Bumi Kartini Islamic Boarding School using the media. The method used in this research is research and development. The procedures of the research are (1) initiate research,...
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Utilization of Animation Media Planning Based on Social Context Learning in Writing Fiction Prose

Asriningsari Ambarini, Nayla Azzah, Br.Ginting Rosalina
The purpose of this study is to describe the use of animated media contained social context in learning to write prose fiction.Qualitative descriptive research is done through the observation stage, the application of animated media contained social contexts in learning to write prose fiction, and find...
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A Qualitative Study of Efl English Teacher’s Perceptions Towards Teaching Vocabulary Using Word Games for Junior High Schools on Semarang Central Java: to Use Or to Reject?

Yosephin WL Maria, Hidayat Nur, Andris Susanto Dias
This study can aim to determine teacher’s perceptions in teaching vocabulary using word games for junior high schools’ students in Semarang, Central Java. According to Kebeil (2012), there are teachers and students’ perceptions in teaching vocabulary in the classroom. The population consisted some of...
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Developing E-Scaffolding Integrated with E-Assessment to Improve Student’S Mastery of Concept

A. Jufriadi, H.D. Ayu, H.Y. Pratiw
-This study was to develop e-scaffolding integrated with e-assessment to improve students' mastery of concept and quality of learning. The development e-scaffolding uses development research 4D conceptual model. The e-scaffolding that is integrated with e-assessment provides a number of scaffolding options...
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Hypothetical Learning Trajectory Of Students On Learning Geometry In Junior High School Grade 7Th

Suryadi Didi, Prayito Muhammad, Mulyana Endang
Learning approaches to improve learning outcomes are constantly being improved. The purpose of this study is to find the proper learning trajectory on geometry material based on Van Hielle Theory. This study is a qualitative research by using didactical research design method. This Hypothetical Learning...
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Individual Adaptation Based on Family Development Stage

Handayani Arri, Setiawan Agus, Dhyah Yulianti Padmi
The family is the smallest environment of a society. Every family has unique and different stages of development. There is a general pattern at each stage of family development, but there are also patterns in particular. The stages or development phases discussed in this study are based on the stages...
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Learning Model Development with Technology Ethno-Pedagogy and Content Knowledge

Rosilawati Ani, Hartono, Indiati Intan, Ulil Albab Irkham, Prayito Muhammad, Sarwi
The purpose of this study is to develop the learning model with technology, ethnopedagogy and content knowledge. The method used in this research is combined-method which emphasizes in the qualitative and quantitative collection of data. In this research, the writer uses embedded design which involves...
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Lexical Madurese Language Dialexical Madurese Language Kangean Dialect (Lexicostatistics Study)

Yani Ahmad, Sudarso Hendra
This research raises the issue of the Kangean dialect Madurese language in the Kangean Islands. Geographically the Kangean Islands entered Central Indonesia, but administratively the Kangean Islands entered Sumenep-Madura Regency. The population consists of Javanese, Balinese, Bajo, Madurese, and Malay...
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Playstore Based Animal Encyclopedia: Thinking Skills of Elementary Student

F.N. Kumala, D.A. Setiawan, M. Amin, M. Gipayana, S.D. Aji, M.N. Huda
Purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of playstore-based animal encyclopedia on students' thinking skills. Subjects in this study were 35 elementary school students. Data were taken using test C1-C6 bloom and analyzed using t-test. The results show that the playstore-based animal encyclopedia...
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Schiffrin’s English Discourse Markers Functions in The Students’ Hortatory Exposition Text

Andris Susanto Dias, Linggar Bharati Dwi Anggani, Sutopo Djoko
Research on EDMs has abounded since the 1980s when Schifrin (1987) proposed her work on it. This research was conducted to analyze the EDMs functions found in the hortatory exposition text written by the students of University of PGRI Semarang. EDMs is needed to make a writing production be coherence...
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The Effect of Problem Based Learning for Student’s Environmental Literacy

Roshayanti Fenny, Candra Wicaksono Azizul Ghofar, Budi Minarti Ipah
This study has the purpose to identify the effect of problem based learning (PBL) in enhancing student’s environmental literacy. This research used quasi experimental design. It involved 50 students from first grade of 10th state senior high school of Semarang. The Students in experimental class was...
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The Transformation of Early Marriage in Pacitan as the Impact of Modernization

M. Fashihullisan, Mukodi, Sugiyono
Modernization in Pacitan has brought an impact on people's lives change. Economic development impacts on the increase of educational opportunities and delays the age of marriage. The culture of early marriage in the past had been distressed by the postponement of the age of early marriage. The goal of...
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Mapping the Muallaf Coaching of South Barito, East Barito and Gunung Mas Regencies of Central Kalimantan

Sabian, Sadiani, Hartati Zainap
Mapping of Muallaf coaching in Central Kalimantan is a follow up of the study conducted in 2017, intended to inventory learners of Islam in fostering Muallaf carried out by elements of the Muslims, both when they just had converted to Islam and a few years later. This research as a response in looking...
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Parent Teaching: a Strategy to Build Effective Communication in Learning Among Teachers-Parents-Students

Apriyanti Chusna
This study aims to know the implementation of parent teaching to build effective communication in learning among teacher-parents-students, the benefit of parent teaching for students’ learning and the obstacles in implementing parent teaching. This is descriptive qualitative research study. The data...
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Code of Ethics for Teacher as Legal Pillar to Improve Educational Professionalism

Maryanto, Khoiriyah Nor
Education is the principle of a country in shaping the quality human resources. Penyelenggaraan pendidikan menjadi landasan utama dalam proses pembudayaan dan pemberdayaan generasi bangsa (peserta didik), oleh karena itu guru memiliki peran penting dalam melaksanakan proses pembelajaran di sekolah yang...
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Implementation of Affective Domain Evaluation Tool Assisted Macros Program

Purnomo Djoko, Prayito Muhammad, Dwi Setyawati Rina, Happy Nurina
The specific purpose of this research is: The implementation of affective domain evaluation tool assisted macros program. The method used in this research followed the procedures is research and development by ADDIE. Population analysis has conducted at student high school, pre-service teacher and teacher....
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Dissemination of Mathematics 3-D Textbook to Improve Students Mathematical Communication Ability

Prasetyowati Dina, Kartinah, Sutrisno
This research is the last stage of developing three-dimensional mathematics textbooks to improve students' mathematical communication abbilities. The implementation of the distribution of three-dimensional textbook products was carried out in secondary schools in Central Java to measure product effectiveness,...
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Dissemination of Mobilemath with Seamless Learning Model on Analytical Geometry Course in UIN Walisongo Semarang

Sunandar, Dini Rahmawati Noviana
This study aims to determine the feasibility, effectiveness and practicality of mobilemath products in the subject of extended space analytic geometry at UIN Walisongo Semarang. This research method uses the Borg and Gall development model with 10 stages in it. namely (1) Research and information collecting,...
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Geometry Module with CTL Approach for Elementary School Learning

Yuniasih Nury, Wahyuningtyas Dyah Tri
Geometry learning in elementary school, especially in class IV three-dimensional material requires appropriate teaching materials to teach concept understanding. Based on this, this study aims to describe the effectiveness of using modules based on the CTL approach in geometry learning. This research...
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The Design of Comic Development as Effort to Prevent Early Childhood Sexual Abuse

Padmi Dhyah Yulianti, Suyati Tri, Rakhmawati Ellya, Chandra Dewi Anita
Child sexual abuse is a phenomenal issue. In 2016, Indonesia is stated to be in an emergency condition due to sexual abuses. Many efforts done to minimize the number of the abuses toward early childhood children. A synergic intervention among schools, parents, and societies is needed to prevent early...
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Implementation of Transformational Leadership of Study Program Chairperson and its Impact on Lecturers Achievement Motivation

Hamidi Dendi Zainuddin, Permadi Indra, Setiawan Iwan Rizal
This study aims to analyze the implementation of Transformational leadership of the Study Program Chair and its impact on lecturer achievement motivation. The long-term goals and specific objectives of this study are the application of Transformationaonal leadership style that can encourage lecturers...
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Dissemination of Interactive Whiteboard Media in Kindergaten School

Kurniasih Eem, Masduki Lusi Rachmiazasi
This advanced research aims to determine the feasibility, effectiveness and practicality of Interactive Whiteboard media to improve the psychomotor abilities of kindergarten children. Based on previous research with limited testing in TK Tunas Kekancan Mukti Pedurangan is known that Interactive Whiteboard...
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Dissemination Product of Mobile Learning with Etnomathematic Models to Learning Geometry

Masduki Lusi Rachmiazasi, Suparman, Prayitno Edi
This study aims to determine the feasibility, effectiveness and practicality of mobile learning products in the subject of extended geometry at open University Semarang. This research method uses the Borg and Gall development model with 10 stages in it. Namely (1) Research and Information Collecting,...
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Dissemination of Augmented Reality Book to Learning Geometry Analytic

Nurmawati, Suparman
This study aims to determine the feasibility, effectiveness and practicality of mobile learning products in the subject of extended geometry at open University Semarang. This research method uses the Borg and Gall development model with 10 stages in it. Namely (1) Research and Information Collecting,...
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Dissemination of Webquest with Active Learning Strategy on Entrepreneurship Psychology Courses

Kusdaryani Wiwik, Maryanto, Wijayanto, Buchori Achmad
The purpose of this study is to produce a product in the form of a webquest media with active learning strategy in the subject of entrepreneurship psychology which has been expanded to counseling study programs at the PGRI Semarang University and IKIP Veteran Semarang to produce students who have entrepreneurship
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Whiteboard Animation Media Development with Smart Peadagogy Approach in Educational Policy Courses

Muhdi, Buchori Achmad, Wibisono Arif, Yuliejantiningsih Yovita
Learning education policy courses in the education management master's program have not used the smart paedagogy approach, even though smart paedagogy is expected students to be able to apply it in learning at school later, then in classroom learning has not been used animation whiteboard media, which...
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Strengthening Institution of Local Communities in Empowerment of Village Communities in Semarang Central Java (Case Study in Muktiharjo Kidul, Pedurungan)

Widodo Suwarno, Suharto, Widodo Wahyu
Local community institutions in community empowerment participate in poverty reduction programs that cover all community / village community empowerment activities. Community empowerment is an effort to restore or increase the empowerment of a community to be able to do according to their dignity and...
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Design and Development of Book Search Applications in the Library of the University of PGRI Semarang Online Based on 3D Mobile Scanner

Nurahman Iqbal, Buchori Achmad, Indriarti Teodora
Reading is a window to the world where we often read we will be more knowledgeable. The library is one of the windows of the world where we will get a lot of knowledge. For that, in education in Indonesia there are many libraries, even at every level of education both in Elementary School (SD), Middle...
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Development of Education Game Based on Local Wisdom Religion Lessons in Paud in Semarang City

Adi Pratama Yordan, Buchori Achmad, Indriarti Teodora
Educational games based on local wisdom religious subjects are made for learning media in early childhood in order to provide enjoyable learning. Nowadays religious education in early childhood is very lacking, there are still many parents who lack religious education in children. This educational game...
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Development of Linux Ubuntu Open Source Distribution Based Open Source Distribution System to Minimize Students 'Software Study

Buchori Achmad, Irfan Wibowo Nur, Kholifah Siti
This study aims to develop The Zero-based Ubuntu Open Source Distribution Operating System to minimize software piracy among students. Distribution Zero Development is implemented on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux with pinguy builder software, all functional requirements have been successfully implemented in accordance...
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Development of Wondershare Quiz Creator Multiple Choice Evaluation Tools in Economic Mathematics

Kholifah Siti, Hartanto Paulus
This study aims to develop a multiple choice evaluation tool based on Wondershare Quiz Creator in economic mathematics courses, so as to produce valid evaluation tools that can be applied to students in understanding learning. This type of research is development research with the ADDIE development method...