Proceedings of the 1 st International Conference on Information Technology and Education (ICITE 2020)

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The Effect of Learning Leadership, Academic Supervision, and Teacher Skills on Teacher Performance Effectiveness

Bahtiar Agung Pambudi, Imam Gunawan
This study aims to determine the effect of learning leadership, academic supervision, and teaching skills on the effectiveness of teacher performance. Data retrieval using a quantitative approach by research methods and uses regression analysis. The location of this scrutiny is at SMP Islam Raden Patah...
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Exploring the Implementation of Automatic Text Summarization in Online Learning Setting

Agus Wedi, Saida Ulfa, Ashar Pakkawaru, Rex Bringula
Automatic text summatization is a technique of text mining which is a field of natural language processing. It summarizes a long text file or document automatically into several sentences without losing its essence. The use of automatic text summarization in the online learning context has not been widely...
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Preparation and Implementation of Standard Operational Procedures as An Effort to Improve Leadership of Schools as Learning Leaders

Ahmad Nurabadi, Sucipto, Abdur Rahman As’ari, Yayuk Prihatnawati, Erika Mei Budiarti
The approach used in this research is a quantitative research approach because researchers involve data in the form of numbers and calculations. In addition, researchers also use a correlational research design through multiple regression analysis to test the proposed hypothesis. The variable that the...
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Parents’ Perceptions of Children with Disabilities

Ahsan Romadlon Junaidi, Dimas Arif Dewantoro
Parents ‘perceptions of children with disabilities determine parents’ acceptance of children with disabilities and the quality of care provided. This study aims to describe parents ‘perceptions of children with disabilities, and to examine whether there are differences in parental perceptions of children...
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Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Teacher Performance: A Correlation Analysis

Choiria Mahmudah, Ibrahim Bafadal, Ahmad Yusuf Sobri
This study aims to determine the relationship between principal transformational leadership and teacher performance. This research was conducted at State Vocational High School (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negeri / SMKN) Malang, East Java, Indonesia. This research uses a quantitative approach with descriptive-correlational...
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Competencies of Educational Technology in Training for Teachers at Wahid Hasyim Junior High School, Malang, Indonesia

Dedi Kuswandi, Zahid Zufar At Thaariq, Lukky Reza Ramadhani, Dhimas Adhitya Wijanarko, Rexy Willyam Delanur Hamudi, Muhammad Najmi Alwi Saga
This research aims to reveal the implementation of digital learning media training for teachers at Wahid Hasyim Junior High School, Malang. This training was held based on the results of needs analysis in the form of interviews with pamong teachers accompanied by observation results during mentoring...
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The Effect of Parental Partnership Patterns in the Perspective of Distance Learning on Student Independence during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Coastal and Mountain Areas, Malang Regency, Indonesia

Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Erika Mei Budiarti, Raden Bambang Sumarsono, Teguh Triwiyanto
The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which parental participation affects the process of implementing distance education and is able to develop independent attitudes of students in the coastal and mountainous areas of Malang Regency during the current pandemic. The research method...
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Characteristics of Adolescent Problems and Problem-Solving Methods of School Heads in the Era of Disruption

Djum Djum Noor Benty, Mustiningsih, Maisyaroh
The objective research is: (1) identification of the characteristics of problem-masala h teenagers in the era of disruption; and (2) identify the characteristics of problem-solving measures for adolescent problems and the disruption desired by the school. Descriptive quantitative approach is used in...
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Correlation Between Instructional Leadership of the Headmaster with Teacher Performance of Vocational High School

Elsa Nurul Hanipah, Ibrahim Bafadal, Ahmad Nurabadi
This study aims to: (1) describe the instructional leadership of the headmaster, (2) describe the teacher performance, (3) describe the correlation between the instructional leadership of the headmaster and teacher performance at Public Vocational High School of Batu City, Indonesia. This study uses...
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Analysis of Learners Characteristics and Learning Process Preferences during Online Learning

Zahid Zufar At Thaariq, Ence Surahman, Nurhikma, Sofia Ari Murti, Binti Zakkiyatul Faqiroh, Nindia Rada Kusworo
This research aims to find out the preferences of the learning process conducted by students while online learning is underway. These preferences are seen from the platform used, the support device used to the learning style. The research method used using the survey method is done quantitatively by...
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Model Analysis of Development and Application of Standard Operational Procedures as Intention of Informal Supervision Implementation

Erika Mei Budiarti, Ahmad Nurabadi, Sucipto, Abdur Rahman As’ari, Yayuk Prihatnawati
The aim of this research is the development of a Standard Operating Procedure model that is compiled and applied in educational institutions as a form of informal supervision by the principal to help teachers overcome learning problems. This study uses a quantitative approach with a descriptive research...
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Pascal Programming in Neural Data Server for Indonesian Elementary Schools

Ferril Irham Muzaki
The skills to perform analysis and data codification are part of the ability to communicate and transform. Along with the rate of development of information and communication technology, even though an individual has the creativity to do elaboration and collaboration on various kinds of data, it is carried...
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Leadership in Excellent School: A Qualitative Study

Ibrahim Bafadal, Imam Gunawan, Ahmad Nurabadi, Juharyanto
The main school activities are learning activities. Learning is a reflection of school performance. For the learning activities carried out by the teacher to achieve the goals, it requires a school commitment to support learning activities. Learning leadership is leadership behavior that seeks to develop...
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Measurement of Vocational High School Teachers Professionalism

Imam Gunawan, Firda Dwi Pratiwi, Nandy Wahyu Nur Setya, Abida Ferindistika Putri, Nadya Nanda Sukawati, Firman Budi Santoso, Siti Khusnul Rofiah, Nurul Hidayati
Teacher professionalism is a topic that will always be interesting to discuss. The teacher is a profession that is noble in the view of society. The spearhead of the quality of education lies in the professionalism and teaching performance of teachers. The purpose of this study was to determine the level...
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Self-Potential Based Curriculum Management in Elementary Schools

Ita Syazwanti, Imron Arifin, Sultoni
This study aims to describe self-potential based curriculum management where the main focus is for students to develop their potential and be useful in the future. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study research type. This research was conducted at Alam Ar-Rohmah Elementary School...
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Analysis of Success Factors Implementation of Computer-Based Management Information System in Higher Education

Maulana Amirul Adha, Nova Syafira Ariyanti, Mustiningsih, Maisyaroh, Ibrahim Bafadal
Information is a very important asset. It is not enough if physical capabilities coupled with auxiliary equipment are simply relied upon in information management. The purpose of this study is to identify what factors influence the successful implementation of computer-based management information systems...
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Analysis of Autonomic Needs for Autonomic Leadership of Schools with Religious Culture in the Implementation of School-Based Management in the Era of Disruption

Mustiningsih, Ali Imron, Juharyanto
This study aims to analyze the need for leadership autonomy for principals with religious culture in the implementation of school-based management in the era of disruption. A descriptive quantitative approach is used in research. This research was conducted using survey techniques. The sampling technique...
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School Relations Strategy with the Community through the Utilization of Online Applications in the Digital Era

Nova Syafira Ariyanti, Maulana Amirul Adha, Ali Imron, Ahmad Yusuf Sobri, Ibrahim Bafadal
The purpose of this research is to describe the school’s relationship strategy with communities that utilize online applications. This research uses a qualitative approach, with a draft case study. This research place is at Kalam Kudus Christian High School Surakarta. Data collection techniques with...
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Policies and Aspects of Educational Management of the Indonesian Government in Response to International Standardization

Teguh Triwiyanto, Suyanto, Lantip Diat Prasojo
This study was conducted to know: (1) response to educational policies, and (2) aspects of educational management developed by the Indonesian government as a response to international standardization. The utilized kind of research was a meta-analysis. The used technic of data analysis was the quantitative...
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Simulation-Based Project Model for Pre-Service Teacher Teaching and Learning

Titis Angga Rini, Puri Selfi Cholifah, Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini
This development research aims to develop a teaching simulation project teaching model for learning and teaching preservice teacher-student in teaching practice. This learning innovation is motivated by the implementation of learning simulations generally carried out by teaching with role-playing with...
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Folklore as Literacy Teaching Materials for Elementary School Students

H. S. Apri Kartikasari, Dewi Tryanasari
This study aims to describe the Folklore as teaching material in literacy learning at elementary schools, the appropriate types of Folklore to be taught to elementary school students, and to describe the process of applying Folklore-based teaching materials to students. This research begins with the...
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Character Education for Indonesian Gold Generations: Basic Education Challenges in the Era of Disruption

Mujtahidin, Dewi Tryanasari, M. Luthfi Oktarianto, Muhammad Muchsin Afriyadi
The current era of disruption has had an impact on lifestyle changes and created many opportunities as well as challenges for the nation’s generation. The fact that the moral degradation of the nation’s generation is still quite concerning for our world of education, especially basic education, even...
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Knowledge Management Develops Teaching-Learning Activities in School

Ferry Doringin, Stepanus Silaban, Nensi Tarigan, Kristianus Oktriono, Pingkan Doringin
The research has the objective of analyzing the impact of Knowledge Management (KM) for the improvement of Teaching Quality in schools. Using a qualitative case study, the researchers interview the Foundation and school leaders, observe the process of data handling, and analyze the documents of a foundation...
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Looking Back to Look Ahead: The Life Trajectory Among Indigenous People Retired Teachers in the Philippines

Brent Joseph D. Bangao
The study describes the life trajectory of public-school indigenous people retired teachers of Mountain Province in the Philippines using snowballing in the selection of participants. This undertaking used a narrative design with a semi-structured questionnaire as data- gathering instrument. The gathered...
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A Corpus-Linguistic Analysis of Phrasal Verbs in Philippine English

Dandie C. Somoson
This study aimed at identifying the most commonly used phrasal verbs (PVs) of Philippine English, analyzing their grammatical patterns and semantic features, and designing sample activities for teaching PVs. This corpus-based research used the mixed method research design specifically the exploratory-qualitative...
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Mind Mapping Integration to Develop Learning Activities and Outcomes

Setyo Pujo Hartono, Juharyanto
The learning process which tends to be less varied causes the low learning outcomes of students. In learning activities, students only accept facts that must be memorized and there is still a lack of student involvement in the learning process. The purpose of this study was to determine the implementation...
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Implementation of Advocacy Learning Model as A Predictor of Student’s Learning Outcomes

Ferdinant Alexander, Leryani Mince Maria Manuain, Wande Yuderson Silla, Zummy Anselmus Dami
This research was aimed to: (1) find the level of student learning outcomes before and after the application of intervention or treatment; (2) find out whether or not the advocacy learning model provides a significant increase in student learning outcomes; (3) find out whether or not the model of advocacy...
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Parental Participation in Increasing Children’s Multiple Intelligence

Sance Mariana Tameon, Jeheskial Saudale, Tri Oktavia Oematan
The role of parents in assisting children to develop self-potential is an interesting research study because it will expose the extent parents’ perspective influences their activeness in managing children’s self-development. Similarly, the purpose of this research is to find out parents’ perspectives...
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Gamification Strategy Through Snake Ladder Game Systematic Literature Review

Hani Dewi Ariessanti, Meyliaana, Achmad Nizar Hidayanto, Harjanto Prabowo
Gamification is a concept that is carried out in order to improve the results of the delivery of information. One gamification strategy that implements the elements of a game into a non-game contexts to resolve the issue with the aim of motivating the user in the process study will examine systematic...
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Revitalization of the Ideal Value of Archipelago’s Culture through KIPAS Model Counseling

Andi Mappiare-AT, Nur Hidayah, Muslihati, Lutfi Fauzan
Theoretically, it is believed that social actions that take place consciously will influence the development of counseling. Likewise, the value system or local wisdom of an ethnicity can be absorbed into the counseling process. Research has described the expectations of local communities regarding the...
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Home Visit Based on Flipped Class Learning in The Process of Maintaining DNA of Peak Performance Students in the Era of Pandemic

Athalla Nauval Bhayangkara, Dandy Bayu Firdaus, Wildan Hafizh Ahmadi, Raden Bambang Sumarsono
The purpose of this study is to describe: (1) home visit learning mechanism based on flipped class learning (HVFCL); (2) efficiency of home visit learning in the pandemic era; (3) HVFCL impact for students; and (4) HVFCL impact for schools. The research method used is qualitative through phenomenology...
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Problems of Computational Thinking, Teaching, and Learning in a STEM Framework: A Literature Review

Bayu Widyaswara Suwahyo
Thinking like a computer scientist means more than being able to program a computer. which refers to the way a computer scientist acts in. This is the overall perspective we intend to adopt in this systematic review: as many policies strongly promote CT in primary school, it cannot be reduced to simple...
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Development of Microsoft Access-Based E-Archive Learning Media Applications on Archival Subjects 10th Grade of Office Administration

Devi Ayu Wulandari, Yuli Agustina, Ahmad Nurabadi, Hana Andriningrum, Abida Ferindistika Putri, Tiara Amelia, Ahmad Syahru Mubarok Harisman, Zulfianti Rosyida Zahro
Advances in technology require a teacher as an educator to continue renewing in creating learning media that is capable of supporting learners in understanding the theoretical or practical material. The purpose of this research is to (1) generate a Microsoft Access-based E-Archive Learning Media on archival...
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Development of Students Activity Sheets (LKPD) on Human and Animal Organs Science Material for Class V Elementary School

Esti Untari, Sukamti, Dian Wahyu Lestari, Nikmatul Rohmah, Aryna Chintya Devy
This research is development research that aims to produce a valid and effective student worksheet theme for human and animal organs for fifth-grade elementary school students. Development is carried out referring to the Dick & Carey model which consists of ten development steps, namely the learning...
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Belief System on Multicultural Counseling: Literature Review of Positive Belief System of Nusantara Culture

Husni Hanafi, Nur Hidayah, Triyono, Andi Mappiare-AT, Adi Atmoko
Indonesia is a country with various ethnic groups in the archipelago. This condition gives thousands of values that live in each ethnic group. These cultural values contain positive values that are still adhered to by the community. This condition is the basis for the development of multicultural counseling...
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Digital Game-Based Learning as A Solution to Fun Learning Challenges During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ika Febriana Wati, Yuniawatika
Education in Indonesia is one of the sectors that most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Finally, the Ministry of Education and Culture issued a policy for learning activities carried out from home. This new policy makes all elements of education must immediately adapt to existing conditions. Although...
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The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurship Interest on the Effect of Entrepreneurship Education to Digital Startup Preparation in the Digital Age

Maisyaroh, Imron Arifin, Nova Syafira Ariyanti, Maulana Amirul Adha
One of the problems in Indonesia is unemployment. The higher unemployment rate can certainly have a negative impact and cause poverty problems. In the digital age as it is today there is a great opportunity for students to start a business in the field of digital startup. The purpose of this research...
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Anxiety Management for New Normal Era: Hermeneutic Studies of Kitab Kuning

Maya Tsuroya Alfadla, Husni Hanafi, Diniy Hidayatur Rahman, Khuzaimah, Andi Mappiare-AT
The Covid-19 pandemic still give various problems, including in the education sector, especially in Pondok Pesantren which are a form of Islamic religious and boarding educational institutions. Problems in the form of anxiety symptoms are often experienced by santri, the students of pondok pesantren,...
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Family Intervention: A Systematic Learning Approach for Children with Disabilities During Pandemic Covid-19

Muchamad Irvan, Muhammad Nurrohman Jauhari
Currently, new problems arise in the learning scope for children with disabilities. During the pandemic covid-19, everyone is required to stay at home, including learning activities that must be done without coming to school. However, there are complaints from parents about the implementation of online...
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Living Values Educational Program: Children Literature Instruction to Improve Character Values of Elementary School Students

Muh Arafik
This study aims at improving the learning outcomes and character values integrated in children literature instruction through Living Values Educational Program (LVEP). The research instruments were an achievement test, observation guides, and interview guides. The action in this study was the application...
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Enhancing Mastery of Eco-Pedagogy for Sub-Urban Children by Gamification on Problem Based Learning

Nova, Dedi Kuswandi, Habib Syafi’udin
Problem-based learning is a learning method often used for solving problems, where students can gather independent information and get real experience in the learning process. The problem of environmental damage that occurs in Kampung Kramat, Malang City, Indonesia, can be reduced by eco-pedagogy in...
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Student’s Meaning of Life Based on Resilience in New Normal Era

Nur Hidayah, Husni Hanafi, M. Ramli, Rofiqoh
The current covid pandemic situation has entered a new phase in the form of the new normal era in 2020. However, this condition still challenging a student’s life. Student’s resilience becomes needed in forming a meaningful life for today’s situation. This study aims to identify and construct the meaning...
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Optimize Education by Teacher’s Perception of Higher Order Thinking Skill at Primary School

Putri Mahanani, Muchtar, Sutarno, Nurul Rachmawati, Ratna Trieka Agustina, Imamul Huda Al Siddiq
Teachers’ perceptions of concepts are very important in classroom learning because teachers are designers, implementers, and evaluators in learning activities. For this reason, we must examine the teachers’ perceptions about higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) that students need to develop critical thinking...
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Strengthening of Independent Character Through Online Learning in Elementary School

Putri Rosilia, Yuniawatika, Sri Murdiah
The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia has resulted in learning activities being carried out online. Online learning patterns make it difficult for teachers, students, and parents because they have to implement a new learning system, especially for students who are still in elementary school. Online learning...
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Lectora-Based Interactive E-Book Development for Elementary Schools

Putri Wahyuningtyas, Lilik Bintartik, Arda Purnama Putra
This development research aims to produce an interactive e-book based on Lectora Inspire by strengthening the character of curiosity in the sub-theme of the wealth of energy sources in Indonesia in class IV which is valid, practical, and interesting. The research development method used is ADDIE which...
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The Development of An Interactive E-Module with The Self-Reinforcing Character for Elementary School Students

Ria Dwi Ambarwati, Lilik Bintartik, Arda Purnama Putra
The development of an interactive e-module with the self-reinforcing character for elementary school students aims to produce a valid, practical, and attractive product. This research and development use the R & D model by Borg and Gall. Data collection techniques using interviews, questionnaires,...
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Differences of Parenting Patterns on Self-Confidence and Learning Achievement in Children of Female Workers and Indonesian Workers Abroad

Richma Hidayati, Nur Hidayah, M. Ramli, IM. Hambali
This study aims to examine empirical findings of the influence of parenting on self-confidence and learning achievement of children where their parents work as Female Workers (TKW) and Indonesian Workers (TKI). This research using a quasi-experimental study with a non-equivalent control group design....
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Development of POE Learning Model-Based Booklet for Elementary School

Yuliana Dewi Pratiwi, Lilik Bintartik, Arda Purnama Putra
The purpose of this research is to produce a Predict-Observe-Explain (POE) learning model-based booklet that is valid, practical, and interesting as teaching material for 4th-grade students in Bendo 1 Elementary School Blitar City, Indonesia. This study uses the ADDIE research model. The results showed...
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Urgency Strengthening Religious Values in Guidance and Counseling Programs in the New Normal Era

Asroful Kadafi, Suharni, Ibnu Mahmudi, Beny Dwi Pratama
The new normal period requires all parties to be able to adjust to a new order that has never been done before. This of course can cause various problems for individuals who are not well adjusted. Especially individuals who don’t practice religious values in their lives. Individuals who have high religious...
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Integration of TPACK as a Basic Framework for 21st Century Learning: An Analysis of Professional Teacher Competencies

The world has entered the 21st century, a period marked by the pace of ICT development. The structure and components of Education need to be adapted to its times. TPACK is becoming an important part of the 21st-century learning runway. There are many challenges to be faced. Preparing professional teachers...
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Cognitive-Behavioural Counseling with Modeling and Self-Management Techniques as Predictor Self-Affiliation

Zummy Anselmus Dami, Yanjumseby Yeverson Manafe, Marlon Butarbutar, Yenny Anita Pattinama, Sri Wahyuni
This research aimed to investigate the difference of self-affiliation using modeling techniques and self-management strategies in the cognitive-behavioural counseling model of the gender perspective. The research method used in this research is quasi-experiment with Two Factor Design Research or often...
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Investigating English Teachers’ Comprehension in Language Assessment Literacy (LAL)

Irma Bahtiar, Pupung Purnawarman
Assessment is still considered as the hardest part in the teaching process since it deals with a score which is crucial for students, but teachers’ ability in assessing students is considered not really proficient. Consequently, this study investigated teachers’ Language Assessment Literacy and their...
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English Teachers’ Perception on Using Authentic Assessment Based on 2013 Curriculum in the Secondary School Level

Mona Safrida Yanti
English syllabus in 2013 curriculum is designed in integrated forms. It means there are many aspects that will be assessed in the implementation of 2013 curriculum. One of the solutions that is believed to tackle this existing issue is by using authentic assessment since this kind of assessment affords...
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Using Mentimeter for Eliciting the Students’ Responses in Formative Assessment Practice

Siti Musliha, Pupung Purnawarman
Eliciting students’ responses in formative assessment is very crucial. Eliciting their responses in a traditional way, which is a question and answer style makes the students reluctant to give their responses. Traditionally, teachers rise a question verbally to the students as a practice of formative...
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Curriculum Management Strategies as Efforts to Improve the Effectiveness of Early Childhood Learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Anisa Mega Nur Safitri, Mustiningsih, Agus Timan, Dwi Kurnianing Ratri, Ghasa Faraasyatul ‘Alam, Hasan Argadinata, Ahmad Khoirul Rizal Fahmi
The aim of this research was to find out a suitable curriculum-management strategy as an effort to effective the online learning carried out by early childhood educators in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic in several cities in Indonesia. Data collected by using literature studies and conducted using survey...
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Curriculum of the Industry Revolution 4.0 and the Pandemic of Covid-19 Era

Arianus Adam Raja Oja, Mustiningsih, Agus Timan, Diah Kholilurrokhman, Diyah Rieka Rahmawati, Dwi Eny Nur Faiza
The aim of this study is to describe the curriculum implementation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Covid-19 Pandemic Era and to determine the extent of the implementation process in these two eras. This study uses a literature review study method using analysis content analytic. The results...
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Actualization of the Psychological Foundation as a Curriculum Renewal Management Taxation in the Education Unit

Hasan Argadinata, Mustiningsih, Agus Timan, Anisa Mega Nur Safitri, Dwi Kurnianing Ratri, Ghasa Faraasyatul ‘Alam, Ahmad Khoirur Rijal Fahmi
The curriculum is a description of the goals of national education which form the basis of the learning program, the basic elements of psychology become an important reference in an effort to encourage the maximum implementation of the curriculum. The method used by the author is literature review with...
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Implementation of Problem Based Learning and Problem-Solving Models in Student Learning

Muhamad Iqbal Maulana, Mustiningsih, Agus Timan, Krisna Irhad Firdaus, Kristianus Riberu, Secondra Hudaya
Implementation is an act of implementing activities carried out through planning and referring to certain rules to achieve goals. Curriculum changes are very important for the world of education in order to improve the standards and quality of education itself. In using problem-based learning and problem-solving...
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The Influence of Academic Supervision Implementation of Principal on Teacher Creativity

Nanda Marlufi Mutiara Dewi, Bambang Budi Wiyono, Agus Timan, Juharyanto
The purpose of this study is to know the influence between the implementation of academic supervision by the school principal on the creativity of teaching teachers in Senior High School (SMA) Blitar City, Indonesia. The method used in this study is quantitative with a population of teachers totaling...
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ICARE Model Design Profile for Developing Critical-Creative Thinking Competency in Reading Literacy Learning

Nurchasanah, Pidekso Adi, Zakia Habsari
It should be realized that the quality of thinking is one of the determinants of people’s life success. The quality of thinking can be developed through learning, including learning reading. In order to think critically-creatively, the alternation of the beginning step for students is developing the...
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The Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning and Problem-Solving to Mathematics in Primary Schools

Puja Fijriyani, Mustiningsih, Agus Timan, M. Kurniawan H., Mutmainnah, Ressa Nada Perdana
The purpose of writing this article is to find out the problems and provide solutions in the learning process, how the learning model can be interesting, and make it easy for students to understand the material presented by the teacher. This article is compiled using a literature study approach regarding...
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Achievement of School-Based Management Implementation Reviewed from a Financial Perspective on a Balanced Scorecards Approach

Raden Bambang Sumarsono, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Djum Djum Noor Benty, Siti Amalia Thasbika, Karine Rizkita, Isnaeni
This study aims to describe the achievement of the implementation of school-based management (SBM) from a financial perspective in the context of the balanced scorecard approach. The research method used is quantitative with a descriptive research design. The population of public elementary schools (SDN)...
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Workshop and Training on Making Personal Protective Equipment during the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Form of Empowering Persons with Disabilities

Siti Khusnul Rofiah, Muchammad Zulkifli Zuchdi, Dinda Oktavia Rieuwpassa, Lylyan Paonganan, Yuliana Septiani, Tiara Amelia, Ahmad Syahru Mubarok Harisman, Siska, Dinda Tauliah Salsabila, Ismi Daris Salamah, Karmila Sari, Sunu Tasika Dwi Angelina, Widyawati Wilanda Sari, Wilda Putri Kristiana, Imam Gunawan
The availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the Covid-19 pandemic is very important and crucial. The skills of workers making personal protective equipment also need to be improved. This program aims to improve, develop knowledge, attitudes, and skills for people with disabilities,...
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Curriculum and Learning Innovation COVID-19 Pandemic Situation at Surya Buana Modern Islamic Boarding School Malang, Indonesia

Ahmad Khoirur Rijal Fahmi, Mustiningsih, Anisa Mega Nur Safitri, Dwi Kurnianing Ratri, Hasan Argadinata, Ghasa Faraasyatul ‘Alam
The focus of this research is aimed to know the innovations in curriculum design, schedule preparation lessons, application, and evaluation of learning. This study uses a qualitative method. While this type of research used is case Studies. Data collection procedure using interview and observation techniques....
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School Management Package B at the Children’s Class Correctional Institution, Martapura District, Banjar Regency, Indonesia

Suhaimi, Ngadimun
This research is conducted by the willingness to fulfill the rights of education and instructions of the prisoners effectively, efficiently and focus on the target, especially in Class IIA Prison Region Martapura, Indonesia. The purpose of the research is to analyze how the planning, conducting, controlling,...
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Forecasting Electricity Demand Using a Hybrid Statistical Model

Arvin Paul Sumobay
In this study, a total of four models were utilized, the pure ARIMA and ANN models and two different methodologies that were used to combine ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average) and ANN (Artificial Neural Network) models, an additive methodology and a multiplicative methodology, to model...
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The Phenomenon of Online Learning in Educational Institutions during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Abdul Azis, Mustiningsih
This study aims to determine the appropriate learning methods for teachers in remote areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research was conducted with a literature study method. Data collection techniques using literature studies. The results of this study conclude that the main problem of online...
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The Effect of Training Scientific Writing on The Improvement of Teachers’ Understanding in Articles

Achmad Supriyanto
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of scientific paper writing training on increasing the understanding of junior high school teachers in writing articles This research method uses action research, which is to take action to provide training to overcome the problems of understanding...
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Academic Procrastination among Adolescents and its Implication on Guidance and Counseling

Arbin Janu Setiyowati, Indriyana Rachmawati, Widya Multisari
Procrastination is an entrenched phenomenon among adolescents. Furthermore, academic procrastination is an individual’s tendency to postpone tasks due to a lack of motivation, self-regulation, and ability. This study, therefore, aims to obtain the prevalence of academic procrastination and its implications...
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Chart Application Flowcharts Service as a Marketing Strategy of Education in Vocational Secondary School 2 Salahuddin Malang, Indonesia

Asmaul Kusna, Bayu Angga Mahardika, Desi Retno Nugraheni, Deva Eriyani, Nila Octavia Yulindasari, Salsabila Taftania, Vira Maratus Sholihah, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum
A System flowchart is a chart that shows the overall work flow of the system. This chart describes the sequence of procedures that exist in the system. Through diagrams, it is hoped that a problem in the field of education can be solved by processing and decision steps as the main basis for the work...
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Building School Culture to Establish Students Character

Bayu Angga Mahardika, Asmaul Kusna, Desi Retno Nugraheni, Deva Eriyani, Nila Octavia Yulindasari, Salsabila Taftania, Vira Maratus Sholihah, Djum Djum Noor Benty
This research activity aims as a process to find out: (1) the creation of students’ character through establishing a school culture; (2) the role of the principal and teacher in shaping the character of learners through school culture; and (3) the cultures applied in the school at SD Rembang 2 Blitar...
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Curriculum Development of Postgraduate Study Program Based on Life-Based Learning Philosophy and Disruption Technology

Nunung Suryati, Dedi Kuswandi, Punaji Setyosari, Hutkemri, Tutut Chusniyah, Risma Chulashotud Diana, Eko Saputra Nurdiansa
The purpose of this research is to establish a doctor-level curriculum formula in the educational technology study program. The study implemented qualitative descriptive research design and data collection techniques through survey analysis, google form analysis, interviews, and questionnaires, research....
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Work Discipline and Teacher Performance in Junior High Schools: A Qualitative Study

Desi Retno Nugraheni, Asmaul Kusna, Bayu Angga Mahardika, Deva Eriyani, Nila Octavia Yulindasari, Salsabila Taftania, Vira Maratus Sholihah, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum
The aims of this study are to find out and explain the influence of work discipline on the performance of teachers. The method used in this study is interviewing informants in high school. This research uses a qualitative approach, where the results of the research are written words. The results of this...
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Utilization of Information Technology Media in the Field of Public Relations in Junior High School 4 Malang, Indonesia

Dinar Alya Dayinta, Dedi Prestiadi, Rizky Agus Setiawan
The purpose of this study is to determine the techniques used by Junior High School State 4 Malang in public relations (PR), both with parents of students, the public and with various agencies. The research was conducted at Junior High School State 4 Malang using a qualitative approach. This type of...
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Changes in the New Student Selection System as an Effort to Improve Prospective Student Achievements

Deva Eriyani, Vira Maratus Sholihah, Asmaul Kusna, Bayu Angga Mahardika, Desi Retno Nugraheni, Nila Octavia Yulindasari, Salsabila Taftania, Ahmad Nurabadi
This research article was written with the aim of describing the changes in the selection to enter public universities to meet the capacity for student achievement. The government has established procedures that have been written in laws or government regulations in order to know what percentage to be...
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Multimedia in Digital Books for Simulation and Digital Communication for Vocational High School

Hamsar Hasfat, Arnidah, Citra Rosalyn Anwar
This study is basically an overview of multimedia-based digital books used by students of Vocational High School (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan / SMK) Gowa for Simulation and Digital Communication subjects. This multimedia-based digital book was developed based on curriculum analysis, teacher’s competence,...
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Playing Follow the Color in Interactive Surface for Gross Motor Skill of Early Childhood

Haryo Guntoro Wicakcono, Yerry Soepriyanto
This article discusses the development of a game that follows the color in the interactive surface for the gross motor skill of early childhood. The objective is to facilitate early childhood in learning through play with the use of interactive surface technology. The game requires the child to jump...
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Implementation of Public Relations Activities at Senior High School 5 Malang, Indonesia

Millennial Deva Sandhiya, Dedi Prestiadi, Siti Nur Khomariyah
Public Relations (PR) is a process of communication between schools and the public to try to instill an understanding of the needs and works of education as well as to encourage public interest and responsibility in efforts to advance schools. The purpose of this research is to find out:(1) planning...
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Development of Digital Orthopedagogic Teaching Materials to Support Online Lectures during the Covid-19 Pandemic for Students with Special Needs in Education

Mohammad Efendi, Ahsan Romadlon Junaedi, Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Mohammad Syamsun, Rizky Amalia Rosyidi
The aim of the development is to produce learning materials in digital format for orthopedic courses as a support for online learning for orthopedic lectures, which can be used by all students who take a specialization in special education. The development method used to achieve these goals is the multimedia...
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Principal’s Visionary Leadership in the Framework of School Change Process

Nila Octavia Yulindasari, Asmaul Kusna, Bayu Angga Mahardika, Desi Retno Nugraheni, Deva Eriyani, Salsabila Taftania, Vira Maratus Sholihah, Imam Gunawan
Leadership has a strategic position in the organization and even influences organizational performance. The principal’s leadership role can have a positive or negative effect on the school. The principal’s leadership which brings positive influence is able to bring change to the school. School change...
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Development of TIMSS-Type Mathematical Test Instruments to Train Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Grade V Students

Rafi Syafitri, Yuniawatika, Sutansi
TIMSS is a large-scale assessment of mathematics and science that demands high levels of thinking skills in students in solving existing problems. The results of Indonesian students’ participation in TIMSS show that there is still a low level of thinking ability in elementary school students. This is...
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The Role of The Resource Center in the Implementation of Inclusion Education in Basic, Medium, and Higher Education Institutions: A Grounded Theory Approach

Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Frimha Purnamawati, Mohammad Efendi, Dimas Arif Dewantoro, Abdul Huda, Muhammad Nurrohman Jauhari
The research objective is to conduct a basic study related to the role of the Resource Center so that later it will be able to socialize its needs and roles in supporting the success of the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Indonesia. The research method used is qualitative research with the research...
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Mobile Seamless Language Learning Framework to Improving Students’ Speaking Skills for Junior High Students during Pandemic Convid-19: A Case Study in Indonesian Context

Saida Ulfa, Ence Surahman, Herlina Ike Octaviani
English is a course that requires a special learning design during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because nowadays during the Covid-19 pandemic, learning is being delivered through online learning environments. In addition, there are several competencies that must be achieved in this study. In this paper,...
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Implementation of Total Quality Management through the Leadership of Schools in Efforts to Improve Teacher Creativity: A Conceptual Paper

Salsabilla Taftania, Asmaul Kusna, Bayu Angga Mahardika, Desi Retno Nugraheni, Deva Eriyani, Nila Octavia Yulindasari, Vira Maratus Sholihah, Imam Gunawan
Teachers are an important component in improving the quality of education. What is needed is creativity to find new methods and strategies to create effective, creative and fun teaching and learning situations in the classroom. Whether or not the teacher is creative is an important response from the...
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The Influence of Psychological Character, Entrepreneurial Managerial Competence, Communication and Network Competencies, and Self-Management Competencies on the Entrepreneurial Intention of Rural Adolescents

Slamet Fauzan, Rizky Firmansyah, Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Kennis Rozana, Ahmad Muzaqi
The concept of entrepreneurship becomes so essential to be explored. In a big concept, entrepreneurship considered a change agent to the economic growth of many nations. In solved unemployment, one possible way of integrating young people into the labor market is to increase youth entrepreneurship. In...
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Implementation of Informal Education Learning Materials in Traditional Norms Learning in Package C Students, PKBM Setia Mandiri Poncokusumo Malang, Indonesia

Supriyono, Zulkarnain, Sri Wahyuni, Kukuh Miroso Rahadjo, Deky Avrilianda
The process of inheriting customary norms in the family is an important part of family education in educating their children to “get used to” doing good things, especially accustoming the values of customary norms to the people of Ngadas Village. The objectives of this research are: (1) developing informal...
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Analysis of Canteen Services in Educational Institutions using Force Field Analysis Approach

Vira Maratus Sholihah, Asmaul Kusna, Bayu Angga Mahardika, Desi Retno Nugraheni, Deva Eriyani, Nila Octavia Yulindasari, Salsabila Taftania, Ahmad Nurabadi
This research aims to determine the improvement of canteen services in all faculties of the Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) by identifying problems using the method based on force field analysis, which includes the level of student satisfaction and as a means of criticism and suggestions for canteen managers....
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Back to Nature Program: A New Paradigm of Facing Global Challenges

Wilatikta Winda Manila Supardi, Achmad Supriyanto
The government continues to improve the education quality for the nation’s generation in the era of society 5.0. This research is a literature study with a descriptive qualitative research approach that aims to analyze the Back to Nature Program as a new paradigm design in preparing the nation’s generation...
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Improvement of Volunteer Competency through First Aid Training

Abida Ferindistika Putri, Imam Gunawan, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Ahmad Nurabadi, Dedi Prestiadi, Firman Budi Santoso, Nandy Wahyu Nur Setya, Siti Khusnul Rofiah, Nurul Hidayati
This program aims to improve volunteer competence through first aid training. This first aid training activity was carried out using the following methods: (1) lecturing; and (2) practice. The analysis used was descriptive analysis and paired samples t-test. The data description shows the mean pre-test...
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The Effectiveness of Online Learning at SIPEJAR Using Video-Based Learning Media

Dedi Prestiadi, Maisyaroh, Wildan Zulkarnain, Ahmad Nurabadi, Imron Arifin, Ricky Herlambang Ahmad Jafar, Mokhamad Zulfikar Lutfi
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of online learning at SIPEJAR through video-based learning media. Media selection is an important aspect to support the achievement of learning objectives. Video is a learning medium that can be used in online learning. This research method uses the experimental...
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Development of Student Leadership Variables Instruments: Validity and Reliability Analysis

Nandy Wahyu Nur Setya, Imam Gunawan, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Raden Bambang Sumarsono, Ahmad Nurabadi, Lim Kim Hui, Firda Dwi Pratiwi, Firman Budi Santoso
A valid and reliable research instrument is an important element in quantitative research. This study aims to develop a valid and reliable instrument for measuring student leadership ethics variables. The instrument developed was in the form of a questionnaire. The preparation of the questionnaire refers...
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Changes in Cultural Values as Efforts to Develop Character in School Citizens

Widya Puspa Andreyani, Nila Octavia Yulindasari, Selvi Ayuseva Anggraeni, Ahmad Nurabadi
The purpose of this article is to describe and describe the process of the occurrence of changes in school cultural values as a strategy to build effective schools, have good character, and have a positive image. The research design used descriptive methods and qualitative approaches with observation,...
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Development of Buy and Sell Comics to Improve Counting Ability for Mild Intellectual Disability Students

Wiwik Dwi Hastuti
Mild intellectual abilities (mental retardation) students who have difficulty in recognizing nominal money. Therefore, it is necessary to have an attractive media to help the students in the learning process. The purpose of this study was to describe the design of the buying and selling comic media to...
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Creativity of Junior High School Teacher in Learning in the Time of Covid-19

Putri Mahanani, Siti Umayaroh, Goenawan Roebyanto
Covid-19 has made the education order change. One form of change is the learning system that was originally done face-to-face, now it has turned into a network. Various actions have been taken in order to reduce the number of citizens who are indicated by Covid-19, including learning from home. This...
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Design Didactic of Heutagogy Approach on Learning Management System

Eka Pramono Adi, Henry Praherdhiono
Heutagogy approach into learning approach in accordance with the characteristics of the field of humanities, science and vocational. Students from various disciplines need the opportunity to: (1) choose the content, (2) develop their own learning resources, and (3) utilizing the jointly developed content...
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Candidate for Personal Learning Counselors Electronic Materials on Learning Environment

Henny Indreswari, Yulias Prihatmoko, Nunung Nindigraha
Electronic learning environment (LPE) is a physical environment that is enriched with digital devices, having an adaptive context, to improve learning better and faster. To identify the requirements for learning better and faster. Beginning of needs based on the emergence of Human Learning LPE Interfaces...
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First Knowledge Management as a Line Learning Approach Through Humanistic Multimedia

Made Duananda Kartika Degeng, Yulias Prihatmoko, Nunung Nindigraha
LMS online learning managers must be able to maintain management must initiate changes in knowledge management. Subject managers need to upgrade and position themselves to construct so that it has a positive influence on their institutions through content with knowledge management. There needs to be...
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Choose Science, Art or Alchemy as a Modern Learning Design Metaphor: From the Perspective of Heutagogy

Susilaningsih, Henry Praherdhiono, Zainul Abidin
Learning and learning science, art and alchemy need to be adapted to the needs of learners. Student-centered learning requires a heutagogy approach to be a learning approach that is in accordance with the characteristics of the humanities, exact sciences and vocational fields. Students in various fields...
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Comparative Growth Performance of Japanese Quail (Coturnix Japonica) Fed with Home-Mixed and Commercial Ration

Sittie Omayyah M. Paca
The effect of home-mixed feed as compared to commercial feed on the performance of Japanese quail was examined. The trials were conducted for five weeks among randomly selected forty-day-old Japanese quails. A total of 40 Japanese quails were randomly distributed to two treatments were applied namely;...
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Forced into it: Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning During a Global Pandemic

Francis Ben
The global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has exposed the inadequacies of education systems around the world. This brought to the fore once again the use of ICT, particularly digital technologies, as education systems race to shift to remote or online learning due to school closures. Hence, teachers were...