Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, E-learning and Management Technology

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Tactics for Improvement of Combination between IE Education and Engineering Practice by Exploring Historical Employment Statistics

Yabo Luo, Xia Li
Industrial Engineering (IE) is a comprehensive and practical emerging major. Due to unclear definition of professional field, there is a certain disparity between IE education in high school and engineering practice. To find the approach to bridge the gap, this paper analyzed IE comparative education...
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Research on New Urbanization in Jilin Province

Yinghua Yu
Urbanization is the process accompanied by the development of industrialization and non-agricultural industries to urban agglomeration. It can effectively promote the development of industrialization as well as agricultural modernization. Concept of new urbanization emphasizes on human-centered principle...
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Research on Information Sharing in Supply Chain

Yinghua Yu, Lixia Wang
Information sharing is the critical factor to implement the total performance of supply chain. Information asymmetry in supply chain not only reduces the whole reaction speed, but increases cost. In this paper, some major types of sharing information in supply chain are discussed. Secondly, analyze the...
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Analysis of the Spatial Effect of Provincial Fiscal Transparency on FDI in China

Ying Li, Ming Na
In promoting fiscal transparency, China's various provinces care too much about "next door neighbor" view and behavior; neither of them wants to "go too further". Taking the spatial effect into consideration and comparing the three models, OLS, SLM and SEM, this paper explores the spatial correlation...
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Task-Based English Teaching Approaches in Secondary Vocational School Based on Constructivist Learning Theory

Wenyi Liu, Shouju Li
The task-based teaching approach can facilitate interactions between teachers and students, change teaching mode in the past one-way transmission of information, and overcome the shortcomings of traditional teaching mode which is not conducive to cultivate comprehensive language skills. Under the guidance...
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Study on Knowledge Engineering Education Technique

Yafeng Zhang, Mengwei Zhao, Xi Ouyang, Yue Zhao
Some educational practices often ignore the design process when solving problems in professional field. Reference to the concept of knowledge engineering in artificial intelligence, this paper presents a new education method called Knowledge Engineering Education Technique (KEET). It emphasizes the learning...
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Study on the Application of Framework Expression in Knowledge Engineering Education Technique

Yafeng Zhang, Yue Zhao, Xi Ouyang
For construction of structured knowledge and systematized knowledge, this paper proposes the application of framework expression in knowledge Engineering Education Technique. Concept, key ideas, Inspiration and practice of framework expression in Knowledge engineering technique are discussed in this...
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The Mechanism and Development Strategies of CTGU Teaching Supervision-The College of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Case

Jiuyan Zhou
In order to supervise the supervisors to position their role, to carry out the function more effectively, and to help teachers promote teaching level, and scientific research and teaching reform, in this paper, a systematic analysis method, operation of external study from a teaching mechanism and external...
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A Study on Smart Phone Assisted Learning System

Dan Xie, Xiuzhi Zhao, Xiaohuan Yang
With the rapid development of mobile phone technology, the usage of smart phones has become more and more popular, in which mobile application has been successfully adopted in the field of business, government, social management, and higher education. The new technology leads the change of classroom...
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How the Grade of Education Influences Wages in Different Phases of Economic Cycle: Case of the Czech Economy

Petr Doucek, Lea Nedomova
This article analyses the evolution of wages in the Czech Republic by education level. The Czech Republic is an example of a small open economy heavily dependent on the neighbouring countries. The collected data, representing a continual time series from 2000 to 2014, contain annual records of approximately...
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A Visualization Analysis of Research Status of Learning Analytics during Past Five Years in China

Jiahua Zhang, Qin Zou
In order to understand the current situation of learning analytics, it tackled domestic research of learning analytics in China during past five years from the perspective of visual research. Multiple methods including literature analysis, word frequency analysis, and co-word clustered analysis are used...
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Multilevel Practical Teaching System Based on the Excellent Engineers Education Mode

Bin Zheng, Yongqi Liu, Daichang Guo, Peng Sun
The basic task of excellent engineers education mode is to cultivate the practice-oriented advanced professional personnel with innovative spirit and practical ability. The practical education is the most effective way to cultivate students' creativity. In order to enable students to have the ability...
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Teaching Reform for an 8051 Microcontroller Course Based on E-learning

Wuxiong Xu
An 8051 microcontroller course is a core professional course in engineering major in many universities. The traditional teaching (face to face teaching) method cannot achieve satisfactory teaching effect. So other teaching method should be applied to improve teaching effect. E-learning is a relatively...
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What Is the Function of High Education---An Experiment in the Class of Law

Yang Liu
To find out the function of high education on the students' minds and their changes, an experiment is executed in a class of law with 150 participants. In the experiment two investigations are implemented, one is accomplished before the course the other is accomplished after the course. The variety of...
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Financial Analysis: Current Situation and Development Trend—Review and Evaluation of Corporate Financial Analysis

Jinyu Tian, Sijia He
In financial analysis, the users of financial information refer to corporate financial statements and other relevant information to assist subject of financial analysis to make scientific decision via scientific analysis system, evaluation of past and present and reasonable prediction to the future....
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Study of Factors for Internal Control Effectiveness of Listed Companies

Jinyu Tian, Sijia He
With the increasing and expansion scale of listed companies, effectiveness of internal control for listed companies has been gradually taken seriously. Effectiveness exaltation of internal control for listed companies to maximize enterprise value and rights protection of investors and stakeholders to...
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A Knowledge Discovery Process Model Based on Reverse Engineering

Lan'an Wu
Nowadays, the knowledge-based economy is growing rapidly. To sustain future growth, more and more well-educated people in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are needed. But the situations of Chinese engineering education are still severe. In order to solve these problems and train...
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The study on Construction of Innovative Teaching team for computer application platform Under Complete Credit System

Sheng Liu, Xiaoming You
With the continuing reform of higher education system and further refinement, the construction and optimization of complete credit system has become a hot spot in higher education theory and practice, teaching team building is one of the focus points of the complete credit system construction. The various...
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Research on Auxiliary Teaching Mode Based on We-chat Public Platform

Yantao Wang, Zhu Li
An auxiliary teaching mode based on mobile Internet technology is proposed. After the analysis of the characteristics, aims, teaching process, learning needs and current hot spots of higher education teaching, this paper puts forward the structure, framework, process and implementation method of mobile...
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Analysis on the Present Situation of the Printmaking Art in Jilin Province of China

Fu Liu, Bing Liu
In order to promote the development of printmaking art in Jilin Province, analysis and research with living environment, team situation, institute printmaking teaching scale and awards situation, and carries on the statistics and study of the data. The results show that: In Jilin Province, woodcut print...
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Thematic Mapping and Element Expression on Logo of Catering Enterprises in China

Jing Meng, Bing Liu
Research on the logo of catering enterprises, with enterprise culture, traditional culture, environmental characteristics, characteristics of products as the theme positioning, and in-depth analysis of Characteristics, elements use and expression on Logo of catering enterprises. The results show that:...
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Probability Distribution Fitting and Correlation Analysis of Engineering Education Quality Assessment

Juan Chen, Bin Duan, Xiangshuai Qu
With the development of the engineering education, quality assessment has received widespread attention. In China, universities adopt deterministic analysis on quality assessment, which regards course exam scores as the assessment metrics and there are very few other assessment models that may cause...
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A Quality Assurance Scheme of Higher Engineering Education Accreditation Based on Expert Opinions Integration

Yujie Feng, Bin Duan, Xiaoxiao Guo
With the constantly advancing of university engineering education accreditation, in the curricular of assessment of teaching quality, establishing an effective quality guarantee system that meets the standard of engineering education accreditation becomes one of issues that need to be addressed urgently...
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Research on a New Training Mode for Applied Internationalized Talents under "OBOR"

Dehong Zhao, Yuhou Wu, Linan Hu
Under the background of "OBOR" area development strategy, more and more internationalized application-oriented professionals is required in multinational corporations and most countries along the route. As a new way of personnel training, the personnel training mode of mechanical engineering students...
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Research on Teaching Carrier and Elements

Jun-an Zhang, Tianxia Zhang
Teaching carrier is the carrier of information storage and carrying teaching, has its unique function and connotation, and is objective existence elements of teaching. The careful designs, accurately grasp the teaching carrier, are the precondition for the smooth completion of the teaching work, and...
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Teaching Discussion of the Organic Chemistry Curriculum for Environmental Engineering Major

Weijian Cai
Organic Chemistry is one of the important elementary courses of environmental engineering major. According to the major requirements, we take targeted steps to teach students in accordance of their aptitude emphasize on communication, reform teaching methods and properly use various kinds of teaching...
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A Study on Students' Instrumental Motivation for English Learning in Chinese Universities

Dongmei Wang
Learner's motivation is a focus and discussed by many researchers from various perspectives in language learning and teaching. College students' English learning motivation is one of these research subjects. It has great impact on the frequency of using learning strategies, the acceptance of second language...
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A Study of College Students' Autonomic Foreign Language Learning in an E-Learning Environment at Private Colleges

Yanfeng Zu
It is critical to cultivate the ordinary college students' capacity of autonomic learning in an e-learning environment. This study puts forward the strategies towards improved private college students' autonomic learning through analyzing the current situation of autonomic learning. In this paper, we...
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Choose Topic Research Resources Effectively in the Network Training

Lujun Fu, Lan Dou
In the national training project (2015) of kindergarten teacher workshop seeded teacher training, localizing research resources are based on a principle, which includes adaptability, integration, practice and generativity. Combining social needs with regional education condition, an exploratory and pre-applied...
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Standard-Based Teaching Quality Assessment

Shuang Zhang, Qinghe Hu
In recent years, countries around the world emphasis more and more on the research and practice on the assessment of teaching quality. Teaching assessment has become an efficient method for educational administration. Curriculum standard provides a reference for teaching quality and learning effectiveness...
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Psychological Counseling for Alcohol Misuse in University Students

Zhiyu Liu
The aim of this paper is to solve or alleviate the binge drinking problem of university students from a psychological point of view. Traditionally, people were used to accepting medical interventions to alleviate their problems. But in this paper, the author considered the effects alcohol misuse makes...
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Exploration on Application of International Open Courses in Sino-foreign Cooperation in Education

Jing Wang
From initial open courseware to current MOOC, international open course has become the hotspot of sino-foreign cooperation in education. This paper introduces the development characteristics of international open course at first, then discusses the mode of introducing international open course in sino-foreign...
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The Research of Reform in "Electromechanical Control Technology" Courses by Oceanic Features

Qingli Zhang, Weilei Mu
The course of "Electromechanical control technology" is a compulsory course in mechanical engineering. Each university has its own characteristics in the teaching content. For the marine characteristics of our university, the teaching of the courses is studied, and knowledge about ocean is added in the...
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Financial Management Practical Teaching Content System Construction Based on Cultivating Value Creation Ability

Hui-ling Cheng, Ying Jiang
At first, this paper points out that cultivating the financial management talents with value creation ability are an urgent need for our country's economic transition at first. Then, taking Financial Management of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus as an example, it analyzes the current situation...
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Exploration and Practice on the Student Status Management in Local University under the Background of Managing the University by Law

Guangya Zhang, Lingli Fan
The new situation of university students' management under the background of comprehensive managing the university by law is analyzed. The importance of student status management in university is emphasized. Many aspects of the student status management in Guangdong Ocean University are summed up, including...
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Analysis on the Development Strategy of Chongqing Based on"Five Functional Areas"

Kefeng Li, Yanjun Song
Under the strategic background of the main functional areas of China, and based on the actual development of Chongqing, it is proposed to divide the city into "five functional areas", namely, core area of urban function, development area of urban function, new area of urban development, development area...
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Academic Moral Tendency and Academic Ability

Hansong Chen, Xuanyu Chen, Chen Lin
The aim of this study was to explore factors which affect academic misconduct of graduate students. After reviewing the research results of academic misconduct, we focused on relationships between academic atmosphere, academic moral tendency and academic ability of graduate students. According to data...
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Study on Professional Practice Ability Training Mode for Undergraduate of War Industry Specialty

Zhihua Yuan, Yunyang Sun, Yuhui Hu, Guifan Zhou
According to the needs of the weapon innovative talents development that is from" Excellent Engineering Training Program". We explore a set of "deepen the connotation, strengthening characteristic, practice driving" professional practice ability training mode for War Industry Specialty innovative talents,...
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The Reformation and Exploration of the Teaching System of Spring Matriculation Students of the Electronic Information Engineering

Zhongxun Wang, Kangkang Du
Spring matriculation is an enrollment form opened mainly for graduates from secondary vocational schools. The electronic information engineering about its students' training target is to cultivate special talents with theoretical knowledge, application ability and good practice. At present, the teaching...
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An Experimental Study of L2 Pragmatic Development in the EFL Classroom

He Yang
The aim of this research was to examine whether Chinese learners of English develop their L2 pragmatic productive competence in the learning context in which certain types of instruction (i.e., explicit, enhanced and input-output) they received and to investigate the effectiveness of the three different...
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A Cross-cultural Study of Complaint Strategies by Chinese and British University Students

He Yang
Since we live in a world in which unexpected and unreasonable things occur from time to time, people complain in various settings in divergent forms every day. However, complaining has been a rather under-researched speech act in cross cultural pragmatics [1, 2, 3]. Very little is known about the similarities...
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The Strategy Framework of Product Life Cycle Cost Management

Fengzhou Wang, Tengmin Ke
In knowledge economy and information age, the full life cycle cost management mode opens up a new way for the traditional cost management with its unique perspective. In this article, on the basis of discussing the theory and connotation of product life cycle cost management, we put forward that we should...
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Discussion of Talents Training Mode of Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering Majors Based on OBE Concept

Xiangyang Wu, Hong Liu, Xiaohong Zhou, Rujin Zhao
Outcome-based Education (OBE) is an education mode taken teaching achievement as an oriented and is the central concept of engineering education certification. Environmental protection equipment engineering was opened in 2010 as for the new undergraduate professional. On the basis of "OBE" concept, the...
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Reach to the Characters and Effects of Medieval Universities in Western Europe

Shiqin Liao, Huigai Li
The medieval universities which came into being in the 12th century in Europe were the predecessor of the modern university. The modern university inherits from the medieval university not only the appellation of "university", but also its basic organization structure, academic system, academic freedom...
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Research on the Collaborative Management of Industrial Design

Yujia Liu, Chunxiao Cao
Industrial design collaborative management is an advanced design concept based on the information network environment is the main technical means of manufacturing quick response to market demand, and constantly introduce new products and rapid development. This paper mainly introduces the synergy management...
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Reflections on the Development of the Art Discipline Education in Chinese Universities

Chunxiao Cao, Yujia Liu
Since the art specialty has become an independent subject, the youngest professional category of Chinese higher education has been developing rapidly. But because of various historical reasons, the discipline and independence of art are influenced by the traditional thinking of science and education....
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On E Times Group Real Estate Development Company's Financial Management

Huiping Huang, Huimin Huang
The aim of this study is to present financial management information system construction of a group of real estate enterprises in the Internet age or e era. This article analyzes development problems of group real estate: financing; cost control; bad real-time information and financial risks. Problems...
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Undergraduates Innovative Training in Environmental Program

Yubo Cui, Chunqiu Ran, Hongjie Sun, Xuejun Zou
The main purpose of teaching university is to educate full-time undergraduates, popularize higher education and train high-level skilled talents and advanced research-based reserve talents. However, it's an urgent task to cultivate undergraduates equipped with innovative spirit and abilities when confronted...
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"Quaternity" Promotes the Construction of Moral Education Tutor for Engineering Students and the Actual Effect of Work

Wenhui Fan, Jingwen Chang, Wenhua Bao, Feng Ding, Yang Han
The education of moral quality in our country colleges is deficient, and the methods are relatively traditional and the effects are not satisfied. Taking Beijing Institute of Technology as an example, we built a full personal four-in-one moral tutorial system. That is to say, take the construction of...
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Translation Process Management and Quality Control Based on SDL Trados--A Case Study of Energetic Materials at Extreme Conditions Translation Project

Yahui Wang
This paper presents a modified approach of translation process management and quality control, especially in terminology and corpus management using computer assisted translation software SDL Trados, on Energetic Materials at Extreme Conditions translation project. It highlights the quality of target...