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Sustainable Consumption from the Perspective of Environmental Ethics

Shao-hua Zhou, Ping Fang
Consumption is extremely important for our society and it is the foundation of human existence and development. It is not only an economic issue but also an important ethical issue. Nowadays there are some unhealthy phenomenon occurs in the consumption areas. Food waste, a prominent issue, is harmful...
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Abusive Supervision and Work-Family Conflict: A Mediation Model of Organizational Justice and Psychological Distress

Lei Ju, Xiu-li Jing, Zhong Lin
In the special culture context of China, abusive supervision is common in enterprise. This leads to injustice and psychological distress of employees. Based on “Kicked the dog effect”, this stress from work can transfer to family. Work-family conflict not only affects social stability because of high...
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Analysis and Enlightenments about the Cases of Cultivating and Developing Strategic Emerging Industries at Home and Abroad

Ling-yu Xu, Jun Wu, Qing-qing Yang
By analyzing the cases of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries at home and abroad, this article points out the principles which should be followed during the development of strategic emerging industries. The principles are listed as follows:(1) The development patterns of strategic...
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Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and China’s Technology Strategy

Yan Li, Yi Sui, Qing-bo Huang
Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights(TRIPs) is the first to use the name of international laws to require the WTO members to supply the effective procedures of the intellectual property rights. This throws great challenges towards its protection, technology exploration,...
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A Study on the Educators' Basic Quality of Traceless Strengthening Educational Activity

Hong Yang
The educators' basic quality of traceless strengthening educational activity is researched in detail. First, the unqualified educators, the good educators, and the excellent educators defined in detail. Second, the basic quality possessed by the educators is given, and sense of responsibility, organizing...
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A Study on the Educators’ Basic Responsibilities of Traceless Strengthening Educational Activity based on Self-directed Action Mode

Zhe Zhang
As directors of a traceless strengthening educational activity based on self-directed mode, the educators control the whole activity, and hence, it would be not insignificance to study the basic responsibilities of them. As viewed from managing traceless strengthening educational activities based on...
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The Role of Currency Swaps on the Internationalization of RMB

Dong Tan
The people's Bank of China has signed a series of currency swap agreements with many countries and regions. This paper review the practice of people's bank of China currency swap, and then analysis the role of currency swaps on the internationalization of RMB, and give some suggestions on the future...
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Breaststroke with Different Intensities Exercise on Cardiovascular Function and Blood Indexes of College Students

Min-gang Guo
To explore the different exercise intensities breaststroke exercise on cardiovascular function, from exercise intensity angle to choose reasonable breaststroke intervention means in the improvement of cardiovascular function and provide a theoretical basis. Methods: randomly selected 60 samples, the...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform in Mechanical Engineering English

Chun-ling Li
To improve effectively the teaching effect and quality, some problems existing in mechanical engineering English teaching are discussed and analyzed in detail. The students’ learning facts and evaluation methods and teachers’ ability are the most common problems found in many universities of our country....
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The Evaluation And Analysis For Performance Of Agricultural Listed Companies

Yan-li Shen
By the end of 2012, There are 49 Agricultural A-share listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In this paper, From a listed company's profitability, solvency, development capacity and operational abilities, select the affected performance indicators of listed companies, in order to build...
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The Research on Management in Bad Debt Risk Incorporating Macroeconomic Factors: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Listed Manufacturing Companies

Ting Liu
Modeling credit and default risk has been a surge since Moody’s KMV mode is proposed during the past two decades and non-financial factors incorporating fluctuation of capital market and macroeconomic status are taken into account in the subsequent research. Despite these notable efforts, few studies...
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On Culture Teaching in College English

Li-hong Gu, Fang Liu
this paper begins with the discussion about the definition of language and culture, investigates the current situation of college culture teaching, analyzes the problems that exist from three aspects and the put forward the necessity to cultivate students’ intercultural communicative competence and propose...
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The Project Team Reflexivity’s Effects on Team Performance

Hong-mei Zhang
The project team is a very important form of modern organization and is becoming a source of organizational creativity. Team reflexivity, also known as team introspection, has become a research hotpot. Study about the relationship between project team reflexivity and team performance and open the project...
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Impacts of Housing Features on Home Prices in Chengdu: Logarithmic Linear Regressions

Gao-lu Zou, Lu-guang Xu, Deng Pei
This paper aims to analyse the effects of several housing features on home prices in Chengdu, China. These features include larger floor space and green coverage rate. There are 1006 samples. Sampling is focused on existing ordinary homes. Data were collected from metropolitan Chengdu. Utilizing log-linear...
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Automated Evaluation of Text and Discourse with Range

Ying Shen, Kai Li, Ting Guo
This paper analyzes the features of vocabulary use in relation to reading comprehension in Test for English Majors-Band 4 and Band 8 (TEM-4 and TEM-8 hereafter) from 2000 to 2014 by using corpus analysis software RANGE and data analysis software SPSS 19. The vocabulary use features are as follows: (1)...
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What Can China Learn From the Composition of CFIUS

Chan-ting Chen
China imitated U.S.’s CFIUS review and established the ministerial joint conference to undertake its own foreign investment national security review in 2011. Yet regulation on the ministerial joint conference is inadequate. An in-depth study of the composition of CFIUS finds that Chinese joint conference...
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The Market Reaction to Food and Drug Safety Incidents of Listed Companies

Cheng Dai, Chi Xie
In recent years, food and drug safety incidents of listed companies frequently occur. These incidents were not only bring threat to the life safety of consumers and cause the panic of the society, but also cause disastrous loss to involved companies. In this article, by using incident study method, the...
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The Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule

Jing-yan Liu
In this paper, We develop a model to show how The Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule will do. According to the classic three parameters relationship of the traffic flow, speed and density. After that, we weighed the proportion among the three parameters in different situations to better prove the correctness...
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Proposal of A New Method for Calculating Basic Living Allowance Standard based on Mathematical Modeling

Jing-yan Liu
Important policy changes are coordinated into history of ‘urban-rural separation, urban and rural coordination as well as urban and rural unifying’ in urban and rural basic living allowance system development process in China (important policy nodes of urban and rural basic living allowance development)....
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Application of Politeness Principle in the Teacher-students Communication in College English Teaching in China

Xiang-wu Li
Politeness Principle (PP) by Leech, as a basic theory of pragmatic study, is paid more attention by many linguistic scholars. It is the principle of language communication established between two sides’ interaction, and it ultimately serves language communication. The application of tact maxim, approbation...
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Application of Theory and Practice Integration Teaching in C Programming Language Course

Yu-qiao Meng
The C programming language course is a basic course in colleges and universities, whose key teaching points differ slightly with the arrangement of the specialized courses. This paper proposed an integration teaching method based on the characteristics of the C programming language course itself, combining...
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Analysis on the Legal Regulation of Personal Information Commercialization in the Era of Cloud Computing

Rui Zhao, Ben-zhuo Fu, Hai-cheng Zhang
With the development of Internet and electronic business in the era of cloud computing, the commercialization of personal information is inevitable. The protection of the traditional right of privacy for the personal information has some shortcomings. China should learn the theory and practical experience...
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Performance of Mergers and Acquisitions based on the Event Study Method

Zhu-qing Zheng, Chi Xie
All the M&A events which targets are ST companies in the A-share market of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock from 2007 to 2011 are selected as the research samples. This study applies event study method to calculate cumulative abnormal returns (CAR) which are to measure the short-term market performances of...
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The Brief Analysis of Online Information Literacy Instruction of Applied-type Undergraduate College Libraries

Xiao-zhong Li, Jian-guo Zhang, Li-li Zhang
A research about 60 applied-type undergraduate college net-libraries which are drawn from 670 applied-type undergraduate colleges shows, the Online Information Literacy Instruction (OILI) of applied-type undergraduate college libraries in our country has four drawbacks, such as it did not underline the...
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The Linkage Mode of Training Students’ Ability of Practice, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Xiao-li Zhang, Jun-qiang Zhao, Lian-juan He, Lan-zhi He
The training of high quality talents with specialty in knowledge application is the need to adapt to economic and social development, while to improve quality of practical teaching is an important guarantee for cultivating applied high quality talents. Starting from the exploration of problems existing...
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The Emotional Ecology Embodied in the Foreign Best-selling Works of “Dear John”

Xiao-li Zhang
Ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment literally. Emotional ecology, as a kind of emotional communication atmosphere, can be appreciated subtly in literary works. The interpretation of rich emotional ecology in Dear John offers a unique perspective...
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The Influences of Demographic Characteristics on Tourism Decision: Taking Daming Lake in Ji'nan as an Example

Qiang Zhao, Xiu-mei Li, Run-dong Wang, Yong-quan Su
Demographic characteristics and tourists’ decisions were studied basing on field survey and questionnaires in Daming Lake scenic spot and the impact of demographic characteristics on tourists’ decisions were analyzed using Crosstab analysis. Demographic characteristics indicated that:1) most of tourist’s...
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Research on the Models of Low- Carbon Tourism based on the Sustainable Development

Dong-xiang Zhang, Yong Zhen, E Zhang
With the process of the construction of human ecological civilization, low-carbon economy, low-carbon technology, carbon-sink mechanism and low-carbon consumptive life style are increasingly affecting and inducing human productive and consumptive patterns. Tourism, as a product of human progress for...
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Analysis of the Wabsite-Hj Operations

Wen-rong Jiang, Jian Chen
Online school is complete by Internet off-campus teaching process; As long as have Internet conditions can at any time, anywhere access to the Internet, to choose their own learning. Relative to the face-to-face education, network education maximum breakthrough the limit of time and space education,...
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Inhibit the Spread of Ebola

He Guo
Nowadays, Ebola epidemic situation is more and more severe and out of control. Taking Sierra Leone as an example, we build a reliable and extensive model to control or at least inhibit the spread of Ebola. We select 16 cities that are affected by Ebola according to the news re¬ports. Taking advantage...
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Combination of Ideological and Political Education in Business Major with Work-integrated Learning in Vocational Education

Li-li Liu, Yan-hua Su, Qian Xia
At present, the pushing-on talents-training mode of work-integrated learning requires higher expectation in the ideological and political education for commerce specialty in higher vocational colleges. According to the characteristics of talents-training mode of the work-integrated learning and the characteristics...
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Study on the Effect of Leaders' Emotional Expressions on Followers' Performance—based on EASI

Rui Yang, Wei Li, Yan-juan Mo
Leaders’ emotions affect followers’ task performance and peripheral performance, which is crucial to the organization’s survival and success. However, the mechanisms for effect are not clear and the existing research results are quite different. Based on emotions as social information model, this paper...
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Study on the Relationship between Campus Culture Construction and Foreign Language Discipline Construction

Lian-song Wu, Hong-lian Liu
As the bibcock of construction and development of institutions of higher education, discipline construction is a long-term and arduous task. College campus culture is not only the blood and soul of university, is also the prominent characteristic and symbol among each other’s. However, cultural construction...
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Case Grammar and its Application in English Vocabulary Teaching

Bei-bei Ye
In 1968, Fillmore published his theory of Case Grammar, which highlighted the fact that syntactic structure can be predicted by semantic participants. It focuses on the link between the number of subjects, objects and so on of a verb and the grammatical context it requires. Fillmore’s case theory is...
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Analysis on Tourism Demand of Elderly Tourists in Beijing

Qiao Chen
Based on 300 questionnaires to Senior Tourists in Beijing, this paper analyzes their based travel demand and the characteristics. And found that there a new form of tourism demand and preferences to elderly tourists , Elderly tourists have clear objectives, hope tour operators to know their ideas, and...
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International Comparison of Actual Tax Burden Level of Oil and Gas Companies in China

Pei-hao Wu, Xin Ding
China oil and gas enterprises should pay huge tax and state-owned capital gains to the government apparently. In addition, they also enjoy government subsidies in different names, such as tax concessions, etc. Therefore, relationship between China oil gas enterprises and government should be clarified,...
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Design and Implementation of Visual CSCL Collaborative Knowledge Building Tool

Jian-feng Ren, Shuang Liang, Hua Guo
The popular CSCL system based on B/S architecture has got a good development, but this kinds of systems have fundamental defects in Visualization, graphical, and interactive experience speed etc. silverlight is a appropriate choice to solve the above problems, and the system based on silverlight works...
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Research on the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth in China: An Empirical Analysis based on Panel Smooth Transition Regression Model

Li-ting Fang
In this paper, the panel smooth transition regression model was used to analyze the relationship between financial development and economic growth empirically. The paper mainly studied the effects of proportion of total loans of regional financial institutions in GDP on the output elasticity of capital,...
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Effect of the Affective Filter Hypothesis on CBI to Non-English-Majored College Students

You-gen Lou
Content-based instruction (CBI) and Stephen Krashen's affective filter hypothesis play important roles in second language acquisition and foreign language teaching. This paper focuses on CBI and the affective factors which influence the English learning and English teaching of college students from China...
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Study on Vocabulary Learning Strategies for Chinese English-Majored Graduates

You-gen Lou
This paper attempts to explore the overall pattern of English vocabulary learning strategies used by some Chinese English-majored graduates. In addition, both similarities and differences in English vocabulary strategies used between male English-majored graduates and female English-majored graduates....
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An Empirical Study of CBI Applied in College English Teaching in the Post-Massification

You-gen Lou
In the post-massification period, it is a beneficial attempt to the reform of English Teaching based on subject content for non-English-majored college students. Content-Based Instruction (CBI) has been defined as “the teaching of content orinformation in the language being learned with little or no...
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Evaluation and improvement countermeasures of corporate social responsibility

Wei Li, Qi-yan Chen
Enterprise should not only seek the maximized profit for itself, but also should take the responsibility they should bear. Enterprise is the significant promoter to develop the societal civilization. Otherwise it might be cause some problem, such as food security. So we can more recognize the urgency...
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On the Exploration of the Educational Function of College Students’ Volunteer Service Activities

Lian-song Wu, Hong-lian Liu
As an indispensable part of civilized society, volunteer service owns the characteristics of gratuitousness, voluntary, public-welfare and practice. It is a noble social behavior and an important social welfare undertaking, and the educational value of which should not be underestimated at any circumstances....
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Research on Pareto Optimal Effect of Internet Financial

Yan-liang Chen, Guo-xing Tong, Run Li, Xue-dong Li
Internet finance is the financial innovation in the field of financial under the Internet background, which is also the product of thinking in the Internet. This article takes study on the effect on Internet financial based on Pareto. Firstly, the paper combed the knowledge of Internet Finance, expounded...
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Game Analysis of Collusion between Managers And Independent Directors —— Based on Government Supervision Model

Feng-su Yang, Xiao-rong Du, Ma-li Ji
The paper first analyzes the motivation of the appearance of collusion between managers and independent directors. Then, based on the conspiracy theory,the paper establishes the game model on collusion between managers and independent directors under government supervision. Next, the paper analyzes all...
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Fitting Characteristics of the Two-Parameter Estimator in Linear Regression

Xin-feng Chang
Ozkale and Kaciranlar (2007) introduced the two-parameter (TP) estimator for the vector of parameters in a linear regression model. In this paper, several better fitting characteristics of the TP estimator than those of the ordinary least squares and ridge estimators are considered. Furthermore, we propose...
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Theoretical Derivation of "Structural Tax Cut" under Restriction of Income Growth

Di Lu, Yong Han, Xiao-ming Zhang, Xu-xin Yang
Since the actual implementation process may encounter the contradiction between the guarantee of government income and the stimulation of private sector expense, this study performed mathematical derivations on the effects of structural tax cut. Theoretical analysis shows that the structural tax cut...
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The Exploration of K+S System Talent Training of Industrial Design

Li-qiu Shi, Bing-bing Yan, Feng Yu
This paper analyzes the characteristics and development of the current industrial design education at home and abroad. It combines some of the problems of the current domestic industrial design education, and investigates the problem of industrial design professionals’ training direction, curriculum...
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Reasons of Emily’s Tragic Fate in A Rose for Emily

Bei-bei Ye
A Rose for Emily is one of Faulkner's most famous short stories. The sophisticated plot and vivid characterization design made the image of Emily very popular. Many scholars resolve this novel from different aspects. This article mainly discusses the reasons of Emily’s tragedy. These reasons generally...
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Project-Driving Teaching Research of PLC Integrating Multi-Courses

Li-xin Tian
The course PLC has the characteristics of strong applicability and practicality. Currently, in the course of teaching it exits many shortcomings such as the single teaching form, having less intuitive and vivid, contacting with the other professional courses not closely and so on. Based on this, the...
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Research on the Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Enterprise Performance

Xi-mu Yan, He Liu, Xue Gao
Human resource is the core of strategic resources. More and more scholars start to pay attention to the strategic value of human resources and strategic human resource management. This paper discussed the mechanism that strategic human resource management improve firm performance, and put forward that...
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Study on Efficiency of FMCG Industry

Cai-fen Zou
FMCG industries make profit and realize the value through the scale operation featured with high frequent and repeated consumption. It is one of the important industries that influence the economic development. In China, the famous FMCG enterprises such as Nestle, Pepsi cola, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Johnson...
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Network Modeling and Visualization Platform based on Moodle and Mxgraph

Fang-jian He, Xiao-pan Zhang, Xiao-yan Ma
For the model of learning, Most of the information of relevant professional beginners are difficult to adapt to the training of the model structure. In the early learning students should focus on the cultivation of thinking structure, visual modeling study is conducive to the strengthening of the relevant...
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Analysis of the Latest Introductory Chinese Textbooks in Japan---Based on the New HSK Syllabus

Jing Ge
There are many Chinese textbooks with different levels, which are edited by Japanese publishers. However, compared with those edited in China, textbooks made in Japan are generally easier with more cultural introduction and vividly interesting illustrations. The author will make an analysis of Japan’s...
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Innovation Research and Practice Teaching System of Modern Engineering Graphics

Yue Fang, Jian-ying Liu
Establishing teaching system with the characteristics of era of modern engineering graphics is used to the development of science and technology, cultivate student innovative ability. At the same time, this system makes course conducive to the cultivation of student comprehensive quality. Analysising...
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The Research on Dimensions of Employer Attractiveness

Rong Liu, Yan Tao, Mei-qing Han
On the base of pervious study, we propose the dimension structure of employer attractiveness under the background of China. We prove that the dimensions of employer attractiveness mainly consist of the system of salary and development, the working environment and atmosphere, the recruitment process,...
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Developing Headquarters Economy to boost urban transformation ——A Case Study of Wuhan City Circle

Min Yu, Li-hua Zhong
In the era of rapid economic development, Urban transformation is necessary. The developing of urban transformation is a comprehensive, multi-level, multi-stage process. The key of urban transformation lies in developing economic, the development of headquarters economy not only take advantage of resources...
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Public Education Spending and GDP in China: Granger Causality Tests Using Toda-Yamamoto Technique

Gao-lu Zou
The quantity of national fiscal budget expenditure on education in China has expanded over the past decade. The paper aims to investigate whether GDP may be a significant cause of public education spending. Three series covered the period from 1991-2011. The paper utilized an unconventional Granger causality...
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The Reconstruction of Translator’s Identity under the Notion of “Fusion of Horizons”

Chang-hong Zhai
Traditional translation studies were based on three fundamental theories, namely, the principle of "faithfulness", the authority of the author and the binary opposition relations between the author and the translator as well as between the original text and the translated version. Therefore, the identity...
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On the Question of Erudition in a Modern Knowledge Society

Slavomír Gálik, Sabína Gáliková Tolnaiová
The authors speak in this paper about some of the risks that come with education process in the so-called knowledge society, influenced by a rapid development of digital technologies, especially the Internet. The Internet has changed access to information and way of usage of information paradigmatically,...
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Learning Strategy Training in ELT: A Selective Review of Five Studies

Bu-han Pan
This paper is a selective review of recent studies on learning strategy training from the perspectives of theoretic significance of strategy training research, applications of strategy training in different language skills, and evaluations of learning strategy training. Pedagogical implications of these...
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Eco Innovations in Slovakia and Their Marketing Communication

Anna Zaušková, Rudolf Rybanský, Renáta Miklen i ová
The paper deals with measuring eco innovations and their communication from two main viewpoints. The first one refers to the standpoint of Slovak businesses towards the implemented eco innovations of their products while the second one describes the impact of product innovations on consumers´ purchasing...
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Journalism in the Era of New Media

Ján Viš ovský, Jana Radošinská
The paper deals with the impact of new media (the Internet and new communication devices) on the traditional journalism. In recent years we have witnessed the “battle” between print newspapers and online newspapers published on the Internet. Although publishers and editors have discovered the potential...
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Discussion on Transformation and Upgrading of Internal Control in Institutions of Higher Learning in China

Jin-feng Yang
With the vigorous development of institutions of higher learning in China, more and more corruption is exposed in institutions of higher learning and the transformation and upgrading of internal control in institutions of higher learning becomes more and more important. In the past, the construction...
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Temporal Accommodation in Government-public Interactions on Chinese Government Weibo in Emergency Context

Wei Liu, Wen-yu Liu
Chinese Government Weibo enables civic engagement and political participation, and arouses unprecedented communication conflict between government and public. This study intends to investigate communication strategies employed in emergency management on government Weibo under the guidance of Communication...
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Research on the Compensation Design of Civil Servants under Fairness Perspective ---Empirical Analysis based on a county in Liaoning Province

Wen-jing Wang, Guang-wei Liu
Through the pay status questionnaire of civil servants in a county in Liaoning Province, the authors find that there are 64.26 percent of the surveyed people believe that the compensation level of civil servants they current received is rather low. There are 20.96 percent of people consider that the...
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The Impact of the Internet on the Readership of Periodical Press

Ľudmila Čábyová, Peter Krajčovič
This paper deals with the impact of the internet on the readership figures of periodicals. Its aim is to examine the popularity of traditional editions of newspapers and magazines and compare the opinions of three generations of respondents on the questions regarding the use of their online versions...
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Incubator of Young Journalists as an Opportunity to Improve Communal Media

Štefánia Kru ová, Slavomír Magál, Jozef Tinka
This study is based on a new theory of the metamorphosis of the mass public and media and a new typology of media that reflects the development of media communication in the digital age. Focus in particular is placed on the category of communal relationship-based media and their public role in strengthening...
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Critical Thinking as a Key Competency

Dana Petranová, Monika Hossová
This paper focuses on the key competency of critical thinking and the perception of this competency as a basic building block of media literacy. It operates with the terms media education, media literacy, critical thinking and new media. It also covers the inclusion of media education in international...
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How is the Consumer Goods of Daily Use Shopping Behaviour Influenced by Gender

Alena Kusá, Tomáš Fašiang, Petra Grešková
The consumer shopping behaviour represents the dynamic and the constantly evolving system. The market is still more heterogeneous and consumers, influenced by the external and internal factors, alter more quickly than ever before. The market segmentation to smaller consumer entities appears as a necessity,...
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Influence of Behavioural Economics and Psychology on Consumer Decision Making Process in Marketing Communication

Eva Kretiková, Veronika Fašková
This paper adverts to selected behavioural economics and psychology appeals applied in marketing communications and their influence on consumer decisions making process and behaviour. It provides theoretical basis supported by arguments from the fields of marketing, psychology, economics and neuroscience....
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Ethic vs. Business, Religion vs. Task

Alena Kusá, Zuzana Danechová, Stanislav Findra
There are issues that are still taboo and displaying them in other than normal situations and stereotypes appears to be controversial. This research study deals with ethics in advertising with a focus on displaying religious symbols in controversial advertising campaigns. Religious motifs are often used...
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Media Reflection of Social Recognition

Martin Solík, Juliána Mináriková
The article deals with issues related to social recognition in global and transnational space. We focus on the issue of solidarity, as a form of recognition that does not have adequate parallel beyond the nation states borders, which is manifested mainly in the environment of transnational economy. We...
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Social Lifts Must Go Upstairs: Artificial Input and Mechanisms of Language Acquisition by Children

Maria D. Voeikova
Children need a rich linguistic input for the sake of better mastering of their native language. However, for many socio-economic reasons they lack it if their parents 1) belong to the low SES families and are not motivated enough to educate their children; 2) are migrants and do not fluently speak the...
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Faculty Perceptions of Social Media as a Teaching and Learning Tool

Laila Al-Sharqi, Ibrahim Kutbi, Khairudin Hashim
Social media has become pervasive. Some see it as a new media for enhancing the teaching and learning environment. It is rich in tools which can help enhance interaction, discussion and sharing of learning resources. This study investigates King Abdulziz University (KAU) instructors’ perceptions of social...
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Philosophy of Being – The Struggling Self on the Example of Fr. Augustinus a S. Paschali

Sigrid Steinschaden
In this paper the topic of personal settlement in another culture – in this case the Chinese one - than the one one has grown in and probable (psychological) difficulties are shown on the example of Fr. Augustinus a S. Paschali. The whole struggle as described by Augustinus is compared to the establishing...
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Beginner Student Teachers and Their Self-efficacy

Yveta Pechá ková, Lucie Hrašová, Eva Flamíková
The article presents the results of a research into the self-efficacy of student teachers in the first year of the bachelor’s programme Teaching in nursery schools in relation to the parents of their prospective pupils. The quantitative research realized at the Faculty of Education of the University...
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Comparative Analysis of Copybooks used in the Czech Republic

Iva Košek Bartošová, Anna Plovajková, Tereza Podnecká
The proposed research project is a follow-up of a specific research project realized in 2014 and designed to identify the publishing houses having the greatest numbers of sales of textbooks for 1st -3rd grades of primary schools as well as the reasons for which teachers chose the materials from a particular...
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The Factors Supportive of Democratic Management in Nursery Schools

Vladimíra Horná ková, Monika Perutková, Ivana Plechá ková
The study presents a view of the democratic management in contemporary nursery schools, pointing out the possibility of choosing a management style, which is available to every pedagogical manager. The results of the research survey point out the factors connected with problematic spots in democratic...
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Questions to the Modus: Semantics, Structure and Pragmatics (Based on the Russian National Corpora)

Victoria V. Kazakovskaya, Maria V. Khokhlova
The paper deals with the analysis of so-called modus questions, which are interpreted as interrogative constructions appealing to the intentional or mental state of the addressee — her / his opinion, knowledge, evaluation or explanation. The main semantic types, formal characteristics and structural...
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Economic Mix from the Convergence and Divergence among Capitalism Economics System, Institutionalism Economics Concept and Cooperatives Economics Doctrine

Chanchai Petchprapunkul
Sustainable economic development (SED) can be achieved by blending the advantages and get rid the disadvantages among capitalism economics system, institutionalism economics concept and cooperatives economics doctrine in to one economic mix. 45 economics academicians were invited to fill up the questionnaire....
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Forms of Schools in the 21st Century

Yveta Pechá ková
In the second half of the 20th century, the area of education became a part of social and economic forecasts. The school can be seen as a part of the educational system of the society, or an autonomous institution, a specific culture which creates a distinctive environment. What happens at school is...
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Theory of Construction and Optimization of Equipment Course Focused on Practical Teaching

Jian-ming Wang, Jing-de Huang, Wei Liu, Yue-qing Gao
Equipment course construction is an important basis for the implementation of practical teaching. According to the characteristics of course construction obedience training patterns and teaching mode, this paper analyses the construction idea of equipment course, and talks about the construction ways...
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Thinking of the New Accounting Standard Systems on the Fair Value

Ming-e Cheng, Yang Tang
The ministry of finance in February 15, 2006 release, including one principle and 38 specific standards of the new accounting standards system, in many aspects to realize the new breakthrough, including the use of fair value measurement attribute is the most striking aspect. In this paper, the new accounting...
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Several Practices of Teaching Team Construction in Packaging Engineering at China Universities and Colleges

Man-ru Chen, Yu-cong Zhao, Guo-zhi Li Li, Gui-fen Gong, Yue-qing Xing
Packaging engineering, one of engineering programs, which is characterized by an interdisciplinary specialty, has been founded in China since the early 1980s. It has well been known that strengthening the construction of its teaching team is of great significance of pushing on the intensive and characteristic...
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The Sustainable Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage Information in Digital Era

Cheng Yang, Long-wei Wu
The traditional approach has been insufficient to support the huge burden of the cultural heritage preservation and maintenance. Lots of intangible cultural heritage would disappear. In web time, Modern digital technology and network technology enhanced the protection efforts and efficiency of cultural...
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Discussion on the Exit of Private Equity —A Case Study of IPO

Xiu-e Yuan, Dan Zhao, Chen-li Wang
Private Equity (Private Equity, abbreviated as PE) is to adapt to the market economy, facing numerous opportunities for investment opportunities, making up for the limitations of the traditional financing channels in terms of the scale of financing to meet the needs of enterprise development, and gradually...
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Enterprise Disruptive Innovation Risk Evaluation---A Case Study on Yu’ebao

Yang Zhou, Qing-pu Zhang
Disruptive innovation is a special kind of innovation, in which many risks perform more prominent and cause more serious damage. It is necessary to identify and evaluate these risks for guiding disruptive innovation implementation and innovation risk risk circumvention. Based on the characteristics of...
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Foreign Ownership and Commercial Banks’ Performance in Emerging Market Countries---Evidence from the BRICS

Zhong-zheng Zhang, Xue-mei Yuan, Su-ling Feng
Using data from 2004 to 2013, we investigate the effects of foreign ownership on commercial banks’ performance for “BRICS” countries in a panel consisting of 50 banks 500 observations. Applying DEA model, we compute sample banks’ efficiency. Conclusions of regression analysis show that foreign ownership...
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Simulating Population Dynamics with an Agent Based and Microsimulation Based Framework

Karandeep Singh, Mazhar Sajjad, Chang-Won Ahn
Simulation has been an important way of modeling and for predicting and analyzing population dynamics related phenomena. There have been many advances in this field and various techniques have been applied for prediction and understanding. Microsimulation and multi agent based simulation are two of the...
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Factor Analysis on Internet Hot Concept Being Popular in China

Yan-ni Yang, An-ling Xiang, Ya-ling Yang, Yi-rong Liu
Internet hot concept being popular often demonstrates the leading edge of the industry and improves the added value of products. In order to explore the main reason for these concepts being given a lot of attention in a short time, from memes perspective and based on the analysis of searching frequency,...
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U.S. College Students’ Evaluations of Teaching and Its Light on Chinese Higher Education

Ya-zhen Li, Hong-li Yao
Students’ evaluations of teaching (SETs) are rather popular and fairly matured in the U.S. higher education institutions, which have been equipped with an objective and reliable management system. This paper aims to explore the practice of SETs in U.S. colleges. Through comparative analysis, the paper...
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Education Exploration for Blended Learning in University

Ling Lu, Peng-xi Li, Zhi-jun Liu, Gui-li Zhang
With the rapid development of information technology, information-based education spreads largely and deeply. The combination of on-line study and classroom-study becomes the new teaching style in blended learning, exerting the teacher’s initiative and encouraging the student’s passions. This article,...
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Application and Research of Blended Teaching Model in Programming Courses --- Android Application Development Course as an Example

Yong-fei Ye, Ming-he Liu, Xiao Zhang, Xing-hua Sun, Nai-di Liu
Big-data era brings forward new requirements of information technology talents. Adapting to this change, we need to break through the limitations of traditional teaching model and take advantage of network teaching platform in programming courses. By introducing blended teaching model, restructure the...
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Discussion on Aestheticization of Residents ‘Daily Life in the Provincial Capital City of China

Wei-wei Liu
As a result of the accelerated pace of life, the growth of material consumption, the increasing of the cost of living, more and more people have given up Beijing, Shanghai and other big city life, came to the capital provincial city to live. The provincial capital city has provided the convenience for...
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K-means and Support Vector Machine in Electric Power Company Benchmarking Management

Hong-qing Zhang
In the electric power company benchmarking management, implementing classification of the enterprise, the clustering algorithm can set up the model enterprise. It’s very important for the benchmarking management in the electric power company. K-means, as unsupervised learning algorithm, is suitable for...
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Research about Chinese Military Industry Enterprises' Operation Mode of Deep Civil-Military Integration

Liang Jiang
Development with deep civil-military Integration is the common choice of many countries around the world currently. In order to explore the path of development with deep civil-military Integration of Chinese military industry enterprises, this paper analyzes characteristics of current operation mode...
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Research on Leading Strategies and Approaches to Rational Patriotism of New-Period College Students

Fang-bing Meng
Now, the nationalism is prosperous and the nation-state consciousness of Chinese people is increasingly enhancing. Under this background, we scientifically analyze the Chinese reality, further dissect the growing ideological trend of Chinese nationalism, expose its nature and expound in depth the materials...
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Research on Location of Power Grid Supplies Distribution Center based on Baumol-Wolfe Model

Yan-fu Zhang
Power grid supplies distribution center is an important node in grid logistics system. Distribution center position is appropriate or not directly related to the efficiency of power supply and logistics cost. Baumol-Wolf mode is established with minimizing total cost, which can provide a convenient and...
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The Research of University-industry Knowledge Innovation Alliance based on Actor Network Theory

Jian-feng Shi, Qing-pu Zhang
University-industry knowledge innovation alliance, a new form of university-industry cooperation. The paper explores this kind of alliance based on actor-network theory. It builds a different nature actor-network which contains enterprise, university, institute, government, resource and the concepts...