Proceedings of the 4th Sriwijaya University Learning and Education International Conference (SULE-IC 2020)

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Development of Cell Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment Instrument: Small Group Review

Safira Permata Dewi, Ermayanti, Lucia Maria Santoso
This study aims to obtain an overview of the cell cognitive diagnostic assessment (CCDA) instrument that has been developed from a small group testing point of view. There are 20 multiple choice questions that have been developed with five alternative answer choices. These questions consist of four topics,...
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Fostering Decision-Making Skills Through Socio-Scientific Issues in the 2013 Curriculum

Dita Ardwiyanti, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
Industry 4.0 has challenged 21st-century society through future employment and workforce trends shifting. Decision-making is one of the thinking skills urgently needed to achieve job success in this disruptive era. As the skills in choosing the best solution to the socio-scientific issues (SSI), decision-making...
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Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills of Biology Education Students Using Online Formative Assessment

Yenny Anwar, Djunaidah Zen, Safira Permata
The study of online application of formative assessment in general biology courses aims to improve critical thinking skills of biology education students. This research subject is biology education students in the first semester. This research is preliminary studies that uses e formative assessment as...
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Need Assessment for Designing Mobile Virtual Laboratory of Water Pollution

Zainal Arifin, Elvira Destiansari, Susy Amizera
The aim of this research is as a basis for designing a virtual lab application for water pollution material. Needs assessment is carried out by giving questionnaires to college students so that they can collect information related to their responses to virtual lab implementation on environmental pollution...
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Developing Critical Thinking Skills Assessment of Digestive System for Senior High Schools

Yenny Anwar, Djunaidah Zen, Adinda Tiara
This study aims to produce valid, reliable and practical test instruments based on critical thinking skills. The method used in this study is the development research (DR) that consists of synthesizing theory and needs analysis, step design (variable construction, indicator development, questions arrangement,...
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Mastery of Meta-Cognitive Skills on Biology Material for Senior High School Students in Palembang

Kodri Madang, Masagus Mhd. Tibrani, Rahmi Susanti
This study aims is obtaining students’ meta-cognitive skills on biology material for senior high school in Palembang. A number of senior high school students at Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia, were involved as participants in this study. The data were collected using meta-cognitive skills test...
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Effectiveness of Practicum-Based Project in Enhancing Students’ Learning Outcomes in Plant Micro-Technique Courses

Ermayanti, Didi Jaya Santri, Safira Permata Dewi, Riyanto
This study examines the effect of practicum-based project in improving students’ learning outcomes in plant micro-technique course. The research was conducted in the Biology Education Study Program at a public university in South Sumatra, Indonesia. The study involved Biology Education students (female=19;...
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Development of Biological Science Literacy Questions Based on the PISA Framework

Ani Saputri, Rahmi Susanti, Adeng Slamet
The research objective was to produce valid and practical questions on biological science literacy based on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) framework. The development step consists of needs analysis, construction variables and learning objectives, compiling grids, instruments...
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Implementation of STEM Approach at Course of Entrepreneurship: Feed for Increasing Goat Weight

A Rachman Ibrahim, Iceng Hidayat
This qualitative research aims to describe the Implementation of the STEM Approach for Entrepreneurship Subjects in the Chemical Education Study Program at FKIP of Sriwijaya University, Feed Topic Types for Increasing the Weight of the Local Goat Growth Phase. Data collection methods used are document...
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Implementation of STEM Approach, Entrepreneurship Course, Feeding for Chicken Egg Productivity

K. Anom
The purpose of this qualitative research is to describe the implementation of the STEM Approach of Entrepreneurship Courses in a case study at the FKIP Chemistry Education in Sriwijaya University, Feed for Increasing Chicken Egg Production. The subjects in this study were Chemistry Education Students,...
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Implementation and the Impact of Constructivism-Based Module on Students’ Academic Achievement

Iceng Hidayat, Desi, Bety Lesmini, Made Sukaryawan, Jejem Mujamil
This study aims to develop a constructivism-based module on rate of reaction and chemical equilibrium topics for the eleven graders and assess its impact on students’ academic achievement. The development of the constructivism-based module adopted the Rowntree and Tessmer models, and the validation assessment...
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The Use of E-Modules to Improve Students’ Understanding of Concepts and Independent Attitudes Through Google Classroom

Susy Eldila Sari, Susilawati, Lenny Anwar
This study aims to determine the effect of using e-module hydrocarbon compounds through Google Classroom on students’ understanding of concepts and independent attitudes. The research was conducted at SMKN 1 Seberida, Indragiri Hulu Regency, Riau in the even semester of the 2019/2020 school year. The...
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Implementation of an Interactive E-Module to Improve Concept Understanding of Students

Rabiatul Adawiyah, Susilawati, Lenny Anwar
Background of this study is based on the information obtained that the students still experience difficulty in understanding the concept of redox material. Additionally, from the interview results, the teachers in learning processes used handbooks and had used PowerPoint (PPT), yet the handbooks and...
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Research Based Learning Design: Teacher and Lecturer Perception Analysis

Effendi Nawawi, Hartono, Andi Suharman, Sri Mulyani
The purpose of this study is to explore and describe the teacher’s perceptions of how research-based learning is. The research approach used is a qualitative research approach, a qualitative approach is used to obtain detailed and in-depth information about research-based learning in terms of teacher...
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Designing of Blended Learning Environment

Hartono Hartono
The learning environment is very important in supporting learning behavior and transactions. Blended learning provides learning alternatives that facilitate learning through 3 modes, namely online, face-to-face and independent learnings. During the Covid 19 pandemic disaster, the blended learning was...
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Strategies in Accomplishing Mathematics, Science, and Reading PISA Questions

A Case Study at Universitas Sriwijaya and Bengkulu University

Hartono, Ryan T Knowles, Rita Inderawati, Ratu Ilma Indra Putri
The purpose of this study was to determine the strategies used by students in solving PISA questions level 1, 2, and 3. The research method used was descriptive qualitative, with seven (7) students each for Undergraduate Mathematics and Education Education. English Language FKIP Palembang Campus Sriwijaya...
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Development of Chemistry Teaching Materials Based on STEM Problem Based Learning on Solution Chemistry Materials for Students of Chemistry Education Study Program

Winda Regita Pratiwi, Hartono, Tatang Suhery
This research is development research that aimed to produce an the chemistry teaching material of solution chemistry based STEM-Problem Based Learning approach by Amy Abbot that the valid and practice. The development model used is model ADDIE with Tessmer evaluation. The steps of ADDIE model were used...
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Building Students Character: Planning and Implementation in Junior High School

Umi Chotimah, Nyimas Aisyah, Meryansumayeka
Character building is a process or effort carried out to foster, improve and or shape the character, morals, and human beings (society) so that it shows good temperament and behavior. Building student character is a part of the responsibility of a teacher. This article describes the teacher’s of Junior...
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Need Analysis of the Development of Contextual-Based Teach-Book in Political Law Subject

Emil El Faisal, Sulkipani, Edwin Nurdiansyah
The background of this research is that the teaching materials available in the course of politics and law in the Civic Education Study Program of Universitas Sriwijaya were still limited to literature such as statutory regulations and scientific articles, and the unavailability of teaching materials...
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Potential Impacts of the Development of Textbook of Population and Environmental Education Subjects Based on Problem-Based Learning for Civics Education Study Program

Alfiandra, Sri Artati Waluyati, Kurnisar
The objective of this study was to analyse the potential impact potential impacts of the development of the textbook of Population and Environmental education subjects based on problem-based learning for the Civics education study program in improving students’ critical thinking skills. The textbook...
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Contextual Learning in Civic Education

Alternative Approach to Enhancing Civic Competence

Sulkipani, Umi Chotimah, Emil El Faisal
Civic Education courses are courses that present material in the form of descriptions of facts or certain social problems. The dynamic nature of social science provides the opportunity to generate diverse views. Therefore, the ability to understand concepts is a must for students in understanding Civic...
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Utilization of HOTS-Based Student Worksheets With the Barcode System as Teaching Materials in Civic Education Learning

Mariyani, Rini Setiyowati, Husnul Fatihah
Student worksheets that have been used by teachers have not been able to involve students in higher-order thinking (HOTS) so that teachers have difficulty achieving higher-order thinking learning goals. This study aims to answer the formulation of the problem of how to use HOTS-based student worksheets...
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Web-Based Learning Media of Population and Environmental Educational Subject

Rini Setiyowati, Alfiandra, Mariyani
This study aims to develop learning media for population and environmental education courses based of web learning. The background of this research is the times that require the learning process to be able to follow the digital direction. This study aims to produce web-based learning media in population...
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Construct 2-Based Educational Games as Learning Media for Anti-Corruption Education (MEDPAK) in the PPKN Study Program, Sriwijaya University

Mariyani, Sri Artati Waluyati, Rini Setiyowati
This research is motivated by the importance of anti-corruption education, especially for students as agents of change. Anti-corruption education is a compulsory subject in higher education to internalize anti-corruption values. Therefore, learning media are needed so that the material presented is more...
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Development of Learning Tools for Multicultural Education Subjects in the Development of Shame and Guilt Attitudes

Husnul Fatihah, Sri Artati Waluyati, Puspadianti
The purpose of this research is to develop learning tools for multicultural education subjects in the development of shame and guilt attitudes. This research is a type of research and development (Research and Development) which refers to the R & D Cycle of Borg and Gall and is aligned with the research...
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The Effectiveness of the Use of Contextual-Based Textbook on Civic Education Course

Puspa Dianti, Husnul Fatihah, Camellia
The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the use of contextual-based textbooks in Civic Education courses. The research method used was quantitative descriptive research. The data were collected through tests and observations. The observation method was used to observe student...
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Optimizing Student’s Character Values in HOTS-Based Citizenship Education Learning

Ermanovida, Umi Chotimah, Kurnisar, Norma Juainah
This study was aimed to analyze students’ character values who emerge when learning Citizenship Education based on High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), using descriptive qualitative research methods.The implementation was carried out in Civics learning for students of the PPKn FKIP Unsri Study Program...
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Findings Related to Student Identity Using the Large-Scale Civic Education Datasets

Ryan T. Knowles
This presentation reveals the results of a content analysis of 101 secondary analysis publications that utilized either the IEA CIVED or IEA ICCS datasets. The analysis was conducted in three steps: deciding inclusion criteria, conducting a literature search, and synthesizing research specific aims....
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Literacy and Adult Education Based on Community Development in Accordance With the Sustainable Development Goals

Al-Shefa Abdel Gadir Hassan Ali
The present study aims to the overall goals that is mitigation and adaptation of women to life in various settings with well-being with the Special goals: a. Empowering women scientifically, technically, and economically. b. Changing the nutritional culture pattern and making use of the available nutritional...
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Silaq Mace: Community Library Activities in Improving Reading Habits of Sasak Adolescents

Arif Widodo, Agam Royana, Mohammad Archi Maulyda, Muhammad Erfan, Nursaptini
Silaq mace is a read-through movement carried out by community libraries in Central Lombok district. Community libraries have a very big role in increasing children’s reading interest. This study aims to determine the increase in children’s interest in reading in Central Lombok Regency through the “silaq...
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Development of Online Examination Application in Junior High Schools of Surakarta City

Alfonsa Maria Sofia Hapsari, Haryo Kusumo Aji, Tigus Juni Betri
The rapid development of technology and the demands of the digital revolution 4 require all educational institutions to adjust as soon as possible. Currently, electronic learning is the first demand in all educational institutions. Not only in the scope of the University, even in the scope of high schools...
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Structural Poverty of Women Labor of Food Industry in Pagar Alam

Evy Ratna Kartika Waty, Shomedran, Mega Nurrizalia
The research titled Structural Poverty on Women Labor of Food Industry in Pagaralam based on fundamental questions about (1) root of poverty problem that suffered by women labor that should be elevate them from poverty, and (2) dilemmas that faced by women labor that trapped on economics problems continuously...
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Social Alienation of Students in Palembang

Dadang Hikmah Purnama, Ernalida, Vieronica V. Sununianti
This paper to analyze the effect of nomophobia on powerlessness, meaninglessness, normlessness, social isolation, and self-estrangement of students in Palembang. The method used is a survey with a cross-sectional study approach. The sample of this study were students of Junior High School, Senior High...
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Hula Hoop Dance Video Tutorial to Stimulate Children’s Development Aspects

Windi Dwi Andika, Sri Sumarni, Febriyanti Utami
Hula Hoop is an effective stimulation for the developmental aspects of children. Hula-Hoop dancing is an alternative activity besides gymnastics for preschool children. Against the facts, almost all preschool teachers do not know how to dance Hula Hoop. The cause is Hula Hoop Dance Tutorial does not...
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Introduction to Sea Animals With Augmented Reality Based Flashcard for Early Childhood

Febriyanti Utami, Rukiyah, Windi Dwi Andika, Sri Sumarni
So far, the subject of knowing sea animals in early childhood education has only been taught by teachers using books, magazines and pictures, so that early childhood still does not show interest in learning. This study aims to provide an overview of the use of augmented reality-based flashcard media...
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The Development of Pencak Silat Gymnastics for Group B Children in Kindergarten

Hasmalena, Anggi Hermalita, Rukiyah, Mahyumi Rantina
This research was aimed to develop the Early Childhood Pencak Silat Gymnastics which had been proven its validity and practicality. This development research used ADDIE and Tessmer formative evaluation with the needs analysis, product design, and evaluation stages consisting of self-evaluation, expert...
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Educational Game Tools in Early Childhood Mathematics Learning

Syafdaningsih, Rukiyah, Febriyanti Utami
Learning mathematics for early childhood is one of the aspects of cognitive development that must be developed. Mathematics in early childhood can be taught by helping with learning media, in the form of educational games tools. This study aims to provide an overview of the use of educational game tools...
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Training of Trainer Model in an Effort to Improve the Professionalism of Accounting Teachers

Dhika Maha Putri, Sunaryanto, Slamet Fauzan, Sheila Febriani Putri, Mohd. Rizal Palil
The Industrial Revolution 4.0 demands a comprehensive individual portfolio in communicating and collaborating to improve learning abilities. Competent teachers are able to create an effective learning environment and carry out tasks optimally for the benefit of student learning outcomes. Thus the professional...
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Analysis of Students Needs for Teaching Materials as A Reference for Developing E-Module of Digital Learning Courses

Dewi Pratita, Dian Eka Amrina Yulia Djahir
This research aims to analyze students needs for teaching materials used in Digital Learning lecture activities. This research is an exploratory descriptive study with the sample of research is Economics Education students at fifth semester FKIP Sriwijaya University who are in two classes namely regular...
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A Need Analysis in Developing Interactive Digital Teaching Materials Using Contextual Approach in Microeconomic Theory Course

FH Yuliana, Siti Fatimah, Ikbal Barlian
Teaching materials are an important component in supporting the learning process. To develop teaching materials needs to consider various aspects, one of which is the selection of teaching materials based on students’ needs. This research was aimed to determine the teaching materials needed to be developed...
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The Attitudes of Sriwijaya University and Omdurman Islamic University Students Towards Social Issues

Riswan Jaenudin, Umi Chotimah, Farida, Ata Mohammed Ahmed Kantoul
This study to explore how the attitudes of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FTTE), Sriwijaya University (Unsri) students, Indonesia and Omdurman Islamic University (OIU), Sudan students towards social issuesbased cultural problem in their respective countries. This study used descriptive quantititave...
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The Effectiveness of Online Collaborative Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

Mustakim, Trisnaningsih, M. Mona Adha
The purpose of this research is to explain the effectiveness of online learning in growing collaborative learning of the students during Covid-19 pandemic. This research used qulitative research method. Data collection was through google form distributed to 57 subject teachers and the interview on the...
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Emergency Online Learning: How Are Students’ Perceptions?

Arif Widodo, Ida Ermiana, Muhammad Erfan
Emergency online learning that takes place during the COVID-19 plague, so there is no other choice for students besides takes online courses. The changing in the way we learn from face to face to online learning has created new problems not only for lecturers but also students in this case who experienced...
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Need Analysis of Instruments Assessment of Curriculum 2013 Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for Elementary School Students

Marwan Pulungan, Toybah, M Vina Amilia Suganda
This article aims to explain the results of the HOTS based assessment instrument needs analysis. HOTS-based assessment instruments are considered important to be understood by teachers in elementary schools (SD) and support the 2013 curriculum. The results of the analysis were obtained from the distribution...
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Need Analysis of Teaching Books Based on A Scientific Approach to Geometry and Measurement Courses

Toybah, Siti Hawa, Suganda M Vina Amilia
This article aims to explain the results of a textbook need analysis based on a scientific approach in geometry and measurement courses. Geometry and measurement courses are courses that must be taken by second semester students in the elementary education study program FKIP Universitas Sriwijaya study...
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STEM Analysis on the Environmental Care Materials in Elementary Schools Thematic Book

Feni Kurnia, Yuanita
This research is motivated by the importance of combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). One of which is in science learning, including science, technology, and mathematics. This study aims to analyze STEM contained in the theme 3 in thematic book 3 of the fourth grade in elementary...
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Indonesian Endemic Animals Domino Card About Counting 1 to 10 for Grade 1 Elementary Student

Zona Anggraini, Nurdin Kamil, Siti Dewi Maharani, Ratu Mutiara Wulandari, Indri Rahmawati
The use of low-level learning media is lack of variety, even though student’s ages need a concrete figure of learning. One of them is using learning media that is more attractive to students to learn. Therefore, domino card as learning media is developed to support the introduction of Indonesian endemic...
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Developing Blended Learning Model MARTAPURA to Improve Soft and Social Skills

Akhmad Riandy Agusta, Diani Ayu Pratiwi
The purpose of this research is to know about (1) the characteristics and implementation of the blended learning model MARTAPURA; (2) The appropriateness of implementation blended learning model; (3) the effectiveness of implementation blended learning model to improve soft and social skills pass COVID-19...
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Need Analysis of HOTS Based Teaching Books in Mathematics Learning Courses

Vina Amilia Suganda, Toybah, Siti Hawa
This article aims to explain the results of the analysis of the needs of HOTS-based teaching books of math learning courses. The data of this analysis was obtained by spreading the questionnaire using google form and the results of discussions with lecturers of mathematics courses in the elementary educational...
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Implementation of Consideration Model Learning to Strengthen Attitude Construction of Class 5 Students at SDN Bancaran 2 Bangkalan Madura

Wahid Khoirul Ikhwan
Consideration model learning can be used as a medium to construct students’ attitudes. The construction of students’ attitudes will care more about the people around them and students are more concerned with mutual interests than their own interests. So that, students will be formed into students who...
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Investigating Non-English Pre-Service Teachers’ Mindsets in Learning English as a Foreign Language

Soni Mirizon
The notion of mindset in psychology has been adopted in diverse fields including education. However, there has been limited study that measured mindset in English language teaching area. This study was aimed at investigating non-English major pre-service teachers’ mindset in learning English as a foreign...
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Framing New Model Teaching Practice in IR4.0 for In-Service English Teachers Engaging in Teacher Profession Education Program

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is here today and it is merging with human’s physical lives. The development of technologies has affected what people do. Teachers, for instance, have integrated sophisticated teaching technology applications in their classroom not only to improve students’ learning outcomes,...
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The Voice of Senior High School Alumni in Border Area

Experience and Expectation

Jhoni Eppendi, Arfha Rizky Firdausya
This research aims to minimize the undergraduate students of FTTE problem by figuring out the alumni of Senior High School experience and expectations in the EFL classroom as the initial information for undergraduate students before conducting the program. 177 alumni of senior high school from five regencies...
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Process Writing Approach (PWA)

The Correlation between Students Writing Attitude and Writing Achievement

Fitri Novia, Eva Saptarina
Writing is an important skill that everyone can explore the idea, thought, and knowledge in the form of composition.To have good writing skills, students need to follow the writing process that improves their writing attitude. In the writing process, students are prepared to compose in several phases:...
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Proficiency and Motivation: Foundation of Pre-service English Teachers’ Professional Identity Development

Firima Zona Tanjung, Bachrudin Musthafa, Yanty Wirza
Each pre-service English teacher is required to be professional as they will teach English subject, moral values, motivate and engage their students in the teaching and learning activities. The purpose of this study was to determine pre-service English teachers’ professional identity viewed from their...
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Developing English Tasks Based on Interactive Multimedia for the Eighth Grade Students at SMP IT Al Bina Pangkalpinang

Agci Hikmawati, Iful Rahmawati Mega, Dody Sugiarto
This research is intended to develop English tasks based on interactive multimedia by using Adobe Flash CS3. The objective of this research is to develop English tasks based on a suitable interactive multimedia for the eighth grade students at SMA IT Al Bina Pangkalpinang. The research procedure steps...
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EFL Learners’ View on Online Learning Implementation During Covid-19 Outbreaks

Melvina, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati, Yanty Wirza, Dona Alicia, Yulmiati
During the Covid-19 outbreaks, the teaching and learning practice in Indonesia has been implemented in online setting to prevent the spread of the disease, and study from home using digital technology as promoted in Education 4.0 became a burning issue. The mainly purpose of the study is to investigate...
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Enhancing Students’ Speaking Skill and Motivation Through Instagram Vlog

Trisilia Devana, Nurul Afifah
Technological advance and change in human social activity affect’s many fields, including in education. This is bringing significant changes, especially in Indonesia, in teaching and learning English as Foreign Language. Most of educators take this advantage of technological advance as the media in their...
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E-Module as a Solution for Young Learners to Study at Home

Kuntum Trilestari, Nurul Fitriyah Almunawaroh
In this pandemic era, lots of school are closed. Teaching and learning activities at school are changed into online learning. Some of schools apply the e-learning but others still use social media such as WhatsApp, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom or even by using YouTube. Commonly, teachers use textbooks...
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Social Media for Learning English: The Views of Pre-service EFL Teachers

Nova Lingga Pitaloka, Hesti Wahyuni Anggraini, Armilia Sari
Social media can help learning English because the basic principles of social media are in line with language theory which emphasizes collaboration and social interaction in the construction of knowledge. The aims of this study were to find out whether pre-service EFL teachers get the effects of social...
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Developing Online Critical Literacy Assessment for EFL Learners

Sary Silvhiany, Siti Huzaifah, Ismet
The purpose of this research is to develop a critical literacy assessment in online context for EFL learners through designed based research. The assessment was developed through multiple iterative cycles of development, pilot testing, and refinement. The first phase, the development process, include...
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The Use of Storyboard: Project-Based Learning Implementation in Teaching Speaking to the 10th Grade Students

Desi Ramasari, Erlina, Hesti Wahyuni Anggraini
This paper is aimed to examine whether or not (1) there was any significant difference in students speaking achievement of the tenth-grade students of SMA Negeri 2 Banyuasin III before and after they were taught through Project-Based Learning (PBL) method using storyboard, (2) there was any significant...
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The Application of Project-Based Learning (PBL) Through Storyboard to Improve Reading Achievement of the 10th Grade Students

Mislena, Erlina, Hesti Wahyuni Anggraini
This study was aimed at finding out (1) whether there was any significant difference in students’ reading achievement of the 10th grade students of SMA Srijaya Negara Palembang between before and after they are taught through PBL, (2) whether there was any significant difference in students’ reading...
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Character Education via Guidance and Counseling Service During Covid-19 Pandemic

Yosef, Fadhlina Rozzaqyah
Educating student characters through guidance and counseling during the Covid-19 outbreak has been great attention to school counselors. This study aims to explore the focus of school counselors in providing character education via guidance and counseling services to students during learning from home...
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Improving Study Skills Through CREAM Strategy in Papuan Students

Meta Br Ginting, Cornelia Amanda Naitili, Nurita Angesti Rahayu
This study was driven by low study skills of students in their early semester. Based on the preliminary survey through an observation sheet, it was found that only 8% of the students had good time management, 19% had good concentration, 11% had good note taking skill, 17% had good intensive reading skill,...
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Aggressive Behavior: Comparative Study on Girls and Boys in The Middle School

Fadhlina Rozzaqyah, AR Silvia, Nur Wisma
Adolescents in carrying out social actions sometimes show behaviours that harm or hurt others such as insulting, teasing, bullying, fighting, and various other actions. This social act is called aggressive behaviour. Like as controlling themselves, especially their emotions, girls and boys have significant...
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The Comparison of Career Adaptability of Senior High School Students Based on Demographic Factor

Rizki Hakiki, Ahmad Juntika Nurihsan, Amin Budiamin
This study aims to compare the influence of demographic factors on career adaptability in students in three middle schools in Karawang Regency. The results showed that demographic factors influence the career adaptability of students in the three schools. It’s just that there is a difference in the positive...
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Development of Tennis Teaching Materials With A Flipbook-Based Anchored Instruction Model for Students of Education Sport, Health and Recreation Study Program in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang

Ratno Susanto, Endang Sri Lestari
The development of the 21st century requires graduates to have 21st century competence. Therefore, in the Partnership of 21st century skills, it is stated that prospective teachers should be equipped by 21st century knowledge and competences. In order to acquire 21st century competence, teacher must...
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The Flexibility Training Model Developed to Improve Sepaksila and Service Skills for Tekong Athletes in Sepaktakraw Game

Syafaruddin, Iyakrus Arizky Ramadhan
This research aims to: 1) produce a valid and effective model for tekong athletes in sepaktakraw game 2) find out whether the flexibility training model developed can improve sepaksila and service skills for tekong athletes in sepaktakraw game, especially students. This research used a product development...
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Development of the Football Game Passing Learning Model

Reza Resah Pratama, Sukirno Sukirno, Syafaruddin Syafaruddin
This study aims to develop a passing learning model in the VIII grade junior high school soccer game. This study uses a development model. There are 10 steps in the development procedure including: (1) Potential and Problems (2) data collection (3) product design (4) product validation (5) design revision...
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Pre-Service Physical Teacher’s Interest in Learning Nutrition Science Using E-learning

Silvi Aryanti, Hartati, Destriani, Samsul Azhar
This study aimed to determine the interest of 3rd semester students of Physical Education Study Program of Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Universitas Sriwijaya in Nutrition Science subject. This was a survey research which populations were 3rd semester students of Physical Education Study...
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Development of Learning Technique Smash Volleyball Games

Destriana, Destriani, Herri Yusfi
This study aims to develop a volleyball drill smash learning technique for students. The research method used in this research is research and development. This research only reached the Develop preliminer form of Produce stage or At the expert validation stage. There are 3 validation experts in this...
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Physical Fitness Profile of Universitas Sriwijaya Using Harvard Step Test

Iyakrus, Hartati, Syafaruddin
This study aims to look at the physical fitness profile of physical education and health students using the Harvard Step Test. This study uses a qualitative description method. This research was conducted in March 2020. The sample in this study amounted to 120 students consisting of 60 students and 60...
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Coordination Instrument Vibration Sensor Model

Hartati, Destriana, Silvi Aryanti, Feby Ardianto
The development of technology nowadays has undergone very rapid changes, various fields have taken advantage of these technological developments. One of the things that can be done in accordance with the field of science being pursued is the development of sports science. The science of sports is still...
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The Fitness Level of Physical Education Student

Syamsuramel, Iyakrus, Silvi Aryanti, Arizky Ramadhan
This research objectives to determine the levelof physical fitness and sports potential of each branch in Physical Education Sriwijaya University 2019/2020 students. This research is astudy with a survey method and 70 students of Physical Education Sriwijaya University 2019/2020 as samples. Variable...
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The Development of Volleyball Games Mix Learning for Students

Destriani, Destriana, Giartama, Herri Yusfi
This study aims to produce the appropriate development of volleyball game learning techniques for students. The research method used in this research is the development procedure used in this study using the Research and Development (R & D) method. The results of this study indicate that overall...
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Cuisine as Cultural Identity of Palembang Residents

Syarifuddin, Adhitya Rol Asmi, Sani Safitri, Nur Fatah Abidin
Diverse ethnicity in Palembang has existed since the era of Sriwijaya unity to the Palembang Sultanate and continued until today. The existence of this ethnic originated from the trade that occured between Palembang residents and foreign traders. One of the local-wisdom forms in Palembang is its cuisine....
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Political Development in Palembang During the Liberal Democracy Era (1951–1959)

Adhitya Rol Asmi, Muhammad Reza Pahlevi, Yunani
This research described the political development in Palembang during the Liberal Democracy era in 1951-1959. The research problem was how the process of political development in Palembang during the Liberal Democracy era in 1951-1959. This study aimed at finding out the process of political development...
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Historical Building

Symbol of Harmonious Multicultural in ‘Venice from East’

Syafruddin Yusuf, Alian, Aulia Novemy Dhita
Multiculturalism is formed through the ethnic diversity in an area, so is Palembang. Based on its history, various ethnic groups in Palembang have started from Kedatuan of Sriwijaya. This research used historical method there are heuristic, source criticism, interpretation and historiography. There are...
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Assessment of Learning Development to Improve Student’s Appreciative and Critical Thinking Abilities in Drama Appreciation Course

Khafidatur Rohmah, Endah Tri Priyatni, Heri Suwignyo
Critical ability is one of the main abilities needed in the industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0. Based on these explanations, this study aims to develop assessment as learning in drama appreciation learning and test the effectiveness of these assessments in improving students’ appreciative critical...
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Linguistic Composition and Cultural Characteristics of Mandailing Onang-Onang

Dedi Zulkarnain Pulungan
Onang-onang song is a poem that is sung when manortor (dancing) at a traditional Mandailing wedding ceremony which will be applied to learning Indonesian language and literature. The lyrics of the onang-onang song are sung by paronang-onang (singer) when suhut (party owner), namora pule (bride), boru...
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Developing a Handbook ‘Principles of Translation’ to Increase Non-Language Students’ Skill in Translating Indonesian-English Text and English-Indonesian Text

Armilia Sari
Non-language students of Sriwijaya University have to learn about translation methods since they need more international references. They also have to submit their research to international conferences. However, there has been no handbook containing principles for students in translating Indonesian-English...
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Improving Arabic Grammar Mastery of Nursing Department Students Using Domino Card Game Teaching Media

Endang Switri, Abdul Gofur Zaimuddin
This paper conveys that the media in each learning is very important, one of which is because the presence of this medium is part of one component of learning. In the writing is conveyed that the media domino card is applied to qowa’id learning or the term Indonesian language learning Arabic grammar....
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Pesantren Culture and Sufism in the Novel Pejuang-Pejuang Kali Pepe by Djamil Suherman

Ethnopedagosufistic Perspective

Sulaiman, SetyaYuwana Sudikan, Haris Supratno, Suhartono, Darni, Udjang Pairin
This article departs from a novel with an ethnographic, educational, and sufistic background. However, the integration of the three literary colors is not easy to find so a new approach is needed to analyze it. To answer this, researchers present ethnopedagosufistik. Ethnopedagosufistik is education...
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Linguistic Deviation of Remy Sylado’s Poetry Lebih Baik Mati Muda and Its Contribution to Literature Learning at Junior High School

Herianah, Jusmianti Garing, I Jerniati, Nuraidar Agus, Musayyedah
This research reveals linguistic deviation aspects of Remy Sylado’s poetry “Lebih Baik Mati Muda” and its contribution to literature learning in junior high school. The research method used was descriptive-qualitative. Data collection techniques were conducted by reading-listening, recording, and documentation...
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The Existence of Language Deviation in Online Language During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Medio Lailatin Nisphi, Armanto Armanto
This study provides data in the form of a small corpus on the use of online language in the Instagram microblog. The focus of this research is in the form of language distortion in the COVID 19 pandemic era. Instagram as a medium makes it easy for its users to communicate with other users for free. Instagram...
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Practicality of Literary Theory Teaching Materials

Yenni Lidyawati, Didi Suhendi, Subadiyono
Literary theory is a compulsory course that must be taken by students of Bahasa Indonesia Language and Literature study program FKIP Sriwijaya University in the fifth semester. This course provides guidance for students in understanding the basic theory and applications of literary theory. To find out...
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Mathematics Connection Process of Students With Low Mathematical Ability in Solving Contextual Problems Based on Gender

Baiduri, Octavina Rizky Utami Putri, Ikrimatul Alfani
The purpose of this study was to explore and describe the mathematical connection process of students with low math abilities in solving problems based on gender. Descriptive exploratory research with a qualitative approach was used in this study. A male student and a female student of class X MIPA with...
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Robust Optimization for the Counterpart Open Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Windows

Evi Yuliza, Fitri Maya Puspita, Siti Suzlin Supadi
This paper investigates the robust optimization for the counterpart open capacitated vehicle routing problem (denoted by RCOCVRP) with soft time windows on waste transport problems. The uncertainly of volume of waste and travel time are considered. Garbage collection vehicles in carrying out the process...
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Developing of Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) Mathematical Problems With Cartesian Coordinate Material

Tria Gustiningsi, Rahma Siska Utari
This study aims to produce mathematical problems of the Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) type on the Cartesian Coordinate material which are valid and practical. This study used design research of development studies type which consists of preliminary stage, self-evaluation, expert review, one to one,...
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Analysis of Didactic Transposition and HLT as a Rationale in Designing Didactic Situation

Jamilah, Didi Suryadi, Nanang Priatna
This study aimed to analyse the phenomena from didactic transposition process and Hypothetical Learning Trajectory (HLT) in material of method to describe a set. A qualitative method with an interpretive phenomenology analysis approach was used to reveal this didactic phenomenon. A mathematics teacher...
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Trigonometric Problem Solving Learning Design for Cadets’ Polytechnic of Transportation

Rina Anggraini, Purboyo, Eko Septiansyah Putra, Muhammad Hadi
This study aimed to produce learning trajectory with trigonometric learning based on problem solving that can help cadets understand and solve trigonometric contextual problem. Subjects of the research were cadets of nautical technology study program of Inland Water and Ferries Transport Polytechnic...
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Learning Number Based Theory on Edmodo Using the Context PMRI of the Palembang PGRI Building and Apam Cake

Jayanti, Marhamah
Learning Number Theory using context is a way that can be done to help use mathematical skills in everyday life. In addition, learning using context will make it easier for students to put mathematics into context so that it will help students use problem-solving skills in lecture learning, be able to...
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Using Geo-Gebra Assisted CTL Model to Increase the Student’s Mathematical Representation

Zuli Nuraeni, Indaryanti, Novika Sukmaningthias
This research is a quasi-experiment study with a non-equivalent control group design. The population in this study were all students of class VIII SMP Negeri 9 Palembang, with a purposive sampling technique taken two classes as the sample. The results of data analysis show the average initial ability...
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Responses of Educators in South Sumatra Towards Distance Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Pitriani, Putra Pratama
This research used descriptive analysis method. The object of the study was 152 numbers of school and university educators randomly selected to fill the online questionnaire. Based on the result, the category of their responses is not positive. Based on the research results, several difficulties were...
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Developing a Character of Responsibility and Social Care With a STAD Type Cooperative Model

Kamaliyah, Rizky Amelia, Chairil Faif Pasani, Giseva Apriliasiwi
The behavioral deviations among students such as temper tantrums, disobedience to rules, physical aggression, difficulty in handling frustration, and excessive argumentativeness, negatively affect the value of national character. Therefore, every student needs to possess the characters of responsibility...
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The Development of Edmodo E-Module Assisted Statistics Teaching Materials for Public Senior High School Number One

Jumroh, Jayanti
The objective of this research is to create an e-Module prototype of statistical material with the assistance of Edmodo e-learning which is tested for its validity, practicality, and potential effects. The contribution is expected to provide benefits: for teaching teachers of statistics subjects, as...
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Mathematical Modelling Based Learning Design on Relation and Function for Junior High School Students

Rahmat Fauzi, Nyimas Aisyah, Ely Susanti, Elika Kurniadi
This research is a design research type of validation studies, which aims to produce a learning trajectory of relation and function material in the form of 4 activities of student worksheets (LKPD). The research subjects were 32 students of Junior High School 19 Palembang class VIII 9, where the focus...
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On Mathematical Literacy of Lower Secondary School Students in Palembang Through Problem-Based Learning

Intan Purnama, Yusuf Hartono, Weni Dwi Pratiwi
This research aims at describing lower secondary school students’ mathematical literacy in problem-based learning. The research was conducted at SMP Negeri 19 Palembang involving 32 eighth grade students. Due to covid-19 pandemic all classes were conducted through Zoom cloud meetings. Student worksheets...
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Using Representational Form

Cognitive Processes in Mathematical Modeling With Pre-Service Mathematics Teacher

Elika Kurniadi, Darmawijoyo, Novita Sari
Cognitive modelling has psychological goals to analyse of cognitive processes during modeling processes and understanding of these cognitive processes and to promote of mathematical thinking processes by using models as mental images or even physical pictures or by emphasizing modeling as mental process...